FA Commission report… dear oh dear.

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Gooood morning! So the FA Commission have dropped their report on the world.

What a mess.

I mean, 9 months to come to some of the conclusions they’ve reached is quite amazing. I guess when you’re calling on the expertise of Howard Wilkinson and Glenn Hoddle, you really are going to struggle.

The useless guiding the useless… A pretty impressively undynamic duo right there. Two guys who can’t get work in the modern game, guiding the future of the league. What a joke.

In the proposals, B teams have been suggested as a possibility. I’m not totally against it, they do it in Germany and in Spain. I’m just not sure how it works in practice.

Other rules, like increasing the home grown quota from 8 to 13 seems like a ridiculous attempt to make ENGGGUUUURRRRRLLLLLLAAAAAND a better team. For me, it simply degrades the level of the league. Whacking more home grown players in first teams doesn’t make the national team any better unless the players coming through are better. If Arsenal can’t bring through decent young players in 17 years of Wengerisation, I’m not sure what the FA are expecting. That all of a sudden we go from nought to incredible?

The FA also want to limit the teams to two non-EU players in their squads. Again, a premise I find completley backward and anti competitive.

We’re moving out of a world where you’re protectionist. I want to see the best players possible. I don’t want to have to put up with Craig Eastmond in the middle of the park because we can’t snap up the next Gilberto. It’s outrageous.

When are the FA going to accept that the main attraction is not England. When are the Premier League going to step in and tell the FA to do one? I’m sick and tired of this continuous flawed effort to get our national team up to a decent standard… because I don’t care about international footall. And look, you might tell me that TV viewings are incredible, and sure, they are… but that’s because all the fans in the country only have one footballing choice on that day!

Watching all of these bloated, largely ineffective, bloated associations try and push their own outrageously obvious agendas is so boring. FIFA awarding world cups to the people who push out the biggest bribes. FIFA expanding the World Cup in the name of more games for more sponsorship fairness UEFA giving City three times the fine PSG recieved because Platini’s son is a lawyer at the French club. Watching Greg Dyke try and devalue the best footballing product on the planet so we have a better international side. It’s so agendarised.

Why do we need an FA? Why do we need FIFA? Why do we need UEFA?

Why can’t the clubs take the game back?

Seems crazy to me.

I’d go on, but I’m really hungover.



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  1. Santos

    london and eagle

    I wanted Gustavo last year too. He went for pittance after the confed cup. He really performed well in that tournament. The way he slides and shields the defence, his forward passes and elegance are top qualities..

  2. london gunner

    His actually a really good season as well.

    3 man of the match performances in a new team.

    His got an average rating of 7.35 to put into context Ramseys is 7.59

    His pass success rate is 86 percent

    4 goals 2 assists similar to arteta (he doesn’t take pens)

    3.4 tackles a game

    2.4 interceptions

    1.5 clearances

  3. london gunner

    For a DM you really shouldn’t be making that many clearances and as for the tackles that’s actually pretty good higher than Gerrard for instance.

    But his interceptions sounds low though its hard to find statistics for that information

  4. WengerEagle

    london gunner/ Santos

    Gustavo was a big miss last summer, he’s literally Arteta’s opposite physically. He’s tall, powerful and quite fast too considering his height. His tackling and intercepting statistics along with his pass completion statistics are among the top in European football too.

    He’s an excellent CDM and someone IMO we should go straight back in for this summer. I still remember his performance vs Real Madrid in the Champions League Semi-Finals 2 years ago where he was the best player on the pitch.

    He’d easily be gettable for around Β£20 million this summer which would be a steal tbh.

  5. MidwestGun

    WE –
    When in doubt, invent your own trophy/ title. Work hard, dominate and win the Stamina League! Wooo hooo.

    The old man has seriously, lost it. πŸ™

  6. WengerEagle


    Haha too right mate he’s a 20th century relic unfortunately. Inventing the ‘Stamina League’ Trophy is just a new low for Arsene now.

    What will be his ‘trophy’ next season? The ‘beatingbottomhalfofthetableteams’ trophy maybe?

  7. Dan Ahern

    The ironic thing is that we fell apart after an injury crisis likely stemming from overplaying key players.

    So really we lost the stamina league. Badly.

  8. TOLI83

    Gustavo would improve our team so much which makes it impossible for Wenger to sign him.

    Odd – however if we bought him Wenger would feel under pressure to win the league. He wouldn’t like that.

  9. TOLI83

    We are so used to this bollocks that the loan signing of someone that had a serious back injury therefore meaning he could actually really play any games gets over looked.

    If fucking incredible.

  10. Santos

    Wenger hasn’t signed the new contract or has he? A gullible part of me still thinks he’s leaving.

  11. MidwestGun

    Please for the love of God yes. Also, known as the get that damn monkey off my back Trophy. Or my favorite, Shut the Fuck up Spuds Trophy!

  12. Santos

    We really need the FA Cup so that the oppo fans will come up with new jokes. Our trophy-less tag is very annoying.

  13. Revving Kevin

    And you call yourselves supporters? Fuck me, I thought I had logged on to a Spuds blog with all the piss taking!!!!

