Nik B has left the building…

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Another quick post from me today because I hit it hard to get over the hangover of yesterday which apparently is not a long term solution to a hangover.

So, what have we? Really not much out there.

Aneke, Chukwuemeka Ademola Amachi
Ansah, Zak Andy
Bendtner, Nicklas
Boateng, Daniel
Fagan, Zachari Freddy Casey
Park Chu Young
Siemann, Leander

Those names all left on a free transfer. Some pretty crazy names on that list. The most notable departures are Nik B and Park Chu Young. Nik will go on to make a decent living somewhere. Everton should move him, I reckon with the right manager loaded with the right trust, he could be half decent. Park Chu Young is only notable in the sense that he was an incredible waste of money. An absolute joke of a signing.

Still, that’s freed up some wages, as well as put an end to the deadwood that’s taken the best part of 3 years to dispatch with.

There’s talks about the new right back we’re looking at being this Atsuto Uchida chap from Schalke. I don’t know much about him, but we’ve been linked with him all season. I’d prefer to go for something a little more tried and tested, like, say, Seamus Coleman. But we’ll see.

I just hope we get some good news preWorld Cup. We need to get the ball rolling. There can be no excuses for not getting business done this year. I hope there’s a plan, a back up plan and a back up plan to the back up plan.

Also, take a read of this.

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  1. Guns of brixton

    Na, just kidding he bagged near 50, 15 coming in the 09/10 season.

    Had hes moments, like the Porto hattrick, but hes fault, he could of been a decent 2nd striker.

  2. N5

    Bendtner was shit, plane and simple. Bucci no one but he ruined his career, stop letting your agenda towards Wenger blind what is plane for everyone else too see. What next, Wengers bad management made my burger from outside the ground taste shit.

    NB52, is blessed that he was given as much time and money as he was!!

  3. Bamford13


    No offense, mate, but the word you’re looking for is spelled “plain”. Bendtner was “shit” — as far as you’re concerned — PLAIN and simple. A

    Which is fine. You’re entitled to your opinion. Bendtner was never the point here, but as always, Keyser manages to divert the discussion from the topic at hand to some other irrelevant topic.

    He also manages to misread and misrepresent everything his opponent says, along with ignoring the substance of what is said, replying with mere aspersions and non-sequiturs.

    Whatever. I learned once before that there is no point whatsoever in engaging with Keyser and this little tete-a-tete has only reconfirmed that for me.

    My point was this: Giroud is one of the team’s essential problems, and we will not win the title — no matter how much we improve elsewhere — with him as our starting CF.

    I’m pretty sure Keyser disagrees with this. But rather than clearly delineate and defend his view, he’d prefer to falsely accuse me of believing NB to be one of the world’s best strikers.

    Hopefully some of the more reasonable folk on here understand the point/s I’ve been trying to make. I trust they do.

  4. N5

    Bamford, I realised I had spelt it wrong twice so did correct it on the second post! I went a bit mad for a moment.

    My comment wasn’t directed at you at all, I just couldn’t believe someone was posting NB scoring links like we’ve just let Falcao go.

    I agree we won’t win anything with OG, I don’t think he’s good enough, but I said I didn’t think Monreal was good enough and got slaughtered. I didn’t say he was shit, just he isn’t a player you would want as your main LB if you want to win the league and to be honest I don’t think he’s good enough to be a squad player, but time will tell if he gets a run of games.

    The thing with this place is, if you say anything that is against someone elses opinion, it’s normally met with your trolling or your stupid, but we all know OG isn’t good enough, but on the flipside of that, is everyone understanding where Keyser is coming from with his point?

    PS I’m not saying Bucci has no right to think NB is good, I just don’t think its right to blame Wenger for NBs antics.

  5. babatunde

    I think keyser tries purposely to make himself not understood. At first I used to think my knowledge of how britons speak was faulty. But now I realise…. … Seriously, am I the only one that doesn’t understand what he is saying half the time.. Take this statement for example “I mean, seriously, look at your Simeone example,
    read all the stuff you wrote about him, and then try
    to work out how far away we are from that.”
    What does that have to do with anything that was said. And if we are far away from that, whose fault is it- wengers, the board, the market or a lack of resources

  6. owens

    hopefully some team will cone get giroud..I would prefer young morata to him. sure Wenger knows he has to sell that crap, and get a better leg if we are to gun for the PL.

