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I said we cut off your johnson

This post was supposed to go up on Monday but Pedro selfishly pipped me to the post so its a day late, but most of what im saying still applies. Enjoy…

Morning grovers! @aldo_doel here coming to you from 3.24am on Bank Holiday Monday, tired and very grumpy because my flatmate is having a party in her room which is refusing to let me sleep. What better time to write up a match report from yesterday’s game vs West Brom and offer a few somnambulatory thoughts from the season that was and the summer that is going to be. (DISCLAIMER: this is a long ranty post so if you are easily offended kindly f*** off).

Match Report

The Bacary Sagna testimonial match as it shall henceforth be known was a drab and slow paced affair. Other than a headed goal from Giroud and a few decent chances no one looked like they could be arsed. And why the hell not – we won the fourth place trophy on Saturday after Everton capitulated to ManCity. All we have left to play for now is pride, an FA Cup and the chance of finishing level on points with Chelsea (with the hilarious potential for “the special one” to be given his marching orders).

Following the game there was a lap of appreciation from the players and manager and a resounding chorus of “Bacary Sagna, we want you to stay”. While it’s a sentiment I share, it felt a bit desperate and will have precisely 0% effect on his final decision.

 Thoughts on a Season

That’s about all the attention that game deserves. Let’s have some concluding thoughts for the season:

If this season was a relationship how would you describe it? For me it started as a whirlwind romance – totally in love, you’ve never met anyone like this before, and oh isn’t it cute the way she purses her lips when she’s playing Sudoku. By Christmas however she’s making you watch House and go to arts and craft fairs. By mid March she’s reading your texts and watching you while you sleep. There’s a slight reprieve on May 17th when she buys you a PS4 but ultimately you know it’s over when she sleeps with your dad. While there are moments you will always cherish, you’re quite glad the whole thing is done and dusted.

Forgive the laboured metaphor, but should we consider an FA Cup and 4th place progress? Yes if we’re comparing it to last season’s achievements. But if I’m comparing it against the proclamations of Gazidis et al about how we are moving into a new era where we can compete with the likes of Bayern; then no. If I’m comparing it to some of the performances we’ve seen this year – Dortmund away, Liverpool and Napoli at home, playing Bayern off the park before going down to 10 men; then no. If I’m comparing it to the Arsenal side that went undefeated in an entire season, or the one that beat one of the best club sides of all time (Barcelona 2010/11), or the sides that won the double playing incredible football, then no I do not think we have progressed this year. (NOTE: the irony is not lost on me that these are all Arsene Wenger achievements and huge credit to him for them).

And this is the point; our expectations have been lowered so wonderfully over the past couple of seasons that those of us who demand more are accused of being ungrateful. It’s been a merry go round of excuses, some truthful, others not. Hamstrung by stadium move, can’t compete with Chelsea and City’s money, unlucky with injuries, unlucky with referees, lazy players, right players not available in the transfer market etc etc.

What’s been good about this season is we’ve seen each of those excuses slowly dissolve away.

The Finances

We’ve lived on the promise of jam tomorrow for a very long time now. While that may have been the case in the early years of the Emirates move, enough people with knowledge of football finance have clearly demonstrated we now have the capability to spend and spend big.

As for being able to compete with the oil-rich clubs, well yes we do not have the same resources as them, but neither do Liverpool. They have not had Champions League football, but they have a smaller squad. They have managed their fitness and tactics better and even if they don’t win the league, they will have achieved something incredible with that group of players. If you are not happy with the Liverpool example, look at Atletico Madrid. I’m sure I heard Sid Lowe, the Guardian’s Spanish football correspondent, claim that none of the players that beat Chelsea were Simeone signings. Unbelievable if true. Here is a guy who has turned a club round, got them to the top of the league, ahead of the fantastic wealth of Real Madrid and Barcelona, and into the Champions League final with a starting XI worth less than Eden Hazard. So please don’t tell me that you need bazillions to compete at the highest level. You need smart tactics, a modern approach to fitness and a good squad of players.


Onto injuries – well this year has truly been an awful year for injuries but to hear the manager attribute them to bad luck is a very big concern. Arsenal should be assessing how Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain all picked up injuries while trying to recover from other injuries. That should never happen at any professional sports club, not least one of the biggest in the world with million pound assets to protect.

This season could be disregarded as an unlucky one if it wasn’t for all the injury-ridden ones that preceded it. As the majority of our injuries have been a result of muscle strains rather than impact, it suggests there are still serious flaws in the way we approach fitness and injury prevention.

The transfer market

I don’t want to recall the absolute nightmare that has been the last two transfer windows, one Ozil aside, but we’ve seen big players move in January – Matic, Salah, Cabaye, Berbatov, Sturridge, Torres Arshavin! Our failure to bolster the squad in January, when we were on the brink of something special is truly damning and almost certainly cost us the league.

Needless to say I’m dreading the prospect of this summer. But with frightening punctuality the bullshit mobile has already started up and clunked into first gear, dropping its first nuggets of steaming horsecrap all over our fragile and gullible psyches. Like Donnie Darko, you can almost map out the future when it comes to Arsenal transfer sagas: the “warchest” stories from Ivan’s office, the hedging from Arsene, the bogus leads and false hopes, the super super quality, the market being quiet because it’s a leap year… yada yada yada. All ending with a failed bid for Kalou, Tom Cleverly on loan and the “this is Ryo Myachi’s year” story on Most worrying is that Arsene has already begun the excuse train:

Manifesto for Change

So how do we make it all better? Well everyone has their own thoughts on this but here’s my stab at it. It’s what I modestly call my MANIFESTO FOR CHANGE. Enjoy, share, criticise as you see fit:

