My FA Cup Hell

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Today’s blog post has been penned by Jonathan Blaustein, a Grover from overseas! Pretty serious story about tech. Enjoy!

It’s Monday morning, May 19th, and I still don’t know who won the FA Cup. Come again? That doesn’t make any sense. Not after I bragged to much of the known world that I’m the new American Arsenal superfan.

What happened?

I guess the appropriate question here is, have you ever heard of a jinx? Or is that a mostly-American term? It means a hex or curse, and that’s what I gave myself in my very first Le Grove blog post. Yes sir.

I had to blab about how I’d seen every televised Arsenal game in 3 years. Oh look at me. I own a DVR. I get to snatch pixels of polished football prowess out of the ether, ensnare them on a hard drive, and access them when and how I like. (It’s so 21st Century I’m afraid a big LOLCat will fall out of the sky and crush me where I sit.)

For me, it’s little more than Reality Television. My, is that Aaron Ramsey handsome. I wonder if he’s going to fight with Jack next year, when they battle for first choice box-to-box? Or maybe young Alex will surprise them both and steal the job when they’re not looking?

According to Pedro, it’s all about the match day experience. Drinking beer with your buddies. Singing along at the top of your lungs. Waiting years for something great to happen. Earning your joy through long years of suffering.

That’s where the jinx came in. I hadn’t earned my stripes. Sure, I used to go to Brooklyn Nets games as a kid, back when they played in the swamps of (New) Jersey. We had season tickets, and I’d go all the time, despite the fact that the team was only marginally better than a random collection of 7th Graders.

And then there was the time my Dad, brother and I flew all the way to California to see the New York Giants, who play the other kind of football, in the Superbowl XXI. That my old man forgot the tickets back home, and we had to talk our way into the world’s biggest sporting event, made the story that much sweeter. The Giants victory that much greater.

Typically, fandom is about picking your local team when you’re a kid and sticking with them. Sports breed loyalty like locker-room showers breed athlete’s foot. It’s just the way things are. Only now, in our GlobalizedInternetFaceChat times, could someone like me, living in the middle of nowhere, attach himself to Arsenal and not let go.

In other words, I didn’t pay my dues. You guys have been waiting for a trophy for 9 long years. I’m assuming you got it, but, as I said, I’m not sure yet. Think about that. In 2014, Drake sings that funny song about trophies, and the last time Arsene raised one, Drake was probably still wearing braces and having his Mommy drive him around Toronto.

I tried to skip the line. Three years of watching games, and I thought I could feel your pain.

Apparently, the Football Gods didn’t agree. Because, when I got home from my son’s soccer game on Saturday, popped half a marijuana bonbon and got ready to watch the FA Cup Final, a funny thing happened.

It wasn’t there.

Sure, the DVR said FA Cup, when I pressed play. But what I saw were some large MMA fighters wrestling around on the ground like a couple of ravens battling over a raccoon carcass. There was no little white ball in sight. No swaying Wembley crowds.

No sir. The technology I’d been extolling just last week let me down. And there was nothing I could do about it. The game was over, and I missed it. Entirely. I was so mad I almost flung a glass against the wall, like they do on television. I almost called my wife a slew of ugly names, though she had nothing to do with it. (That was on DISH network, or Fox Sports 2, or whoever programs the software. Some nameless asshole I’ll never meet.)

Instead of screaming, I put on my sneakers and ran up and down a very steep hill. Then I took a nice, hot bath and put the whole thing out of my mind entirely. It seemed the only sane option in a mad world.

That was Saturday afternoon. Since then, I haven’t even gone on the Internet, such was my desire not to obsess about missing the biggest game in 9 years. There would be no blood stream coursing with adrenaline. No psychotic gripping the couch-arm during a string of penalties. (If it came to that.)

The victory, or the loss, would belong to you guys. Not me. I’m going to have to wait until the next battle for silverware. And when it comes, it will be that much sweeter because of this faux-tragedy. Are there grand life lessons to be learned here? Of course there are. Instead of watching football for 2 hours, and then reading about the result for the rest of the weekend, I shut off the computer entirely. I exercised. Cooked meals. Played with my children. Swung in a hammock in the sunshine.

Basically, I acted like the guy I was almost 3 years ago, before I ever heard of Arsenal. I pretended to be “that” me, before I picked up this powerful addiction to the red and white from North London. I even asked myself if I should let the whole thing go entirely? It’s not like I don’t have American teams to root for. (Or, this summer, the American team.)

