Too many goodbyes for my liking…

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Not much of a match report from me today, Alex might steam in with one later, but I missed the game yesterday because of a ticket cock up. Some trickster took my ticket out of my wallet thus meaning I couldn’t get into the ground. Then the ticket office couldn’t print me a spare because I didn’t have photo idea nor was I the name on the ticket. What a nightmare. Hopefully we’ll get to the point in the next ten years where we can have our tickets on our mobile phones. Surely that’s the future…?

Anyway, I did get to the Junction Pub to watch the game. It was a bit of a flat one really. We went one up after a good header from Giroud (too few of those this year).

The bigger story was around the players that were going to leave. Wenger gave Kimmy a run as well and Thomas Vermaelen. Both will be off this summer, as I’m sure Sagna will be. Very disappointing on the right back. I’m also sad that Vermaelen seems to have regressed over the past few years. He had all the ingredients to be a great. Fitness mismanagement, the emergence of an excellent partnership in Per and Koscielny combined with zero trust put paid to his career. He’ll go onto a good club and he’ll do well. Still think he could have been converted to a DM. If Bayern can do it with Lahm and Everton can do it with Baines, why not TV?

We could debate it all day. But I won’t, because it’s clear I’m right. Save your words.

In other news, Wenger sat down with Geoff Shreeves to talk about the season. It’s an interesting video, take a watch.

Key takeaways:

He’s keen to communicate that he is analysing the injury problems. So it’s on his radar. It felt like maybe the penny has dropped and that maybe, just maybe, the pile up has something to do with his approach to many things.

He’s in total denial about the quality of his squad. He thinks it’s an illusion to think that better players and a deeper squad would help things.

Wenger thinks that criticism of him is emotional, not rational.

He’s a compelling talker, the problem is, he talks the talk… then he doesn’t deliver. Chances are, we’ll have the same issues next season. Why? Because sorting out the players fitness will impact his staff and the way he manages his teams. He doesn’t like rotating players and he likes to do things his way. By tackling the issues, he’ll have to change.

We’ll see though. If he’s serious about analysing what he’s up to and he’s mature enough to admit he needs to change, who knows what could happen.

The season hasn’t panned out how we wanted it to, but we’ve had some great times. I’ve met some great people along the way, made new friends, gained new readers and hopefully given you something to think about everyday… even if it is just the fact that Becks Vier is a fraudulent beer.

Summer ain’t gonna be the same without Arsenal…

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  1. kwik fit

    Cesc Fabregas on Spanish radio: “If
    Arsenal came for me I would consider
    returning. I miss the Arsenal fans”

    We miss you too cesc

  2. kwik fit

    Cesc Fabregas on Spanish radio: “If
    Arsenal came for me I would consider
    returning. I miss the Arsenal fans”

    We miss you too cesc …….come home

  3. Keyser

    Schadenfreude is just as bad, especially from the people that were itching to tell everyone you don’t need oil money, Carragher and Neville just laying it on the fucking bullshitting cunts.

    The sad undeniable fucking truth is this is what the premiership football is about, the unending grind, there are no short cuts, no easy solutions, people think we threw the league away, at some point all 3 of the teams above have thrown it away to, no matter who wins now.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    I think so, it’ll take a massive offer, something like £70 Million to land him…I can’t see him going just yet…really no need for him to go, Liverpool have a great attacking side; Rodger’s needs to address that weakness to the defensive element of the team this window with that £60 Million+ budget.

    He’s said he needs 6 bodies…so looks as if he’s going to pro-actively go out into the market this summer. Having said that, if Madrid came knocking with a large offer, the chance to play between Bale and Ronaldo? That’s pretty damn good ey?

  5. kwik fit

    Its in the Spanish press Karim that their selling Cesc and he’s expressed a desire to return. He would be a great signing even though there are other positions we need to strengthen.

  6. tunnygriffboy

    That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. The look on the scouse fans faces was priceless ! I’m so pleased for St Stevie. No smug scousers on radio tonight ha ha ha ha

    In all seriousness Rodgers disrespected CP, looked as if he was going for a cricket score. They were leaving so many men up. The Lpool defence needs massive work if they are to prosper in the CL.

  7. Jake

    Liverpool proving that you can win trophies without spending money. Wait, no, they’ve spent an enormous amount and won’t win a thing.

