The Yin of Gareth Barry the Yang of electric wideman

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Man, all I wanted to do was kick the day off with a flying post… instead, the damn papers are trolling me.

How dare two separate publications suggest Arsenal are in for Gareth Barry. In a season where we’ve seen the side suffer directly from a lack of pace, surely the manager can’t be looking at Gareth Barry as a viable options? I mean, it’s beyond comprehension that he’d look at an ageing veteran like him and feel he could be the difference between fourth and 1st.

The worst thing about this story is it’s not the first time we’ve heard it. It’s been festering for a while. If it happens, it’ll be about cost and convenience rather than pushing the needle of quality forward in the club. What does Barry have that Arteta doesn’t? Why would you want two Artetas? We need a machine in the middle, not a player who will at best, only be able to play 1 game a week. Not a player who won’t be able to hack teams that fly… like Liverpool. Honestly, such a depressingly typical story…

In other more positive news, the sounds around the Aurier story are encouraging. He looks like a beast and more than able replacement for Sagna.

In more positive news than that… rumours are totally hot that Alexis Sanchez is on the Arsenal radar at £20m. That would be a super tasty signing. He’s lightening and can play right across the front line. He’s exactly the sort of player that gives you a different edge and his pace would be electric next to someone like Theo Walcott. Juventus are also rumoured to be in for him… but hopefully the lure of the Premier League will be enough to see him come to us.

… and even more good news for Arsene, apparently he is going to stay. Wow… that was a close shave. What’s more interesting is that a day after the Wenger to Monaco stories dropped, they’ve pretty much appointed Jorge Jesus from Benfica… who they met last Friday. Wow, it’s almost like Wenger was never a priority and that story was magically spun into the media by someone? I wonder who?

OH MY… Arsenal also eyeing Xavi this summer. Some odd old rumours going about. I wonder who we’ll be looking to pinch off Real this summer? Surely they’re going to clear out some talent that didn’t quite make it?

Ok, onto today. The only way this game has anything on it is if Norwich beat us 32 – 0. So it’s a bit tough to get too pumped about it. I don’t even know what to write?


That’s all I’ve got.

Ok, so here’s an idea, let’s start thinking about some FA Cup memories. E-mail me in some of yours, keep it to a max of a couple of paragraphs. Any great stories, any great pictures you might have. I’d be interested to read them and put them out on the blog next week.

How does that sound? It sounds good…

Right, enjoy the final day of the season, and I’ll see you back here for a match report tomorrow!

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  1. MidwestGun

    First season in the Premier League and Pelligrini wins it. The exact reason we shouldn’t be afraid to see AW go.
    Kev, Show me the miracle part? Don’t put ridiculous statements out that I didn’t say.

  2. El Tel 1

    Some knob on BBC said this is why players want to play for City when they were celebrating. He said its not about the money its about winning.

    Funniest load of bollocks I have heard in years.

    Of course they want to win but they wouldnt be winning for them without the oil money.

  3. Revving Kevin

    Cesc, rubbish. That’s not why you did it and you know full well.

    It’s all about discrediting anything positive, you hate it. You feel it weakens your obsessive hatred and over the top comments. He’ll w even have some morons on here discrediting us getting to the FA Cup final. It’s non stop shit fest. If we wi nuts Becos the other team is shit. If we lose Wengers a cunt. It’s fucking funny how obsessed some of you are. Not one shred of balance and very little in the terms of support. It’s just fandom and agenda from you lot. I swear there will be some you hoping we liar next week for the ‘agenda’.

  4. WengerEagle

    Aguero > Suarez for me.

    Consistently scores against the big boys whereas Suarez is a bit of a flat track bully to be brutally honest.

    They are the two best ST’s on the planet.

  5. El Tel 1

    I am delighted that City got the oil rich Arab as owner. It stops the Russian gangster winning it for that little club in Fulham

  6. Joe

    Keep complaining about how city won the title. And keep watching the celebrations.

    While we celebrate 4th place, stamina trophy, days at the top of the league. Most pounds in the bank trophy.

    No city supporter gives a fuck. And neither would I.

  7. MidwestGun

    Winning the Title isn’t special now? Ok well then yes! Im happy as fuck to win 4th place! ?…………. so you have to spend zero money to make it special? What a ridiculous arguement.

