3 years for Arsene Wenger? Do what?

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Well, well, well… Arsene is going to sign. This wasn’t news to me, or to you. What was new was the length. 3 years. 3 bloody years he’s been given (article).

Now, I know we won the Cup Final. It was great. I went. I felt the immense relief. I loved every damn second. But three years? How did that happen? I could take two. But three? Based on the season we’ve just had? Well, it’s an odd one for me.

On the face of it, if you look at the season as a result with no context, it wasn’t so bad. We won the FA Cup, which is always great. We also secured the top four trophy. How can I complain when we’ve just wont the double?

Well, scratch beneath the surface and actually, this season was  a huge missed opportunity.


Pretty much all the teams around us had replaced a manager. United were clearly weakened with their dreadful appointment, Chelsea were in transition, City were trying a more daring brand of football and Liverpool had just had a summer of discontent and Spurs are just Spurs. The door was open for us to do some damage. We did for a bit, then it bombed.


Arsene spunked out a huge amount for a superstar, which was fantastic, it’s just a shame that superstar wasn’t particularly well thought out and that he was brought in as a  panic signing. You can’t have an Ozil if you don’t have a pace monster to aim at. Ozil needs to play balls into space, he’s having to play into feet at Arsenal. Arsene Wenger’s recruitment policy last summer was a joke and it was even more shambolic this January. When you need a striker and you end up with a Swedish journeyman with a broken back, you really have to be asking some questions. For me, it was an unforgivable way to blow a Premier League we could have won.

Striker wise, sure we were disappointed not to land Lewandowski, Rooney, Higuain or Suarez… that doesn’t mean you give up. Swansea signed the powerful beast that is Bony for £12m and Newcastle picked up Remy. Two players that, although not world class, certainly would have been better than nothing. The planning showcased by the manager has been atrocious.


It’s pretty damn clear these days that the fitness issues we have stem from not having the right people in place at the club. I watched a warm up session a couple of weeks ago that looked less effective than a Sunday league warm up. If that’s the extent of what we do, no wonder we pick up so many issues. We’ve suffered with fitness on many levels this season. We don’t keep our key players fit, which is the obvious starting point. Arsene doesn’t rotate his squad effectively because he doesn’t trust the depth.

We’re also doing something wrong when it comes to recovery. We’ve set up plenty of times this season with no energy, which is partly down to having players that don’t have the right attributes physically, but also down to the fact that they just don’t have any energy because they’re being drained somewhere in the set up. What are we doing with players in training? How can Atletico have such a small squad and still operate at such a high level in every game? Something is up and it’s probably to do with the fact our fitness guy is not a world class expert in his field, he’s not a performance expert trained to maximise players. I doubt he’s ever questioned. I doubt he has any answers to our car crash injury pile up. How do I know? Because we consistently bomb with the same problems every year.

Tactical Set Up

Again, I don’t want to weigh into this too hard, because it’s so damn obvious, but the way we set up and prepare for games is a joke. Dropboxing players video analysis is embarrassing, setting up the same damn way in every game makes us predictable and easy to pick apart… and at the highest level, we’re totally flawed and we are constantly exposed. Losing on aggregate to the top team away from home by 20+ goals is not progress. It’s pathetic. We need more focus on the element of surprise. Do something different. Do something clever. Unpredictability is such a dangerous tool if you know what you’re doing.

… I know what you’re thinking. What about the weekend? Sure, I’m with you. We switched up to a 4-4-2 on 60minutes. Which was a great to see. If we had better players to bring into that, we’d have killed that game in 90minutes. Arsene needs to build on that.

Moving forward

So I’ve heard on the grapevine that Arsene has taken control to the next level, and the staff are going to all have to get Arsene haircuts, even the bald ones. He thinks it’s a bonding tool. Improve the solidarity. Everyone is getting an ‘Arsene’. So no changes there. What I want to know, which I know I’ll never find out, is what control has Ivan taken back here? Has this new deal just been given to him? The never ending contract. You go when you want to go style? Or has Ivan made some demands. Because for me, giving three year deals to people like Colbert and Peyton seems outrageous? What changes are they enacting? Where is the new expertise coming in, because what we have right now is clearly broken.