  1. The manager – As the possibility of bringing in a new manager with fresh ideas has passed we have to make the best of what we’ve got. So my first change would be bringing some accountability to the manager. How? Give him a contract with clear performance indicators. You want a £2m bonus? Win the league. Fail to qualify for the Champions League, your fired. Light a fire under his arse so he is forced to reassess his approach.
  2. Director of Football – It’s not just about making Arsene accountable, it’s about supporting him. A DOF to oversee the transfer side of things will stop the dithering, the haggling, the cheap-arse signings and will mean we start using the fantastic resources we have available to us that were the very reason we moved stadium’s in the first place.
  3. Fitness/Training – Shake up the backroom team. Recruit a world class head of fitness – whoever Dortmund or Atletico use would be a good start. Do everything we can to avoid these perennial injury crises. Look at the intensity we train our players at. Should Arteta be training as hard as Aaron Ramsey? Why do we always seem to have an explosive start to the season then fade by February?
  4. Squad – Linked to this is building out a squad the manager trusts so that he rotates his players. Mesut Ozil should not be playing 90mins against Coventry in the Carling Cup. Why do we pack our squad with youngsters who we blood in pre-season but don’t get a minute of real game time? Either play them or loan them because at the moment no one wins. We did a great job of shifting the deadwood last summer, now’s the time to supplement the squad with a few world class additions and useful squad players.
  5. Tactics – Yesterday might have been the first goal from an Arsenal corner I have seen in about 6 months. I would love to know how many goals we score from our corners and conversely how many we concede because of our vulnerability on the counter. While our defensive discipline has improved immeasurably, we have shown a tactical naivety against big teams. The only two tactics we seem to have are Mertesacker’s near post flick on, and SZCZ’s goal kick to Sagna’s head. You can’t beat the best teams without a plan. We need to make more use of all the corners and free kicks we win, figure out how to beat Mourinho, make tactical changes during the game and vary our formation. And please please please stop with the substitutions on 68 minutes – the clearest demonstration of our tactical naivety as you can get. Where are the formation changes, the game plans, the analysis of the opposition. Why does no one stand near to Giroud from our goal kicks, as his flick-ons are clearly effective? Can we recruit a first team coach to look at these things, or give Steve Bould a more prominent role?
  6. Signings – What’s most disconcerting about Arsene’s recent comments is that he is talking about “starting” to look at players now. Why didn’t we start on February 1? We need to bolster the squad in a number of key positions. My thoughts – Micah Richards as a replacement to Sagna; a mobile, younger upgrade on Arteta in DM; two options of pace on the wing so that Theo doesn’t carry all the responsibility himself; and a world class striker (Balotelli anyone?) Whoever we sign we should be proactive and bullish in the market. We have the resources to bully clubs to sell us their players. Yes its not as simple as buying a loaf of bread, but when you have upwards of £100m in the bank you buy the fucking bakery (I have no idea what that means).
  7. DelawareOk this is nitpicking but break the 70 year contract you have with these clowns. Put out a competitive tender for a proper catering company that offers more than hotdogs and sawdust as a half time snack. Introduce Oystercard style season tickets to get the queues moving faster and have some pop-up food stalls outside of the ground so that people have a choice and a reason to get to the ground early.
  8. Entrance music – I said this earlier in the season but have a shit-your-pants, loud, up tempo song before the players come onto this pitch. Something to get everyone fired up and intimidate the opposition.

There are probably more things – the youth setup, scouting – but these are beyond my limited, sleep deprived understanding. Needless to say this season could have offered so much more than it did. But there is potential for next season to, if some of these issues are looked at properly.

Apologies if I have depressed you with this rant, ill be back to do it again over the summer at some point. For now this is @aldo_doel signing out. Happy Monday Tuesday.

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  1. Romford Pele

    “my top choice now (aside from Martinez) would be Kondogbia. Physical monster (think 6’3″, good in the air and strong in the tackle), but extremely comfortable on the ball”

    Loved what I saw of him at Sevilla. Was linked with Madrid too before he went to Monaco. Him and Pogba are gonna be something else in the years to come for France.

  2. gambon

    4th and the FAC would be a good season if its used as a platform.

    If the club really analyse what we did well, and what we did badly.

    If we overhaul the medical and training operations to stop these injuries.

    If we buy top class players that dont only turn up for the easy games.

    If we stop trying to fleece the fans.

    If we spend every penny we have trying to get that extra 1% of performance.

    If we start being honest with ourselves (Arsene) and stop burying our head in the sand “it was inuries”……”if we hadnt conceded 17 goals in 3 games we wouldve had the best defence”

  3. Thomas

    Bony is not going to cut it if he’s our only striker signing. If we get him and a top tier striker like Benzema then it’s good business.

  4. Max85

    “Him and Pogba are gonna be something else in the years to come for France.”

    Scary isn’t it mate, if both of them live up to their potential that midfield is going to be unstoppable. To be honest, the times I’ve watched them play together for the U21’s, Kondogbia has impressed me more than Pogba.

  5. Dan Ahern

    “salparadisenyc May 6, 2014 16:03:28

    Giroud is helpless like Clooney in space. We need to relegate him to deep background.”

    Lol. Wenger can’t let go of the rope though! Stability! Consistency! Stability! Consistency!

    Jokes aside Giroud is a fine 2nd striker. We just need a 1st striker who’s twice as good.

  6. salparadisenyc

    Was begging Arsene to sign Martinez in this space summer 2012, and i’ll beg this summer. I doubt he’ll be listening, but he should. Long term solution that would forge pretty ideal partnership with Ramsay. As others have stated we’ll not find a better CDM with his skill on the ball. And his bursts of pace are surprising if you’ve spent enough time watching him. Millenniun falcon next to Arteta.

  7. Max85

    A definite no to Bony for me – he’s like Giroud MKII but with a better shot. I’d rather get Benteke for the same price, who is also a physical monster but has pace to boot.

    Saying that, bearing in mind Giroud is going nowhere I wouldn’t be happy with either. We need that A-lister.

  8. Dan Ahern

    Agree wholeheartedly. Wanted Martinez so badly before and now there’s a feint glimmer of hope again (or self-made delusion, but who cares 😉 ). What a great signing that would be.

  9. salparadisenyc

    I think Bayern’s record signing is Martinez, it was at the time and incredibly Lewandowski is a free. Won’t come cheap.

  10. Tippitappi

    The board can’t afford to lose their forth place cash cow and now with six other serious contenders they must surely now insist wenger gets his arse in gear and cuts the crap

  11. tunnygriffboy

    Wenger isn’t selling Giroud. I’d prefer Remy to Bony to be honest. Has a bit of pace and can get in behind defences. Jovetic anyone ? Would city sell due to ffp.

