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Gooooood morning. What an incredibly pleasant day it is outside? If the day were a person, it’d be Eboue at a Christmas party. A little ball of sunshine. Maybe not Eboue now. No World Cup for him this year. Sad times for the tiger suited right back.

So how was yesterday?

Well, it was quite fun. I got to sit in and watch a press conference. I took some snipey flak online for it. Shocker. Not sure why. I’m a fan, not a militant or a right wing action group looking to take down the club. You either want to see the day or you don’t. Being critiqued for going to yesterday is like being critiqued for going to games. I create Arsenal content everyday of the year, I have social channels dedicated to sharing that, if I can get some stuff to share, why not?  The same people who moan about me going to these things moan about journos. At least I’m a fan.

Anyway, whatever. It’s become quite clear that people snipe whatever happens here.

So what did I learn yesterday? Well, without meaning to take down and industry… especially one I’m about to sit with this evening, it’s not hard to see why traditional media is in such a hole at the moment. Yesterday’s press conference was 60 strong. 60 people there, all taking notes on the same event. 60 people who all loosely know each other. I mean, in the world of online content, originality and angle is king. How are these guys supposed to get an angle on a story if they’re all listening to the same thing?

I jumped in a cab with three online journalists on the way in. They told me they were almost solely KPI’d on page views. So it was all about the salacious title. David Ogilvy, the famous marketing creative once said 80% of a clients copy budget is in the headline. It’s true to an extent. Online is a cluttered space. Your headline needs to be punchy and interesting otherwise people won’t come… and I get this totally. However, if you’re KPId on page views, are you hitting for great journalism, or are you looking for the one fleck of controversy that will inflame page views?

Quick point here, I’m not for a minute suggesting all journalism is poor. Clearly it’s not. However, it feels like a lot of these online publications are missing a trick. There are three KPIs that are important from a digital perspective with a publication. The first is dwell time. If people don’t stay on your site very long, there might be a value with the advertising impression, but the person who has come on the site and disappeared in 5 seconds hasn’t built and affinity with your site because clearly they’re disappointed with the content. When you use misleading headlines and the story disappoints, you’ve lost a reader. The second is bounce rate. You want to hook people into the site. The Daily Mail side bar of shame is world class at keeping you online. The most important one for me, is return visitor rate. Does that person return off their own back?

There are only a few news publications I’ll return to regularly off my own back. The Times, because I pay for it and the Guardian, because the experience is a pleasant one. I’m not sure these publications focus enough on the bigger picture.


The problem is they’re not generating enough revenue. Their solution? More adverts. More monetization. They’re the record label struggling to turn a profit because of falling sales coming up with the solution of putting record costs up. A couple of hideous websites for adverts are the Express and the Independent. I don’t click because the websites are so awful with their fullpage takeovers and the autoplay videos. No consideration for the user, all about pageviews in the moment. Not thinking about the lifetime value of that pageview.

Newspapers won’t survive unless they have amazing digital propositions. The reason their digital propositions are generally so bad is because their infrastructures are fat and bloated and they’re trying to shoe horn them into lean digital operations. Football journalism is changing, give it 10 years and things will be very different, because from where I’m looking, you can’t run a business the way these papers do and expect to survive.

I remember speaking to a very good journalist at a very good paper who told me he had to supplement his salary by £8k to survive. For me, the future model of journalism is freelance with a mix of newspaper and brand. The sad fact is, brands pay better. I pay journalists to work with me, so I know the prices that happen. One of the biggest English speaking publications (profitable publication as well) just asked me to write for them this Sunday… the offer? £50. Interestingly, the brand / publisher mix is happening with bloggers as well. They’re offering a supplementary living as well. It’s becoming one big blurred mess… but an interesting evolution as the industry buckles under the reality that they’ll have to evolve to survive the next ten years.

The jist of what I’m getting at here is that the page view will become an irrelevance… brilliant writing never will. Some papers are forgetting this and forcing journos to do things they’re not proud of. Very sad.

Anyway, onto the presser. What was interesting, outside the totally bland comments of Arsene, was that the journalists goad the manager. Not on purpose, but proceedings went a little like this.

‘Arsene, can you tell us about the futures of some of your key players?’

‘No, I’m not talking about that’

‘Arsene, what about Samir Nasri?’

‘I’m here to talk about the FA Cup’

‘Arsene, do you expect Fabianski to sign on again?’

‘I won’t talk about that’

‘Arsene, this could potentially be Vermaelen’s last game for the club?’

‘I won’t talk about that’

‘Arsene, can you give us a few quotes in French about Samir Nasri’s omittance from the squad?’

Honestly, you’re sitting at the back listening to this and you can’t quite fathom why they’re all asking the same questions? Obviously, not all of the questions were the same, but even the good ones were tepid.

‘Arsene, will the result affect your future?’


You know you’ll get that response. Why not ask…

‘Arsene, if you lose this game at the weekend, do you think after 10 years without a trophy, you should resign?’

Isn’t that what journalism is about? Sparking a response? The manager gets such an easy ride in these things.

