Thoughts on a season. Manifesto for change

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I said we cut off your johnson

This post was supposed to go up on Monday but Pedro selfishly pipped me to the post so its a day late, but most of what im saying still applies. Enjoy…

Morning grovers! @aldo_doel here coming to you from 3.24am on Bank Holiday Monday, tired and very grumpy because my flatmate is having a party in her room which is refusing to let me sleep. What better time to write up a match report from yesterday’s game vs West Brom and offer a few somnambulatory thoughts from the season that was and the summer that is going to be. (DISCLAIMER: this is a long ranty post so if you are easily offended kindly f*** off).

Match Report

The Bacary Sagna testimonial match as it shall henceforth be known was a drab and slow paced affair. Other than a headed goal from Giroud and a few decent chances no one looked like they could be arsed. And why the hell not – we won the fourth place trophy on Saturday after Everton capitulated to ManCity. All we have left to play for now is pride, an FA Cup and the chance of finishing level on points with Chelsea (with the hilarious potential for “the special one” to be given his marching orders).

Following the game there was a lap of appreciation from the players and manager and a resounding chorus of “Bacary Sagna, we want you to stay”. While it’s a sentiment I share, it felt a bit desperate and will have precisely 0% effect on his final decision.

 Thoughts on a Season

That’s about all the attention that game deserves. Let’s have some concluding thoughts for the season:

If this season was a relationship how would you describe it? For me it started as a whirlwind romance – totally in love, you’ve never met anyone like this before, and oh isn’t it cute the way she purses her lips when she’s playing Sudoku. By Christmas however she’s making you watch House and go to arts and craft fairs. By mid March she’s reading your texts and watching you while you sleep. There’s a slight reprieve on May 17th when she buys you a PS4 but ultimately you know it’s over when she sleeps with your dad. While there are moments you will always cherish, you’re quite glad the whole thing is done and dusted.

Forgive the laboured metaphor, but should we consider an FA Cup and 4th place progress? Yes if we’re comparing it to last season’s achievements. But if I’m comparing it against the proclamations of Gazidis et al about how we are moving into a new era where we can compete with the likes of Bayern; then no. If I’m comparing it to some of the performances we’ve seen this year – Dortmund away, Liverpool and Napoli at home, playing Bayern off the park before going down to 10 men; then no. If I’m comparing it to the Arsenal side that went undefeated in an entire season, or the one that beat one of the best club sides of all time (Barcelona 2010/11), or the sides that won the double playing incredible football, then no I do not think we have progressed this year. (NOTE: the irony is not lost on me that these are all Arsene Wenger achievements and huge credit to him for them).

And this is the point; our expectations have been lowered so wonderfully over the past couple of seasons that those of us who demand more are accused of being ungrateful. It’s been a merry go round of excuses, some truthful, others not. Hamstrung by stadium move, can’t compete with Chelsea and City’s money, unlucky with injuries, unlucky with referees, lazy players, right players not available in the transfer market etc etc.

What’s been good about this season is we’ve seen each of those excuses slowly dissolve away.

The Finances

We’ve lived on the promise of jam tomorrow for a very long time now. While that may have been the case in the early years of the Emirates move, enough people with knowledge of football finance have clearly demonstrated we now have the capability to spend and spend big.

As for being able to compete with the oil-rich clubs, well yes we do not have the same resources as them, but neither do Liverpool. They have not had Champions League football, but they have a smaller squad. They have managed their fitness and tactics better and even if they don’t win the league, they will have achieved something incredible with that group of players. If you are not happy with the Liverpool example, look at Atletico Madrid. I’m sure I heard Sid Lowe, the Guardian’s Spanish football correspondent, claim that none of the players that beat Chelsea were Simeone signings. Unbelievable if true. Here is a guy who has turned a club round, got them to the top of the league, ahead of the fantastic wealth of Real Madrid and Barcelona, and into the Champions League final with a starting XI worth less than Eden Hazard. So please don’t tell me that you need bazillions to compete at the highest level. You need smart tactics, a modern approach to fitness and a good squad of players.


Onto injuries – well this year has truly been an awful year for injuries but to hear the manager attribute them to bad luck is a very big concern. Arsenal should be assessing how Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain all picked up injuries while trying to recover from other injuries. That should never happen at any professional sports club, not least one of the biggest in the world with million pound assets to protect.