On the players front, what are we doing? I’ve heard that things are going to be big and we’re going to go big before the World Cup. Now, we heard this last year and it all went tits up, that’s not to say they didn’t try. So that’s good news from the start. If Wenger brings in bundles of pace, a top striker an amazing DM and a brilliant right back, I’ll start to get excited. He needs more than that though. The squad needs building out. We need a great bench. A starting 11 isn’t the issue, it’s the squad. Let’s get a proper back up keeper. Let’s get some real experience that have the attributes we’re looking for.

For me, to compete at the highest level, we need to have a big squad loaded with ‘now’ experience. 3 players isn’t enough regardless of who we buy… because we’re losing at least 6 names. We need to make a big splash. Go BIG, like you did in 97. Like you did in 2001. Like you did when you won things. This myth of ‘more than three names upsets the apple cart’ is a total bollocks. It lifts the club, the fans and the players. We need buzz in that dressing room. We need to challenge… because mark my words, if we don’t, we could find ourselves out of contention next year very early. We had the bulk of our team fit and fresh against Hull and we couldn’t kill them in 90minutes. That says a lot about how good we are.

Liverpool might not make the top 4 next year, but Manchester United almost definitely will. Louis Van G will spend £150m on top talent this summer. He’ll make them tick. He’ll get them back competing. Chelsea will bolster and spend money, they’ve already made a very smart addition in Diego Costa, they have their striker. Manchester City will go big, like they always do. Everton will get better, Spurs will get better… everyone will improve. This is our chance to outpace the rest. Get ahead.

If Wenger wants to take on all the above points. If he is serious about being the main man again, then I’m game for this deal. I just hope Ivan has voiced this and told Wenger how it’s going to be. Shame of it is that for me, I doubt he has. I doubt it’s his decision. I just fear more of the same. Wenger is the main man at Arsenal and he will be until he tells the club he’s leaving. He’s the most powerful club manager in world football. He calls the shots, we’ve just got to hope he’s a little more humble about the next three years. Listen to the experts, bring in better backroom talent and look to make the marginal improvement around our approach that’ll kick us on.

Is change coming? Watch this space and pray… three years is a very long time.

P.S. I’ve switched off the mentions part of my Twitter account (to people I don’t follow). Every summer, the melt brigade come out with the abuse, which as entertaining as it is, does get a touch boring. It’s just an opinion from an amateur writer who loves the club, it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s not even extreme opinion, it’s all pretty logical. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you think abusing me is going to stop me writing, you’ll be very disappointed. I just can’t get my head around people who think abusive behaviour online is acceptable. Grown men, with families and responsibilities cunting someone online. It’s pathetic. Still, it is what it is, a lot of irrelevant idiots online that make it an unsavoury place to be.

So if you want to get hold of me, drop me an e-mail.




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  1. MidwestGun

    Radio –
    Actually, we were second in goals scored from open play 12 behind City. But as brad I think was trying to find the answer to. We were 15 goals behind City in set pieces and penalties. An excellent freekick taker would go a long way in making up the goal difference.

  2. london gunner

    Revvin KEvin

    We have had money to spend for the last few seasons that would of possibly won us silverware.

    We had more means than AM, They may be in debt but they still have achieved so much more than us with a drasitically lower transfer total and total wage bill.

    You can argue they went about how they went about ti but you can’t argue that we should of done better if AM can beat RM and Barca to the title when their squad costs hardly more than Ozils transfer price

  3. london gunner


    We were second behind City in goals scored from open play…?
    Shows how shocking Giroud is as most set piece goals will be from corners not free kicks.

    If we had Bony instead of Giroud I imagine are goals from set pieces would significantly increase.

  4. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    True RE City but you have to remember that Bayern and Barca both convincingly beat them in Europe exposing the weaknesses in City’s midfield due to the 4-4-2.

    In the BPL they get away with a 4-4-2 by simply blowing away teams with their attacking firepower but in Europe they have come up short.

    Atletico are different because they have the best back 5 in European football, they are probably the opposite to City in that they narrowly win most of their matches and are set up far more defensively. But you’re right in that they do play a 4-4-2 to be fair.

    Just happen to think that they’re a unique case in the modern game.

  5. Radio Raheem

    Revv Kev

    That article is stupid. Simeone has succeeded inspite of the madness at board level not because of it. His appointment has coincided with an attempt by the board to get things sorted.

