3 years for Arsene Wenger? Do what?

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Well, well, well… Arsene is going to sign. This wasn’t news to me, or to you. What was new was the length. 3 years. 3 bloody years he’s been given (article).

Now, I know we won the Cup Final. It was great. I went. I felt the immense relief. I loved every damn second. But three years? How did that happen? I could take two. But three? Based on the season we’ve just had? Well, it’s an odd one for me.

On the face of it, if you look at the season as a result with no context, it wasn’t so bad. We won the FA Cup, which is always great. We also secured the top four trophy. How can I complain when we’ve just wont the double?

Well, scratch beneath the surface and actually, this season was  a huge missed opportunity.


Pretty much all the teams around us had replaced a manager. United were clearly weakened with their dreadful appointment, Chelsea were in transition, City were trying a more daring brand of football and Liverpool had just had a summer of discontent and Spurs are just Spurs. The door was open for us to do some damage. We did for a bit, then it bombed.


Arsene spunked out a huge amount for a superstar, which was fantastic, it’s just a shame that superstar wasn’t particularly well thought out and that he was brought in as a  panic signing. You can’t have an Ozil if you don’t have a pace monster to aim at. Ozil needs to play balls into space, he’s having to play into feet at Arsenal. Arsene Wenger’s recruitment policy last summer was a joke and it was even more shambolic this January. When you need a striker and you end up with a Swedish journeyman with a broken back, you really have to be asking some questions. For me, it was an unforgivable way to blow a Premier League we could have won.

Striker wise, sure we were disappointed not to land Lewandowski, Rooney, Higuain or Suarez… that doesn’t mean you give up. Swansea signed the powerful beast that is Bony for £12m and Newcastle picked up Remy. Two players that, although not world class, certainly would have been better than nothing. The planning showcased by the manager has been atrocious.


It’s pretty damn clear these days that the fitness issues we have stem from not having the right people in place at the club. I watched a warm up session a couple of weeks ago that looked less effective than a Sunday league warm up. If that’s the extent of what we do, no wonder we pick up so many issues. We’ve suffered with fitness on many levels this season. We don’t keep our key players fit, which is the obvious starting point. Arsene doesn’t rotate his squad effectively because he doesn’t trust the depth.

We’re also doing something wrong when it comes to recovery. We’ve set up plenty of times this season with no energy, which is partly down to having players that don’t have the right attributes physically, but also down to the fact that they just don’t have any energy because they’re being drained somewhere in the set up. What are we doing with players in training? How can Atletico have such a small squad and still operate at such a high level in every game? Something is up and it’s probably to do with the fact our fitness guy is not a world class expert in his field, he’s not a performance expert trained to maximise players. I doubt he’s ever questioned. I doubt he has any answers to our car crash injury pile up. How do I know? Because we consistently bomb with the same problems every year.

Tactical Set Up

Again, I don’t want to weigh into this too hard, because it’s so damn obvious, but the way we set up and prepare for games is a joke. Dropboxing players video analysis is embarrassing, setting up the same damn way in every game makes us predictable and easy to pick apart… and at the highest level, we’re totally flawed and we are constantly exposed. Losing on aggregate to the top team away from home by 20+ goals is not progress. It’s pathetic. We need more focus on the element of surprise. Do something different. Do something clever. Unpredictability is such a dangerous tool if you know what you’re doing.

… I know what you’re thinking. What about the weekend? Sure, I’m with you. We switched up to a 4-4-2 on 60minutes. Which was a great to see. If we had better players to bring into that, we’d have killed that game in 90minutes. Arsene needs to build on that.

Moving forward

So I’ve heard on the grapevine that Arsene has taken control to the next level, and the staff are going to all have to get Arsene haircuts, even the bald ones. He thinks it’s a bonding tool. Improve the solidarity. Everyone is getting an ‘Arsene’. So no changes there. What I want to know, which I know I’ll never find out, is what control has Ivan taken back here? Has this new deal just been given to him? The never ending contract. You go when you want to go style? Or has Ivan made some demands. Because for me, giving three year deals to people like Colbert and Peyton seems outrageous? What changes are they enacting? Where is the new expertise coming in, because what we have right now is clearly broken.

On the players front, what are we doing? I’ve heard that things are going to be big and we’re going to go big before the World Cup. Now, we heard this last year and it all went tits up, that’s not to say they didn’t try. So that’s good news from the start. If Wenger brings in bundles of pace, a top striker an amazing DM and a brilliant right back, I’ll start to get excited. He needs more than that though. The squad needs building out. We need a great bench. A starting 11 isn’t the issue, it’s the squad. Let’s get a proper back up keeper. Let’s get some real experience that have the attributes we’re looking for.

For me, to compete at the highest level, we need to have a big squad loaded with ‘now’ experience. 3 players isn’t enough regardless of who we buy… because we’re losing at least 6 names. We need to make a big splash. Go BIG, like you did in 97. Like you did in 2001. Like you did when you won things. This myth of ‘more than three names upsets the apple cart’ is a total bollocks. It lifts the club, the fans and the players. We need buzz in that dressing room. We need to challenge… because mark my words, if we don’t, we could find ourselves out of contention next year very early. We had the bulk of our team fit and fresh against Hull and we couldn’t kill them in 90minutes. That says a lot about how good we are.

Liverpool might not make the top 4 next year, but Manchester United almost definitely will. Louis Van G will spend £150m on top talent this summer. He’ll make them tick. He’ll get them back competing. Chelsea will bolster and spend money, they’ve already made a very smart addition in Diego Costa, they have their striker. Manchester City will go big, like they always do. Everton will get better, Spurs will get better… everyone will improve. This is our chance to outpace the rest. Get ahead.

If Wenger wants to take on all the above points. If he is serious about being the main man again, then I’m game for this deal. I just hope Ivan has voiced this and told Wenger how it’s going to be. Shame of it is that for me, I doubt he has. I doubt it’s his decision. I just fear more of the same. Wenger is the main man at Arsenal and he will be until he tells the club he’s leaving. He’s the most powerful club manager in world football. He calls the shots, we’ve just got to hope he’s a little more humble about the next three years. Listen to the experts, bring in better backroom talent and look to make the marginal improvement around our approach that’ll kick us on.

Is change coming? Watch this space and pray… three years is a very long time.

