The Yin of Gareth Barry the Yang of electric wideman

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Man, all I wanted to do was kick the day off with a flying post… instead, the damn papers are trolling me.

How dare two separate publications suggest Arsenal are in for Gareth Barry. In a season where we’ve seen the side suffer directly from a lack of pace, surely the manager can’t be looking at Gareth Barry as a viable options? I mean, it’s beyond comprehension that he’d look at an ageing veteran like him and feel he could be the difference between fourth and 1st.

The worst thing about this story is it’s not the first time we’ve heard it. It’s been festering for a while. If it happens, it’ll be about cost and convenience rather than pushing the needle of quality forward in the club. What does Barry have that Arteta doesn’t? Why would you want two Artetas? We need a machine in the middle, not a player who will at best, only be able to play 1 game a week. Not a player who won’t be able to hack teams that fly… like Liverpool. Honestly, such a depressingly typical story…

In other more positive news, the sounds around the Aurier story are encouraging. He looks like a beast and more than able replacement for Sagna.

In more positive news than that… rumours are totally hot that Alexis Sanchez is on the Arsenal radar at £20m. That would be a super tasty signing. He’s lightening and can play right across the front line. He’s exactly the sort of player that gives you a different edge and his pace would be electric next to someone like Theo Walcott. Juventus are also rumoured to be in for him… but hopefully the lure of the Premier League will be enough to see him come to us.

… and even more good news for Arsene, apparently he is going to stay. Wow… that was a close shave. What’s more interesting is that a day after the Wenger to Monaco stories dropped, they’ve pretty much appointed Jorge Jesus from Benfica… who they met last Friday. Wow, it’s almost like Wenger was never a priority and that story was magically spun into the media by someone? I wonder who?

OH MY… Arsenal also eyeing Xavi this summer. Some odd old rumours going about. I wonder who we’ll be looking to pinch off Real this summer? Surely they’re going to clear out some talent that didn’t quite make it?

Ok, onto today. The only way this game has anything on it is if Norwich beat us 32 – 0. So it’s a bit tough to get too pumped about it. I don’t even know what to write?


That’s all I’ve got.

Ok, so here’s an idea, let’s start thinking about some FA Cup memories. E-mail me in some of yours, keep it to a max of a couple of paragraphs. Any great stories, any great pictures you might have. I’d be interested to read them and put them out on the blog next week.

How does that sound? It sounds good…

Right, enjoy the final day of the season, and I’ll see you back here for a match report tomorrow!

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  1. Childish Gambino

    Other than stellar signings that we need. If Arsenal can sign the following players for a start then I’m very happy.

    Ashley Wiliams – free
    Caulker – £6M
    Serge Aurier – £5m
    Morgan Schneiderlin – £12m
    Diego Ribas – free
    Loic Remy – £12m
    Josip Drmic – £3.5m

  2. MarbleHall

    Wenger is a flat track bully who was winning the league when it was a two horse race but when it came to Europe was always found to be out of his depth.

  3. Thank you and goodnight

    To be honest, in my opinion our ‘blowing’ it in no way compares to Liverpool’s collapse. Rodgers is to blame as all they needed against Chelsea was a draw. He knows how Maureen likes to play, if that had been me I would of kept possession, kept it tight and waited for Chelsea to make a mistake as they have the strikers to punish a mistake. Chelsea came into that game with a very slim chance of getting back into the title race so they needed to win.

  4. Guns of brixton

    Pedro = Legend

    Cheers for the epic posts day after day week in week out. Truly a premier blog, even if some of yur bloggers lose the plot sometimes

    keep it going buddy eff the haters!

  5. kwik fit

    Wenger staying on one more year
    Prediction for next season.

    4. Arsenal

    I’ll fill the rest in later.

  6. jwl

    N5 Cool story about playing with barry. I was good athlete but not great, I didn’t have dedication either when i teen, and always wondered what it would be like to have played with someone who made it professional.

    I was delighted about Jenks scoring today. I want Jenks to succeed at Arsenal, it would be good for team to have another enthusiastic gooner in squad.

    Aaron Ramsey – he score’s when he wants!

  7. MarbleHall

    Arsenal were never in the mix or in the running.
    Sitting on top of the league when it don’t matter is not the same as being in with a shout of the title with 3 or 4 games to go.

  8. tunnygriffboy

    TYAG / Midwest

    Think Gibbs is bit better than you think but I guess it’s opinion which is great. Rethe tonking even Kos looked shite in them. It’s why we need a proper DM who can cover when FB go forward

    Out of interest can you explain how we can go to Bayern and Dortmund and set up nice and compactly and get good results but yet we refuse to do it against Liverpool and Chelsea. Drives me bonkers and confused.