I gave it some thought, and decided I want to keep my new hobby. Just like coaching my son’s youth games, watching Arsenal connects me to my own childhood, when I played DM like a less-coordinated Matthieu Flamini. Watching the games has become a new-fangled form of time-travel,

bringing the joy back from the 20th Century, but without the attendant muscle aches and calcium deposits.

Watching people like Ramsey figure out life, in front of our eyes, is inspirational. It makes us want to improve at our own jobs. Or become a better parent. Watching horrible tactics, like Arsene’s shit show at Chelsea, makes me re-think the way I conduct my own business. It’s a learning experience, as much as a horror for the eyes. (Or so I tell myself. I turned that game off the second I saw the Ox reach up with his hand.)

So there you have it. The Universe has kicked me in the groin for my hubris. For announcing to a bunch of global megafans that I was qualified to entertain or enlighten you, when I had not suffered properly. (Which, of course, is the only qualification that matters to Arsenal fans, post-Invincibles.)

Now, I have. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to fire up the Ipad to see how we did on Saturday. Clearly, if Arsenal choked, I’ll have to revise my first article which entrusted the near future to Arsene. But I doubt that happened. In my mind, just now, Arsenal beat Hull City, and the celebrations were glorious.

Jonathan Blaustein

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  1. reality check


    What you think about the money invested from before. Tony adams spoke about it. I could dig up the interview but I can’t be arsed but im sure you know what im referring to. Hull fans could call foul from then. Rich owner invests in us to set us on our way, while hull had to come up the hard way. You reckon its a fair argument that from their point of view we’ve been fortunate with investment thesame way some afc fans say city have.

    Not arguing just asking, im happy with our status and cups im not shitting on afc’s history?

  2. andy1886

    “must have been terrible to witness all that lack of ambition …”

    Yup, just like the last nine years under Wenger – now you know how it feels.

  3. Savage

    would you like me to slap you with my season ticket card next time you go at the george N5 ?

    what will you say then i wonder? hehee

    dont talk you if you dont know 😉 you will only embarass yourself.

  4. N5

    ” fuck you you moron….no point talking to brain damaged scum like you”

    Lol, you can always tell when someone is getting the better of you, this is vintage Hunter behavior! you crack me up, you tell people off for insulting Wenger and then call them brain damaged. You are a class act you schizophrenic loony!

  5. andy1886

    Apologies for the delay in responding, I thought if I waited for a few minutes you’d forget to breathe and asphyxiate yourself. Must be a helluva strain all that multi-tasking.

  6. N5

    “would you like me to slap you with my season ticket card next time you go at the george N5 ?”

    Savage, you are more than welcome to do so my crazy little friend.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    I think the pedantic George guy is this arsehole from way back, when Arsenal Opinion use to be up called George Rodger, same Meerkat picture – he was a tosser back then and literally was harping on about the same shit years and years ago. Almost identical issues.

    So it doesn’t surprise me they’ve found a corner of the internet to all skulk to. But the level of conversation over there must be boring, so I don’t blame the troll for coming lumbering over here to “legroan” which they all so hate.

    It’s sort of like going to Spurs, buying a ticket to get in to then sit there and tell them what tossers they all are…literally makes no sense. In barbing people you’re adding a heck of a lot of comments to a site you and your noobs profess to hate…which begs the question; do they really hate it??

  8. Savage

    Yup, just like the last nine years under Wenger – now you know how it feels.

    what 9 years you clown …i count 8 seasons

    04-05 : trophy
    05-06 : 1
    06-07: 2
    07-08: 3
    08-09 : 4
    09-10: 5
    10-11: 6
    11-12 : 7
    12-13: 8
    13-14 : trophy

    so 8 seasons and in the middle of repaying a 450m investment and playing with kids while roman and arabs are allowed in the league fucking it all up…

    honestly dude youre fucking stupid if thats all you have to moan about.

  9. MidwestGun

    Guns –
    Ya Kevin says its not him too. But he and Proud Kev post the same things on the same days in a slightly different version. Personally, I don’t care if he wants to post over there too.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Seven years trophy less from 71 – 79 with little money
    Biggest signing Malcolm Mac for 333,333 little money small crowds 16,000 for a home game with Coventry during this time
    Players revolt Sammy dropping his shorts an showing his arse yo the north bank.