P.S. I’ve switched off the mentions part of my Twitter account (to people I don’t follow). Every summer, the melt brigade come out with the abuse, which as entertaining as it is, does get a touch boring. It’s just an opinion from an amateur writer who loves the club, it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s not even extreme opinion, it’s all pretty logical. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you think abusing me is going to stop me writing, you’ll be very disappointed. I just can’t get my head around people who think abusive behaviour online is acceptable. Grown men, with families and responsibilities cunting someone online. It’s pathetic. Still, it is what it is, a lot of irrelevant idiots online that make it an unsavoury place to be.

So if you want to get hold of me, drop me an e-mail.




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  1. N5

    Savage who are you talking too? you need to address people by saying their username.

    If you meant me, I don’t want Wenger out. I’m not paid to make those decisions, I just wish he would give some more responsibility out rather than trying to do it all.

  2. Keyser

    N5 – I’m a massively sad cunt who’s been here far longer than any sane person would, I can remember a time where there were actually Girls, on here, Girls and maybe even women.

    I’m probably part of the reason they left, but I can remember that far back.

    I can remember back to when Geoff was outted as a Catfish.

  3. Roaaary

    Ade was a beast at one stage. Powerful as hell and was a mean mofo.

    I remember the game he came on and we were losing and he head butted bendtner for being shit and then smacked in a great goal.

    When ade first joined he was a skinny clumsy fucker similar to sanogo but cost a fortune. His scoring rate was terrible.

    If sanogo bulks I have no doubt he will be great

  4. N5

    northern, Untold compared L’Oreal to Henry and decided there isn’t a great deal between them. If that isn’t enough evidence to suggest they are certifiable then I don’t know what is.

  5. MidwestGun

    Despite what some dude said earlier im actually pulling for Sanogo to do well. He’s already part of the team so would cost us nothing if he suddenly improved. But there is no way he should be part of a first team, right now. And Arsene completely screwed him over by throwing him in the deep end. Send him on loan, see how he does, build up his confidence by scoring a goal. Maybe, he will be good in 2 years, don’t know. But he needs to develop his ball skills. Maybe, more of those cone drills, who knows.

  6. Roaaary

    Also re-watch the game on Saturday. When we aren’t so on edge u realise he actually played well.

    He set Gibbs up with a good bit of play and had a few decent openings he worked for himself.

    Once he gets that little bit sharper I think he could become a beast.

    He is a confident and cocky lad which isn’t a bad thing…unless you are bendtner

  7. Keyser

    It wasn’t that Adebayor was exceptional, but we were a complete machine when it came to creating chances, we were ridiculously efficient, in 2008 there was no way we should’ve even come close, but we churned out chance after chance to suit Adebayor’s strengths.

    The improvement in Ramsey alone is ridiculous, when he talks about improving his composure in front of goal, and you see the sort of goals and chances he now scores and takes on, there’s obviously something good happening in tranining or with the coaches.

  8. Savage

    for instance i saw the words mentioned ” out of date” so i logically ask, how can the person who has foreseen what ramsey can become be out of touch of where modern football is heading and what type of players are required? dont know about you but in terms of ramsey’s mobility and role he is the closest thing we have to an iniesta type footballer with the mobility and role to do decisive things in a match.

  9. N5

    Roaaary, that’s why I compared Sanogo and Adebayor, because he’s reminded me of a raw, less skilled version of him since I saw his U21 matches a little while back.

  10. N5

    Midwest, at the ground I don’t hear people getting upset with Sanogo. A lot of people seem of the same opinion as you. He was thrown in against massive teams in massive games and he dealt with it. Now skill wise we could all debate until the cows come home about how good he’ll end up, but balls wise, the kid has some massive ones.

  11. Savage

    ah ok.ok i see …you are taking the easy option…. i asked you a genuine question and youre backflipping now…

  12. N5

    OK Savage, but I wanted to clarify anyway because somedays I’m called an AKB and others a WOB and I’m neither. I just want Arsenal to do their best and I will love them regardless.

    I respect Wenger and all he has done and I have my fingers turning purple I’m crossing them so hard that we buy some new players this window that are worth a damn.

  13. Keyser

    I dunno how long I’ve been here, after a while it all becomes hazy, you lose perspective, one blog blends into another, I used to count off the days by etching a line into the wall with a stale piece of bread I’d whittled into a point, but I stopped after my mum told me off because I was ruining the paintwork.

    Imagine that though, Females, and knowledgable football types, I think one was a queen of sorts, not the type Vela would go for, but maybe third removed Dutch Royalty.

  14. Savage

    no sorry N5 i was aasking roaary actually, heheee…. but to honour your response as a fellow fan i will reply as follows: why are you so negative that he wont spend? do you think he doenst want whats best for Arsenal?

  15. salparadisenyc

    Be gutted if Fabregas ended up at United.
    The Vela buy back is a step back, Fabregas on the other hand… get in Wenger.

  16. MidwestGun

    Sanogo actually looked better in u21, I watched that because they played and beat US. But the pace and pressure in U21 was ridiculously low and he had Pogba getting him looks. Also, he needs more time and space to get his feet sorted which he had at that level. The funny thing is I remember him scoring a penalty and thinking he could finish maybe. Lol. But in no way did I think he was gonna play first team against Bayern.

  17. WengerEagle

    I honestly can’t see Sanogo ever being good enough for us but kudos to the lad for showing balls like N5 said, you can’t say he looked fazed against Bayern or Liverpool, just looks like he massively lacks quality which is a shame.

  18. N5

    Keyser, that really made me laugh about your mum.

    I remember during the days of Lurch and Joppa, Pedro making a post about the top posters on this site and how many that had posted and Lurch was miles ahead with something like 4 million comments in a year and I’m almost certain you were 3rd in that list, but the place did seem a lot more intelligent back then so I understand the drop off.

    Obviously there was the odd idiot to bring down the average. SDE and Jaguar I think his name was.

    I never remember women though, did gambon chase them off.

    Also regarding top amount of posts now, I reckon I’d have to be in the top 10 of this year, and I dare you to find a single point that I’ve made! 😀

  19. Keyser

    Roaary – That’s what I mean, everyone thought he was incredibly shit, quick, strong, good in the air but couldn’t finish to save his life, the he toe poked that one against United, maybe finished a couple against Fulham, he was quick enough to play off the last man, and could open out his body enough to do the inside of the right foot finish Henry did effortlessly.

