Arsenal land their moment…

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When you obsess about Arsenal everyday, over this particular time period of our clubs history, you can find yourself getting pretty beaten down by the situation. Arsenal, over the past 9 years lost some of its sparkle. Not because I don’t love the club anymore, but more because the relationship has been damaged by lots of minor issues that stack up into big ones. Arsenal has been a stagnating marriage over the last nine years. The sex is shite and it’s started to snore. You still love them, but it’s strained.

Yesterday put all that into perspective. Yesterday it all came flooding back. Days like the one witnessed on Saturday are the days you live for as a football fan. The FA Cup isn’t just about the trophy at the end, it’s all about the day. Catching up with friends before the game, meeting new people from around the world and hearing their stories, the touching moments that happen all throughout the day, like when a group of quite thuggish old school guys sitting around me picked up the little boy sitting next to me and let him sit in the front row so he could see. That’s what makes being a football fan special, that’s the joy of the game, that’s what’s been missing from Arsenal over the last nine years.

Football is about stories. Arsenal’s story on the pitch hasn’t been a joyous one. Yesterday, is hopefully the next chapter in our history. That FA Cup is the start of something new. That trophy, regardless of what Wenger does over the next two years is the first of many. The hard work of the stadium move is over. The clubs sponsorship deals are now in place. The commercial infrastructure off the field is world class. Hopefully over the next two seasons the infrastructure on the playing side will be upgraded. Once that happens, we’ll be on the road to major trophies. We’ll be back in contention for the league. We’ll challenge for the Champions League. That trophy is the start of something new regardless of who is in charge. We’re part of the elite because we have the resources to play at the top table.

So what about the game? Before it I met up with a load of chaps from the internet. I met people from Australia, Brazil and America. Had some beers with familiar faces, met some familiar Twitter handles. All great fun, all great people in great spirits. The mood was quietly confident. We headed into the ground, arrived at our seats for kick off. The buzz was amazing… the realisation that I was sitting in the Hull end was not so amazing. But whatever.

The game kicked off, Arsenal immediately didn’t look at the races. Hull were confident and actually pinging the ball around quite nicely. Then, after 8 minutes, we were two goals down. I couldn’t believe it. This wasn’t in the damn script. Two centre backs scoring two really sloppy goals. What a shambles.


However, you still didn’t feel like this was going to be one of those days. Hull really aren’t very good and Arsenal really do have too many good players to lose games like that.

So we started to ramp up the pressure. We won a freekick. I was going to video it, but I thought, no Pete, don’t do that, it’ll jinx it. Sure enough, Cazorla stepped up and slotted the ball into the top corner. A great strike the keeper certainly should have done better with. We were back in the game. Nerves slightly less frayed.

My main concern heading into the second half was how listless we were in the final third. We had no one making runs in behind the Hull defence. Giroud was having a stinker and Ozil… well, he was having an absolute shocker. Miscontrolling the ball, over hitting passes, making bad decisions.

The second half didn’t really bring much of a ramp up in quality. Wenger brought on Sanogo to stretch Hull as we reverted to a 4-4-2 against a 3 at the back situation. Was that a tactic I spied? Though Yaya really isn’t up to speed at the moment, he does cause problems. He’s just not very instinctive and his technique and decision making isn’t particularly tight at the moment. We picked up our equaliser on 71 minutes, Koscielny bundling the ball home from close range.

I thought Wenger would push hard for the win in 90minutes, but he elected to keep things the same. He changed it up in extra time bringing on Jack and Rosicky. Our moment actually came from Giroud, he back heeled a ball into Ramsey who guided a perfect outside of the boot shot into the bottom corner all in one stride. What a finish. What a moment in the career of a player who has cemented his name in the ‘World Class’ Premier League hall of fame.

The final whistle was close, but not before Fabianski gave us all a reason to soil our pants. He came charging out late on, missed his man, the shot at the empty goal narrowly going wide. That really was an awful moment.

