FA CUP FINAL EVE | Brendan Rodgers tie…

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Brendan Rodgers tie

This happened

Massive LOL moment of my evening.

‘I’m not telling you whether Henry Winter is good at 5 aside football, because you’ll put it on your blog’

It’s true, it’s all about the important stuff on Le Grove.

Anyway, not much to report on last night.  Had an debate with some journos about payment for writing.

‘You should be grateful you’re getting anything’

… they cackled.

I feel for young aspiring writers when that’s the attitude of mega publishers. I don’t need the cash because it’s not my career, but my god, I would not recommend becoming a journo to any youngster. I mean, their argument is they’re not making any money. Which is a fair shout. They also made the point that ‘there are 50 others who will write instead’… again, doesn’t fuss me because it doesn’t affect me, but if you’re trying to get a foot in the industry, that’s what you’re up against.

You just can’t believe how entrenched in hierarchy that industry is and how tight they are outside the elite.

I walked past a tight trousered pundit and overheard…

‘He’s always treated my old man well in the press’

Gives you an idea of how it all works. Guess who else was there? Tim Sherwood. Nice chap, clearly, most Gooners are. Told him I was a massive Spurs fan and I was devastated to see him go… because whilst not being a Spurs fan, I was genuinely devastated to see him go. I felt like he was the first Spurs manager I truly wanted to see given the chance. Can’t believe Levy binned him off. Point here is he’s incredibly personable and his reward is that the press adore him, which means he’ll always land jobs because he’ll be made front of mind.

West Ham Sack Manager >>> Press make Sherwood favourite.

The award was comperred by Andy Dunn. The amount of back handed snipes he made about new media was amusing. It’s the Football ‘writers’ awards, not the print hack awards. The self preservation amongst some areas of that industry is embarrassing. I have the same moan every year. I just find the whole industry staggeringly backward. Well, the old school bully boy NOTW feature writer types who own that FWA.  A lot of typewriters in a PC world.

Anyway, onto fashion. Brendan Rodgers took the award for Suarez. He wore a sparkly skinny tie. I mean, people dig me out around attire… RODGERS WAS WEARING GLITTER TIE! It looked like something my brother would have busted 5 years ago after being given a £10 Topman voucher.

Suarez was quite interesting to listen to… he’s quite a sweet guy. He just loves football and that’s why he’s a monster on the pitch. Humorous listening to the press talking about how he turned his image around… errrrr, by scoring loads of great goals? Also interesting listening to Rodgers talk about how the players convinced him to stay last year.

… the big what if with Arsenal this season isn’t about fit players, for me, it’s what if we’d landed him!

Not much in the news today to talk about… I’m just gearing up for a massive day tomorrow!

The only thing I’ve seen is Paddy Power putting up the picture of Arsenal’s victory bus. Bit weird for a sponsor to behave like that? People losing their minds over the bus. Reality is, you have to prepare something so you don’t look amateur when you  win. It’s like the victory parade signs… that’s not arrogant, it’s just a common courtesy for the people of North London.

Also, that massive typo in my headline. What a laugh. It was ironical, I promise. Totally playing up to the crowd. You all got that, right?




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  1. MidwestGun

    We were discussing moreso whether Wayne Rooney merited the same kind of deal as Messi and Ronaldo. Or Neymar or Torres. I don’t begrudge top players, top money. But some of the others get paid by advertisers as much as their salary to just show up in uniform. For example Torres. Neymar whom has basically done nothing so far makes big endorsement also.

  2. Dissenter

    I seem to have gone off on a tangent then.

    Hull are paying the bus transportation for their fans to Wembley.
    Gazidis, are you watching?

  3. MidwestGun

    Also, to be fair I don’t think anyone thought FFP would level the playing field
    through fines or restrictions in the first year. Maybe over time. But where I believe AW went wrong is he thought teams would get altogether banned from CL competition which probably will never happen. Besides FFP is the lamest excuse ever for not spending when you have 170 mill in the bank cash.

  4. Carts

    I tell you what i am curious to know…where exactly does the paid fines from FFP go to?

    Is someone going to tell me it simply sits in a Swiss account or…

  5. MidwestGun

    The answer to your question is Uefa has said they haven’t yet determined where the fines go.. I’m sure a worthwhile charity……. 😀

  6. SurferX

    Full settlement details:

    1. A reduction in the breakeven requirement of E15m & E20m over the next 2 seasons (this means they can effectively lose E35m less than everyone else)

    2 Sale of group assets (intellectual property) is not allowable (this is more confirmation of what was expected by everyone except city it would appear)

    3. Employee benefit expenses are capped (though interesting City say this excludes performance bonuses.. CFCB makes not mention)

    4. CL players limited to 21 next season

    5. Limitation on spending (CFCB do not confirm- City statement has said E60m net- although I personally think this is largely an irrelevant clause: they are constrained by the amortisation bomb & forceast p&l more than anything else).

