Arsene backtracking on ‘Warchest’ spend already… what a joke

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Sometimes you wake up and you’re all like, yeaaaaahhhhh this is a good day…

Othertimes, you’re all like, arrrraggghghhghghghghghgggghhhhh.

Today is the latter. Why?


Bloody Arsene and his words.

Now, before I get into this. Let’s set the tone for the moan.

  • We’re 10 points off the top of the league.
  • We’re no where near being Champions League contenders
  • We’ve suffered an almighty injury crisis this season, like all the seasons in the past
  • Our squad can’t handle the pressures of the league
  • We’re losing five players at a minimum this summer (not two like Arsene said).
  • We’ve only got one striker
  • Arteta needs replacing because he can’t hack the pace or the games. Flamini has moved into this thirties and will need cover.
  • Vermaelen needs replacing as I’m sure he’ll be off. Visibly unhappy and demotivated.
  • Chelsea will spend this summer
  • City will spend big this summer
  • Liverpool will be armed with Champions League money
  • Spurs ALWAYS spend big
  • United are set to spend £150m.

That’s the tone. You get me? Our squad needs serious work this summer. We haven’t coasted 4th this year. It’s going down to the wire. We’re not a tweak away from challenging, we’re a whole bunch of players away from being contenders.

So what does Wenger think?

“It will be busy, but the main thing for us will be to keep the stability because we feel we are close. We want to add something that makes us even stronger, but, number wise, it will not be massive.”

We’re 5 players down from the start, plus the gaps that we already have that are glaringly obvious. We lack pace and power outside a few key players and our bench is often embarrassingly weak.

“From my experience, the World Cup years have always been very quiet until the end of the World Cup, with no players reachable.

“Everybody is focused in the country on their national team and there’s not a lot happening. People are away.

“I believe this year again you will have to wait until July 15 to start going.

Why is he laying the foundation for failure excuses already? Players always move before the world cups. Here’s an idea, do your business early. Start buying now. Comments like the above make me think he doesn’t have targets. He’s a TV shopper. If something comes up, he’ll take a punt. Because it doesn’t take 10 minutes for a player to make a move to a new club.

What’s the salary?

Where do you want to play me?

Where do I sign?

If a player can start earning double your wages cash in May, they’ll take that. This ‘players don’t like to move before a WC is bollocks’.

  • “You are not the only one who decides when the business is done because it’s down to availability of players and the clubs who sell decide that.”

I agree here. But plenty of clubs will want to get players sold early. Plenty of clubs are already bankrupt and need cash. Plenty of clubs will know the physical risks of sending players to the backwaters of Brazil.

Hey, plenty of clubs like to sort their plans early as well. Why hang onto someone you know is going? Sell him, get the cash in, buy a replacement. How logical is that?

  • “We have only two players who are out of contract – Fabianski and Sagna. All the rest need our agreement and they haven’t got it yet.

Not true. Bendtner, Viviano, Fabianksi, Kallstrom and Sagna. Players who are also on the exit list are Vermaelen and Podolski. That’s a lot of bodies moving this summer. Our squad was short before you consider the 7 played moving pretty much nailed onto leave. So we’ll need to replace and add on top.

Also, let’s not get caught up in the ‘oh but what about this guy coming through’, because bar Gnabry, who has been in the squad this season anyway, we really don’t have much top talent to add into the mix. The whole preseason thing where we showcase all the players who won’t get a game the following season is as predictable as the Wenger excuses on transfers.

  • ‘… but look at Akpom and Zelalem. How can I kill there careers?’

…. and don’t even get me started on the Diaby PR machine.

  • ‘Oh, he did a run and a kick. Hooray! He’s the complete player.’

More quotes…

We might have someone available that you don’t expect to be available. But you have to be on alert. You speak about Ozil, but if we could have done Ozil one month earlier we would have done it.

Again, no plan in place. Where is the ruthless attack on the transfer market? Wenger is already talking about maybes, like a casual buyer pottering around Borough Market selecting dinner. Arsene, you don’t have the luxury of casual shopping, the cupboards are bare. You need to get out there with your shopping basked and start picking up some high quality bargains.

“I think overall Podolski is happy here. If you look at the number of games he has played, with the number of goals he has scored and the number of assists he has, he is a very efficient player.

“He has over 100 caps with Germany and does not have one cap in the middle. Over 100 caps on the left. You cannot say it is not his job.