  8. tipster

    El Tel…..
    Money isn’t the driving force when all the top teams (ans us) pay massive wages, if you were on £50k /week or £200k, I think you’d be equally comfortable…they earn so much money it’s irrelvant

  9. Arsene's Nurse

    Success breeds success. In 10 years time no one will be talking about “oil money”, they’ll be talking about Man City generating their own revenue and spending it to win.

    In 10 years time Arsenal will have £400m in the bank and Wenger will be using a zimmer frame to get to the dug out…..

    ……And the AKBs will still be making excuses for Wenger!

  10. Revving Kevin

    Go read the comments again and stop twisting trying to be an idiot. Pelligrini did not create a miracle.
    Fair play for winning the title but is was not some kind of miracle by Pelligrini. Engage your brain.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Are you telling me what I’m thinking now?

    Let me clue you in as your not on the blog most of the time.

    We’ve spent all week debating Bacary Sagna. You know, the bloke who’s leaving? Dreadlocks? That guy.

    There’s a handful on here who would be more than happy for Wenger to lump him into RB next season, I guess you’d be among them.

    So…just before you pitched up with your “prediction” Jenkinson scored. Hence my “Oh Shit…I can hear it now’…as in some wally (happened to be you) would pipe up.

    And for further proof, if you scroll back a little way before that you’ll find I posted ‘Lovley Goal…well in Aaron.’

    So…that’s your point disintegrated, shat on and forced back down your throat really isn’t it?

  12. Revving Kevin

    You being deliberately stupid?

    Pulis created more of a miracle than Pelligrini.

    Pelligrini won the title with the most expensive team In history so please explain why that such a great achievement. Go on.

  13. Joe

    We can have no beef with how city won it when we have 140 million in the bank not being spent so wenger can keep making his 8 million pounds a season for making the club money. This is football where you need quality players, not money in the back to win

  14. kwik fit

    Nothing like a nice quiet Sunday night. And this is nothing like a nice quiet Sunday night! 🙂

  15. Cesc Appeal


    That wouldn’t be popular with the Wengerites.

    Most of them are doctors, or lawyers who’ve been supporting the club since the time of Henry VIII.

  16. Joe

    I never said it was a miracle. But managers create an X factor as fergie did with winning the league with average squads. Wenger can’t do it. Moyes couldn’t do it.

    Peregrini did something that Mancini couldn’t last year. So he did something different and better.

    So well done.

  17. tipster

    On a positive note, in a few years with Arsene still in charge ticket should be easier to get, as we’ll be shit (like the 80s)…still we wont be disappointed as expections will be so low even the spuds will feel sorry for us..

  18. london gunner


    How many managers have won their first league trophy ever in their first year for a new team in another foreign league?

    I imagine the list is very small.

    Then factor in City have had as many injuries as us over this season.

    They have done very well and were cheated against Barcelona so who knows they may of got further in the CL

  19. teddyblue

    Revving Kevin

    You really do make too many assumptions regarding what other people say during your arguments.

    Midwest never said anything about a great achievement or miracle. Go read the post again carefully.

    You’re arguing against a phantom you created yourself.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    “If wenger is so great why couldn’t he make up the “only 7 points” we are behind”

    Because he was busy making the blind able to see again.

  21. kwik fit

    So Arsene in his press conference is say that his first priority is to keep this team together before strengthening. Now where have I heard that before? That’s right last summer and the summer before that and the summ……..

  22. Joe

    Remember beginning of the season when wenger thought new manager would be a benefit to us. Pelegrini showed that was bollocks

    Only thing it helped was us not finishing 5th because moyes screwed it up is badly.

  23. MidwestGun

    You keep bringing up this miracle thing. To try and create a strawman arguement. Winning the League your first year as the manager is an achievement that you can’t discredit. So you celebrate 4th place. Ill celebrate our FA cup victory over Hull. or do we have to beat City in the FA cup final to make that special? Your arguement is stupid.

  24. Revving Kevin

    “Shat on and forced down your throat”

    Oh dear. It’s all getting very grown up.

