You’re not going to believe what injuries cost us this season

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Happy new day to you all. The sun is out, the newsfeeds are dead, it must be summer.

That means I have to think about my content. Which is an outrageous consideration.

Anyway, what can we talk about today? Lots of things and we’ll see where we go…

Firstly, this season was quite interesting in the sense that we didn’t really see the emergence of any young talent. It’s the first time in a while nothing was really knocking on the door and nothing really came close to blowing us away.

I mean, you could talk about Yaya Sanogo. I mean, he is young, but he looks a long, long way off being the real deal. He should be out on loan. There’s Serge Gnabry, he looked great when he hit the scene, but his inclusion quickly tailed off after a couple of injuries and some ‘issues’ behind the scenes. Outside that, where are we looking? I can’t see much coming through.

… it’s like, ever since Young Guns moved to the darkside, the kids just don’t seem to be coming through.

What happened to Zelalem this season? He was the great white hope last year. He was going to be king. We were going to see him tear up the League Cup like Cesc used to.

I’ve seen nothing. I’ve been told that he’s been realatively poor for the youth team.

The only hope that I can see coming through the youth ranks is Jack Jebb, who looks like a very powerful proposition… and also Daniel Crowley, who looks excellent. He also seems to be quite into the Arsenal fandom scene as well, he was liking my training ground photos the other day. Is he trying the get me to sponsor him through Le Grove in the same way I back the Jebbster? Maybe. It’s about time we had a new youngster to get excited about, hopefully it’s this guy and Jebb.

I guess you could talk about Chamberlain coming through? I just think you lose your ‘through the ranks’ sparkle when the club spanks £15m on you. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a talent and he’s exciting, but he’s not new.

Is this lull in youth talent due to us having a massive clear out a few years ago? Is it down to our policy behind the scenes? Or is it just bad luck? Or, is it a strategic decision by the manager not to blood until players are ready?

It’ll be interesting to see how things ramp up when Joncker is onboard. From what I’ve been told, the noise around him being groomed as a future manager is total nonsense. He’s been brought in to takeover the kids, not the big boys. What is interesting is that he’s an infrastructure change. I’d like to hope the club is looking to Europe to address the first team infrastructure challenges we’re having.

If I had it my way, I’d be looking at a few things.

1. Change the culture: Two things are going on here. Either people don’t know what the f*ck they’re doing, or they know what they’re doing but they’re not given the tools to do them. Arsene needs to take his backroom team on an away day, do some kayaking and trust exercises then thrash out the issues that have occurred this season and work out how to make them better. Sometimes you have to rip it down to build it back up again. Great managers do this when they’re doing well, because they realise everything evolves. Just because something isn’t broken, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look to improve it… make it faster, make it leaner, make it more intelligent. Arsene needs to encourage innovation, fresh thinking and he needs to reward behaviour that is visionary. I don’t think he does that at the moment. He’s the King, what the king says goes.

2. Bring in fitness expertise: Sometimes, no amount of free thinking is saving someone’s bacon. Our head of fitness is clearly not doing his job properly. He needs replacing. If working in fitness is about keeping players fit, then he’s failing desperately, consistently and spectacularly. Being top of the Premier League injury list seems to be the clubs priority. That needs to change. Our players are lethargic, they’re constantly picking up niggly muscle injuries and they’re not performing as a result. This should be taken out of the control of Arsene. If I was Ivan, I’d be taking a cost sheet mapping weeks out to expenditure.

Oh bugger waiting for Ivan to do it… I’ll do it.

I took this infographic, which may or may not be accurate.


I then layered those percentages over the players estimated wages. Remember, I said estimated, so no correcting me for being two grand out here.

I then minused the percentage from the weekly salary. So if we had Theo out 75% of the season, his injury would cost us £75k a week. Pretty basic stuff here, but I’ve done this in 20 minutes, so don’t shout if the numbers are wrong. That was then layered over 40 weeks (9 months of a season) to get a total.

The total wage bill at Arsenal is £154m. Total wage bill over 40 weeks is £118m. Arsenal players out injured over that time period cost us a whopping £16m. That’s 14% of our in season wage bill.

How f*cking mental is that?

Now, you’ll always have injury costs, but we have the worst injury record in the league. If the fans have to suck up the 3% on the season tickets, shouldn’t the club be making sure they’re making cost savings elsewhere? A player on the bench isn’t contributing anything to the business. This has been a consistent theme over the last 10 years and I think it needs to be addressed.