    Martinez would be brilliant. Jus1t what we need in midfield. Also can play CB.

    Would still like pacy wide man though.

  12. Dan Ahern

    Well Bayern did the smart thing: They identified their top target, and wasted no time in paying his clause.

    It’s called having a plan. (And money.)

  13. afturburn

    If Martinez is available, it makes so much sense to bid for him. Not saying we’ll be able to get him, or that he’d want to come. But just once, I’d love to see a bid for a player that is just so obvious.

    Same with Cavani, a few reports suggest he’s not completely content with PSG and their Ibra-centric team. Even if it’s not true, with their FFP problems and all just give it a fucking go.

    I asked this question the other day, but if it were down to Arsenal and United, would you rather Cesc come back at the expense of buying some other, more necessary squad player? Or, difficult as it is, would you prefer strengthening the squad and letting him go to United?

  14. Johnty79

    No disrespect but tom cleverly would be an upgrade of wilshere. At least cleverly doesn’t get injured.

    Wilshere should be no where near the World Cup squad.

    Next year wenger keeping wilshere And the bigger waste of space is a disgrace.

    7.25m a year in wages on a complete waste of space.

    Can’t wait till the start of next season when we sign no one and you r all on here bitching again.

    4th next season just get used to it.

  15. NYCgooner

    You know it’s officially “silly season” when a respectable site like NBC sports has us in for Cavani.

  16. Max85

    “You know it’s officially “silly season” when a respectable site like NBC sports has us in for Cavani.”

    Their source was Caughtoffside. Which along with Football Direct is about as unreliable as they come.

  17. NYCgooner

    Followed to link to see where they got it from only to discover it was from caughtofffside. For just a moment, my imagination was already going wild. Why do I do this to myself??….. Sad.

  18. follow the money

    Well that’s that. No need to sign Bender or Javi martinez. Diaby’s coming back! I’m sure Wenger will give him a six year extension because he says he can play until he’s 33!

    If there’s one thing that infuriates me to the point of wanting to call Wenger names it’s this. What kind of club persists with a player who has proved nothing except that he can injure teammates in training and score headed own goals. I’m sure he’s an ok guy but I want him gone just like Wenger

  19. london gunner

    Look there are zero world class strikers moving this summer…

    Higuain was the best we could of got last summer and we fucked that miserably

    Looking back on it he was deffo worth that money because todays market is crazy inflated and there is a serious lack of quality strikers



  20. salparadisenyc

    Dude he’s a pederast. Shut the fuck up Keyser your out of your element.

    Cavani may start a revolution, far too much pressure for Wanker to oversee. It’ll be Remy and zero pressure to reach for the stars.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Cavani would be an incredible signing – but you literally may as well pull a deck chair up along side the eternal fire and brimstone and await a frost to take it.

  22. Dan Ahern


    – Like a new signing
    – Plays anywhere in midfield
    – Plays anywhere we need
    – Like a new signing
    – World-class, you just don’t know it
    – Maintains stability
    – Maintains consistency
    – Like a new signing
    – Injuries actually mean his career never started so he has a full 10 years ahead of him
    – Best player in France, you just didn’t know it
    – Like a new signing
    – Mental strength
    – Like a new signing

  23. london gunner

    Vela is far better than Drmic and would be cheaper and is only 25.

    Remy is far better than Drmic he may be 27 but his just so much better on every level.

    Also who keeps saying Reus is unrealistic? We can offer him double his wages…

    Another factor is Klopp/ BVB board would rather sell him at a big profit then let him go like lewandoski… granted they will still get money if they wait for the release clause to get in but they will be making a huge loss to what they could receive for him.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Oh good, another “we were close to singing” story – can never get enough of them Arsene!

  25. N5

    “Can’t wait till the start of next season when we sign no one and you r all on here bitching again.”


  26. karim

    The guy who was born in Brest is Higuain.He’s got a French passport too.
    His father Jorge was playing there in the 80’s.

    Bade and Dissenter
    Agree with your views on the Fab/ Scz dilemma, I had to go early this morning and couldn’t explain myself

  27. london gunner

    Nyc Gooner

    Yes I do! Fifa spend millions and millions of pounds watching every single game a individual player has in the planet they then put it into as super computer which calculates the results…

    Lol its not same fat dude in the office going yeah he looks fast lets give him 92 pace.

    Dr mic is bang average no one else on the planet is after him, his not lighting up his league his only playing decent.

    Villa on the other hand is one of the best players in La Liga for the past 2 seasons and was pretty good 3 seasons ago.

  28. tunnygriffboy

    Surfer x

    Thank you for the ffp lesson today

    Interesting listening on the radio. 50 million fine meh. But having a squad of only 21 eight of wich must be homegrown is a sanction that will hurt. A salary cap /transfer embargo will work as well. Very interesting times.

    Kondongbia, Cavani, Jovetic anyone ?

  29. Dan Ahern

    Tackles don’t always tell the whole story. If you play on a good team (or possession team) you don’t always get big numbers there. Same with interceptions, offsides, etc. The crap teams tend to clean up in these categories.

  30. tunnygriffboy


    We’re constantly linked to players that we may have no interest in.. Problem is when we don’t get them people go beserk and start abusing the club and manager. I’m as frustrated as anyone about our transfer policy but if we signed everyone we were linked to we’d have a squad of 150. Also saying who we’d like to bring in and who is available are again different kettle of fishes !

    I admit I get really excited about certain rumours, especially those that link us to players I like and think we need. Best thing to do is to wait until they announced on loooooooool

  31. london gunner

    kondongbia that good? I remember hearing he had great potential but has somewhat stagnated

    Jovetic is a gambe but one we have to take IMO his the best striker on the market

    Cavani will never happen

  32. Phil

    NYCgoonerMay 6, 2014 18:05:07
    London gunnerYou do realize those “stats” are for a video game?

    which video game?

