The Yin of Gareth Barry the Yang of electric wideman

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Man, all I wanted to do was kick the day off with a flying post… instead, the damn papers are trolling me.

How dare two separate publications suggest Arsenal are in for Gareth Barry. In a season where we’ve seen the side suffer directly from a lack of pace, surely the manager can’t be looking at Gareth Barry as a viable options? I mean, it’s beyond comprehension that he’d look at an ageing veteran like him and feel he could be the difference between fourth and 1st.

The worst thing about this story is it’s not the first time we’ve heard it. It’s been festering for a while. If it happens, it’ll be about cost and convenience rather than pushing the needle of quality forward in the club. What does Barry have that Arteta doesn’t? Why would you want two Artetas? We need a machine in the middle, not a player who will at best, only be able to play 1 game a week. Not a player who won’t be able to hack teams that fly… like Liverpool. Honestly, such a depressingly typical story…

In other more positive news, the sounds around the Aurier story are encouraging. He looks like a beast and more than able replacement for Sagna.

In more positive news than that… rumours are totally hot that Alexis Sanchez is on the Arsenal radar at £20m. That would be a super tasty signing. He’s lightening and can play right across the front line. He’s exactly the sort of player that gives you a different edge and his pace would be electric next to someone like Theo Walcott. Juventus are also rumoured to be in for him… but hopefully the lure of the Premier League will be enough to see him come to us.

… and even more good news for Arsene, apparently he is going to stay. Wow… that was a close shave. What’s more interesting is that a day after the Wenger to Monaco stories dropped, they’ve pretty much appointed Jorge Jesus from Benfica… who they met last Friday. Wow, it’s almost like Wenger was never a priority and that story was magically spun into the media by someone? I wonder who?

OH MY… Arsenal also eyeing Xavi this summer. Some odd old rumours going about. I wonder who we’ll be looking to pinch off Real this summer? Surely they’re going to clear out some talent that didn’t quite make it?

Ok, onto today. The only way this game has anything on it is if Norwich beat us 32 – 0. So it’s a bit tough to get too pumped about it. I don’t even know what to write?


That’s all I’ve got.

Ok, so here’s an idea, let’s start thinking about some FA Cup memories. E-mail me in some of yours, keep it to a max of a couple of paragraphs. Any great stories, any great pictures you might have. I’d be interested to read them and put them out on the blog next week.

How does that sound? It sounds good…

Right, enjoy the final day of the season, and I’ll see you back here for a match report tomorrow!

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  1. gambon

    Yep guys, dont forget, if we write to the FA and tell them we havent sent any money net for the last 5 years, they will give us the league trophy!

  2. london gunner

    I would use Sagna as CB in all the cup competitions except CL would give Koz and or Mert bare recovery time

    And give Jenks or new RB plenty of time playing as RB in the cups.

    Then have Sagna play RB and rotate with Jenks or new RB during league

  3. Revving Kevin

    Dear Cesc appeal
    Ha ha. Please explain why you said oh shit when we scored our second goal? I don’t get that kind of support mate, you either want your team to win or you don’t. Well what is it?

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Rev Kev

    Funnily enough because the ‘I can hear it now’ referred to some idiot starting to talk about Jenkinson.

    And then you arrived, right on cue.

  5. london gunner

    Looking at Nasri celebrating the Title if I squint my eyes I can just see his face and not his kit so I can imagine his an Arsenal player winning the league.

    This is life under Wenger

  6. Revving Kevin


    You are at it again I see.

    Tits came out with that bollox about Liverpool spending no money and I corrected him. That was all.

    But you spin it, just like you are pretending you haven’t spent the last two years slagging off Ramsey. And almost every other arsenal player.

    You are a right wanker mate, you really are.

  7. Bamford13

    Meaning of Diaby and Sanogo as two final subs of season?

    This is Wenger saying—

    “I will continue doing things exactly as I please. I don’t need new players, as the critics suggest. I have been right all along — about the quality of my undervalued players, about Sanogo, about Diaby — and I will continue doing things my way.”

    Don’t get your hopes up for quality signings this summer.

    Diaby and Sanogo are like new signings.

  8. gambon

    “Giroud is fine as a back up/3rd choice striker because his goal to chance ratio is so low.”