  9. MidwestGun

    I do acknowledge that some of the problem was Gibbs was pushed up the field a lot to provide offense. But you just can’t ignore defensive positioning. Of course, to me some of the problem was AW asking Gibbs and Sagna to play a ridiculously high line leaving gaps exposed. Not sure why we insist on doing that some games.

  10. MarbleHall

    Ramsey scores when he wants, not true.

    Ramsey 10 league goals:

    Sunderlsnd- 2 goals
    Stoke- 1 goal
    Swansea- 1 goal
    Norwich- 2 goals
    Liverpool- 1 goal
    Cardiff- 2 goals
    Hull- 1 goal

    Total: 10 goals

    Not exactly quality opposition.

  11. Keyser

    They do it because it works, it’s our style of play, other managers use it to.

    Almost the sole reason why this season was disappointing is because it follows 8 other tedious seasons of supposed stability.

    All that’s changed this year is we’ve developed enough efficiency to beat 85% of the teams in the league, but when we apply that to the big sides, it’s not good enough, unless everyone’s fit and/ or playing to their peak.

  12. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    We need to adapt our style of play to the situation, then, because it doesn’t work against the 15% you mentioned. But I agree for the reason of a disappointing season. And of course I blame AW. And Giroud. Lol.

    Sorry, had to add that.

  13. Keyser

    If you watch our defeats against the big teams, the full-backs aren’t out of position, it’s that they’ve been left short by poor play in midfield, by players who lose the ball cheaply first and foremost, and the same players aren’t quick enough or strong enough to correct their mistakes.

    Watch Ox against Everton in the Cup, he just loses concentration completely and plays the ball to an Everton player, he then tracks back 60 yards and puts in an excellant last ditch tackle to deny Lukaku.

    He made the exact same mistake against Chelsea, raced back to get in position, but this time it was Eto’o on the ball, Eto’o scored, when he handles the ball in the penalty area later on, he’s scrambling again.

    MidwestGun – I remember talking to you after the Liverpool loss about this, after the loss we played United mid-week, before we were to play Liverpool again in the FA Cup.

    You could see how timid we were in our build up play, at the same time how defensive moyes had got United playing, when they cleared the ball from the 18 yard box, the next player out didn’t allow us to even get close enough to even give us a chance to retain possession, they continually hoofed it 60 yards up field.

    Forcing us to retreat and pick the ball up from the defence again.

  14. Keyser

    Adapting poses other problems, you can adjust the team, but it still comes at a cost, like playing Mertesacker in a high line.

    If you drop the defensive line 30 yards deeper, your midfield has to cover that much more ground and leaves even more space for the opposition to work through.

  15. Marko

    MarbleHallMay 11, 2014    19:42:47
    Ramsey scores when he wants, not true.Ramsey 10 league goals:Sunderlsnd- 2 goals
    Stoke- 1 goal
    Swansea- 1 goal
    Norwich- 2 goals
    Liverpool- 1 goal
    Cardiff- 2 goals
    Hull- 1 goalTotal: 10 goalsNot exactly quality opposition.

    You miserable twat

  16. jwl

    Ramsey does score when he wants, MarbleHall, but he’s an athlete, not a scholar, and chooses odd times to score.

  17. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Ok, but if your the manager of the team and you know your midfielders have a tendency to make errors which lead to a quick counter, why would you push your FBs almost up to the endline at times. Its suicidal.
    Of course the reason they do it is because we need the overlapping to get in behind the defense, because Giroud can’t do it. As well as others. And we need the crossing from them because Giroud’s best offensive move is a near post run.

  18. master pires


    We don’t “hate” Wenger at all, we just think his time is up.

    In regards to us singing his name, quite frankly, I can’t answer. I certainly don’t

  19. Marc


    I’ve asked before and you always run away.

    Who do you think is good enough for Arsenal?

    Who would you sign?

    Straight answers please – if you capable.

  20. Keyser

    MidwestGun – because at some point you have to rely on faith and trust, like Ramsey, people were moaning for good reason last year, partly unfairly because he hadn’t been given half the guidance as Fabregas had, but because while he was working hard, making tackles, and getting into similar positions, he wasn’t producing.

    This year Ramsey’s talked of Wenger and what he needed to improve on, they worked on his composure in front of goal and him realising how much time he had to shoot or score.

    It’s been shown in certain goals, his first time volley against Fenerbahce earlier in the season, the Cardiff goal and even the volley against Norwich today, just calm and efficient, where he’ll need to improve is sgainst the top teams who give far less time and space, but then so does everyone else.

