3 years for Arsene Wenger? Do what?

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Well, well, well… Arsene is going to sign. This wasn’t news to me, or to you. What was new was the length. 3 years. 3 bloody years he’s been given (article).

Now, I know we won the Cup Final. It was great. I went. I felt the immense relief. I loved every damn second. But three years? How did that happen? I could take two. But three? Based on the season we’ve just had? Well, it’s an odd one for me.

On the face of it, if you look at the season as a result with no context, it wasn’t so bad. We won the FA Cup, which is always great. We also secured the top four trophy. How can I complain when we’ve just wont the double?

Well, scratch beneath the surface and actually, this season was  a huge missed opportunity.


Pretty much all the teams around us had replaced a manager. United were clearly weakened with their dreadful appointment, Chelsea were in transition, City were trying a more daring brand of football and Liverpool had just had a summer of discontent and Spurs are just Spurs. The door was open for us to do some damage. We did for a bit, then it bombed.


Arsene spunked out a huge amount for a superstar, which was fantastic, it’s just a shame that superstar wasn’t particularly well thought out and that he was brought in as a  panic signing. You can’t have an Ozil if you don’t have a pace monster to aim at. Ozil needs to play balls into space, he’s having to play into feet at Arsenal. Arsene Wenger’s recruitment policy last summer was a joke and it was even more shambolic this January. When you need a striker and you end up with a Swedish journeyman with a broken back, you really have to be asking some questions. For me, it was an unforgivable way to blow a Premier League we could have won.

Striker wise, sure we were disappointed not to land Lewandowski, Rooney, Higuain or Suarez… that doesn’t mean you give up. Swansea signed the powerful beast that is Bony for £12m and Newcastle picked up Remy. Two players that, although not world class, certainly would have been better than nothing. The planning showcased by the manager has been atrocious.


It’s pretty damn clear these days that the fitness issues we have stem from not having the right people in place at the club. I watched a warm up session a couple of weeks ago that looked less effective than a Sunday league warm up. If that’s the extent of what we do, no wonder we pick up so many issues. We’ve suffered with fitness on many levels this season. We don’t keep our key players fit, which is the obvious starting point. Arsene doesn’t rotate his squad effectively because he doesn’t trust the depth.

We’re also doing something wrong when it comes to recovery. We’ve set up plenty of times this season with no energy, which is partly down to having players that don’t have the right attributes physically, but also down to the fact that they just don’t have any energy because they’re being drained somewhere in the set up. What are we doing with players in training? How can Atletico have such a small squad and still operate at such a high level in every game? Something is up and it’s probably to do with the fact our fitness guy is not a world class expert in his field, he’s not a performance expert trained to maximise players. I doubt he’s ever questioned. I doubt he has any answers to our car crash injury pile up. How do I know? Because we consistently bomb with the same problems every year.

Tactical Set Up

Again, I don’t want to weigh into this too hard, because it’s so damn obvious, but the way we set up and prepare for games is a joke. Dropboxing players video analysis is embarrassing, setting up the same damn way in every game makes us predictable and easy to pick apart… and at the highest level, we’re totally flawed and we are constantly exposed. Losing on aggregate to the top team away from home by 20+ goals is not progress. It’s pathetic. We need more focus on the element of surprise. Do something different. Do something clever. Unpredictability is such a dangerous tool if you know what you’re doing.

… I know what you’re thinking. What about the weekend? Sure, I’m with you. We switched up to a 4-4-2 on 60minutes. Which was a great to see. If we had better players to bring into that, we’d have killed that game in 90minutes. Arsene needs to build on that.

Moving forward

So I’ve heard on the grapevine that Arsene has taken control to the next level, and the staff are going to all have to get Arsene haircuts, even the bald ones. He thinks it’s a bonding tool. Improve the solidarity. Everyone is getting an ‘Arsene’. So no changes there. What I want to know, which I know I’ll never find out, is what control has Ivan taken back here? Has this new deal just been given to him? The never ending contract. You go when you want to go style? Or has Ivan made some demands. Because for me, giving three year deals to people like Colbert and Peyton seems outrageous? What changes are they enacting? Where is the new expertise coming in, because what we have right now is clearly broken.

On the players front, what are we doing? I’ve heard that things are going to be big and we’re going to go big before the World Cup. Now, we heard this last year and it all went tits up, that’s not to say they didn’t try. So that’s good news from the start. If Wenger brings in bundles of pace, a top striker an amazing DM and a brilliant right back, I’ll start to get excited. He needs more than that though. The squad needs building out. We need a great bench. A starting 11 isn’t the issue, it’s the squad. Let’s get a proper back up keeper. Let’s get some real experience that have the attributes we’re looking for.

For me, to compete at the highest level, we need to have a big squad loaded with ‘now’ experience. 3 players isn’t enough regardless of who we buy… because we’re losing at least 6 names. We need to make a big splash. Go BIG, like you did in 97. Like you did in 2001. Like you did when you won things. This myth of ‘more than three names upsets the apple cart’ is a total bollocks. It lifts the club, the fans and the players. We need buzz in that dressing room. We need to challenge… because mark my words, if we don’t, we could find ourselves out of contention next year very early. We had the bulk of our team fit and fresh against Hull and we couldn’t kill them in 90minutes. That says a lot about how good we are.

Liverpool might not make the top 4 next year, but Manchester United almost definitely will. Louis Van G will spend £150m on top talent this summer. He’ll make them tick. He’ll get them back competing. Chelsea will bolster and spend money, they’ve already made a very smart addition in Diego Costa, they have their striker. Manchester City will go big, like they always do. Everton will get better, Spurs will get better… everyone will improve. This is our chance to outpace the rest. Get ahead.

If Wenger wants to take on all the above points. If he is serious about being the main man again, then I’m game for this deal. I just hope Ivan has voiced this and told Wenger how it’s going to be. Shame of it is that for me, I doubt he has. I doubt it’s his decision. I just fear more of the same. Wenger is the main man at Arsenal and he will be until he tells the club he’s leaving. He’s the most powerful club manager in world football. He calls the shots, we’ve just got to hope he’s a little more humble about the next three years. Listen to the experts, bring in better backroom talent and look to make the marginal improvement around our approach that’ll kick us on.

Is change coming? Watch this space and pray… three years is a very long time.

P.S. I’ve switched off the mentions part of my Twitter account (to people I don’t follow). Every summer, the melt brigade come out with the abuse, which as entertaining as it is, does get a touch boring. It’s just an opinion from an amateur writer who loves the club, it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s not even extreme opinion, it’s all pretty logical. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you think abusing me is going to stop me writing, you’ll be very disappointed. I just can’t get my head around people who think abusive behaviour online is acceptable. Grown men, with families and responsibilities cunting someone online. It’s pathetic. Still, it is what it is, a lot of irrelevant idiots online that make it an unsavoury place to be.

So if you want to get hold of me, drop me an e-mail.




