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Giroud gears up for a miss...

Howdy everyone, how’s it going this fine Saturday morning?

Good I hope. So good you want to burst.

So what have we this morning? Monaco to offer Arsene a job at £10m a year after tax.


This is now starting to become part of the traditional Ground Hog PR calendar.

1. Arsene has average season

2.Press get hold of a story stating that the manager is a HOT FUCKING PROPERTY BECAUSE FRENCH CLUBS WITH MANY RICHES WANT TO SIGN HIM.

‘Oh my gosh… where did this story emanate from?’

Fan read the article and are warmed by words such as…

‘Sources close to Arsene indicate he’s so loyal, he wouldn’t move if 72 Virgins were thrown into the deal’

Then we all start feeling guilty. What a man Arsene is. He’s only earning £140k a week with his… we should be grateful.

Pass me the ‘I’m not buying it bucket’, because I have a deposit I’d like to make in it.

If anything, Monaco ‘chasing’ Wenger shows how desperate they are. No one seems to be taking them too seriously and I’d guess that most managers will be looking at the French league wondering why they’d bother. Sure, the money is great. The country is pretty. But come on, there are literally two games a year worth tuning in for.

Anyway, outside of PR stories. What have we?

A proper strory!

Laurent Koscielny has signed on for more years. The 28 year old… not 26 year old, has penned a new deal that’ll keep at the club until he’s too old and crap to move elsewhere.

“I am very proud to have reached agreement with the Club on a new contract. I have enjoyed four great years at Arsenal already, and I look forward to continuing to help the team in the years to come.”

This really is absolutely great news for the club. He’s one of the best defenders in Europe at the moment and he really could have had the pick of any club if he’d wanted to. Keeping him was the most important job of the summer. Now we need to start looking at succession planning. Wenger needs to be looking at bringing in a couple of top notch 20 year olds so they can build their way into the same mould as Laurent. It takes a while to bed in, so let’s start now. Clearly Thomas is going, it seems likely that Sagna will go. Let’s get the new batch come through.

Lukas with a seal? Why the hell not.


There was an interesting stat at the bottom of a Daily Mirror Article. Average points with Ozil, Rambo and Theo is 2.1, without, 2. If you take that at face value, that’s an additional 3.8 points over the course of a season. Hardly massive. Anyway, that’s taking things a little too literally.

New Arsenal kit?


Right, not much on today… had some very cool writers tap me up about writing this summer. From big publications. If you write for a big publication, and want to write for us in secret, let me know.

… I’m more trustworthy than Julian Assange.


Have a good day. xxx

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  1. gunz

    Keyser there’s really not much to choose from is there?? plus wilshere has really stood out playing for england…….gob..Henderson will do the donkey work in the middle as we know england won’t have much of the ball

  2. Bacaryisgod

    Gambon-where did you come up with the 100k per week for Richards? Besides, I think he jumps ahead of Jenks in no time and perhaps even Aurier, As for Vermaelen, I think he stays. With one year left the cost of losing him isn’t that great and there’s always a chance his fortunes change at Arsenal when Mertesacker finally breaks down through overuse !

  3. Keyser

    If you went Henderson – Wilshere – Barkley in midfield you’d have a decent balance in midfield.

    Except Wilshere’s probably the one with the most experience and the other two have only really started to show up this year and have massive question marks over them.

    The England teams like the Youth Academy set-up, we continually hold onto the past without commiting to the future.

    If John Terry wasn’t such a cock, he’d probably get another call-up.

  4. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Not sure it’s about luck, he’s not exactly high-impact or intensity, but he’s solid and durable as a defender, looking back at his stats doesn’t really ever come on as a sub, not surprisingly, but starts a hefty amount of games each year.

    I think Wenger might’ve played Vermaelen – Koscielny more, but fate has been pretty unkind, Gallas and Vermaelen actually had a decent partnership when they first started out together.

  5. gunz

    true Keyser forgot Barkley too ur midfield is pretty cool but we need a steel head there as those three will always go gon_ho and there’s the case of Gerrard with his experience too

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Well I remember at the time that Caulker was sold and Chiriches was bought they were a lot of Spurs fans questioning it.

  7. andy1886

    Not only do I think that Jenks will be our RB next season I also think that Wenger will bump up his wages to £70k or so because obviously that will make him a better player……

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Not sure for England.

    Johnson, Jagielka, Cahill, Baines
    Gerrard Henderson
    Oxlade, Barkley, Sterling

    I know everyone is outraged when you leave out Rooney, but he really hasn’t been that special for me this year, we need lots of energy, pace and power. And that team has a lot of it.

  9. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    I think the luck aspect was the number of tackles Mert makes and especially aerial duels where there is a collision of heads oftentimes. And no not even I think Wenger can prevent head injuries. Lol
    I’m ok with keeping Vermaelen as he can also cover LB more than adequately but I don’t like the Koz/ Verm partnership at CB and would prefer an adequate backup to Mert.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    I think with England, starting Henderson, Gerrard, Sterling and Sturridge gives you a base of understanding as well in the core of the side.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Just not impressed with him. Just my preference, I can easily see how he’d get a start obviously, I wouldn’t start him though.