    Pretty bad eh

    But 2005 – 2014 what excuses ?
    State of the art ground
    State of the art training
    Money to burn ?

    9 years dry sad eh ?

  11. Savage

    booohooooooo as if arsenal is the real madrid of england where its INEXCUSABLE to go 8 seasons without a trophy….even when having to repay stadiums….lol..

    heheh do you know see how ridiculous you sound?

  12. Savage

    But 2005 – 2014 what excuses ?

    ehhmmm that 450m stadium we borrowed money for …???…

    god youre thick….

  13. N5

    Cesc, watch him get angrier and angrier as well and then tomorrow read his comments over at Positively, it’s the funniest thing. He comes here and acts like an absolute crazy person and then acts all superior over their like he was schooling everyone all night!

    They all love him too, all 5 of them. one of them even said hunter since you’ve been trolling LeGroan you’ve gone up in my estimation! lol what a bunch a!

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    U make me laugh
    I app auld you in your blinkered view of wenger

    But we are all here to post our views
    You are entitled to yours as I am to mine

    One question to you ?

    In your opinion who would you like to take over as manager of our fine club when the day arrives that wenger goes ?

  15. N5

    “In your opinion who would you like to take over as manager of our fine club when the day arrives that wenger goes ?”

    Does Wenger have a child or clone? if not can Savage take over as he knows better than anyone and he could wear a Wenger mask! after all Hunter knows best right!

  16. Cesc Appeal


    It’s the height of patheticness. But you know what that means…Le Grove is Infamous! They prop their *cough* “blog” up by talking about this one…if that doesn’t tell you where the power is I don’t know what does.

    And he’s sort of like a day patient, and we’re kindly allowing him a walk around and are being tolerant of his love of throwing faecal matter and smothering it all over himself. He clearly has a personality disorder, struggle to form coherent sentences, self worth issues, a “daddy complex” and an unresolved anger issue probably relating to some incident in his childhood…of which he’s probably still in.

  17. MidwestGun

    Yep, this tosser will go back over to his sad corner of the world and brag how he shut down and outdebated the mighty Le Groan when in reality everyone was just laughing at him and his poor attempt at logic.

  18. Savage

    haha this is unheard off… RSPC right….so the last decade where we had to be conservative and recover from the investments and transitions we went through you think its the right time to moan about ambition whereas all the years before wenger i suppose everything was in place for the club to go and dominate england and europe huh ? …..but somehow it never happened… i wonder why……lol……

    aaaaahhhhh N5 where do you find them i wonder?

  19. andy1886

    The Savage Epitaph: Found dead with cock in one hand, Wenger doll in the other. He died as he lived, like a cunt.

  20. Savage

    nahhhhh andy ……the only epitaph i know is your mothers where i take my dog to to shit …. 😉

    two can play that game ….

  21. N5

    Spot on Cesc and Mid. The problem is though people keep indulging him and like we saw with Marble, Godfather, Alfie and so on, if you just let them get it out of their system with no reply then eventually they fuck off.

    Marble went on for much longer than most, but that kid had stupid stamina.

    Hunter however gets desperate, did you see earlier when no one was replying, he wrote about 5 posts in a row and starting assuming its because everyone was gobsmacked into silence.

    Embarrassing behavior!

    Also calling Bamford brain damaged, wow class act!!

  22. Savage

    so rspc …what was arsenal’s excuse back then ? what was holding the club back? no wenger then was there? 😉

    …..give it your best !

  23. andy1886

    “In your opinion who would you like to take over as manager of our fine club when the day arrives that wenger goes ?”

    Dunno, maybe some poor soul exiled in Japan that most people have never heard of.

  24. Bamford13


    As for your claim that WE are the fools here — for believing that “kids” could accomplish what a Patrick Vieira once did — a few things:

    1. Even if we did have to do things on the cheap — and we didn’t — far better players could’ve been signed and developed than those we’ve had. Far better players have been signed and developed elsewhere for modest sums.

    2. Aside from Song and Diaby — both of whom had obvious limitations — Wenger hasn’t really tried to reproduce the power and pace of Vieira. Instead he has become obsessed with accumulating technical but unathletic midgets. This focus of his is another one of his failings.

