Cesc makes no sense…

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Good mourning. What? It’s a sad day. Not even that goat can spark the serotonin. Bacary Sagna has left for pastures new. He’s heading to Manchester City to play out his days on £140k a week. That’s a real shame. I wish him the best, but only as a person. Footballing wise, I wish him a healthy yet average season.

Fair? Yes.

Watching all the tards on Twitter slag him and his exceptionally attractive wife off is beyond reprehension. If you celebrate that type of behaviour, you’re a joke. You are pointless.

Sagna gave the best 8 years of his career to Arsenal with the rerun of an FA Cup. He never complained, he never let his form drop and he always gave his all showcasing himself to be an absolute professional. As I’ve said many times before, I did some work with one of the charities he’s a representative for, they couldn’t speak highly enough of his selfless enthusiasm.

Good luck Bacary, one of the best right backs I’ve had the pleasure of cheering on.

In other news, Cesc to Arsenal stories are hotting up. Would be a slightly bemusing spend of £30m. I mean, I get that he’s world class, but the old adage of ‘you can never have too many world class players’ falls flat on it’s face in this instance. Where would Cesc play? And please don’t say in Arteta’s role, because Arteta doesn’t have the legs for that role nor was Arteta naturally a defensive midfielder.

It would make no sense to me. What makes sense is pace. We have the suppliers, no one to supply to. Look at Liverpool and how they flood forward. If we had that sort of pace, with more legs and power for tracking back, we’re in a good place.

Just not sure signing players for sentimentality reasons is wise. Also, if what I’ve heard is going down happens, I struggle to believe we’ll be going for Cesc because that’d be a lot of cash spunked. Again, I know nothing about Cesc. I’m second guessing a manager who loaned Kim Kallstrom when we needed a striker.

The cost of bringing in a world class striker, a wide player with blistering pace, a holding midfielder, a right back… then all the squad players he needs is not conducive to another number 10. Simply put, this summer, even to remain on a level footing requires 6 players. If Wenger wants to compete, he’s going to need to buy about 9 players. That there is my concern… do we think there is any chance he’ll do that?

We. Shall. See.

Right, that’s me done you sexy beasts.

P.S. I took part in a season review podcast with Giles (@TheRamblinGoon)  from ArsenalFanTV. Have a listen below!

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  1. N5

    RCPCArsenal, I think there has been a site issue, because a load of mine have been deleted too and Pedro hasn’t even been on.

  2. N5

    You’re welcome mate, the odd thing is Midwest can see the posts I can’t so it might be my browser, I use Firefox, not sure what you are using, but it also might be if Savage was banned, any post with his name in it gets deleted too.

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    He does get a bit annoyed and slightly abusive savage…. But on the whole his blind vision makes me laugh .
    Seriously believes everything he writes … He is a classic passive aggressive .

    Who u want up tomorrow derby or rangers ?

  4. Tippitappi

    Funny for all the northern chavs wealth they’ve stood on the side lines envious of many of our players for a number of years now

  5. luke


    Bench: GK, Verm, LJW, Oxlade, Santi, Konopoloyoka (sp.), Giroud,

    In order of highest priority to lowest priority:
    1. RB to replace Sagna – Juanfran/Aurier (approx 12 mil)
    2. ST – Cavani – with PSG bidding 50 for Luiz this has to be possible (approx 45-50 mil)
    3. CDM – Bender, schneiderlin, I dunno (Approx 10-25 mil depending on target)
    4. LF/LW – Konopoloyoka – Bags of pace, skill, and is coming into his prime. (approx 15 mil)
    5. CB for depth – Dunno?? ($?)
    6. Cesc on deadline day for depth and smiles (25-35mil) If not:


    Bench – GK, Verm, LJW, Santi, Oxlade, Giroud, Arteta/Rosicky

  6. Rockypires

    Of the player s who are free I could see us making use of Lescott and pantilmon. Kieran Westwood wouldn’t be the worst as a back up keeper or no 3.

    Jack collision and gareth Barry are also decent signings for Clubs not for us but others

  7. Marko

    9 players? Jesus 4-5 I was thinking. Marquee signings needed at ST, Winger and DM positions. A right back and back up goalie and 3rd/4th choice centre back are all needed if Bac, Fabianski and Vermealen leave. So 6 max. But 9? I dunno where Pedro got 9 players needed.

  8. gazzap

    If you want my view on the transfer thing, I think the striker is by far the most important position to sort out. If I was wenger I would do whatever it took to get one of the worlds top strikers in the suarez class. Benzema probably is the best striker we’ve been linked with I would say. But if that’s not happening we need to look elsewhere and not be scared of spending £50m+ on that player.
    I think the other positions can be sorted. Aurier will probably come for around £10m. A cheap keeper. I don’t think we badly need a winger but if a really classy one comes up then I’d take him.
    Cesc would be a waste of money. I love the guy but if he costs us £20m then that’s money we wont spend on other parts of the team.