The whistle blew. We’d won some silverware! What a day to break the nine year duck!

It was amusing to watch Podolski chase Wenger around with champagne, he was enjoying soaking the manager a little too much!

‘Have that Arsene, I don’t like being subbed every game’

… type vibe.

Seeing what the trophy meant to the players was magic as well. Those moments bond players to the club in a way money never can. Fabianski absolutely loved lifting that cup. Per Mertesacker and Koscielny lifted it together in a beautiful man love show of solidarity. Wenger kissing the head of Bacary Sagna. Just so many nice side stories.

Yesterday it felt incredible to be an Arsenal fan. I’m hoping that it brought back the memories for Arsene. Hopefully he’ll now think harder about his approach to the summer. Does he want the glory to continue? If he does, yesterday was a sure sign that we’re quite a way off being Champions League and Premier League contenders, even with fit players. That game, for all the ups and downs, in the cold light of day, wasn’t a good performance. But yesterday’s win was far bigger than the performance. It was a platform for future success. It was a bonding mechanic for the players. It was the first trophy win Le Grove has ever had the pleasure of writing about. It’s the first trophy fans up the age of 13 will ever really remember. It was a great way to finish a disappointing season. It’s a day that I’ll always remember.

… and, just to finish. I was wrong about the FA Cup. I dismissed it as an irrelevance earlier on in the year when we were going for the league. Maybe because I’d forgotten what a brilliant day out it is. The FA Cup is special because it’s so much more than just a piece of silverware. It’s a moment that stays with you forever, win or lose. I’m feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

Absolutely perfect.

Have a great day. Cherish it, but be safe in the knowledge there are lots more days like this coming over the next decade.

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  1. Ozrus

    WengerEagle, you are so earnest. I clearly need to start taking seriously what you say. I thought we were just joking around. Like Guns, for example, he seems to see the funny side.

  2. Rrobbins

    What a wonderful ending. Seeing joy totally real joy from the players and the fans was fabulous. It’s all been so nervy this year. Hopefully the respect and warrior like ways of bacary will create wenger to be smart and loyal and make an effort to keep him. He is such an asset. That said, it felt so good. Keep the positive pressure up on management. This blog and the fans have helped keep the team honest about taking care about the great legacy as well as the obvious needs for the future on the pitch. Well done all, even a toast to arsene making tactical changes. A great day.

  3. WengerEagle


    Cause you’re spineless tit who slags people off over the internet in all likelihood from a basement in your parent’s house.

    If that slagging is your idea of ‘banter’ you need to log off Pornhub, put the sock down and venture out into the real world.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t bother, he’s the seam as the other few who’ve been on here today – don’t indulge him. Think it might even be the same person.

  5. WengerEagle

    Cesc Appeal

    Yeah tbh he easily sounds sad enough to be commenting off multiple accounts.

    I usually don’t indulge the many trolls we seem to get on here so I’ll stop.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah it’s for the best mate, they barb you, looking to drag you in. Ignore it because at the end of the day what’s the point?

    They’ll just come back as Eyemsick, Hunter, Savage, Phil or whoever and it begins again. The internet allows attention starved weirdos to get their fill in the safety of total anonymity.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    Was always going to happen – just a gut wrencher it’s 3 years…disappointed with that

  8. Bamford13

    Yes we won the FA Cup yesterday, but if Wenger doesn’t sign at least two quality players this summer — we need three or four, in truth — then he should be greeted with tomatoes next season when he appears in public.

    I am serious.

    If the dipshit takes yesterday as a sign that he can win by signing the likes of Sanogo, Flamini and Kallstrom, then supporters really must take things into their own hands.

    I’m sorry, but we simply cannot tolerate another three years of this idiocy.

    Yes, I know we won yesterday. We beat a depleted Hull City in extra time. Anyone who takes yesterday as a sign we’ve arrived is deluded.

    6-3, 6-0, 5-1, 3-0 remain the truth about this squad. Neuer smiling and laughing when Bayern found out they had drawn us is the truth about this squad. Fourth place is the truth about this squad.