This season could be disregarded as an unlucky one if it wasn’t for all the injury-ridden ones that preceded it. As the majority of our injuries have been a result of muscle strains rather than impact, it suggests there are still serious flaws in the way we approach fitness and injury prevention.

The transfer market

I don’t want to recall the absolute nightmare that has been the last two transfer windows, one Ozil aside, but we’ve seen big players move in January – Matic, Salah, Cabaye, Berbatov, Sturridge, Torres Arshavin! Our failure to bolster the squad in January, when we were on the brink of something special is truly damning and almost certainly cost us the league.

Needless to say I’m dreading the prospect of this summer. But with frightening punctuality the bullshit mobile has already started up and clunked into first gear, dropping its first nuggets of steaming horsecrap all over our fragile and gullible psyches. Like Donnie Darko, you can almost map out the future when it comes to Arsenal transfer sagas: the “warchest” stories from Ivan’s office, the hedging from Arsene, the bogus leads and false hopes, the super super quality, the market being quiet because it’s a leap year… yada yada yada. All ending with a failed bid for Kalou, Tom Cleverly on loan and the “this is Ryo Myachi’s year” story on Most worrying is that Arsene has already begun the excuse train:

Manifesto for Change

So how do we make it all better? Well everyone has their own thoughts on this but here’s my stab at it. It’s what I modestly call my MANIFESTO FOR CHANGE. Enjoy, share, criticise as you see fit:

  1. The manager – As the possibility of bringing in a new manager with fresh ideas has passed we have to make the best of what we’ve got. So my first change would be bringing some accountability to the manager. How? Give him a contract with clear performance indicators. You want a £2m bonus? Win the league. Fail to qualify for the Champions League, your fired. Light a fire under his arse so he is forced to reassess his approach.
  2. Director of Football – It’s not just about making Arsene accountable, it’s about supporting him. A DOF to oversee the transfer side of things will stop the dithering, the haggling, the cheap-arse signings and will mean we start using the fantastic resources we have available to us that were the very reason we moved stadium’s in the first place.
  3. Fitness/Training – Shake up the backroom team. Recruit a world class head of fitness – whoever Dortmund or Atletico use would be a good start. Do everything we can to avoid these perennial injury crises. Look at the intensity we train our players at. Should Arteta be training as hard as Aaron Ramsey? Why do we always seem to have an explosive start to the season then fade by February?
  4. Squad – Linked to this is building out a squad the manager trusts so that he rotates his players. Mesut Ozil should not be playing 90mins against Coventry in the Carling Cup. Why do we pack our squad with youngsters who we blood in pre-season but don’t get a minute of real game time? Either play them or loan them because at the moment no one wins. We did a great job of shifting the deadwood last summer, now’s the time to supplement the squad with a few world class additions and useful squad players.
  5. Tactics – Yesterday might have been the first goal from an Arsenal corner I have seen in about 6 months. I would love to know how many goals we score from our corners and conversely how many we concede because of our vulnerability on the counter. While our defensive discipline has improved immeasurably, we have shown a tactical naivety against big teams. The only two tactics we seem to have are Mertesacker’s near post flick on, and SZCZ’s goal kick to Sagna’s head. You can’t beat the best teams without a plan. We need to make more use of all the corners and free kicks we win, figure out how to beat Mourinho, make tactical changes during the game and vary our formation. And please please please stop with the substitutions on 68 minutes – the clearest demonstration of our tactical naivety as you can get. Where are the formation changes, the game plans, the analysis of the opposition. Why does no one stand near to Giroud from our goal kicks, as his flick-ons are clearly effective? Can we recruit a first team coach to look at these things, or give Steve Bould a more prominent role?
  6. Signings – What’s most disconcerting about Arsene’s recent comments is that he is talking about “starting” to look at players now. Why didn’t we start on February 1? We need to bolster the squad in a number of key positions. My thoughts – Micah Richards as a replacement to Sagna; a mobile, younger upgrade on Arteta in DM; two options of pace on the wing so that Theo doesn’t carry all the responsibility himself; and a world class striker (Balotelli anyone?) Whoever we sign we should be proactive and bullish in the market. We have the resources to bully clubs to sell us their players. Yes its not as simple as buying a loaf of bread, but when you have upwards of £100m in the bank you buy the fucking bakery (I have no idea what that means).
  7. DelawareOk this is nitpicking but break the 70 year contract you have with these clowns. Put out a competitive tender for a proper catering company that offers more than hotdogs and sawdust as a half time snack. Introduce Oystercard style season tickets to get the queues moving faster and have some pop-up food stalls outside of the ground so that people have a choice and a reason to get to the ground early.
  8. Entrance music – I said this earlier in the season but have a shit-your-pants, loud, up tempo song before the players come onto this pitch. Something to get everyone fired up and intimidate the opposition.