    I can see us getting Mandzukic, Griezzman, Schneiderlin and Aurier though. I would quite like us to take Ashley Williams too.

  9. David

    Makes no sense to have a player that has more assits than any1 in la liga. Hmmm strange that. Be a fantastic problem to have would strength ting our squad massively. Yes we need a striker and looks like a right full. I think whilshere will be our DM

  10. gazzap

    btw, what are PSG thinking paying £40m for shitty Luiz?! Jeez, what a rip off. He really aint that good. and PSG are already breaking FFP. Crazy.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    I know! If I was Platini I’d get on the phone to PSG tonight, ask to speak to my son and ask him why he’s deliberately disobeying me!…Oh and to remember he promised he was bringing the potato salad to the family BBQ this weekend.

  12. goonerboy

    Ozil better than Cesc? Not yet he isn’t. Hasn’t proved it any of the pressure games in the EPL. Cesc is a proven game changer who succeeded in the EPL which is why Man U are desperate to get him.
    Cesc has never been the same player after going to Barca-played out of position and dancing to Xavis drumbeat.
    I am not entirely convinced that Ozil really wants to be at Arsenal or that he is really going to come to terms with the physical intensity of the EPL. But I think Wenger would be reluctant to let him go.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    Who’d you bring as striker? Think that and CDM are the first two positions we should fill, and fill well.

  14. Guns of brixton

    Striker situation difficult but ideally i would love to have either of these guys:
    -Cavani 60m
    -Balo 30-5m
    -Falcao (??)
    -Benzema 40m

    These should be the quality of strikers we should be chasing.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    I’d actually go out naked for the day if we got Cavani, with just “We Got Cavani” painted on my back because obviously the inevitable “why are you naked” question will arise, and when it does I can just turn around and point to the name and say “that’s why.”

  16. Cesc Appeal


    He’s Chelsea bound isn’t he? I’d have loved him, said a few weeks back, Ozil fee of £42 Million for him and Remy and our strike force goes from Girous, Sanogo and Bendtner to Costa, Remy and Giroud.

    But he’s going to Chelsea.

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If you believe what you read in the papers… But fingers crossed anything can happen….

    Just a quick glance at the list of strikers it’s been a graveyard for may make hi doubt. ,?

    Fingers crossed

  18. luke

    Cavani AND Costa cant go to Chelsea. There is no reason why we can’t buy one of them. If that fails, we still have Benzema, Remy, Balotelli (although Im not sold on him).

    What ever happened to Luis Muriel on Udinese. Everyone was hyping him up on here last summer and then he disappeared. Is he another Huntelaar??

  19. Moray

    “Paris Saint-Germain manager Laurent Blanc has confirmed that Jeremy Menez will depart the French club on a free transfer with his contract set to expire at the end of June.”

    This has Wenger signing written all over it.

  20. Moray

    Jeff, more torturous than boring. Like going on a package holiday and dropping people off at really nice hotels before arriving at your one which turns out to be a faeces ridden construction site. That is out reality

  21. fred

    Reports are in that we are prepared to sell santi to raise funds for the fabregas purchase. Ozil will move to the wings, which he is quite adept at and fabregas resumes his CAM role. Arteta can stay for one more season, I’d be happy with that. Though we still need another pacy wideman.

  22. Moray

    The more I think about it, I really don’t understand Man City paying 140k per week for Sagna. They have FFP to contend with, too many foreign players as it is and don’t need him. Now I like Sagna a lot, but he has limited attacking abilities and if we can replace him by someone like Aurier for under 10m that is not bad business at all. If we then buy a proper DM to shield the back 4 then it makes sense to have a RB with more attacking flair.

  23. Jeff

    We are always being linked with big names like Cavani and Falcao but we all know it would be a small miracle if either of these players would ever play for Arsenal. As for Cesc coming back: why?

    We are showing how small we are as a club once again by letting good players leave on free transfers; will we get anyone as good or better as a replacement – you can bet we’re not. Our squad is very shallow and it will remain like that come next season. Fourth (and perhaps a lucky domestic cup once every decade) is all we’re good for I’m afraid.

  24. Doyindav

    The media are reporting we are now looking on other RB targets because we aren’t sure of Aurier.

    He ticks all the boxes for me, can score, likes to attack and actually beat somebody and he can CROSS a ball and we need his physical prescence in the defence too.

    Dithering has always been one of wenger’s undoings

  25. Gregg

    The only way I see Fabregas returning is if we let Ozil go or Part Ex him. Maybe the feeling is that Cesc is better suited to the English game then Ozil, if there’s any truth in the story that is. It’s probably more that the media know we have first refusal on Cesc and are therefore rehashing a story around it.

  26. gazzap

    I think you’ve got to let Ozil have two seasons in the PL before you do anything rash. I feel his second season will be far better than his first. And he wasn’t bad was he?

