Last day of the season (sad violin playing in background)

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It’ll be a quick one today because I need to get out on the rip early. It’s the last home game of the season.

… it’s moments like these that put spare time into perspective. One minute you’re having all the fun, not having to worry about spare time. Then the next, someone taps you on the shoulder, you look round and it’s family, or friends, or girlfriends…

‘Seeing as you’re not doing anything next Saturday, would you mind…’

You don’t have an excuse now.

Arsenal is over for you.

You have to mix with people who might not want to talk about football.

There is no excuse to drink 6 pints on a Tuesday anymore.

There’s no reason to start boozing at 1130.

This is where the summer gets serious. It’s really sad. Today I’ll be heading to the game in a black armband.

Still, there are many things to celebrate if you’re into things like top 4.

We’re top four! Everton were turned over by Manchester City in an exciting game at the Etihad, which means they can’t catch us. We’ve qualified, Wenger has done the bare minimum in the league again, so everyone will be happy and we can look forward to a similar fight for fourth next season.

Cardiff and Fulham are relegated. To be honest, with Fulham, I’m kind of pleased they’re down now. I know they’ve a lot of history, but they’re such an uninteresting team. Totally pointless really. I only found out a few weeks ago that they have quite a substantial neutral section in there ground. Cheerio to them. I wonder how long it’ll be before we see them again? Cardiff? Well, who cares about them. They’ve got a bat shit crazy owner and his tinkering cost them heavily.

On todays game. It’s a chance for Wenger to showcase some talent if he chooses. I hope we play hard for the last game. Getting to 79 points is symbolic in some way. I mean, I know people think more points is a sign of improvement, however, that does negate the fact that the opportunity to win this season was greater beacause so many teams were in a state of flux. Anyway, whatever, it’s more points.

Right, that’s all I’ve got. Have an amazing day if you’re there. Have an amazing day if you’re sat behind a TV. Have an amazing day if you’ve accidentally stumbled onto this site looking for information on an Asian apartment firm.

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P.S. Dennis Bergkamp working for Spurs? Sad thing is, he’s was a Spurs fan as a kid. His agent asked Sugar if he was interested before signing for us. Hard pill to swallow. But a realistic one.

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  1. Mo

    This quote from Arseblog made me :)…those of you who were there or watched it will remember it well:

    “Meanwhile, Fulham and Cardiff were relegated. I bet Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wishes he could just pretend to go down like he did that time at Highbury when Sol Campbell brushed off him. Enjoy the Championship, twatbasket.”


  2. The Poldi Prince


    He is a genuinely average player. No pace. Poo finisher. Average passer. Absolutely atrocious defensively. I’d ship him out and look for the upgrade of barkley or draxler.

  3. Bamford13

    Look at what Giroud has done in games against the best teams. Nothing, for the most part.

    He tallies goals against weak and middling competition, but is invisible against the best. This is because he’s useless withe ball at his feet, lacks pace, can’t create his own shots and can’t score from outside the 18.

    A very mediocre striker, so it’s no surprise that certain types on here are satisfied with him. Mediocrity is just fine for them.

  4. Ozrus

    Uchhmanfuckinuchhhhmabuchman, you sound upset Giroud scored. Would it be ok with you if Arsenal won or might you have a different agenda?

  5. bergkamplegend

    Last gale at home, and wenger and his troops are everything except concerned about giving great entertainment to the fans…

    Oh I forgot that 95% of these fans don’t give a shit about that.

  6. london gunner


    Yeah its a weird one last season he seemed like a class passer as he was setting up most of our assists.

    But now I kind of see him as a massive weakness.

    I’d much prefer Reus to Draxler though I think R is better and he would be cheaper and his more experienced.

  7. Craigy

    Klienfield…… Your drastically missing the point m8, i shouted with joy when giroud scored! But wenger see’s it as vindication coz of all the flack giroud has received! People are blinded by those 22 goals he’s scored, I’m not, he’s not good enough for us, but when fully fit and confident he’s a good backup striker nothing more,

  8. Arsene's Nurse

    I’m going to have to get the defibrillator out for the second half, because if I watch much more of this someone is going to have to zap me back to life again.


  9. london gunner

    Poldi Prince

    On current form Barkley and Caz have equal passing as in a neat pass in every 4 but shoddy ones on between.