  7. Bamford13


    That’s funny. I hadn’t even seen Bucci’s post. I now see where you’re coming from.

    Glad we agree re Giroud.

    We will not challenge for the title with hm as our starting CF. Yes, we must get better elsewhere — mainly DM, RB and wide left — but as long as he’s up top, we will struggle against the best sides and remain an also-ran.

  8. Keyser

    Bamford13 – All year you’ve talked quite a lot of bollocks, a lot of people have and I’ve put it down to ‘frustration’

    You didn’t argue a point, you again waded in with ‘Status Quo’ and ‘Wenger apologist’ and your usual bollocks.

    If you’re smart enough to deconstruct my argument at least put the same effort into your own.

    So I decided to treat you like the immature poster that you are and take the biscuit about your fascination with Bendtner, in any case it sums up your schizophrenic viewpoint, it’s an odd view several people often take.

    Arshavin’s being wasted, Vela didn’t get a chance, Senderos could’ve made it, Bendtner was mis-managed while at the same time you’ll get people saying look at the ‘Waste’, Wenger and his projects, omg how much is Bendtner on, 52K down the drain..etc etc.

    Two things, firstly you don’t have any guarantee that if we improved other areas of the team we couldn’t challenge for the title, secondly it’s a fallacy anyway to think that if we did change our striker that we then would win the title.

    All you had to do was state your point, and leave your preconceptions about me, where they belong in the dark recesses of your paranoid mind, the part where everytime a lonely voice speaks up you shake your head and ignore it.

  9. WengerEagle

    West Ham have signed Mauro Zarate.

    He was class for Birmingham on loan years ago and for Lazio for a couple of seasons, really was a huge talent but like so many failed to make something of his talent because of a terrible attitude.

    Will be interesting to see how he does now as he’s rejuvenated his career back in Argentina.

  10. Keyser

    babatunde – “I mean, seriously, look at your Simeone example,read all the stuff you wrote about him, and then try
    to work out how far away we are from that.”

    How about you go look up his example, or read the discussion about Simeone ? You can understand that, it’s simple logic.

    If I refer to a discussion about Simeone, you can go back and check any posts that mention his name.

    I mentioned Simeone because people are of the opinion, he has worked an extremely efficient, well organised and disciplined side, that leaves little to the imagination, they gave their all, from an overseas observer it looked like they couldn’t have played much better.

    The conversation was about how this was achieved, how long, and then in turn could be related to Arsenal.

    Ramsey hasn’t shown this sort of form before, he may regress next year, he may continue it.

    Ox missed half the season, but has shown promise otherwise and is still relatively young.

    Likewise Wilshere, he’s missed a couple of seasons through injury and is now looking to forge his own role within the team.

    Walcott will come back, hopefully the injury doesn’t affect his pace or movement.

    Ozil has a lot of potential, with a year behind him, he should be experienced and fit enough to handle next year better.

    We’re far from Simeone’s side, because they are almost all at the peak years of their career, and/or have been cohesive enough together to become a very complete unit.

  11. kwik fit

    I’ve been reading a book called ‘1,000 sexual positions’. I’ve reached position 176 and apparently from now on I’m going to need a woman. 🙂

  12. Dan Ahern

    Fare thee well, Lord Bendtner. I will miss your hilarious news stories and dapper outfits. And perhaps most of all, your inspirational attitude. Who other than you could reach such heights in his very early twenties, and go on to do precisely jack shit? Your ability to rest on your would-be laurels is second to none. Ta.

  13. babatunde

    I read all the comments abt simeone so I understood it. The point is, how do u think it was achieved. U never seem to make categorical statements. And if we are far away from it, whose fault is that.

  14. Keyser

    If you’d read the comments you’d know that was one of the points of the discussion, we know the ins and outs of our club quite well, we don’t have many, if any, Spanish correspondants at all ? It’d be nice if they could comment, Rhys Jaggar attempted to enlighten us.

    How am I supposed to answer ‘Whose fault is that’ if you, me, or the rest of us don’t have an accurate idea of how they achieved what they have.

  15. Dissenter

    Ronaldo is getting lots of heat for his superman celebration last night.