Anyway, not too much of a clue what’s going on. You sensed he was very confident by keen not to be complacent.

We then went on to watch the players train. Well, when I say train, we watched them run around the pitch twice. I don’t know much about fitness, but they basically looped the pitch twice, did 3 minutes of shuttle runs and a little bit of stretching. My Sunday league warm up. Proper not advanced.


Anyway, it was great seeing the players so close. They’re just like big kids. Jack had accidentally hurt Koscielny and was begging for forgiveness… he didn’t get it. They all seem to really get on. You also realise how slim they all are. Very slight frames. Giroud is a big old lump though. He’s massive close up, but ultimately, I’m still going gay for him, so deal with it. Diaby is also quite a beast. We were shuffled out after 15min as the club were working on secret stuff. I left then, I met the assistant to Gary O’Driscoll and Colin Lewin after, she said she was a keen reader of Le Grove, what a superstar (or PR stooge, she was pretty). Hopefully that’s on a recommendation of her bosses!

Anyway, all good fun.Sounds like the club are going to make an effort to involve more than the press moving forward.

On the massive positive front. The players look relaxed, the manager sounds relaxed so I’m feeling good about the weekend. In fact, I’m feeling amazing about the weekend. I can’t wait. The FA Cup may not be premier in the players eyes, but it certainly is in terms of fan spectacle. If we finish the season on a win, it’ll be a great way to head into the summer. Some bloody silverware!

Right, that’s all I’ve got for you. Have a damn fine day. I’m at the Football Writers Awards tonight, if I get any off the record goss, I’ll share tomorrow.



P.S. I appreciate I make typos… so the quality isn’t up to newspapers levels.

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  1. Dan Ahern

    Fascinating blog today Pedro.

    Wenger pressers sound like loads of fun. Of course, I can understand why he doesn’t want to say anything. Why risk giving these guys an inflammatory quote? Sad state of affairs.

  2. Gunnershabz

    Don’t know if it’s true but if juventus willing to sell Vidal for £33m we should get him it will complete our midfield

  3. london gunner

    trini gooner

    I am into bodybuilding or was..

    I am falling out of love with pumping Iron… seems a bit pointless after awhile as my flexibility and my running speed has slowed down (natural sprinter)

    Got into power lifting recently but it kinda fucks if you do other sports (which I do) and have a very active lifestyle… coz you need every minute to recover or you quickly over-train and your muscles feel sore as hell

    Plus I can only deadlift twice my weight which sucks its obviously quite a bit better than the average person but in terms of power lifting competitions you need to be lifting three times your weight at least, I can almost bench my weight and a half which is good and I can squat double my weight which is ok
    But its pretty poor and even though I am muscular guy but I don’t think I have bone structure or joints for it pro level as I’d need to be benching 149 kg, squatting 226 and deadlifitng 244

    But I purely want to do Ironman not because I enjoy long distance or cardio as I surely don’t but because its an amazing achievement and you got a hard bastard to complete it. I am a check list sort of guy lol!

  4. Cesc Appeal

    I sat a ridiculous Law of Torts exam today after gently crying/rocking myself to sleep last night – if I can do that, Wenger can make sure Arsenal take down a Hull side missing both their strikers on Saturday.

  5. Arsene's Nurse

    TitsMcgee May 15, 2014 19:50:15

    Only page 3?

    Slow day.
    It’s the lull before the storm. Everyone is keeping their powder dry and saving up ze mental strength for 3pm Saturday, before we all go stir crazy with delight or heartbreak.

  6. TitsMcgee

    “In La Liga, the opposition generally stop trying when you’re 2-0 or 3-0 up,” he says. “But in the Premier League, you might be 4-0 or 6-0 up in the 85th minute, and the fans of the other team are still singing, and suddenly this guy bursts through and you have to run after him. It’s incredibly intense. You don’t get these end-to-end games elsewhere.”

  7. Trini-Gooner


    Dude, you’re fucking strong!

    I weight train as well, but my knees have problems from 9 years of rugby. If you can squat twice your weight, that’s a great achievement man, one that I’m still trying to get to. My bench is not bad, but my deadlift sucks lol. I’ve only been training for a couple years but I love it.

    Sure, you may not be able to go pro in power lifting, but take it from me, you’re fucking strong lol.

    Plus, I wouldn’t want to look like those powerlifters anyway, they all got huge lifters guts haha.

  8. Carts


    Re: Law of Torts…

    I could just google it but I’m far to lazy right now. Briefly explain what that entails, please. Cheers

  9. MidwestGun

    Hahaha don’t envy the lawyer exam thing. I took 2 semesters of business law back in my university days and wanted to shoot myself from boredom. And I guess luckily I’ve never had to use any of that knowledge.
    However, I also learned how to properly tap a keg that semester and that came in handy a time or 2. 😀

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Law of Torts is essentially things like, Breach of Duty, Negligence, Occupier’s Liability, Psychiatric Harm, Trespass to the Person, Pure Economic Loss, Vicarious Liability.

    It deals in civil cases often where a party feel wronged or has suffered some damage or loss (Claimant) and they seek to claim damages from the liable party (defendant).

