Last day of the season (sad violin playing in background)

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It’ll be a quick one today because I need to get out on the rip early. It’s the last home game of the season.

… it’s moments like these that put spare time into perspective. One minute you’re having all the fun, not having to worry about spare time. Then the next, someone taps you on the shoulder, you look round and it’s family, or friends, or girlfriends…

‘Seeing as you’re not doing anything next Saturday, would you mind…’

You don’t have an excuse now.

Arsenal is over for you.

You have to mix with people who might not want to talk about football.

There is no excuse to drink 6 pints on a Tuesday anymore.

There’s no reason to start boozing at 1130.

This is where the summer gets serious. It’s really sad. Today I’ll be heading to the game in a black armband.

Still, there are many things to celebrate if you’re into things like top 4.

We’re top four! Everton were turned over by Manchester City in an exciting game at the Etihad, which means they can’t catch us. We’ve qualified, Wenger has done the bare minimum in the league again, so everyone will be happy and we can look forward to a similar fight for fourth next season.

Cardiff and Fulham are relegated. To be honest, with Fulham, I’m kind of pleased they’re down now. I know they’ve a lot of history, but they’re such an uninteresting team. Totally pointless really. I only found out a few weeks ago that they have quite a substantial neutral section in there ground. Cheerio to them. I wonder how long it’ll be before we see them again? Cardiff? Well, who cares about them. They’ve got a bat shit crazy owner and his tinkering cost them heavily.

On todays game. It’s a chance for Wenger to showcase some talent if he chooses. I hope we play hard for the last game. Getting to 79 points is symbolic in some way. I mean, I know people think more points is a sign of improvement, however, that does negate the fact that the opportunity to win this season was greater beacause so many teams were in a state of flux. Anyway, whatever, it’s more points.

Right, that’s all I’ve got. Have an amazing day if you’re there. Have an amazing day if you’re sat behind a TV. Have an amazing day if you’ve accidentally stumbled onto this site looking for information on an Asian apartment firm.

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P.S. Dennis Bergkamp working for Spurs? Sad thing is, he’s was a Spurs fan as a kid. His agent asked Sugar if he was interested before signing for us. Hard pill to swallow. But a realistic one.

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  1. WengerEagle


    True mate Barca have only scored 2 goals in 5 matches v Atletico this season.

    Still I bet Simeone’s gutted, could of went to Barca as League Champion.

  2. london gunner


    Actually it was preventing AM from winning as if they had won against Malaga and lost against Barcelona they would be crowned champions as they have a better head to head record with RM.

    Now AM have to draw with Bayern anything less and its most likely RM title

  3. london gunner


    I am sure he is! I am sure the whole team is they almost got away with fucking up today… They could of put everything into the Malaga match and then relax now they will have Barca on their minds when they play Malaga which could disrupt them.

    I saw abit of the Levante match its a wonder AM lost and didn’t score they had so many clear cut chances

  4. karim

    Eagle / London
    Gutted ?
    They still have their fate in their hands in spite of their unexpected loss
    I bet he’s a happy man right now
    Can’t believe Madrid let this happen
    As for Valencia, injury time has cost them a lot this week

  5. london gunner


    Mate its not over! Far from it AM need a 0-0 draw with Barca which is possible if they hold their nerve!

    I think AM would do well to park the bus in their final game

  6. monty

    Real get nervous wen it matters,dortmumd,bayern semis el clasicos wtf, barca wouldve won la liga if it wasnt for ronaldos goal today

  7. karim

    Lol London
    It’s like Chelsea
    How can they rip us to pieces , get past PSG and do what they did in their last 2 home games ?
    Unbelievable ! Love it though

  8. london gunner


    I watched the game!

    Was completely baffled by Real Madrid they seemed so disinterested, there was zero intensity, they didn’t try and close down Valencia when they had the ball, they didn’t press and try and win it back to initiate counters.

    They allowed V way to much possession and actually allowed them to dribble around their own half even penalty box with ease, they all seemed to back off and expect someone else to do something

    When they did ge the ball there counter attacks lacked the drive and menace of typical RM.

    They must of been exhausted but you think they would of put up a real fight to win.

  9. kwik fit

    Who was the geezer who tried to do the kwik fit night shift last night?
    Who ever it was I salute you! This ones for our kids (noel and Liam) who looks like their doing the business. At least its not Stevie G EH 🙂

  10. kwik fit

    Apparently ( now this is only a rumour) Arsenal FC ( WE ) are going to Wemberlee. Now don’t quote me its only a fucking rumour!

    This will get you popping!!