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  1. Agondiber

    Maybe they gave him 3 years cause he has a longterm plan that involves buying top class players and also introducing the youth into thw first team..we can only hope for the best.

  2. Hitman49

    I think krokie aside to Ivan in his contract ….

    Give him 2 years and three cheers !

    And some how he got 3 ! I only hope he has learnt his lesson and can change.,!

    They say seeing is believing !

  3. Carts

    £7.5m…just damn right embarrasing.

    His contract should be loaded with clause upon clause.

    He needs a Sporting Director to take care of business.

    HE essentially needs to relinquish power for the benefit of Arsenal.

  4. Mit


    Great win for arsenal @ the weekend.
    After with your post Pedro and arsene has to kick on and sign some ayers and not rest on his laurels and think we r there, we are not!

    We have already signed 2 players don’t you know?
    Walcott and the ever reliable diaby!

    Hope wenger actively signs players score the WC and we don’t have our trolley dash on the last day

    Come on arsene, get draxler, a rb, a winger with pace and a solid DM – that be a start

  5. Gregg

    Big respect to you Pedro for blogging on a daily basis, it’s always an enjoyable read, even if I don’t always agree. But that’s why the game is all about opinions. So those that revert to abuse can jog on.

    Sagna has a decision to make, does he accept £90k and play weekly or £140k and watch Zabaleta on a weekly basis. Unfortunately it looks like he’ll decide the latter. So we need a keeper, a RB, DM and width/pace and strikers.

    Now we know Wenger puts values on positions, he will never spend £5m on a keeper, nor will he spend more than £12m on any defender. Now we enter fantasy football time but we must be realistic. My guess is that we will get the RB from Tolouse, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Song return. I’d love to sign Greizman but will wager he’ll go for Vela. Alexis sanchez fits the Wenger bill as he can play anywhere across the Front line. he’s direct and pacey and would be a revelation in England, however he’ll go for Remy.

  6. bnsb

    Grown men, with families and responsibilities cunting someone online. It’s pathetic. Still, it is what it is, a lot of irrelevant idiots online that make it an unsavoury place to be.

    Isn’t that what Le grove has become of late?

  7. bergkamplegend

    Let’s continue to enjoy FA Cup trophy, because there probably will be no other trophy in the 3 years to come lol

  8. karaul

    I loved seeing Wenger happy. Really did. Now it´s the best time to think BIG. Sign players we all know we need and start doing things differently. If you stays the same and we will have these conversation next May, whole FA Cup win was nice but kinda useless

  9. andy1886

    Lol, three years? We (many of us on here) said he’d never leave, the only way out for AW is in a casket. I see in the article Wenger is off to Brazil on June 10th. Is that scouting for us or off on a well paid jolly for French TV? If it’s the latter then Ivan needs his scrotum singed, for £7.5m I’d at least expect him to quite moonlighting. It’ll be a month at the WC and then another few weeks on holiday and before you know it it’s August and we’ve signed no-one.

    Legend – I actually like the shirt, is it for sale Pedro?

  10. gambon

    Dont agree with Pedros assertion that we need squad players (as opposed to first teamers)

    Our first team isnt good enough.

    The best way to strengthen the squad is to but new first team players.

    If we sign a DM, CF and Wide AM then instantly the likes of Cazorla, Arteta, Podolski and Giroud become the squad fillers.

    Im happy with that.

    Shame Wenger is signing a new deal, but we have to use saturday as a platform for investment and improvement.

    Theres a buzz around the club right now, lets capitalise on that.

  11. bergkamplegend

    Gazidis has given a “one year bonus” to wenger because we won the Cup.
    If we had lost it it would have been only 2 more years LOL

  12. Carts

    “Sagna has a decision to make, does he accept £90k and play weekly or £140k and watch Zabaleta on a weekly basis. ”

    I think he’ll be 2nd choice RB and 3rd choice CB.

    If Wenger had a brain, he’d realise that Sagna will perform at a higher level, at CB, that he will at RB, as he gets older, imho.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    £100 Million Transfer Budget…big names linked…Wenger to be proactive…

    Heard it all before from all the same sources.

    I expect a freebie keeper (one of the golden oldies out of contract), Aurier (decent), Barry (Free) and Vela (£3 Million in the depths of August.)

    Would be ecstatic to be proved wrong; but we’ve had a good few years of Wenger with money now and the pattern just repeats itself. Tries to be too clever, won’t pay market rate, tries to find some unheard of bargain or a golden oldie for free.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    The only thing we can hope is that having a trophy has made the club want repeat success – and not that Wenger thinks we swallowed almost 9 years without one so the clock essentially starts again.

  15. TitsMcgee


    You knew that if he won the FA Cup all it was going to accomplish was srengthen Wenger’s Position with the club.

    I suspect he waited to sign because he knew people would be euphoric after the FA Cup win. It’s no coincidence.

    It’s the negative side of winning. Expect more stubborness in the TW as well.

  16. karaul

    exactly. we have good core of the team and plenty of good squad players. New DM, winger and CF should be put in first team as soon as possible. Imagine a team who wins the Premier League or even Champions league. It´s not the one where everyone ´good´ gets regular starting spot. It´s the one with this bench in big matches – Arteta, Vermaelen, Cazorla, Chamberlain, Giroud etc

  17. bergkamplegend

    I find wenger’s new salary purely and simply SCANDALOUS.

    And “£100M to win the title” ?? Give me a fucking break, we all perfectly know how it’s going to end.

  18. Duwayne

    This is what we need this summer:

    Ron Vlaar
    Javi Martinez
    Benzema (or any world class striker )
    Vela( just coz its good business sense)

    Next Season’s Line up:
    Szcez ;
    aurier; Mert ; Kos; Gibbs (was poor in the final btw)
    Ramsey: wilshere
    walcott; ozil; alexis

  19. Thomas

    The usual we have a x millions to spend bullshit this time of the year.

    “There will not be a lot of movement because of the WC”

    “We are not close to signing anyone”

    “There were no players available”


  20. Carts

    ” A starting 11 isn’t the issue, it’s the squad. ”

    Wrong. Even if Theo, Ox and Ramsey were all fit and played every one of the 38 league games, as well as 8 CL games, 3 C1C games and 8 FA Cup games, they’d still need adequate rest and players that could fill in for them.

    Our starting 11 isn’t strong enough to sustain the level of intensity required to be competative on all fronts.

  21. Bulc

    Its weird how no one seems to think that we going to need some quality CB in this transfer window. If Vermeulan leaves like everyone thinks he will, we down to 2 CB. This could potentially be one of the most important signings then as all it takes is one injury to Kos or Per and we stuffed.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    We’ve done what we need to death on here, and we’ve been over the CB issue loads. We needed another last summer, ideally you’d want 4…if Vermaelen leaves we have 3.

    This is why Wenger’s mention of getting maybe “2-3 players” was greeted with sighs – because when you look at what might be walking out the door we’re literally standing still.