  11. TitsMcgee

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve deep-sixed the squats….only Leg presses for me now. I know too many friends with knee problems and joint problems and at 34 years old I am not going to cripple myself in the name of vanity. It’s just not worth it. I have always had an athletic physique. Currently 6’4 225 but I was really a 400m runner more than anything else even though I didn’t have a passion for it.

    Played American football in college by just trying out for the team.

  12. Mike adamski

    Seems to be an awful lot of ex arsenal player high profile omissions from World Cup squads ;


  13. MidwestGun

    Haha. I’ve often thought University should teach you real world knowledge, stuff you will use.
    How to buy wine to impress the hot PR girl, how to get yourself out of credit card debt, how to divorce that crazy biaatch, how to tell your neighbor he’s a dickhead without getting sued……… you know, useful stuff. 😀

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Tis true – they should in all honesty teach you that kind of stuff in school, start you off early learning

  15. Trini-Gooner


    Fair play mate, I am no professional but all I will say is that my knees were shot and my doctor told me not to squat or do heavy lifting in general, that it will only make my knees worse.

    Well, I stumbled upon http://www.stronglifts.com and the guy who runs it, Mehdi, gives away a 200 page e-book for free where he basically says, try my workout for 12 weeks and he guaranteed results. It’s a lot of squatting! I ran it for just over a year before modifying it a little. But I swear to God, my knees have never felt better!

    Except recently, because I tried to go back out for club rugby after a four year hiatus and it didn’t go so well lol. I’m not calling it quits just yet, but my rugby career may be over at the tender age of just 26 🙁

  16. Leedsgunner


    Torts was one of my favourite subjects! (With Crime and international law, there’s a misnomer for you!)

    Shame that there isn’t a duty of care from a manager to a team’s fans… Wewould all be quids in by now…. 😉

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Could always make a claim for negligently inflicted psychiatric harm I suppose.

    I like contract law. I like them all to be fair, but today the question was a bit flim flammy if you get me. Was so open it was ridiculously difficult to answer.

  18. Arsene's Nurse

    TitsMcgee May 15, 2014 20:11:29

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve deep-sixed the squats….only Leg presses for me now. I know too many friends with knee problems and joint problems and at 34 years old I am not going to cripple myself in the name of vanity. It’s just not worth it. I have always had an athletic physique. Currently 6’4 225 but I was really a 400m runner more than anything else even though I didn’t have a passion for it.

    Played American football in college by just trying out for the team.
    My old man was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 28 and told that if he played football at the level he was doing he’d be in a wheelchair by 30.

    So he quit. He played a bit when my brother and I were around 18 – we had the ultimate mid-field. My dad LM, me CM and my brother RM!

    Anyways, when I took up mountain biking in the late 80’s, both him and my mum followed.

    Last year he did Lands End to John O’ Groats aged 65. His knees are fucked, but he’s been able to maintain fitness through cycling, because it doesn’t put the stress and strain on the knees or the lateral movements that really screw them up like skiing.

  19. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I remember watching a video showing these fellas doing repair work on the previous cup.
    And did you notice the name above where the new name goes?
    Arsenal 2002.

    Could be a lucky omen.

  20. Arsene's Nurse

    Kidd May 15, 2014 21:03:31

    Accounting > law:D
    For boredom. Both are good for earnings though.

  21. Carts


    Sounds very interesting. I won’t lie- I’ve always had a hard-on for Law and History. I did neither at Uni.

    One day, when older with a bit of surplus, I’ll take up both maybe part time.

  22. Guns of brixton

    For Weak knees, my advice would be lose some weight, and have regular check ups and do knee strenghting excercises

    i.e- back on wall legs spaced out to shoulder width, hands on thighs and crouch halfway and lift yourself back up using yur knees. Do it like 20-30 a day. It helps.

  23. Arsene's Nurse

    Guns of brixton May 15, 2014 21:13:16

    Imagine the pillow talk of the manager and players.
    Between Diaby and Wenger?

  24. Carts


    I used to go skits on squats right up on till about December last year. Making good gains. Then it hit me…in what name am I doing this shit for. I don’t even enjoy it.

    My quads were ballooning. 34/34 jeans, which is my comfy size, were getting tight as shit, but my waist was getting slimmer. My right knee – I suspected it to be the meniscus or posterior ligament – was getting sore as hell. So I completely sacked of heavy squats.

    I now front squat 40kg for reps. Leg extension for reps, leg press, standing and seated calf raise and a bit of hack squats – all for reps. Just looking to lean out the quads and put an inch on the calves. I’m 6’3, 14 odd stones.

    All the while my pal is trying to break some personal record and currently achieves 3 unassisted reps of 120kg (not including the bar). Now the pleb Is moaning that hit jeans are getting tight lol.

  25. london gunner

    My old man used to have the most fucked up knees possible. Constantly slipping out of their sockets.

    He stopped running and playing football and took up Cycling and now his in great shape he even did a triathlon last year.

