The next chapter starts today…

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It’s FA Cup final day.

I can’t quite believe how excited I am… I just fist pumped and shouted ‘Arsenal’ coming up the stairwell earlier. What a melt.

This. This is what being a football fan is all about. One of the most special days in football. Going to see something magical happen is the dream. Meeting up with your pals and having outrageously early beers is what the day is all about. The vibe of Wembley. The walk up Wembley way. The atmosphere of a cup final. The memories. The moments.

It’s going to be such a brilliant day.

We have a fully fit squad to pick from. Not just fully fit, fresh as as well. For me, we simply have too much for Hull. We have pace, we have form, we have a solid defence and we have all the confidence. Hull don’t really have much going on. No strikers, a lack of form and a lack of specialism.

Arsenal need to come out of the traps. We need to make sure we utilise the space. We need to play with aggression and ruthlessness. We need to take our chances. We need to destroy Hull. This game can’t be a close call. It has to be a brutal destruction. It has to be a new Arsenal. It’s the next chapter in the history of the club.

Today is about heroes. Today is about moments. Today is about breaking a nearly 10 year trophy duck.

This is going to be special. Buckle up, something exciting is about to happen…

Have a great day! The first trophy since Geoff and I have been writing Le Grove could be about to drop… fingers crossed!

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  1. andy1886

    Revvin, stop moaning about the moaners! That just makes you a hipocrite!!! Leave your agenda aside just like you ask others to do and just enjoy the day FFS!!!

  2. Dissenter

    peanuts and monkeys,
    Can you defer your vitriol for a while. I am one who also thinks Wenger should go but we all know he’s not, so case closed.

    Didn’t you see how much the trophy meant to Wenger, if you’re happy for the players, didn’t you see how happy they were for Wenger?

    Let’s just enjoy and savour this moment as gooners.
    Wenger is staying, live with it and move on.

  3. Revving Kevin

    Can you imagine how pissed off The chavs and spuds must be feeling!

    Bet Jose is off slitting his wrists.

    This is a huge turning point. The taste if the trophy will be gent by everyone at the club and they will want more.

    While Man City and Chelsea have to watch what they do signing wise, we don’t have to that is where we are now.

    Combine our resources and financial clout with this taste of success and you can see why I believe we are back. I think the final block has been built and can’t wait for the new season to begin.

    Fuck me, I have just given a Big Issue seller a tenner Becos he gave me the thumbs up in my shirt.

    Fucking great day.

  4. SpanishDave

    Short memories out there.
    Nice to win something, but giving Wenger 9 goes is simply not acceptable for the 5th riches club in the world.
    Yesterday like many other games we gave a team a two goal start, leaking gials easily, a problem that never seems to get fixed.
    Wenger will hold on to this win as a means to carry on and nothing will change. The man is stuck in his ways and rather than spending the summer plannig properly for next season he will go out to the world cup, firget whis paying his 150k a week and then sit on his hands until the last minute to sign some pathetic jonny wannabe who will not destroy Girouds career.
    Unless he gets at least 3 world class players in sit back for another 9 years.
    Great win but the reality is still the same.

  5. Revving Kevin

    That is fair enough.

    Let’s see if Pedro agrees with the 9 days of a ‘moan free’ zone.

    I couldn’t sleep last night so happy. Had a roaring headache and a hangover so went fit a jog. It ended up Ricky style, I stood on the steps, raised my arms and screamed ARSENAL at the top of my voice. That’s when the big issue guy gave me the thumbs up and I am ten quid down. I got a bit excited.

    And that’s what it is all about.

    Deep joy.

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    Just thought I’d slip this food for thought in before Geoff does his stuff. Seeing Steve Bruce on the sidelines, blimey it looks like he’s spent spring, summer, autumn & winter in the top paddock 😛

  7. Revving Kevin

    Dear gnatleygeorge9
    Yes how big is Steve Bruce!

    Arsene Wenger said he still eats the same diet as the players.
    Steve Bruce eats the same diet as an American!!!