There are probably more things – the youth setup, scouting – but these are beyond my limited, sleep deprived understanding. Needless to say this season could have offered so much more than it did. But there is potential for next season to, if some of these issues are looked at properly.

Apologies if I have depressed you with this rant, ill be back to do it again over the summer at some point. For now this is @aldo_doel signing out. Happy Monday Tuesday.

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  1. BacaryisGod

    I could be missing something here but selling Podolski back to FC Kohln for around 8.5 million (and now they are promoted they could probably do that) and adding more depth, youth and speed in Vela and Campbell for half that amount would be an absolute no-brainer.

    The only obstacle might be his high wages as he got a major spike coming here. Still, the Vela deal and Campbell’s upside is probably too good to pass up.

    This would allow us to also put a little more money towards that world-class CF that would mark us out as true title challengers.

    For all Arsene’s critics, both he and Ivan followed through with their word last season, even if they left it late. This window they are also saying they want quality and not quantity, so I wouldn’t be surprised that aside from some tinkering going on with the likes of Vela/Campbell etc, we use our firepower on one special player, and that player is……..

  2. Cesc Appeal

    I’d sooner see us get a proper, athletic winger than bring back Vela – simply it’s the buy back price that is enticing, not much else really.

    Heap defensive responsibility onto playing out wide for us in the EPL, the amount of work he’ll have to get through and the whole rough and tumble of it – not so sure with him. Always had skill, lacked application and heart.

    If there’s even the slightest chance BvB would consider an offer for Reus before his release clause kicks in next year then we should go for that, even if we offer Podolski in part exchange.

  3. Dimitri

    I don’t like thinking in terms of the whole we need to replace so and so. This squad needs some serious depth, and as for goalscoring I couldn’t really care less how many a winger scores it’s about the opportunities they create. And 3.4 mil for Vela is a no brainer we need depth.

  4. Marko

    Pretty sure Cuardrado’s stats would be better if he got out of Italian football. Also he plays right wing back and if he was put in a team with a proper right back and asked to play right wing exclusively he’d flourish. In my opinion of course

  5. gambon

    “And 3.4 mil for Vela is a no brainer we need depth.”

    No we dont, we need quality

    Why do people mindlessly say “we need depth”

    We have Cazorla, Podolski, Chamberlain and Theo for the wide spots.

    We certainly dont need Vela and Campbell. 2 more players on the wage bill, neither would improve us.

  6. Dimitri

    Richards to replace Sagna
    Ginter to replace Vermaelen and be our German Phil Jones
    Vela for depth
    Draxler for quality and depth
    Bender for DM
    Cavani or Reus ilk for striker

    Boom, summer done

  7. london gunner


    I think on the right we don’t lack athleticism we have a 100 meter sprint champion in Walcott what we do lack however is some one whose got skill and can dribble and whose a better playmaker. Vela hits ever single category,

    Vela would be a great super sub. To put into context his better than Navas city’s first choice right winger, his better than Scurrle of Chelsea, his better than Salah and at least on par with Willian.

    I know people like to rubbish him but his stats are equal to Bale and his been one of the leading lights in La Liga at only 25 years

    His the best second choice winger for the RW we could get.

    But of course I would have Reus over Vela I never implied otherwise.

  8. Arsene's Nurse

    Dimitri May 6, 2014 21:21:13

    Richards to replace Sagna
    Ginter to replace Vermaelen and be our German Phil Jones
    Vela for depth
    Draxler for quality and depth
    Bender for DM
    Cavani or Reus ilk for striker

    Boom, summer done
    And I’m the queen of England!

  9. gambon

    “I don’t like thinking in terms of the whole we need to replace so and so. This squad needs some serious depth”

    How much depth do we need? 34 players? 45 players?

    We have a first team squad of 28 players, we definitely dont need more players.

    We just need more quality.

  10. london gunner


    we need quality

    diego costa 30
    sanchez 28
    VELA 26
    Bale 26
    Benzema 25
    andruiz 24
    pedro 23
    rakitic 22
    cesc 21
    koke 20
    griezmann 19

    So one of the best players in La Liga isn’t quality! Fuck me La Liga must be shite then!