  23. Carts


    Yes you’re right. More reason why Wenger should be doing everything in his power to get Sagna to stay. Maybe re-direct 350k from that £7.5m salary towards someone who’ll actually make a difference.

  24. Doublegooner

    3 Years . 3 More Year.

    It’s actually embarrassing theyve announced it like the ‘Emperor ‘ is staying & everyone is ‘Phew’.

    Another 3 years means HE HAS TO WIN THE TITLE. No ifs.

  25. mrz

    ” Swansea signed the powerful beast that is Bony for £12m and Newcastle picked up Remy. Two players that, although not world class, certainly would have been better than nothing. ”


    3 more years of insanity is not acceptable at all..

    I truly believe this club deserves a lot better…

  26. Gregg


    i’d love him to stay. In response to someone saying he was useless going forward, my answer was how he covers and assists Per. It’s no coincidence that the German has had a good season this time round, Sagna does a lot of work for him, making sure he’s not isolated. At times it’s like there’s 3 CB’s He is a proper defender who enjoys defending.

  27. Dissenter

    Thanks for all the great posts. You seem to have an instinctive trust that Gazidis will do the right thing.
    Hope you’re right.

  28. Carts


    That would be nice; although I’m not keen on Vlaar and Scmiechel has apparently signed a new deal.

    Wenger will net spend no more than £40m, guaranteed.

  29. STU

    A badly needed win on Saturday but let us not forget that we have missed a fantastic chance this season to possibly even win the title if we had bought sensibly.

    The need for at least 4 players has been evident for at least three years and the manager and the board of directors has been negligent on the football side for not sorting this out.

    Wenger must buy well, he must get the team up and ready from the first game, not the debacle of last year against Villa, and he must have a plan B.

    Good luck to all for next year.

  30. Max85

    As gambon says, it’s the first XI we should be improving. We don’t need massive numbers, but everyone we buy from now on needs to be world class, or at least far better quality than the player currently occupying that position in our first team.

    The only exception to that is GK and CB where we’re looking for backups. I’d take Richards on the cheap (free?); versatile to cover RB and CB and is a gooner. Hopefully like Rosicky he’s got over his injuries. Marshall from Cardiff (again cheap as Cardiff have gone down) would be good competition for Chezzer.

  31. Carts


    Couldn’t agree anymore with that. Sagna get’s a raw deal on here sometimes. Unjustified, imo. Although what I will say is that no-one is immune from a Le Grove ass-whopping!

    But yeah, Sagna has been nothing short of a model professional and top performer.

    Look how ferguson had the like’s of Neville and Giggs on the payroll. Besides their involvement on the field, their sheer prescense alone, in the dressing room, was/is vital.

    Sagna leaves for sure, there’s no doubt RB will get filled.

  32. bergkamplegend

    “Wenger will net spend no more than £40m, guaranteed.”

    But he will try his best for spend less of course lol

  33. mrz


    “Another 3 years means HE HAS TO WIN THE TITLE. No ifs.”

    conditions of this kind should have come from the employer, not from us…But I really doubt there are any…

    It feels like he gets a bonus a year for winning FA cup..and we can be pretty sure owners will not mind another 3 trophy less seasons as long as we finish top 4.

  34. Dissenter

    I don’t dislike Diaby but I’m sick and tired of the way his repeated injuries rob us of good signings over the summer.
    Winger won’t sign the DM we need because of Diaby and we all know Diaby won’t last the rigours of the season beyond autumn.

  35. Chika

    I have suggested Le grove to a couple of friends; but sometimes the atmosphere on here stinks!
    The AKB extremists and the WOB extremists are always trying to outdo eachother in a game of mindless stupidity. Sometimes they come up with valid points but they are too blind too take note!

  36. leon

    give credit were credit is due this team has won the fa cup however in terms of winning the prem he champions league this team is quite far off. this team plas lik a ed division la liga team with no real pace or width .in defence itsclear this team is well drilled which tells me again wenger has far to much influence on this team and I think bold should given free licience to his job.

    I guess the real question is does wenger have hunger and rufelness to make major changes that are needed I don’t think he does.

    its clear this team needs a lot more pace ad width and the current strike force is simply not good enough. I see podiolski as luxury an girude is a 6’4 piece jelly not to being on same level as drogba and sonogo cant hit a barn door

  37. Kemp1886

    With it being World Cup year,we actually need an even bigger squad than usual.After the World Cup in 98,we only bought Grondin, Ljungberg and Vivas in and started too slowly.Players like Bergkamp came back from the World Cup shattered and we didn’t have a big enough squad to cope.We bought players in January but the damage was already done and Utd won the treble.Still bugs me to this day.

  38. Childish Gambino

    Wenger 3 years no!!!

    Anyway i suggest all gooners to watch youtube vids of Vela & Griezmann 2013/2014. Gosh 38 goals and 16 assists between them. I was joyous to watch.

    My summer wishlist is Vela, Griezmann, Schneiderlin, Caulker, Aurier and Loic Remy.

    New team:

    Griezmann/Poldi Ozil/AOC/Diego Ribas Walcott/Vela/Santi
    Jack/Ramsey Schneiderlin/Flamini/Arteta
    Gibbs/Natxo Kos/Williams Mert/Caulker Aurier/New RB
    Chesser/Backup GK

    OUTS: Sanogo (loan), Jenks (loan), Miyiachi, Diaby, Verm (£9M), Sagna, BENDTNER, Coquelin, Park Chu-Young (lol), Djorou (£2M)

  39. gazzap

    If he gets 3 years then I can handle it if he goes out and buys top quality players and spends that £100m. But I can’t handle 3 more years of shopping in Aldi for bargains! Wenger needs to start behaving like he is the manager of a big club. Maybe getting Ozil was the first sign that he has changed. I think this summer will tell us a lot.

  40. Pedro

    Gambon, you misread me… we absolutely need world class players. But it can’t stop there. 3 world class players doesn’t change us that dramatically, we need lots of players.

  41. Dissenter

    Carts and Gregg,
    I beg to disagree about this Sagna departure.
    90k weekly is a good deal for a 31 year old RB with a history of two recent leg breaks. It’s sentimental to insist that Wenger pay the balance.
    I wish Sagna all the best for his service and won’t begrudge him if he leaves for even city.

    Just wondering, have you guys considered that maybe being back-up (elsewhere) with a mega contract might actually prolong his career. Sagna might be leaving for football reasons too.

  42. TitsMcgee

    Wenger was always going to milk an FA Cup victory. The victory just bought him the 3 years.

    It’s naive to think he’ll change his ways one way or another. 9 years of no winning didn’t so if anything actually winning something will just strengthen his resolve that he is doing things right.

  43. Dissenter

    Yaya Sanogo is full of passion and aggression but you should need more that that to feature for Arsenal.