    3. List of all of the poor players Wenger has signed in the past nine years [I’ll leave this to someone else.]

    4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this one of eyemick’s arguments?

  25. Savage

    he wrote about 5 posts in a row and starting assuming its because everyone was gobsmacked into silence.

    oh you so were…admit it.

    those words hit you like train it took you 20 mins to recover…..

  26. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Maybe Rev Kev and Proud Kev only repeat the same things on the same days, remember his comments about Mert playing the most days and that proves we can keep players fit, same comment over there. Also, if you read Proud Kevins comnents he has knowledge of what is discussed here. Mocking Pedro, and commentors, etc…. pretty big coincidence.
    But like I said, don’t really care, either way.

  27. Savage

    calling me desperate when 5 or 6 of you talk about EVERYTHING else besides arsenal ? ha good one….. !! haha

  28. N5

    Bamford he is eyemsick, he admitted it earlier when he said to me about meeting in Che or coming to slap me with his season ticket at the George. These are conversational references from eyemsick a few months back.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Now we’re onto ‘your mums’…think Phil was throwing them around, almost like they’re the same person! Shock horror.

    I wish people would stop indulging it. Let it crawl away into some dark crevice.

  30. Keyser

    N5 – “Marble went on for much longer than most, but that kid had stupid stamina.”

    Lol it didn’t help that everytime he was looking or oxygen, you and Midwest were hovering just itching to give him mouth-to-mouth.

  31. andy1886

    Lol Savage is that it? My mother would take your dog (canine or partner either will do) and beat your sad little skull in with the soggy remains.

    BTW it’s mother’s, not mothers, I only have one. No fucking education these foolish children.

  32. Savage

    1. Even if we did have to do things on the cheap — and we didn’t —

    wow wow hold on…who decides that ? you? and btw there is no if… we HAD to do things on the cheap.

    2. barcelona ruled the world with technical midgets….as has spain ..your point?

    3. very few of them were bad players….. you probably mean that they didnt work out as we hoped to.

    4. obsessions

  33. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Not really sure
    Poor management … Check

    Lack of signings … Check

    Rich share / board members getting rich… Check

    Over achieved in previous years with success …check

    So we never learn do we ? Better playing surfaces, facilities don’t do much when you have a negative manager

    As it was in the beginning (1970s) so shall it be in the end ( 2014)

  34. reality check

    Allam: Since this point we have invested a further £50m to get the club into the Premier League.

    Adams: Those calling for more spending on the current team will be interested to learn how highly Adams rated Fiszman’s contribution. “I think that a significant factor, 90 per cent, in why we achieved so much is that Danny Fiszman invested £50m in the club and we were able to go to the next level,” he said. “I got my first decent contract at the club, so did David Seaman, we were able to bring in Dennis Bergkamp – and that was before Arsène arrived – David Platt, Patrick Vieira, Nicolas Anelka, and were able to pay them – top players from around the world.

    Ok I had to just coz the numbers match lol. Different time of course

  35. N5

    Cesc, wasn’t he obsessed with you before or was that another one of the nutters. There is so many of late that I lost focus on which is which.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Stop indulging this ‘person.’ Seriously, he can barely string a coherent sentence together he’s full of spite and vitriol, has no logical points to make so why on earth is anybody bothering. He’s some sad little person who spends his time slagging of this site, on another site, even though he then spends his evenings in various guises commenting on the site he’s been slating…that person deserves our pity.

    I pity him. He’s probably some sad, lonely guy and this is literally his only social contact, he lives some fantasy existence over the web where his anonymity is utterly protected. I feel sorry for him.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah when he was wearing his Phil and Eyemsick frocks he was obsessed with me. Think I was Paris Hilton?

  38. MidwestGun

    Ok read, your article. But my original point that there is no such thing as “clean” money to make winning, more proper. Still stands.

  39. Savage

    thats all bollocks RSPC….what board memeber is getting rich? show me

    poor management does not get you into the top 4-5 football brands in the world

    lack of signings is understandable when your finances are limited plus you want to build a team from the academy

    if we arent “learning” then go blame the owners you fucking idiot lol….

  40. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sav u ain’t answered the question ?

    While you ponder the answer to that , one more for you?
    How do you explain diaby ? Permantly injured but his contract never runs out ? Why did wenger allow?

  41. Savage

    is your problem the manager per se or the policy that the club has chosen to conduct its business in the industry of football ?