  8. Keyser

    I can’t be happy with that, this isn’t Mourinho and all the bollocks that goes with him, this is Liverpool, they had everything go their way, but they literally gave almost everything they had and they seem like they’re going to fall short.

    You go through their team, one game a week, the lack of injuries, in terms of fitness and tactical aspects, what else could they have given ? and they’re going to fall short.

  9. Keyser

    This is just sad, Carragher just said ‘This is the premier league strange things happen’, that wasn’t strange, if Citeh win, with the highest wagebill, the biggest squad that isn’t strange, it’s strange when they don’t win.

  10. tunnygriffboy


    ‘ONLY’ build a new defence. I don’t think any of that defence is CL quality and St Stevies legs have gone ( watch himin WC ). He’ll also have to get cover in forward areas forincreased workload.

    This season was the their time and they missed out.

  11. Jamal

    This was our best chance to win the PL.. We took 1/6 points against Man U and choked in other big games.

    All we had to do was win atleast 2 big games, Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  12. ricky

    Liverpools attack was brilliant this season they’ve score 99 goals so far but have conceded 49. Shows you DEFENCE is key in winning the league gotta have the right balance . Chelsea meanwhile have conceded 26 but scored 69….lack of a decent striker cost them big. City meanwhile have scored 96 and conceded 37,dat defence wouldn’t win the league in previous seasons just goes to show you not many teams really stood out.

  13. Jake

    For the CL they’ll need at least one back up striker, a whole new defense and a new midfield. A brilliant attack will carry you through against worse teams but the CL is a whole different animal. Your attack can win you a game against probably 14 of the EPL’s clubs, maybe 4 of the CL’s clubs,

  14. Jake


    You’ve just contradicted yourself there. Chelsea have the defense but clealy it’ll be the two teams with the attack at the top.

  15. tunnygriffboy

    How much would Cesc cost anyone ?

    Could we manage him a striker and a CM. Christ we have the money. If Wenger was only after 3 signings, surely we could stretch to a fourth ?

  16. salparadisenyc

    “…..people think we threw the league away, at some point all 3 of the teams above have thrown it away to, no matter who wins now.”

    Two of those teams have new managers, complete change in style. In fact of the top 7 teams only Arsenal and Liverpool had settled squads with same management.
    In out case a record signing to bolster the charge. Your taking the piss if you don’t think we threw it away this season. We heaved it away in glorious fashion nearly dropping to 5th.

  17. ricky

    @ Jake I meant if chelsea had as good an attack as city or liverpool they’d have won the league.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think they’re too far away.

    Really need a commanding CB and a great CDM and they’ll already look a lot, lot better.

    Thing is, they don’t have anything really expensive to buy, more a lot of money spread over more defensive positions…not like us for example, we need to spend big on a WC forward…I don’t think they need to spend massive on a singular player – unless they want to for show purposes.

  19. Keyser

    Salparadisenyc – Don’t come out with that tunnel vision shit, just look at what others clubs have done.

  20. tunnygriffboy


    We didn’t throw the league away. Wee were never good enough to win it even if the squad had been fit. We were always going to fall short. We were at least 3 players short of of a title winning side having to compete in the CLalongside a real title push. We could have tried to replace Theo in January and even if Wenger had wanted to it would have needed a top player. For some reason he didn’t use Gnabry enough either.

  21. tunnygriffboy


    They need more than one defender and outside of about 15 players their squad is very average. We’re in a much better position squad wise even though we don’t have a Suarez up top. We get two forwards, one of which is top class and a proper DM then our squad eclipses theirs

  22. Keyser

    Salparadisenyc – That’s partly the problem, you think you are, but you’re not.

    You think Chelsea going from Benitez to Mourinho was a step down ? Or are you saying changing managers seems to slow Chelsea down ? Because there isn’t much evidence for either of those arguments.

    Likwise Citeh, Mancini was supposedly under-achieving, they replaced him with Pellegrini, spent 100 million on a few more players and by February people were comparing them to the Invincibles.

    How many times did you compare Liverpool to the 98′ side ?

    It’s revisionism.

    The worst thing about this is, I bet there’s muppets out there sitting there thinking, ‘Keysers’s just spouting AKB rhetoric’, rather than looking at how Liverpool got this far, or how Citeh and Chelsea are where they are.

    I mean take Aguero for example, one of the times he went off clutching his hamstring, was during the second leg of a Carling Cup game, Citeh were 6-0 up from the first leg and Pellegrini decided to start him.

