10% PRICE HIKE, YOU MUST BE KIDDING (did you say beanie?)

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News is looking good around Laurent Koscielny signing on with a a new deal this summer. For me, arguably our hottest player outside Aaron. The 26 year old is good on the floor, sharp in the tackle and an exceptional reader of the game. An absolute gem of a find, probably the last seriously impressive bit of transfer treasure hunting undertaken by the club.

Sign him up Arsene!

In other news, Arsenal members are losing their minds over the membership packs this year.


If I could wear hats (massive cranial area makes it look like I’m pulling a woolly condom over my head), I’d love that. We’re also getting some books.


The price of membership has gone up by 10% due to operational costs. Feels like another operational fail. I appreciate everyone has budgets, but when you’re sitting on a mountain of cash, perhaps penny pinching with fans loses relevance or punch.

‘Costs are rising because we’ve just spunked £100m on outrageous talent’

Feels a better reason to put the cost of a membership box up than…

‘Paper is more expensive this year’

I mean, internally, how does it happen?

‘Hey Ivan, we pulled in an extra £40k by up changing the membership packs’

I mean, does that get any sort of back patting? A bit like Abramovich’s wife looking to get credit for reducing the weekly shopping spend by £8.

Still, these are the realities of operating like a business. Football clubs are super relaxed about raising wage bills at the top, not so relaxed about costs elsewhere. That’s why you’ll see unpaid internships at some of the biggest clubs in the world. It really is odd. The same happens in marketing, monster agencies making kids work 6 months unpaid. Fashion and publishing are no different. I find it all a bit distasteful. Sharing the wealth not high on the agenda.

Not to say the club don’t care. They do nice things like Christmas drinks tokens for away fans… but because ‘fans first’ isn’t a celebrated club value, things like 3% price hikes and membership packs price jumps slip through the net… which devalue the good work they do.

That starts at the top…

Still, I guess when you have a captive audience and you don’t suffer with consumer promiscuity, why would you put fans first? They’re already in. Retention isn’t a cost. The only cost you have is luring in fans from overseas. Internally, a heavy focus is on cracking the overseas gig… home fans are generally determined by lineage.

Business is business. Objectives are objectives. If you’re paid to cut costs, that’s what you’ll do. We’re not the only ones in this position. That’s why protesting ticket costs is futile. Clubs aren’t suddenly going to chop their costs because a few people can’t afford what is essentially a luxury purchase. The only way in for the man that can’t afford the splash purchase is safe standing.

… if Germany can make it work, so can football. If Festivals can make it work, so can football.

That’s coming at some point… not when we’re talking about Hillsborough every other week. That’s a political hot potato until at least 5 years after the inquest is closed. Well, in  my opinion anyway…

In other, lighter, more interesting news. The Arsenal boys have been singing FA Cup songs on the Arsenal site. Good work lads.

Hilarious. You can half tell who is going to leave? Sagna and Vermalen. Shoddy effort. Per, Jenko and Chambo… good work lads. Exceptional effort!

Arsenal should do more things like that. I dont’ watch Arsenal player because it requires effort to get to the site. But I watched the Youtube. Break it out Arsenal, get more people hooked on the players personalities.

Great work.

Right, busy morning. I’m off. Catch you all tomorrow. x

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  1. Radio Raheem

    Score *for City?

    Niall Quinn, how did this cunt get a high level job at a PL club? All fucking cunts the lot of them.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Has anyone seen that Paddy Power thing at the Arsenal training ground? Where they take the mean tweets to them and set up little tests…quite funny actually.

  3. Lebgooner

    It would be truly ironic if Real ends up winning the UCL and Barca the Liga leaving Atletico with nothing after all they’ve done this season… Would call it poetic injustice!

  4. Radio Raheem


    Yeah man it’s all about the Guinness, you’ve got to be soppy to not like it.

  5. Keyser

    london_gunner – Think of it the other way, even if you think he was the best, who was he playing with ? and then consider how close we are to that with or without him.

    Likewise with Busquets, think of how Barcelona play and how as they’ve deterioated how has Busquets fared when Barcelona are attacked in transition. I don’t think Martinez is a lot faster.

    All I’m saying is don’t over-rate these players because you think of the results their team have achieved, if they’re not being asked to adapt, if they don’t have to, that should count against them, not for them.