    Dont agree with this at all.

    Fact is we prob wont buy one, let alone 2 CFs, so Giroud is here next year.

    But the very last thing you want on the bench is an immobile, lump thats a terrible finisher.

    Podolski is the type you want on the bench. Limited ability but world class finisher.

    Whats the point throwing Giroud on only for him to miss the one chance that falls to him.

  9. daint

    London don’t you think we need,a more pacey quality rb for new season? I mean sagna is top quality but I think his legs are going a little bit. Still,top quality and is very good at cb. So can be our rb/cb versatile option in the squad.

  10. Moray

    Thank fuck Liverpool didn’t win. I really hope they fall back next year with the added pressure on their squad. Couldn’t bear it.

  11. Jeff

    1 Man City 38 65 86
    2 Liverpool 38 51 84
    3 Chelsea 38 44 82
    4 Arsenal 38 27 79
    5 Everton 38 22 72
    6 Tottenham 38 4 69
    7 Man Utd 38 21 64
    8 Southampton 38 8 56

    It could have been so different if our manager’s speciality wasn’t in failure.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    You don’t even need to follow live scores. Dip onto Le Grove, if Rev Kev is here Arsenal are winning.

  13. Jeff


    Don’t forget the order by name trophy we get every summer for staying top 3 months every year without fail.

  14. karim

    He did score a great free kick seconds before Newcastle scored
    The ref decided the ball was rolling
    It was rolling to be fair

  15. kwik fit

    Congratulations to Manchester City. Two premier leagues purchased in the space of Three years. Well Done!

  16. TitsMcgee

    Cue the “vee spent so much less tha Chelsea and we finished just 3 point behind of them. Pat me on the back. ” twist.

    Anything to spin.

  17. Bamford13

    Take solace, all; with astute signings like Flamini, Sanogo and Kallstrom, we’ll compete with City next season.

    What a joke.

    Prepare for another year of mediocrity and disappointment — though Kevin and others will call it greatness, all the same.

    Can’t wait till Wenger is gone.

  18. daint


    maybe I’m just comparing to Gibbs on the left side as he is a flyer. Anyhow, I think we all agree it would be a bad move to let him go

  19. kwik fit

    All focus now on the big one at Wembley. Don’t think there were any injuries today. How good was Sagna at Centre Back. Will be a disgrace if they let him go.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Just give Sagna what he wants…the trouble of replacing him (considering it’s Wenger doing it) just isn’t worth it.

  21. Jeff

    Being told he would stay on for another 2 years was disastrous news for Arsenal. People won’t realise how bad he’s been for us till his gone.

  22. TitsMcgee

    We get to play City for the Community Shield to start next season too lol

    Should set the tone for the year.

  23. london gunner


    Keep up the good work!

    Lets keep the online pressure up and discontent over the summer!

    Honestly feel sites like this contributed to the media and fans amping up pressure on Wenger and the board, before during and after the Aston Villa game.. which was partially responsible for towards leading to the Ozil signing

  24. reality check


    No gimmies in this league but still, i’m thinking with that squad of players you should be walking the league. Or at least winning by I larger margin, bah, I don’t know…

  25. salparadisenyc

    Odd season, league was there for the taking.

    Mental United finished 22 points off the top, that beast will be quaking in the coming months.

    For the Arsenal, the final result is the same.
    #stability indeed.

  26. Revving Kevin

    Shezzer missed the chance to win the golden gloves with the most clean sheets this season. He was tied with Cech and needed one more. Amazing stat.

    Obviously Wenger wanted to give Fabianski a game before the FA Cup next week. Was this to give Fab his last Arsenal game or a warm up for the FA Cup Final?

  27. london gunner

    They only will offer a 1 year contract

    We should give him a 3 year for the simple fact he would be about the best third place CB you could have much better than Verm anyway.

    If after this next season his legs have gone to much for RB we can still rotate him in as CB and play him as RB in crucial games where we need to park the bus.

  28. WengerEagle


    Fair play mate on posting everyday and giving us something to debate about.

    You get a few nutjobs on here but all in all it’s the best Arsenal blog around.

  29. TitsMcgee

    Only 7 points off the top”

    Which makes it all the more frustrating because we went into the season having tied one arm behind our own back. Then got away with it and still failed to strengthen in January.