  23. tunnygriffboy

    Mignolet, Skeletor and Sakho getting a lot of grief on the radio. No mention of Gerrard. Where was his cover in front of them. He was supposed to have reinvented himself as this DM but he was nowhere to be seen in the last 20mins. He’ll get found out in Brazil as well. We’re not allowed to criticise him though.

  24. salparadisenyc


    I think thats the whole point, the failures in January window had a domino effect on our carrying it all the way. I’d agree not many including myself thought we had a chance in hell of winning the title last August. Looking back, the evidence clearly shows otherwise. As others have stated look at the numbers, two wins out of the losses with United, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool or City and were looking at the title. Instead we collapsed in catastrophic fashion to all the top sides.

    Liverpool’s season has been fantastic, nobody can deny that. Went on a run of 14 wins in a row or there about’s in the league after losing to Chelsea in late december, in style. Had Gerrard not slipped, i’d imagine this conversation has a different tone. Do we blame the oil whores for that or big spending Abramovich?
    Regardless the point is about Wenger not having the foresight to seize the moment in January and add numbers, zero excuses with the run we had in front of us.

  25. london gunner

    I think City deserve the title

    NOW WAIT a minute before the abuse and hate mail!

    Here is why! they have the second best defence and the second best attack.

    They have suffered terribly with injuries only second to us.

    Yes they have spent a fortune but they play the best football and without those injuries they would of romped the league IMO

  26. Cesc Appeal


    Well I agree to disagree with you there.

    I think it’s a stretch to say we’re in better shape. In some areas we are, in some areas we’re miles behind them. Thinking our defence versus their strike force. We seem more solid, they more deadly.

    And their ills are more easily remedied both in ease of getting hold of people in those positions and the fact that they don’t have Wenger doing the transfers.

    Be an interesting summer, I will be very interested to see what they look like come August. Some stuff going round again they want M’Vila and Konoplyanka…though I don’t think they necessarily need the Ukrainian above sorting out their defenders first.

    They need 2-3 defenders yes, but what I was saying was a great, commanding CB and a great CDM and they are well on their way already.

  27. london gunner

    Surely goal of the season is jonjo shelvey!

    The way he scored from so far out and the ball curled into the top corner was simply magnigcent

  28. tunnygriffboy


    I agree that we should agree to disagree loool

    They have Agger to cover their defence. They have an aging Gerard, Lucas, Allen and Henderson in midfield. What other cover do they have ? They have Brilliance in Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho and Sterling. Other than that they have Moses, Aspas and Borini at Sunderland.

    I’m sorry but that squad needs a huge amount of padding out with quality to maintain a PL and CL push. We add say Bender, Remy and Griezmann to our fully fit squad and there’s no comparison.

  29. tunnygriffboy


    For me it’s Jack’s v Norwich. Maybe it’s me but I prefer team goals. Also Ozil’s v Napoli and Poldi’s v Lpool in the cup because it was after the 5 – 1 hammering. It could also have been really important in the long run for the club.

  30. london gunner


    Thing is I agree with you.

    With 4 competitions Liverpool will suffer more injuries and fatigue… There main men aka sturridge sterling suarez will consequently get injured.

    So Brendan either focuses on adding cover for the star strike force or on revamping the defence/ mid field… I don’t think he could do that all in one season its either or.

    I do think Brendan Rogers is capable of top 4 next season but I don’t think he will be challenging for the title if anything I think the most the new signings can do next season is help Liverpool adjust to the increased work load of CL Football.

    Also we have to factor in if Liverpool do indeed buy 6 players its unlikely all the signings will work out and those that do may take more than a season off bedding in before they are consistent performers for their club.

  31. london gunner


    Mate that was the most biased comment ever lol.

    You named 3 Arsenal goals! come on we are Arsenal fans we have more class than Liverpool fans who would only name their goals on the list!

    Come on MATE!

  32. tunnygriffboy


    I see your point about January. But for me with the run we had coming up it wouldn’t have mattered who we brought in we would still have struggled. I’m notsure the quality would have been available to make a huge amount of difference. That’s not to say we shouldn’t have tried. The real bummer was losing Rambo for 4 months. Wenger was told it would be 3 to four weeks. It’s possible and I say possible that he would have brought someone in had he known.

  33. grooveydaddy

    So city need a win and a draw at home to win it. Although it wouldn’t shock me if they lost one, I expect them to see it out. They’ve had their blips throughout the season, but have been consistent enough to finish with 84-86 pts. A decent total, but one that could have been pipped.