  27. gazzap

    But I agree with what others have said about Cesc. Go get our main targets of DM and Striker first (plus replace the 3 at the back that are leaving), and then if Cesc is a bonus then fine bring him in but getting him must not be at the expense of the players we actually need.

  28. Emiratesstroller


    I am sure that Barcelona would like to do an exchange deal with either Ozil or
    Ramsey going to them in an exchange deal for Fabregas.

    However, I cannot conceive that Arsenal would contemplate such an arrangement. Ozil has just arrived and Ramsey has had his first successful season in

    As someone has posted the most likely departur

  29. Emiratesstroller

    I am sure that Barcelona would like to do an exchange deal with either Ozil or
    Ramsey going to them for Fabregas

    However, I cannot conceive that Arsenal would contemplate such an arrangement. Ozil has just arrived at club and Ramsey had an excellent season scoring a lot of goals.

    If Fabregas were to arrive then he would have to be a replacement for Cazorla,
    Rosicky or Arteta who are all in there 30s next season or Podolski whose current role in team is unclear. He is not exactly a left winger or for that matter
    a second striker.

  30. Roaaary

    What Chelsea’s sale of luiz shows is that big deals can be done quickly. How it takes us so long is beyond me.

    Our negotiation teams must be awful

  31. owens

    Wenger would be the greatest fool..if he should sell either of Ramsey or santi.

    what we need is a quality replacement for sagna,a quality striker and a DM…sell giroud, loan gnabry.

  32. Marc

    Why is no one picking up that Chelsea have become a club that is selling to buy? We should be able to smash Chelsea on the financial front at the moment.

    As for losing players on a free making you a small club. ManU have lost Vidic & Ferdinand and look like losing Evra as well, take into account that Rafael is liability and they need to bring in an entire defence.

  33. Marc

    We shouldn’t take to much notice of the Cesc stories. I think it’s just paper talk – yesterday ManU had a deal for Kroos in the bag today they’ve turned their attention to Cesc. Just an easy way for papers to sell copies or get hits.

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think we should fuck an destabilise barca when buing or selling players to those utter Catalan cunts…

    They still owe for song

    I’m just as happy they won fuck all and are in downward spiral like man united.

  35. Gregg

    Chelsea pretty much need to sell to buy right now, not that they cant afford it, it’s more to comply with FFP. They’re taking it seriously. It looks like they’ve got something big planned and we know they’re after strikers.

  36. CHRIS

    Straight swap with Cesc Fabregas, Javier Mascherano, and Alexis Sánchez in, with, Mesut Özil and Thomas Vermaelen going in the other direction. Would work for both clubs? Lots of center half’s floating around of free transfers who we could sign as cover.

  37. N5

    “Why on earth would you get rid of the best no.10 on the planet??”

    Spot on Eagle, so many reactionary bellends.

  38. WengerEagle


    I just don’t get it mate, even though he hasn’t had a great season he’s still clearly the most talented player we’ve had in the last few years. He’ll be a monster next season if we get the right forwards in over the summer.

    Cesc hasn’t had a great season himself either.

  39. Marc

    Gregg – They’ll be buying alright, I just wonder how long Abramovich is going to put up with Mourhino after going back to the rigid unattractive style of football he plays.

  40. Marc

    Wenger – N5

    Couldn’t agree more. If you watched Ozil closely rather than the “highlights / lowlights” on MOTD you’d have seen just what a good player he is. His poor run of form coincided with him being over played and other players being out injured, namely Ramsey and Walcott. Two players who make the runs he can feed.

  41. N5

    Spot on Marc and Eagle. Like Romford was saying yesterday he has never been a goal scorer but a provider of goals, if we are asking him to play a different way to what he is used to then on top of adapting to a new league, team and team mates he must also develop his new way of playing. Players like Ozil don’t just suddenly become shit and we’ve seen flashes of his brilliance. (see Napoli match).

    I know I was pouting like a teenager yesterday, but I don’t want Cesc back, he sulked, dropped his head and acted like a bitch to leave so let him enjoy Barca’s bench, after all Xavi can’t play on forever.

  42. Gregg

    Im not for Ozil going at all, if anything we need to build the team around him and give him the platform to rip the league apart. The problem he has at present, as did Bergkamp in his first season, is that he’s a couple of steps ahead of his team mates most of the time.

  43. Moray

    Fuck me. After the last few transfer windows, why do I keep getting dragged over to news now to read this shit. I mean, we would replace 31 year old Sagna with 29 year old juanfran? Who thinks up this shit?

  44. grooveydaddy


    We were linked with Juanfran last summer as well.

    Apparently he snubbed us because Atletico were ‘going places’.

    Looks like he was right…

  45. bergkamplegend

    “Long-serving Arsenal director Lord Harris of Peckham insists manager Arsene Wenger will have money to spend this summer.”

    We already know that.

  46. karim

    jeremy menez is super talented but suffers from super stupidity and acts like a super sulk
    forget about him, you would all be super fed up with him within a month