    Mate you seem to be very proud of the fact that you are ‘always’ on here. Well some of us have work to do and have lives, we can’t all be on here 24/7. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to be, that’s being fucking obsessed. It’s not good for you, you need to get out more and socialise with ‘real’ people.

  25. london gunner

    Atletico Madrid are in the CL final… and top of the league?

    What’s their budget like? What’s their Total Wage Bill and Transfer spend?

    Is Simeone secretly funded by petro dollars? Is their a mass conspiracy or is just Wenger has underachieved for years

  26. Waldo

    Isn’t this the last year where the loser of the cup goes to the Europa League if the winner has already qualified for Europe? If that was last year then next weekend is a win-win. We win – we get crap for only having one trophy in the past bazillion years. We lose; Hull goes to Europe and Man U stays home.

    Ahhh, the simple pleasures that keep you going.

  27. Joe

    So Kevin if we win the FA cup is it not special because our team is probably worth double what hull is?

  28. tunnygriffboy

    London. There is no way City have had as many injuries as us . They have had injuries but not major ones for long periods. We are always top of the injury league, it’s a topic we constantly debate.

    Personally I’m glad City won it not Lpool. It genuinely does help that your 4th choice CF costs 20 mill plus. Please don’t assume that I’m happy with the depth we have in some positions and that the fact we haven’t spent money to address this

  29. Tippitappi

    watching the boys on some arab transmission, in the same pub we had the city match the yids & scoucers with that game surprise surprise having commentary aside from the win the best part was seeing the plastic scoucers down in the dumps the funniest being the yids goals getting zero response didn’t even know until after their second was a pen

  30. Cesc Appeal


    “Mate you seem to be very proud of the fact that you are ‘always’ on here. Well some of us have work to do and have lives, we can’t all be on here 24/7. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to be, that’s being fucking obsessed. It’s not good for you, you need to get out more and socialise with ‘real’ people.”

    So you lost the argument…SHOCK HORROR!! Because you have such a high success rate! And your points are so, so good.

    And, like Eyemsick, Godfather, Kjafc, Savage, Hunter etc before you turn to petty insults…didn’t you say you were 50 or something? Poor show if you are.

    I’m not on here 24/7…maybe 22 hours a day but I masturbate for those other 2…I was just highlighting that you are very uppity and high and mighty for someone who buggers off when we are going through a bad spell…and only rock up when we’re winning. You chose to take offence to that which tells me it touched a nerve. Truth often does mate.

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    Bollocks to Facebook mate. If Pedro does that I’ll stop coming on here. I haven’t got a Facebook account, and haven’t had one for 5 years. I had an account for about a month before I started to get people who I’d gone to school with asking to be my friend. …..I thought fuck that, if I’d wanted to be your friend I would of stayed in touch after school. Fact that I didn’t is because I thought they were cunts then and more than likely still are.

  32. kingbergkamp

    Thank you Pedro you are indeed a rockstar.Your daily posts and insight on all things Arsenal are very much appreciated

  33. MarbleHall

    If you are a wealthy club then you fon’t need a manager. Chrlsea have proved it and so have City under Mancini when their was all kinds of dressing room dissensions and shenanigans going on yet they still won the title.

  34. london gunner


    overall this season they have had as many injuries as us and there main players have been out for as long.

    Just its been more stop start consistently with them.

    Only difference is Walcott which increases our injury record over them as his was permanent.

    I am not counting KK because we never should of bought an injured player

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Good point. And equally winning the league isn’t THAT special then, because but for 2-3 teams WE have more money than anyone else?

  36. Revving Kevin

    London and Mudwest
    ” How many managers have won their first league trophy ever in their first year for a new team in another foreign league?”

    You are correct only a great manager can win the league in his first season.

    In fact a chap called Arsene Wenger went even better, he won the Pl and FA cup double in his first full season.

    Look, Pelligrini won the PL with a giant squad that cost the most in the history of the game. He didn’t build the team. It’s a good achievement but nothing special.

    My point remains. That Man City squad SHOULD have won the PL and that’s why It’s no great achievement. If you go read Simon Kupers book called soccernomics it would have predicted the outcome. It’s nothing special.

  37. london gunner


    Mate I understand I have Facebook but I don’t use it.

    Constant bullshit updates about people I have no interest in and fake accounts of girl who looks like supermodels adding you as friend as well as fat birds taking selfies from various angles so as to appear slim.

