Last day of the season (sad violin playing in background)

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It’ll be a quick one today because I need to get out on the rip early. It’s the last home game of the season.

… it’s moments like these that put spare time into perspective. One minute you’re having all the fun, not having to worry about spare time. Then the next, someone taps you on the shoulder, you look round and it’s family, or friends, or girlfriends…

‘Seeing as you’re not doing anything next Saturday, would you mind…’

You don’t have an excuse now.

Arsenal is over for you.

You have to mix with people who might not want to talk about football.

There is no excuse to drink 6 pints on a Tuesday anymore.

There’s no reason to start boozing at 1130.

This is where the summer gets serious. It’s really sad. Today I’ll be heading to the game in a black armband.

Still, there are many things to celebrate if you’re into things like top 4.

We’re top four! Everton were turned over by Manchester City in an exciting game at the Etihad, which means they can’t catch us. We’ve qualified, Wenger has done the bare minimum in the league again, so everyone will be happy and we can look forward to a similar fight for fourth next season.

Cardiff and Fulham are relegated. To be honest, with Fulham, I’m kind of pleased they’re down now. I know they’ve a lot of history, but they’re such an uninteresting team. Totally pointless really. I only found out a few weeks ago that they have quite a substantial neutral section in there ground. Cheerio to them. I wonder how long it’ll be before we see them again? Cardiff? Well, who cares about them. They’ve got a bat shit crazy owner and his tinkering cost them heavily.

On todays game. It’s a chance for Wenger to showcase some talent if he chooses. I hope we play hard for the last game. Getting to 79 points is symbolic in some way. I mean, I know people think more points is a sign of improvement, however, that does negate the fact that the opportunity to win this season was greater beacause so many teams were in a state of flux. Anyway, whatever, it’s more points.

Right, that’s all I’ve got. Have an amazing day if you’re there. Have an amazing day if you’re sat behind a TV. Have an amazing day if you’ve accidentally stumbled onto this site looking for information on an Asian apartment firm.

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P.S. Dennis Bergkamp working for Spurs? Sad thing is, he’s was a Spurs fan as a kid. His agent asked Sugar if he was interested before signing for us. Hard pill to swallow. But a realistic one.

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  1. Demon

    Add to that list aubeumeyang……..Lewandowskis heir……

    Wengers a flipping plum thinking he can make everybody world class….sanogos like a subaru trying to be turnt in to a buggati……he has the raw power but is lacking in the technical details of the game.

  2. monty

    Watching classic united vs arsenal on foxsports 3 , van nisstelrooy owned sulzeer Campbell,lol, anyone from oz waiting for athleticio to play,hope they lose. Hala madrid

  3. london gunner


    Lol we all want Atletico to win on this blog!

    Real Madrid are connected with a history of fascism back to the days of Franco!

    Atletico Madrid are the peoples/ workers club amd they also aren’t full of complete and utter primadonnas

  4. Carts

    We’ll regret letting Sagna go. Not quite sure Aurier/ Chambers/ Jenko have what it takes just yet

    In other news: Roma are getting touched 4-1 to Serie A’s equivalent of Fulham

  5. monty

    I can see ur someone pic, but I love ronaldo,hate barca more than Tottenham, they deserve to get wat thwrve been doing for past 5 yrs

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Low response to an emphatic victory over the mighty brom

    If you watched sky promo you would think we were never I the title race?

    Truth be told we was not really was we ?

    To be involved you have to have had a chance of winning it !

    An we didn’t

  7. kwik fit

    Kwik –
    Last Ludivine home game?

    Not if I have anything to do with it Mid πŸ™‚


    Its Mrs Kos indeed. I tell you what I’d pay big money for a threesome. πŸ˜‰

  8. kwik fit


    Sagna can lick his eyebrows

    Nah …He’s just hung like a donkey πŸ™‚

  9. kwik fit


    If I was a chelsea player I’d be injured all the time. Some mouth to mouth please πŸ™‚

  10. Mike adamski

    I’d be alright with Remy .
    Quite like him .
    Got pace . Wengers dumbed down my hopes so much over the years that I am now hoping for a ” quite good ” player like Remy .

    Dam you arsene.