  33. london gunner


    they need a CB to partner Kompany

    They also need a LB IMO…

    Personally I don’t think Navas is not good enough so I would sell to buy in his case

  34. david Costelloe

    Twitter campaign. Please tweet with hashtag and add in S Bacary Sagna, we want you to stay. #BacarySagnastayaGooner

  35. karim

    Psg did have a few homegrown players this year
    Jallet / Rabiot / Menez / Matuidi / Cabaye / Ongenda ( didn’t appear in Europe )

  36. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    Not sure where your hatred of Drmic is coming from tbh. He does actually look fast IMO on his Scoutnation video and can knock the ball past people and run onto it (that already makes him an upgrade on Giroud). 16 goals in the Bundesliga for a team that is being relegated at the age of 21 is very, very impressive whatever way you try to spin it. Peopke were raving about Lukaku last season and he only scored 1 more goal in the league in more appearances.

    I’m not saying he should be our sole ST signing but as a back up, why not? He’s a potential future world beater. He’s scored 16 goals from 65 shots which means he’s a 1 in 4 striker already!

  37. Dobermann 13

    Don’t gripe about this season, 4th and wembley will be beyond our wildest dreams in the coming years, players leaving, big clubs circling Koscielny, Wenger would never resist a good profit on him, other clubs without doubt will get stronger, and Diaby our best new signing, never mind we can all go to his well deserved testimonial . I forecast a grim summer for us gooners.

  38. zeus

    Paris Saint-Germain can expect to be hit by a four-pronged punishment when UEFA hands out its first financial fair play (FFP) sanctions later this week, L’Equipe has claimed.

    France’s main sports daily reported on Tuesday the French champions have failed to convince European football’s governing body their recently signed contract with the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) is not overvalued.

    The deal, which brings the club up to 200 million euros a year, thus allowing them to squeeze inside FFP thresholds, has reportedly been valued at only half that amount by UEFA experts.

    Consequently, UEFA and PSG have reached agreement on a moratorium which protects the club from any further, immediate sanctions, but does impose upon their owners, Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) a number of damaging restrictions.

    PSG, which boasts Europe’s highest wage bill at 240 million euros, will not be allowed to increase the amount it pays in salaries, and they will have to sell players before being able to spend in the coming transfer window…

    Welcome Cavani.

  39. TitsMcgee

    4th and the FAC would be a good season if its used as a platform.If the club really analyse what we did well, and what we did badly.If we overhaul the medical and training operations to stop these injuries.If we buy top class players that dont only turn up for the easy games.If we stop trying to fleece the fans.If we spend every penny we have trying to get that extra 1% of performance.If we start being honest with ourselves (Arsene) and stop burying our head in the sand “it was inuries”……”if we hadnt conceded 17 goals in 3 games we wouldve had the best defence”

    I agree and have said as much in the past. It would be progress “if” we were building off the back of it but… know nothing will be learnt.

    As a matter of fact Wenger will probably use it as some sort of “evidence” his “way” is working.

  40. TitsMcgee

    Remy is pretty average and so is Drmic. I’d only want one of the two in backup role to a more established star.

    Scarily Wenger has shown he’ll do the opposite of “logical” more times than not and both are in the sweet spot of “cheap” price range that’s right up Wenger’s alley so you can just see him signing both Drmic and Remy and calling it a summer.

    Spectacular failure would be a term that would accurately describe that scenario as neither are good enough.

  41. Marko

    london gunnerMay 6, 2014 17:56:42
    Look there are zero world class strikers moving this summer…Higuain was the best we could of got last summer and we fucked that miserably Looking back on it he was deffo worth that money because todays market is crazy inflated and there is a serious lack of quality strikersAS FOR DRMIC! HIS SO AVERAGE IT HURTS! HIS NOT EVEN THAT PACEY MUCH LESS THAN REMY OR EVEN VELADRMIC STATS POSTED HERE

    Jesus christ they’re video game stats ffs. The only stats that should matter to you is he’s 21 plays for a bang average team and has 16 goals in the german league compared to top scorers Mandzukic and Lewandowski on 18 goals. He’s the same goals as Marco Reus. He also plays for a country ranked 8th in the World rankings. By all accounts Drmic looks a talent

  42. BacaryisGod

    Dobermann, you have a completely wrong, I’m afraid. When you look at where we are now compared to previous seasons (financially, momentum etc) there’s a huge amount of optimism.

    Here’s where I think our squad ends up (players in positions as on

    STAY: Szczesny, Viviano, Martinez
    OUT: Fabianski
    IN: None

    STAY: Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Monreal, Jenkinson
    OUT: Sagna
    IN: Aurier (and possibly Richards if we sell Vermaelen)

    STAY: Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Rosicky, Cazorla, Ozil, Zelalem
    OUT: Kallstrom
    IN: None

    STAY: Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo, Gnabry
    OUT: Bendtner, Park (buy out contract)
    LOAN: Miyaichi
    IN: Mandžukić, Draxler or Balotelli

    Of the players I have staying who might just leave that I have staying, the two obvious candidates are Podolski and Vermaelen.

  43. NYCgooner

    I’m surprised so many people can say drmic is average considering what he’s doing in his first season for a terrible team. I don’t know how good he will be and I do think we need more than him at this point but there is no getting around the fact that his stats are incredibly for a player in his situation

  44. Marko

    Viviano goes back to Italy. Vermaelen and possibly Podolski are likely to leave this summer so by all accounts a RB as well as at least a centre back are on the list. And we haven’t even gotten to the need of a striker and winger. Also I’d be surprised if Arteta wasn’t off this summer. VERY surprised

  45. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    Just pure LOL mate!

    You accuse me of overhyping a player

    then you come out with this gem.

    “He’s a potential future world beater”

    Podolski did the same scored 18 for a relegated team.

    His a good player no doubt but is he better than Vela? No

    Is he better than Remy? No

    Vela makes more sense his more skilful, more pace and a better finisher with a much better all round game.

  46. Le Wisham Gooner

    Just papers. You know, business papers, papers for my business. Business papers.

    And what do you do, sir?

    I’m unemployed.

  47. WengerEagle


    Bang on the money RE Drmic. He’s scored only 2 less goals than Lewandowski ffs, how can people say he’s bang average.

    And using FIFA stats to judge a player is ridiculous.

  48. london gunner


    Yes but can you argue his better than Vela?

    Whose been lighting the league up for 2 seasons and a half.

    Dmic could so easily be a one season wonder!

    Vela 14 goals… 19 in total with 12 assists in the league.