    He dived for and celebrated that penalty lie a cunt that he is.

    …a brilliant cunt I’ll have in my team everyday.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    Obviously this summer will see the departure of most of deadwood and fringe
    players who cost quite a lot in wages and frankly have absolutely no chance of
    playing in first team.

    There are still a few players whom I would choose to offload namely Coquelin,
    Diaby [too high risk] and Miyaichi. Diaby would of course be good enough to
    play in squad if he was injury free, but I cannot see that happening.

    If the rumour is correct that our negotiating team went to Spain to acquire a
    winger then the most likely two players are Di Maria and Griezmann. After
    yesterday’s game Real would be mad to sell Di Maria albeit that his preferred
    position is on wing and the first choice players are Ronaldo and Bale.

    Griezmann would be the more likely option bearing in mind that he scored
    20+ goals.

    I have watched Benzema on many occasions and frankly I am not that enthusiastic about him as many others seem to be. Considering whom he plays alongside and the opportunities he gets he is not exactly prolific and is he
    really worth the sort of money that we would have to pay?

    Giroud is not a great striker but he scored 22 goals and is ‘good value’ for money considering what we paid. I am doubtful that you could say the same about

  17. kwik fit

    When you’re reviewing YOUtube compilations to ascertain the qualities of certain players have a look at this first and then think again;

  18. MidwestGun

    I’ve been reading a book called ’1,000 sexual positions’. I’ve reached position 176 and apparently from now on I’m going to need a woman. 
    Haha your freakin hilarious.

    Well, I got 999 problems, but sexual positions ain’t one of them. 😀

  19. babatunde

    Keyser, I have an idea how they got to where they are. And it was by pursuing the exact opposite of the policies wenger seems to pursue. No overpaid mediocres in some socialist wage structure. No slow players through the center eg giroud mert and arteta. No careless gung ho attacks in the big games. Disciplined defense and attack as a team. No midgets who aren’t even as technical as claimed. Just a pragmatic view of the way football is and how best to achieve it on a low budget. All these things are within our hands and not the fault of man city’s price inflation or financial doping or what have u.

  20. N5

    Keyser’s watching two women from his PC in his basement comment is one of the funniest things I have ever read on here.

    I doff my cap to you.

  21. babatunde

    We have more resources than athletico or everton or tottenham who have almost matched us every season on far less. And please don’t just pick one of my statements and go off on a tangent with it. U never seem to respond to the whole point…. …….. I used to dislike simeone’s brand of football before but I have found a new level of respect. How else is a club without much resources and less skillful players than the opposition supposed to achieve anything if not that way. The spirit that team showed is amazing.

  22. Keyser

    Culann Davies has a new rival, the piano accompaniment just makes the football beautiful to watch.

  23. Guns of brixton

    Well, for what its worth, i hope Athletico keep it going and take Barca and RM head on year in and year out.

  24. Keyser

    babatunde – I’m hoping you’re genuine, because posts like yours that are made by disingenuous people make this is a pretty tedious blog to post on.

    “I have an idea how they got to where they are. And it was by pursuing the exact opposite of the policies wenger seems to pursue.”

    You’ve offered little to nothing of Atletico Madrid, and want to base this simply on the inverse of anything Wenger has done, do you not see your agenda ?

    I know Atletico haven’t won a league title for 18 years, looking at their league positions tells you this isn’t just a co-incidence, at the same time I’ve seen Atletico’s progression, with Forlan, Reyes, Simao, I remember an exceptional game against Barcelona where Henry I think scored a hat-trick, so they haven’t always played as disciplined or conservative as this.

    I know Falcao was funded heavily by third=party invesment, along with several other members of the team, that they had to do a deal with the Spanish Government because they conveniently forgot to pay their taxes for years on end, they are heavily in debt, and since their last league title they were even relegated to the Secunda Division.

    I don’t know whether any of this fair, or accurately how it impacts them to this day, but it’s something right ? At least put some effort in, it’s not hard to follow my posts because frankly I’m not that smart to begin with, should really be held against me, and because I at least try to come back with something informative.

    We don’t allow third-party ownership in the Premier League, I think that’s one pretty major difference, why not try and find out more ?