    Unai Emery’s achievement in winning the Europa with Sevilla is also impressive considering they sold or released 17 first team players as a matter of need before the beginning of the season.

    I’m not what they are doing in Spain but whatever it is it is working. The league is fundamentally unbalanced in favour of two clubs yet that hasn’t stopped others producing talent or winning in Europe.

  6. Radio Raheem

    Oh and Sevilla didn’t buy any players only took on freebies.


    Yeah improving our set-piece conversion can make us title contenders straightaway. But this seems to be a fundamental problem in Wenger’s Arsenal teams. I’m lost on that one and fear he might be too.

  7. MidwestGun

    London –
    Could be correct about corners but I seem to remember for a time we led the
    League in headed goals. Just know our freekick taking is way below par. Could be a big area of improvement.

  8. london gunner


    I respectively disagree.

    From watching the City game they were dominating Barcelona but than Demi had a brain fart and fouled a player when he shouldn’t of. It also wasn’t a penalty as it was outside of the box.

    If it wasn’t for one instance the whole two ties could of worked out very differently.

    I would also say Man City aren’t a good example for saying 442 doesn’t work in europe. Because City are a team that haven’t traditionally been poor in Europe despite their wealth of talent and this isn’t so much because of 442 but because they play as if they will dominate the game as if the other teams are lesser opposition.

    If they played a more counter attacking 442 I think they could win the CL. They may not have the best back four but they have goals and can outscore oppositions they just need abit of caution and tbh they could easily implement said caution into their game plan with a 442

  9. london gunner


    Adding more pace to the team would lead to more set piece goals aka Penalties.

    Look at Liverpool most of the pens they received were actual penalties not dives for the simple fact defenders have a nightmare tackling a speedster in the box.

    If your a defender you have to run with the striker at full pace so your already out of sorts then said attackers will have fast feet so once they are in the box you try to stick in a foot to where the ball is but by the time you have the player has moved on with the ball and your tripping him up

  10. Radio Raheem

    Apart from the top two in Spain a player will probably earn more in the PL than in any other club in Spain.

    This suggests to me there is a lot of waste in the PL. Instead of burning burning on players wages a club should be novel in spending more on its technical staff. Get the best coaches from Spain and Germany and let them work on local talent from a young age. This will be a 10 year project.

  11. Radio Raheem

    London gunner

    I agree. I’ll add that skillfull players like Cazorla making runs or play in the penalty area can also lead to pens. We should have been awarded a few against Hull, for example.

  12. goona

    All the talk on here about who’s an improvement on giroud, many many names mentioned. In my opinion most the names mentioned are! For every goal he’s scored this season he’s fluffed numerous easy chances…..those misses cost us vital points, and until we start taking a decent amount of points off the top six in the league we won’t get anywhere near winning it.

  13. Savage

    Oh Pedro. The doomer couldn’t stay in the skeleton closet more than a day…

    Really enjoyed Sanogo’s performance yesterday – his introduction turned the game. Another smart tactical move by Wenger, and maybe 442 will become more common, as Sanogo gives us real pace and surprisingly good feet. The goals will come – I’m just pleased that he’s building a run of being injury free.

    Three more years? Yes please.

  14. ricky

    Wenger instructed Cazorla to hit any free-kicks to McGregor’s left – his weak side. Hence Santi’s look over to the bench as he celebrated.”

  15. goonpharm

    So now that the euphoria has died down I have to say Wenger is a fucking genius!!!!

    Now before you all lose it I wasn’t even talking about the game. I’m talking about the way he just hustled the shit out of a board of directors led by an Oxford educated CEO.

    I genuinely felt a bit emotional about Wenger after the win on Saturday. He looked jaded, out of sorts, not interested. I really thought it’s all taken its toll on the great man.

    But not now. Now I see a snake of a man who had played a hell of game. He keeps the board guessing by not signing . The board think they have him by the balls as fan morale is at a low, they offer him a 2 year deal with loads of conditions (speculation on my part. I’m assuming it would be).

    If he signs the board have him where they want him and he sings off their hymn sheet.

    But Wenger played it like a poker shark. He waits, waits and waits a little bit more. He has a cup final that if played 100 times he’d win 99 times.

    He wins the final and bang! He’s now in the driving seat as your average AFC fans are a fickle bunch and the tide has turned in his favour.