  42. Keyser

    N5 – I’m telling you, MidwestGun went on that “fishing trip” (you can’t see it, but I’m doing those air quotes with my fingers), and when he came back, Marble wasn’t around anymore, I don’t really want to go into any more detail on here, because if he can do that to him, I shudder, well, I just shudder to think.

  43. andy1886

    Sorry Cesc, I was kinda enjoying it but to save everyone else having to put up with his crap I’ll let it go. Must be time they announced the new contract, what’s the excuse for delaying it any longer? Only at Arsenal could they drag something out this long.

  44. gambon

    ” ehhmmm that 450m stadium we borrowed money for …???…”

    Erm the stadium that immediately delivered £35m additional revenue?

    The stadium that immediately delivered £35m additional revenue AND allowed us to raise £100m selling off the stadium?

    Bit out of your depth as always cunt.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I can hardly wait for the announcement 😉

    Still chuckling about that U-Bend thing.

  46. Savage

    what selling off gambon lo.l….what are you on mate? do you mean the highbury flats that werent sold till 2011 ??? hahaha keep talking you fucking clown…i will make a mug out of you…

  47. N5

    Keyser, I get ya, I’ve seen Godfather II. Hmmm that put’s Mudwest in a totally different light now though.

    Midwest are you………….mafia?

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sav look at the board members they are all content with the riches arsenal brings them.

    Poor management in footballing terms trophy less for nine years

    During that time arsenal brand rose from 7th in world football to to the top four !

    What’s more important to arsenal fc trophies or money ?

    We both know the answer
    We only enter the big cup for the money not for the chance of winning it
    One final in 18 years

    Dire in it ?

    How many academy players have made the jump ?

    One jack .

    That’s it from this idiot..,

    Trying to communicate to you in civil then you resort to rudeness .

  49. Keyser

    reality check – I’ve read them before, I think that goes back to the late 80’s early 90’s ? So I was barely conscious of Arsenal let alone upto date on the inner workings of the club, and that’s if Adams has everything right. Do you have the link ?

    In today’s world with the tv money, Hull got a massive parachute payment or should’ve as they were relegated and still managed to get into trouble, ala Portsmouth, before Allam bailed them out.

  50. andy1886

    “Bit out of your depth as always cunt.”

    There’s a Dwarf in the deep end!!!! Lol. And it’s a fucking floater!

    G’nite all. More fun and games tomorrow.

  51. Keyser

    N5 – Lol, to be honest, I was trying to say Dial has assimilated the old MwG and is now posting in his stead, ffs, Dial knows I’ve sussed him now.

  52. Savage

    no rspc i dont agree…the only arsenal person i knwo who made money out of selling out is dein. noone else.

    who told you the last 9 years the emphasis were the trophies? what poor management you talking about?

    What’s more important to arsenal fc trophies or money ?

    after building their stadium? MONEY OF COURSE ……are you really 50 years old and ask that question?

    do you have the players or the owner mentality as a club to go and win the champions league? no you dont and never how come all of a sudden you blame the manager ?

    are you knocking the academy now too ? lol ….. everyone n world football keeps track of wenger’s players and youre going to belittle it? yes you are an idiot…goodnight.

  53. tunnygriffboy

    Goldstein on talkshite getting really excited cos Kroos to man u been done. Be interesting if it’s true. They also after Konoplyanka for 12 million. I hope to god we’re doing something, getting deals sorted even if they not signed til after the WC.

    Is Van Gaal as good as he is made out. I hate the arrogant mancs !

  54. El Tel 1

    Just heard Ya Ya Toures agent rant on SSN. Seems like Mr Toure is having an Adethewhore moment. Looks to me like he has been tapped up.

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sav you points don’t add up or make sense

    It’s a football club of course the emphasis is always on winning trophies!
    Poor management in not winning trophies …

    What about nina?
    Danny f
    Ken friar ?

    The new stadium is and wax always about generating more money for the board not for footballing reasons

    The academy has failed

    At least Chelsea’s is staring to bloom

    Our is weeds
    We should be out of big cup for a bit

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    United May not succeed next time out but they will have their best squad for a few years …

    Sav sir you ask but don’t answers questions.

    Who dat who dat

    Romeo done

    Bon voyage

  57. N5

    Lol, MidSquare or Dialwest.