    “60,000 seater stadium and 17 consecutive years in the Champions League without a sugar daddy” trophy”.

    “The Invincibles, the only unbeaten league season” trophy.

    “The most successful Arsenal Manager” trophy.

    “Biggest bunch of moaners and whingers who call themselves supporters” trophy.

    “The club with a handful of ignorant fans that think it’s fun and clever to take the piss out of their own club and players” trophy.

    Ps: Shouldn’t those of you that are American be out shooting someone or hosing down your trailer? πŸ™‚

  14. Santos

    We want to prove how good we are in the next game trophy

    Someone here called it collective amnesia

  15. MidwestGun

    Hahaha. Touch a nerve did we? I believe AW started it with his Stamina League comment. But, yes you are truly the only one true supporter. I bow to your superior intelligence as I am but an ignorant fan.

  16. WengerEagle

    Revving Kevin

    For Christ sake it’s just a bit of banter no need to come on here and throw a shit fit.

    No one should be bigger than the club.

    I love Arsenal, not Arsene.

  17. Revving Kevin

    Dear Wenger eagle

    I am as cool as ice my friend. Shit fit, behave I wasn’t rude or insulting just have you my trophies.

    I don’t love Arsene but I respect him. I believe you can criticise and be objective without taking the piss.

  18. MidwestGun

    I wish I knew a Spuds blog so I could go there and fuck with them. Sadly, where I live I don’t know any Spud fans. My Spuds blog name would be Slowdado Friedel.

  19. Dan Ahern

    Gettin’ there my man. Final day on the horizon, a nice who-gives-a-fuck matchup with Norwich. Let us sit back and let the beers flow over us, coaxing us into euphoric relief that the Champions League money is in and the threat of Europa gloom is out. Let us breathe in the beauty that comes with an absence of pressure. And after our glorious respite, we pause and reflect momentarily, then get fired up once again. For we are moving on to a bona fide shot at silverware–the real kind, not a Top 4 consolation. We’re going in guns blazing against some poor fuckers who have no chance if we’ve got any balls, if we’re got any desire. I hope we lift that trophy. I hope Wenger remembers what it feels like, and gets back in the saddle again. On to the market. YAH!

  20. MidwestGun

    Yep, I had my family reunion here, had to entertain them, so fishing, golf, sight-seeing. So didnt have much time. But thank God they’re gone so I can enjoy the FA cup and get back to goofing off on line. Lol.

  21. Revving Kevin

    I wonder what team will start against Norwich? Just a week away from the cup final and nothing to
    play for. No point taking any chances now. Norwich are down but as they are at home they may want to finish on a high and may put in some feisty challenges.

  22. Revving Kevin

    Fishing and Golf that’s a cool way to relax. Not at the same time of course! It’s 1.26 am here, body clock messes about as I work shifts. Should really get some shut eye.

  23. MidwestGun

    Dan A –
    Haha ya I’m commited alright. I’m like AW in the transfer market, can’t make up my mind. Wish it was closer distance. Problem is Im a building contractor and thats my money time.

  24. Revving Kevin

    Dear Wenger Eagle
    Cheers. He doesnt deserve a lot of what he gets, it’s a bit disingenuous and over the top IMO, at times. Nothing wrong with wanting him out, just sometimes it goes beyond that. We shall have to agree to disagree on that though without falling out. πŸ˜‰

    I hope he is sensible about Sundays game. Last thing we need is another injury the week before the Cup Final. Norwich will want to sign off at home and they will be hurting, so it could get physical. Seen it before with a relegated team.

  25. salparadisenyc

    Christ diggs it’s a 2 hour flight, 2 drunken days with lifelong memories involving the Arsenal, nyc and a 4 am last call. Pull it together man, your getting off cheap.

  26. MidwestGun

    Lol, sounds more like a tour of duty. Might come back alive. Don’t you think Stan should play at his freakin Rams stadium, since he owns it and shit? Now that would be getting off cheap.

  27. Revving Kevin

    you have got to go to that, it’s the first time in over 25 years Arsenal have played in the USA!. Coupled with TH14 it’s a must see. Envy you that chance.

  28. Dan Ahern

    MW — Hey, no worries, just let us know if you decide to give work the finger and head over!

    I still gotta get a ticket myself. Shit is obscene on stubhub right now.

  29. MidwestGun

    Dan A-
    Haha it’s cool. Don’t know if I can turn down money. Gonna be working in Texas that month. So long flight. Etc. But it is once in a liftime. So…..

    You live in a studio? What’s up with you NYCers and your closet size apartments.? Lol. I got 3600 sq ft 5 bed, 3 bath House. Man got to have his space for things. πŸ˜€

  30. goonerboy

    Given England’s international track record- the last people qualified to plan the reform of English football are former England players and managers. They know the game all right- the wrong game- the game that fails to produce more than a tiny handful of technically competent English players and teams. Our record compared to the germans, Italians, the Dutch over the past 30 years is pathetic-

    It is obvious that giving technically incompetent players greater playing time will not improve the capacity of English teams to compete.