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but we need to get much, much better if we want to win the title or compete for a CL title. Status quo will not even come close.

    If the old man doesn’t sign quality players this summer, I’m for showering him with tomatoes.

  9. Ozrus

    WengerEagle, when you are calling me a ‘spineless tit’, do you really mean it, or are you at, say 50% capacity of actually meaning it? Because 50 I can take, but when you add the other 50 it makes it unbearable.

  10. N5

    Ozrus, you’re really not as funny as you think you are, if anything you’re an absolute bellend who really needs to get a life.

    Silly little shit who doesn’t get enough attention in real life.

  11. AC Gooner

    I just watched the Gazdidis interview on the player. Doesnt sound like he wants status quo.

    He basically said this is only the start. Its going up from here.

    I cannot see Wenger getting away with the mistakes he has made in the past. I think they are really watching him now. I hope.

    I am neither con nor pro. I am a deluded member of the “he will change this Summer” sect. hopelessly.

  12. WengerEagle


    Hahaha got a great laugh out of that cheers!

    Never been on a Spuds blog before but not surprised to see that they are a bunch of uneducated, inbred arseholes who have nothing better to do than pray for Arsenal to lose.

    Luckily we won to prolong their agony 😀

  13. grooveydaddy

    W Eagle

    funny thing is, most of them want Wenger to stay

    I can understand this from our other rivals, but that lot???? they’ve never finished above him

  14. N5

    I did a little web search on him eagle and he’s a World of Warcraft addict and into cats! he is in need of love and if he wasn’t such a spiky little shit maybe he could get laid!!

  15. N5

    I know, I thought the same thing Eagle! when the best thing you have going for you in your life is cats and world of warcraft, it’s understandable you would be a little angry!

    I must make myself right though and say I wouldn’t take the piss out of a nice person for using a dating website! but I certainly would of a man who spends his entire time pissing people off on here.

  16. WengerEagle


    Exactly, he brought it on himself, I wouldn’t give a shit if he jacked off to world of warcraft figurines and desperately browsed dating websites stroking cats if he wasn’t an abusive little tosser.

  17. Keyser

    “Among the multitude who thronged on to the streets to watch the FA Cup on parade, one 87-year-old lady pulled on an Arsenal T-shirt, fetched her walking stick and took up position near Highbury Fields exactly as she had when her team won the trophy for the very first time in 1930. She was three years old at the time and watched from her father’s shoulders. Football always makes her think of the smell of his hair cream, as Saturdays back then were the day for grooming as well as the Arsenal.”

  18. Bacaryisgod

    Just when I thought the old chestnuts like Barry to Arsenal we’re going away, we get the new ‘Milner to Arsenal’ chestnut, possibly the one type of player we least need at the club right now.

  19. jwl

    The Guardian – Arsenal want to sign James Milner from Manchester City after the England midfielder informed the newly crowned Premier League champions he would like a transfer. Liverpool are also interested but Arsenal, the FA Cup winners, are leading the way as it stands.

    Arsenal are planning a £10m offer and Arsène Wenger will try to sell the club to Milner by offering to restore him to a central role. Wenger sees the England international as having the experience and mobility to provide competition for Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini.

  20. Moray

    It looks to me as though two years were on the table and Wenger efused to sign unless he was offered three. Riding on the back of the FA Cup final win, Kroenke doffed his wig at Wenger and offered him three more years of underachievement. Soul-destroying. I will be 43 by the (earliest) time we have a new manager, and by that time we could have fallen away badly. Ugh.

  21. Moray

    I suppose Milner is the new Kalou.

    If Milner can be bought cheap, then be sure Wenger will be sniffing around, regardless of whether we need him or not/ or even if he is any good.

    Some notable quotes from the manager:

    “We have to bring in two or three players to strengthen the squad, that’s for sure

    “Unfortunately everywhere we go there are many teams in the market, that’s for certain.”