    The board cave in and all of a sudden Wenger gets himself a fat 8 mill a year shiny contract.

    In the words of Andy Gray; “Take a bow son, take a bow”.

    What a guy…

  16. TitsMcgee

    He wins the final and bang! He’s now in the driving seat as your average AFC fans are a fickle bunch and the tide has turned in his favour.”

    Pretty much

  17. TitsMcgee

    “32 Teams in 32 Days: Germany”


    “The rest of the campaign was smooth sailing. Germany won 6-1 against Ireland in Dublin and had little trouble scoring goals against Austria, Kazakhstan and the Faroe Islands. They also netted 36 total goals, a new record for a Germany team in World Cup qualifying. Mesut Özil was the best scorer with eight goals, followed by Marco Reus (five). The 10 goals Germany conceded are testament to a slightly gung-ho style.”

  18. TitsMcgee

    THIS JUST IN: Barcelona have signed Luis Enrique to a two-year deal as the new manager.

  19. goonpharm

    Barça are still a great team. Their problems are not that the players are past it or the tactics per say it’s the idiotic board of theirs who stick their noses where they shouldn’t be.

    Pep alluded to it in an interview after signing for Bayern. He more or less said that certain players “had” to be played as the board demanded. It was part of the reason he left.

    Martino mentioned it a few months ago when asked about Neymar.

  20. N5

    Its pathetic having all these different names Cesc isn’t it, just to seem like more than he agrees with him. He reminds me of Norman Bates.

  21. MidwestGun

    Sanogo gives us real pace and surprisingly good feet
    Suprisingly good feet? Wtf? Thats literally his worst problem. Lol
    Well that and he’s had 21 shots and no goals. And he’s commited as many fouls as he gets. Maybe he will get it sorted out on a transfer or preseason. Yes he looked better when he didn’t have to play Bayern Munich. Amazing really that was his introduction to playing with the team.

  22. TitsMcgee

    If Sano could actually control a ball he would be a pretty decent weapon off the bench but his first touch makes Gervinho look like Cruyff.

  23. gambon

    “Really enjoyed Sanogo’s performance yesterday”

    The worst striker is Arsenals history

    The worst in the premier league by some distance.

  24. goonpharm

    Sanogo has all the ingredients to come good. He needs to develop like a normal young player. Loan him to an Everton next year or perhaps Sunderland would give him some game time.

    Starting him in a CL game against Bayern is not the way to do it.

  25. Nads


    ‘Suprisingly good feet? Wtf? Thats literally his worst problem. Lol’

    Wrong. He’s got a decent touch and gets out of tight spots with his clever feet.

    His main problem is his decision making but if you’d actually watched him rather than jump on the he’s shit band wagon you’d clearly see this.

  26. gambon

    “Sanogo has all the ingredients to come good. He needs to develop like a normal young player”

    Erm….apart from his complete inability to kick a football.

    ” Loan him to an Everton next year”

    Pretty sure Evertons transfer policy doesnt involve bringing in Championship level players.

  27. MidwestGun

    Nads –
    I’ve watched him plenty. His feet get stuck under him, and then he makes a heavy touch and the ball gets away from him. Not good feet. Hes better in space where he can try and push it by and run on to the ball. Additionaly, he has trouble getting his feet set to shoot. Or did you not watch the Stoke game? Didn’t say he was shit, needed a loan to get it sorted. You have an interesting view of reality.

  28. kwik fit

    Sanogo must go on loan. May have potential but on Saturday everything he tried went wrong. Except for the useful shot at the end.

  29. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Haha….. what I learned is if you ever get offered a clear liquid that tastes like peppermint. Do not drink it!. Doesn’t matter how cute the girl is. Lol.

  30. Carts

    “Hardly surprising but Luis Enrique has been confirmed as the new Barcelona boss.”

    He literally, I mean literally, tried to reproduce the same football Barcelona were exhibiting under Pep, but for Roma.

    Italy the worst place to attempt that shit.

    At the times, Roma’s possession % was very impressive, but they lacked cutting edge. And defensively they were vulnerable.

    Curious to see what he does this time round..

  31. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Ummmm good point. Ok………just drink it and go blind approximately an hour later. 😀 Tell you what tho, I got nine years worth of celebration out of my system. Not that I couldn’t do it again next year.