  11. SpanishDave

    Couldnt be arsed to watch the game today, watched about 15 mins and it summed us up as a club. Mediocre overpaid players going through the motions. Little character nowadays, no flair, as stale as Wenger is.
    They are all just taking the money from the fans and they couldntgive a shit.
    They got their 4th so job done. Bonuses all round

  12. Relieable sauce

    GET IN!

    Book the open top bus Ivan, the coveted 4th place trophy is in the bag after a dominating performance over mighty West Brom, surely the toothless Hull tigers can’t stop us from achieving the glorious double.

  13. kwik fit


    I think Remy may just be coming into his prime so 12m would represent good value. We would still need a fast wide player as well.
    Perhaps a deal good be done for gresseman given we have a lien on the Vela contract. 15m and ripe up the vela contact for example.

  14. salparadisenyc

    Good news boys, all we need is Chelsea to lose their next two, and us to win on the final day. 3rd place is ours.


  15. kwik fit

    Sources close to Real Sociedad say Arsenal have decided to activate Β£3.3m buy-back clause of Vela. Has 19 goals this season.

    Remy, Drmic and Vela and all for under 20m.
    Pleanty left for a Top DM and Defender.

  16. kwik fit


    Could be a little deep for old Arsene alright but make’s so much sense.
    Don’t really think Vela would be a perfect fit. We need wide and fast IMO

  17. salparadisenyc

    kwik fitMay 4, 2014 15:13:25
    Three girls together. Mrs Sagna, Mrs Kos and Mrs Fit ( I fucking wish!)

    Emirates should be so lucky, bet they never envisaged their logo splayed across those peaks.

  18. salparadisenyc

    “Could be a little deep for old Arsene alright but make’s so much sense.”

    Surely dead in the water now!

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Anyone else see Remy in the stands? I think we’re nailed on to get him in the summer, Β£10 Million release clause.

    Worries me then taking Wenger’s words about “someone to play with, or instead of Giroud.” If that’s what he’s thinking, Remy and Giroud. Not good.

    Now, Top Class Striker, Giroud and Remy as options…very good.

    Lots of stuff since last night about us rivalling Chelsea for Costa…can’t see it myself but were we to splash Β£42 Million and make our strike line up Costa, Giroud and Remy – that’s pretty good. And Β£42 Million is what we paid for Ozil so I’ll have none of the ‘we can’t do it’ shit!

  20. salparadisenyc


    Dont worry, your not invited, i’ll keep the wives company whilst the boys do battle.

  21. Danish Gooner

    Forget the day dreaming,Wenger will never again pay in the region of 42 mil for a player and Costa are Chavski bound.

  22. Johnty79

    Chelsea have signed Kurt zuma and now variance..the future of French football. Mert and kos are approaching 30. Wenger doesn’t plan for the future anymore.

    He knew Sagna was going and will replace him with no one.

    Clyne/chambers/aurier are so obvious it’s un real.

    Arsene wenger is quite Unbeleviable in his management of arsenal

    Each season we get champs league it is a another season we get further from winning the league.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    No, I know. All I was doing was illustrating the ease with which we could potentially turn a lame strike force into a great one with another Ozil fee. Again illustrating we can pay that sort of money.

  24. karim

    We inherited an ” easy ” group, so should be ok
    Then Nigeria logically, doable
    Last 8 : anything can happen

    Don’t wanna sound too cocky though
    Expect a quarter actually
    How ’bout your lot ?

  25. MOB PIRU

    End of season and the fans of Europes Top tier and truly ambitious clubs, begin the summer dream that is the transfer market… Squad improvement… New exciting talent. .. Hope for the new season ahead – Meanwhile, most of us Gunner fans have already started getting THAT annual, nauseous sensation.. “2-3 players, to maintain stability” SMMFH!!!

  26. salparadisenyc

    I live in America but cant be fussed to support em. Always supported England as I spent sections of my youth growing up there and dads hardcore English.

    Quarters at best for ole WOY.

    France for me.
    The Belge could pull a trick.

  27. Mike adamski

    I’d be impressed if England got to the quarters .
    I don’t think we have the quality to get out of the group .

    Unless Sturridge and Barkley beast out , with rooney turning up for the first time at an England tournament for ten years …
    And a solid defence !!

    Can’t see it .