    This is the same for several players, Ox needs to learn about these things, Wilshere’s being asked to take up a new role, and you’re still adapting to new team-mates and situations.

    Ramsey’s the best example really, when you’ve got young players who need game-time, the only way they’ll improve other than naturally, is through time and repetition.

    Asking them to adjust from one game to the next without any of the experience, isn’t really going to work, unless they’re good enough to do it.

  21. Keyser

    Also if anyone has bothered to read and understand that, thanks, or if you’re now thinking, condescending, patronising, or an arrogant tone.

    The gist of it is basically the Karate Kid.

  22. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Hmm well, I guess its the old youth versus experience thing. I still wouldn’t push my FBs forward against quick counter teams. I understand that’s our style but it has cost us too many games. I actually preferred the way Vermalean played LB as opposed to Gibbs. Only went forward when he knew
    he was covered and was solid defensively.

  23. Marko

    Apparently United bid 27 million for Luke Shaw. Fucking ridiculous price for a kid only on the scene and yet to really prove anything. If he’s 27 million then Clyne’s close to 20, Lallana’s closer to 35 along with Jay Rodriguez. And Dejan Lovren is worth about 10 million cause he’s not english.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Midwest / Keyser

    Really interesting discussion. Enjoying reading it. How much would a really top DCM address some of these faults ? Do we get another quick CB to play with Kos in certain games depending on game plan ?

  25. Marc


    I’ll be pleased. They’ll get a nice summer off – England are coming home having not won a game. 2 draws and a lose in the group stage.

  26. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    You know I always read your comments. I respect your opinion even if it’s different to mine. . Not that your last comment was. But I sometimes wonder why an obviously intelligent person isn’t ready for a change of manager.

  27. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Not really, Gibbs when not injured is probably one of the most explosive players we have, experience counts against you physically usually, so you’d have to figure in players physicality.

    It’s all a massive balancing act, all you have to do is go back and watch us 2 seasons ago, to see what we were like with no real full-backs, Walcott and Gervinho used to put in massive shifts, but then this was mitgated by Van Persie and Song’s production, as well as Arteta and others getting involved.

    We were far more reliant on quick incisive counter-attacks and the sheer efficiency of Van Persie.

  28. Marko

    Gibbs will miss out. The love in the media has for Baines, Cole and Shaw is enormous. Gibbs when fit is for me right up there with them. But if he misses out grand he’ll be sorted for pre season and won’t be part of the inevitable embarressment that is likely to happen to England at the World Cup. They’ll be lucky to get out of their group imo.

  29. MarbleHall

    Arsenal should do a Liverpool and avoid the Champions league so that they can fullyfocus on winning the league.
    But then that would mean putting football first rather than business an alien concept to the board and Wenger.

  30. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Not saying you, just the blog’s been a complete shitfest for a while now, which is why giving Dial Oxygen is annoying, or even any of the so called AKB trolls, all you’re doing is conversing on their level and we get nowhere.

    “But I sometimes wonder why an obviously intelligent person isn’t ready for a change of manager.”

    This ones easy, read your straw-man argument back and try to work out if their were any flaws within it.

    Ie, one competition is a knock-out competition the other a league, and whether Pellgrini would consider winning either with Hull or Arsenal more of an achievement then with Man Citeh.

    Whereas you see one man at fault, I see a massively changed football landscape, like you talking of the NBA in the 90’s, an entire board that’s sold out to two Billionaire owners.

    Just on the football side, I enjoy watching teams and players progress, if it wasn’t for the whole 8 years of frustration the last 2-3 seasons might have been pretty interesting.

  31. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    It is a balancing act, but I prefer our attack to come from the Cf and attacking midfielders then overlapping FBs who can get caught out of position too easily. Especially when every team knows we play this way. Pressure Arteta and the box to box midfielder and cause them to make an errant pass and then boom, one simple pass towards the corner flag and we are done. Every top team has exploited this because we don’t vary our style.

  32. Marc

    Not really. There is no proof he’d manage to get Wenger to spend any more than Kroenke / Gazadis and he’s always stated he wants to keep Wenger.

    Now let’s try to name some players who you think are good enough. You’ve managed to slag off pretty much every player under Wenger and a fair few before that.

    I don’t have a problem with you wanting a change in manager, it’s the way you slag off every player and even other fans whose commitment is way above yours.

  33. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Well we have had this discussion. I tend to take the simple answer because for the most part its correct. You see the world in a more complicated manner. I get that.

  34. MarbleHall

    “Just on the football side, I enjoy watching teams and players progress, if it wasn’t for the whole 8 years of frustration the last 2-3 seasons might have been pretty interesting.”

