Cesc back to Arsenal?

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Sorry for the late post, I’ve a lot on the work plate at the moment. So this will be brief.

So… Yaya Toure and the birthday cake. What a joker. Disrespected on his birthday which his agent described as ‘sick’. Footballers eh? What a way to sour a great season.

Luis Suarez has busted his knee and requires surgery before the World Cup. I know on the face of it, I should be pleased, but really the World Cup is about the best players on the planet. I’ll be quite disappointed if he’s not playing.

This is my big worry about Brazil. Loads of travel, thin air, hot weather and poor pitches. What sort of a state are the players going to return in? We have a legacy of players returning a mess. Cesc Fabregas always used to come back crocked, I remember Dennis Bergkamp came back a physical and mental wreck after missing that penalty in 1998…  basically, the World Cup is not good for players.

Talking about Cesc… there’s talk Barca want rid. Arsenal fans are firming up over the possibility that we might land him. Sorry to break it to you, but as I said last season, I think Ozil has put paid to that idea. We don’t need a Cesc anymore. What we need is players who can be fed by creative geniui… Our summer should be dominated by powerful midfielders and wide players with devastating pace. We don’t need anymore small technical players.

… that’s me and you done on the subject. I won’t hear another word.

So what else is floating around in the world of football?

Paul Scholes has been mouthing off in the press. Anyone else getting slightly irritated by the class of 92? They’re like a gang of bullies. My fear is just as Hanson, Lawro and the Liverpool mafia make way in the world of football punditry, we have a new batch of same club mafia coming in. There’s literally no creativity from TV channels when it comes to media mix. You just know the new panel on MOTD is going to be infested with ex Mancs.

Bore. Me. Later.

In other news, Luis Enrique has taken over at Barcelona. One season of zero success and the manager is out. They’ve gone curve ball again with their choice. Enrique was a great, he’s done his apprenticeshio and now he’s getting the chance to rebuild Barca. He’s an exciting appointment. Barca are very good with their infrastructure and their choices of manager are never blurred by ‘big name’ requirements. I hope Arsenal follow suit when we start looking at new managers in 2048.

I’ve not much else to talk about, tomorrow I might start digging into player performances. Apologies for the short post.

Also, if you e-mail me and it takes a while to get back, that’s not me being rude, I’m just slammed at the moment… I’ll get back in the end.


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  1. tunnygriffboy

    Why has that idiot said we can afford anyone apart from Messi, Ronaldo or Bale. Queue 20 % increase on price of anyone we buy.


    Cesc and Sanchez double bill would be nice news from pedro tomorrow.

  2. MidwestGun

    Aaargh. Lol. Tunny, it’s public knowledge we have loads of cash in the bank. The market will drive the price. Which is why Aw doesn’t like to get in bidding wars.

  3. grooveydaddy

    AW doesn’t like to get into bidding wars because he’s a cheese-eating surrender monkey!

    (ps. love being able to work in a Simpsons’ quote wherever it’s applicable)

  4. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    True. But I think AW has pretty much said we aren’t getting anyone til after WC. Not the way I would do business but I’m gonna try and hold my anxiety til then. Hopefully, most of the player’s we want are playing at WC. An Iranian Messi type signing would actually just make me mad. Lol.

  5. tunnygriffboy


    It does seem that the club is in a pretty good place at the moment. We have the base of an excellent squad. If , as Gazidis said, we are going to look at our background services to improve the injury situation and our youth development is to be revamped then that’s excellent. The issue now is to spend the money andget the players we need in. As fans we are craving it and I bet the players will be watching as well. Now is the time !

  6. grooveydaddy

    I can’t see it being in any player’s interest to sign before the world cup.

    There is very little downside (maybe injury?), and the potential upside is huge.

    Even players who don’t go could see their values rise on the back of someone else in their position having a good tournament.

  7. BacaryisGod

    Pedro May 22, 2014 17:14:59
    Guys, if the positive news I’ve heard kicks off, you’re going to be seriously fucking impressed.

    Pedro-what a tease…..

    I think we all know about Arsene renewing for three years. Glad you’re impressed also 🙂

  8. Arsene's Nurse

    N5 May 22, 2014 20:36:13

    I hate two posts, I never know which one to type on.
    I agree – kind of kills the flow. It would be better to disallow comments on the new post.

  9. N5

    Homer in prison:

    Wiggum: Time for you to get the chair
    Homer: Arggghhhh
    Wiggum: The interrogation chair!
    Homer: Whooooo
    Wiggum: Plug it in boys!!

  10. N5

    Lisa, if you don’t like your job you don’t strike. You just go in every day and do it really half-assed. That’s the American way.