    “I will go to Brazil on June 10,” added Wenger. “It [his contract signing] will be done before then.”

    If we sign three players, say, that basically just replenishes what we lose on frees and outs, Back up GK, RB and CB. This is not even considering the changes needed to our lop-sided squad, lack of pace and power in the centre.

    Watching Wenger celebrating this weekend, I so wanted him to leave on a high. it was a perfect point to get out, with the reminder of times past. Now I fear the Brian Clough factor and Clough was a much better manager than Wenger. In his favour, I guess Wenger isn’t an alcoholic.

  22. Moray

    @jwl, great, another central midfielder. Wenger’s obsession with this position goes on. Also, should we not be looking to move Arteta on? If he wants to keep playing in the top flight then it should not be for Arsenal. I’m afraid he’s been found out too many times this year. Flamini is pushing his luck a bit too, but we need to keep some squad stability, and he has his uses.

    For me it should be:

    Flappy: out on a free
    Viviano (loan cancelled I guess)
    Sagna: out on a free
    Vermaelen: out (sold)
    Arteta: out (sold)


    Back up keeper x2
    LM with pace
    DM with strength

    I don;t see how Milner fits into this at all as he is best used centrally. Unless he is a replacement for Arteta…but even then, I doubt Wenger would sign him and all of the other players we more urgently need. Unless he sees a Ramsay/Milner partnership like Petit and Vieira lite?

    Anyway, as likely as not we will not sign him or anyone else of any note…

  23. Clive Hill

    Pedro’s comments toady reminded me of the importance of FA Cup memories. I’d traveled back to the UK for the ’93 Cup Final against Sheffield Wednesday. A dire affair if ever there was one. But it was the day out, sharing the experience of a match made special by its circumstances with friends that was important. Heaven knows there was nothing to remember about the football. The contrast in the respective musical preferences of Ian Wright and Chris Waddle in the pre-match amble was more interesting – and revealing.

    But some of the vitriol on here today has saddened me. Once support of all that a team encapsulated was sufficient to bind us; now we are divided by commercial complications that are external to our visceral appreciation of the game but integral to the commercial enterprise that football is identified with. We are divided along lines of investor interest, capital appreciation, revenue/expenditure ratios that never featured so prominently before. Yes the game is different. Hell, life is very different from what it was twenty years ago but football used to be a release. A distraction from things that make us ordinary, not a microcosm of things that emasculate us.

    I didn’t have the foresight in 1993 to book my travel with a replay in mind. Instead, back in the US, I learnt the result from my friends in a call-box outside Wembley. “This one’s for you” one of them said into the phone. I’m proud of that and to know what that meant. I’m ashamed a similar sentiment would have little resonance today and be subject to ridicule.

    Hull City played their hearts out and their supporters lived a dream. From near extinction just a few years ago to an owner that wants to steal their identity. But still they sang, and hoped and suffered. We’ve suffered too, these past few years, but the magnitude and context of that suffering has been different. What is common though, is that we suffer for love. Pedro’s marriage analogy was spot on. The FA Cup Final is a condensed reminder of what it means to be a football fan. The game might be devoid of fantasy but the event is the thing. I loved seeing our players act silly, Arsene Wenger hoisting the cup. As Pedro said, this is a cathartic moment. It may only be a moment, much as many a cup victory. But what a moment to live for.

  24. grooveydaddy

    I would have thought City needs to keep hold of the likes of Milner, Richard, Rodwell, etc to fill out their homegrown quota??

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    Fact even before the FA Cup win they were offering wenger a 2 year contract proves to me that the board are genuinely not interested in competing for titles. The odd cup run here or their is good enough for them, anything else is a bonus.
    That is why my attitude now is fuck it, 2 more years, 10 more years…..why give a fuck as it’s not going to change anything.
    If we win a game…..great, if we lose…..oh well. But stop beating yourselves up about who we are going to sign, how long wenger’s new contract extension is etc etc. Not worth it. The club don’t give a fuck so why should you?