  26. MidwestGun

    All you young guys. Lol. I ride my bicycle about 8 to 10 miles and I’m good. Never was much of a lifter. Played football(Soccer) until about 25, tore some ligaments ended my career. Now it’s all about low impact. Just turned 48 going on 29, mentally. Well that and I date girls 20 years younger, keeps me sharp. But I concur that once you turn about 35 bicycling is the way to go to stay fit.

  27. Leedsgunner

    Could always make a claim for negligently inflicted psychiatric harm I suppose…

    Yeah that’s right, good luck with that. That’s what the courts need another mad litigant in person, dribbling into their Morrisons bag stuffed full of papers. After giving up the lead after 128 days at the top of table, we should sue for “loss of chance”! 😉

  28. london gunner


    Lol I am not trying to boast (but I am 😉 )

    I was squatting 120 for 10 reps after a couple months of lifting.

    My legs got swole as fuck so I couldn’t fit in any jeans and I thought it looked abit silly so I long work out my legs but they are still fairly chunky.


    I would rather have a swole upper back then legs.

    Often what stops people from progressing in squats is a weak core/ lower back as they really get a hammering when you start going over 110 kg

  29. london gunner

    Sorry thats a lie

    “I was squatting 120 for 10 reps after a couple months of lifting.”

    Edit: after a couple months of lifting legs for the first time.

    I had previously been working out for a couple of years but only upper body, which helps with core strength which therefore helps with compound lifts

  30. Guns of brixton

    Dont understand why people pump Iron though.

    Guess its for looks.

    Real power and real strength in Pyhsical realm comes from fighting

    Do late night MMA grappling. Now i knw how fuck someone up if i have to!

  31. MidwestGun

    London –
    Don’t know if this will make you feel bad or not but my bro’s sister in law did the Iron Man in Hawaii 2 years ago at age of 35. Women seem to do ridiculously well in endurance events. But it seems like a hell of a challenge and it’s televised here in the states. So if you do it. Let me know, so I can cheer you on or make fun of you. Whichever. 😛

  32. Arsene's Nurse

    MidwestGun May 15, 2014 21:17:36

    All you young guys. Lol. I ride my bicycle about 8 to 10 miles and I’m good. Never was much of a lifter. Played football(Soccer) until about 25, tore some ligaments ended my career. Now it’s all about low impact. Just turned 48 going on 29, mentally. Well that and I date girls 20 years younger, keeps me sharp. But I concur that once you turn about 35 bicycling is the way to go to stay fit.
    That or swimming. Taking the weight and impact out of exercise as you get older is the way to go.

    I’ve been back in the saddle this year and I just have to remember that I’m not 20! It’s also really, really important to get your fit on the bike done properly and feel comfortable. Gone are the days when I was looking for a nice low stretched out position.

    I tend to concentrate on cadence and pedal stroke (technique) now, rather than average speed. Upper body is taken care of with light free-weights.

    Now if only there was a way to grow hair!

  33. Hitman

    Pretty sure we can get AW on
    1. fraud
    2. dereliction of duty
    3. impersonating a football manager

    If all that fails, how about getting him sectioned?
    The Law always catches up bogus types in the end.

  34. Mark

    I jokingly said in the comments a few days ago that we wouldn’t do any transfer business until after the World Cup as Salomon Kalou would be away with the Ivory Coast squad.

    Sky Sports have just posted the following Lille face fight to keep Arsenal target Salomon Kalou. Surely Wenger won’t go there?

  35. london gunner

    To the older guys of the blog!

    What ever you do lift weights! I have done allot of research into this,

    After 25 you start losing skeletal muscle, lots of older guys and gals who have trouble with their bones and joints is often because they are inactive or even if they are doing cardio and aerobic exercises.

    You need to lift weight as you get older to maintain a health level of muscle mass and good bone health!

    Obviously I don’t mean go crazy and throw 6 plates on the bar!

  36. london gunner


    Gordon Ramsey did it! How hard can it be 😉

    Was watching a vid of Armstong What a physical specimen is a machine like how he rides a bike he participated in a ironman event in his speedos lol

  37. Guns of brixton

    Kalou tbf being chased by host of over teams .

    wanted him on 6 mnth loan like kardashian was so hes sailed on, thank god.

    but, he’ll remain a ‘panic’ buy option on 31st Aug.

  38. carts

    London Gunner

    that’s decent gains there, mate. There’s one dude on youtube called ‘Clarence’. he absolutely ruins squats. Just type in ‘Clarence squats’. He reps out like you did.

    One of my problems was that I didn’t specifically work my core enough. Stomach is relatively flat – not quite brad pitt in fight club – but flat enough. 4-pack…faded 4 pack lol.

    With that said, that’s probably why I hit a plateau in squats. Didn’t work my core enough. I just spot my boy when he’s going beast mode lol.

  39. MidwestGun

    London –
    Ya, lightweights for me and I like to hit the heavy bag. Stress relief. 2 divorces. Hahaha. But it sounds like you got it goin on. Have you thought about doing personal training or physiotherapy?

  40. carts

    “Dont understand why people pump Iron though.