    6 60m fine, 40m suspended; payable in installments across 3 seasons (again, massively irrelevant- the key part is the E15m & E20m reduction in allowable profit which is the tangible hit. In practice, they could fine them £1bn and providing the owners pay it, it matters not)

    Thats a huge penalty for the first phase: its certainly bigger than my expectations. The playing field just got levelled significantly- especially given the leap in broadcast revenues this season.

  7. SurferX

    So to surmise:

    1. They need to lose less money than everyone else for 2 years
    2. They can have less players in Europe
    3. They are restricted on player transfers
    4. They are restricted on player salaries

    PLUS: a load of contingent penalties that wont go away until they are compliant.

    FFP is a Financial collar that will tighten with each passing year. I did not expect it to bite so significantly in year 1. Nor did I expect City to agree to it: I thought they would chance the CAS.

  8. MidwestGun

    Still tho if AW refuses to spend more then City under restrictions it will never even out. This would be a signal to me to spend more than Cities 60mill net spend to try and catch up as perhaps now we couldn’t be outbid on top available players. I have no confidence AW sees it that way tho.

  9. Omerta

    “did someone say FFP is a joke? Lol…”

    Nope. But I’m quite sure I heard someone say that it’s foolish/stupid/whatever to keep your money in the bank in an inflationary market.

    And while hindsight is a beautiful thing, I do believe that FFP has given some smart people a kind of foresight.

    Chelsea had the foresight to buy players, then more players, then some more, while they could. They will now use these players to balance either their team, or the books.
    Arsenal have had the foresight that the market would stop being inflationary, maybe even go into decline. So they sat on their money.
    Man City, well, they have just been daft.

  10. SurferX

    I think AW’s issues with spending are ingrained and deep within him- irrespective of FFP.

    I see a longer term view here: AFC will be announcing record revenue growth in the next set of accounts (alongside another mountain of cash). One of the big inflationary forces in the market has just had a bucket of water thrown over it. Those two things lead to putting AFC in a stronger competitive position. The fact that we do not have the manager to take advantage of it is secondary; and its ramifications probably outlast AW by some distance.

    Put it another way, in 2 seasons time when he’s gone- with the revenue growth, cash & the competition actively being collared- we are potentially in a very strong position. Financially, only ManU will be above us (instead of ManU, Chelski & Citeh) and they have dividends to worry about.

  11. SurferX

    3-2 AFC. We’ll coast it 2-0 for 80 minutes, they’ll score 2 in the last 10 and then we’ll get the winner just before extra-time.

    Wait.. where have I seen that before?

  12. Carts

    I must say that I’m also surprised.

    I guess it’s easy to say FFP is shit without actually understanding the full implications of penalties.

    There’s no doubt city tried to mug it. Intellectual property rights; did they sell the blue print to water-fuelled mopeds or something. Those figures were Wildly exaggerated.

  13. N5

    I for one am glad SurferX is a gooner, otherwise he wouldn’t come on this site and explain to dimwits like me what is going on!

    Thanks X.

  14. MidwestGun

    SurferX –
    I hope you are correct. But the opportunity cost of time with AW in charge for 2 years is pretty high. Other clubs will be able to figure out how to take advantage of FFP if we don’t, not to mention 2 years of the restricted clubs figuring out how to operate within constraints. Just wish we had an agressive savy transfer market wizard in charge now. Time is money, as they say. Lol.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Got a feeling we’re going to make it hard, hard going tomorrow…dodgy 1-0 I’m going for.

  16. SurferX

    One final point on FFP before FA Cup blackout.. thats not the end of the matter (although everyone seems to be reporting it as such). Every impacted club can appeal to the CFCB (so thats Pool, Chelski, AFC as they will argue they should have greater revenue share if Citeh kicked out; Everton who can argue the 4th place; and ManU who would get into Europe). In other words, they can argue it was too lenient.

    I would be amazed if those clubs dont appeal it as there doesnt seem to be a downside for them doing so. They have 10 days to lodge.

  17. bazza

    I’m surprised surferX seems to be impressed with the Uefa sanctions on City. The real impact will be minimal.

    Freezing City’s wage bill has little impact especially as performance-based bonuses can be paid outside the max figure, their wage bill is so inflated that a wage freeze for two years really isn’t a big deal. They will still be able to pay players more than any other team.

    21-man European squad, cut from the usual 25, of which eight must qualify as “homegrown”. City pointed out, however, that last season they registered 23 players and used only 21. Therefore this restriction will have little or no impact.

    The only Uefa ruling that will have an immediate effect is the restriction on what they can spend on transfers which is £49m, this figure is net, so bearing in mind the squad size limitation, City will probably sell a couple of squad players which will boost permissible funds to say £70m, hardly a major impediment.