  26. Revving Kevin

    We want a trophy, we want a trophy, we want a trophy.

    Then when we actually get one, the monotonous doom continues.

    Seriously, some of you guys need to reign this in it is getting boring. It’s as if you actually don’t care about the trophy.

    Why can’t you enjoy the win for at least 24 hours, I am sorry but I don’t get it, I really don’t.

    The monkey is off our backs. The media are off our backs. This gives the players confidence. It’s all good.

    I went to the parade, 250,000 happy fans celebrating the FA Cup, all ecstatic and proud to be Gooners. Meanwhile a bunch of armchair fans from all over the world are on here moaning. Truly, truly unbelievable and very disappointing.

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    If you read my post again you’ll see I’m not moaning. You need to care to moan revvin and I don’t. What will be will be. I really can’t bring myself to give a shit anymore. Win lose or draw I will always support Arsenal, but that’s as far as my emotions go.

  28. The Poldi Prince

    I read the wenger comments as three to strengthen the squad, and then see whats neediled with departures.

    I would try to pick up aurier and Richards. Richards is on the way out. Is a massive unit that will likely make a good cd in a few seasons. Will be very cheap too.

    the article says sagna has been offered three years. I’m fine with that. Not worth the 100k over 3 years though. Take it or leave it.

    city will significantly have to shift on some non home grown talent. Hit them up for negredo. Tore it up for the first half of the season. I’d obviously like better but I could deal with negredo, giz and remy. Infinitely better than giz and noone.

  29. Revving Kevin

    Dear TYAG
    Mate if you go read back I wasn’t addressing you I was generalising.

    There is aid if shit stirring from trolls like peanut brain, Johnty, Dial and one or two others that aren’t Gooners .

    On my opinion us genuine Gooners should stop fighting amongst ourselves and get behind the club.

    We won a top trophy and we didn’t buy it. This isn’t the carling cup, which I hate, this is the FA Cup.

    If we can all get behind the club and especially the team we can really push on.

    Remember our rival fans are really hurting. So are the media. That makes this taste even better.


    Sounds great! We are back amongst the trophies but must push on.

  30. Max85

    No way Milner is happening. He’s one of the players SSN mentioned the other day that City want to offer a new contract to. With the homegrown proportion of their CL squad increasing relative to their total allowed – along with the fact that the likes of Richards, Sinclair, Rodwell, Lescott are all leaving – Milner and his agent knows their value and that they have City bent over a barrel. Hence the ‘leaks’ to the papers.

    Wouldn’t worry too much about this one.

  31. Roaaary

    Morning gooners.

    Shit Ozrus – you should really bring that dating page down before slagging people off.

    I took today off work to watch the arsenal game over again and to properly enjoy that extra time period

  32. Hitman49


    I’ve been reading your stuff on and off for a while.

    Your not the le grove police are you ?

    If guys want to moan on here fine up to them I’d say, you can read it or move on ? No

    I see your tag and move on double quick as you only seem to take the mick out of people.

    Just an observation

  33. Roaaary

    Ps johnty needs to get banned from this site. Clearly a troll.

    During the game he was cheering hull on. No fan could truly do that during cup final

  34. Ozrus

    Roaaary, it’s not me and it’s not my page. Obviously more than one ozrus out there. Who woulda thought it possible, right?

  35. N5

    Ozrus, it’s the same IP and it’s 100 percent you, so go back to playing Warcraft and stroking your cat, sad act!!

  36. N5

    Lol, like you’ve got money! I can see that by the type of sunglasses you’re wearing in your pic,

    Also doesn’t all your money go on World of Warcraft subscription fees?

  37. Roaaary

    If you had money you would have replaced that baseball cap in the 90s when they went outta fashion you skint bastard.

    Definitely you ozrus. It’s not a common username really is it?!??

  38. Roaaary

    I just find it mad the amount of gooners on here who spent Saturday trolling and saying were shit instead of enjoying the occasion.