    Vela>>>>>>>>Dr Mic? Nah>>>>>>>DRMIC

  49. Marko

    Oh for fucks sake again with people calling for us to sign Vela. Look when he was here you lot couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Every time he tripped over his own feet he was called a cunt on here. Jesus short memories on here. And Remy? The guy’s injured every second game so whats the point.

  50. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    I think a 6 billion dollar franchise does there research somehow.

    He could easily be a one season wonder.. benteke…

    PS You constantly attack me on this blog so lets just ignore each others posts from now on!

    I thought you were pretty alright guy but lately you are constantly cunting me off, so leave it out yeah!

  51. BacaryisGod

    I think Arsenal keep Viviano as we have the option to buy and he’s now settled in. Not sure what the price will be though.

    Also, I overlooked the return of Joel Campbell and the slight possibility of Vela. For me, this will be the most likely cause of Podolski’s exit.

  52. WengerEagle


    I said he’s a potential future world beater, not a future world beater. Emphasis being placed on ‘potential’. Don’t confuse the two.

    Ok you bring up Poldi’s stats which is fair enough but the difference is he was 27 at the time he banged in 18 league goals, not 21. That’s a huge age difference.

    Remy is bang average and at 27 he will never really improve.

    As for Vela you know I like him so not sure why you’re bringing him into it…

  53. london gunner


    Let me put it simply La Liga is one of the best leagues in the world for talent.

    Vela has been one of the best players there for 2 seasons and has massively improved, the stats prove this… Vela has been delivering on the same rate as pedro, sanchez, bale and doing better than neymar.

    PS I never wanted us to sell him always thought he was a skilful player.

    Its simply a no brainer 4 million for one of the best players in La Liga who can play as striker winger and is better than Drmic who may cost more…

  54. Marko

    Drmic could be a one season wonder? But you have no problem for us to sign Benteke a one season wonder if i ever saw one.

    Look one of Jackson Martinez, Benzema, Cavani (if he became available, it remains to be seen), Diego Costa or Balotelli should be who we aim for. The Drmic link came about the time when there was talk of Girouds mrs wanting to go back to France and with Bendtner leaving also Drmic would of been a good second choice striker

  55. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    But that’s still massive over hyping

    You cunted me off for rating Barkely saying he had great potential so now I am cunting you off for saying Drmic the unknown is a potential world beater.

    Your always cunting me off for things so I am pointing out your hypocritical nature.

    Look Drmic is great if other clubs viewed him as a potential world beater The biggest clubs in the world would be after him.

  56. BacaryisGod

    london gunner:

    100% correct on Vela. Why would you not want to bring him back on the cheap (he was quoted at 3.3 million) when he’s progressed the way he has?

    The only reason I’ve said slight possibility is that Arsene doesn’t seem too motivated to bring him back, but I think it would be an obvious decision.

  57. london gunner


    I look at the market and I see the players value.

    Vela has far more value his been consistently excellent he scores tons of goals and creates tons more… His got pace skill and can finish.

    His better than Drmic in every category, he also plays our style of football.

    He was 22 when people wanted him to fuck off he proved him self in La Liga as one of the top performers IMO he deserves a chance and at 4 Million he is not a gamble… wheras at Drmic who will cost more is much much more of a gamble.

  58. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    How is that massive overhyping mate??? The likes of Cavani, Lewandowski and Falcao at that age where doing fuck all nothing.

    RE Barkley you were suggesting we buy him as a starter which I was saying was ridiculous as he’s scored 5 goals and got 0 assists this season. I’m only saying we get Drmic as a back up so where is the hypocrisy?

    Why do you have to get bitchy btw? I’m only calling things as I see them, you don’t have to agree but don’t throw a hissy fit.

  59. TitsMcgee

    Bang on the money RE Drmic. He’s scored only 2 less goals than Lewandowski ffs, how can people say he’s bang average.

    People on the outside looking in would say Giroud was above average as well considering he’s scored 22 goals for us in all competitions and led Ligue 1 in scoring his last season there.

    Drmic for 3rd choice? Sign him up.

    Drmic and /or Remy as our sole signings at CF this summer? Fail

  60. Marko

    For 4 million I can’t argue he’d be a bargain for sure but we should be aiming higher than Vela. Drmic would be better for the striker position (as a number 2 tbh) and Draxler or Griezmann or Cuardrado would be better as wing options than Vela. So again not really needed. I don’t even know what we’re debating here I only wanted to discredit you on Drmic and his fifa 14 stats and his implication that he’s shit. Maybe his fifa 15 stats will turn you into a believer. Or beliber

  61. afturburn

    Even if Vela were brought back, there’s little chance Wenger will use him. Even if he is a bargain at 4 million, not playing will only bring his value down again.

    I think we get half of his next transfer fee, might be better to just wait till he gets a big move elsewhere and use the money elsewhere (even if it probably won’t be used).

  62. Marko

    Someone like Benzema or Diego Costa with Drmic and Sanogo as our options would be wonderful. Bendtner’s gone and if Giroud is forced to leave then we could get a decent price for him.

  63. Max85

    Not this Vela drum-banging again. As I said earlier, he still has pretty much all the deficiencies that prevented him from taking off at a top PL club. We have plenty of squad players, wherever we strengthen now should be someone WC (or close to it) filling the position.

    Don’t be drawn in by Vela’s price tag, you’d only be wanting him replaced after 6 months!

  64. Marko

    Whether we’re bringing back Vela as a winger or a striker it doesn’t matter there’s better out there that we should be going for. I would hate it if we brought him back for 4 million rather than spending big on a striker or 10 million on Drmic (the rumoured fee) or spending big on a much needed marquee winger. It’s the kind of cheap business that Wenger does so often and you lot criticise him for.

  65. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    Barkley in our current team could be starter simply because Jack wilshere is so damn awful right now! I don’t want to open that can of worms about JW now so lets leave that one there.

    My main point was Vela should be chosen over Drmic and every piece of data points to that being a better decision, His got better stats, his more experienced and his cheaper. If he was bog average in La Liga I’d say leave him but his been on the best players in a league with disgustingly good talent.

    If I have responded to you in a bitchy nature its because you have done the same to my, you constantly target me on this blog! I really don’t get the issue with me as I actually agree with allot of what you say and I always thought you came across as a decent guy.