  25. N5

    “I think your discounting our witty Simpson’s repartee. Quite the hillaraity. Lol.”

    Lol, let me clarify, the funniest thing that didn’t involve us! 😀

  26. MidwestGun

    Haha I took a 5 hour break for a boat ride and some sun and Keyser is still going on about his balanced comment agenda. Lol
    . God bless you Keyser, well at least your consistently deliberately obtuse. Do you ever answer a yes or no question with a yes or no answer? Haha. Don’t answer that, rhetorical. Lol.

  27. N5

    I must say I like the fact that Keyser doesn’t back down. Some days he can have 10 or so guys all going at him at once and agree or not with his points, I respect the fact he won’t give in and just say “fuck it you win, I can’t be bothered”.

  28. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Do you think Griezmann was Pedro’s mystery man? Kinda weak. I see England plays Costa Rica on June 24. Interesting, to see what Joel Campbell does.

  29. Keyser

    MwG – I can just imagine you with your protractor selotaped to your computer screen, trying to work out my ‘angle’.

  30. Keyser

    All you need to remember is everything I say on here is true, apart from the stuff that I’ve made up.

  31. tunnygriffboy

    Griezemann may well be a better option than Poldi. He has pace, everyone on here crying out for pace sheeeesh. Guess it’s the wrong type of pace like the wrong type of leaves. I’d take him, would prefer Sanchez but he’s a good option.

  32. MadeToLoveMagic

    jeez, i just watched all of girouds 23 goals for us these season and i wouldnt recommend it! Only one was from more than 8 yards out , and that was a pen! 😀

    Works hard tho and every team needs a poaching type in their ranks

  33. N5

    I think Pedro said about big news to start conversation because for a few nights there has been really low traffic (it seems anyway).

    Pedro is normally quite forthcoming with rumors he’s heard, so if it wasn’t to get conversation going then he’s obviously been told to keep it quiet for now.

    Interesting one. I hope it’s we’re on the verge of signing Joey Barton. 😀

  34. babatunde

    I am offering little to nothing of what athletico have done. Really.. Read my last comment again. I told u what they have done on a shoestring budget. Their squad cost 79m. And a lot of things they did can be replicated. The fact that wenger didn’t do it doesn’t mean that they DIDN’T in fact do it. U may say they did it partly through third party ownsership, but there are several other teams with more resources than them who could have done what they did and they didn’t. For example, Developing a consistent gameplay and team spirit has little to do with third party ownership or anything else apart from how smart ur coach is.

  35. babatunde

    YÒur original point was asking why we are far off from athletico, and all I highlighted was that it wasn’t necessary to know ALL of the reasons why athletico achieved success for us to figure why we are far from them. There are some obvious things they did that we could have done too but we didn’t.

  36. MidwestGun

    Magic –
    Ya except we aren’t really using him as a poacher. We are using him as the focal point of our attack. Therefore in order for him to score it pretty much has to be a pinpoint cross or pass inside the 6 yd area to time his patented near post run so he can either flick it in, head it in or flick pass it to someone else.
    You know how good our possession has to be to perfectly serve up a cross like that when the other team is sitting deep? . Lol.
    Javier Hernandez is a better poacher if that’s how we are gonna play.

  37. babatunde

    And that, keyser is why I said u shouldn’t pick one of my statements and go off on a tangent with it. Every club has history that may positively or not affect them now. The question is this; what are u doing with the present not the past. For a team with so few resources what they did with that is impressive and seems to prove that even smaller resources isn’t a barrier to success(within limits of course). So long as u are not implementing a socialist thing and a project youth that consists of giving players wages they are not worth while ur rivals(4th place) find similarly good players at half the wages and ur other rivals( 1st place) use that money instead on really high grade players.

  38. Keyser

    Babatunde – Yet they’re in debt to the tune of hundreds of millions and with the Spanish Economy is such a hazardous state, they’ve had to work out a payment plan with the Spanish Government to pay back years of unpaid taxes.

    Players like Falcao were sponsored heavily by third-party ownership, and numerous others were to. supposedly in 2013 they owned as few as 6 players of their squad outright.

    This isn’t a tangent, go and research it, everyone knows how and why Madrid are soo good in the present, but they’re still selling Costa this year and they aren’t likely to find someone just as good to replace him.