    He’s not good enough for Arsenal…yet. I fear he’ll never be good enough. I can’t imagine that any other premier league club will sign him.

    Winger might not sign more than one striker because he wants Sanogo to continue his development with the first team. I believe that will be a calamitous mistake.

  44. GoonerInNY

    Great post, Pedro.

    I don’t think Ivan is in any position to do anything to limit Wenger, because Kroenke is thrilled with Wenger. Fourth every year, doesn’t spend any money and the team’s value rises. That is all Kroenke cares about. Trophies? “Hey supporters, you got an FA Cup, that will hold you for a few years.” Wenger is perfect in Kroenke’s estimation. Of course he’d give three years. And of course there are no conditions.

    I will be absolutely shocked if Wenger buys any more than what Cesc Appeal predicted above. Three or so free/cheap players.

  45. Bankz

    I think we need 7 players to come remotely to challenging on all fronts next season. Problem is I can’t see Arsene Wenger buying 7 players.
    A CF to replace Giroud.
    A left winger.
    A defensive midfielder to replace Arteta
    A goalkeeper
    A centre back
    A right back if Sagna leaves.
    Another centre back to replace TV5(if he leaves) or CF to replace SANOGO(who should be sent on loan next season or sent back to the Post Office).
    Now that’s the major problem because we all know that unless by a miracle, Wenger will NEVER spend what’s needed on 7 quality & semi-quality signings.

  46. andy1886

    Good point Diss, if Sagna stays he knows Wenger will play him into the ground and take a year or more off his career.

  47. MidwestGun

    At a time when FFP is in place to try and level the playing field with our biggest rivals we are in a financial place to take advantage over the next 3 years. However, to do this we need to outperform them in the transfer market. Based on what I have seen from AW’s performance in the past few transfer windows, I don’t feel like he is the man for the job.
    We need a savvy, prepared, engaged, transfer window shark, not a WC commentator.
    The next few tw’s will determine the future of our club. And we have a man who was contemplating retirement in charge. Much like a lame duck president or Congress, it rarely works out. Very concerned about this but am hoping AW builds on the FA Cup momemtum and changes his thinking in regards to spending and tw proactiveness.

  48. Dissenter

    There’s an alternative scenario for Wenger’s last contract.
    He knows this is his last contract.
    He’s waited this long to sign to extract the maximum leverage from the board for transfer budgets.
    He’s going to want to depart in a blaze of glory and get his revenge for carrying the water for the board for so long.
    Wenger might spend all of £100 million budget yearly till he leaves and try to win the ultimate prize; the CL.

    Wenger might actually want to compete now after seeing the fan reaction to Arsenal winning the third priority trophy.

  49. Carts

    I’d like to think that Sagna is motivated by football before money. But at his age, to suggst that money doesn;t come into it would be naive.

    £90k is £10k more than what an £80k p/w Wilshere is on, considering he has a history of ankle fractures.

    I think Wenger has set a dangerous precedant with his “socialist model”. Is he rewarding hard work/ development or does he feel that harmoney in the dressing room will ensure with everyone on similar money?

  50. bergkamplegend

    Dissenter : “Sagna might be leaving for football reasons too.”

    Sagna is leaving to have a chance to win the PL trophy.
    I think he is totallly right to do that and I wish him the best.

  51. Revving Kevin

    Gazzup: if he gets 3 years then I can handle it if he goes out and buys top quality players and spends that £100m. But I can’t handle 3 more years of shopping in Aldi for bargains!”

    This is a very fair and balanced comment. Well played.

    My own feeling is that if we don’t buy a goalscorer we can forget it. This is our Achilles heel and one that has to be fixed. Top goal scorers win you games, always have and always will.

    We disagree on the reasons why money wasn’t spent but there is no debate now about our ability to spend big. We know we have the money to compete with anyone so for me there are no excuses not to spend big. I believe we will. The taste is there, the money is there and the everyone will now want more if this, it will be like a drug for those players.

    gambon is correct. You can’t go silly and buy shed loads of players that is ridiculous. Not only is it a waste of money it dilutes the quality you buy. You also need the team to gel, not buy loads of players and spend another season waiting for them to do that. Wenger said spurs made that mistake and he wS proved right. Totally naive to even suggest it.

    What you need is quality over quantity. Starting with a top striker and a top athletic DM.

  52. Gregg


    Mate I think the offer we have made to Sagna is a very fair one, if it’s as reported. I’m not sure I agree on the prolonging issue, Sagna strikes me as a guy that would want to be playing, rather than being back up. I really hope the guy stays, even if it’s as a back up CB for us, or we go three CB’s with wing backs. Cant see that at all though because we have too many midfielders that Wenger wouldn’t be able to get in the team.

  53. Dissenter

    To be fair, 65 year old Wenger does not need to be physically present for us to make good transfers.

    There’s an alternative theory. Our set-up is so bad that when Wenger is not involved, we end up with players like Park. Hmmm…please don’t mention Charmack and all the other Wenger buys to debunk my theory.

  54. Gelbs

    So Wenger’s record by the time he goes, will probably read:

    6 years successful out of 21…

    Fucking disgraceful record. Will happen too. Won’t get another easy draw in cups again. I.e. all at home.

  55. Charlie Boy

    Agree with most Pedro, but stating we should be hammering Hull over 90 minutes is a little disrespectful to Hull.

    They played with real purpose for 90 minutes (albeit sometimes unfairly) and looked the more confident team by far.

    It was purely down to the fact that they’d worked so hard chasing every ball, that they were clearly knackered by the end of the 90.

    And let’s not forget that Wigan beat City last year – so The FA Cup is anything but cut-and-dried!

  56. Roaaary

    To be honest if sagna doesn’t want out offer then let him leave. He is solid but don’t pretend there aren’t better RBs out there.

    Zabaleta at city is far better than him and is an almost ever present too. Sagna has no chance if he goes to city.

    He has done his time with us now replace him.

  57. somecallmemystic

    I’ve got mates who seem to think that Wenger’s Arsenal winning the FA Cup is reason for giving him a new contract – why? Was screwing up the PL really that so irrelevant that the Wembley win makes up for it?

    Happy as I am that we won the FA Cup, I can’t see under Wenger that the team will be competing for the PL and for Arsenal that simply isn’t good enough.

    Question: does anyone know what the consequences are if Arsenal lose the CL qualifier. The club will drop down to the Europa league, but as an additional team, or a replacement – if the latter, Hull or spurs?

  58. MidwestGun

    Dissenter –
    Present and engaged are two different things. I need him to be engaged with whats going on not necessarily physically present. Don’t see how you can be immersed in the tw and thinking about improving the club when you are busy worrying about what you are gonna say on a broadcast for a month. Praying for an above ave tw tho.

  59. Revving Kevin

    Fair offer made to Sagna. Sagna may be leaving for a final pay day. We don’t know. No transfer fee to pay, so his new club can pay him a nice signing on incentive. He is 31, don’t blame him at all.