    He developed other parts of his game became more confident, but because of the way we were playing, we created chances to suit his strengths until he progressed enough to adapt.

    Sanogo’s well off that yet, but then so are the rest of the team.

  20. N5


    No I think he does, I think it’s silly when people say he doesn’t want to win things. I just think Wenger’s valuations on players doesn’t match what the market says.

    He’s right about players like Draxler not being worth £32 million, but sometimes we have to take a risk and Wenger is far too calculated for that (some would say cheap).

    I look at history and see him wait for Chamack (spelling) to get him for free, I see him wait for Santi to get a good price on him from a failing club!

    Maybe he’s an opportunist, maybe he’s a skinflint, but does Ozil prove that is now all behind us? god I hope so.

    What do you think Savage? do you think he’ll spend?

  21. MidwestGun

    Come on Keyser football knowledge is over rated. Ask eyemsick or whatever it’s name is going by today.
    Hot tub time machine tho,highly under rated. Lol

  22. Roaaary

    I just think it suddenly clicks for certain players – bale is the best example.

    From what I saw of sanogo on Saturday in a high pressure game, I think he could one day click.

    It’s clear he isn’t near his max potential and I’d personally like him to stay in the squad.

    I think we need 1 / 2 new strikers but would love to see sanogo stay around and come on once games are won

  23. Keyser

    I think we all chased them off, couldn’t help using the word ‘Cunt’ far too often.

    People are far too concerned with what must be bought in without the need or time given to adapt. Like amazing themselves with Tottenham’s shopping spree, and then considering what 6-7 new players could do to a team as an afterthought.

  24. MidwestGun

    I’m just not really excited about the very real prospect of Giroud, Remy, Sanogo. Not even remotely Frances 3rd string lineup, let alone what ours should be.

  25. Roaaary

    Cesc has regressed. At 23/24 he was one of the worlds best. At 27 he is good but doesn’t control a game like he used to.

    This lack of playing could extend his career though

  26. Savage

    I just think Wenger’s valuations on players doesn’t match what the market says.

    ok now were getting somewhere, and do you think thats his problem or the clubs general problem? up until very recently they had to sell players before buying..( up until 2011)

    as for taking risks..is there a bigger one than entering in a new ground and going in the PREMIER LEAGUE with 1.3m clichy , 450k fabregas, 1m song, 2.3m rvp and so on …? maybe we have a different idea of what risk is.

    of course they will spend. its a silly question. i dont understand why you lot have taken the obviously conservative years of the stadium transition as the de facto regime of the club. it was a stage the club had to go through.

  27. Keyser

    Jessica Pare is under-rated, football knowledge should be a pre-requisite, how the fuck can anyone back ‘dumbing down’ when it comes to something as ‘simple’ (cred MWG) as football to begin with.

    Roaary – I think that’s unfair, you’d probably have to ask a Tottenham fan more about it, but Bale went from left-back to left midfield, and then almost a free-role.

    He struggled with his defensive responsibilities and they were going to send him on loan, but once they gave him more freedom, Modric and Van Der Vaart were able to do the creative work, letting him do the leg work, like a more developed Aaron Lennon.

    In Sanago’s case, say against Bayern, you’ve got a midfield of technical midgets who’ll do all the quick thinking, the creative side and will create chances if it comes together, all Sanogo had to do was put himself about, chase everything down and use his size and pace to hold the ball up long enough for others to support him.

    It’s how teams used to develop.

    Like Liverpool, under little to no pressure for 4 years, players have learn’t to adapt and work around Suarez, Suarez who’s exceptional anyway.

  28. N5

    Savage, the problem comes from what side of the fence you like to believe. The we did have money to spend vs the we had it all tied up with building a stadium.

    With what teams Wenger has had he has done an amazing job, however.. could we have done better if we identified and brought the players quickly rather than being ditherers?

    Is that Wenger or the club? god knows, but Wenger said just two days ago, he is responsible for everything at the club, so is he just saying that?

    I’m sure he’ll buy too, of course I am, but will they be the right people?

  29. Keyser

    Couldn’t care less if Fabregas went to United, he threw a hissy fit to leave for Barcelona, his spiritual home, says he loves Arsenal and the fans, all it does is put another nail into football’s coffin.

    If he did come back it’d free up Ramsey for my false 9 proposition.

  30. WengerEagle


    Actually agree on Cesc, he was a better player in 2011 IMO arguably the world’s best CAM.

    Think he is a player who thrives as being the main man which he certainly was here, he was hands down the best midfielder in the BPL. At Barca he’s not a definite starter and I think he’s struggled because of that. Having said that he’s still easily in the top 5 CAM’s in world football and is very good for Barca when he plays.

  31. MidwestGun

    football knowledge should be a pre-requisite,
    Sadly, no there is no test to get on this site. Agree about Jessica Pare. But pre game In Bruge? ?……………..Disappointing. 🙁

  32. N5

    “Couldn’t care less if Fabregas went to United, he threw a hissy fit to leave for Barcelona, his spiritual home, says he loves Arsenal and the fans, all it does is put another nail into football’s coffin.”

    Here, here.

  33. Roaaary

    Good pal of mine is a spud unfortunately. Bale was smashing it at left back for a while but wasn’t getting the press he deserved.

    I honestly reckon if sanogo bulks, we will see more of his ability to shake men off etc allowing for more touches.

    We saw the other day a few times players knocking him off the ball

  34. Bacaryisgod

    I agree Keyser. Let United overspend and we can put the sell-on fee towards a top striker. Having said that, imagine the heat of a game with RVP, Fab and perhaps even Song going up against Jack, Ramsey , Ox etc. Lovely thought, I would even bring back Frimpong for that one! I would put good money on a red card in that game.

  35. WengerEagle

    Gnabry’s by far our most exciting youngster. He’s only 18 but against Spurs was brushing off defenders with ease. His physique is phenomenal and he’s got technique and a footballing brain to go along with it.

  36. Savage

    no N5 i cant agree…your ability to spend is not a matter of belief but of economics and of course the policy of the club. it has nothing to do with what you and i believe.

    as for buying the right people……his record includes far better transfers than bad ones so again i dont see the logic in being so worried.