    Guess its for looks.

    Real power and real strength in Pyhsical realm comes from fighting

    Do late night MMA grappling. Now i knw how fuck someone up if i have to!”

    I have to admit that pumping iron or even calisthenics is about aesthetics above all. The by-product of pumping iron is strength and aesthetics. Just a case of what applies to you more. Or what you’re aiming for.

    With me, I’d say that I’ve always been naturally strong. Don’t now why. But when I started hitting the gym, I felt the urge to push myself (with in reason, of course). As you get stronger and start to develop aesthetically, it essentially reminds you while you started in the first place.

  41. Arsene's Nurse

    london gunner May 15, 2014 21:41:55


    Gordon Ramsey did it! How hard can it be 😉

    Was watching a vid of Armstong What a physical specimen is a machine like how he rides a bike he participated in a ironman event in his speedos lol
    Mentality is as much as ability when you are looking at that sort of athlete. The ability to endure pain is something that is conditioned for but it does take a mentality to endure that physical pain. I’ve read interviews of top cyclists who say that once they are through that lactic acid barrier that they enter a state of something akin to euphoria – everything is doable.

    Many moons ago I had a mate of mine who’s brother was a really keen cyclist. He could keep going when others would simply drop due to the pain and exhaustion – he could literally cycle himself into the ground. I did witness this once on routine mountain bike club ride that wasn’t strenuous, he just hadn’t had enough to eat before hand.

    He still managed to do the last to climbs where 90% of the others had to get off. I took him home along the road and even when I accidentally dropped him, I looked back and the mad fucker was still pedalling.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    I’m impressed. Yes we suffered a loss of opportunity, and Wenger himself admitted we had a real and substantial chance…until he breached his contract of being an actual football manager 😉

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Jamie Redknapp in an interview with Lehmann and Keown:

    “You two were ultimate winners, but I find it frustrating that fans are almost brainwashed into being told that fourth is good enough. When the players look back on their career, they don’t say: ‘Oh, remember when we got in the Champions League?’”

  44. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Don’t think it’s a realistic choice. But hypothetically I take Ballotelli. 23 with huge upside. Fits athletically. Power and Pace. Yes he’s a nutball.

    Benzema, seriously don’t want a last second deal based on fuckin Suarez and his agent again. But also Benzema 3 years older.

    Would be thrilled with either. Dont think AW would demote his boy Giroud, tho.

  45. salparadisenyc

    Sags to City rumors running like wildfire.
    Must be as a CB, interesting well be in the market for one of those this summer.
    Pay the MAN.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    “Would be thrilled with either. Dont think AW would demote his boy Giroud, tho.”

    Yep. Sadly.

  47. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Really? City, shit! Why is it always inter league rivals? PSG ok. Would rather keep him also and get a striker who doesn’t suck. Plus Sagna looked good at CB too. Maybe, FA Cup would sway him.

  48. tunnygriffboy


    You know me, glass kinda half full. I suppose it’s a wider question. Do we wait and wait to get our number 1 target and risk not getting them or to we get our number 2 target early when he’s available.

    Just reading about your exams has given me a headache. Wish you well in them.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    Cheers man.

    One down, over the next two weeks two more bits of coursework to submit and then a 3 hour criminal exam – joy.

  50. tunnygriffboy

    Disappointing about Sagna. By all accounts the deal we offered is good. Squad player for City. Time to move on, get Aurier in asap then look at CB. Kouyate been mentioned

  51. tunnygriffboy


    I seriously hated exams. Had to be done though. You’ll be glad in a few years. My son doing his A S levels now. Already informed me there’s no revision on saturday. Cup final then celebration or drown sorrows lol

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Exams are the worst.

    Even people who pretend to love them actually hate them – so unnatural, sitting in total silence yet surrounded by people.

  53. tunnygriffboy


    Out of interest does that 20 k put him on a par with Per and Kos or more. He is older than them. 20k and it does keep his experience. Perhaps Wenger wants a change ? He has said he’d like him to stay though.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Same as Podolski, not sure about Kozz and Mert.

    Just think for the immense hassle and the fact that you could solve room temperature fusion faster than Wenger can get a transfer done it just makes sense.

  55. Carts

    Good on Sagna; I’ve read some posters suggesting that Sagna to city is a money move. Granted.

    Might as well add the fact he’ll acquire a bit of silverware in 3 years too.

    Wenger is on £7m p/a…undeservedly so. Yet the the fucking old money hoarding cunt won’t sign off on giving Sagna what he wants? Ha.

    Good luck to Sagna. I mean that too!

  56. tunnygriffboy


    Per and kos reported new deals were 90k a week. Is Sagna worth more than that?

    I see Rodgers wants to bin upto 12 players including many he brought in. Toure, Illoris 7mil, Aspas 8mil, Alberto 7mil and Borini 12 mil. Mmmmmmmmm !

  57. Cesc Appeal


    10k more?

    Worth doesn’t matter in that case (you could argue easily he is) – it’s the multitude of other factors to consider with it.