  11. N5

    “Vela would be a great super sub. To put into context his better than Navas city’s first choice right winger, his better than Scurrle of Chelsea, his better than Salah and at least on par with Willian.”

    Are you sure London? better than Navas and Scurrle?

  12. WengerEagle

    ‘Griezzmann is the last thing we needWe already have 2 anonymous goalscoring wide players in Theo and Podolski.’

    100% on the money. Griezmann’s a finisher not a creator.

    We need a playmaking LW to balance out the team and share the creative burden with Ozil/Ramsey.

  13. Marko

    I’d rather give Joel Campbell a go than bring Vela back. For one thng he’d cost nothing. And there’s your dept

  14. Dimitri

    Can’t comment on Campbell but Vela has proved himself as one of the better players in one of the best leagues in the world. He deserves a second chance, especially at 3.4 million. We certainly do need depth, and yeah sure it needs to be good quality aka players Wenger can trust enough to play in games. That’ll help to alleviate the fatigue and injuries, but Vela is not the same guy he was when he left us. And if he ends up being just like he was sell him again for a fee in the region of 10 mil it’s a no lose situation.

  15. london gunner


    Are depth consists of Gnarby, Miyachi and probably Cambell,

    Vela is better than all of them and would cost us 3.3 million for a winger who scored 15 goals and assisted 11 this season, whose statistically the second best winger in La Liga Fuck me DO the MATH!

    I suppose Vela got lucky with all those goals he tripped over the ball and somehow it ended up in the net.

  16. N5

    Vela may be great in La Ligue, but hasn’t he already shown he’s too lightweight for the Premiership?

    Certain players just struggle in certain leagues. Are we sure he could do a job? or could he just be good for a few good shots, now and again?

  17. gambon


    So your only argument is to repeatedly write up his goal + assist stats?

    So are we selling Theo?
    Are we selling Chamberlain?
    Who is going to take Podolski at £100k pw?
    Are we selling Cazorla?

    I liked Vela, and felt he was hard done by compared to Theo for example, but i just dont see how he fits in.

    Theres a reason we sold hi for £2m.

  18. Arsene's Nurse

    We have Ozil who is an assist machine. We have Ramsey who’s an energetic MF with talent. What we need are high quality additions to complement them. A top CF who doesn’t was chances and a specialist DM are the absolute minimum (ignoring players potentially leaving)

    You don’t add depth by buying squad players, you add depth by buying better players than you have and keeping the ones you’ve already got.

    You also need a manager who is capable of using that increased depth of squad by intelligent rotation and keeping the players fit.

  19. london gunner


    Scurrle is incredibly inconsistent whereas Vela has been a sensation all season and has been one of the best players in a league with some of the best talent/wingers in the world

    Everyone can rubbish him but just do a lil research or watch a game and you will get it!

    As for Navas his pretty anonymous at times and his a very poor finisher his also incredibly one dimensional(typical old school winger hugs the line and throws in crosses) and the fact is Millner has been outperforming him so how good can he actually be?

    Navas 4 goals 7 assists… schurrle 7 goals 1 assist

    Navas is 28 and Vela is 25 yet he scores so many more and assists a fair more to

  20. Marko

    Vela’s better than Navas, Schurrle and Willian? Sorry but that’s total nonsense. He’s done well this season sure but people tend to forget outside of the top 3 in Spain and maybe Bilbao and Sociedad the teams are woeful. Pretty sure the stats don’t tell the whole story in a league like that.

  21. london gunner


    Vela goals and assists 15, 11, Navas 4,7 schurrle 7,1 (shockingly poor for a winger)

    So whats your excuse for Juan Cuardro? His only scored 10 goals and assisted 4 in a weaker league Seria A

    Also where is your proof that spanish lower and middle table teams are worse that English teams.

    Last I heard Spanish team Valencia are in the final of the europa…

    Where are the English teams? Where is Spurs again???

    Connect the dots….?

  22. WengerEagle

    1) Marco Reus
    2) Roberto Firmino/Julian Draxler
    3) Alexis Sanchez/Pedro
    4)Juan Cuadrado
    6) Konoplyanka

    Order of widemen I want us to pursue this summer.

  23. london gunner


    Firmino I would love he’d probs be my number 2 after Reus.