  28. karim

    See.I think England will have a good WC
    If they manage to get out of that awful group, they could be a good surprise too
    Agree about Belgium
    Brazil and Germany top dogs
    Then Spain, Argentina and hopefully us

  29. salparadisenyc


    Id agree, quite possible ending in the group phase for the ole Lions.
    Would be ideal time to go full youth with Gerrard captaining, create new generation and hope for 2018 result.

  30. kwik fit

    Dat would be the Verminator Sal. She’s used to a good verminating , you can tell by her demeanour πŸ˜‰

  31. Moray

    From the Guardian:

    Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers promises six of best signings next season
    β€’ Liverpool’s attacking style will attract top-level players
    β€’ Stars will be easier to attract with Champions League football

    The spot the difference in ambition.

  32. kwik fit

    Wenger on losing 5 key players to injury at one time: “Take away Ronaldo, Bale, Ramos from Real Madrid. They’ll suffer.”

    Excuses excuses….nothing to do with the fact he didn’t strengthen in January nor him being tactically naive.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Any second now, Phil, Rev Kev, Eyemsick (Savage, hunter13) will be on here…Le Grove’s favourite Simeone being shown up!

  34. WengerEagle

    Real’s last 4 matches are more than winnable which would mean Atletico would have to go and beat Barca on the last day at the Nou Camp.

    To be fair they’ve already done that this season but still, they’ve made this incredibly difficult for themselves now.

  35. kwik fit

    Even if Real Madrid win two games in hand, title still in AtlΓ©tico’s hands, thanks to head-to-head rule

  36. monty

    Anything can happen in football, how ironic would it be if athletico lost la liga to real madrid but win UCL

  37. N5

    Exactly Kwik and if Barca take 3 points from Athletico they will all be on the same points. With Barca winning it I think?

  38. kwik fit

    Mourinho: “I think it’s boring when a team can’t score at home.”

    (Mourinho after his side drew 0-0 against Arsenal away last December.)

    Fuck off Mourinho!! πŸ™‚

  39. Romford Pele

    Afternoon lads, just quick one from me. Shit game to the end the season at home, lads looked like they didn’t really care. But at least there were no injuries and Wenger was smart in not taking chances with Rambo.

    Remy was outside at the end signing loads of shirts. Looks like a done deal. Bit meh about it but at least it’s another option. Only wonder why we didn’t sign him years ago if true.

    Off topic but some of the lads have very fit looking WAGS! Sagna’s still the best, followed by Ozil.

    Now time to get smashed! Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

  40. N5

    Romford I didn’t go today, I gave my ticket to my mum and she and my dad stayed at the Hilton last night and made a weekend out of it, seems like I got off lightly because of it.

    RE Remy, I like the guy and he’s a good striker, but god forbid if he is our only signing up top.

  41. kwik fit

    Afternoon lads, just quick one from me.

    I’ve heard you enjoy a quickie Romford πŸ˜‰

  42. kwik fit

    Wenger tells French radio: “In my opinion, Sagna & FabiaΕ„ski will stay.”

    Didn’t I tell you guys I was working on Mrs Sagna πŸ˜‰

  43. kwik fit

    The final day at Camp Nou could look like this : Atleti win = Atleti champions. Draw = Real Madrid champions. Barca win = Barca champions

  44. london gunner

    kwik fit

    AM now have to beat Barcelona in their final game of the season?

    I reckon they will get a draw they just needed to win todays game and the game against Malaga so close but so far!

    Ashame as it would of been wonderful for football and for LA LIGA as that league is such a shameless two horse race where BARCA and REAL basically fuck over all the other clubs

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Unfortunately not, qualifying games for us in August.

    Another nice excuse on top of the WC for not being able to buy…sigh

  46. gunz

    Kwik if atleti lose or draw it real Madrid champions if d win today and win their other outstanding game the overtake barca by 3 points

  47. Moray

    All the better if Atletico win on the last day of the season. It would show an impressive stamina nobody thought would last.

  48. london gunner

    The thing is the final BARCA and AM match is on at the same time as the final REAL MADRID MATCH

    If real madrid match had of been first and RM had won they would be on 94 points

    If that was the case Barca would not of turned up for the AM match knowing even with a win would be imposible for the title

    But because the matches are at the same time Barca will have to play to win it because real madrid may slip up and then barca would win the title

    Its just ashame RM didn’t play first as I am sure they will win their final game and I think AM will draw with Barca because Barca will really have a go for it

  49. Mike adamski

    Ironic how we may get a trophy this season and chelsea won’t .
    Who woulda thought that when we got MULLERED 6-0 by them

  50. london gunner

    Norwich Fulham and Cardiff

    are joining forces to try and get Sunderland deducted points…. for fielding an ineligible player.,, Lol I think and hope they fail.