  58. carts


    I think we should be looking past whether he’s worth more than 90k or not. He’s been a good servant and is still a consistent performer.

    Wenger is going to get rid of a good player; no loyalty from Wenger at all. Sagna on the other hand has shown enough loyalty and perseverance to get a good deal. He’s a damn good CB too.

    Rodgers will get the following:

    Aspas – £3m
    Alberto – £5m
    Toure – Space raiders
    Iloris – doubt he’ll sell, to be honest
    Borini – £5m

  59. tunnygriffboy

    I would agree with him getting the same, not sure about more though. Anyway looks like he’s going. Let’s hope this Aurier comes in. Can cover CB and LB and is probably a better attacking threat. Obviously lacks experience of Bac. Need to get him before WC if possible.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    10k more is irrelevant really to us.

    Should be looking to tie him down AND get Aurier. But alas, we all know how Arsenal work.

  61. Revving Kevin

    what you talking about no loyalty from Wenger? Rubbish. Fuck me how about some loyalty from these over paid modern players?!

    Sagna is out of contract. With no signing on fee he can negotiate one for himself. We have offered him decent money for a bloke his age. It’s not just wages, why does everyone assume we just go give these players higher wages or whatever they demand? He gets the opportunity to earn a massive ‘signing on’ fee from a club like City or PSG, as they don’t have to pay one to Arsenal. So he could get himself a nice tidy 5 or 6 million signing on fee.

    FFS please accept these players are greedy, disloyal bas.tards. They earn more in a couple of days than most people earn in a year. You can’t blame Sagna but this is his last chance for a huge bonus.

  62. tunnygriffboy

    Just wanted tomentioned Lpool losing a lot of money on signings Rodgers made last 2 years. They were exhilarating going forward this year. Wonder what CL take out of them next season. Their defence will be really tested.

  63. Dan Ahern

    Thanks for the link RevKev, interesting interview. At first I distrusted the fantastic Mr. Fox, but over time he’s shown that he’s taken time to understand the brand and the markets it wants to grow into. He’s done superbly with the financials, selling investors on a vision.

    Now the coffers are full and getting fuller.
    Over to you, Arsene.

  64. MidwestGun

    Interesting article/ interview. I’m glad that Arsenal is finally acknowledging the US market potential is huge. Love they are coming here to NYC. But they are seriously underestimating the buying potential and impact a nationwide tour would bring. He said everywhere Arsenal goes there are huge crowds but those crowds don’t have the American buying power and giant media coverage. In my opinion, the Far East tour has been the wrong decision.

    Also, they are seriously underestimating, no surprise, what the impact of winning trophies would bring. Sure waiting to build, slow growth, stability, sounds good but the US loves winners. Which is why Man U, Chelsea are hugely supported here. So spend some money, win a title, tour the US and watch the cash roll in. I do think winning the FA Cup would help with the marketing but it’s also not on NBC here. Its on Fox sports Network which is lame coverage. In short, Arsenal is doing a good job with global branding, they could do much better.

  65. Revving Kevin

    Dear Dan
    Welcome my friend. I call him Mr. Fixit Fox.

    I thought he was really interesting, we clearly had a plan that has taken fruition and is now delivering. He covers lots of different subjects there and shoots down some of the negative spin we see too often based on ignorance.

    Nice to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

    I much prefer quotes/interviews from people in the know, who are at the top of their profession and work in the club, as opposed to the made up shit and misguided assumptions the hacks and ignorant pundits and fans circulate. Good stuff.

  66. Revving Kevin

    With Thierry out there it makes for a great opportunity. Need the MLS to spread popularity for Football (the proper game) and Beckham will help that. So probably good time to start our American venture. The point about PUMA being much bigger out there was interesting I had no idea.

    We just need to educate the Americans that padded shoulders, time-outs, ridiculous special teams is and endless commercials, is not sport 🙂

    You must try to go to that game mate, first time in 25 years Arsenal have played in the USA, you will regret it! Seeing the great TH14 in the flesh.

  67. MidwestGun

    I also forgot to add we are one of the few markets/ countries where our domestic League is not as popular as the Epl. Again, huge untapped potential that Chelsea and Man U have the jump on as they have been doing national tours for years now.

  68. Revving Kevin

    Yep business can screw up fun.

    But don’t worry, as you can see all the ducks are in a row and success is on it’s way.

    We are at the start of something big, mark my words.


  69. Dan Ahern

    “He covers lots of different subjects there and shoots down some of the negative spin we see too often based on ignorance.”

    Well here’s the thing, his job is to spin things positively. He has to sell the brand and its vision to investors. And he has to be very consistent in that, even in interviews.

    But anyway, he’s definitely done his end of the deal. I’ve got no problem with him being positive, because he delivered the money. It’s not his job to spend it.

  70. Bamford13

    Off day for Le Grove.

    Right wing responses to Michael Sam, Kalou rumors and weight-lifting discussions. Pretty lame.

    Weight-lifting? Really?

    Even Le Grove has off days, I guess.