    Jaun Cuadrdo though? His only scored 10 and assisted 4 in a very weak league if he was 21 or 20 it would be ok but at 25 he should be doing better and there would be other players who are cheaper who are outperforming him.

  24. BacaryisGod

    gambon-nice to see you back to your old ways and throwing out gay slurs.

    Replacing Podolski with Vela and Campbell makes perfect sense, and you’re just being a contrarian. Besides, Theo will take a while to come back next season.

    Seriously, only a simpleton would overlook the remarkable growth in Vela’s game these past two seasons. Additionally, he’s also familiar with the Premier League and he still has great sell-on value if it doesn’t work out.

    Where I do agree with you is that we need one great player to send out the statement we mean to win the title next season. We lost the title this season because we didn’t have the players to stand up against the big boys of the league. Our weak spots were DM and CF against these teams so I’m all in favor of trimming some average out of the squad in order to bring in excellence in these two positions.

  25. Marko

    WE you’re always on about Firmino is he that good? I always thought he was a Rakitic type CM/CAM player and not a winger.

  26. WengerEagle


    Cuadrado’s a beast mate, for Colombia too he’s one of their best players along with Falcao and James. He plays RWB a lot which would explain his stats being a bit lower.

  27. TOLI83

    Would have vela as a 3rd/4th choice striker.

    Saying that we are just scraping the Wenger barrel.

    Other clubs aspirations are around the grade A players, not us because we know Wenger won’t do it .

  28. WengerEagle


    Yes he’s that good, besides Marco Reus who I also love he’s been the best player in the Bundesliga this season by a mile.

    He’s scored 21 goals and assisted 15 in 36 apps to average a goal or assist EVERY match this season. For Hoffenheim who are average at best.

    He would be perfect as a playmaking LW as he scores and assists for fun. He’s only 22 as well.

  29. Marko

    London no offense but you’re talking shite at this point and there’s no debating with you. I respect you’re opinion but I disagree with it

  30. N5

    “Seriously, only a simpleton would overlook the remarkable growth in Vela’s game these past two seasons. Additionally, he’s also familiar with the Premier League and he still has great sell-on value if it doesn’t work out.”

    BiG, you reprimand gambon for saying gay and then generalise anyone who doesn’t agree with yourself and london as simpletons….not very classy mate!

    Vela is an improved player…in La Ligue, does the transfer to the Prem? god knows and there is only one way to find out. But no one here is saying he hasn’t improved, just question whether he would be a first choice wide man?

  31. Thorough

    Now that its no more a mere dream to admire PSG players, can we take a look at Palermo and/or Moyes? I’ve always been impressed with Palermo since his days in Italy, probably the strongest, fastest playmaker in Europe. Think he can play CAM for us, or just any position behind our donkey,vsorry striker. And Moura? I think he’s Theo with a football brain that only needs an environment to thrive? Thoughts?

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    In the last few months when people are not agreeing with him (gammon)
    Resorts to calling people – Mongs – such a dreadful word in a beautiful language

    When people commented that the sending off of Gibbs instead of ox , could be construed as racism ?

    More obscenities flowed from his keyboard…

    Never met the fellow
    Never want to
    His is a bigoted shallow person

  33. azed

    London gunner
    The problem with buying Carlos Vela is tracking back. If you are going to play him on the wing, he has to track back, and he may not like doing that.

  34. Marko

    I didn’t realise Firmino had that good a season WE. Be careful of saying it around london he discredits Drmic’s 16 goals in german football so Firmino’s stats in german football might not hold any crendence in his mind. I’d heard he was highly rated though

  35. salparadisenyc

    Either Moura or Lavezzi will likely move this summer as well.
    Moura looks like he could be a world beater under the right guidance.

  36. WengerEagle


    I’m not sure what to make of Moura tbh. Looks a real talent when I watch him but his end product is quite poor. He’d probably cost a bomb too as I think PSG paid £40 million for him.

    Lavezzi I really like but he’s not getting any younger at 29 unfortunately.

  37. WengerEagle


    Yeah he’s had an outstanding season. Scoring/assisting 36 goals is no fluke. At 22 too he could yet further explode.

    Check out his ScoutNation.

  38. Jaffa

    I would love it if we bought balotelli, I realise he is a bit of a nutter but he has a great talent. Playing in a poor Milan side means we would have a great chance of getting him. We would need a back up of course for when he is banned but luckily we have Giroud!