    But lately you have been targeting me with snide remarks and told you so like comments.

  66. WengerEagle

    Why do you keep blatantly ignoring the fact the guy is 21? Giroud was 25 in his last season at Montpellier in a far inferior league for a title winning team as opposed to a relegated team.

    Falcao scored 3 goals in 20 apps in the Argentinian league at the same age. (21)
    Cavani scored 5 Serie A goals at the same age (21).
    Lewandowski scored 18 goals in the Polish league at the same age (21).
    Costa scored 9 Segunda division goals at 21.
    Ibra scored 13 Dutch league goals at 21.

    The point I’m trying to make is that these were all nobodies too and are now WC strikers. Drmic is a better player atm 21 then any of them were so why not taker a punt on him for a few million?

  67. Cesc Appeal


    I think you’re looking at £15 Million tops for Giroud.

    Also the issue of who’s going to take him? No top club will want to touch him. More than likely a Lyon, or Marseilles or someone like that.

  68. london gunner


    But why would you spend 6 million more on a worse player?

    I get the not wanting to spend Vela on for WC talent/ big name striker… I actually agree in a big way with this!

    But why would you want to spend more on a less skilful player in drmic when you could buy Vela whose been one of the best talents in La Liga in a league that easily rivals us for talent?

    It just doesn’t make any sense yeah lets spend more on a striker who for all we know is a one hit wonder or lets spend less on a player whose been consistently great in one the best leagues in the world with the stats goals and man of the match performances to prove it….

  69. Dan Ahern

    The whole point of signing Vela is it doesn’t matter if he plays at all. You could sell him the next window for pure profit.

    If he continues his Spanish form, well fuck, that’s good too. Loan out Gnabry.

  70. WengerEagle


    Barkley would cost £30 million + though as he’s English which would be crazy money to pay.

    I like Vela a lot too and think he’d be great for us but why can’t we get both? Bendtner and Giroud could leave this summer easily and we are already in need of a striker.

    I’m just saying Drmic is an excellent player for a 21 year old.

    I’m not targeting you I just don’t like when people say a player who has scored 16 goals in the Bundesliga, a league everyone was creaming themselves over only last season for a relegated team is average because it isn’t!

    I think you’re ok too but you tend to get emotional easily. Just relax mate we don’t have to agree on everything. Sorry if I came across as snide because that wasn’t my intention.

  71. london gunner


    Mate his current release clause is 24 MILLION!

    His value is not going to go down from 4 million use some common sense for christ sakes.

    If anything we could sell him back to La Liga (where the clubs there no he performs) for 15 mill maybe even more.

  72. WengerEagle

    It’s funny as well, last season La Liga was shit and the Bundesliga was the tits. Now it’s vice versa after Real spanking Bayern.


  73. afturburn

    If Vela comes back and gets no time on the pitch, who in their right mind would trigger the release clause for 24 million?

    This is a guy Wenger couldn’t loan away quickly enough just a few seasons ago.

  74. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    I am very Passionate and strong willed and strong minded guy.

    I almost got in a fight in the gym today so I am still pretty hyped up lol so I am still in Rambo mode.

  75. london gunner


    I am not saying we would sell him for 24 mill I doubt we would.

    I am just saying his valued at 24 million a season on the bench his value wont plummet below 4 million that just doesn’t happen that drastically. There would be PLENTY of suitors in La Liga because they know his a performer.

    Also I doubt he would spend a season on the bench as Theo will still be in recovery.

    So you either buy talent to completely replace Walcott or you buy talent that is versatile and can fill in the gaps at various positions.

  76. NYCgooner

    I wonder how many of the people talking about drmic has actually seen him play. No one knows how he will turn out but the times I’ve seen him he’s always stood out even when he’s not scoring. I’m surprised he’s scored as much since the opposing team always shift their defense to focus on him.

  77. kwik fit

    My sources from barbados, are telling me Sagna is staying. @indykaila is that source. And can i have fries with that?

  78. TitsMcgee

    Why do you keep blatantly ignoring the fact the guy is 21? Giroud was 25 in his last season at Montpellier in a far inferior league for a title winning team as opposed to a relegated team.”

    I am just pointing out that going off of goal tally alone is no a true indication of a player’s worth.

    I’ve seen Nurnberg play a few times as well this season and he’s been anonymous.

    I will also point out that I din’t say he was trash or that we shouldn’t sign him. As a Giroud replacement or to take Sanogoal’s place in the pecking order? Okay.

    Just hope he’s not the extent of our “war chest” expenditures.

    You will have also noted that

  79. london gunner


    We don’t actually have plenty of squad players that have real quality.

    We have Sanago, Miyachi, Zalelem… ect

    We are lacking squad players we always have.

    I am not saying Vela and only Vela I am saying WC talent and Vela

    Or if we fail at WC talent at least get Vela in over no one.

  80. Marko

    Cesc AppealMay 6, 2014 19:50:00
    MarkoI think you’re looking at £15 Million tops for Giroud.Also the issue of who’s going to take him? No top club will want to touch him. More than likely a Lyon, or Marseilles or someone like that.

    I don’t know to be honest but someone would want him. There was rumours there a while back that his mrs wants out of England after his affair and then links to Atletico and Dortmund I think came about. Even though his own fans don’t rate him he could still do a job at other big clubs. He’s second choice behind Benzema for France ffs he can’t be that bad. Maybe PSG or Monaco would want him too in terms of home ground and the ffp restrictions they’ve got over there. I dunno.

    From what I’ve found on him he’s scored 41 goals since joining and 21 in his final season at Montpellier. 61 goals in the last 3 seasons isn’t bad is it. Certainly worth 15 million at least

  81. london gunner


    Seen him play nothing compared to Vela IMO.

    Good player all the same though but I think Immobile in the Seria A on 21 goals looks better, his faster with a great touch and finish but like Drmic he could be a one season wonder.

  82. WengerEagle


    Fair enough, I disagree on his ability but agree that he should only be brought in as a backup and not a starter.

    ‘I am just pointing out that going off of goal tally alone is no a true indication of a player’s worth.’