    Chelsea were in a great position after they hammered us. Strengthening in Jan with Matic and Salah seemed like a smart move. They’d just beaten all their closest rivals with only Liverpool away in a pretty easy run in. Perhaps the CL run was a factor, but really they bottled it, good and proper.

    Liverpool went on a 14? game winning run after being 8 points behind us at one stage, culminating in a decisive win over City. Sure, playing only once a week, and some luck (Sunderland, West Ham) helped. But then they’ve gone and dropped 5 points in their last two games. Maybe their tactics can be questioned in these games, or the pressure simply got to them? Either way they choked, big time.

    As for us, you would think that we could have possibly won a few more of our games, even with a knackered and depleted squad. Stoke away comes to mind, as does Man U, plus the draws to Southampton and Swansea where be blew second half leads.

    Keyser’s right. Everyone had a turn at f%&king it up for themselves.

    The title was really up for grabs this season. If only….

  34. Keyser

    salparadisenyc – Domino effect ? We were a 20-1 shot in August, how many 20-1 shots do you sit there thinking ‘they threw that away’. It’s revisionism.

    We were top because our defence had built solidity and familarity over the past couple of seasons, through all the mistakes and face/palm moments, to the point where we had a decent understanding, the only other consistentcy we had was at the other end in Giroud, even if you think he was consistently bad.

    The midfield was a complete mish-mash, we changed it constantly from one game to the next.

    Podolski injured from August through until December,
    Ox out from the first game of the season for 5 months.
    Cazorla and Theo out for months at a time.

    Our best shot was to keep it going until we got those players back fit, hoping that with a bit of luck they’d come back soon enough for us to give the others a rest.

    Ramsey ironically got injured in the game where Podolski finally made the bench for us, a goal down away to West Ham, he replaced Ramsey and we went on to win the game.

    Ramsey sums it up, not one person, save say maybe Wenger, and even that’s a maybe, thought he’d produce that sort of form for soo long, and it’s taken him 5 years through injury or otherwise and all the faith Wenger’s shown in him while others doubted him.

    So what were we going to change in January that we hadn’t managed to fix in 9 years previous ?

  35. N5

    I like Maxi Jazz he seems like a cool fella. I remember years ago he was on Radio 1 and Chris Moyles spent the entire interview calling him Maxipad and not once did Jazz rise to it.

    It was funny as fu..dge.

  36. afturburn


    “So what were we going to change in January that we hadn’t managed to fix in 9 years previous ?”

    I don’t think it’s so much that there was an immediate fix to all the problems; getting a few extra players in wasn’t going to fix that, you’re right. But fact is we were top of the league for much of the season, with an obviously short squad and a drop in form. Something should have been done (and I don’t mean Kallstrom).

    You can’t possibly think it was okay for nothing to be done in January simply because the problems date back 9 years. When do we start then?

    No one may have expected a league challenge in August, so yes, it may be revisionism. But so what if it is? Who’s to say something has to be judged once and it stays that way? No one expected a title challenge so we can’t be disappointed that we ultimately didn’t challenge for the title? I don’t get that line of thinking.

  37. salparadisenyc


    “So what were we going to change in January that we hadn’t managed to fix in 9 years previous ?”

    Well never know the outcome had we given Giroud some proper competition for the number 1 spot. Or pulling someone in for the Walcott or Ramsay’s injuries. The fact is we could of done all three in January. Would that of been enough to sustain the challenge? Whose to say but it really has little to do with the odds in August, what were Liverpool’s odds?

    After managing to stay top for the first half the season with injuries to key personal mounting up we chose inaction. And paid for it. Ideally you give yourself the best chance to succeed, did we knowing what lie ahead on the fixture list?

    Create the argument or excuse it however you choose but the facts state otherwise. Zero revisionism, the league was weak and we failed to meet the challenge. Wasted opportunity.

  38. Keyser

    Fucking Chris Moyles, not sure whether I should hate him or not.

    I think there’s few things that send goosepimples down your arms, footballs one of them, Wilshere’s goals, Henry header against United, but being Mazi Jazz, looking out at thousands waiting for the ‘drop’, even in the crowd, or sitting at home watching on youtube.

  39. N5

    Agreed Keyser! didn’t he even do a tune called God is a DJ or some such title. I bet it does feel god like knowing all those ravers are their for you and like a puppet master to 1000s, they only dance when your beat drops!!