    Thanks for everything if you leave but we are Arsenal we will move on.

    As much as I love Sagna, I personally have no problem with a younger more athletic and attacking full back joining. Let’s not fall into that knee jerk trap of making this out to be something it isn’t.

  60. Dissenter

    Wenger can be “engaged” by “go to meeting”, Skype or FaceTime.
    I think the problem is that he gets stuck in the financials which shouldn’t be. He gets too engaged in transfers so much that he dithers and procrastinates until the deal is undone by a more decisive manager.

    The WC in Brazil is his summer vacation anyway. I can’t begrudge a 65 year old taking time off after his all the stress his team puts him through.

  61. MidwestGun

    That Nike commemorative shirt looks like a peyote trip from the 80’s. Strangely attractive until you really look at it, then it just kinda makes you nauseas.

  62. Wallace

    Vela & Remy are interesting options. Vela was always very talented, and if he has matured he’s definitely an upgrade on Podolski. and there is definitely a beast of a player trying to break out of Sanogo. people who say he should be further on in his development at 21 are discounting the 2yrs he lost to injury. whether Wenger signs a really big name forward, or goes with Vela & Remy will, i think, depend a lot on how good he thinks Sanogo can be.

  63. The Pooh

    I am with Pedro. I have the same fears. There will not be substantial change.
    To start off with: Why does the fucker not stay at home and work on new recruitments, on the playing front as well as on the coaching/training front, rather than buggering off at the first opportunity to commentate for TF1 and earning extra dosh. Simply disgraceful.

  64. Revving Kevin

    Charlie Boy
    Yep we have a lot of good players. Theo will be back, Ramsey will kick on and hopefully Ozil finds his Mojo.

    Add a top striker and an athletic DM and we will be so much better.

    We aren’t as bad as some people make out but of course we are short.

    All this crap about these teams we should beat and Pedro telling us which are easy games, drives me nuts. Nobody gave Wigan a chance in hell at the Etihad or in the FA Cup final last year. Remind me who these ‘easy’ teams are who the tactical genius Jose failed to beat this season?

    So if Championship side Wigan can beat Man City twice, once at Man City’s place that doesn’t exactly prove Hull should be a walkover does it? And if we had been given one or two of those nailed on pens, perhaps it would have made a difference. Who knows.

    This isn’t FIFA.

    Anyway we did well against the lower teams, where we struggled was away to the main rivals and that had to change. Better additions will do that.

  65. andy1886

    “The WC in Brazil is his summer vacation anyway. I can’t begrudge a 65 year old taking time off after his all the stress his team puts him through.”

    Diss – are you sure about that? I seem to recall him going on holiday after the WC last time (another excuse for inactivity that window).

  66. Moray

    I think we have just seen why Wenger didn’t sign the two year contract in the table towards the end if the season. Wait for the FA Cup with wiggy in attendance and then blackmail him for three. It is patently a big mistake, as he is obviously falling further and further behind the other top flight managers and so is his staff. I’m dreading the transfer window and even more the season ahead, with a flush Liverpool and rejuvenated man utd.

  67. Emiratesstroller


    I was going to respond today in precisely similar fashion to the way that you have published your article.

    The season has not turned out as badly as it might have done with finally the
    FA Cup Trophy plus a season where we have won more games and produced more points than for some time.

    However, there are a lot of issues which need to be resolved particularly as Wenger appears to be staying.


    We need a new set of coaches with fresh ideas and training. The deficiencies
    of our tactics and game plan is plain for all to see.

    The new head of Academy needs also to run his own show and not follow the
    same route plan that has been used for senior team. Anyone who watched our
    games at U21,U19 and U18 levels will see that our footballers are too focussed
    on tippy tappy football and not hard graft specifically defending.


    Pedro is absolutely correct that we have a major problem at the club. Leaving aside Diaby most of our British born players seem to be perennially injured.
    Gibbs had once again a calf injury in FA Cup. This needs to be sorted once and
    for all.


    Once again the FA Cup highlighted all the flaws in our team/squad.

    We conceded two goals from set pieces early in the game as we have done too
    frequently this season. There continues to be an inherent weakness in left
    full back position with Gibbs in particular being out of position to defend properly and then conceding silly free kicks or corners and putting our team
    under unnecessary pressure.

    Our management of set pieces is a complete shambles. It is not just the top
    teams who now focus on set pieces but teams as modest as Hull and Stoke
    who do exactly the same. We must change the zonal marking. It does not

    The club lost 6 games and drew another two in away games against the top
    ten in league. Frankly we could have lost also against Spurs as well had they
    managed to put ball in net. They had plenty of chances to do so.

    Our fragility is down to lack of physical presence in midfield and poor handling of set pieces and not as too many suggest our lack of a goalscorer. We
    conceded 21 goals in 5 games out of 41 goals all season and most of those games were lost in first 20 minutes.


    We do not need to make wholesale changes or acquisitions in our squad as
    too many on this thread suggest, but we do need to make strategic acquisitions and more importantly improve our tactical play.

    The major acquisitions must be:

    1. A new right back to replace Sagna.
    2. A new holding midfielder with physical presence, mobility and discipline
    to replace Arteta.
    3. A new striker to complement or substitute for Giroud. Sanogo is not good
    4. A second string goalkeeper to replace Fabianski.

    I do not think as many suggest that we need to buy a new winger. We have
    on our books Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gnabry who have great potential and
    both Campbell and possibly Vela [if buy out clause exists] can be added as

    Players like Draxler or Di maria and some of the other names mentioned will cost a huge amount of money, which is better used on the critical positions. The transfer budget is finite.

    Transfer business needs to be concluded as soon as possible and not at last
    minute and Wenger needs for a change to be ‘decisive’ and not walk away
    simply because he does not want to compete with other major clubs when
    they come in for same players.

    Our transfer business should be completed by end of July allowing players
    to bed in with team before season starts.

  68. Arsene's Nurse

    I don’t think we’ll miss Sagna if a proper RB replacement is bought. He’s been a great servant to the club and a consummate professional, but unless he is converted to CB then I think we are better off without him at RB.

    If I were an opposition manager I’d target Sagna every game because his mode of play is the same every game. Sagna 9 times out of 10 will get the ball and then look to pass it back to Mertesacker with his right foot. What’s more he is very slow in doing that because he doesn’t have the ability or desire to do something different. It stifles us massively.

    There have been a couple of games where Sagna was pressed by a couple of players and then dispossessed as he tried to turn and pass back which resulted in goals. He’s not much of a threat going forward no either.

    Covert to CB or replace.