  37. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Why disappointing ? They were on my Sky+, along with Green Zone, 21 Jump Street, Inglorious Bastards, The Constant Gardner, I’ve seen most of them, but it’s like Lord of the Rings, it might be childish, but it keeps me enthralled enough to kill time.

    Didn’t really want to look into Inspector Morse, or Fargo the tv series.

  38. Baba

    Just do wonder why people choose to wind up others just so argument and abuses could be ensued,its too childish,for whatever our different opinions are,lets do it with respect,we all share one thing in common and thats ARSENAL and so whoever is helping to make the name wax stronger should be wished well and not seen as not good enough.Some players may not be up to the standard we all require of our players sure but as long as they wear that batch we should support them,lets not because Wenger has passed his date and so everything linked to him is poor,lets keep the flag flying the Arsenal flag

  39. Keyser

    The best thing about the FA Cup is that I can keep it on my Sky+ for a while now without having to delete it in anger because losing 5-1 has made me want to remove all memory of Arsenal.

  40. Keyser

    I genuinely feel Fabregas wouldn’t go there, I was surprised enough with Van Persie, but he has that arrogance about him, Fabregas might not have been the best captain, but he always appreciated that the young players he was looking out for were following in footsteps he’d just made.

  41. WengerEagle

    I’m still amazed at quite how brilliant Ramsey was this season.

    Having a midfielder that can score you 15+goals a season is huge. Not many clubs have that not to mention he racks up plenty of assists and monstrous tackling stats.

    At 23 there is no reason why he can’t further improve either. Very exciting.

    Now to get that 30+ goal a season CF.

  42. N5

    “no N5 i cant agree…your ability to spend is not a matter of belief but of economics and of course the policy of the club. it has nothing to do with what you and i believe. ”


    “as for buying the right people……his record includes far better transfers than bad ones so again i dont see the logic in being so worried.”

    Early days, yes. Later half of career (yes this does tie in with the stadium move) no. So again I agree.

    Savage, we’re not a million miles apart you and I, we both support the club, we both respect the badge, we just look at things differently. Which makes me wonder why you come in guns blazing, because you obviously have the skills to debate.

  43. Keyser

    I’ve got something for you, Ramsey used to be proper shit at giving interviews, he’d look down away from the camera, mumble, look very nervous, he seems more confident now, but still says what he’s supposed to rather than just answering like he’s completely in his element.

    That’s what I miss about Fabregas, or Henry, Wilshere’s far more accomplished in that respect.

  44. MidwestGun

    In Bruges, just doesn’t say get me ready for an FA Cup final. I would have gone for something with more of a rockin musical soundtrack. Ahhh well…. it killed time as you say. And apparently it was lucky. So next year opening day…….. In Bruges it is. I’ll try anything once…… almost anything.

  45. WengerEagle


    Yeah I noticed that too, he’s matured a lot over the last couple of years.

    Thierry was one of the most charismatic footballers I’ve ever seen, is a big part of the reason he’s my all-time favourite player. Cesc too had a great presence in post-match interviews, he wasn’t afraid to give the reporter real fuck off vibes when they overstepped the mark which I always loved.

  46. Keyser

    Roaary – “Good pal of mine is a spud unfortunately. Bale was smashing it at left back for a while but wasn’t getting the press he deserved.”

    Defensively I think he was poor, he’s always had that ability to run anyone ragged though, Spurs play with little pressure he was able to develop, you think about the 9 years of pressure, all those years we’ve posted on here about that monkey, I think the past couple of years the players have really felt it.

    Credit to Bale he rose above it and even if I think he’s been ridiculously hyped, he’s made the most of his quick rise to noteriety.

    Sanango’s footwork is shocking really, I think Adebayor would’ve tried to run the Hull defenders, kick and chase, but Sanogo seems to try to take them on like he doesn’t trust his pace as much.

    Hopefully we’ll see if he improves in pre-season, with everyone off at the World Cup, it should be the kids going off on tour, maybe he an Akpom can see how they play together.

  47. Savage

    Early days, yes. Later half of career (yes this does tie in with the stadium move) no. So again I agree.

    but sorry mate i have to ask..didnt the stadium give you a clue that our buying ability would be limited? and if not that…what about abramovic and the sheiks moving in? did that not influence the scene of the premiership? i find those reasons far more logical to explain our lack of expenditure in the recet past than going with theories of dictatorships and incompetence…..

  48. Keyser

    MidwestGun – I literally hate going to sleep, not the actual sleep bit, but I’m almost an Insomniac, I can’t stand the haunting thoughts that invade my mind just before you switch everything off and you’re left to deal with your inner voice.

    It was just about occupying my mind, I slept for like 2 hours, woke up at 3 in the morning, and then again at 7, it was just about getting me through, lol.

    It worked, even got some of the jokes about midgets that I missed first time around.

  49. N5

    Savage, I’ve never said Wenger was incompetent. The worst thing you will ever hear me say about Wenger is I don’t believe his valuation of players matches the markets.

    I never said Wenger was a dictator either, he did! he said he in an interview I watched the other day that he wouldn’t do the job if he didn’t have complete control.

  50. N5

    Eagle, in that Henry/Cesc interview it wasn’t the “say yes, say yes” that made me laugh, it’s the face Henry pulls afterwards like he hadn’t said a word!

    I can’t tell you how much I love that man.

  51. Keyser

    WE – You can tell they’ve had the media training, Walcott used to talk like Ramsey does, and he’s only starting to show more of his own personality now, like the 2-0 gesture, he’s still too nice though, think he tried to get angry at a player this year, and he can’t pull it off, Theo’s like every fathers dream of a son-in-law.

    N5 – I’d bring out Parlour after every game, yeah he’s retired, but just get him to do after-match interviews and tell an old Arsene or Keown story or something.

  52. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Haha ya, it might be a getting older thing. Im not much into sleeping the entire evening anymore either. Sometimes ill be up all night working on a blueprint or building project estimate just for something to do. Hell last week I was tearing up hardwood flooring in the middle of the night so I could replace the scratched up bits that my gf’s stupid dog ruined. Lol
    Lately, tho I find myself getting sucked into useless infomercial about tools I don’t need.
    Probably, an American thing.

  53. Savage

    lol all guns blazing…come on man..you got people here calling the arsenal manager and arsenal players failures cunts and incompetent and youre worried about my language?

    the control is greatly exaggerated…he has control over football matters of course he does. would you prefer it if some clueless idiot director or what else was messing with the job of the manager ? that being said, transfer budgets are not the manager’s responsibility, that comes from the top.