    Loved your # pissed comments yesterday. 😛

  32. Savage

    you’re a cunt robin, you’re a cunt, you’re a cunt robin, you’re a cunt

    you’re a cunt robin, you’re a cunt, oh robin you’re a cunt

    ahh feel much better now !!1

  33. Savage

    great day for The Arsenal.

    any of you joined in the parade? fucking epic ! loved how people sang One Arsene Wenger …a fitting reply to the nonsense spouted in media urging us to sack him or else we wont move forward…heh what do those cunts know anyway?

  34. Savage

    Sanogo changed the game …good thing youre no scouter and thank fuck you aint working for Arsenal…

  35. Savage

    thats not very nice peanut, whats the matter with you? .we are all arsenal fans here…just different opinions….chill out 😉

  36. peanuts&monkeys

    Actually, its difficult to distinguish whic striker is worse among the pack of donkeys Arsene Wenger have been assembling in his yard. From Chamakh to Sanogo.

    Fuck teh FA cup win. Didn’t want it so that we could have avoided another 3 years of ambitionless, pennypinching and tactless coaching.

    Fuck the board! Usmanov, take the board. Free us from these bastards.

  37. Savage

    you’re a cunt robin, you’re a cunt, you’re a cunt robin, you’re a cunt

    you’re a cunt robin, you’re a cunt, oh robin you’re a cunt

    sorry i just wanted to emphasize my emotion one more time …

  38. MidwestGun

    Thank God there is only one Arsene Wenger or we would have the same manager for 50 years. Wait……it’s not legal to clone in England is it? Never know, you have some weird laws.

  39. Savage

    Fuck teh FA cup win. Didn’t want it so that we could have avoided another 3 years of ambitionless, pennypinching and tactless coaching.

    hahahah is this for real?

    its a trophy man……what youve been grilling the club for the last 8 years….now they win one for you and you still moan?

    you been to the doctor lately ? maybe you have a disease…

  40. Cesc Appeal

    I mean George Graham today described our strike force as “embarrassing”…that’s pretty strong.

  41. Savage

    what about N5? what did he say?

    as for george..forgive him …. he is bitter ever since we fired him for taking money under the table….

  42. TitsMcgee

    I mean George Graham today described our strike force as “embarrassing”…that’s pretty strong.”

    Well bitter or not he’s right. That’s no different than anything most on here have been saying.

  43. MidwestGun

    Does the Mental Institute let people get on line about 730 your time?Disturbing trend. Oh well…….. funny how some people just can’t stay away. Must need a dose of reality after their bi-polar meds kick in.

  44. Savage

    And lets get it right yeah…wenger is a top class manager ..if he were at newcastle totenham everton he would have taken them to the top4 ..cant say the same for others who first ask what the available budget will be before signing the contract…

  45. Savage

    Well bitter or not he’s right. That’s no different than anything most on here have been saying.

    when youre bitter you can never be right…law of nature.

  46. Tippitappi

    I thought his contract was two years, it must have always been three well……they kept that quiet quite happy to string us along thinking it was two, what a shambolic way to treat some of the best fans in the world as Wembley and north London showed over the weekend ……….ratbags

  47. MidwestGun

    How come you use the little……..dots. ….. between…… all you r…….. crazy words. …. like hunter13? Is that how they……. teach …… you to post…….. on crazy blog?

  48. Savage

    ahh come on george is just angry noone wants to employ him….sad really that these guys can only make a living slagging us off…

  49. Savage

    little dots … ??? sounds like you have first class experience in bi-polarism….

    heres a few more dots…………………………………………………. haha………………………………………….

    ….. wait


  50. TitsMcgee

    Does the Mental Institute let people get on line about 730 your time?Disturbing trend. Oh well…….. funny how some people just can’t stay away. Must need a dose of reality after their bi-polar meds kick in.”

    75% of Arsenal fans still support Wenger very strongly. It’s comical that that isn’t enough consolation for them.

  51. peanuts&monkeys

    No amount of 100 Mill can make the team less embarassing/exciting/competing at top levels as long as we have a completely outdated football mind working from the dugout.

    Van Gaal is plotting another 8- 2. wooooo whooo.

  52. Savage

    75% of Arsenal fans still support Wenger very strongly.

    what a bunch of idiots … …

    we should ignore the majority and go with what the minority wants…all the way!!