  12. gunz

    cesc Rooney definitely has to there….sturridge has zero to no experience in international competitions and as much as I hate the guy Rooney is still capable of match winning performance and he is better in bringing others to play than sturridge IMO

  13. karim

    Firmino scored again, where the heck is Eagle ?
    Schalke beat Nuremberg 4 / 1 with goals from both Draxler and dr Mic …
    Lewa with a brace

  14. Bamford13


    You can’t leave Rooney out. Instead I’d have him play exactly as Suarez does at Liverpool, giving you a front three of Sturridge, Rooney and Sterling. If Wilshere were playing better, I’d play him alongside Barkley, but as is he’d ruin the flow of passing. The team below could definitely cause people problems.


  15. Evan

    Mourinho compiles season report and plan of action

    He told Chelsea’s official site: “I have been doing a report for a long time and it’s something I am going to give the club on Monday.

    After that the club will analyse it.”Then we will meet, discuss it and find a direction to act in relation to every case.”

    Love him or hate him atleast he has done his homework

  16. karim


    Not exactly mate
    He said they couldn’t reach an agreement and that he thought he was on his way

    Not a big difference I agree

  17. Bamford13

    Unless we’re replacing him with someone who is pure class, letting Sagna go seems wrong. Not that he’s all that great of an RB — he’s solid defensively but limited going forward — but he has polish, experience and versatility and could help us going forward both as a back-up and as a mentor.

    If Wenger tries to get away with starting Jenkinson, he really does need to be treated to a shower of tomatoes.

    If he signs someone like a Coleman, tomatoes can stay in pockets.

  18. karim

    Same comments as last week, paris’ season is basically over
    Lille can get champions league if they win
    BUT Zlatan is back and looked furious when they lost at home on Wednesday so it’s a hard one
    No cavani / thiago silva
    Hope it helps

  19. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Ok, thanks. No worries, I won’t hold you responsible this week. 😉

    Already up some. Had the Udinese/ Verona draw correct in the Serie A.
    How about that old man Luca Toni? Just keeps on going. Lol.

  20. kwik fit

    Hearing that Arsenal have been monitoring Shola Ameobi all season. Replacement for Giroud if he goes back to France next season

  21. LeMassiveCoq

    England…out with the old fuckers (cept Gerrard)


  22. MarbleHall

    Good to see the Daily Mirror stats corroborating with what i have been saying all season that the influence Ozil, Walcott and Ramsey have on Arsenal is negligible.

  23. Al

    If Roy had the stones he would shift Rooney out to the left, Play Sturridge up top as the focal point with Chambo or Sterling on the right

  24. TheBayingMob

    If you kill yourself, its suicide!!! If you kill someone else, its homicide!!! If you kill loads of people, its genocide!!!! If you haven’t won a title in over 20 years, its Merseyside!!

  25. sanmi

    I have a question for everyone.
    If we win FA cup, have we had a better season than Liverpool (assuming they don’t win epl), Chelsea?

    In my opinion, yes we have, we have been judge in the past strictly on trophies, why not now? I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative

  26. Gregg

    Quality player Sanchez. Can play anywhere in a front three and is strong enough and elusive enough to play through the middle. He could quite easily become another Suarez

  27. Revving Kevin

    If you want to know how fucked up this world is, thanks to the PC crowd, just look at that Eurovision winner. It’s a bloke, that’s now a girl, that wears a dead and has a beard! WTF!

    A freak who everybody in the PC brigade celebrates. Fuck me, if your son brought that home you’ld be seriously pissed. Mind you, probably preferable that bringing a spud into the home.

  28. Samir masri

    It’s clearly obvious that wining a silver ware isn’t as important as making it on top4. Well that’s the clubs logic. I can’t stand this loser mentality that wenger had given to the club. He’s clearly off his mind.

  29. Samir masri

    He keeps bragging about being in top4 in consecutive years. We don’t care about that. We wanna be challenging Chelsea, City and Liverpool for epl title.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Alexis Sanchez would be an outstanding acquisition, because of his versatility.
    He can play on right as well as left wing as well as up front.He scores goals.

    He creamed England when he played for Chile.

    The drawbacks are his size [1.69] and also the fact that Juventus are after him.
    They have already 3 Chile players on their books including Vidal.

    What is interesting is that his agent is in contrast to most reputed to be a ‘good’ guy with unconventional background. He played rugby not football and
    by all accounts looks after his clients very well. He does not take backhanders.

  31. Ozrus

    “If you want to know how fucked up this world is, thanks to the PC crowd, just look at that Eurovision winner. It’s a bloke, that’s now a girl, that wears a dead and has a beard! WTF!”

    Revving, you sound like gambon! That can’t be good. Very disappointing really. Another bigot. Oh well. Must be your age