  11. kwik fit

    Now the season is almost at an end. I have a confession to make …I had a long hard wan…No seriously I went to white hart lane for the Stoke home game in the fucking home section. I truly am a masochist cos I stood up when they scored . 3/0 was the result. Thats me clapping 🙂

  12. kwik fit

    Enough of this tottenham love in. Unbutton your blouses and kick off those heels and go for it!

  13. kwik fit

    Reporter: “Was it your last home game today, Arsène?”

    Wenger: “No….you’ll get rid of me one day, don’t worry!”

    You guys on LG are a fucking disgrace 😉

  14. salparadisenyc

    Wenger: “I have just been informed Loic Remy was here, I honestly did not know. I hope he paid for his ticket!”


  15. kwik fit


    The FA Cup is massive. I feel your pain in terms of Arsene but I’m living the Arsenal. The memories, The win 3/2 against united , the 2/1 against pool , the victory at anfield, the 91 and 93 winning teams even 94 was good but then Wenger came along and we started to win things!

  16. Guns of brixton


    FA cup is massive- especially for us, we cannot make it a decade of no silverware. all the lads will double glance the exit door, and morale will hit basement-level.

    the 9-yr old monkey on our back cant be carried into puberty.

  17. kwik fit

    Guys my best mate is an Everton supporter and believe me he was gutted when they didn’t make it. We are just spoilt brats! Arsene ‘ we are not worthy’ Can I suck you off ?

  18. salparadisenyc


    Adding this to the mix.

    Sags this goes out to you son, here’s to your big pimpin where ever you end up hanging your hat.

  19. kwik fit

    Sal LOL

    I can categorically guarantee that Sagna is not going to the states. Why am I so sure I hear you ask ? Because Mrs Sagna is lying beside me and she’s a hungry fucker! Now for the next ditty:

  20. kwik fit

    Ok lets get serious again. Its been a good year , could be great if we do the business two weeks hence. So lets get down and dirty with this really top tune;

  21. kwik fit

    So close to sticking it up against that perennial loser from chelsea the guy called Mourinho cant wait .

  22. kwik fit

    Ah just see a live Tiffany video ‘ I think we’re alone now’ and shes got me right there . You know what I mean?

  23. kwik fit

    Really buzzing guys cos we are on the way to Wembley. Yeas we can not be too complacent. We thought that it was going to last for ever. Isn’t it refreshing that united are also fucking rans. ”There you go lad”
    First time on LG Kylie Minogue….. So hold on Guys!

  24. kwik fit

    I can understand the UK guys are in bed but where are you Yankers> This one is for you guys.

  25. kwik fit

    No but seriously the reality is that we hold the old cock erect and pull till we’re coming.

  26. kwik fit

    Incredible I went to a party at the local county jail , Sejent major was wanking at the local county jail

  27. Moray

    Unlike Arsenal, kwik has shown he can up his game at the business end if the season. Not will he back down at the first sign of some competition (in this case Keith).

  28. Jeff

    After a long hard think about our recent history and present predicament, it dawned on me that in the world of football, we are really nothing more than an irrelevance. We boast or try to make out as though we are not but everyone knows that is exactly what we have become; including the fans. How can anyone take you seriously as a major player if you don’t win anything and don’t try either?

    All this talk of “stability” and “consistence” is a palpable admission that we are not in the business of competing for major honours – just participation is all we’re interested in.

    That’s where we are today and that’s were we shall remain for the foreseeable.

  29. NewCo Arsenal PLC


    Wenger isn’t stupid, he earns £7.5m a year, and is at a football club where he has ultimate power, a position most, if not all of us would accept in a heart-beat.
    His ego is holding the club to ransom because there’s no-one at the club brave enough to challenge his authority, or ask him point-blank why he is incapable of doing better.

  30. Thank you and goodnight

    A brilliant article by Paul Hayward, at last a journo who sees things for what they are. He’s spot on when he says wenger acts as though he’s doing us a favour by staying on. Like fuck he is. Fucking failure

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    My bank holiday message to all you AKB’S ……

    Fuck off you muggy twats and take le senile cunt with you as well as rugby Stan. Mugs.

    To the rest of you intelligent people have a wonderful bank holiday.

  32. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Sadly there is not enough intelligence within the hierarchy to make Arsenal into the club they should be, nor enough passionate anger from the fan-base to demand change.
    The supporters have got the club and Manager they deserve.

  33. bergkamplegend

    Please stop moaning guys…
    Here’s the “strikers situation” for the next season:

    Liverpool == >> Suarez + Sturridge
    Chavs == >> (probably) Cavani + Costa
    Man City == >> Aguerro + Dzeko + another big name
    yoonited == >> van pussy + shrek + another big name

    AFC == >> L’Oreal + Rémy.
    I don’t know where the problem is, the fans are never happy anyway LOL

  34. Samir masri

    Just cos he looks like Henry doesn’t mean he will turn out to be like him. Wenger thinks we are excited just cos we’ve got a 3rd string player.