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Oh yeah, I make George Graham right, when he said “embarrassing” though I did think, that’s pretty scathing. He’s right, our strike force is woeful…even the use of the word force is ironically hilarious.

  54. Savage

    oh dear N5 what rattled your cage then?

    i thought you would be happy with the f.a cup trophy…. ?

    let go of your paranoia..you will age faster….and you want get to see us winning more stuff….. 🙂

  55. N5

    “we should ignore the majority and go with what the minority wants…all the way!!”

    Imagine if Malcolm X had said that.

  56. Savage

    youre unemployed midwest.???..i didnt know that…sorry dude…

    who pays your internet then? do you go to internet cafes and insert coins ..hahahahahahh ?????

  57. N5

    “who pays your internet then? do you go to internet cafes and insert coins ..hahahahahahh ?????”

    What the fuck does that even mean you moron?

  58. WengerEagle


    Don’t bother mate the guy’s clearly got Multiple Personality Disorder from the looks of it. He posts as at least 5 different people (Savage, Phil, Eyemsick, Hunter, Ozrus)

    He actually makes even Marble and Johnty look sane.

  59. MidwestGun

    Sorry, ya I know. But it was slow so I was amusing myself. That guy has some serious pyschological hangups with this blog. I blame N5. Lol………..just kidding.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    Seriously don’t bother with it, it’ll scuttle off again soon and no doubt be back again under a different name. But why even bother yourself entering into what constitute a conversation in it’s world. You know what’ll happen. It’s a wind up for him. We’ve perfected the art of ignoring imbeciles on here, just need to extend it to this particular one no matter what tag it uses when it pops up.

  61. Tipster

    One swallow doesn’t make a summer…. Enjoy the glory while it lasts, the frozen one will do fu@k all again this summer except massage his ego and wallet. Time to go Arsene.

  62. andy1886

    Ignore him, when he gets a bite he just sits there and masturbates like a wild monkey with a pair of tweezers. Let him stew til his balls explode.

  63. Savage

    ohhh kalesee you devil….. on another note…you lot dont seem to be doing ok the last few hours…chasing phantoms and all …..must be that bipolar disorder mid loves talking about.. .who the fuck is phil and ozram ?

  64. Cesc Appeal


    I know…but then you do have to feel a touch sorry for the individual. It is hard though, because they do beg for it often. But then I don’t think they are compos mentis enough to understand you are battering them.

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Id like to think that wenger may go back to 98 thinking
    You know a bit adventous in his dealings and thinking

    But I doubt it

    He will be full of piss an importence now

    His ego will be unbareable

  66. gonsterous

    i did say sanogo will never score in an arsenal shirt and i stand by that comment… sure he’s gonna have lots of shots but i dont see an end product in him !!! for someone who’s 21 and playing for one of the best top teams he is not good enough !!!

  67. andy1886

    Sorry RSPC, Redmond is nowhere near Arsenal class. My brother’s a Norwich supporter, doesn’t rate him at all (and he doesn’t have to do much to look decent in that side).

  68. Keyser


    “At Arsenal, we do a lot of exercises where you have to play through the mannequins, but you can use cones. This is a great drill because it’s real; you’re moving and finding the holes to play the diagonal pass, just like in a match… This drill will help you during a game when out to create two versus one situations against a defender. It’s also great for finding the spare man. Think of player two as a midfielder and player three as a full back or winger on the overlap.”

  69. ja_gunner

    gambon said koz was shit….
    Gambon: “Sanogo worst striker in arsenal histroy”…
    im therefore very happy!

  70. Savage

    hey dont you talk like that about gambon dude…chief scouter for ajax and juventus he was back in the day….he might drop a clanger every now and again but who doesnt? respecta


  71. Carts

    Valencia on brink of signing Garay??? Goal.com plucking shit from fin air or something?

    Otamendi & Garay CB is solid…if they pull it off

  72. Keyser

    Good point, if Sanogo wore a United shirt and was named ‘Bebe’ he’d be proclaiming he’s the new Manucho and we’re all going to be wrong.