  69. Gregg

    It’s an interesting Transfer window. Clubs without Man Citeh and PSG’s clout have seen what the sanctions could be and so will do their utmost to comply. Man City themselves are in a weird one, the majority of the fine is suspended but their kitty of £49m including wages will have an impact aswell as them having to comply with the HG criteria. We have a great opportunity to add 3 top class players and a couple of squad players too. Remy keeps getting mentioned but we’ve overlooked him so many times, why get him now. One thing’s for sure, we ain’t spending £100m

  70. MidwestGun

    Dissenter –
    I wouldn’t begrudge him a vacation either, as he has earned it,but commentating is not a vacation and distracts from the goal of having a great tw. But what it really boils down to, is I don’t have any confidence in this summers tw being significantly better than our rivals which was my initial point. Guess time will tell.

  71. Dissenter

    I would expect a 65 year old working a very stressful job (with exceedingly mega financial) rewards to have at least 6 weeks of vacation into his contract.
    4 weeks of the WC and 2 weeks afterwards.

    I really don’t want Wenger anywhere near the transfer process beyond itemising his preferences on a scale of 1-3.
    Don’t forget behind the scenes, the WC is like a one in four years mega-conference and scouting bonanza too.

  72. craszy gunner

    I totally share your sentiments Pedro and I am glad you are not letting idiots and knob heads stop you from expressing your opinions

    Wenger is the most powerful manager in world football the only un-sackable manager and his staying at arsenal is all about power. Its all well and good to boast about turning down real madrid and bayern but can you survive in those clubs where you still get a sacking even after winning the Champions League?

    Don’t get me wrong I love the man and what he has done for the club but his failings are there for all to see.

    I am not against the 3 year freebie because of his failings I am against it because he has refused to learn from his mistakes.

    14yrs ago you did not need too much by way of tactics or know how to win the league you just need to have the better player a better knowledge of sports science and a scout system that the others did not know about and worry only about Man Utd…..Now the world has changed you have to compete with city and chelsea and he has struggle to grapple with this.

    I asked my 10yr old gunner nephew the other day what we needed and he told me we needed 3 new signings to compete for the EPL…a striker a strong physical presence in midfield a fast winger …. we all know this. Personally I will take the first 2 if we stay injury free

    We also need to replace departing players I believe that is incontrovertible..

    But will we?…it will all come down to the same excuses and some panic buys at the end of the window..

  73. TitsMcgee

    Wenger, who first arrived in North London in 1996, had faced intense criticism at times during a trophy drought that stretched back to the 2005 FA Cup triumph. While he repeatedly pointed to the club’s constant participation in the Champions League during those years, he admits he has also had doubts about his work.

    “I question honestly myself,” he said. “We live in a world where people, they tell you always what you have not [done]. They never tell you that you have done something as well.

    “I believe as well the quality of a club is the consistency and then the special players make you win the trophies. The quality of the consistency is important for the club and on that front we have been better than everybody else — there are only two clubs in Europe who have 17 years consecutively qualified for the Champions League and that consistency demands special values inside the club.”

    The Sun claims Wenger will be allowed to spend 100 million pounds this summer, with the Guardian’s report suggesting eight million will be invested in Queens Park Rangers striker Loic Remy.

    The Gunners boss said he was awaiting news on out-of-contract duo Bacary Sagna and Lukasz Fabianski but confirmed he intended to invest.

  74. bergkamplegend

    “Why does the fucker not stay at home and work on new recruitments, … rather than buggering off at the first opportunity to commentate for TF1 and earning extra dosh. Simply disgraceful.”

    === >>> more money ??? LOL

  75. somecallmemystic

    Don’t know what to make of the Sagna / City connection. City have a limitation on their summer spending (£49m + receipts for sales), would they be willing to spunk some of that on a signing on fee for Sagna?

    Alternatively, they could offer Sagna fantastic wages, but then they have been told that overall figure cannot be higher than 2013/2014, so will they be prepared to squeeze other players in order to accommodate Sagna?

    The other issue of course is that with their CL restriction they already need to cut 3 overseas players from their squad. As they are apparently in for another two or three already, will Sagna be prepared to sign and be excluded from their CL squad?

    The other option touted is Utd, but they can’t offer him ANY european football. Can either see the player going abroad in search of a final payday and european glory.

  76. Zoran

    It was a great pleasure reading you Pedro. Great post!

    I never doubted that Wenger will get 2 years extension, but 3???

    I also understand that we from this blog are in minority as WOB, but with all the respect to Wenger, I really question the intention of Kroenke or Ivan regarding this issue. But, as Pedro said, he is the most powerful manager in the world football.

    I would also not have any objection if he stay these 3 extra years, unless he really spend big this summer. Spend big means to spend all the £100m reportedly at his disposal, not only £42m like last summer having also much hugger amount than the spend one.

    These £100m should be enough for a GK, RB, DM, RW and Striker. And I mean WC players not only the ones to fill up the squad.

    My preferred choice would be Cassilas, Aurier, Bender or Schneiderlin, Di Maria and Benzema. Vela in any case also as he would cost only £3m.

    Cheezer is a good keeper, but not WC, as Cassilas, Aurier will be WC soon when he is surrounded with WC players, Schneideriln as well.

    Reading the morning post, it was also a lot about Bac Sagna. I cannot understand the Board of such a big club as AFC bargaining about 10k a week more for such a player as Bac is.

    The guy is such a professional, fully devoted to our colours and giving his all week in week out. Also to remark I had never ever heard him moaning about anything.
    The guy has witnessed the other mates improved contracts, Jack, Ox, Rambo, BFG, Kos and Rositzky, but never nobody mentioned him. We always knew we have a very good and reliable RB, and this for 6 years. If Jack, let’s say gets 90k a week, I don’t see the reason why Bac wouldn’t get 100k. It’s not about age, and our politics, but in Bac’s case, we should make one exception.

    This guy deserves it, 100%. I don’t want him to go to those shitty clubs from Manchester, and when he comes to the Emirates to get booed from the croud that he gave his all all those years.

  77. N5

    Lol Nurse that nine players Arsene WILL buy is a crack up, I love how it says will not might or could. It gives us 4 new strikers, 2 new right backs and James Milner 😀

  78. TitsMcgee

    “LONDON — In the end, my voice was gone, my back was in spasms, my face was awash in sweat and my glasses were somewhere in the row behind me.

    God, I felt great.

    It was like, oh, I don’t know, nine years — OK, 3,283 days to be exact, but who’s counting? — of frustration, anger, disappointment, heartbreak, Gooners self-loathing and stratospheric bar bills had fallen away in the course of 120 gloriously infarction-inducing minutes. Or to put it another way, Arsenal not only flung that trophy-less monkey off their back, they stomped it to death on Saturday at Wembley with a 3-2, come from are-you-kidding-me behind victory over a Hull City side that forgot to read the memo about their role as patsies.

    For a lifelong Arsenal fan — have I mentioned that affiliation before? — this felt like an exorcism being performed in front of 90,000 people at the sacred ground of English soccer and millions more watching on TV. So many demons had been banished in the course of the gripping, exhilarating match, not least the insult that puffed-up prankster Jose Mourinho had hung around Arsene Wenger’s neck like an anvil: “specialist in failure.” As Yaya Sanogo, who played 30 huge minutes worthy of Yaya Toure, tweeted: “How many trophies have Chelsea won this year?