  54. N5

    Keyser, Ray come down to Hastings to our supporters end of year party and was supposed to give a half hour talk, but spoke for hours about Arsene, Keown and how boring Adams got after he stopped drinking!

    My god can he talk and what a funny bugger too, he and Perry Groves came down and were top of the line funny and decent guys, Paul Davis and Smudger came down and were as dull as an evening round Dials.

  55. N5

    Savage, I didn’t say you used bad language, but you were going off like a Catherine wheel, spinning all over the place!

    I agree the shit Wenger gets is well over the top, he shouldn’t get called a cunt neither should the players and at times I’ve been embarrassed by some of the things I’ve read on here! but why go down to that level? look how you’ve been talking to me, respectful and engaging.

    The I told you so routine is just annoying and not needed. You don’t need to be told your better than that, you already know you are.

  56. Arsene's Nurse

    Thomas May 19, 2014 22:18:00

    Sanogo should be loaned out or sold, Nowhere near Arsenal quality.
    It’s amazing how many Arsenal fans have time for Sanogo. He hasn’t a single talented bone in his entire body. Morons call him “raw”, when they really mean utter shite.

    He should be kicked out forthwith. One of the worst Arsenal signings I can remember.

  57. N5

    Keyser, the thing about Razor and Perry is (as pretentious as this is going to sound) they are real guys! down to earth, common as muck, funny fuckers!

  58. N5

    “Morons call him “raw”, when they really mean utter shite.”

    I respectfully disagree Nurse, they just have a different opinion.

  59. Savage

    i didnt quite catch that last bit with the psycho-analysis evaluation ….but calling out on irrational scum that constantly insult arsenal..why is that a bad thing? i have many levels dont worry … besides from what i see you writing you may not show hatred towards the club but maybe you have allowed media and fashions to bring in the doubt…who knows…

    if this was a stage in the clubs evolution that we had to go through ( and lets face it, thats what it was) then this was the time for support and not turning against them. some fans did the opposite and started calling everyone else deluded….lol…the irrational and the uneducated wanted to oust the logical and educated…cannibalism.

  60. Keyser

    “Morons call him “raw”, when they really mean utter shite.”

    Lol, how about you contribute something worthwhile, instead of being a cunt.

    It’s an interesting point really, footballers as athletes as opposed to genuine players with talent, good point actually, well said.

  61. N5

    Savage, from my view point it seemed you were calling out far more than just one person but if that’s incorrect then I apologise for calling you a fool.

    I wasn’t trying to psycho-Analise either, I just think its hypocritical to insult the insulters!

  62. Savage

    the most embarassing thing mate is fans of arsenal abusing their manager in the stadium he built for them…thats whats embarassing..and having “experts” delivering final verdicts on players and managers abilities as if they are the ultimate judges of football. in other words arseholes with ego problems who stubbornly insist that their opinion is the law arsenal must abide to and should over-rule club policy. if you think im wrong please correct me….

  63. Keyser

    N5 – They’re just funny you muppet, this is going to sound a bit I dunno ungrateful ? Cruel ? But when Adams starts talking about stuff there is a bit of cringe element to it ? What did Parlour say about him getting boring ?

  64. Revving Kevin

    Got to laugh about the comment that Sanogo is no good and should be loaned out. Last season the same was said about Ramsey and look at him now. And as for our medical team they deserve credit for helping him come back after that horrific injury from thug Shawcross. At thermite I thought that was career over.

    Last season quite a few bloggers here were making lewd comments about Ramsey and Wenger. Gang culture kicked in as often happens. What is clear is that Wenger was right about Ramsey. What a player this young lad is, he spermaceti have everything.

    As you said, Sanogo has real heart and for a young lad put in a great performance in the FA Cup Final. Due to a couple of pretty nasty injuries he is a few years behind where he should be but lots in the game thought he was a going to be a huge talent. He needs games and the confidence that brings. Cunting him off is a poor way to behave and people on this blog are too quick to do that. I guess that’s social media and anonymity.

    I ordered my FA Cup Winners t-shirt yesterday, can’t wait to wear that with pride Saturday when we are all out watching the CL Final. I may give the spuds the 8 year taunt. Hold on, I will use the 53 year one, sounds better. Now that’s fucking perspective, 53 years! 🙂

  65. lordsnotty

    Unfortunately the FACup win will not encourage Wenger to change his ways. Rather it will simply convince him that he was right all along and we will get more of the same from him. Expect to wait another 9 years for the next trophy.
    Quite frankly the 3 year contract is a freakin’ joke.

    This would have been a great time for him to go out on a high with a nice bonus for winning the Cup and everyone’s thanks. An opportunity lost.

  66. Revving Kevin

    * At the time, not thermite. This phone smell checker is nuts. Trying to type really slow, to avoid spell checker errors but also Becos I know some of you can’t read fast.

  67. N5

    Keyser, he said he was told when they travelled one match that he was sharing a hotel room with TA who had started to write poetry to get him through the evenings. Razor was a big drinker and wanted to get hammered and instead was stuck in listening to TA talk poetry and talking about Jesus.

    I couldn’t do the story justice as half the funny came from Razors expression.

    The funniest story he told was about Keown needing to play one more match to win a league medal and it was the last game of the season and Arsene kept looking past him, the game was almost over, he’d used all but one of his subs and Razor is going to Martin go and warm up in front of him, he said watching Keown trying to get noticed was priceless. In the 80th minute, Wenger says Razor take you tracksuit off, which he does and Wenger starts laughing and says, go on Keown get yours off.

    Priceless moment really.

  68. N5

    Lol Kevin, anything to rub it in to a Spud!

    I probably told you but I had a Spud at work keep goading me and making jokes about our trophy cabinet etc, and when I pulled him up on it he said the difference is we know we’re shit!

    I couldn’t wait to see him today! he looked at the floor and kept walking!

    RE Ramsay, I must admit, last year when he was on one match I said on here, what is the point in this guy, he is shit! I never would call him a cunt or anything like that but I said since his leg break he is awful. I am so happy to be wrong and I’d never make a quick judgement like that again.