    What Barkley would give us is pace strength aggression goals height and explosiveness.

    Think he could work well with Ozil and Ramsey

  10. bergkamplegend

    “Dennis Bergkamp working for Spurs? ”

    Ok, I think I will really to let down the AFC if that happens LOL

    Just when you think that things couldn’t be worst LOL

  11. MidwestGun

    Well, Czczczcz ezzny tried to make it exciting. But mostly blah. Ozil looked bright at times. L’oreal did what he does, score near post runs. All in All, basically a 4th place victory lap so far.

  12. london gunner

    No one on this blog thinks Giroud is good enough as a number 1

    But who is available this summer

    PSG wont let Cavani leave
    Real Madrid wont let Benzema leave unless its to Liverpool in an exchange
    I wouldn’t be interested in Falcao turns out dude is actually 29 turning 30
    City wont sell Aguero
    Bayern have Lewandowski
    Liverpool have Suarez and Sturridge

    So who is there? Ballo? Mandu?

    We really should of gone for Higuain last season his probably the best talent we could of got tbh… His a massive upgrade on Giroud his not flashy or glamour but not many on the market are.

    My choice would be Reus for Striker though I realise that is a gamble but if it didn’t work he could be reverted to left winger and we would still get plenty of goals out of him

  13. Bade

    So what’s the score

    I’m awaiting a medical committee while we’re having our last home game of the season.

    Yeh right. Fark that.

  14. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    First day at the Le Grove then? πŸ˜€

    hahaha. Really I don’t mind any comment, but when its just spamming nonsense like Keef it doesn’t allow for conversation and Pedro should get it sorted.

  15. Craigy

    Ozrus…. Now that you mention it maybe! But whatever u think about me doesn’t change the fact that with wenger at the helm things can only get worse! Simple as that, I don’t suffer fools gladly maybe that’s my problem! I don’t attack peoe on here never has! It’s a blog were u can have an opinion not fucking get 1! I love this club to death, but when the club is in the state it’s in, it doesn’t matter how many times someone try’s to drill home how magical wenger is and giroud ect! The club is not where it should be

  16. bergkamplegend

    Hazard is really amazing.

    He realize ONLY NOW that the chavs are playing a ugly football…
    Well, better late than never Eden LOL

  17. salparadisenyc

    How was the first 45, I was putting a fire out from last night.
    Strapped in and ready to go from here on out.

  18. london gunner

    Wow just been on the spurs forum for a laugh.

    In one of their threads they are hoping for the CL qualifiers we get drawn against a Ukrainianian team… implying that a militia might kill us…

    There not even joking…. Fucking weird bitter scum

  19. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Ya, my mom lives near San Antonio so big fans and they are freaking out that
    they kinda blew that last game but optimistic they might pull it out at home. Kind of their last chance with how old their team is.

  20. london gunner

    No WC strikers available this summer


    Not available

    Who is

    Mandu and Ballo

    Is Mandu worth it not really

    Ballo Is a risk

    We could do With Vela, Reus and keep Giroud.

  21. bergkamplegend

    karima a fan of the SAS, what a surprise!!
    Probably only because of parker of course lol

  22. Mike adamski

    I like Santi . Definitely better last season but he still has had some good games this season .
    However , I would sell him and re-sign Cesc given the chance .

  23. Mike adamski

    Most of girouds 22 have been laid on a plate …

    We need better . And that is wengers fault .

  24. Craigy

    Typical crap, we get our goal then puts the handbrake on, then when we concede there’s just a bunch of bewildered faces thinking how did that happen. So boring watching arsenal nowadays!

  25. london gunner

    Can we stop the Hazard hype for one day?

    His not better than Robben at 23.

    His far worse than Reus whose a year older.

    Its only because Hazard is on our league we hype him so much.

    If Reus was in PL we would be singing his praises more

    Reus all round play is far superior

    Better team player, much better passer (check out his through balls) More vision and awareness of team mates around him, much better long distance shot, more clinical, also has a cracking free kick. Scores more goals and assists more.

    This is clip of Reus over a 9 game period does more than Hazard has done in a season.