    This is not to say that Wenger is suddenly a specialist in trophy-winning, just that he will no longer have to endure being beaten over the head by the media, obnoxious managerial rivals desperate for a psychological edge and even a vocal contingent of Arsenal fans for coming up short on the big occasions. At least for another week.

    Make no mistake: While the FA Cup may have been eclipsed in recent years by the financial bonanza of winning the Premier League and Champions League, it is still quality silverware, especially to a team whose trophy cabinet hasn’t needed to be dusted since Charles married Camilla.

    For the long-suffering Gooners faithful, their wait for redemption has had so many false dawns — 35 potential trophies have gone begging since Arsenal’s 2005 FA Cup triumph over Manchester United — that it’s astonishing Arsenal fans were willing to pay up to $3,000 for the privilege of witnessing yet another epic heartbreak.

    I was one of the hopeful masses, although I managed to cadge a ticket for a tenth of that — as far as my wife knows — which afforded me a seat behind the goal at the north end of the stadium where four of the five goals were scored. Not that I needed a seat because, as it turned out, I never used it. For more than two hours, I stood side-by-side with my hardcore Arsenal brethren, bellowing songs and chants in full-throated support of our heroes while keeping up a steady stream of invective at referee Lee Probert, who, by my estimation, missed about 87 nailed-on penalties.”


    I figured if the Gunners were to ever lift another trophy other than the Emirates Cup in my lifetime, I had to be there. And not just in my normal Gooners guise of Bergkamp shirt and Henry socks, but the full monty. Yes, I had the Arsenal crest painted on my face prior to kickoff, thereby earning the distinction of the only person over 10 years old who emblazoned their cheek.

    The Tigers had reached the final by finishing 16th in the Prem, 12 places below Arsenal. The Gunners had easily beaten them twice in the league this season (2-0 and 3-0), and that was with their first-team strikers, Nikica Jelavic and Shane Long, a duo that was cup-tied for the final. There was such a yawning gap in talent and resources between them that even someone like me, who is normally cautiously pessimistic when it comes to Arsenal, was in an uncharacteristically buoyant mood from the second I touched down at Heathrow two days before the game.

    Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. Traffic notices had been posted in North London that the Gunners were planning an open-top bus parade for Sunday, the day after the final.

    “That’s pretty cheeky of your boys, considering what happened last time,” said my affable cab driver Adrian on the way into town from the airport.

    “What was that?” I asked, nonplussed.

    “Don’t you remember?” he replied. “You’d done the same thing before the 2006 Champions League final and then had to cancel it after you lost to Barcelona.”

    The tone in his voice was a tad too gleeful and made me suspicious that once again I had been trapped inside enemy territory.

    “You don’t happen to be a Spurs supporter?” I ventured.

    “Only for 50 years, mate,” he chortled.

    Having some experience in these matters, I mentioned that on my last trip to London, to watch Arsenal play Chelsea at the Emirates, one of his fellow Spurs-supporting drivers had dropped me off five blocks from the stadium in a torrential rainstorm.

  79. Carts

    Sagna – over 30, Wenger offers a 2 year contract;
    Wenger – over 65, Arsenal offers a 3 year contract.
    Talk about double standards”

    LOLOLOL – strange world we live in.

  80. Gregg

    For the third year running I will be hoping that if we recruit a CM then it will be Alex Witsel. This boy has the lot, keeps things ticking over, great in the air and a fantastic passer of the ball.

  81. TitsMcgee

    “Assessing Arsenal: The need to strengthen”


    Pretty good read.

    “One thing is for certain: Wenger, should he decide to stay, cannot afford to dawdle in the transfer market as he has done in the past. Wenger’s determination to drive a hard bargain often means his new signings miss the crucial adaptation and team-building period during preseason, making their eventual easing into the side all the more difficult.

    While the Frenchman is bound to give his customary offseason smirk and welcome back Theo Walcott and Abou Diaby as “new signings,” there is a desperate need for Arsenal to strengthen this summer, and quickly, too, as the push for the title next season could prove to be their most competitive in the last decade.”

  82. Zoran

    Sagna – over 30, Wenger offers a 2 year contract;
    Wenger – over 65, Arsenal offers a 3 year contract.”

    He is the most powerful manager in world football, and he makes himself his contracts. About Sagna you are right, and I believe that Wenger wants him to stay as well, and I hope he will do anything in his power to make him stay, RB or CD, any.

  83. Carts

    “Alternatively, they could offer Sagna fantastic wages, but then they have been told that overall figure cannot be higher than 2013/2014, so will they be prepared to squeeze other players in order to accommodate Sagna?”

    they’ll defintley off-set Sagna’s wage against leaving players


    Cities will, however, need to promote a few youth players into their squad to make up for the plethora of english players looking to leave for more football.

  84. somecallmemystic

    Bergkamplegend – thing is will they offer him fantastic wages, their acceptance of the FFP penalties suggest maybe they can’t.

    Agree with you that they can offer him trophies, but then again there is always the possibility their restrictions will make them fall behind Chelsea. As I said will they think about excluding him from their CL squad?

    I can see Sagna at Monaco – can offer hefty wages AND CL football.

  85. Mark

    Heard it all before. I’ve been optimistic too many times regarding transfers only to be left disappointed. Staying comatose until any WC palyers are signed.

  86. Charlie Boy

    Sagna – over 30, Wenger offers a 2 year contract;
    Wenger – over 65, Arsenal offers a 3 year contract.
    Talk about double standards”

    What a pointless comparison!

  87. TitsMcgee

    Pep won the double and still Beckenbauer and Rummenigge displayed their concerns.

    Wenger wins his first trophy in 9 years and gets a pay raise and a 3 year contract extension with a “I’m doing you a favor” attitude to top it all off.

  88. Ahmed

    I’m glad to see some sanity prevail. While all the AKBs were celebrating a meaningless cup win over inferior opposition I was seething at the prospect of more Wenger. We’ll never win anything with that Muppet in charge!

  89. admirable nelson

    Three years is a big mistake. Kroenke is a weak owner. That’s the long and short of it.

  90. somecallmemystic

    Charlie Boy – comparison is that as they are maybe both past their prime it is double standards of one to accept a three year contract knowing he has failed to live up to expectations, whilst he is only prepared to offer a 2 year contract to someone who has at least been more effective in recent seasons.

    Neither are warranted a three year contract.

  91. mrz

    Last year,Llorente joined Juventus for FREE!!! and went on scoring 16 goals in 34 matches..

    Carloz Tevez joined the same club for just 12m last year, scored 19 goals, got 7 assists in 34 matches…

    It is an irony how we failed to land a single striker!!!!