    Bat faced or not, Maxi is one of the coolest guys that ever DJ’d and now he is Vice-president Eagle!

  40. tunnygriffboy


    I thought in September that we would have been nowhere near the top this season. The fact that we were exceeded all my expectations but I always expected that we would stumble even had the squad stayed fit. We should have tried to get cover for Walcott/Giroud but to me it is debatable that anyone brought in would ultimately have helped us much. Ramsey was a blow but he was only expected to be out for 3 to 4 weeks. Personally I think we made a decent fist of it for a long time but to me the lack of quality in depth was always going to hurt us.

  41. Keyser

    Salparadisenyc – “Would that of been enough to sustain the challenge? ”

    Ffs think about it, replace Ramsey and Walcott, people were looking to sell Ramsey in the summer, and now we’re looking for replacements to cover for him while he’s injured.

    Likewise Walcott, it annoys me to fuck, when you’ve spent years on here, reading people flinging shit upon shit at him and now suddenly ‘Massive miss, should’ve looked at back-up’.

    We had Ox and Podolski coming back, we got rid of 20-25 players during the summer, what’s the likelihood we were going to find exactly what we needed when we’ve taken how many punts before ?

    There’s a reason we went for Draxler, because he wouldn’t be a replacement, an Arshavin elastoplast or whatever, he’d be someone we needed for the future aswell as the hope he could perform in the moment.

    It’s completely rivisionist, these aren’t excuses they’re reasons, don’y just ignore them because they don’t fit your argument.

    At least if you’re going to do that, have the honesty to look at what happened to our competitors, which was my point to begin with, you look at all the resources they have or the oppurunities they worked themselves and you’d have to say all 3 would be just as culpable as us for ‘missing’ an oppuntunity.

    That’s why you don’t have much of an argument.

    Liverpools’ odds over the course of a season.

  42. reality check

    I cant stand these ‘old guard’ pundits. More Gary Nev please. unbiased, even towards Man Utd players.

    if arsenal let 3 goals in after being three goals up with only one game to go they would be mocking us.

    I don’t believe all media is against us but geez, Pool fukced that up big time.

    so far ive heard them blame sakho, for the missed header g. Johnson for not tucking in on the third goal and moses, my days, moses for fluffing his shot in the box.

    where was Skrtle for the third goal, where was the three midfielders that sit behind sterling in general. where was the protection from gerrard. He’s an excellent player but if you play at the bottom of the diamond, isn’t protecting the back four your job?


    Palace fans chanting, three nill, and you fukced it up, three nill, and you fukced it up!!

    well done palace.

  43. Keyser

    afturburn – Until you begin to understand why we were top, it’s all pointless.

    Also look at what the club have done, everything over those past 8-9 year has been planning for the future, and for that reason I can understand, like Rodgers.

    Rodgers has taken Liverpool to the top the league and Liverpool’s best shot at a title for 24 years, he knows his defence is pretty poor, but he’s managed to work a very cohesive, if not efficient attack and rather than adjust to Chelsea he decided to go with what he’s done all season.

    Why ? Because that’s been the plan, it’s what’s worked and he’s had to trust his convinctions to get this far to begin with.

    “No one expected a title challenge so we can’t be disappointed that we ultimately didn’t challenge for the title? I”

    Yeah, until you work out why we were top to begin with, until you understand that, your line of thinking makes little sense, it makes even less sense when you’re dealing in conjecture.

  44. afturburn


    You speak as if you know the reason why we were top. Please enlighten me.

    Cause me, I’m going to assume that things like the order of the fixture list, the day to day health of squad players, number of games played, all things that are variable to each club, are all variable things that cannot be quantified as “reasons why we were top.”

    I’d say thinking you know the “reason” (may I also point out that you left that singular, so you’re saying there’s only one reason) why we were top is dealing in conjecture, maybe more so than I am.

    If you do, really do, please can you tell Wenger.

  45. Keyser

    afturburn – You’re trying to argue against me, rather than trying to understand my point.

    A reason, many reasons, whatever. I’ve actually listed some above I’m guessing you ignored them ?

    If I said the form of Ramsey was key to why we were top, would you agree/disagree ? If you agree, I’m not sure many people would disagree, then try to explain how his form resulted.

    Dealing in Conjecture is saying ‘We should’ve moved in the January transfer market’, and trying to make out we threw away an oppurtunity because we failed to do so.