    Like watching Arsenal get slaughtered 8-2, 6-3, 5-1and 6-0 is making progress in your eyes…..what a banana

  35. MarbleHall

    What point is there in naming players when Arsenal are not in the market for them.

    Usmanov has to say he wants Wenger to remain to keep fans like you on board.

  36. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    I actually like the way Sagna played with Koz today. Hate to see him go. I think we definately need another young CB to play instead of Mert on occasion. We for sure need a new Cdm that doesn’t get caught on the ball and can cover ground. Im just not optimistic AW will do anything about it this summer.


    London gunnerMay 11, 2014 17:41:23
    Wenger Eagleyou ever walked down a street and bumped into someone from the past you dont’ particularly like…


  38. Marc

    When have I stated that I want Wenger to stay on?

    Whilst I don’t have the loathing for Wenger that you seem to have (and for all things Arsenal in general) my criticism is you never propose a credible alternative.

  39. Marc

    So it’s Usmanov or damnation?

    Christ you live a really depressing existence.

    I thought I’d had a bad day – my dish washer broke down yesterday but your entire life is shite.

  40. Keyser

    MidwestGun – “but I prefer our attack to come from the Cf and attacking midfielders then overlapping FBs who can get caught out of position too easily. ”

    They only get caught out of position because of our midfield, and usually only to grave consequences against the top sides, your solution isn’t simple, it’s just a nothing statement.

    So our full-backs sit back and we rely on individual talent to produce the attacking play ? and you think changing the teams identity, or style isn’t complicated ?

    The problem with seeing everything in simple terms, is when you ask why Citeh are successful and someone says because ‘they’ve spent a lot of money’ you’re never willing to accept the ‘simple’ answer.

  41. kwik fit

    Final Premier League Table;

    Premier League table
    1.Arab money
    2.American money
    3.Russian money
    4.Don’t spend money
    5.What’s money?
    6.Gareth Bale money
    7.Waste of money

  42. carts

    Premier League table
    1.Arab money
    2.American money
    3.Russian money
    4.Don’t spend money
    5.What’s money?
    6.Gareth Bale money
    7.Waste of money

    Pahahahaha- well played, squire!

  43. MidwestGun

    To discredit the managers involvement in winning is ridiculous. Kevins statement that any manager could have won with that City team is beyond ridiculous. The Bulls still needed Phil Jackson and so did the Lakers. Doesn’t matter how expensive the players are they still need direction and a game plan that works.

  44. Arsene's Nurse

    kwik fit May 11, 2014 21:15:02

    Final Premier League Table;

    Premier League table
    1.Arab money
    2.American money
    3.Russian money
    4.Don’t spend money
    5.What’s money?
    6.Gareth Bale money
    7.Waste of money

    This is one of the reasons for reading Le-grove posts – there’s plenty of wit and humour about.

    Even if someone is going to be insulting, take the piss, be self-deprecating or rip into someone else, then a bit of intelligence, whether you agree with the overall statement or not, for my mind is welcoming.


    MarbleHall May 11, 2014 19:59:16

    I see a lot of N5 in Gareth Barry:

    Slow of body and mind
    Heavy first touch.
    Ponderous and uncultured.
    Unable to read the game.

    Now I don’t have any beef with N5, but Marbleballs (see what I did there?) at least makes the effort at witticism in his criticism.

    Now to watch MotD and Hansen’s final performance.

  45. Arsene's Nurse

    @Kwik – what the hell are you googling for when you search out these gems? Maybe I shouldn’t ask!

  46. Arsene's Nurse

    N5 May 11, 2014 21:44:01

    Nurse, it’s just a shame that the other 99% that comes out of his mouth is absolute bullshit.
    I agree – there’s a difference between criticism and trolling. Every dog has his post – to paraphrase.

  47. N5

    Spot on Nurse, which is why it’s a shame that he has to troll, because when he engages his brain he’s witty and intelligent.

    I must admit, I laughed at the insult too. It was double edged because I’m friends with Gareth, as I mentioned earlier, so he got a double blow in.

    Kudos to him.

  48. Thank you and goodnight

    Ashley Cole might be a knob, but footballing wise I think he’s the greatest English left back ever. He truly was world class on the pitch, and we should of done everything in our power to have kept him.

  49. Arsene's Nurse

    Good on Jenkinson in getting in the box. Yeah, it’s Norwich but fair play to him – they all count.

  50. WengerEagle

    Man United have submitted a £27 million bid for Luke Shaw according to Sky Sports Sources.