    Really? For a striker I would have thought it’s a fairly strong indicator of talent…

  83. Dobermann 13


    I hope you are right, but I’m afraid I will be closer to the truth. I think with the World Cup and our need to qualify for champions league, all wengers excuses are in place, plus our owner silent stan has no ambition on the field. Don’t take me wrong I would love Arsenal to be truly competitive again, and would love to be wrong.

    I will be watching the cup final with 2 of my grandsons who are aged 15. And 12, and in effect have never seen Arsenal win anything, they are fed up with listening to there dad and myself talk about the past, and when you consider their ages it puts into perspective how things have gone in recent years and I don’t see what’s happened to invite optimism . Anyway I enjoyed your post, good luck.

  84. NYCgooner

    We do agree on immobile. I like him a lot. I do think it’s worth taking a punt on drmic as a backup though.

  85. Marko

    Also everyone and their dog knows in Spain they put in ridiculous clauses to ward off other Spanish teams. Vela’s at 24 million euros he’d fetch about 10 million easy in the real world

  86. WengerEagle

    Yeah Immobile’s very good too but he’d be fairly pricey, probably in the £20 million range which would mean he’d be our starting striker, something I wouldn’t be in favour of.

  87. london gunner


    Has had mixed results

    At 21 He scored 28 goals in league 30 in total in Seria B

    Year after he was awful for Genoa in Seria A having scored only 5 goals

    This season however his scored 21 goals in league 23 in total for Seria A side Torino.

    His also technically owned by Juventus so they must see some potential in him.

  88. london gunner


    You don’t seem to being watching La Liga

    His easily 15 million pound striker/winger his only 25 and has been one of the best players in the entire league…

    You have some obvious bias against the player but the clubs in La Liga who see him perform day in and day out wont.

    You could easily sell him to a team like Zenit in the Russian leagues for extortionate amount.

    Let me put into perspective Vela is no worse than Willian who Chelsea bought for 32 Million…

  89. TitsMcgee

    Really? For a striker I would have thought it’s a fairly strong indicator of talent…”

    Which is why I posted you Olivier Giroud’s goal scoring tally. Anyone on the outside looking in would say “he’s a pretty good player look how much goals he has scored” when they see he has 22 in all competitions for us this season. Not knowing that most were against the minnows and almost never scores versus the big clubs and is actually a hindrance to our squad.

    I have seen Drmic play and nothing screams sign this player to lead our attack. He’s been pretty invisible in the games I’ve seen him in. (no less than 4). He seems like he’ll pop one here or there but that’s basically Giroud now right?

    He is faster and would add some versatility which is why I say I don’t mind him as 3rd choice.

  90. salparadisenyc

    Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny has agreed a contract extension which will see him stay at the club until 2019. (Le10Sport)

  91. london gunner

    La Liga combined goals and assists (outside of Messi and Ronaldo)

    diego costa 30
    sanchez 28
    VELA 26
    Bale 26
    Benzema 25
    andruiz 24
    pedro 23
    rakitic 22
    cesc 21
    koke 20
    griezmann 19

  92. WengerEagle

    World Cup is less than 6 weeks away now, should be a great tournament.

    My favourites to win are:


    Dark horses:


    Golden boot:

    Lionel Messi
    Marco Reus
    Luis Suarez

    Young players to look out for:

    James Rodriguez
    De Bruyne

  93. Danish Gooner

    Hull is so poor.Cant defend,cant attack they are absolute rabble,lose to them and an angry pitchfork mob will hunt Wenger down.

  94. Marko

    Look guys I don’t think anyone here is saying let’s sign Drmic to be our number one striker. But I think as a back up striker with bags of potential and for a relatively cheap price it seems a good deal. Vela had his shot here. He’s not good enough to lead the line for us and to sign him as a winger when we could move for someone like Draxler or Griezmann who are better seems unnecessary.

  95. WengerEagle

    ‘Which is why I posted you Olivier Giroud’s goal scoring tally. Anyone on the outside looking in would say “he’s a pretty good player look how much goals he has scored” when they see he has 22 in all competitions for us this season. Not knowing that most were against the minnows and almost never scores versus the big clubs and is actually a hindrance to our squad.’

    Mate come on Giroud is a 27 year old playing in front of the likes of Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey.

    Drmic is 21 and plays for a team that is about to be relegated.

    That’s an unfair comparison.

  96. london gunner

    Vela is statistically the 5th best attacking player in the league after players like ronaldo messi and diego costa.

    Statistically his the joint second best winger along with Bale with Sanchez only outperforming them.

    What ever you twist it facts be facts 😉

  97. WengerEagle

    Berardi, the same young lad who scored 4 goals against Milan earlier in the season has smashed in another hat-rick tonight against Fiorentina.

    Like Immobile he’s also owned by Juventus.

  98. salparadisenyc

    You can’t twist this, Vela was shit for us in the original stint. Perhaps if we had a new regime in charge other than Wenger I could see it making more sense.
    That said never a good idea to go back imo, i’m against it.

    Besides our sights should be on a higher plane.

  99. Danish Gooner

    Why are you lot doing it to yourself ?????You heard Wenger saying there will be no massive spending maybe one or two and nothing before the World cup which in Wenger language means he will be scrambling for bargain basement signings on the 31st of August.

  100. Marko

    london gunnerMay 6, 2014 20:33:25
    Vela combined goals and assists 26Griezmann 19You are wrong! The stats don’t lie!

    He’s got better stats than Ozil and Cazorla too. Are we to assume that he’s better than them also? Look in my opinion he’s not better than Griezmann or Muniain but thats just my (and possibly a lot of pundits in Spain opinions too).

    Lemme simply ask you london do you wanna sign Vela as a striking option or a wing option? Cause if it’s as a striker I’m afraid he’s not good enough and we should aim higher. If it’s has a winger again I’m afraid we should be looking at better and stronger in that position. A real marquee winger imo.

  101. gambon


    I love the way youre talking stats when it comes to vela and Gueye, but not looking at this with Drmic.

    Drmic is impressive statistically, and this is why there is interest, and no doubt all the big clubs have their scouts looking at him.

    He has scored 16 goals from 65 shots, which instantly puts him among the top 5% of strikers anywhere in Europe.

    He is creating one chance per game, and dribbling at a good level.

    He isnt on the ball enough, and his passing needs to improve, but hes 21 years old.