  92. Carts

    If rumours about City going after Benatia are true, then we should be looking to prize Nastasic away fom them or compete for Bentia.

    I’m not sure if he was injured or simply out of favour but, again, something tell me that he also is out of favour at City.

  93. Bristles

    I was resigned to the new contract happening, but THREE more years really is taking the piss. The signal to Wenger is that he doesn’t need to change a damn thing. Europa League place next season, I reckon. Not happy!

  94. Keyser

    Heyneckes wins treble. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – > Pep wins double.


  95. Zoran

    “Drogba back to chelsea ??
    Gooners like that!! lol”

    If true, not such good news mate. I don’t remember when he failed to score against us.

  96. VP

    I think that Glazadias should get a pay rise too… not only has he not upset Arsene Wenger once, but has also made his job so stress free. Anyway what’s the sense in giving Sagna (who’s been one of our most consistent performers over the last 6-7 years) an extra 10k a week when you can give that to our extremely supportive CEO.

    As much as I’d love to see change, even its incremental and implemented gradually over the three years, in time for Wenger’s successor, but I cant see it happening. There are no incentives for those that have the power to do so, and the arrival of Kroenke’s son (will now be a non-exec) will only further reinforce the cub’s current paradigm. Obtaining fourth with as little investment as possible will continue to be the underpinning objective.

    Anyone expecting change is most likely going to be left disappointed. I think that one of the main reasons for keeping Wenger is to prevent the need to do so. It’s quite clear that when he does go, the club will require some serious restructuring and moreover, the board members will not be able to pass accountability on. We can only hope that by time, there is some sort of plan in play, and the competences at board level are dramatically improved.

  97. tunnygriffboy

    Wish we’d given him 5 years !

    We need 4 top players

    Andy Jacob’s and Stewart Robson are a pair of twats. Hate thhem. Robson is a bitter agenda driven wanker. Some in Media now saying it was a poor cup run, couldn’t beat Hull or Wigan in 90 mins. They just can’t accept we won the damn thing. We all really need to stick together, there’s plenty to knock us. Happy that we always discuss what is right or wrong but it was great we were alltogether and happy on Sunday. As fans we allowed to disect the club but anyone else can just fuck off loooooool

  98. Zoran

    “For the third year running I will be hoping that if we recruit a CM then it will be Alex Witsel. This boy has the lot, keeps things ticking over, great in the air and a fantastic passer of the ball.”

    Not the same opinion, mate. We have enough of players his qualities, if not better. What we need in this department is a hard tackler, somebody like Schneiderlin or Bender ( Lars)

  99. Keyser

    Myles Palmer, Stuart Robson, Pedro out in force, bringing it strong. ‘Don’t doubt us, motherfuckers’.

  100. TitsMcgee

    Monaco, like Arsenal, plays in Red and White.Our new puma kit is awful, and there’s the new Monaco kit.”

    I wouldn’t say our is awful but it certainly seemed like it took 15 mins to put together. You would expect more considering we are Puma’s flagship club(along with BVB).

    I actually don’t think Monaco’s looks that bad.

  101. TitsMcgee

    Keyser, not bad in your first year.”

    If Wenger did it he’d be going in the complete opposite direction. Lack of objectivity is the name of his game.

  102. Zoran

    “Heyneckes wins treble. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – > Pep wins double.


    You forgot: Wenger wins single. And the Specialist in Failure wins nada.Lol

  103. mofaya

    Arsenal is the BEST OF THE REST AND MOST PROFITABLE OF ALL. Get used to it. My ost sincere sympathies however!!!!!!!!!!!The truth is that the next three years is about watching SANOGO LEARN FOOTBALL AT THE EXPENSE OF THE ARSENAL FANS. In contrast Barcleona could have won their fitfh Spanish title in 5 years on Saturday and their manager has been fired. That’s a TOP CLUB MENTALITY, THE TROPHIES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. shad

    Still on a high after the FA cup win.

    Unfortunately, as many of you have rightly pointed out, he was always going to use the win to springboard himself back to relevance. The fickle fans who think he has what it takes to lead us on to more glory are grossly mistaken. He is an old dog and he isn’t about to learn new tricks. A 3 yr contract with a pay increase while fans are forced to pay 3% more in tickets to watch what we we have gone through these past 2 seasons transfer windows and seasons is totally unacceptable.

    The fans have to be repaid somehow. And we DEMAND to see world class talent.

    Not holding my breath though.

  105. Keyser

    Pedro – Trying to boost the comments or genuine question ? That was rhetorical, surely you’re smarter than that.

  106. Revving Kevin

    Pedro: “I watched a warm up session a couple of weeks ago that looked less effective than a Sunday league warm up. If that’s the extent of what we do, no wonder we pick up so many issues”.

    Oh dear oh dear. This doesn’t deserve an answer becos it is utter garbage. Please don’t tell me any of your believe this tosh.

    Pedro: “We’ve suffered with fitness on many levels this season. We don’t keep our key players fit, which is the obvious starting point”.

    Again, where are the facts? It’s just the same old rubbish repeated becos Pedro the peddler has convinced himself it is true. He knows his followers will grab at anything negative, so he gets away unchallenged. The same with all that redzone bollocks. You boys need to start reaching your own conclusions instead of allowing yourselves to be conned by Pedro. The way he talks we are some League two side with a load of part time amateurs. I would expect to read that kind of shit on a Spuds blog.

    And he wonders why he gets so much criticism on twitter? Its becos of the over the top slagging off.

    Let us look at this statement. “We don’t keep our players fit”:

    Here are the games played for the top 8 players across the three teams Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City:

    Player name Total games played


    Mertesacker 50
    Kos 48
    Sagna 48
    Giroud 44
    Santi 38
    Arteta 37
    Ozil 41
    Gibbs 36

    Total: 342 games. Average 42.7 games


    Ivanovic 51
    Terry 55
    Hazard 44
    Cahill 45
    Ramirez 52
    Azpa 39
    Lampard 31
    Willian 32

    Total: 348 games. Average 43.5 games

    Toure 46
    Zabal 41
    Fernand 41
    Nasri 35
    Kompany 34
    Demic 34
    Silva 35
    Dzeko 35

    Total: 305 games. Average 39 games.

    If we were this amateur club Pedro makes out it would be impossible to have these numbers. When I watch us play we seem very strong at the end if the games, look at Saturday.

  107. TitsMcgee

    “Transfer windows for Arsenal fans are like opening a Christmas present from your grandmother — you just don’t know what to expect. Arsene Wenger pulled off a real coup when he landed Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid before demonstrating his familiar January stubbornness by only adding Spartak Moscow midfielder Kim Kallstrom to his injury-ravaged squad — an odd signing given the Swede was injured at the time as well.”

  108. Keyser

    “You forgot: Wenger wins single. And the Specialist in Failure wins nada.Lol”

    Lol careful, you’ll be called an AKB by the Mourinistas, or be connected to vague dating sites.