  71. MidwestGun

    *In a gladiator voice* Are you not Entertained? Lol

    To be fair, what is there to discuss?
    Transfers that won’t happen.
    A press conference where Arsene says nothing.
    And a FA Cup game that we absolutely positively can not lose or there better be blood on the pitch.
    That pretty much covers it.
    The rest is just banter. We could discuss whom is better Messi or Pele again?
    As somebody said it’s the calm before the storm.

  72. TheBayingMob

    Great article Pedro. Personally I hope the Journo scene changes soon. It’s got so very boring. I’m feeling very turned off football at the moment and one reason for that is the incessant outright lying, lame baiting tactics and lack of any real insight from the people who write & commentate on that game (honestly, why would BT plough so much money into football and their main front is Micky Owen who is beyond terrible at all levels that it leaves one speechless) … Bring on the revolution, I hope it comes, 10 years seems a long wait for me though …

  73. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck sorry guys, I had trouble with my razor. So being the intelligent type I decided to singe the hairs instead. Needless to say I went up like a roman candle and have just had half of Sussex fire brigade trying to put me out all night. Heard someone mention the worst forest fire they’ve had round these parts in years. On the plus side it got rid of the crabs so every cloud and that:)

  74. Evan

    Morning All

    What gets longer when pulled, fits between breasts, inserts neatly in a hole, and works best when jerked?

    A Seatbelt

  75. Evan

    A boss said to his secretary I want to have SEX with you I will make it very fast. I’ll throw $1000 on the floor, by the time you bend down to pick it I’ll be done. She thought for a moment then called her boyfriend and told him the story.

    Her boyfriend then said to her, do it but “Ask him for $2000, pick up the money very fast he wouldn’t even have enough time to undressed himself.” So she agrees.

    Half an hour goes by, the boyfriend decides to call girlfriend, he asks, what happened? She responds, “The Bastard used coins I’m still picking and he is still f*cking!”

  76. paul mc daid

    Dont really understand how Arsenal can fly to America for a friendly in a 25,000 stadium and can call that a tour, Could they not of arranged two or three games over there over a ten day period ?

  77. Sam

    Morning guys, don’t know but Arteta sounds unhappy with Wenger, and just before the Cup final too. Insane to have a fixed 1 year contract policy on any player over 30. So he might be playing his last game for us too. Nice one, le Professeur Muppet.
    The game is on BT Sport. Only them? I cant stand little Micky Owen.

  78. bergkamplegend

    Sam : don’t know why Arteta is not happy with Wenger… after all they’re both senile, so they belong together.

  79. bergkamplegend

    “Arsenal and Liverpool are still keeping tabs on former Chelsea striker Salomon Kalou.”
    I can already tell you where Kalou is going LOL

  80. bergkamplegend

    “Bacary Sagna has informed his Arsenal team-mates that he firmly expects to join Manchester City on a free transfer after playing in the FA Cup final.”

    Another one who’s leaving to another english club, we are so proud of you Arsène.

  81. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘tunnygriffboy May 15, 2014 22:36:21


    I seriously hated exams. Had to be done though. You’ll be glad in a few years. My son doing his A S levels now. Already informed me there’s no revision on saturday. Cup final then celebration or drown sorrows lol’

    1982 my last A level paper coincided with the start of the World Cup. School still had 3 weeks of term left (it was Colney Creche in Berkshire), so we felt able and worthy of going to watch the evening games down the pub, as all the rest of the school were in 90 mins of solitary doing homework (toffs call it ‘prep’), starting at 7.30pm, which clashed appallingly with far more important events.

    One Wednesday evening we were happily walking down into Reading after thrashing some other school at tennis, when the cricket team passed us in a minibus coming back from an away match. The Deputy Head’s reaction was classic: we smiled and waved to him and headed on for a pint.

    As his contribution to sporting education was to take the First XV to the pub at the end of Christmas term, he really wasn’t in too strong a position to enforce the law!!

    All the Housemaster cared was that the building didn’t smell of booze-triggered puke next morning! As half the Sixth Form were smoking joints or worse most weekends, that seemed a reasonably pragmatic attitude at the time……..

  82. bergkamplegend

    “Arsenal expected to sign Julian Draxler from Schalke after missing out in January”

    Ah ah, hilarious (again)…

  83. bergkamplegend

    That’s all for this morning folks.

    My advice to Sagna : if you sign for City, better be sure that we win the Cup before you leave…

  84. bergkamplegend

    “Curtis Davies hopes Hull City can take advantage of the fact that ‘the pressure is all on Arsenal’ in Saturday’s FA Cup final.”

    Yep, that’s all the problem for us…

  85. TitsMcgee

    Jeff Arteta is the epitome of one of Arsene’s yes-men.

    Wouldn’t be anywhere near a club of our stature without the old fool and he knows it too.

    Wenger is world class at surrounding himself with people that will feel loyal to him.

    Kids who are given 1000 chances and over the hill players whose best days are long gone.

  86. Carts

    Rev Kev,

    Sagna getting £5-£6m sign on fee? Haha. More like half that figure, mate.

    Even so, why the fuck not. You talk of greedy yet conveniently forgot that our manager is the epitome of greedy.