    I can see dial doing just that, after all, he did have to get out of his mother basement last week, so he needs somewhere to live.

  58. El Tel 1


    I hate the Mancs more than the Spuds.

    Hope the new Manager fucks up too.

    Its not easy managing them with all those leg ends hanging around.

    It must be like the Clough spell at Leeds or very similar.

  59. tunnygriffboy


    Alexis Sanchez or Draxler ? Report saying giving Lpool free run at Sanchez as we once again pursuing Draxler. I like Sanchez.and perhaps he’s more versatile.Draxler be ok as well but in waiting for Draxler do we run the risk of missing both of them. That is the conundrum.

  60. N5

    Lol, quite well MW, he was used to his mother throwing him into the Thames at every opportunity she had in the hope he would drift of out to sea, but until recently she never got lucky and Brian would always come home.

  61. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Hmmm ya well given the choice. Lets see.
    Draxler 20. 32 appearances 5 goals 7 assists
    Sanchez. 25. 53 appearances 21 goals 14 assists.

    Draxler much younger, more upside. But Sanchez versatile and experience. Take whatever we can get, basically. Would be happy with either and wouldn’t risk getting nothing.

  62. MadeToLoveMagic


    The stadium can only be used upto about 2011 imo

    i put arsenes tenure into 3 , the first 9 year of incredible succesa, the 2nd 4 years of doing very very well on an imposed budget, then 3-4 years or basically refusing to spend money we have , making odd calls like only having giroud as a striker for a whole season etc,,,

    what frustrates most about wenger is his seemingly unabashed obsession with putting the handbrake on himself,

    for example with a tiny tiny bit more forethought we could ROMPED the league this year romped it, but because he doesnt want to spend he has a small squad and outside the 15 he reguarly uses he doesnt trust the rest, so the ones he has get fatigued and we collapse every single time,

    im a big wenger fan , im happy hes staying , but denying he has some bizzare calls recently makes you seem like a wenger nazi

  63. MidwestGun

    Magic –
    Agreed. But you will probably have to wait till tomorrow evening for rant boy to answer. Don’t expect a coherent response.
    When he came on here months ago. Ironically, after a win. We discussed all the same things he was rambling about now. But he won’t specifically address any point and just jumps from point to point incoherently never really wanting to discuss anything. Then he will call you some bizarre thing and come back tomorrow and repeat the same points wanting to debate.
    But he never really listens to your responses anyways.

  64. tunnygriffboy


    Rosicky to miss Finland friendly on Friday with sickness looooooool. Must have been celebrating over the weekend with some of that peppermint stuff you were
    drinking !

  65. MadeToLoveMagic

    mid , ,

    i know mate,, thing is, there is some sense in what he rants but they way he does it crazy

    personally i like wenger caus hes a one off, and i prefer style over silverware as it were, its just recently wengers not doing the simple basic things that all managers do, the ones who can afford it that is, By that I mean giving your team a chance to have a break by having quality replacements for them when needed

    i think arsene likes his team to be happy, he doesnt live in the “real world” like every other manager, arsenal have allowed him that. He doesnt like too much competition for his babies and is afforded time to express his ideas without the treat of the sack after losing a few games.

    some would argue that wengers real world could be the right one, a one where focus is on development and not just buying readymades all the time, where the manager is given time to impliment a vision.. Whats the point in trophy after trophy with manager after manager , with no sense of loyalty and ingrained love of the club from the players?.

    How many of city’s players truly love their club?, and how many of arsenals truly love their club? ask yourself that

  66. MidwestGun

    Magic –
    Yes well. I think AW under estimated the importance of winning attainable trophies to the fans. The last few transfer windows especially and the hammerings we took this season as well as basically throwing away 5 months
    of being in first and the bizarre signings are what basically pushed me over the edge from being a fence sitter.
    I was actually very excited about Ozil signing and was encouraged by season start, and I’m sure I defended AW some when I first started commenting on here in September. But. Ive come to realize that things really are no different. I can appreciate what AW has accomplished as a long time fan. And I don’t like the way other clubs are run so much either. But I just want us to use our financial strength to seriously show ambition to win a Title and I fear AW is no longer that person because of his tw snafus and his bizarre game management at times. . I view him as a lame duck manager at this point. Hopefully, he wants to put a grand cap on his career. Fingers crossed.