    If I’m honest I don’t think Ryo, Park, Campbell and Wellington have what it takes to be Arsenal first teamers and I’m not convinced on Sanogo, but as Midwest said he looked great in the U21s and he the balls on the kid to go against the best team in the world as a loan striker in your first full game! wow.

  69. Keyser

    N5 – Lol I remember that actually happening, not sure if they mentioned it on MOTD, but I remember the commentator or one of footy shows pointing it out in the highlights.

  70. N5

    Keyser, It was the first time I’d heard the story but I never pictured Arsene to be a joker like that!

    Cruel bastard! 😀

  71. Revving Kevin

    N5 don’t disagree about the others at all. With Sanogo time will tell but when you look at the goals the lad has scored, some are real quality. They say football is all about confidence and that takes games and goals. Not saying he should be first choice, heaven forbid. I just don’t believe in slagging our players off unless they prove traitorous or misbehave.

  72. Arsene's Nurse

    I’ll stand my ground. I cannot think of a single thing that Sanogo is good at. There is no natural ability there. None. Whatsoever.

    Anyone who’s been involved with football and watches the game at different levels can easily spot players who’ve got some innate skill, a natural touch or a reading of the game. It’s not hard.

    It’s frightening how Arsenal fans can back Sanogo simply because he wears an Arsenal shirt. Then again there are commentators on Le-grove who don’t understand the off-side rule! If he was playing for the spuds you’d all be killing yourself laughing.

    To all the people who think I’m being harsh, please give examples of the Sanogo effect or for that matter any potential that Sanogo might show.

    The only thing I can remember is a knock down for a shot on goal.

    People naturally want to defend a person under attack, that’s fair enough, but if you are going to do so then put up examples of exactly where Sanogo has made any difference. How many goals has he scored? How many assists does he have? How many chances has he created through movement or individual skill?

    What periods of play or incidents have you noted that where influenced by Sanogo? He’s played in 14 games so there should be plenty of examples. – lol.

    £150m in the bank – postman as #2 striker.

  73. Arsene's Nurse

    Savage May 19, 2014 23:12:33

    the most embarassing thing mate is fans of arsenal abusing their manager in the stadium he built for them…thats whats embarassing..
    I couldn’t agree more mate. I can remember the day when I was having a wander about and I tripped over a wheelbarrow left in the middle of the pavement. I had a right go at some old geezer about leaving his tools and materials in the middle of the street.

    Don’t remember exactly what the bloke said, I think he was foreign or something, it sounded like, “zut alors” but I’m not sure. Skinny fucker was down on his knees putting in the drainage or something. That’s no work for an old man you know.

  74. Keyser

    AN – How about you look at it from another point of view and try and work out why he’s got to where he is.

    Everyone knows extremely talented players, or has watched and played with players they think might’ve made it, you have to have a massive amount of luck, even if you’re Lionel Messi.

    Sanogo’s 6ft 4, reasonably quick, and seems to have a decent amount of stamina. That’s a starting point.

    You do this ‘Anyone who’s been involved with football and watches the game..’ rubbish all the time.

    You made a quality post on Ozil yesterday or whatever, but completely from one point of view, in terms of Ozil’s needs and not the teams.

    Sanogo’s played fuckall for us, he had 10 minutes where he genuinely looked as talentless as you describe earlier in the season, missed half the season through injury, and then was thrust in to the Bayern game ? Or the Liverpool one, not sure which one was first.

    He didn’t look phased, he wasn’t over-awed, or bullied, and you could see that despite his lack of technique, physically he was ready, maybe not to dominate, but at 21 he was imposing himself on Premiership, if not International quality defenders.

    Not to mention how hard he worked even when we went down to 10 men, I think he played most of the 120 minutes against Wigan to.

  75. Revving Kevin

    Arsenes nurse
    “Anyone who’s been involved with football and watches the game at different levels can easily spot players who’ve got some innate skill, a natural touch or a reading of the game. It’s not hard.”

    Mate you really are full of yourself. You make snidey little comments to put other people down all the time. I’ve played football at a decent level. I have been to hundreds of games, watched thousands on TV, how dare you insinuate I can’t tell talent. Fuck me, I wasn’t the one slagging off Ramsey and half the arsenal team last season. Of course Sanogo has talent. You don’t play international football and have no talent. He’s scored around 36 goals in 54 games at int’l level, u16 to U19’s and scored 11 in 21 for Auxerre. You can see some of these on YouTube. That suggests he can play a bit, no?

    Whether he is good enough for arsenal is another question. Stick to the debate and stop being so arrogant and condescending. You come across as a bit of a big head.

  76. Revving Kevin

    Arsenes Nurse
    “The only thing I can remember is a knock down for a shot on goal.”

    Either you have a shit memory or you don’t know football despite claiming you know better than anybody else. From memory Didn’t he create that chance Gibbs blasted over? He was also involved in Ramsey’s goal. Actually you will see that Sanogo helped us stretch the game against Hull when he came on, helping to defend from the front.

    But what the fuck do I know.

  77. Arsene's Nurse

    Keyser May 19, 2014 23:55:50

    AN – How about you look at it from another point of view and try and work out why he’s got to where he is.
    I know exactly.

    He is a French African who Wenger wants and what’s more wants because he thinks he can turn him into a £50m star.

    Ask yourself why Sanogo has not been snapped up by other clubs.

    Just wait and see. I’ll happily pay £10 for each goal he scores in the Premier League during his Arsenal career to your charity of choice. Can’t say fairer than that.

  78. Keyser

    AN – That’s the best you’ve come up with ? He’s 21, 20 when we were interested, and has played at every level/year group for the French National teams.

    He might work out, he might not, we might buy a World Class striker, pushing him further down the pecking order, he might show promise and lose out on his window for oppurtunity through injury like Afobe, Akpom might rise to prominence.

    I remember Vela looked awesome at the Under-17 World Cup, then again at the under-20 World Cup, alongside Aguero and Pato and so on. He was as talented as any of them, and now at 25 having missed or wasted his shot at Arsenal, people want him back.

    Everything has to be an extreme.

  79. MidwestGun

    This issue isn’t even about Sanogo, it’s why did AW even let the teams CF position get down to the point of playing him? He really trusted Nick Bendtner, and Giroud. Shows a serious lack of judgement on AW’s part and once again a terrible understanding of the tw in the summer and the fall.
    Sanogo might be the most amazing striker ever but he’s not now and Wenger actually was stubborn enough to play him and not bring in a better option. Again, another example of why AW can’t be trusted in the transfer window.