  39. salparadisenyc


    Im with you in the Balotelli camp, controversial on this site to say the least.
    A two pronged attack of Balo in the Henry role and Reus in the DB10 with Ozil, Ramsay , Walcott and Javi Martinez behind would be epic. I think that side would hit some very high notes.

  40. MarbleHall

    N5 always blaming the players and not Wenger.
    First it was Gervinho who was to lightweight for the Premier league and now it’s Vela.
    Have you ever thought it just might be Wenger who is the lightweight.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    No one else has commented on youth r post re Kos signing new contract. If that’s right it’s awesome.


    Ive just fallen out of bed and bumped my head on you ranking Reus abovr Firmino for option next season looooooool

  42. tunnygriffboy

    88 million for Cavani andcMartinez. Be amazing but highly unlikely. Wouldn’t care about a wide man then. Could make do

    Also if Reus available and man u chasing him we should be in for him as well ( assuming we don’t get the above loooooooool )

  43. Dan Ahern

    Lol, some of you getting bent out of shape of Vela.

    Couple things to keep in mind:

    1. This isn’t 2007. He came on board a long fucking time ago, he’s improved greatly.

    2. Nobody wants him to be a starter.

    3. It’s not even about playing. Any playing at all would be a bonus.

    4. If he did play, he is better than Gnabry and maybe Ox right now. He would never play in front of Theo or Cazorla or Poldi, just to rest those guys or for a change of pace.

    5. But again, not about playing. He’s dirt cheap relative to his value and ability. If he never comes of use it doesn’t matter, he’s sell-on material.

    6. Arsene just has to lie to him on the phone (easy) and pay his clause (easier) and bam, just added future value.

    7. If nothing else he ensures we don’t have to see Sanogo all fucking season.

    It’s business, man.

  44. N5

    “N5 always blaming the players and not Wenger.
    First it was Gervinho who was to lightweight for the Premier league and now it’s Vela.
    Have you ever thought it just might be Wenger who is the lightweight.”


  45. salparadisenyc

    That was quite funny, especially the comments.
    Thomas Jefferson….. Looool.

    I say pistols Pedro, at 10 paces.

  46. Dan Ahern

    My summer fantasy:


    Martinez £33m

    Cavani £50m

    Reus £37m

    Coleman £10m

    Ruddy OR Jääskeläinen £2.6m

    Vela £3.4m


    Podolski +£16m

    Vela in January +£14m

    TOTAL £110m

    (£106m for players, £4m bonus for Wenger finding his nuts again)

    Premeir League, FA Cup, UCL Semifinalists at minimum

  47. salparadisenyc

    Cheeky fucker Dan, I see what you did there.
    I got aging Beemer I want you to flog.

  48. Ofebs

    Giroud at Arsenal – 16 goals in league
    Wilfried Bony at Swansea – 15 goals
    Jay Rodriguez at Southampton – 15 goals

    Will take Bony and Rodriguez, they know the league, and pay a premium if necessary; no to Vela and Cesc, they are history!

  49. gonsterous

    So is reus available this summer… Coz he seems to be on the top of everyone’s focking wish list… What’s so different about this window that makes u think Wenger would even consider spending huge amounts of money… Unless we lose 8-0 before the window closes…then he panics and over pays for shits

  50. silentstan

    jan signings and you cite Torres, Cabaye, Arshavin, Salah. talk about defeating your own arguement.
    then you say getting injuries whilst coming back from injuries should never happen. clownish, muscle strains after long lay offs is common in every club.
    then there os the injuries themselves, blamed on the medico’s but they are different sorts. no common factor.
    Warchest? figures never quoted by the club, just made up by journos and know all bloggers.
    sit down, and give your brain a rest

  51. Evan

    “muscle strains after long lay offs is common in every club.”

    Evan live from Morocco sending a warm welcome to Le Grove.

    As opposed to signing injured/
    recovering from fractures is common?

    “Come to Arsenal, recover in our world famous medical facility,
    See the famous Diaby, you get to see lord Wenger”

    Where do I sign??

  52. Tony Pulis

    in relation to Harzard wenger had this to say. “Yes, I wanted to
    take him. I had his agent at my home but
    again the barrier was financial and Chelsea
    made an effort that I couldn’t make.” from the guy who bought özil for 42m

  53. N5

    “Evan live from Morocco sending a warm welcome to Le Grove. ”

    Don’t rub it in Evan you swine! some of us are sitting in a cold, dark, grey office! 😀

  54. El Tel 1

    If its wish list time then here are mine.