    When all people have done is criticism our ability, and the results, to work in the transfer market, so basically what you’re saying is we should have taken the chance, all I’m saying is I can understand why they didn’t.

  46. afturburn


    I apologize if I sound like I wanted to argue.

    I didn’t ignore them. Just that any reason given for why any team is top is, like you say, a conjecture at most. Why things happen is always up for debate.

    And I think I understand your point, I really do. But I still can’t agree. Just because you can understand why they made the decisions they did doesn’t mean it was the right move.

    It is conjecture to assume any potential move made in January would have helped us, but it’s not conjecture to think that some kind of action to improve by the powers that be was necessary at that point. Sure it could have backfired, but at least it would have been trying.

  47. El Tel 1

    I can see Cesc returning this summer. I believe he genuinly misses the Arsenal.

    He would also I guess only cost us wages as I would take a bet that Barca have not paid up for any of the players they have taken from us thes past few years.

    I bet they owe us what he is worth.

  48. Keyser

    afturburn – Yeah, but you’ve got something tangible to look at to understand why we’re top, you’ve got half a season of games, and you’ve seen these players, grow, develop, make mistakes and so on.

    Yeah we could’ve tried, but that’s all you’re doing, trying, it might’ve worked, it might not, but it doesn’t mean because we didn’t we threw the league away, that’s silly.

    All I’m saying is you could argue For or Against, but people don’t want to understand, they lash out of frustration to the point of exaggeration, I even agree with that, our constant planning for the future as a club has left the fans in this constant state of limbo.

    We’re not quite strong enough to win titles, we’re not quite weak enough to drop out of the top four.

    For (action in the transfer window) – As you can see the history of our own players and how they’ve developed, you’ll have a similar history for the players we might be looking at.

    Against ( action in the transfer window) – The history is subjective until you actively see it in practice playing for us, not to mention that people constantly criticise our ability to be successful in a market that is soo volatile.

  49. Arsene's Nurse

    The Poldi Prince May 5, 2014 21:10:40

    Pool would be rubbish if the are in four competitions..
    And the logical answer and solution to that is to play secondary teams in the CL, FA and Carling Cup thereby ensuring the squad competes for teh 4th place trophy and the millions it buys.

    If you can do that for a few seasons you can build up the cash to get a squad that can compete – unless you are Arsenal of course. 😉

  50. peanuts&monkeys

    Agree Paul, and to top it, the Chimp Wenger tells ppl he is PROUD of top-4 finish. What a loser he has turned this club into in last 10 years.

    Get Pulis in for 2 years. He cannot be worse than Wenger. For that matter, only another chimp can be worse than Wenger. Bastard. Fuck you Wenger. Get out. WENGER OUT!

  51. gonsterous

    Cesc wants to come but wengers ego will prevent it… Also I think Wenger is scared to call Barcelona… We badly need a person to deal with the transfers.. not for choosing players but talking to the respective clubs for said player…

  52. Jeff

    Hands up all those who think Wenger is going to replace Sagna with a better right back or at least one as good; tumbleweed.

  53. gonsterous


    I think he’s gonna promote jenkinson (the choosen one) and he’s gonna make bellerin he’s deputy !!! +15m saved !!

  54. Ashwin Gunner

    How in the world did Liverpool F**k that up.

    Anyways, could i care less. I am happy with my 4th place trophy.

    Cesc giving an interview to come back to Arsenal. Well. he might come back. He knows what he had here. and as a matter of fact, we can give him Champions league football (which was our sole aim anyways).

    I hope he chooses us over, oil money and mid table team.

  55. Ashwin Gunner

    I fear Wenger might pass on Cesc, as he thinks that his squad already has WC players.

    I dont see Cesc to Arsenal happening, unless Cesc pushes for it. And that might be tough too. Why would Cesc come to Arsenal when Arsene does not want him.

  56. Ashwin Gunner

    Rodgers has focussed his attention to next season as he believes title is beyond them now.

    Wenger knew title is beyond him, 3 weeks ago. but we dont see him having any plans for summer.


  57. Jeff

    The basis premise is that Wenger thinks there are already too many players earning more than he would like to see. He hates big players, he hates seeing anyone rise above him in the club, he has a massive ego problem, he cannot stand prima donnas, but he does like “yes” men. He likes all those who say nice things about him in the press or in public.