  80. tigerz

    Pedro, your article is quite fair. But I still don’t understand why some people keep going on and on about Wenger’s apparent “absolute power” over the club. I think its a myth. Silent Stan is the owner and has the power to hire and fire, Roles and Responsibilities are assigned by the owner. And the owner provides the vision and mission statement for the club. Multibillionaire Stan is not a naïve businessman (maybe that’s the issue).

  81. Emiratesstroller

    It would be plain daft to consider Fabregas. As others suggest where would you play him? We are not short of attacking midfield players
    with the likes of Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey on our books.

    Spending £40 million on him is absurd. This is money better spent elsewhere. Our priority in midfield has to be a holding/defensive player.

    Arsenal need also to be far more ruthless in transfer market whether
    it be selling or buying players. For a start we should not be doing other
    clubs favours as we have done too often in past.

  82. gonsterous

    I don’t know whether I have been blinded by hate of a lack of a striker or I really just find sanogo shit… Only time will tell…maybe if Wenger bought in a decent ST or CF and sanogo played the cup games and improved my opinion of him may change..but as of now..he is a shit 2 nd striker for the mighty arsenal…
    And I would not mind having cesc back.. he will be cheap and he has a winning mentality…and if we want he plays the false 9 role perfectly !!

  83. gonsterous

    Ok I thought cesc would be cheap but looks like he’s gonna cost a lot of dough !! Maybe not worth the money then…though I love him !!

  84. silentstan

    Fitness Issues
    the majority of absences are from impact injuries, nothing to do with training methods. Walcots shoulders, knees, shin, Wilshires ankles

  85. N5

    “people keep going on and on about Wenger’s apparent “absolute power” over the club. I think its a myth.”

    So Wenger saying it himself isn’t enough for you? you still think you know better?

  86. silentstan

    ‘totally flawed’ TOTALLY? really?
    ‘constantly exposed’? CONSTANTLY? really?
    how the hell did we finish 4th? only 7 points of the title despite missing most of the first choice midfield for the last half of the season?
    ‘had the bulk of our team fit and fresh against Hull and we couldn’t kill them in 90minutes. That says a lot about how good we are.’
    yep, nerves and tension play no part. This is life not a computer game. What did Barcelona win this year? what did chelsea win this year? football is not predictable as much as you think it is

  87. N5

    “the majority of absences are from impact injuries, nothing to do with training methods.”

    12 years in a row at the very top of the injury table, not once in that time even slipping to 2nd. Everytime we have around 10 more injuries than our nearest rival. Are we tackled harder than any other team or do you think you might be guessing?

  88. N5

    “how the hell did we finish 4th? only 7 points of the title despite missing most of the first choice midfield for the last half of the season?”

    Did you not see Everton tear us apart because we always play the same way, with the same formation right down too the same substitution times.

    Its fine to get 4th from beating the crappier teams, but come back to me when we start beating the top teams.

  89. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘Savage May 19, 2014 23:12:33

    the most embarassing thing mate is fans of arsenal abusing their manager in the stadium he built for them…thats whats embarassing..and having “experts” delivering final verdicts on players and managers abilities as if they are the ultimate judges of football. in other words arseholes with ego problems who stubbornly insist that their opinion is the law arsenal must abide to and should over-rule club policy. if you think im wrong please correct me….’

    I respectfully disagree with you mate.

    The Club RECEIVE MONEY from season ticket holders and the season ticket holders PAY THE CLUB MONEY.

    In no other arena of life does the seller dictate to the buyer what their opinion of the product should be. Nowhere.

    If I sell you a car and you aren’t happy with it, you either negotiate for an exchange or, more likely, you badmouth the garage and the brand to your mates.

    If I sell you the chance to run for Prime Minister and then promptly tell you I’m sending you to Northern Ireland to destroy your career, you are not going to say: ‘Well, the Prime Minister knows best’, are you??

    The Club can choose to ignore everything that paying customers say or do, but if the right of those paying customers to express their opinion, based on what they see with their eyes over several years, then that Club has a deep seated arrogance, an attitude problem and a complete inability to explain their own strategy if during that time they won nothing, sold the future but failed to deliver the present and developed unbalanced squads breaking every principle of successful team-building.

    If you wish to worship before such an altar, you do so.

    But don’t you dare tell everyone else what rights as season ticket holders they hold.

    Just declare to the world that you pay your tithes as a lost sheep.

  90. Moray

    @silent stan, you talk about things like “being just a few points away”, being top of the injury list…add on having a hugely lopsided squad, overplaying the same players, poor tactical decisions, inflexibility of tactics during games, overpaying our weaker players, remaining loyal to players who obviously aren;t good enough etc etc.

    If these things are happening year after year, without fail, does it not suggest to you that we are doing things in the wrong way.

    I could have guessed for instance, that Diaby would only play a handful of games, Theo would robably be out for a long spell, Rambo and Ozil would spend some time on the sidelines…because it happens every year and our squad that the manager trusts is too thin. One or two years and it is bad luck. 10-15 years and it is a serious managerial fail.

  91. Thank you and goodnight

    Revvin tries to compare Sanogo situations to Ramsey. To me it’s an unjust comparison because as bad as Ramsey was last year, the previous year before his injury we saw glimpses of what he could provide. So far I’ve seen none from Sanogo. And if a lay off here or their constitute ‘ s him bringing something to the team, is that not something Akpom could also do? I’ll be honest I haven’t seen much of Akpom, but going by a few people’s account he is just as good if not better than Sanogo so I wonder why he doesn’t get his chance?

  92. N5

    Regarding injuries, so many people say it’s bad luck, but didn’t Wenger himself say they are starting to look in to it because it is abnormal?

    It cracks me up that people even argue with Wenger in their pursuit of protecting Wenger.

    He said he has full control, Stan says no way it’s a myth. He says he is looking into injuries because they’ve become to frequent and too many, Stan says its bad luck.

    If Wenger can look at himself and say “what can I change to improve” why would you argue with him.

  93. Moray

    TYAG, it is quite simple. However good Sanogo might become, he is still too raw to be a top 4 side’s second striker. The fact we had to play him against Bayern is beyond laughable, and actually I do not believe will help his development in the long-term. Only a top precocious talent will thrive in that environment, and Sanogo is definitely not that. He also has much less experience of playing the game than Ramsay.