    It was honestly one of the best days ever.

    Saying that was anyone else worried by our serious lack of width. I love sagna but Gibbs didn’t offer much and our front widemen were too narrow.

    I know we have other areas of concern to address this summer but surely a wideman who loves the touch line is essential this close season.

  39. Ozrus

    Roaaaary, see what I mean? You are an angry loon. To be honest, I’m a little surprised myself there’s someone with the same pretty random name.

    N5, you make me laugh. You can check my IP? You cool hacka you

  40. El Tel 1


    Rev Kev is the type I want to write with on this site. If others are fed up then bathe in your own misery.

    Fed up with the same crap being said day after day. These doomer comments take the shine off the occassion.

    I have not changed my mind about Wenger and can already read into what more dissapointments we have coming by his comments however we the fans and those players have just won the FA Cup. The older fans on here will enjoy the experience far more as this was one of the two main trophies to go for before the European Cup beacame so much easier to get into but harder to win.

    Yes the European cup was for winners in the past. But it was just like the FA cup. You could get lucky with the draw and get to the final. Of course we were denied a genuine crack at this cup when George Grahams team were not allowed to compete due to the Scousers getting English Clubs thrown out. The media never mention this do they.

    As Rev Kev says, why cant we all stick together as genuine Arsenal fans instead of using this wonderful site as a pissing contest.

    I want this player and that player is usually how it goes alongside Wenger out then hatred towards the man.

    For all his flaws he does give his all to the Arsenal. Unfortunately we need a bit more than what he has got for us right now.

    Clive Hill. Love your comment.

    What next from the anti Arsenal media and trolls to have a pop at us?

  41. gambon

    Haha, world of warcraft cunt!

    The guys been busted and now hes embarrassing himself.

    Ive got a feeling this may be the last we seeof Ozcunt

  42. N5

    Ozrus, it’s not that hard to check someones IP. You should know that considering you are always on WoW with your geeky buddies, at least one of them should be able to do it!

    Put down your cat and open the blinds. Let in the sun and go see the world. You might pull a woman on your own and not need Cupids dating website!

  43. N5

    “Give up ozrus bro you can’t dig me out now I know you use your cats as cock puppets”

    Loooooool, if you look at that dating website I posted earlier with him on, and just hover the mouse pointer over his picture, it opens up two others and I think he is using one as a cock puppet! 😀

  44. gambon


    We got everything wrong but won which is important

    Massive massive win, but we need to use this as a platform

    Wenger really should retire but he won’t

    Gazidis is clearly saying we have a lot of money and we need to improve, so the balls in wengers court

    We need a big big summer, we need to go head to head with, and beat the likes of utd and city for top players.

  45. N5

    “I’m on my phone but clicked on the pictures tab and there’s a few with him seductively snuggled up to them.”

    Ha ha 😀

  46. brad

    Sagna out – Aurier in 7m spent
    Vela in – 4m (11m total )
    Fabregas – 24m (35m total)
    Lars Bender 18m (53m total)
    Benzema – 25m ( 78m )
    Rest spent on reserve keeper.

    starting team

    Aureir mert kos gibbs
    Fab Ramsey
    walcott Ozil Cazorla

  47. Roaaary

    Gambon I just worry about these press leaks and messages from Ivan. Always follows the same story throughout the summer.

    Like u say it was massive to win. Tactically terrible until we added some pace in sanogo.

    Hull just kept it solid with 3CMs and 3 CBs and two wing backs and kept the ball really well.

    Even if we had falcao up top and matic in DM I think we would have struggled as they bossed us tactically in the first half

  48. gonsterous

    I don’t see how having someone love the sidelines helps us at all… Sure it widens the play but seriously who even attacks crosses from our team… Giroud ?? One lone stiroker in the box with 2 cb cwording him ??

  49. Roaaary

    Gonsterous – we needed to stretch their defence and with podolski and cazorla coming narrow, there was no opportunity to open gaps between the defenders for runners and through balls.