    City have accepted the ruling purely because it won’t have an adverse impact on their plans. Uefa are just going through the motions, the only sanction that would really bite is a ban from European competition.

  18. SurferX

    Your completely wrong bazza.

    “Freezing City’s wage bill has little impact especially as performance-based bonuses can be paid outside the max figure”

    No they cant. What City are saying is that performance related increases are outside of the level which are frozen. At this stage its unconfirmed by UEFA; but in either regard, the split between performance related and standard salary emoluments will come under close scrutiny- as the other creative accounting transactions did. So Im not sure what your assertion is; they they will try to get round it and fail; or that they will redraft every players contract to a pay as you win?

    The 21 man penalty is a huge impact on their incoming transfer policy. What Citys statement failed to mention was that their only registered 23 players barbecue they were 2 short on the home grown rule. 3 of those players (Lescott, Richards, Rodwell) were potentially moving on- that will be in question I think. So they have to lose 2 of the 23 ‘foreign’ players- and have to lose another for every player they bring in.

    That is huge because any player considering going there is going to want reassurances about being in the squad- so it will make it harder for them to pick up players like Jovetic, Negredo, Garcia, etc in future.

    You say the restriction on transfers is the biggest impact- it isnt: its irrelevant. Their biggest cap is a reduction in breakeven in future accounts. The issue they have is the amortisation bomb- if City signed noone this summer, their spending on transfers (in the P&L via amortisation) would still be huge because of their historical spending. So it is the impact of being required to make this break-even that will hurt as their transfer policy will be dictated by profit on sales as much as anything (expect to see some players being sold if they have 1/2 years left on their contracts).

    City have grandstanded all the way through this. They have stated that they would be compliant, that they are compliant, and now they are saying that the settlement doesnt effect them. It does- why do you think they took so long to agree it?

    At the very worse, this year & next they have to stand still or face bigger punishments. And, as we have learnt from AW-,standing still in football is going backwards. You have to look at FFP from a more holistic perspective: not what impact does it have on City next year; but what effect will it have on them, their rivals and the transfer market in general over the next 5 years- both direct and indirectly.

  19. Kwik fit

    Guys listen to the song ‘ this time tomorrow’ by kinks cos I got a premunition thAt this time tomorrow things may be different, We all Absolutely love the Arsenal!!!

  20. bazza


    My point is a simple one. If City’s wage bill is frozen, it will clearly have a minimal effect on their ability to attract top players as they are starting from such a high base. Even if they are not permitted to pay performance related bonuses in addition to base salaries , this will still leave them as the highest payers in the Premiership.

    Your comment “City have grandstanded all the way through this. They have stated that they would be compliant, that they are compliant, and now they are saying that the settlement doesn’t effect them. It does- why do you think they took so long to agree it?” This completely misses the point. Ultimately they did not contest the Uefa ruling because it will have a minimal impact on them. If they really were worried they would have contested the decision through the courts and almost certainly would have won, as Eufa ruling goes against every conceptof corporate governance and behaviour.
    Anyway, I hope you’re right and City suffer but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  21. Moray

    From the Sun:

    The ‘will he won’t he’ rigamoroll over Arsene Wenger’s future was ended a few weeks back, when the man himself told BeIN Sport he would be signing a new deal beyond this summer.

    But tomorrow’s tabloid backpages add a new dimension to the plot, claiming that Wenger’s deal will effectively be a ‘job for life’, i.e. taking him into retirement from football.

    The ‘Job for Life’ title is a bit hyberbolic, though, as it will only yake Wenger through to 67 (3 more years), after which he could feasibly continue managing elsewhere.

    I feel physically sick!

  22. Hitman49

    Boys can sleep !!

    Dame this…….

    Just though the only certainty is our keeper will wear yellow today !!

    As our cup tradition continues !

    SHE wore SHE wore !

  23. SpanishDave

    FFP a joke now whats the excuse Wenger, this is the real world of corruption at high places, and nothing will change.
    The old fool will moan and carry on the same.
    Today remember West Ham and Ipswich it can go tits up.

  24. Evan

    COME ON YOUR GOONERS. have a great day grovers, If I had tits id be buzzing them off. Surely we have this in ze bag, no handbrake please

  25. ozrus

    TYAG found a like minded flange – VP, he won’t be lonely no more.

    gambon hasn’t come up with any FFP anti Surfer X shit yet, after all this time. He’s either planning a big surprise, and not idling by, or he shat a bunch of bricks and is nursing the bloody injury. “and the whores like a choir go uh”

  26. Sensible old man

    After nine fucking years we’ll win a fucking trophy today and I’m fucking working till five!!!!!! God I’m gonna have to record it and switch off my fone till I get in…… Or listen to the game on shitty radio 🙁 🙁

  27. TitsMcgee

    I think AW’s issues with spending are ingrained and deep within him- irrespective of FFP”

    Oh yes.