    Whereas Chelski don;t blood any of their youth players, we sometimes go the other way and throw them in at the deep end.

    Generally this situation, like most at the club is a manager fail: our squad is not good enough quality and we have glaring gaps in certain positions.

  94. tunnygriffboy


    Is Akpom physically ready and does he have Sanogo’s strength? Just wondering

    As important as the signings we make ( I’m sure we will ) is sorting our injury situation. I hope we keep our widemen fit so the midfield can rotate with Jack and Rambo not killing themselves out wide.

  95. Revving Kevin

    Exactly the point. None of us know. To go around calling everybody shit or judge players you havnt even see play is ridiculous. I have no idea whether sanigovwill be good enough. My argument was about him being slaughtered for his performance Saturday when he actually did okay. Judgement must be fair, lies should not be circulated to suit an agenda.

    As we all know, we need a top finisher and that is neither sanaogo or Giroud but neither of these are as shit as some people make out.

    And Akpom isn’t that player either. Looks a good prospect from what I have seen. Also he was in loan, just contracted to play in the youth tournament. But sanaogo scored 11 in 18 for Auxerre and has 35 odd goals in 53 at Intl level so he can’t be as shit as some pretend.

  96. tunnygriffboy


    Chelsea very rarely give young players a chance. I agree. However I like the fact we give young players a chance. I like seeing them develop. Problem is we often get the balance between this youth and necessary experience wrong. It’s great Wilshere, Ramsey , Gibbs etc are coming through.


    Sanogo getting a chance ahead of Akpom because he’s french is a ridiculous statement and typical of some of the xenophobia that can be directed at Wengeron here.

  97. Revving Kevin

    Ps:there is a nasty habit on here to slag players off and call them names like shit and worse. Seriously, why do that. It’s like bully’s in a playground sometimes.

    They’ve all had it, Aaron, Jack, Per Santi, Kos, Theo, Giroud all labelled shit and called names. How many of those fit that label of being shit? How accurate was that judgement by the “experts”? Based on that record Sanago could end up being okay?!


  98. Gregg

    I would guess that the coaches that work with the players for hours on end, on a daily basis, obviously see more potential in Sanogo than in Akpom. I shouldn’t imagine nationality has anything to do with it at all.

  99. gonsterous


    Well I’m sure u can come up with a good damn reason why sanogo, a guy who gave up on football and was going to be a postman gets signed by Wenger and is given chance after chance before other players who are better… Maybe he saved webgers life in France…but I would love to hear a good reason as we all know that Wenger loves to favour players from France over other nationalities !!

  100. Revving Kevin

    Tunny: “Sanogo getting a chance ahead of Akpom because he’s french is a ridiculous statement and typical of some of the xenophobia that can be directed at Wengeron here.”

    Spot on. The same as that borderline assertion that Sanogo is only here Becos he is a French African. It’s just bizarre bolllocks.

    I have finally realised that This place is just a blog to slag Arsenal and all those connected with it.its nit for supporters, there are only one or two of them here.

    This became clear with those pre-cup final wanting Hull to win. What the fuck is that about?!

    This became clear when we won the Final and fans were on here disappointed. What the fuck was that about?!

    This became clear Sunday and Monday when all those moaning about no trophies were moaning about the ‘trophy’ we had just won. What? You get something you spend years FEMA ding and then refuse to celebrate ?!

    What kind of fans spend every waking hour moaning and slagging people off?

    What kInd of fan gets pissed off when we get a trophy?

    Biggest load of hypocrisy. You lot don’t want trophys, if you did you would have celebrated Saturdays in. You want to be proved right, it’s all about you and your fucking agenda. Your warped minds seen to think the trophy proves you wrong so you have to dismiss it. You said Wenger would never sign big players Becos he’s scared if them. When he did somebody else bought him. All the players you called shit won silverware so you don’t like that. It’s the only reason I can find. You somehow think you have been proved wrong. So childish.

    Sorry boys, some of you are great but most of you are fucking deluded idiots that put this petty agenda built on pure hate before anything else.

    If I am wrong please tell me why. I would like to understand your minds and idea of ‘support’. The FA Cup win has opened my eyes. I am stunned to be honest.

  101. Thank you and goodnight

    To be honest mate there wasn’t many people taking piss out of Sanogo ‘ s performance Saturday. Maybe 1 or 2 usual suspects but not many. But as I’ve said Sanogo might prove me wrong on the future, but as of yet I remain unconvinced.

  102. Gregg

    Revving Kevin

    Have to say it does get draining somedays, same old tired agenda being repeated over and over again with little logic applied. that said there are some great posters on here that make it a worthwhile site to visit.

  103. Thank you and goodnight

    And again near enough every fan was delighted with the FA Cup win. Some just pointed out about not getting to carried away by it….which is their opinion and they are entitled to it. It’s not for you and me to decide how each supporter should support his club, which you do quite a lot of.

  104. tigerz

    N5, I understand what you are saying.
    But is Wenger holding a gun to Stan’s head or something?
    Black Magic?
    My only guess is Stan is not as passionate about winning as some of the fans.
    He may not say it in so many words, but he is like most successful businessmen, i.e. they think in terms of Return of Investment. He will not spend hundreds of millions to win the EPL.
    I think its very convenient for him to say “Wenger has full control” isn’t it? It means, if things don’t work out, let the fans take out their frustration on the manager.

  105. Sam

    George Graham apparently referred to our current striking options as “embarrassing”. Good choice of word, given our resources.
    I think we need 2 class strikers, but I know it’s not going to happen.
    Man Utd (etc) will move faster and more decisively in the market than Wenger/ Dick OMG Law and come August, we’ll have Giroud, Sanogo and Remy.
    Sanogo is strong and has a good attitude, but terrible technique and slow feet. Class players mostly have quick feet and great technique.
    Mind you, Pippo Inzaghi managed despite having the “worst technique at top level” that Cruyff had ever seen – he learnt how to score goals, period. Couldn’t control a beach ball but had self belief and was in the right place at the right time (SirAlex said he was “born offside” though).

  106. Sam

    Re Stan: a multi billionaire who doesn’t spend any money on having a better toupee for his own bonce isn’t going to spend big money on a football team.