    We don’t necessarily need width for crossing, more to do with the opposition full backs and pulling them outta place

  50. Revving Kevin


    Your comment about older fans and the FA Cup is actually a great one. When we used to watch football there was only two trophies really, the 1st division title and the FA Cup.

    More importantly the FA Cup Final was the only LIVE game on TV that was broadcast. I watched the 1971 final on a black & white TV!!!

    So the FA Cup was a big deal. That may explain why I don’t care about that Micky mouse carling cup (or milk cup in the old days).

    Now clubs want Champs League above everything else Becos of the prestige, money and global branding opportunities and to attract players.

    Nowadays we have live football coming out of our ears, football computer games and that has bread millions of armchair experts.

    For me the FA Cup is still a big trophy. Across the world it is held in high regard.

    I am so happy we won it, massive pressure release valve for the club and players.

    I will be wearing an arsenal shirt or polo every day for 9 days to celebrate.

    Arsenal til I die. And as that’s like to be a lot sooner than a lot if the youngsters on here, I will savour every minute!!

  51. Moray

    gonsterous, we have to add variations and options to how we play. We are not even very good at the tippy tappy any more.

    Pace on the wings also holds back the opposition full backs, thereby protecting our flanks, which frequently looked vulnerable this season.

  52. N5

    I have to agree with Roaaary, even if a wingman runs a diagonal from the 18 yard it still brings players out of position, hence why TW14 is an important player for us.

    Sagna, was caught out numerous times and so was Gibbs. We need players like Di Maria (IMO).

  53. london gunner


    How do you know Ozurs or whatever his names IP?

    Are you using hacking technology?

    You work for the civil service right? Are you tracing peoples accounts from a work computer that would be illegal…

    Not trying to cunt on you but I hate invasion of privacy and hacking.

    I have had my email account hacked last week and I have been locked out all week, I can’t reset my account because its tied to a an old phone number and I created the security question as a dumb teenager

  54. Revving Kevin

    London, N5 simply did a google search and assumed that the Ozrus he found was the same one. There is no guarantee it is him as he didn’t hack, so don’t panic. Your bank account is safe I am sure. 🙂

  55. N5

    Revving, spot on. It’s a unique username that appeared on a site that I knew would annoy him. I was on the wind up because he’s been giving everyone stick for days now.

  56. bergkamplegend

    Here we go again…
    The same naive expectations about some unrealistic transfers, just because we have won a trophy.
    It’s insane to be masochist at this point.
    And the new salary of wenger is insane, too.

    (ps : good morning to all)

  57. Revving Kevin

    Hello Guns, just £100 million?!

    I think we can spend whatever we need.

    But first in the list has to be a top goal scorer. It is our Achilles heel and that is where we need to put down a marker. Did you see that Alexis goal for Barca, incredible hit.

  58. london gunner


    Ok lol I am being paranoid

    I have an old facebook account I don’t use and some bellend had hacked it, now my hotmail account is hacked. Fucking cunts those hackers are! I don’t even download porn so how the feck are they fucking up my internet shit?

  59. Al

    Look as great as fabregas is….We really should forget about him and move on from that brand of football.

    Lehman had it right. …we went from the likes of pv4 who played it one/two touch fast direct and dangerous football to fabregas who would have 3 or 4 touches.

    The sooner we shift Arteta out the faster and more direct our football will become.
    Still would keep Arteta around as he is useful just not enough to start every game and that’s down to age

  60. MidwestGun

    I read your comments. Your preaching about how people should feel, act, celebrate, comment, etc…. sorry but I’ll kindly feel how I want if it’s ok with you? 😉

  61. gonsterous

    Can’t Wenger teach cazorla to stay a bit wide then… Do what robben does for Munich…the bald cunt plays really good football

  62. london gunner


    Great comment, for all the fab love on this blog he did change our style of football and IMO it was for the worse.

    I think direct counter attacking football is the order of the day in modern football.