    Well and truly pissed it away Wenger did due to frugality.

  30. kwik fit

    had we won least 2, drawn rest we would of been top.


    Guns , had we won all those games we would still have lost. Wenger would somehow have ensured that we’d finish fourth.

  31. gonsterous

    wenger doesnt care abt sczny and his clean sheets,or the fact that ozil needs a better ST to bring out the best in him…he doesnt care abt the fans… all he cares abt is his EGO and his £8m….

  32. salparadisenyc

    Pedro your a fucking rock star for pulling it together on a daily basis, and giving us the reality of it instead of some snowed over washed out version.

    I salut you sir.

  33. kwik fit

    How good was Sagna at centre back.


    Couldn’t agree more 🙂

  34. Revving Kevin

    Reality check
    Yes, City are the most expensive sports team of all time. To only win the league by two points is a massive under achievement. They should we winning the treble, the boat race and the Eurovision Song Contest for that outlay.

    Simon Kuper will be happy.

  35. Moray

    Tits: IF we win the FA Cup….

    If we do, then we will have the Community Shield and the CL qualifiers to play. On the back of a World Cup summer, our players are going to be extra fatigued next year. Expect lots of injuries to key players again unless the maniac changes his ways…

  36. useroz

    At one point in the 2H, saw sanogo, diaby, KK,etc on the bench….wot a spirit sapping scene seeing them.

    How a club like Arsenal have a second strike who is not remotely near the french WC provisional squad?? And this isn’t even a team flooded with attacking talent…Lol, diaby may even make it…

  37. reality check

    Revving Kevin May 11, 2014 16:07:54

    Reality check
    Yes, City are the most expensive sports team of all time. To only win the league by two points is a massive under achievement. They should we winning the treble, the boat race and the Eurovision Song Contest for that outlay.

    Simon Kuper will be happy.

    ok revving calm down… we agree city should be doing more relative to their spend/financial ability but lets not act like AFC are poor. We have two, count it, two Billionaires in our ranks. We can can compete. I.Gazidis said so, twice.

    Wenger chooses not to.

  38. SpanishDave

    Wenger will be basking in his own glory another cracking year getting 4th with two games to spare. Playing his two best buys in Diaby and Nogoal what a man. The other teams need to strenghthen to keep up with us next year!

  39. Arsene's Nurse

    gambon May 11, 2014 15:50:24

    “Giroud is fine as a back up/3rd choice striker because his goal to chance ratio is so low.”

    Dont agree with this at all.

    Fact is we prob wont buy one, let alone 2 CFs, so Giroud is here next year.

    But the very last thing you want on the bench is an immobile, lump thats a terrible finisher.

    Podolski is the type you want on the bench. Limited ability but world class finisher.

    Whats the point throwing Giroud on only for him to miss the one chance that falls to him.
    I see using players a bit differently. I’d be using Giroud against teams like Norwich for 90 mins and give my main striker a rest. We’ve shown this year that with Giroud we are bully boys and get favourable results against the lower teams.

    I’m fine with Giroud playing in those sorts of matches because we can score with other players. Even more so if we bring in a DM and LW (with Walcott coming back). Giroud is very robust and has shown he can go through a season. (I think that is 50 games this year).

    What Giroud can’t do is score against the top teams, he just isn’t good enough. That’s where I’d be wanting my 1st choice to be playing. Use the £50m striker in a run of games including CL and then rest him in the CC, early FA cup stages and away to Stoke on a dark, cold, shitty winter night.

  40. Revving Kevin

    Would Ramsey and theo have earned us those 7 points, I guess we will never know.

    But, How does a shit manager who doesn’t do tactics, injures his own players, overplays his players, picks shit players, has a crap striker etc get us within 7 points of the most expensive team ever? And get slagged off for not winning it?

    It’s a conundrum.

  41. london gunner

    Yeah surprised no one even talked about Ramseys goal lol.

    Imagine Ramsey scoring that last season every one would of been in disbelief now its almost par for the course.