  26. useroz

    KK on

    Bet wenger would put
    *diaby on to help him to go to WC…
    *sanogo on to help him to break his duck

    …Either way would help his summer xfer spin

  27. Al

    Look at how easily oil picks players out when they make a forward run….makes difficult passes look simple

  28. salparadisenyc

    Monreal continues the downward slide in form.. the “Wenger effect”


    The Wenger slide!

    Kwik, imagery required.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    It’s games like this which makes me had I gave up my ticket.
    Boring football
    Dull tatics
    More empty seats than in max Clifford office

    Wenger proves his point again by playing arteta an flam together

    He will always win his way at arsenal it will only stop when he is resting in his coffin .

    West brom need to score to wake it up

  30. Al

    Why are we watching giroud play in this dead game. ….why not try the kids up there.

    Or at least play him in a front 2 and try something different

  31. london gunner


    Remy? His about as good as Vela would prefer Vela tbh he would offer us assists as well as goals and can be played in more than one position, also would be cheaper so more money on other playaaaaa’sssssss

  32. Al

    Arteta is fine but he just needs to play with someone that is a constant runner who will do the leg work for him

  33. monty

    Arteta,kallstrom,rosicky this team is full of oldies,there’s a diff between old and expirenced

  34. Craigy

    Monty…. Bang on m8, someone to give him his sponge bath and tickle his bollox while looking at pics of giroud haaaaaaa πŸ™‚

  35. Jamal

    Loic Remy in the stands. He’s probably there to see Diaby make a 2 minute cameo before he gets injured.

    Ozil fluffs his chance.

  36. london gunner


    But his still a weakness even with a constant runner no offence to the guy but we really need to strengthen that position have needed to for Donkeys years and what happens if Ramsey gets injured we then rely on Arteta with Flam,

    Fine is not good enough we need Great! The spine of the team needs a Matic type.

  37. london gunner


    Very much doubt United are in for Cavani

    Come on mate they already have problems with RVP and Rooney and Welbeck.

    Now factor in Louis Van Gaal is the coach he will wont RVP at his club.

    Cavani is better than the strikers listed but Wayne Rooney has just received a 300,000 contract and he wont play CAM because of Mata who was allot of money as well

  38. Uchmangunnernaija

    Funny how Diaby comes back from injury towards the tail end of the season. Soo damn predictable Wenger will now use that as an excuse not to strengthen that position this summer. Then he gets injured…….same old story all over again

  39. london gunner

    He wasn’t a crossdresser

    He was in a hotel he and his mexican team mates hired 15 prostitutes one of them was a shemale!

    We don’t know if he was connected to the shemale or if one of his other 15 team mates were

  40. monty

    Soz Jamal, I just hate the guy, he thinks he knows everything, never blames Wenger for a bad result,deep down I reckon he would love it if a mourinho coached us, our fans are pussies,we deserve better than lies

  41. monty

    Rspc, this arsenal get boring every year, why can’t we just change, we’ve try for about 10 years,Wats the worst that can happen

  42. Al

    Glad I sold my ticket for this match. …. boring match as expected due to nothing to play for and players not wanting to get injured

  43. Jeff

    Boring, ineffectual, no desire, no passion but a win. Oh well; you can’t have it all can you? But we do tend to win games that don’t matter. Like the injuries; the all get injured, scupper our season and come back when it’s all over and doesn’t matter any more. Horrible to watch.

  44. salparadisenyc

    Thank you and goodnightMay 4, 2014 14:25:09
    I wonder what ludivine saw in the multi millionaire Sagna?

    Next level comment, get in son.

  45. Demon

    We could play a 2-3-1 with giroud and remy upfront together…..

    I think remy is going to be walcotts backup methinks….

    The purpose of buying someone who matches the description of superstar is that they do everything that a 2 person partnership can which allows for another player to be added to add a different dimension or strengthen the midfield.

    Im flabbergasted that in this world of 9 billion people we can’t find a Man who is between 6ft-3, is quite fast, finishing+passing+ dribling abilities in addition to making world class runs and plays…..

    Right now only lewandowski, ronaldo,ibra cavani, benzema fit the descrition

    Sanogo at the moment fits 2 physical descriptions- My guys is still lacking 4 main qualities which wenger thinks he can teach him…….Adebayor 2.0 guys