    Even players such as Silva for Man City take one touch and then spot the pass and deliver it.

    In this period of football defenses at the top teams are to well drilled to try and pass it tik tikka around them. Instead you have to be efficient effective and strike them as quickly as possible when an opportunity/opening arises.

    For me we need to base our style on a more counter attacking game

  63. bergkamplegend

    “Arsenal are interested in Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema and Queens Park Rangers forward Loic Remy”

    Question : which one of them will be interested by Arsenal ??
    Very difficult to guess, I know… lol

  64. Revving Kevin

    N5 to be fair it swings both ways. Ozrus is extreme on one side of the fence BUT we have far more on the other side. He was just going over the top for a reaction I would suggest.

    I expect the pissed off Chelsea and spud trolls to be hanging around like a bad smell, they will be feeling the pain.

    That spud blog was Hillary owls that was posted last night:

    “grooveydaddy May 18, 2014

    some pure comedy gold”

    Spuds are a pretty thick bunch.

  65. london gunner

    Guys off work today so checking out the Bayern vs BVB highlights!

    What the fuck happened? BVB scored first and the goal was not even disallowed as the referee didn’t even realize so it didn’t count?

    The ball clear as day crossed the line…

    Feel bad for klopp looks like he was cheated out of a trophy

  66. london gunner

    “Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp was left frustrated over his side’s disallowed goal in the DFB-Pokal final defeat to Bayern Munich.”

    It was so clearly a goal I can’t believe the referee disallowed it. I don’t often give credit to match fixing claims but this could be the case.

  67. N5

    Kev, I read that blog last night! what a sad bunch they are. They have nothing going on at their small club so act all MarbleBalls about it!!

    Silly fuckers.

  68. london gunner


    They are so bitter. We take out the mick out of them and call them cunts because they are fans of another team.

    But you can tell how wound up they are everyday of their lives by our existence. I have heard spuds talking about wishing death on our players and even some verbally attacking the child and women fans.

    “I get so angry each time the cam shows the scum fans. Even the women and children look like intolerable cunts.”

  69. london gunner

    Information on the move has been provided by Basque journalists Oier Fano and Enrique Marin, who both have a record of providing accurate exclusives on Real Sociedad and should therefore be considered reliable. Fano broke the news that Arsenal have opted to pay Vela’s £3.3m buyout clause on May 4th, and has subsequently gone on to flesh out the story along with Marin.

  70. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    My son told me about some spud on that tweeter thing going mental over jack, something about wishing a serious injury on him. They are real brain dead chavs down the seven sisters road.

    Made me laugh, under major honours the Spuds list: Norfolk Hospital Cup, Ipswich hospital charity cup, Costa del sol tournament, Nolia cup, sun intl cup Swaziland. They think they are a big club?! Totally Deluded.

  71. london gunner

    The numbers only tell part of the story. For many Real Sociedad supporters, Vela is their equivalent of Lionel Messi, and while any comparison with the Argentine are dangerous, it is true that the Mexican forward is the kind of player capable of turning around a tough game with a remarkable piece of skill and a wonderful finish. Not only a scorer of goals but a scorer of difficult goals – be it from tight angles or against a stubborn defence – he even put away four strikes in one game earlier this season against Celta Vigo.

  72. Ozrus

    “Haha, world of warcraft cunt!The guys been busted and now hes embarrassing himself.Ive got a feeling this may be the last we seeof Ozcunt”

    The Cunt has gobbed, but she can’t get anything right, as per usual.

    N5, you smarmy boy. The only person that can check my IP on le grove is admin, that is Pedro. The only way you’d be able to check my IP is if you hacked the site. Or if you were good friends with Pedro. I can’t imagine Pedro divulging this sort of information though, cause that wouldn’t be right. You see why I think you are a jelly fish?

  73. TitsMcgee

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 1h
    Arsenal shirts sold out EVERYWHERE… ‘Your team is suddenly very popular, sir’. #Afc