Will it?

Only if Arsene says so I’d guess. But who at the club is pushing Wenger into making a decision? Who is going to show him the wastage stats? Who is accountable for addressing these massive, expensive problems?

Right, I’ll leave you on that. Have a good day!

Spreadsheet of the workings is here.

Before I go, Arsenal are having a sleepover. Here is the info.

Carl Jenkinson gets ready for Arsenal’s Camping on the Pitch event

Arsenal will be inviting 400 members of its young supporter scheme the Junior Gunners to camp out overnight at Emirates Stadium this Friday.

The youngsters will have the chance to play football on the pitch before sleeping out on the Arsenal turf.

With just a month to go until the big day, Arsenal star Carl Jenkinson dressed up a tent in Gunners colours to get the young fans in the mood.

A boyhood Arsenal fan, Jenkinson covered his bedroom in club memorabilia when growing up, and applied a similar touch to his tent at the Gunners’ London Colney training ground. The defender peppered the tent with Arsenal items, with Arsenal gnomes in the entrance and Arsenal shirts, posters and pennants hanging from the side. There was also an attempt to apply the Arsenal wallpaper from his old bedroom to the walls of the tent.

Carl said: “I’d have loved the chance to camp out overnight on the Arsenal pitch growing up so it’s great the club are giving young Gooners that chance. I’m not sure what the groundsmen thought of me pitching up a tent on the training pitches, but I hope my decorating skills give the Junior Gunners some ideas for their campsite!”

For more information on Arsenal’s camping on the pitch event, and for details on the Junior Gunners, visit


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  1. bergkamplegend

    “Do you think when vela says mistakes in the past he means about sleeping with a Ladyboy? ”

    I’m sure that if Vela comes back, he will fall in love with L’Oreal.

  2. bergkamplegend

    “After a convincing season with Rome, Gervinho could still leave the Italian capital. While its leaders have refused to extend his contract, the Ivorian asked to leave and to make his release clause play.”

    WTF ??
    Gervi back too ?? lol

  3. N5

    Straight outta Compton, crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube
    From the gang called N****s Wit Attitudes
    When I’m called off, I got a sawed-off
    Squeeze the trigger and bodies are hauled off

    I’m bored guys!! why is no one talking any more!!!

  4. gambon

    If the Cesc for sale rumours are true I would sell Ozil and bring him home.

    Not sure there would be a buyer for Ozil though

  5. Guns of brixton

    Csec over Ozil?

    Csec more physical, versatile and greater goal threat…Ozil better set piece taker, more creative and general play more techincal… the two great No. 10s

  6. N5

    “glen cube is in da house baby
    didn t even have to use his AK
    Damn it was a good day”

    Lool Karim. Love it.

    Ozil for me.

  7. Radio Raheem


    I agree. I’ll bring Cesc back. If Bayern lose Kroos they might get interested in Özil. Chelsea could be interested too. Nah that’s unlikely. We could just swap Özil for Cesc.

  8. Al

    Ozil is 2 years younger then cesc and in his first season has got a trophy. Did he hit the heights of cesc in his first season without having a pre-season? ..No.

    Does it look like he will? To me he will and quite easily.

    The fact is cesc engineered a move out the club. You can’t really blame him to how we was being run but it was the way he went about it.

    The fact is we need players with power and pace. A category that cesc does not fulfill.

    Imo he will stick it out at Barca. They just need to stick him in the middle and stop shifting him about every other game.

    He got what he wanted. ..He still plays a lot of games for them I think it’s just agent pressuring barca to give him a main role.

  9. N5

    I agree A1, I don’t mind that Cesc left, that’s fine. But he sulked and forced a move so I think (even if it’s cutting my nose off) he can lump it.

  10. Hitman49

    I think it’s a bit like the vela situation we have a by back clause in the contract,and we’d be silly not to use it just to spite our own noses.
    We could always resell at another time and do the fav move MAKE MONEY on the deal

  11. bergkamplegend

    “Reus Ozil Hamsik
    …with ramsey + martinez in CM.”

    Let’s make a deal : Reus + Martinez this summer.
    Cavani + Hamsik next january.

    That will be my last offer.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    It’d be nice to start hearing that we’re doing something though; United are off the mark early, as our Chelsea and Liverpool are starting up.