    You’ve basically ignored a days’ worth of debate just so you can fuel your own agenda.

    Why haven’t we used third-party investment ? Because I think we’re not allowed to in the Premiership, we’re not in debt because of mis-management.

    The point was how have Madrid reached this point, to understand that you need to know the past.

  39. MidwestGun

    What?, oh just realized…….. No Game o Thrones this week? Ohhh that sucks. 🙁

    I totally picture Keyser as Lord Varys. “The spider” 😀

  40. Thomas


    “All you need to remember is everything I say on here is a bunch of rambling bollocks, apart from the stuff that I’ve made up.”

    Fixed that one for ya.

  41. Moray

    haha Guns, showing the self-delusion that typifies a modern day Arsenal supporter. It seems Pedders has forgotten about his loyal readers once he got that Metro gig, or at least we are a late second….

  42. peanuts&monkeys

    If NikB was shit, Giroud is no far. He is made of the same muck. At least NikB was promising in his early days at Arsenal. Giroud doesn’t even hold that. NikB was atheletic. Have you seen Giroud runs? He limps always.
    Net-net all of Wenger’s striking signings since 2005 have always been shit.

    Exception: Eduardo.

  43. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Today is the 25th Anniversary of the greatest moment in AFC history. Beats Man City’s last minute winner against QPR by a country mile.

    Don’t let anybody convince you otherwise! This is the greatest moment in the history of the PL/old 1st Div..

    There was little resistance as Michael Thomas surged beyond desperate challenges. “Arsenal come streaming forward now in surely what will be their last attack,” described the commentator, Brian Moore. “A good ball by Dixon, finding Smith, for Thomas, charging through the midfield. Thomas, it’s up for grabs now! Thomas! Right at the end! An unbelievable climax to the league season.”

  44. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    And if Pedro doesn’t mention me in today’s post he’ll have trouble drinking Peroni through a tube!

  45. Gregg

    So Wenger makes a couple of remarks re Benzema on French TV and that translates to ‘we’re signing him. You got to love the media

  46. Moray

    25 years ago…wow. Hard to believe. I remember watching it at home and going nuts.

    Wenger gives all his exclusives to French tv. If Benzema is on, then I hope we are exploring other options too: no good putting all eggs in one basket as we have the last few windows – it normally comes back to bite you.

  47. N5

    What makes our win at Anfield even more special was Liverpool had not lost by two or more goals in three years, so the odds were well and truly against us.

    Every fucker had beaten QPR that year, so fuck Citeh!

    I still remember it like it was yesterday and it still gives me goosebumps, Thomas charging through the midfield, Thomas, it’s up for grabs now….Thomas right at the end…

  48. Gregg

    Never been impressed watching Benzema tbh. I know his stats are good but never been convinced that he’s top quality. That said, you don’t stay as Madrids main striker for 5 years if you don’t have talent.

  49. Gregg


    I guess for me I see him as efficient but not exciting. I probably need to see more of him as he has to play second fiddle in that team

  50. N5

    Gregg, I agree. He has a lot to contend with in that strike force. I have liked him for a long time now though and seeing him in a Red shirt would make my year.

    However I can’t see it happening.

  51. Guns of brixton

    Didnt Wenger say it would be unwise to have two strikers from the same national team that compete with eachother so he wouldnt get Benzema?

  52. Jeff

    All these links and hints are all just codswallop. Wenger is currently in hibernation. He’ll awake around middle of August and tell us how difficult the market is and how hard he is trying to “get someone”. Hahahahaha.

  53. Romford Pele

    “Anybody who has played with Mesut will tell you how intelligent he is as a player,” Lahm told Goal. “His vision is probably the best I have ever seen and that is why it is so important to have the right striker ahead of him.

    “He is a dream for strikers and you saw that with [Cristiano] Ronaldo and [Karim] Benzema when he was at Madrid. If Arsenal can find the right striker who is fast and makes intelligent runs – then Mesut will be devastating next season.”

    King Benz please

  54. Jeff

    Since we’re in dream mode (as it is every summer), I’d like to add my own little dream. Isn’t it about time we had a free kick specialist? He’s an AM with venom. Here’s a glimpse.