  35. Carts

    London gunner

    I just get this geling that Vela playing either side, in a 3 attack forward will reap minimal success.

    I guess his best case is being part of a flat attacking 3, behind one main forward.

  36. El Tel 1

    I am not one bit happy if we sign Remy. However if we signed Remy and Draxler or a pacey winger plus Mandzukic then this would be different.

    I reckon Cesc will be back with us too.

    I would also like to see Casillas come.

  37. tunnygriffboy

    Alex Mcarthy, Reading keeper rumoured to be coming. 25yrs old. He’s a very good keeper. I’m ok with Remy coming as long as we get another top forward in. Remy is PL tested, scores goals and is pacy.

  38. bergkamplegend

    “However if we signed Remy and Draxler ”

    Forget about Draxler, Wenger has already said that he will keep L’Oreal as our N° 1 striker next season.

  39. Max85

    ‘Forget about Draxler, Wenger has already said that he will keep L’Oreal as our N° 1 striker next season.’

    Draxler isn’t a striker. And no way both Cavani and Costa are joining Chelsea, behave.

  40. N5

    I must admit I’m quite happy at the idea of Remy, I hope he wouldn’t be our only purchase but a replacement for NB52, then if we can get a Costa that will be just gravy 😀

  41. Max85

    What I don’t understand is why Cavani keeps being so heavily linked with United. van Gaal loves RvP, and they still have Rooney and Hernandez (better than our first choice striker). With their defence and midfield desperately needing an overhaul, this is one of the more ridiculous rumours.

  42. bergkamplegend

    “Draxler isn’t a striker. ”

    == >> Midfielder… oupsssss sorry my mistake LOL

    But we have already Özil, is Draxler could be able to play with him ??

  43. El Tel 1

    Diaby was thinking of quitting.

    I suppose the £50k per week helped him rethink this.

    I never said Draxler was coming I said Draxler or a pacey winger. We really do lack width or pace on the flanks. Theo was our only outlet but he looks to be another injury prone player.

  44. Max85

    ‘But we have already Özil, is Draxler could be able to play with him ??’

    Of course, Draxler would complement Ozil perfectly… would provide the pace and trickery down the left with Ozil picking out his runs. Doesn’t mean we’re getting him of course, but would much prefer him to Greizmann who I think would be a big mistake.

    As for Remy, as N5 said if he is our Bendtner/Park Chu Young replacement I’d be delighted with that bit of business.

  45. bergkamplegend

    Hope that Özil will push behind Wenger for Draxler, and that he will try to convince him to join us during the world cup, after all they’re both germans lol

  46. Dissenter

    I’ve jus read the Paul Haywood article, it’s brilliant.
    Finally, a journalist stands up to the managerial farce we’ve had at Arsenal.

  47. Jake

    Remy, Drmic and Vela and their respective clauses would cost a grand total of 17m to sign. That’s premier league experience, pace, young talent and a versatile forward for relative peanuts. I would be happy with that for our forward signings. Would give more money to DM and defensive depth.

  48. Samir

    Why do people want Mandzukic?

    He’s just like Giroud but a tiny bit better..
    Another slow, lanky striker who can’t make runs in behind!

  49. bergkamplegend

    Wenger on the title race : “It has been tight as we are on 76 and the top of the table on 80 so there is frustration as you think what could have been.”


  50. london gunner


    no offence mate but that doesn’t make much sense…

    that’s exactly where his been playing all season as part of a front three on the right

    and his had a season of 19 goals and 12 assists..

    I think his great back up for Walcott and you have to remember we will need to eaze walcott back in and we will need goals during the that time, we will also need some one to rotate with the striker position.

    His 4 million and on current form in todays market his a 20 million pound player… at the very least we could sell him a season or two later for a massive profit!

    It also wouldn’t hurt having a super sub whose very clinical.

    No brainer in my opinion.

    A 4m buy that we can profit on later who gives us allot of depth in 3 positions, whose an ideal super sub as has pace and is a clinical finisher.

  51. Thomas

    lol Remy? Of all the strikers out there we can’t do better than Remy?



  52. london gunner

    If we do go for Remy and Griezmann we are no longer a possesion side but a counter attacking team IMO

    Griezmann is a more technical theo walcott, his not a playmaker and his not the best on the ball like TW his more about pace running in behind/ movement of the ball and finishing.

    So Griezmann Remy Walcott

    That is one paceEEEEEEEEEE filled Counter Attacking team!