    Its all abit fake but it would still be useful on here because it would be easier to find out the fakes on this blog.

  38. MidwestGun

    Lol, happy for you. I did ok yesterday. Laying off the games today. Still upset over that 3 to 1 yesterday instead of 2 to 1.. would have paid 9 to 1 odds.

  39. Arsene's Nurse

    I haven’t totted up the injuries for the full season yet but a couple of weeks ago Man City had 55 injuries and Arsenal 96 for the season.

  40. WengerEagle

    ‘Behave. Man City have a massive squad you can’t compare their injuries to us that’s bloody ridiculous.’

    We have £120 million+ gathering dust in the bank so what’s our excuse for having such an inferior squad?

  41. london gunner


    Giant squad?

    Millner, Clichy, Negredo, Jovetic, Lescot, Ferndinho


    Podolski, Monreal, OX, Gnarby, Vermalen, Flamini

    We have a similar bench to them LOL!

  42. tunnygriffboy


    Agree to idisagree about the injuries mate. Not worth arguing mate. Loooool. Ramsey scored a beauty, Jenko scored his first and possibly only PL goal meaning he won a stupid bet with Wilshere and we’re in the fa cup final next week !

    Oh yeah and we’ll sign RB, CM and a striker hopefully two loooooool

  43. WengerEagle

    I find the idea of anyone over the age of 30 with a Facebook account to be strange tbh.

    I’m only 20 and I have zero interest in what people I went to school with are doing now never mind in a decades time.

    Good call on the fat birds trying to look skinny on it too london, they’re not fooling me.

  44. Revving Kevin

    “Agree about Facebook mate,Twitter is even more cringey. Wankers on that telling you how many Cheerios are in their cereal bowl.”

    You serious? Cheerios in a cereal bowl lool.

    This idiots need to get out of their bedrooms and get a life. No wonder some young people have such poor social skills. The problem is the anonymity the internet allows them.

  45. Joe

    Didn’t wenger buy 8 players before his first season. I guess he should of won the league. Did he buy the league that season too

    Quit using money as a reason they won. Wenger has had money to spend for seasons and hasn’t by choice so that doesn’t fly.

    And this is sports. There is no should win. It’s unpredictable. That’s why we watch it. The drama.

    If wenger was so great he should be able to win the league regardless of how much city spend

  46. Thank you and goodnight

    I know a guy who twice in last 2 years has posted on Facebook fact he’s going away on holiday, what day and how long he’ll be away…..Both times the idiot has been burgled….. I shit you not. How Fucking dopey are some people.

  47. Revving Kevin

    Go read a book called Soccernomics by Simon Kuper. In fact Pedro knows Simon and can help you out. It’s a good read and proves that whoever spends the most usually wins.

  48. MidwestGun

    Look, it’s nothing personal. Winning the League is special, it’s what fans, players, and managers live for. Wether it was easy or not is a different arguement and to me irrelevant, he did it. I don’t deny Wenger achieved a lot his first year. Im proud of what he accomplished but he needs to go because winning the League is not a priority anymore.

  49. MarbleHall

    Injuries are a phallacy we had all our best players available when we drew with Everton and Chelsea and when we lost to Man Utd and got hammered by Man City.

  50. karim

    Aaaaaaaarrrggghhhh !
    How are you supposed to feel when you predict 3 good results and then
    94 th min : Goal for Juve ! Osvaldo scores in the dying seconds ! The ref gives the final whistle …. ?

  51. Revving Kevin

    I watched a documentary on identity theft and cloning of credit cards. Crooks were using Facebook to obtain personal information. Facebook was also used to find out the answer to questions like mothers maiden name and date of birth. The latter was useful for finding out PIN numbers because most people use DOB.

    These idiots put so much information on there it’s a recipe for disaster.

  52. WengerEagle

    Revving Kevin

    Deadly serious, Twitter is basically an online personal Diary for boring moany cunts to bore the tits off as many people as possible by posting whatever is on their mind.

    Here’s an example from my ‘mates’ twitter feed:

    ‘Nando’s chicken is to die for’
    ‘I can’t stand people who talk behind people’s back, OMG like get a life please’

    They are not even 3 of the worst is the sick thing.