    Fuck me that’s a shed load for an 18 year old left-back.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    He’s young, has talent, has potential, is explosive and most importantly…he’s English – equals a ridiculously overpriced transfer fee.

  52. Moray

    I would like to take this moment to congratulate Spurs on sealing their customary UEFA cup place again this season. They are really making that competition their own. One day they might even win it, if they change the rules and prevent the better clubs from dropping into it from the Champions League group stages.

  53. TheBayingMob

    Doesn’t matter who Woy picks, England are dead in the water in Brazil, we might as well not bother to be honest … If they get out of the group I’ll grow a beard and enter the Eurovision Song Contest. Is anyone completely unexcited about the FAC Final next week? Wenger has spent the past decade fucking it off, I just can’t get excited about playing Hull in what Wenger and all his cult like followers consider a tinpot trophy …

  54. jwl

    Luke shaw should buy lottery ticket after weekend he’s having with world cup news and manu £27 million bid. I wonder if shaw gets any sleep tonight or does he stay awake and think he’s dreaming.

  55. Bacaryisgod

    Insane though the bid may be for Shaw, it’s the sign of a managerless big club out of Europe acting with utter decisiveness. Some of that attitude from Arsenal please…

  56. Jeff

    Goodness me; had to comment. Jesus in drag won the Eurovision song contest. I only fast forwarded IPlayer just to see who won it and if the song was half decent. Well the person from Austria who won it is a bearded “woman-like” creature who appeared to have the voice of a heavy smoker. That contest gets weirder and weirder every year.

  57. wenker-wanger

    Gareth barry !!! Thats No surprise. Kalou nani and other players that are experienced and past their prime and will be cheap will be snapped up by the tightest man in football.silvestre kallstrom and the useless squillacci are all examples of wengers obsession with cheap discarded veterans. Why does wenger stay at arsenal??? Theres no ambition other than lucrative 4 th place and his own disgustingly outlandish salary.Perhaps wenger is akin to punchdrunk boxer that doesnt know when to quit. The FA Cup is just a sweet cherry on a stale cake. I so wished monaco would have been stupid enough to give wenger a comfortable retirement home. Perhaps they aspire to be above 4 th place !

  58. wenker-wanger

    @ jeff , haha yes the euro drag queen! Surprised Ukip havent put his/ her face on their euro- warning posters!

  59. wenker-wanger

    Hull dont appear to have any firepower to trouble wengers average side. Wigan will be shown to have been a much harder opponent. The end of the long trophy drought is in sight……. And the charlatans sickly grin and self- congratulatory comments will soon be rammed down yr throats.

  60. Jeff


    Yes I think that the trophy drought could well end this Saturday but it will do nothing for us in the summer to challenge for bigger and better things. Wenger’s feeble show will go on.

  61. gonsterous

    Ok let’s win the cup and prove Wenger right that we can win trophies without money… With that out of the way…lets go spunk a few of the dough we have saved up till now in the window, shall we ??

  62. andy1886

    Lol, it will be difficult to buy with the world cup coming up, don’t expect anything before mid July says Wenger.

    Meanwhile a MANAGERLESS club makes a £27m bid for a world cup bound player less than a day after the end of the PL season.

    So, in summary, even a club with NO MANAGER can make a better fist of transfer dealing than OUR MANAGER.

    What a complete knob Wenger is.

  63. Al

    What is especially special about Ramseys goal is the adjustment steps he took with the flight of the ball to hit the volley.
    Very special measured goal.

    The guy is an absolute star.

    Only thing satisfying about getting top 4 is to piss off everyone that said we wouldn’t at start of season and everyone who hoped Everton made it

  64. Moray

    A1, there is nothing satisfying to me in coming fourth, especially considering the hammering we took from our rivals and the fact that lunatic Wenger is staying for another two years. By staying in the same place we fall behind, considering the number of first-teamers we need to bring in and our recent history of failing to secure quality signings. And especially now those scally bastards look like they have got their act together. I don;t think many of those people who called us finishing out of the top 4 will really be pissed off that we have come in fourth, particularly as we predictably gave them the bathetic crash in form as soon as it came to the business end of the season and the good opponents

    On the plus side, Ramsey was looking very special before (and after) his injury. I just hope Wenger’s neglect doesn’t injury him seriously, as it did for Jack.

  65. Moray

    Michael Owen bought up a street of houses to put his family in, then bought the mansion at the top and lives there like Lord Muck. The guy is a cunt. I have no idea why they have approached him as a pundit, I really don;t. They would get more sense and presence from a corpse.

    It’s worth pointing out though that we normally finish closer to 5th than we do first place.