  8. gnarleygeorge9


    He struggled up the steps to get his medal, but I had a chuckle when he patted the future King on the back to say thanks 🙂 William looked like he said something to Brucey like “call Jenny Craig”

  9. sanmi

    To all the Wenger-out guys, I have a message for you, he’s going no where!, yes you peanuts, We freaking won the FA cup, sulk on that! You will quit Arsenal before Wenger does. He’s gonna be here till he decides to quit not till you or any gambon/ johnty wants him out. We are the Wengerites, we are the Wenger knows Best.
    AKB 1: WOB 0

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You poor deluded young teen…

    The only people to lose out with wenker staying is arsenal football/bank club.

    Three chances in the lady seven years we have had a chance to win league but the old mans stuttering has cost us,

    Enjoy the day weekend

    But in terms of success it’s a gran in a packet of rice

    Worthless unless we win more.

  11. sanmi

    @thankyou, actually it is AKB 9:WOB 8, if you must start counting from 2005 then we can start from yesterday too, or let’s do his whole reign *tongue out*
    @RSPC nope. The only people losing is the WOBs
    We have what we wanted.

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    When the wonder man ends his next contract

    Let’s see how happy you are….

    As happy as I am I’m not sure this is the start more of freak win,,,, I
    Hope I’m proved wrong !

  13. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Where are you
    Arsenal have won the FA cup 2014

    You never believe that we could do it

  14. pi

    Not an AKB but havé to give credit to AW .. David dein said to my cousin in 2006 that for ten years Arsenal would not win the league because wenger wld havé to balance the books ie net spend zero .. we now havé MONEY and I’m sure he will spend and we will challenge for league .. and other trophies .. ps question what top striker moved clubs in January

  15. gnarleygeorge9


    Why don’t you come back in a couple of weeks. I here the sun is shining in England so maybe a little sunshine might cheer you up, coz obviously winning a trophy doesn’t 😉

  16. Gregg

    Tinged with great sadness today. Yesterday I was celebrating our FA cup triumph, then in the early hours I received the news that a good friend of mine passed away, following a long and heroic battle against cancer. Ironically a Tottenham Hotspur fan and we enjoyed light-hearted banter for many, many years. RIP big man, my friend Steve xx

  17. sanmi

    Y’all don’t get it do you? It wasn’t just about the trophy, it was about seeing wenger’s project succeed!
    Ramsey a wenger’s project won the cup!
    Did you see how true fans wanted to take the shirt off wenger? Did you see his relationshp with the players?
    It is not just not winning trophies, how you do it matters to some of us. The team that won it, had the following players that left to WOB won’t have been here
    2. Mertasacker
    3. Kolcieny
    4. RAMSEY
    6. Sanogo

  18. SUGA3

    it is actually pretty damn funny how the ‘positive’ fans think it is anyone’s wish on here for the Arsenal to fail…

    I mean, fuck me. there are a few trolls on here, but come the fuck on, Pedro is probably still struggling to slur two coherent sentences together, let alone write a blog post, I know I’m struggling to write this 😆

  19. paddywhack

    I know many people are knocking Sanogo, he’s young, he’s raw, but boy does he make a nuisance of himself and he makes defenders nervy. He will never be a Drogba but he will be a good CF in time if they can hone off the raw edges.

    It’s a day to celebrate, Arsenal have won the FA Cup, now for many more.

  20. N5


  21. Marko

    Probably won’t be a new post till about 10pm with all the damaged head and livers going about today. Also that Suanmi or whatever guy literally turned what yesterday was into something it wasn’t. It wasn’t about inflating Wenger’s ego or justifying various insane things he’s done the past few seasons (I’ll be fair and say 3 seasons for sure we should of been spending more money) especially the last 2 transfer windows. Yesterday was more about the mentality of the club getting that trophyless monkey off it’s back, the likes of Sagna and Rosicky being rewarded for years of service, the likes of Ivan being rewarded for stumping up 42 million for a player and last but not least for the fans who’ve waited so long and deserve much more.

  22. sanmi

    Teams with trophies this season
    Man city

    Man utd

    Now wait a minute! Do u still want Moyes and Martinez? Rogers? Mou?
    I don’t want any of the 4!
    Like I said sometime ago, I am still not convinced about klopp.
    But admittedly, he has built a project from ground up and won something. The aforementioned 4 haven’t done it.
    Wenger built a team, won trophies, built a stadium, balanced the books and now winning trophies.
    Leeds tried it and went bankrupt. Not even Ferguson built a stadium.
    Only one coach worldwide has built a stadium and never failed to qualify for champs league. EVER!

