Jack wins goal of the season | Transfer action starts now…

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So there it is, the Premier League is over.

No drama for us yesterday. We took out a pretty average Norwich side with relative ease. It was a confident, fresh performance. Giroud looked the best he’s looked for a while. The rest of the boys played with the confidence of a team heading into their 5th win on the bounce.

The scoring was opened in outrageous style by Aaron Ramsey. Some nice build up play fed in Giroud, the Frenchman clipped a floated cross into the the back post, Aaron watched the ball across his body and rifled his shot back across goal into the top corner. An incredible 58mph strike. Make no mistake, that would have been in the running for goal of the season had it has more than 2 hours to fester.

Out second goal came from a bumbled bunch of misses in the penalty area, with Carl Jenkinson on hand to finish for his first Arsenal goal. What a moment for him. He looked over the moon. Who wouldn’t, banging one in for his boyhood club!

So that was that. 4th secured with 79 points. Finishing the season winning 5 on the bounce is part n’ parcel of the Arsenal cycle. We can join the PR excuse train and ponder the ‘what ifs’, but as I’ve said before, when you start ‘best luck scenario’ planning a season that wasn’t, you play into the ‘maybe it was just bad luck’. Nothing this season happened because of bad luck. Poor squad planning, dreadful approach to fitness and tactical failings against the big sides decimated our hopes. Imagining a season where we could play out starting 11 every game is a beyond ridiculous notion.

As a club, we’d progresses up until January. By the end of the January, the manager had fallen back on familiarity. Expecting progress through inaction. Ultimately that cost us. If anything, we were lucky with injuries. Both our centre backs and our striker could have cost us dearly.

So now we have a chance to make amends this summer. United have bid for Luke Shaw already. So we need to get our plan in place now.


Let’s snap up Aurier right now. He’s the future whether Sagna signs or not. Nab the best right back in France right now, whatever the fee is… because post World Cup, that’ll double.

Let’s get some additional pace in the side so we’re a tsunami of red shirts on the counter next season.

Let’s make sure on the striker. If Chelsea are shifting on Lukaku, can we bid for him? Could Remy be a worth candidate if we’re not going big? Why are we not pressuring for Diego Costa? What about Jackson Martinez?

Let’s look at the front line. Where is the additional pace outside theo? Pedro and Alexis would be an incredible pair of signings . £45m, cash, yes please. Why not push Liverpool for Konoplyanka?

Centre midfield. Javi Martinez for £40m, if he’s available, that’s  steal? That’s the splash buy if we can get him. If we can’t land him, let’s push hard for Bender of Leverkusen. It’s clear we want him, so let’s go for him. Also, if we can’t get him first time, let’s push back in there with a bid that works. If we can’t get him, what’s the next solution?

NO! Not Gareth Barry. We need a similar option to the above. Remember, we’re hunting attributes this summer, not bodies. Bodies is a bad strategy. We need power, pace and aggression in that midfield role. Clue… it’s not Diaby. We need power, pace, aggression and a solid fitness record. We land all of the above players and bolster out the fringe with potential (players like McMannaman of Wigan / De Guzman of Swansea), then we’ll be in a far more solid situation heading into the next campaign.

The planning starts now. This can’t be a passive 32 days. We need to go hard. If going hard doesn’t work, move on to the next player. No procrastinating on deals. Pay market rate, pay a premium if necessary, but don’t sit around for 2 months waiting for a deal that’ll never happen. Let’s get the lists going now. Get Dick Law out in the field scoping out those deals.

Make it happen. What this season proved beyond doubt is that smart purchasing still exists and can have you competing. If we did more of the small things right this season, we’d have been better off points wise. If Wenger had of taken care of his squad properly in the summer and January, we’d have been better off.

We need ambition this summer… it needs to start now, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a top tier trophy heading our way next season.

In  other news, Jack Wilshere bagged goal of the season on MOTD last night taking 42% of the goals. Nice work squire. Clearly the best team goal of the season. Exquisite doesn’t do the masterpiece justice. Also, it seems like Jack and Chambo will be heading to the World Cup. Good for those two, hopefully the tournament will be good to them. Hopefully our press will be kind to them if it doesn’t work out.

Kieran Gibbs hasn’t made the line up. Shaw and Baines are going instead. Can’t really disagree with that notion. Gibbs has a  long way to go before he’s an international level left back. He’s far too inconsistent and he lacks discipline. That game against Chelsea really sticks in my head down to the lack of thought that went into how he played.

Have a great day!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah all very physical, powerful players as well.

    I’d love to see them with Gotze again.

  2. salparadisenyc

    Its almost like you didn’t watch Vela on his first go round under Wenger.
    The bigger picture, regardless of his stats.. the player was nowhere near good enough in England. That wage money should be allocated more usefully, period.

    Going back is never a good idea, Fabregas could be the exception to that rule but generally speaking its a shit show waiting to unfold.

  3. Guns of brixton

    Samir Nasri hopes ‘Arsene Wenger’ wins and lifts the trophy bcos he deserves it

    I knw hes won shite loads of trophies with citeh but does anyone else notice tones of regret, 2nd thoughts when he speaks bout Arsenal? . . . almost like hes tryna rationalise something. . . its of no consequence but just wondering if anyone else got this vibe.

  4. Salvage

    ^^^^^^^^ Guns of Brixton…
    Am Struggling to see where the regrets would be coming from. He left and immediately won trophies . Why would he regret that decision?

    He is just saying what he should say having played for Wenger . He owes his journey into England to Wenger afterall..

  5. Gregg

    Lot of speculation on who and what we need. I don’t see wholesale additions at all. A reserve keeper, a right back that can double up like Micah Richards, we need a DCM but we wont get one and Remy because he can play wide aswell as central. 3 additions max.

  6. Jeff

    If there is one thing I’ve learned from the last decade under Wenger; it is that whatever happens, he will always disappoint.

  7. Jeff

    You watch what happens this summer. Most ambitious clubs will be out of their traps as soon as possible seeking to bring in players for success. We will be waiting around like a tramp on the street seeking scraps and when July arrives we will blame the world cup for inaction. In the last throes of the window, we may sign someone worthy but do not hold your breath. The lunatic already thinks we have enough to challenge.

  8. Mike adamski

    Just at terminal 3 heathrow and Freddie ljungberg walked past me just now !
    What a legend .
    Shorter than I expected

  9. wenker-wanger

    Wenger believes the squad. Is good enough. Theo. Jack and the perennially injured diaaby are going to be like ” new signings” . He will sign a few freebies and some cheap veterans…. Maybe spend 20 million in total. It will be a careful. spend. Sagna seems to have a bit of ambition, ironically thats the sort of player needed at the wenger home for Softball. Fans still think wenger will spend big……. No chance. He makes me want to puke.

  10. Gunnershabz

    Josep drmic has signed for Leverkusen that’s one down already

    And wenger says business can’t be done early