    Micah Richards

    Barry (Revert back to CB) or Hummels

    Barkley or Cesc

    Martinez,Pogba or Gustavo

    Benzema,Suarez or Cavani

    Robben,Reus or Draxler


    A combination of this lot would do for me.

  55. N5

    Barry as a CB, he played there for a limited time and is so much better in the middle of the park! also he isn’t what we need.

    I’m mates with Gareth as well (name dropper) so I’m not saying that to be horrible about him, I just think we should be setting our sights so much higher.

    But I’ll take everyone else on your list! 😀

  56. bergkamplegend

    Good morning you Gooners.

    El Tel 1 : “If its wish list time then here are mine.”

    == >> If it’s wish list time then here are mine : WENGER OUT.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Same old story. Arsenal are consistently outgunned when it comes to transfers.

    1. Man City are expected to sign Sagna. If true what a disaster for us. No transferfee and player moving to one of our main competitors simply because we will not budge with wage structure.

    2. Wenger tells the world ‘after the event’ that he was negotiating to sign Hazard. Chelsea outbid us.

    3. Bender announces yesterday that he will not be leaving Bayer.

    What this tells you is that Arsenal are singularly ‘weak’ when it comes to concluding contract and transfer business. We need urgently a Football Director
    who can and will act with a degree of decisiveness and if necessary ruthlessness.

  58. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Is it a French thing that he continues to tell us all who he nearly signed, or is he just on a massive wind-up?
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Petr Cech
    Yaya Toure
    Juan Mata
    Luiz Suarez
    Eden Hazard
    Would you really own up to such incredible levels of incompetence?

  59. bergkamplegend

    @Emiratesstroller : it’s useless to still hope for some miracle.
    The only thing we can do is to sadly watch, during at least 2 more years, wenger continue to destroy our beloved club.

    And praying for better days to come, only after wenger’s departure.

  60. N5

    “Is it a French thing that he continues to tell us all who he nearly signed, or is he just on a massive wind-up?”

    What does is it a French thing even mean?

  61. Emiratesstroller

    What it tells you is that Arsenal’s contractual and transfer business is dependent on Wenger and in recent times he has been singularly unsuccessful in concluding deals because he is either too stubborn and indecisive or simply does not have the balls.

    The Higuain saga last season highlights the problem. We could have bought him for £32 million. He wanted to come to us. This is a player very close to top
    level of strikers and was affordable. Had he come we might have been a lot closer to a Title than we are now.

  62. N5

    Legend, I don’t think either yourself or Karim are arrogant, I don’t think my French wife is arrogant, in fact 90% of French people I have met aren’t. But it is a sterotype that gets thrown around with no real facts behind it! like all English having bad teeth and all Americans being stupid and fat!

    Sterotypes are harmful and quite ignorant.

  63. bergkamplegend

    “Ferran Soriano and Mehmet Scholl have both given warnings to Manchester United over the impending appointment of Louis van Gaal over the way he works.”

    Oooopsssss more fun to come for the next seasons at old toilet LOL

  64. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    I don’t know, N5, that’s why I asked.
    I’ve oft heard the French described as arrogant by their English counter-parts, but in the spirit of international relations I was loathe to make such a rash judgement.
    We have our royal pageantry, Village Green Cricket and our stiff upper-lip.
    Every race has their own specific traits.

  65. Max85

    Honestly, I don’t think Wenger is arrogant or indecisive – I think stubborn is the best word. In his mind, he decides what a player is worth and on principle won’t budge a penny above it. Problem is, he doesn’t seem to understand how inflated the market has become, and that big clubs pay over the odds ALL THE TIME. That’s why we’re constantly getting left behind, and rummaging about in the bargain bin because value for money is everything to him.

  66. N5

    NewCo, it wasn’t a dig at you mate! I have seen that kind of comment a million times and understand where it comes from.

    I think you are right it is the arrogance of Wenger and the need to massage his own ego, I just don’t think it’s a French thing, it’s a Wenger thing.

  67. telarse

    When Sagna leaves our winning headers on the halfway line and hitting the first defender with the ball stats will suffer but hopefully this will be the opportunity to inject some attacking ability into that position. Coleman would be amazing.