    It is no longer a football club but a one-man show whose audience and popularity isn’t diminishing fast enough for him to call it a day. Oh my public love me and want an encore; I cannot disappoint; let me stay and buggerise another season; they’ll love me all the more.

    We (fans) have only ourselves to blame. Too many religious fans who keep the “faith” stupidly believing it’s all building for the future and some good will come of it. We are always sold the future but never the present. It’s preposterous and when it finally does end; everyone will see it for what it is; including the mad zealot fanatics who think Arsene and Arsenal was a match made in Heaven. None so blind as those who will not see.

  58. gonsterous

    Wenger buys youngsters for 15-20m so he can say it was because of him they have become wc…but refuses to pay 20-30 m on real talent that can strengthen the squad as he will get no credit then !!

  59. Rhys Jaggar

    My take on the season past is that Arsenal improved their flat-track bully technique and worsened their technique on a turning pitch.

    As a business outcome, a league position outcome, all appears satisfactory.

    When you ask the question: ‘can that ever change?’, you get to the heart of whether you will continue spending thousands on seeing the same thing happen yet again.

    If you want your sex life to stay fresh, you can’t act out the same rituals year in, year out unless the pair of you are a couple of OCD control freaks. You’ll be bored shitless and a prime candidate for signing up for the ‘wife, mistress and spare’….

    Until proven otherwise, Arsenal next year will finish fourth again, losing to the top sides and getting ripped apart by some. They may finish 5th or 6th if Liverpool improve, Man Utd splurge and Spurs grow some pairs. Not to mention Everton signing 6 players to prepare their squad for Europe. They will get hammered in either the last 16 or the last 8 of the Champions League against the first decent knock-out side they play. They may or may not do well in domestic cups.

    Is that worth another £3000 all-in, including travelling, programmes, replica kit, food/beer etc etc?? If so, buy your season ticket again.

    If not, move on in life with the expression: ‘I thought I was watching football, but what I am watching is a computer programme designed to make your PC blow up in month 8 so you have to buy a new one again to stimulate corporate profits rather more often than is ethical in your product range’.

    Note I described Arsenal as a product, not a dream. Dreams are for those with a hard-on. Products are for well-organised, unemotional professionals.

    Wenger has already said he won’t buy much special this summer. If he rebuys Cesc Fabregas, I’d be surprised if Arsenal would do anything different. We saw Cesc + Bendtner, Adebayor and the rest. It won’t change if it is Cesc + Giroud and Sanogo. It’ll only change if it is Cesc + someone world class. Of course, if Arsenal are now Real Madrid’s inventory clearance outlet, maybe buying from Barca is no longer allowed. Maybe WC 2010 got the Spanish beyond all that??

    I’m afraid for me, football is now flawed as a sport. I have no iron-clad proof, but I am too cynical about what goes on to believe it’s a fair fight any more. Even if it is. Which it may be. To me, it’s a european-wide cartel which is entirely predictable, inasmuch as they have to share trophies around a little bit to keep the cash registers flowing. But Bayern will win 7 or 8 out of 10 Bundesligas, PSG will win the French title for the next 5 years, Benfica or Porto will win in Portugal, Real and Barcelona will win 95% of trophies in Spain and Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea will win most everything in England. Billions is gambled on games and the ‘drama’ and the ‘shocks’ are just a bit too frequent and scripted for me to believe there’s nothing to it.

    It’s sport, but not as we know it.

    It’s often no more than organised tribal wanking sessions, so far as I can see. What’s so uplifting about Arsenal’s £170m wage bill beating West Brom’s £70m bill?? It’s like a King sleeping with a concubine, claiming that his wealth makes him a superior lover. It doesn’t, it just makes him a player. Now if a poor bloke ravished a princess courtesy of his silky skills, not buying her diamonds, dresses, shoes etc by the truckload, that would represent uplifting human interest, wouldn’t it?

    Everton winning the League would be like that, although I”d be surprised if it happened in 2015. Newcastle getting into the Champions League would be like that, although I’d be amazed if they achieved that. Southampton finishing Top 6 would be like that, but they’d have to keep their squad together to to that.

    Right now, I have a choice between Unilever, Henkel and a few others as to which brand of washing powder should win first prize next year.

    Forgive me if I say that football doesn’t serve that proposition for me.

    Do wake me up if Arsenal sign Diego Costa, Mario Balotelli or Carlos Tevez. Not to mention Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo.

    But let me hibernate for the winter if it’s a 19 year old from Ligue 1 or Ligue 2.