    His salary isn’t a representation of his last 9 years, so tell me why he’s probably on twice as much as Sagna?

    Is Sagna currently not our longest serving out-field player?

    Good luck to Sagna. Let him go get that money and silverware.

  87. TitsMcgee

    Sagna fair play to Sagna and ultimate slap in the face to Wenger.

    Sagna pretty much saying the same thing RVP did. Fcuk you I’m out to get an EPL title before my career is over because clearly you have no desire to win it.

  88. bergkamplegend

    That’s the big advantage when you play for a team like City, you have the money AND the silverware LOL

  89. Thank you and goodnight

    I for one don’t blame Sagna for leaving. Nor do I blame RVP or Ladyboy Nasri. Yes many players are greedy but some want trophies as well as money. And as nice as the FA Cup is…..and it will be VERY WELCOME, the big one is the EPL trophy and we are a long way from truly competing for that. Anyone read Steven Howards comments in the sun today?? Very true I must say. In fact he even quotes marble by calling us ‘flat track bullies’……shit you don’t think marble is Steven Howard do you:)

  90. N5

    I don’t agree with good on Sagna and I don’t agree with any of the others leaving. I understand it, but the moment they take off the Arsenal shirt, they are cunts! bar Henry 😀

  91. Santos

    I don’t blame Sagna one bit. He deserves a pay-rise. He’s been loyal even when we were so bad.

  92. bigper

    cant really complain about sagna going he truly has been a consistant loyal player don’t remember him ever bad mouthing the club and hes given us his best years whilst the club have not matched his ambition.

    feels different to rvp nasri etc who acted like twats. although I thought sagna and nasri didn’t get on?

  93. bergkamplegend

    “TO win the FA Cup and qualify for the Champions League will be hailed as a major success for Arsene Wenger.
    And yet, in many ways, this season has been an excruciating embarrassment for Arsenal and their fans. ”

    He’s got a point.
    Does he got milk ?? lol

    Can’t read the whole article in the sun as I’m not a member.

  94. Santos

    It doesn’t match his desire N5…..
    Remember he wants to earn higher for one last major contract. He is not wrong in leaving. I would spend a little more to keep a big name, experienced player at Arsenal, if he has something to offer for a few more years.

  95. N5

    I would too Santos, I think the amount you have to spend on agent fees and sign on fees etc with a new player and then he has to settle, you might as well pay him the 100k and keep him!!

  96. london gunner

    ladies and gentlemen
    This is Mambo No. 5!

    One, two, three, four, five
    Everybody in the car, so come on let’s ride
    To the liquor store around the corner
    The boys say they want some gin and juice
    But I really don’t wanna
    Beer bust, like I had last week
    I must stay deep, ’cause talk is cheap
    I like rvp, nasri, cesc and hleb
    And as I continue you know they’re getting sweeter
    So what can I do? I really beg you, my Lord
    To me flirting is just like a sport
    Anything fly, it’s all good let me dump it
    Please set in the trumpet

    A little bit of henry in my life
    A little bit of viera by my side
    A little bit of nasri is all I need
    A little bit of sagna is what I see
    A little bit of rvp in the sun
    A little bit of cesc all night long
    A little bit of hleb here I am
    A little bit of you makes me your man

    Mambo No. 5!

  97. N5

    london, I remember that song. I remember sitting outside the gunners with someone guy playing that on his car stereo whilst we all got pissed up. That and We love you Freddy, because he’s got red hair, we love you Freddy because you’re everywhere, we love you Freddy…you’re Arsenal through and through.

  98. N5

    “TW14, younger than him, gets near 90k pw”

    To be fair though Guns, TW14 has contributed 5000% more to the club as well though.

  99. london gunner

    The problem I have is not with Sagna.

    But if Sagna leaves our club and wins a big trophy with Man City what kind of message does that show to the rest of the squad particularly the younger ones like Ramsey, Walcott and Ox??

    It once again reinforces the message to win big you have leave Arsenal just like Nasri and RVP did.

    We are losing a veteran player and at the same time it sending a clear message that we are not capable or that we refuse to sincerely challenge for the title

    I believe during our run at the top this season Sagna knew we were never going to win it unlike some of Wengers propaganda puppets Arteta and some of the younger more naive players Ramsey and co.

    Sagna however never once mentioned the title race or us being able to win it because he knew what would happen.

  100. london gunner

    HAHAHA yes we love you freddy!

    I really loved Freddy though! I think he was a character people loved he was a bit viking about his football not as in violent but dogged determined with a refusal to give in. Real quality bloke noone talks about him these days but he was incredibly important for that team and is always will be an Arsenal legend!

  101. N5

    Exactly london and Wenger pulled out all the stops to make sure TW14 stayed, he paid him 90k a week as Guns has just pointed out, which was more (IMO) about making sure he showed the fans he can keep hold of some of the players trying to leave.

    Next season Citeh could have Clichy, Nasri and Sagna all in the same team and not to mention they also had Toure and Adebayor.

    5 players off of the top of my head have left us to Citeh (selling club?).