    What I love about the goal is that the cross from Ozil is great but it isn’t pin point perfect as the ball doesn’t quite fall directly in front of rambo

    He actually has to take a few steps back and sideways to set himself up he does this and then the finish is just pure technique

    But what I like is it wasn’t a wild lash or fluke it was measured and calculated and you can just it from the way he sets him self up for it and aims for the top right corner

    Here is the GIF

  42. TitsMcgee

    If we do, then we will have the Community Shield and the CL qualifiers to play. On the back of a World Cup summer, our players are going to be extra fatigued next year. Expect lots of injuries to key players again unless the maniac changes his ways…”

    Absolutely and there is no doubt he won’t do a damn thing different despite all of that. Will still go into the season half cocked then blame the half cocking for his undoing even though it was his fault.

    Hopefully we win the FA Cup because that is the best we will ever do under him from now on.

    It’ll also be the last trophy he ever wins as well.

  43. Alex James

    Thank goodness the bin dippers failed. Don ‘t care about the money invested, every time City win the league, it stabs at the vitals of Utd and Liverpool. Hate them both. Only blot on the landscape today, is the likelihood that Wenger will stay. Two more years of mad tactics and unworthy plsyers.

  44. useroz

    Many city players have kids and wag taking family photos with the trophy…how nice!

    Does wenger even remember what the real trophy is?

  45. Confidentgoner

    You could seethe midfield get lazy – no tracking back, especially from Wilshere, and Daiby. The laziness is a major part of Wengerball.

    Perhaps that is why he is called in some quarters “specialist in failure”.

  46. tipster

    Well done to Man City, best team and held their nerve when it mattered. The manager is class and gentleman……so glad the scousers messed up, how good was that….

  47. Bamford13

    It is true that City are expensively-assembled, but this is precisely why you must be willing to spend in order to compete with such a side.

    Anyone who thinks we can compete with City by signing cheap or free players, like Flamini, Sanogo and Kallstrom — and leaving £100+ million in cash in the bank — is a deluded fool.

    Sadly, Arsenal are run by such a deluded fool.

  48. karim

    Must be selective memory !
    Ok I’ ve got United draw,
    Roma / juve still goalless is fine too
    Just need a sociedad equaliser now

  49. Revving Kevin

    Cesc appeal, you still havn’t answered my question.

    Instead of being sarcastic in front of your mates how about you answer why you were so Disappointed when we scored our second goal. We all celebrated here while you were posting your “oh shit’ comment.

  50. Jeff

    Yes, by Wenger’s reckoning, we have too many good players already. Need to get rid of some. Fourth is achievable with less. He’s overdone it.

  51. london gunner

    Its ironic that Tony Pulis is getting all these plaudits as manager of the season

    When Stoke under Mark Huges have had there highest seasons finish ever without Tony.

    Either way Tony Pulis would make a decent stop gap manager if it all goes tips up with Wenger next season.

  52. tipster

    The game is up for us, with Arsene in charge we will fall further behind…..I get more pleasure watching L’pool get beat knowing are victories are worthless…

  53. Sam

    Man City scored 102 goals. 2 strikers up front most games. Liverpool (I think) 100 goals. 2 strikers up front.
    are you watching, Wenger? One big lump won’t cut it.

    Congrats to City. Pleased that a team with a class manager and playing such attractive football won it. I’m no fan of Liverpool or Chelsea.

    On to next week. Rambo’s moment (I hope).

  54. carts

    Gareth Barry trololololololololololololololol

    *deep breath*


  55. Arsene's Nurse

    To take a team like Man City from the shadow of Man Utd to the top of the PL and competing each year as well as in Europe takes money.

    I don’t see why people have such an aversion to a team spending money when that’s exactly what they have to do in order to compete with the bigger teams who’ve been at the top for the last 20 years.

    Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal all had massive head starts over Man City. Man City had to overpay in transfers and wages in order to build a team. They’ve also had to massively upgrade their training ground and other facilities. They also got the stadium handed to them as well.

    Complaining that it’s unfair whilst we sit on £150m cash pile is pathetic.

  56. MidwestGun

    First season in the Premier League and Pelligrini wins it. The exact reason we shouldn’t be afraid to see AW go. So jealous of City’s fans celebrating right now. Hopefully, we win the FA Cup.

  57. WindyCityArse

    Empty cans make the most noise…
    Great to see WOB’s & AKB’s still swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. Been absolutely brilliant reading the comments on here all season long – keep it up… Classy as always.