    Especially playing for us, when was the last time we needed a specific player for one position to complete the team ?

  6. london gunner

    Past 3 AM and Barca games have been a nervy affair.

    With a 0-0 draw a 1-1 draw and 1-0 win to AM.

    I think it depends on what Messi turns up, If messi plays to his top level (his been off it for quite some time) Barca can win La Liga.

    I think AM will park the bus.

  7. london gunner


    I understand your point and its a good one.

    But I would ask you this the antithesis to Martinez would be a DM playing in a poor team but is performing at a much higher quality to his team mates.

    But who is this player? Who would you have?

    I think Javi is seriously talented I think there is a reason Bayern under Heyneckes paid 40 million for a DM (which is pretty unheard of)

    I think there is a reason Javi Martinez was seen as there stand out player during there CL campaign.

    Also your argument can work both ways you could of argued we shouldn’t of bought Ozil he only performed so well because of Ronaldo or Benzema.

    Or you could argue we shouldn’t Ronaldo isn’t all that good because his playing on a team with Bale, Di Maria and Modric supplying him…

    Fact is the best players in the world generally end up at the best teams in the world.

    Of course there are Suarez types and Totti (when he was younger) who are stand out players in lesser teams but that’s not the norm.

    IMO we don’t need b2b we need a DM and have done for far to long.

  8. zeus

    “When was the last time Pellegrini won s trophy.
    Now he’s about to pick up 2 trophies in his first season with Man City.
    Joke of a league.”


    LOL. I think competing against the best team in history at the peak of their powers explains his lack of silverware.

  9. Radio Raheem

    Too much Guinness can make you blind……….who to fuck said that ?

    A right pansy cunt

  10. bergkamplegend

    Who said : “We can’t compete with Oil money” ?

    a) Arsène Wenger;
    b) Ivan Gazidis;
    c) Stan Kroenke.
    Beware of the trap!!

  11. Radio Raheem

    Pellegrini has never won a trophy in Europe until he came to the Premier league.
    Joke of a league.
    No you cunt. It shows how stupid it is to judge a manage only by the number of trophies.

    Which is why you may be forgiven for calling Simeone a genius if he wins the CL and La Liga but you’d a dumb cunt if you said the same for Guardiola. CUNTS

  12. Keyser

    london_gunner – There is a pretty big margin from Bayern to other teams though. I know everyone does it, but not everything has to be about extremes.

    You’re falling into the same trap by comparing us to Bayern, you’d have to look at it from Bayern’s point of view, I haven’t looked at the quotes saying why they bought him but it’d be a start.

    From the outside, Bayern were ready to dominate the Bundesliga, they’d already made two Champions League finals beforehand, lost both, Martinez represented the last piece of that jigsaw, and also consider they bought a 23-24 year old ? So even if they choose to sell him now, what do they lose if at all ?!

    Ozil’s a good example, we paid 42.5 million for him, and once he switched over people aren’t saying Ozil needs to do this or that, they’re saying we need to rest him, to give him better players to work with, because that’s what Real Madrid did.

    They took a young player with potential, and knowing they didn’t really need to push him too hard for him to be effective, played him and rotated him as they chose fit.

  13. N5

    Raheem is on fire tonight. I’ve just read everyone of his posts in fits of laughter. Keep up the good work RR. They’re all cunts.

  14. MarbleHall

    Didn’t Pellegrini manage oil rich Malaga and Real Madrid with no success and yet comes to Man City and wins 2 trophies in his first season.
    Joke of a league.

  15. salparadisenyc

    kwik fitMay 7, 2014 21:47:35

    “₤20 million”
    “Arsene its not Javi Garcia, its Javi Martinez”.
    “Whats the difference?”
    – Click.

  16. kwik fit


    I only read the headline. Moral of the story is alway read the Article and don’t presume that the title is an adequate description of the article.
    Having said that Arsene will continue to make half hearted offers for players through the summer.

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What I cannot understand is….
    If wenker stays for 2 years , what does he think he will achieve in that short space in time?

    Seriously if he really wants to turn it around he needs to stay longer and work alongside a successor or they should just weigh him off,
    It’s insulting that he thinks he can win big in two years,

  18. MarbleHall

    Wenger staying on is madness he’s had 18 years to craft a team.