    Sunderland deserve to stay up IMO

  51. london gunner

    Liverpool Brendan Rogers promises best of 6 signings this summer


    “Brendan Rodgers estimates around half a dozen players may be needed to bulk out his Liverpool squad to the required depth for the Champions League but the manager has no immediate concerns about having to buy in creativity.”

  52. london gunner

    kwik fit

    I honestly think it will come down to the second half on the final day of the season.

    RM and AM/ Barca games both start at 16:00 if say RM were losing at Half time Barca would try for the win against AM.

    If RM are winning comfortably then Barca wont give a fuarkkkkk in the second half and AM will be able to capitalise.

    If RM are drawing at half time I think Barca will hedge their bets and play a cagey game!

  53. follow the money

    “No, I do not have moments of doubt. if I did, it would have been a few years ago when I had to say no to many offers and I committed to this club.” –AW. We are doomed. He is like Jim Jones, fanatical and delusional just like the Wengerites who get off on being persecuted by the refs and the clubs who actually spend the money they have to build the best squad they can. Wenger is obsessed with winning on the cheap to enhance his reputation and go down in the history books as a genius. Never gonna happen in the league or CL. Never

  54. Carts

    Remy, Drmic and VELAand all for under 20m.
    Pleanty left for a Top DM and Defender.

    Those 3 plus Giroud still doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    In Vela’s case, bringing him back the throwing him wide left/ right won’t work.

    He’s best suited in a 2 man front line.

    Wenger needs to adapt his strategies and tactics accordingly.

    As we’ve seen this season, playing the exact same formation wins games, but certainly loses them too.

    We need a fierce forward, not a mixture of unproven vets

  55. london gunner


    Lol on a few separate occasions fellow gooners who were strangers have said I either look like Walcott or Vela. Never understood till now how they said I looked like one or the other !

    But They do look similar there! Imagine Gibbs and OX and Theo and Vela that ref would be all over the place

  56. Adam Bucci

    up to the final moments of the chelsea game i was hoping for a surprise from norwich and the possibility of finishing third.

  57. reality check

    Of course maureens cv is incredible but this season, he’s really shown himself up. I got many chav friends.. they do like a dig at arsenal but one thing I always remind them of is, the roman fired his ass. Why?

    Hmmm was it because he plays boring football. Chelsea have all the cups in the cabinet. Now it’s about winning in style.

    Im not hating but I wouldn’t be surprised if it all ends in tears. . Again!

  58. Dan Ahern

    Mourinho actually started this season really well and Chelsea looked like offensive juggernauts as well as staunch defenders. It’s just recently he has some sort of bus-parking fetish. (And also he can’t help himself with the hypocritical comments.)

  59. Dan Ahern

    kwik — Yeah I saw a photo of him doing it on the lap of honour! I thought it was fucking fantastic the first time, but he’s milking it for all it’s worth these days.

  60. Dissenter

    You’ve gotta admire Gareth Bale. Absolute class.
    This kids just slots into the best team in the world without difficulty.
    To think he was playing for a joke team not to long ago.

  61. kwik fit

    If you watch closely you’ll see a very rare, almost extinct, creature…..a Diaby, Oh if David Attenborough were alive he would be so excited,

  62. london gunner

    I think the best football celebration would be to stand still pretending your getting a blow job and then your cumming all over the face

    It would imply the goal you scored was so great it was orgasmic

    Or do a wank gesture and cum

    You would probably get a yellow card though

  63. kwik fit

    You’ve got me there Dan. Nine of the best . Oh what I would give for a good no questions asked, tensome πŸ˜‰

  64. TOLI83

    Missed the game due to a wedding!

    Sounds like a non even though today. Did anyone go and see the protest? Did it happen?

  65. WengerEagle

    Real equaliser!

    That goal could be crucial. If Barca beat Atleti now and Real win their remaining matches Real will win La Liga.

    Atleti now will need a point at Barca to win La Liga.