    So his stats cant be questioned, the only thing that can be questioned is if hes just had an amazing run of form/luck, or if this is genuinely his level.

    If this i his level, at just 21, he has huge potential.

  102. london gunner


    “Besides our sights should be on a higher plane.”

    I agree! Of course we should go for WC players like Reus and I think its not unrealistic.

    But I say Vela as an addition to a WC player not instead of and I say Vela only by himself as a back up if we don’t go for or fail to get a WC player.

    It would make sense for Vela if we loan Gnarby out and bring in Vela who will score more goals and create more assists (real impact) Vela would be a stop gap for Theo Walcott who will still be recovering from injury at the start of the season

    Problem is if you want a world class winger for the Right then your saying Walcott shouldn’t be first team, vela is the best level for a second choice Winger you can get in world football.

    Anything better and your getting a replacement for Theo…

  103. Marko

    WengerEagleMay 6, 2014 20:41:08
    Berardi, the same young lad who scored 4 goals against Milan earlier in the season has smashed in another hat-rick tonight against Fiorentina.Like Immobile he’s also owned by Juventus.

    There’s a reason you don’t get an awful lot of Italians playing elsewhere in europe. The co-ownerships they got over there are a pain in the balls. Pretty sure Immobile is co-owned by Juve (and maybe either Torino or Genoa) and Berrardi too. It makes it hard to sign. Cuardrado on the other hand had Fiorentina buy out Udinese’s other half of his contract and would thus be easier to sign. He’s class by the way. Massive fan

  104. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe. But Giroud does play in a team where he’s very fortunate to get a lot of goal scoring chances, Ozil has created 71 himself I think I read! And Giroud has an 11% conversion rate.

    All anyone needs to do is use their eyes to know how wasteful and how utterly immobile he is.

    I think if BvB were to be thinking about him (can’t believe it) they’d be shocked, as would Ateltico at how slow and turgid he looks.

    More likely Marseilles or someone like that, maybe back to Montpelier if they could afford him.

    However, I have a horrible sinking feeling he’ll be out number one striker next year with Sanogo and either Drmic or Remy as back up/someone to play with.

  105. london gunner


    That being said Vela still has better stats and would be cheaper… you do the math/ connect the dots.

    I would give drmic another season to see how he progresses, whilst with Vela you know his been consistently improving for the past 3 seasons and would make a great second choice for Theo.

    Fact is we miss a dribbler on the right wing at times.

    I need to keep reiterating I am not saying Vela for first place just for depth on the right because Gnarby needs to be loaned out IMO

  106. follow the money

    I agree with Dobermann 13 I predict a summer with 2-3 mediocre signings only to replace Sagna Fabianski and maybe one more. If anything Wenger will see that FFP is starting to work and use that as an excuse to spend LESS than usual

  107. Marko

    Hey Cesc Appeal I agree. He’s slow as fuck and really should be no better than second choice for us. Someone like Diego Costa him and Sanogo as our options would be fine. I was just saying that at 61 goals in his last 3 seasons I’m sure he’d have a few clubs interested in him for sure. Who those clubs would be and whether we’re trying to get rid of him this summer remains to be seen. I hope so to be honest

  108. gambon


    Wenger “Hi Carlos, I know it didnt work out last time flogged you, but id like to sign you because youre cheap and i need someone to sit on the bench in case Theos not fit”

    Connect the dots?

    At the same age to Drmic Vela got 2 goals all season and looked like a lazy unmotivated chubby bastard.

  109. london gunner


    You would want Juan Guillermo Cuadrado after saying Vela Isn’t good enough> LOL

    They are both 25 the difference is Vela has scored 15 and assisted 11 and Cuadrado has scored 10 and assisted 4.

    Vela combined total 26 cuadrado 21…

    Can you honestly not see the ironic nature of your comments now…

    How is Juan class and Vela not be when Vela has consistently out performed him for seasons now!

    PS would want vela as second choice on the right wing would be quality cover for Theo.

  110. london gunner


    thats because he was a lazy chubby cunt!

    Then he grew up and set La Liga alight!

    Players can change! When they do that change impacts there performance hence why I am able to provide the data on his marvellous stats.

  111. Dimitri

    Surely some kind of deal where we bought Griezmann at a more modest price and waiving the buy back and sell on clause we had for Vela would be a pretty good deal for everyone involved.

  112. london gunner


    Hi Carlos I can pay you more than your current employer and you have the opportunity to live in London playing for one of the bigger clubs in the world with CL football and a golden opportunity for retribution at the top level.

    Oh and your rival for Right Wing is Walcott so you its possible if you play to your top level that you can get a fair amount of games.

    You either replace TW with a better player or you get good cover for him preferably a player that offers dribbling as TW lacks this.

    IF TW gets injured we rely on Gnarby who is a talent for the future but needs a loan and game serious game time to add goals and assists to his game

  113. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Hi Carlos

    We will give you paid for credit cards for all the main ladies shops in new bond street and oxford street!

    Think of it all the size 12 dresses a man could want.

  114. Cesc Appeal


    I actually don’t mind Giroud that much, it is hard but the vitriol shouldn’t be aimed at him but Wenger – Giroud would be decent enough as a back up I think. In a mix of a World Class striker and then an agile pacey one along with Giroud as options.

    A club like Arsenal shouldn’t have Giroud as their only striking option and he being bang average…but again, it’s not really his fault.

  115. london gunner


    Griezmann is quality I would not be unhappy with him if Podolski is off.

    I would prefer both as they play very well together and we need cover for TW and are lacking an out and out LW.

    Drmic Vela and Griezmann would be good mix of talent and experience.

  116. gambon


    Griezzmann is the last thing we need

    We already have 2 anonymous goalscoring wide players in Theo and Podolski.

  117. salparadisenyc

    With whatever ridiculous amount of money we have in the bank why would we go back for a player that we loaned to West Brom, Sociedad for a couple seasons before we were finally able to get rid of him.

    No thanks.

  118. gambon

    “Hi Carlos I can pay you more than your current employer and you have the opportunity to live in London playing for one of the bigger clubs in the world with CL football and a golden opportunity for retribution at the top level.”

    Hi Arsene

    You said the same thing 8 years ago.