  53. WengerEagle


    Hahahahaha serves the idiot right that is hilarious.

    And you have morons who apply for job interviews with their profile picture as that time they famously donned a Borat mankini.

  54. N5

    I bet none of you have a sort code and bank account number anywhere near as cool as mine. All posts your and I’ll tell you if it’s as good.

  55. Joe

    Squad Cost 13/14
    Spend Position Team Squad Costs POS PTS
    1 Chelsea £373,300,000
    2 Man City £369,600,000
    3 Man Utd £312,200,000
    4 Tottenham £206,200,000
    5 Liverpool £186,550,000
    6 Arsenal £182,425,000
    7 Aston Villa £93,450,000
    8 Newcastle £83,170,000
    9 Sunderland £81,080,000
    10 Southhampton £72,950,000
    11 Stoke £71,325,000
    12 Everton £70,750,000
    13 Cardiff £45,475,000
    14 Swansea £43,675,000
    15 Norwich £42,725,000
    16 West Ham £35,650,000
    17 W.B.A. £30,075,000
    18 Fulhan £21,710,000
    19 Hull City £21,075,000
    20 Crystal Palace £20,600,000

  56. N5

    Lol Middy, have you seen Brian has posted well over 50 comments today and only had one returned!! I’m sure he has brain damage to continue on regardless.

  57. N5

    And me. It was only as two talking to him and now as even we’ve given up he just talks to himself.

    It’s so cringey to watch it happening but it was brought on himself by his constant trolling.

    Even new posters don’t engage with him.

  58. Revving Kevin

    Wenger Eagle
    One of the advantages of being in my fifties is that I have an excuse not to be on Facebook and twitter.

    It’s tougher for. young people I guess. But fair play to those of you youngsters that aren’t interested in it. Get out and about, get some fresh air, socialise with real friends not fake ones.

    To me it seems perfect for women to gossip and share stories but I can’t see how it’s for blokes. Sorry if that’s sexist but again I’m at an age that hates PC too. Sorry

  59. MidwestGun

    I should try to look up some of you baastads tho, and see how ugly you really are! 😀

    For Example, are any of you those people at the bottom of the page? Where it says Le Grove on Facebook.

  60. karim

    Shit happens but losing like that , no way !
    The ref didn’t even give’em a few secs to try and equalise lol
    I mean fuck Pablo Oswaldo, get back to Southampton now

  61. gazzap

    Our squad cost should be more than Spurs to be honest. If it was we’d have a chance of the league.
    City can lose their two best players in each part of the team (attack, midfield and defence) and replace them without a large and noticeable drop in quality. Arguably city’s defence is not as good with 2 of their best taken out but Arsenal are hugely affected in defence and attack – less so in midfield I would say. We have the numbers in midfield but I think when you bring in the fringe players there is still a clear difference.
    That’s why we need two quality attackers, one quality midfielder, one quality defender and that’s before we replace those who are leaving this summer.
    I personally don’t see wenger doing all this. It would cost too much. He’d buy one quality player and then think his work is done and go and buy 3 players he can develop – none of which would be successful. we’ll always be hamstrung with wenger’s attitude to buying players.

  62. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m not usually a real fan but I really like ancellotti. Thing is I also like what simeone has done at Atletico so any of those 2 winning it over barca would be my preference. Sadly doesn’t seem it will happen tjough

  63. tunnygriffboy

    Just heard some journo on the radio say man city spent £650 million on players ( not wages ) to win the PL twice. WOW. I knew it was a lot but that is staggering.

    On another point, feel a bit for Southampton. Shaw to Man u or Chelsea, Lallana to Lpool and I bet Schniederlin to us. Be sad for them if that happened.