    If we enter the WC with no one, the less confident I’ll be that we’re going to do something big/meaningful.

    Really would love to be proved wrong this summer.

  13. Radio Raheem

    In other news looks like Vela’ll be returning. He is saying the right things. If it all works out that buy-back clause will be best bit of transfer business ever.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Not sold on Vela – I mean I see how it makes sense for £3.5 Million. But is his main attraction the price?

    Undoubtedly he always had skill, but lacked conviction and effort. And stats wise, well Soldado was a beast in the La Liga wasn’t he? Sometimes it doesn’t translate over.

  15. N5

    Hitman is there a buy back on Cesc? I know there is a sell on! If we buy him do we get a percentage of our own payment?

  16. bergkamplegend

    I’m sorry Cesc, but don’t you think that wenger is already enough busy with his commentator job ?? Please shows a little bit of respect.

  17. Ashwin Gunner

    Morning all..

    Have a question..

    2011–2012-Real Sociedad (loan) —–35—-(12)
    2012–Real Sociedad——72—-(30)
    Total goals = 42

    2012-13——— 47—–17
    2013 -14———51——-22
    Total goals=39

    Now, Vela is certainly an improvment on Giroud. but is he really a WC striker that we want, or is he another cheaper and more workable option that Wenger is opting for??

    Also i hear, chicharito is in market. Why are we not going in for him??

  18. karim

    So they say …
    it s a free transfer so it s good for FFP as well for Monaco
    noise is it could be official by the end of the week

    schneiderlin vela aurier would be a great start for us and could all be possible for less than 30 million pounds
    add a big deal striker and we re competing

  19. Nads

    Can’t believe the Uruguay management. They need to be sacked the lot of them.

    Over training Suarez is a disgrace to the country. The fans deserve better.

  20. bergkamplegend

    Yoonited are about to send an offer of £ 45 million to Barça for Cesc, according to the spanish newspaper Sport.

  21. Al


    I think a lot of fans fail to understand that vela has for the past 2 seasons played primarily on the RW. All those stats are him playing from the RW.

    I can’t see him being brought in to play up top on his own considering he hasn’t for them and has been successful playing on the RW. If we get him its to play on the wings however, if we start playing two upfront i can see him being signed to play in that second striker position

  22. Radio Raheem


    Have we been linked to Schneiderlin in the French media? I mean from a reliable source.

  23. Diseenter

    If Arsene has the benefit of foresight, He’ll have waited for Cesc this season and avoid splashing 43 million on Ozil.
    After the initial Adrenaline boost, Ozil has been a passenger. I laugh when I read gooners blaming everyone but Ozil for his performance.

  24. Dissenter

    If Arsene has the benefit of foresight, He’ll have waited for Cesc this season and avoid splashing 43 million on Ozil.
    After the initial Adrenaline boost, Ozil has been a passenger. I laugh when I read gooners blaming everyone but Ozil for his performance.

  25. N5

    What are these 3rd party issues? I’ve read it a couple of times on here and I’m not sure I understand fully what it means?

  26. Ashwin Gunner


    People would have asked for his head had he not bought Ozil last year. And even if we do add Cesc, i dont see that as a problem. We do have a requirement for MF, and Cesc can be that solution. we have been relying too mych on creativity of Cazrola and Ozil. If we through Cesc into that mix then Arsene can rotate more freely and can keep all of them injury free.

  27. karim


    nothing but speculation as he just said he wanted to play champions league football
    + he was open to an arsenal move a couple of months ago

    he comes from Alsace by the way….

  28. bergkamplegend

    “Falcao great option but has 3rd party issues which causes problems clubs dont want or like”
    Nevermind, I was just joking.

  29. Moray

    How about a straight swap Ozil for Cesc and Pedro? That would kill two birds with one stone and allow us to offload Arteta as well.

  30. Pedro

    Apologies for Nads… it’s Dan C making a come back. The dirty little voyeur…

    ‘I’ll never be back’

    … they always come back.

  31. Pedro

    ‘look at me, I’m saying mean things on the net, I’m so clever’


  32. Pedro

    haha! The Sun… have you been to the new craft beer place? Much better looking crowd!

    I’m all good mate… how about you?

  33. Cescy

    Squad won’t be bad with both fabregas and ozil. And I will love to see sanchez in the squad in front of that midfield