  23. Dundonald Gooner

    Delighted, of course. I don’t know about all you lovely Gooners out there but I am getting really sick of the phrase “nine years”. We have gone from being the team that has not won anything for “nine years” to the side that has finally won something after “nine years”. Good grief !!!

  24. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Spot on mate
    The trophy for Sagna and Rosicky mean so much as both are on the twilight of there careers at Arsenal. Though Rosicky had already won a cup with German club but I think for Sagna it is the 1st silverware.correct me if I am wrong.

  25. gats

    why the fuck is he allowing sangna to leave and join another fukcing rival club anyway. This bastard wenger does this all the time, if he wins anything he breaks up the team all the fucking time, and we have to start allover again. All the bloody time its a fucking rebuild process. Why not just pay fucking sagna the money who the fuck cares if its 100k in the long term plans of the club its bloody peanuts. FUCK WENGER, AND FUCK ALL YOU AKB assholes.

  26. Marko

    Also let’s be honest some of the media are cunts. Wouldn’t be surprised if we start hearing one trophy in 9 years soon. Anyway let them enjoy the rest of the week and then sit down talk targets and let Ivan do some work this summer

  27. sanmi

    Here’s Micah Richards recent tweet:

    Congrats to Arsenal for the win today! A CLUB WHO TRY TO DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY! Arsene Wenger the great!!!!!!

    Now that’s a sensible man who understands.
    Not some people who wouldn’t mind you winning the wrong way!
    #BalanceTheBooks, then #WinTrophies.

  28. andy1886

    Fuck me, we win a trophy at last and the Wengerites are too busy trolling to enjoy the day in the spirit that any sane individual would. You’d think they’d be happy – I am – but no, they can’t really enjoy it unless they are sticking the boot into people just because they have a different opinion about one employee of AFC. Grow up children, you really are pathetic.

  29. sanmi

    @Gats, players leave all the time, as long as it isn’t mass exodus and it isn’t the core of the team, you are welcome to leave. If Sagna goes, I wouldn’t lose a minute sleep, as good as he is, a better player is easy found and even made, offensively, Sagna is crap. 100k for him? No way!
    Even Bayern sold players, Barca did, Madrid did, Man city did. Man utd dint and dey did not win.
    Selling isn’t bad, as long as it isn’t the core and thankfully Sagna is not

  30. peanuts&monkeys

    Micah is not an Arsenal fan. He has not stood the pain of 9 years’ wait. Rather he has enjoyed the complete erosion of style and class of Arsenal play since 2006 (read since prof wenger went back to commerce classes to balance books)

  31. Dissenter

    Stop all the baiting.
    I didn’t see you here the day after we got thumped 6-0 or 5-1 against our title rivals.

    You are the epitome of bandwagon fan.
    The people you’re baiting have posted here day after day all through our trophy-less decade.

    But really, feel free to troll peanuts and Johnty.
    It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
    Yesterday was for Arsenal FC, not Arsene.
    I’m still happy for Arsene though. Anyone can see it meant a lot to him. It’s lonely at the top. It’s also cash rewarding too.

  32. sanmi

    Le-Groan, I remembered..em..em you said spurs would finish above us because they signed 7 players! Guess what?
    Oh! We won’t qualify for champs lge, guess what?
    Wenger will never win a trophy, guess what?
    Ramsey will never be world class, guess what?

  33. andy1886

    Samni, Wenger didn’t build a stadium, get it right. If you knew anything you’d know that Danny Fiszman and Ken Friar where the key personnel in getting the stadium built, not Wenger. Sure he had a reduced budget for a while but as we all know the increased stadium revenues more than account for the repayments and have done for at least five years. As for qualification for the CL that’s all well and good but the only tangible result has been in the Arsenal bank account, not where it should be in the trophy cabinet.

    Just enjoy the win and stop being such a cock.

  34. Dissenter


    Arsene built the stadium?