    I like it personally and think Ozil will love it!

  53. Gunnershabz

    Getting remy is good replacement for bendtner and park we lose two guys wages and get a good goalscorer

    Lars bender we need to sign him that might cost around £20m

    Draxler would be a good signing too and a defender like ginter

  54. Carts

    London gunner

    Lol- just read that back to myself and I literally went in a circle.

    I thought Sociedad played a flat 4–3–3, When actually it’s a 4–2–3–1, as you rightly pointed out.

    Although I agree that Vela is best suited to a 4–2–3–1, I get this impression that he’d be another version to Podolski, minus the goals.

    You know those certain players that just aren’t suited to certain leagues…well Vela strikes me as someone that just isn’t suited to the EPL.

    Then again, like you said, for £4m, it’s a no-brained. If he flops, then we could still get £14m-£20m.

  55. london gunner


    Also factor in he was only 22 and immature when he was with us! He was also never given a decent run of games.

    His overall game has improved massively his been lighting up La Liga for a couple of seasons now his one of the best players in the league!

    His 25 so still young and his a goal scorer as well 19 goals from the wing… ain’t bad thats Theo Walcott numbers.

    Where he could come undone is the physicality of the league like you said he would either thrive or flop but a profit could be made of him either way.

  56. bergkamplegend

    With 2 more years of “the specialist in failure”, I can already see Özil and Kos leaving the club before the end of his new contract lol

    I know it’s not funny… so let’s call that fatalism…

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s summarise our season.

    1. We finished 4th as usual with improved points score, but we struggled against the other top teams.

    2. Wenger as usual uses the excuse that our injuries cost us bad defeats in away games against Man City,Chelsea,Liverpool and Everton. Who is he kidding. We lost these games, because we lack good organisation, levels of concentration and defence in critical matches. Teams
    like Man City,Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton knew this and steamrollered us in the away games.

    3. The FA Cup will be absolutely critical. If we fail to win it then Wenger should do honourable thing and leave. A manager who cannot win a trophy in 10 years at a club like Arsenal is frankly not good
    enough particularly if we were to lose to Hull.

    4. If Wenger stays at the club then he needs to start thinking outside
    his box at why the club are not doing better.
    a] The level of our injuries is unacceptable. We have 4 players on our
    books who are consistently injured and many others who get injured
    for no apparent reason. This matter needs to be resolved. For example
    in the case of Diaby I would change terms of his contract. He should
    be paid like Ledley King was paid for games that he plays.
    b] Yesterday’s game against WBA may have been meaningless, but
    some of the errors and lack of concentration were appalling. Against
    better or more ambitious opposition the game could have been lost.
    Wenger needs to design his midfield better than it is at moment. We
    need players defending better in all departments and not just at back.
    No team ever won a league title by playing pretty football.
    c] Wenger needs new players in his squad. Apart from departures of
    Fabianski and Sagna we need to replace Arteta in first team and find an additional striker who can score each season 15-20 goals. Arteta is
    fine playing against teams like WBA and Newcastle, but is not good
    enough against top teams.

    I agree entirely with Paul Hayward’s article in Today’s Telegraph. It is
    commendable that Arsenal show loyalty to Manager and players in a
    way that few other clubs do.

    However, there is a demonstrable lack of leadership from the top of
    club and ‘football ambition’. Leaving football matters to a manager who
    gives the impression that he is ‘bigger’ and ‘more important’ than the
    club should be of concern.

    Frankly there will be ‘life’ at Arsenal after Wenger leaves. I associate
    with many supporters who are or were successful in their professional
    or business lives. Most were and still are fans of Wenger, but the vast
    majority now acknowledge that he is past his ‘sell by date’ and should

  58. Jake

    “No team ever won a league title by playing pretty football.” Haven’t watched City or Liverpool this year then? Barca over the past 5 years.

  59. Emiratesstroller


    Teams like Man City, Liverpool and Barcelona don’t just play pretty football they do the basics well like defend properly and have a work ethic.

    Many years ago I watched a West Ham Team play pretty football with
    the likes of Bobby Moore, Peeters and Hurst on their books, but they never won anything.

    Teams who are successful are those who can add ‘graft’ to ‘flair’.

  60. Pires_7_legend

    Okay as much as I think Dick Law isn’t doing enough to pay the exact value for a player, lets not mention the £40,000,01 for Saurez, but putting these buyback clauses in Vela and Fabregas contract maybe a stroke of genius.

    £4m for Vela???? Fabregas is a no brainer, as attacking midfielders go he’s one of the best, and a player who knows the club inside and out! Sign the ting yeah!!