    The key weakness in England is the lack of technical skill of players and this derives from poor quality coaching- at all levels-

    Dyke is trying to justify populist crap driven by the interests of former players and the media.
    Restricting numbers of foreign players is counter productive- especially for clubs like ours who don’t have the wealthiest owners.

  31. sanmi

    My spurs friend and I had an argument over which of our clubs have the most negative blog, so we set out to find out, he gave me their most negative blog (vital spurs), I gave him le-grove. He sent me a message yesterday, the summary is, ‘I totally concede, you can’t be more negative than le-grove, they never have a good day
    You win 1-0= we were lucky, and we were crap
    You win 3-2= too close for comfort
    You win 4-1= why must we concede
    You win 6-0= flat track bully
    You lose= we were never good.

    So he asked me why I keep visiting the blog, I told him, I don’t come here when we lose cause I am still hurting, but I come here when we win because it becomes one huge comedy!
    The comments then will be:
    Santi should have dribbled the whole squad, Ozil should have eyes at his back, scz should dive better than superman, how on earth did Ramsey miss a shot from 30yards out

  32. Jeff

    Cheer up chaps, it won’t be long before we go back up to the top of the league and stay there for 3 months whilst watching Wenger dither and procrastinate over the summer. He’s already basking in the glory of fourth as though it were something to be proud of rather than ashamed.

  33. Al

    Absolutely cracks me up when my Liverpool supporting mates still believe they will win it……ask them why and the response is that it is meant to be their season lol.

    Will I be watching the arsenal match tomorrow. …NO

    I Will be watching the Liverpool match with the same guys as I did when they played crystal palace ….and I had one of the funniest nights ever.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    Just read article in Telegraph following interview with Rogers. It suggests that
    Liverpool will focus on transfer window on buying starting first team rather than squad players.

    The suggestion is also that he has already lined up his ‘buy’ list headed by Lallana.

    This seems to be an entirely different approach to Wenger and our club who seems to leave transfer business always to the last moment and AFTER all the
    other major clubs have done their shopping.

    Arsenal need to REPLACE both Sagna and Arteta. That should be the priority
    now and not wait until after World Cup.

  35. gonsterous

    I don’t wanna sound like a thick head but isn’t ozil younger than cesc…. If he is, I don’t see how having cesc in the team would help us…unless he replaces giroud

  36. Revving Kevin

    Don’t Believe everything you read in the papers. These liars speculate for a living. Someone quoted something in the Daily Star and used it to beat up Wenger. The Daily Star, shit you may as well quote the Beano.

    I agree 100% with Sanmi at6:44. He was right on the money.

  37. Revving Kevin

    Dear peanutsandmonkeys
    As a Chelsea fan, why are you so obsessed with Arsenal?

    You have a cunt of a manager who fucked up and is now slagging his players off. You support a club with no fucking class, no history and no friends in football. It looks like another player of the season will be leaving, Hazard. As the end of Chelsea’s little jaunt is finally upon us, shouldn’t you be talking about that.

    Obsessing on us sums up your plastic little club and it’s supporters perfectly.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    Revving Kevin

    I agree to some extent with what you and Sanmi have written particularly when some of the posts on Pedro’s thread degenerate to the ridiculous.

    However, there are interwoven in the thread some sensible posts and of course for those like me who have been supporters and season ticket holders a very long time a fairly good picture of what goes on in football.

    The fact is that some clubs plan their transfer business a lot better than others. Obviously if you throw your money at problem like Real Madrid, Chelsea
    and to lesser extent Man City it is not difficult to buy.

    On the other hand many other clubs do seem to conduct their transfer business a lot better than we do. Wenger’s track record in recent times has been
    to ‘react’ too slowly to problems and more often than not only to make changes when it is too late.

    I am not going to blame Wenger for losing the League Title, but we do need to
    look at reasons why we tailed off in February and March. Yes it was partly down to injuries, but it was more importantly down to Wenger and Club’s failure to deal with severe weaknesses in our squad specifically in defensive midfield and in striker positions.

    Dealing with latter Wenger had 4 transfer windows so far to resolve problem.
    What have we seen? He kept Bendtner on books and recruited Sanogo a boy
    with injury history who does not remotely look like first team potential.

    The same has been far to often the case in other positions where the club reacts too slowly to problems. You will recall in past a similar situation to centre
    back position which cost us a title and then of course who can forget the left
    full back debacle in recent times.

    What I said in my last post is that Arsenal should now follow example of other
    clubs and be more decisive in transfer window.

    We do not need to make wholesale changes as some suggest. The priorities
    are three namely right full back, holding midfield and striker. The first two
    are a necessity and should be dealt with quickly. We have the money to buy
    the best available.

    The striker is more complex, because there are an awful lot of clubs looking
    for players and prices tend to be grossly inflated with such limited supply.
    Wenger may be right there in waiting until after World Cup.

  39. gonsterous


    Why would he take it ?? Then he will be expected to perform as well as not having all the power over the BoD and the fans and complete control over the transfers..
    Cant see him taking it… He’ll deflect it by saying he honors his contract and wants to see it through !!!