  58. Revving Kevin

    Groundhog Day for Giroud on Legrove.

    I thought that was a great assist from Giroud. Much maligned, hated and bullied by some idiots but he never hides and gives his all.

    About time he got some credit for what he does contribute but then again that means asking people to be balanced which is asking too much on here.

    I dislike lazy players or disloyal ones, this bloke is none of those things. He doesn’t deserve the shit some idiots dish out to him.

  59. Radio Raheem

    Get 4 points and Atletico win the league.

    If Barca get 6 they win.

    If both teams fail to get 4 and 6 respectively and Real get all 6 they win.

    Wow what a tight finish eh.

    Come on Atletico be immortals.

  60. Revving Kevin

    Midwest, are you pissed? Fuck me, anyone could take that City squad and win the league. In fact, they should have won it far more convincingly. The most expensive sports team in history and they win the title by two points and only 7 more than us. That’s not a great achievement.

  61. tipster


    Don’t know, some suppoters can’t see the bigger picture and think we should be loyal the wenger no matter what, , even if we are flying into a cliff…
    I think I’m with you, get rid of Arsene…he’s just free wheeling to retirement and getting his ego massaged, nice work if you can get it..

  62. MidwestGun

    No Giroud is only disloyal to his wife, and his manager/ teammates by banging sluts pregame and taking underwear selfies. Guess one man’s loyalty is different to anothers.

  63. Joe


    Ask city fans if they care that they won the title by two points. I know I wouldn’t care.

    Keep grasping at the wenger straws though

  64. The Poldi Prince

    But giroud is awful at what his number one job is.

    Yes he is a good outlet, and has improved his passing and hold up play.

    He has increased his goal tally.

    The major issue is essentially every game he misses sitters, and only once a season he will score from a half chance. He was clean through on goal again today. Awful.

    Any top striker woukd score 35+ goals with the play of ozil and ramsey behind them. We create some many clear cut chances even though we actually create a fairly small amount of chances per game.

  65. Joe

    We have 140 million in the bank. The financial doping excuse does not work when we don’t spend what we have available. A other wenger ready made excuse.

  66. SpanishDave

    Giroud is a technically average joe, if we are serious about winning we have to get better players in. He has not managed to score agsinst the teams around us, and he has missed many sitters.
    We are about twenty goals shy this year which showsthe problem we have.
    Our dear manager thinks a twenty year old lump with no track record of scoring which after all is the strikers job is the solution. Utter madness.

  67. Revving Kevin

    Joe, you clearly are another that doesn’t read posts. Midwest saud that Pellegrini had created some kind of miracle winning City the league. What an utter load of old bollocks that is. Fuck me, you could give some of the deluded idiots on legrove that City squad and they would win the league.

    Stick to the topic.

  68. tunnygriffboy


    The fact that Wenger can get this team with so many deficencies and then injuries to be top in January is something to be congratulated. Then not to bring in reinforcements when we’ve done so well fucks it all up and he deserves a kick in the gonads. It drives me bonkers.

    Let the board sort the transfers once you’ve identified targets and then work with said players. Also how can we defend so well at Dortmund and Bayern away and then see us fall apart at Lpool and Chelsea. Frustrating as hell.

  69. Cesc Appeal


    I just did. Because I knew some dipstick would come along and start holding this up as some vindication for Jenkinson.

    Which you beautifully did with your *cough* “prediction.”

  70. MarbleHall

    Forget about Giroud he’s hopeless, if he were any good he would have fired us to the top of the table but being as most of his goals came against limp opposition there was never a chance he could do it.

  71. Joe

    Mancini couldn’t last year. Moyes couldn’t win the league with a championship winning squad this season. A manager has a certain c factor.

    Wenger’s X factor is bottling it.

  72. arsenwenger

    Revving Kevin May 11, 2014 15:52:07

    The Best team won the league as usual. Most expensive sports team ever but unlike Chelsea at least they try to at football.

    4th place for the most expensively paid Manager in PL

    whoop! well done wenger you useless fuck

  73. Cesc Appeal

    Wengerite’s really are a sour, sour breed aren’t they.

    City won the league. It’s their day, their season. You just make the Arsenal fan base sound bitter and delusional.