  55. arsène@tightwad#1

    Goooooooooooooooooooooood morning Grovers.
    New pseudo today.
    Yes I know, that’s far less elegant than Bergkamplegend… But the new one perfectly matches with our great manager, without being injurious, just objective lol
    And after all, living in the past is a bit useless… And a bit painfull when you’re a Gooner lol

  56. tunnygriffboy


    I agree re Benz. I hope there’s truth in these rumours. Wenger should tell him ‘ come to Arsenal, be the main man and get unbelievable love from the fans ‘

    Add in Griezemann and a CDM and we’re cooking

    Thoughts on Khadeira ( I’m not counting sat, he just back serious injury ‘

  57. Al


    Getting Hakan would be very easy if we want him.

    Also we already have a free kick specialist. .. theo theo lol.

    The fact he takes our set pieces ahead of others is one of the greatest mysterys

  58. N5

    I’ve always been a fan of Khadeira too I personally think he is criminally underrated, and like Benz is a Marmite player.

    I’m not sure how valid my opinion is though, because I really Pepe too.

  59. Jeff


    He looks to be a terrific player. Plays for Hamburg and I don’t suppose he’s going to cost the earth either. But where is the will from our side?

    As for Theo, he just doesn’t have the power required to be a free kick specialist. They have to be hit hard and with accuracy often from 25+ yards and we just don’t have anyone who can do that frequently enough. It’s a shame because we do get a lot of free kicks around the box but we hardly ever score from them. In fact Cazorla’s one against Hull is the only one that comes to mind in recent times.

  60. Romford Pele

    Tunny, Benz is great man, plenty haters wanna turn their noses up at him when we have L’Oreal lol.

    Griezmann I’m not too keen on really, more of a finisher like Walcott rather than someone who’s creative. I’d rather just play Ox/Gnabry tbh.

  61. Romford Pele

    Looooool N5, Pepe is a thug but there is something quite endearing about him. Plus, everyone needs a c*** in their team. Our team are too nice – bunch of flower boys

  62. tunnygriffboy


    Agreee Benzema and Khadeira but Pepe naaaah. Don’t mind the fact he dishes it out but hate the fact he rolls round on the floor like a fairy everytime he gets a little tap.

  63. arsène@tightwad#1

    @Jeff : if only it was the only thing that was “very low for a club like Arsenal”…

  64. Gregg

    Guns of Brixton

    I remember Wenger saying that aswell, that it’s unwise to have two playrs vying for the same International spot. That said he signed Wiltord when we had Henry and paired Vieira and Petit, not really sure that’s the same though.

    I know what you mean about Greizman, he’s more of a Freddie than a Pires

  65. Radio Raheem

    Danny Wellbeck is worth a punt. There is a great striker in there. He is what Sanogo is meant to be and more.

  66. Jeff

    OK, I’m going to put my tuppence worth regarding Benzema and confess that I don’t really rate him. I don’t believe he would be that much more of an improvement on Giroud.

    Here are the stats:

    Benzema: 35 games / 17 goals
    Giroud: 36 games / 16 goals

  67. Emiratesstroller

    What I want to see at Arsenal in this transfer window is ‘decisiveness’.

    It is now fairly clear who is leaving the club:
    Fabianski GK
    Viviano GK
    Sagna RFB
    Karlsson MF
    Bendtner ST
    Djourou CB was out on loan
    Park ST was out on loan

    I suspect also that a couple of other players might well be offloaded e.g. Coquelin and Miyaichi. The latter was in our published first team squad last season, but virtually no games or for that matter was on bench.

    Assuming that Wenger maintains the current size of his squad including several players who are under 21 it would suggest that there are currently 5 vacancies plus possibly a 6th if Miyaichi or another player is replaced.

    It will be interesting whether Wenger changes the balance of his current squad.

    At the moment we have 3 experienced goalkeepers. Will he replace only one
    and add Martinez as the third choice?

    Wenger will definitely need a first string right full back, but the question is whether he needs to bring in a fourth string centre back. We have at moment
    6 defenders on books. Sagna was designated this season a first string right back and emergency centre back.

    We are not short of midfielders in our squad, but we are short of a ‘quality’ defensive player. Most of our current crop of midfielders are fairly lightweight in defensive department.