  64. Wallace

    Guardian reader’s reaction to today’s game –

    “Actually, this wasn’t a disappointing season at all. I never thought, once (and anyone whose bored enough can check this in my early-season postings) that we’d be champions – we lack one top-quality striker, perhaps too, and a reliable back-up CB.
    But this has, nevertheless, been a hugely promising season. After the upheaval of losing our 3 best players over the past 3 seasons, this was a season of stability, and progress. We led the league for long periods, we’re still only 7 points adrift of a team as genuinely excellent as City. But for those injuries – especially to Rambo, Theo and Jack – and but for those 3 horror shows at Anfield, Goodison and Chavski’s (i’m not lumping the one at Eastlands because it was simply a ridiculously entertaining game in which, after all, we ourselves could have scored 5 or 6).
    Plus, mert and Kozzer look like our best CB pairing since Adams and Keown, Rambo, Santi and Gibbs had excellent season, and Giroud looked a vast improvement on last years (he just needs help up front).
    And I haven’t even mentioned the Cup Final yet..”

    don’t agree with the Santi bit, but would go along with the rest of it.

  65. Thank you and goodnight

    Don’t agree about gibbs either. Think he’s a bit over rated to be honest with you. I’m old fashioned and believe a LB’s job is first to defend. And as a defender I don’t think he’s overly good at it. Not for 1 minute am I saying he’s shit, but he’s not great either.

  66. MidwestGun

    Sorry Wallace but that comment is mostly crap. How is it a season of stability when you were in first place 3 months ago and finish 4th? Sounds like a season of instability to me. Hugely, dissapointing.
    As for missing a striker, etc…….. avoidable if AW had a clue in tw.
    3 best players left because AW sold them.
    4 horror shows aren’t disappointing? Wtf?
    Gibbs had a bad year defensively, Giroud was not anywhere near a vast improvement.

  67. tunnygriffboy


    Some fair stuff in that post. It’s the batterings at Lpool and Chelsea that leave a biter taste. There are other things that need addressing that it doesn’t mention eg Transfers and injuries. I know people groan but stability is important. Not losing players you really want to keep is vital. Hence keeping Kos is excellent as is Rambo, Per, Santi and Rosicky signing new deals. Sagna is a bummer though.

    6points better than last year, an fa cup final and 7 points off the top would have had me ecstatic in August. What tempers that is not strengthening at all in January and those batterings away ( why didn’t we just set up like we did away at Bayern and Dortmund where we were really compact and organised ** sighs )

    3 or 4 quality players and keeping our players fit * sic * and I’d be happy for next season

  68. Wallace


    not saying i’m happy with 4th, although it is where we should finish most seasons according to the most reliable guide(wage bill). just saying that outside of le grove the above is a commonly held opinion.

  69. Dale Rios

    Messi has been on holiday since March 23rd, better have a stormer of a World Cup or all this saving himself and potentially costing Barcelona a title would have been for nothing.

  70. Wallace


    yeah, our lows this season were stonking lows. and there were some bad decisions made, but am optimistic about next season. there is a lot of good stuff to build on.

  71. tunnygriffboy

    Midwest / TYAG

    I think Gibbs has had a pretty good season. Not perfect but getting better. Genuinely perplexed that you think he’s been average. Bloody injury prone though

  72. MidwestGun

    Wallace –
    Yes, I’m aware that is the opinion. I read other blogs. Just don’t agree with this being a season of stability, which I guess was the main point of that commentor. Also, didnt agree with his evidence to support that belief. To me this is one if the most dissapointing seasons in recent memory. Now, hopefully we can at least win the FA Cup so I can celebrate some.

  73. MidwestGun

    If you can stomach it, go back and watch our major losses against Chelsea, etc. and see where the defensive lapses came on the goals. The majority were Gibbs out of position. Not saying he is a bad player. Like his technical ability and pace. He had a bad to average year on defense. So I wouldn’t say it was an improvement. Injuries didn’t help.

  74. MarbleHall

    “yeah, our lows this season were stonking lows. and there were some bad decisions made, but am optimistic about next season. there is a lot of good stuff to build on.”

    Same words could have been spoken about last season when we kept a water tight defence and took 26 points from our last 10 games yet arguably we’ve had a worser season than the aforementioned one.

  75. Thank you and goodnight

    Agree with you whole heartedly about gibbs. Take Ashley Cole at gibbs ‘ s age…..very rarely was he taken to the cleaners by WC players. Gibbs is ok against average players but against the better players he’s found wanting more often than not. Saying that though I still prefer him to Monreal though.

  76. Wallace


    for me the difference was we were actually in the race this year. we blew it, but we were in the mix. surely that’s progress on the season before’s last gap run for 4th?