  67. luke


  68. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal will not sign any new players before 1st July when transfer window opens. Wenger’s statement that the club are unlikely to sign any new players
    before World Cup is logical, because most of the players we are interested in
    will be incommunicado and will not want to be distracted.

    Wenger may complete the signing of Aurore on 1st July assuming Sagna leaves. He seems to want to come to us and is probably not going to be particularly expensive.

    Vela has been touted as someone who could return if rumours are correct. We need a new winger, because there is clearly uncertainty as to when Walcott will be fit and if the buy out clause is correct that would be a no brainer.

    Striker and Defensive Midfielder are our priorities, but I don’t see Wenger
    buying players for these positions until after World Cup.

  69. Rocky Pires


    Subs; Willy Caberllo,Verm,Monreal,Wilshere,Santi,Rosa,Theo

  70. Max85

    No way we will be getting Yaya,and to be honest we have more pressing needs (happy with Ramsey in the B2B role). My absolute dream signing is Cavani, and he is certainly available for the right price – he’s not happy on the wing and second fiddle to Ibra, PSG have just been hit by FFP and will no doubt want to be making another 40-50m signing this summer (one of Hazard, Pogba etc).

    We have £100m to spend on transfers (more if needed, but let’s keep it at a round £100m):

    Cavani – £50m
    Schneiderlin – £15m
    Aurier – £7m
    Schar – £10m
    Micah Richards – £5m (decent 4th CB/RB cover, and is a gooner)
    Cesar – £5m
    Sanchez – £23m

    Vermaelen – £10m

    Ok so that’s 105m, but what a squad that would be!! And more than achievable.

  71. arsenwenger

    YayayaY! Toures birthday not acknowledged…boo fucking hoo

    From his agent
    “If persons not like my client and not show appreciation then we will find other persons to work with”

    what a fucking wanker – what a fucking joke ..not only the agent but the player.

    This isnt how i remembered football…. with Tony Adams falling down stairs after too many light Ales.or running round with bin bags to sweat off the booze.
    Fuck off Toure you cunt and take your fucking agent with you….
    Fucking footballers today …i shit em

    Wankers the lot of em

  72. N5

    “Fuck off Toure you cunt and take your fucking agent with you….
    Fucking footballers today …i shit em ”

    It’s the same reason Ozil plays for us, because he didn’t feel loved. They are more sensitive than back in the day.

  73. bergkamplegend

    Goooooooooooooooood morning grovers.

    3 more years of L’Oreal as our main striker. lol
    Your comment here.
    Your comment there.
    Your comment anywhere…

  74. andy1886

    Morning BL – just emptied my comment into the sick bucket.

    BTW I heard that Olivier decided to model himself on one of the great PL players. Unfotunately for his brother it was Ryan Giggs….

  75. N5

    ♪♫ ♪♫ Happy Birthday to you♪♫ ♪♫
    ♪♫ ♪♫ Happy Birthday to you♪♫ ♪♫
    ♪♫ ♪♫ Happy Birthday Dear Yaya♪♫ ♪♫
    ♪♫ ♪♫ Toure not Sanogo♪♫ ♪♫

    And many more Bugattis!!

    We love you Yaya we do, we love you Yaya we do, please stay we love you Yaya, ohhhhh Yaya we love you.

    And it’s Yaya, Toure, Yaya Toure, FC, he’s by far the greatest man, in all world history!!!

  76. Salvage

    I hope you guys are taking the declarations: ” Arsene has 100 million as transfer kitty” ,with a pinch of salt? This is what they do beginning of every season . They have their paid goons in the press who always publish such news. Once the season tickets are in, its business as usual . Let them bring in the needed additions first before you start applauding…

  77. Salvage

    N5 May 21, 2014 09:14:50

    What’s up Savage, is positivelyarsenal closed? It looks like it as no one ever seems to be posting there?
    Hi N5, am Salvage with the L . Where you referring to the other one? 🙂

  78. Salvage

    bergkamplegend May 21, 2014 09:14:21

    Salvage : is it an ironic post ?? lol

    Trust me, WE KNOW how this is going to happen lol
    Yeah we know it, dont we already? 🙂

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Typical of an Akb

    Comes in all smiling an joking with the group,,,

    Then when comments mount against him he will turn keyboard nasty.

    Classic passive aggressive…

    The fellow no different to any psychopath banged up in broad moor .