    Wingers have been issue in absence of Walcott. Podolski is not really a conventional winger and Cazorla seems more comfortable in a central midfield
    role. The same applies probably to Oxlade-Chamberlain as well.

    We need to bring in at least one new striker. Obviously the debate is whether
    we bring in a ‘high cost’ striker who is first choice or one of ‘similar standard’
    to Giroud, but who has a different style of game. My view is that Wenger is
    more likely to opt for latter rather than invest a huge amount of money on
    former who might not produce goods.

    When you look at expensive strikers in Europe very few offer really good value for money. Cavani,Falcao, Torres, Hulk, Carroll and Bent all cost a fortune,
    but how many merited the fee paid?

  68. N5

    Jeff, that isn’t bad stats for a player that also has Ronaldo and Bale in the strike force.

    “Looooool N5, Pepe is a thug but there is something quite endearing about him. Plus, everyone needs a c*** in their team. Our team are too nice – bunch of flower boys”

    Lol, agree Romford, we need a thug. I would love to get another hard case in the team.

  69. Gregg


    I think Miyachi will be loaned out tbh, but you’re right, there’s roughly 6 places that need filling. The thing is that the squad is overloaded in midfield and whether we like it or not, Diaby will take up another squad place. We have 2 DM as it is, both in contract and I have a feeling that he will not bring in another in this position but will mould someone else into the role, possibly Wilshere.

  70. Romford Pele

    Yeah I’m in the #TeamWelbeck camp. Will be great once he has a full season as striker. Not getting younger though so needs to make a decision on his future

  71. N5

    “Pepe is an asshole of Busquets proportions – we don’t need their type in our league”

    When I said about having a hard case in the team I wasn’t suggesting we aim for Pepe. Everyone must admit our midfield was better for the likes of Viera though, surely?

  72. tunnygriffboy


    Think we will bring in number 2 GK. Martinez will definitely be 3rd choice.

    Rumours we now interested with Khadeira. What with bid for Bender last summer and constant rumours re Schniederlin I think player of that sort coming in

    Re strikers. We may be after Benzema. Also rumours re Griezemann. It could be that we get both or someone like Remy not Benzema.People say Griezemann toomuch like Walcott. I’d take that though I think his dribbling is better than Theo. Also you have to take in fact it will take Theo a while to get up to speed after his injury.

  73. Jeff


    You have to balance that with the fact that Real Madrid scored 104 goals compared to our 68 this season. So I think it sort of levels out.

    In percentage terms Giroud scored 16/68 = 23% of the goals to Benzema’s 17/104 = 16%. So it could even be argued that Giroud has done slightly better. However, as we all know you can prove anything with statistics.

    When it comes down to raw talent, though he’s better than Giroud, I wouldn’t say he’s a lot better and I happen to think Giroud is terrible. If given the choice I’d much rather have Diego Costa (35 games/27 goals).

  74. tunnygriffboy


    Pepe isn’t hard he’s a snide, dirty cheat. Someone who is hard doesn’t roll aroundon the floor crying everytime he gets a tap. Tony Adams was hard.

  75. tunnygriffboy


    Personally I don’t think Giroud is terrible. He’s above average and not really good enough to be our number 1. A fresh Giroud and as a sub he could be quite useful. Everyone gets frustrated with him and Wenger for not replacing him and as a result his inadequacies are magnified and he gets pilloried. In the cold light of day he would be a great number 2. Carlton Cole and Andy Carroll are useless.

  76. Jeff


    Yes it depends who you play for. If Giroud played for say Norwich and got 15 goals, it would be more than enough for their needs and Giroud would be classed as above average compared with his peers in similar teams. But for Arsenal as the first choice striker, I have no trouble using the adjective “terrible”.

    As a bench warmer or second tier striker (used in lesser games for rotation purposes), yes why not.

  77. tunnygriffboy


    Sorry if I appear pedantic. If he was terrible I wouldn’t want him on the bench. He is not good enough to be our number one but fit and fresh he could be a tidy number 2. As I said Carroll and Cole are terrible loooool

    What you reckon on Griezemann ? I would be happy especially as Walcoot coming back from serious injury. People say he too much like Walcott. I would take that and personally I think he’s a better dribbler

    Interesting quotes from Pedro this morning. Did I hear a sense of cautious optimism in his post ?