    Wenget should get the players munching garlic to stink the opposition in to submission.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenker should come out and say I have taken this team as far as I can

    Time for a new person to take the helm.

    And like any good Tory mp who has been caught in a scandal, hand in the till expenses fraud .

    His good lady wife should be at his side.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Can’t say I’m sad, despised Frimpong as a representative of Arsenal.

    Never like to wish ill or sadness on someone, but when you have talent, and are presented with a great opportunity like Frimpong was at such a young age at Arsenal and you literally throw it away, allow your unwarranted, undeserved, unearned ego to devour your future – well, that’s just tough shit then isn’t it #dench?

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    True cesc sad

    But another example of our youth project gone sour!

    I can recall more names than I should of players pumped up by the club as a next big thing… That flops

    Not many if any successful ones?

    Possibly but is never fit long enough to show. Another high expectation player gone wrong….

  22. MadeToLoveMagic

    this is from the managers view email that arsenal send out,

    “When Barcelona wins, everybody comes to the conclusion that you have to have possession. When the team who doesn’t have the ball wins, everybody says you should play a bit more on the counter-attack. In a club you need a philosophy but of course we have to adapt in some games”

    note ” In a club you need a philosophy but of course we have to adapt in some games”

    is that as close as wenger would come to admitting hes too one dimensional with his tactics? maybe a good sign

  23. Rhys Jaggar

    Marble Hall

    You try taking Villareal to the semifinals of the Champions League with a club the size of Swansea City. You call Jose Mourinho useless because he didn’t win the title his first season at Chelsea because Man City beat him – that’s the equivalent of what happened to Pellegrini at Real losing the title to Barcelona despite a magnificent points haul.

    Pellegrini, whether you like it or not, has healed the factional wounds created by Mancini. He has class as a man and also, presumably, as a manager.

    You go try to do what Pellegrini has done as a manager and you see how easy it is.

    It’s not easy.

    Arsenal could have spent £100m last summer and complied with FFP. They had the cash. They chose not to spend it. That is not Man City’s fault. They could have bought a striker any time the past two years and didn’t. That is not Man City’s fault. They could have stopped their ridiculous high line against counter attacking teams like Liverpool and Chelsea but they didn’t. That’s not their opponents’ faults.

    It might do you a bit of good to stop cunting the opposition and focus your ire on the club you purport to support.

    I’d take Pellegrini at Arsenal because he has achieved things at clubs of all sizes. I’d take him because he is a man of honour. I’d take him because he can handle big egos in a big squad and probably deliver two trophies in his first season.

    I wouldn’t take you. Your basic lack of respect for your opponents comes from your lack of values, your lack of knowledge and your lack of focus. You’re reduced to cunting the opposition because you haven’t learned that you can win despite respecting your opponents. It doesn’t mean you don’t do everything to win, it doesn’t mean you don’t put them under pressure. But you have a basic respect for them as opponents, as human beings and as fellow members of the industry you work in.

    That is my number one criterion for hiring any new manager.

    Pellegrini has it. Rodgers has it. Martinez has it. Ancellotti has it. Klopp has it. Benitez, no matter how much you hate the man, has it. Mourinho has come close to losing that this season, which is a shame, as he is a serial winner.

    You don’t.

    Deal with it……….

  24. N5

    Rhys, he is a wind up merchant, you must notice that the entire Grove ignores every comment he says. I would save yourself the trouble and just ignore anything the idiot says.

  25. N5


    That’s it man, you tell them!! the best time I can possibly think to get Wenger out is right before the FA Cup final!!

  26. Santos

    I believe in Wenger. He is the best manager out there. Nobody else can do better. Mourinho and Pellegrini are all lucky people. Wenger can stay another 6 years in my opinion. I love his stability and entertaining pattern of football and how he does everything on cheap operating expenses. That is what a big club stands for and others should emulate us. Arsene Knows Best.

  27. Santos


    I know right? It is not a mean feat to win 3 league titles in 18 years and coming so near at other times, but the FA and injury goddesses have been against us. Wenger would have achieved a lot. We mustn’t blame him but those around him in my opinion

  28. Santos


    Yeah I was just continuing it so that other misled people might think I was being for real. Lol. How are you guys?

  29. N5

    Lol ohhhh oops, Santos for a minute I really thought you had gone to the light side 😆

    TYAG, all good thanks mate, hope your doing OK.