  11. MidwestGun

    Haha. Ya, I was bored earlier trying to find an easy way to make a musical note on here. Damn, 2 posts. 😡 If we ever win Prem League Title again I’m gonna teach Tunny how to make a smiley face. 😀

  12. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Haha well all we have to do is win a League Title, and ill teach, you. If we don’t you will have to blame AW like the rest of us. 😆

  13. salparadisenyc

    PedroMay 22, 2014 17:14:59
    Guys, if the positive news I’ve heard kicks off, you’re going to be seriously fucking impressed.

    Fucking cock teaser.

  14. N5


  15. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Lol. I never tease. I know karate.

    But I agree, that wasn’t cool to drop a line like that and leave. Kind of like his joke in the blog where he said to tell randam people, Pedro says hello.

  16. salparadisenyc

    Read a great line in the comments of the sun sport section regarding Fabregas back to Arnenal.

    “Who needs that turncoat, he’d only hinder Rambo. “

  17. salparadisenyc

    I dont give a shit if he’s one flew over cookoo nest crazy, this dude at 50% is light years ahead of Giroud.

  18. Ben

    Does nobody think Cesc could adapt into the deep lying playmaker role aka Gerrard, Pirlo and Arteta? None of those were particulary defensive until they got a bit older. Plus Cesc used to almost fill that role in his early years before Wenger moved him forward to be more of a goalscoring threat. The way he used to patrol the area in front of the back 4 and control the direction of our play and dictate the tempo, I’d love to see him back and think he could fill that role well

  19. Leedsgunner


    You know it’s summer when an Arsenal director assures us that again, “Arsene has the money…” (My goodness, do they think we’re THAT stupid? or forgetful?)

    Wenger has always had the money, what he lacks is the ambition. After holding the leadin the league for months mere fact he brought in Broken Back Kallstrom in the January TW tells us all we need to know about Wenger’s ambition. Plus he must have a double jointed shoulder and hand rash. He’s been so busy patting himself on the back for the top 4 finish…

    Yes, well done for winning the cup.

    Yet, I just wonder if we had a proper striker, and a class DM we could done the DOUBLE. Arteta and Giroud were woeful in March when we really needed them to step up. Wenger is banking on us forgetting that when the transfer window opens.

  20. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I wonder how much of that £100 million is going to be swallowed up by new contracts for the existing players? I might take a look on Arsenal.com and see who has birthdays coming up in the coming months.

  21. Rob Dixon

    The Cesc move back is a mouth watering prospect. I firmly believe that Arteta has had his day and is no longer viable as a first choice. His lack of pace, his lack of strength on the ball and lack of vision for that incisive pass makes me believe it is time for him to go. When you compare Cesc & Arteta, anybody with the smallest knowledge of the game would have to pick Cesc. Let me put it this way. If you was picking sides in the playground and you had first pick who would you choose? If you do not pick Cesc then I feel you may have made some bad choices in life. Also, if and this is a big if Cesc leaves Barcelona do we want to see him wearing a Man U shirt or any other in the League. Van P is hard enough to swallow Cesc is a Gooner! to me it’s unthinkable he plays for any other Premiership team. What with the resale clauses we have in place as well, 50% of his sale goes to Arsenal, so if we pay £35m for him any other team will have to pay £70m just for Barcelona to make £35m.

    Come on Arsene! the boy wants to come home!!!!!!!

  22. BacaryisGone

    I don’t know the exact numbers, but let’s assume that Arsenal came up to a 90k per week base salary for Bacary for a three year deal and Man City increased it to 120k per week. Let’s also assume that bonuses etc would have been roughly equivalent.

    30k per week over 3 years is about 4.5 million. I would love to see those loyal Arsenal fans that are abusing Sagna on Twitter and other places turn down that money if they were offered it to support Man City for the next three years (or even 25 years).

    It looks all but done at this point and I wish him all the personal success in the world with absolutely no professional success to accompany it.

  23. BacaryisGone

    It’s so clear at this point where we need to strengthen, I just can’t see Arsenal spending their summer pursuing Fabregas. More likely (as it appears with Vela) they will use whatever leverage they negotiated into their contracts years ago to their maximum advantage. Still, if I’m Arsene it would be very tough to see both Cesc and RVP in a Man U shirt next season. RVP is probably constantly in Van Gaal’s ear begging for him to do a double swoop for Song and Fabregas.

    I think Arsene just needs to keep his eye on the ball this summer.

    One competent back-up keeper (3-5 million)
    One new right-back (7.5-10 million)
    One new defensive midfielder (15 million-20 million)
    One new CF (20-30 million)

    Sell Podolski for 10 million and bring back Campbell from loan. Santi, Campbell and Ox could all perform well on the left side.

    Net transfer spend would be 30-40 million which would be realistic. We also have some salaries (but not many) coming off the books next season, inluding NB52 which is so nice to say.