    Oh wait, I can see pouring concrete, negotiating plumbing contracts and transporting day labourers.

    Mythological tales of Arsenal begins here.

  35. peanuts&monkeys

    arsenal-ended-their-trophy-drought-their-way, the-hard-way:

    How apt! 🙂

    Even Tim Sherwood with this average Arsenal team would have got us the league. Poor Wenger.

  36. jwl

    Yesterday was the best kind of match – start out losing, than come back at last minute to win the game, you feel all the emotions between anger and joy. My neice and I were exhausted by end, we needed a rest.

    Aaron Ramsey – he score’s when he wants!

  37. tunnygriffboy


    Micah Richards is a gooner. Honest.


    Please don’t spoil the day. 99% of people on here are ecstatic we won yesterday, you don’t need to wind people up and turn the site into an argument. Thank you.

  38. reality check


    this guys fucking hilarious!!!

    forget it guys he’s on a hype, loves wenger way too much and we just won the cup so, fk it if you cant beat em’ join em…

    yeeeeaaahhh fuck yeah, Fuck you gambon, fuck you pedro, fuck you RC, N5 TYAGN all you lil LE-MOAN bitches, yeeeaaaahhhh AKBS ALL DAY!!!!!!

  39. N5

    reality, I’m not sure why I got a fuck you, I’ve never been a Wenger out or a Wenger in, I only changed my tune on him in January due to the transfer window. I support Arsenal and whoever is employed by them!

    Cheers sabeel for letting me know.

  40. peanuts&monkeys

    Even Tim Sherwood with this average Arsenal team would have got us the league. Poor Wenger from where we were on Jan 20.

    He told me he would need only one signing to do: Jermain Defoe.

  41. andy1886

    It’s a beautiful day folks, and no whinging can spoil it. Let’s hope that we have a fruitful summer and put those no account no history boys back in their place next season!

  42. peanuts&monkeys

    Even Tim Sherwood with this average Arsenal team would have got us the league from where we were on Jan 20.He told me he would need only one signing to do: Jermain Defoe.

  43. reality check

    reality, I’m not sure why I got a fuck you, I’ve never been a Wenger out or a Wenger in, I only changed my tune on him in January due to the transfer window. I support Arsenal and whoever is employed by them!

    Cheers sabeel for letting me know
    ah n5 its random, this guys going in on le-grove because he’s so so happy, I think it funny, look what he said,

    Le-Groan, (the whole blog) I remembered..em..em you said spurs would finish above us because they signed 7 players! Guess what?
    Oh! We won’t qualify for champs lge, guess what?
    Wenger will never win a trophy, guess what?
    Ramsey will never be world class, guess what?

  44. MadeToLoveMagic

    Im soo happy this morning,

    Well done boys, , you almost gave us a heart attack tho!! So proud of the team.

    when we went 2 nil down i was in a state of shock,

    my mom ran off and got me some brandy because she said all the colour had gone from me

    but when santi scored i started to feel better.

    WELL DONE arsenal

    and btw, wasnt sanogo fantastic yesterday,,, completely swung the game in our favour,, giroud was gash until sanogo came on


  45. MadeToLoveMagic

    After reading some of yous lots comments,

    some of you are the most plastics cunts ever

    bet even Gambon is enjoying this


  46. N5

    Samni, just to clarify my position. I’ve never been disrespectful to Wenger, I’ve never been a doomer, called him a cunt or senile, or wished death on him. The worst thing I said was he was stuck in the past way of thinking and other teams have taken him over, which is what Seaman, Dixon and Wright all said yesterday. I’ve got nothing but respect for Wenger. Do I think he’s the man for the job…..does it matter?

    He is the boss and we won the FA cup, that’s where it ends for me and I’m happy as can be!!

  47. reality check

    MadeToLoveMagic May 18, 2014 11:47:05

    After reading some of yous lots comments,

    some of you are the most plastics cunts ever

    bet even Gambon is enjoying this



    f**k yeaahhh lol

    this is a happy day lads, why so serious?? we won, who cares who says what, we won, it’s all good in the hood, representing that (N5) 1BU, fuck the spuds, you already know!