  73. Kidd

    Is it a crime against humanity to be pro- wenger on this blog? Not sayn that iam but isnt this supposed to be a platform for balanced/constructive debate ,where diff views are tolerated and respected? Lets treat each other with respect,we are all gooners after all. We shldnt behave like tyrants. #thanks

  74. Joshua Sackey

    Hi pedro..I love your blog eventhough I might not agree with everything you say..I want an opportunity to write for you over the summer. Perhaps on Arsenal players performances or Transfer targets and who we should be targetting

  75. ja_gunner

    “i did say sanogo will never score in an arsenal shirt and i stand by that comment”…im sure when does score you’ll be nowhere to be found. How could any rational supporter make a definitive statement about a 21 -yr France International under 21 Euro winer?
    simply because you wont be accountable to anyone…you’re just blowing hot foul air…

  76. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Ohhh I love a good cone drill, ran and used them a lot in my lifetime.
    Never thought about mannequins. Just think of the sequined mannequins you could use for Spuds. Or one fat mannequin for Rooney. And just think, if you run out of mannequins you could use Giroud.

    But I do kinda like the idea of a 4-1-3-2if we cant find a striker upgrade.

  77. luke

    Really starting to wonder if the ‘Cesc being unsettled’ rumors are true. I remember one press conference last summer Arsene was asked about Cesc and Manure and he said something along the lines of, ‘I am in touch with Cesc frequently and he will not be moving THIS year’ – alluding to the fact that cesc might move the following year.

    I definitely did not think Cesc would return so soon, but with Barca fans booing him and okaying his transfer, barca’s poor year and potential transfer ban, us winning the FA Cup and buying Ozil, and with us having the first buyback option…it kind of makes you wonder. I’d take him back in a heartbeat but only if it didn’t interfere with us buying a top class striker.

  78. N5

    Sanogo will score for Arsenal. He looked pretty good for France and law of averages would suggest that if he has enough shots, some are bound to go in.

    He could end up being OK, but I don’t see him going on to be the new Adebayor.

  79. MidwestGun

    Kidd –
    Your entitled to an opinion, but is an opinion just coming on here and spouting nonsense in repeated posts. How is that constructive debate? The purpose of these so called balanced posts is to disrupt the comment section. And for the most part these are so called pro Wenger supporters fishing for a nonsense drill. But if your so inclined, go ahead and try to debate these peeps, see how you do.

  80. Savage

    but isnt this supposed to be a platform for balanced/constructive debate ,where diff views are tolerated and respected?

    haha ..what? aha thats so good…post of the year!

  81. Keyser

    Kidd – Sorry mate, I’ve love to say it’s not always like this, but frustration had got the better of the blog this year and it’s been rampant throughout, hopefully if we have a decent transfer window, maybe a good start to next year we’ll try to re-address the balance.

  82. Roaaary

    @kidd it’s cool to support him or want him out as long as u have a logical reason for it.

    Plonkers like savage just support wenger to wind others up.

    The fact he posts relentlessly shows he’s just after attention / arguments.

    If you support wenger so be it. There are just a number of reasons he is out of date and as pedro writes about them, the commenters here share the same feelings

  83. Keyser

    N5 – We got Adebayor to score 30 goals in a season, yeah 6 of those were against Derby, think they hold some sort of record as the worst premiership side of all time, but still at some point Adebayor might’ve even been considered World Class.

    Overhead against Villereal maybe.

  84. N5

    Keyser, do you ever recall a time when the Grove was balanced? I know it had far more pro-Wenger fans before, but it’s been cutthroat for as long as I remember it.

  85. N5

    That’s what I mean Keyser. Love or hate Adebayor he was a great player, he just had a horrible attitude.

    I like Sanogo, he has really been thrown in at the deepend and I have my fingers crossed for him. But I don’t remember a player (that went on to be great) starting quite so poorly.

    Forgetting Henry had that horrible first game against Liverpool of course.

  86. Keyser

    I dunno why, maybe because I’m not clinically obese and can barely move, but I miss doing shuttle runs, and even though my lungs might’ve felt like they were going to burst as my face grew redder and redder, if I could go back I’d definetly try and complete all of them, rather than pretend I’d bent down and touched the ground when the coach wasn’t looking.

  87. N5

    ja, I thought he had a good game on Saturday for the brief period that he was on, he definitely caused some issues for Hull.

  88. Savage

    as long as u have a logical reason for it.

    ok, and since youre quick to misjudge….. give me your logical reasons for wanting him out ( thats if you want him out, i dont know yet…)