    I still want Joel Ward and Jedinak from Palace too – both our left backs are crap defenders (although Gibbs is easily our best left-sided attacker).
    Jedinak is one of the best, if not the best, destroyers in the premiership.

    Coleman, Ward and Jedinak walk in to our team and are already acclimatised. Caulker to replace Vermaelen.

    Spend 40 – 50 mill on Costa or Benzema, if Real want Suarez, or offer £40,000,002 for Sturridge but get a striker who’ll fulfil Ozil’s potential.

    Sell Monreal, Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud, Arteta, Vermaelen, Bendtner, Kallstrom, Miyachi, Coquelin, Park, Djourou, Aneke.

    Actually use quality younger players like Gnabry, Zelalem, Bellerin, Akpom, Eisfeld in first team squad and blood them in shift cup matches or as 68th minute subs to rest the “stars”.

  68. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Thanks N5, it wasn’t my intention to stereo-type or pigeon-hole anyone, we’re all human-beings with our own personality that far exceeds man-made boundaries.
    I think you’re right, it is a Wenger thing.

  69. bergkamplegend

    Quizz of the day : among the 3 ex-Arsenal players who joined City, only one of them is not a cunt == >> clichy, sagna, nasri == >> not so hard to guess, c’mon!!

    To win : a free subscription for all the Man City-Arsenal games – home and away – to come for the next 10 years lol

  70. Max85

    bergkamplegend, surely must be secret answer number 4, Adebayor?? A wonderful specimen of a footballer and human being!

  71. wenker-wanger

    speculation, speculation……..lots of suggestion for quality players to come and languish at the home for 4th place only. However as we know wenger only obtains freebies, cheapos and french-league average players and duds. (the Ozil purchase still baffles me????).
    Set your sights lower and consider wenger moving for kalou, gareth barry, evra, nani, demba ba, and any player that is on his way out and offered cheaply.
    Also he will stick by his “chosen” boys diaby and sanogo and many of the current squad players.
    Hope that any new players he does buy have a strict medical first though……we dont want any humiliating kallstrom type situations do we!
    wenger IS A JOKE

  72. bergkamplegend

    @ ww : Evra ?? After all that he said about us ??? LOL

    Anyway, the man is a stupid cunt but not a fool, he only play for clubs who targets champion’s trophies.

  73. wenker-wanger

    Some AKBs seem to imply we are all wrong on LEgrove when we win the FA cup……..haha….so that cancels out 6-0, 5-1, 3-0 and 6-3 does it????
    If we win the cup it will down purely to the pride of the players trying to salvage some success from their careers that have stunted and faded under the master of money-over-ambition pecilneck

  74. wenker-wanger

    @berg…yeah mate you are correct….but he is perfect for wenger…he is french and wont cost a lot……and he is left footed so wenger would like to play him in sagnas position of right back ! lol

  75. Jamal


    Coleman and Benzema would be the only ones i’d have from your wishlist. Ward, Jedinak and Caulker? Fucking hell this is Arsenal FC not West Ham.. Jedinak is 30 in August so we should be looking at someone younger like Schneiderlin or martinez, No offence but most of the stuff you’ve typed there is crap…
    “£40,000,002 for Sturridge” – LOL
    “Sell Monreal, Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud” – Great bench options
    “Gnabry, Zelalem, Bellerin, Akpom, Eisfeld in first team squad ” – Gnabry and Akpom Yes.. Eisfeld, Zelalem and Bellerin No.


    Firstly, this may be Arsenal but this is Arsene’s Arsenal and while it’s nice to play fantasy football it should be tempered with a degree of realism.

    Arsene might shock us all and buy 2 or 3 world class players at £40 mill apiece.
    If he buys just 1 then I want that 1 to be a pacey striker.
    The other improvements can be made, as I suggest, from proven premiership experience
    I believe Ward’s a better left back than we have.
    I believe Jedinak’s a better defensive mid than we have.
    Caulker’s a great 3rd choice centre-half.
    None of the players I suggest we should sell are either gonna want to be or deserve to be on the bench.

    It’s obvious Arsene doesn’t rate Podolski – he’s not good enough on the left anyway.
    Cazorla is surplus in the middle since Ozil’s arrival and, like Podolski he’s not good enough on the left.

    How much do you reckon Sturridge would cost?
    Do you think he’s not good enough?

    Thanks for the feedback – I value your opinion more than words can say!