“He is happy there. He made a great international career there.”

Errrr Arsene, we’re not completely stupid. We all saw Lukas and his non-celebration the other week. We can all see him huffing and puffing on the bench. We all know he’s not happy being a bit part player. Not just that, he’s clearly not the level we need from a player earning big dollars. You know this, we know this… stop talking to the fans like they’re idiots.

‘but Spurs bought 8 players and look what happened’

This is such a nonsense statement. Like when people would highlight Shevchenko as a cursory warning when spending more than 50p in the transfer market. Spurs bought some very good players that failed to live up to the billing… but lest we forget, it takes a while for player to bed in, AVB had record points when he was tin-tacked and he was then repalced by the biggest dope in football!

How about players who’ve bought more than three players and done alright.

  • Paris St Germain
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester City
  • Real Madrid (this season)
  • Arsenal (8 players before we won our second double)

So let’s not sit there and take Arsene’s comments about bedding in players to heart.

2-3 players isn’t going to have the club competiting. It’ll not address the depth issue, doubtful it’ll address the pace and power issue to any degree. It’ll just be more of the same next season. Arsene needs to bolster the talented core we have with better players and he needs to address the issues we have on the bench. We need a bigger squad, not necessarily world class talent, we need a world class centre forward and we need a world class holding midfielder.

Wenger’s excuses starting earlier just highlight what I’ve said for years, he’s not up to it. He doesn’t have a plan. He’s only interested in himself and being right is absolutely key to that.

‘I’ll prove the naysayers wrong’

… even if his approach has been proven a bad one over and over again.

Now, this could all be a total nonsense. But come on, it’d be changing the habit of lifetime for Wenger to tell lies about having a completely nonsensical approach to the transfer window.

Two more years though. That’s all we’ve got left. Look, I’ve set a timer. Two more years and this constant bullshit will be over. Ivan will have built out an infrastructure, we’ll have a new manager with bold ideas and a massive transfer budget. We’ll at least see a new project.

Just two years… book mark the link below and wish away the time.

Arsene Countdown


Finally, before we go, Jose launched a stinging attack on Eden Hazard after the Belgian reportedly told journos Cheslea weren’t set up to play football. It looks like he’ll be off this summer so Chelsea can fund their pursuit of a striker. I’d love him at Arsenal. LOVE HIM. Mourinho booting out last seasons player of the season, not he’s shipping out this years. He’s selling to buy… remember that.

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  1. Danish Gooner

    Told you so.He doesnt give a toss about winning, 4th for him will do for another 2 years and being also rans in the cl.It is like spending Money is a desease to Wenger or he might just get a cut of what he isnt spending,who know??Every dog and his owner says Arsenal must spend serious Money to strengthen an underwhelming squad only Wenger rejects it.He is like a petulant child doing the opposite of what people wants just to show how clever he is and time and time Again his own stubborn ways gets him in hot Water and kills is ambition of Pl glory or cl glory.Why is this man so bloody stubborn and so infuriatingly tight ??????

  2. Keith

    Gareth Bale, who is flourishing in Spain, and wondering about the possibility of playing overseas, for a club such as Real Madrid or Barcelona, at some point in his career. “I have unfinished business at Arsenal first but maybe one day, when the time is right, I’d fancy that,” Ramsey says. “One of those two teams is quite mouth-watering.”

    What a complete wanker Ramsey is. After how much Arsene has done for him he would fancy Barca or Real.

  3. Keith

    Jack Wilshere and Keiran Gibbs are the only loyal players we have. The rest are wankers like Ramsey who would fancy RM or Barca

  4. Keith

    The reason we can’t build a team is because is after Arsene develops these wankers they want to leave

  5. Keith

    Wait a minute why the fuck would Real or Barca even want him? They have far better players than him and at best he would be a sub. You won’t get into their team you stupid twat. Like Bendtner you are delusional about your ability.

  6. Keith

    Aaron Ramsey is a wanker. He is no longer my favourite, I don’t like him anymore, i wouldn’t even give a fuck if he left.

  7. NewCo Arsenal PLC


    Arsenal’s move to The Emirates was all about taking the club to the same level as Real Madrid and Barcelona.
    IF, and it is a massive if, the Board can reach those lofty heights, there will be no reason for Aaron Ramsey to look elsewhere.
    The truth is, Arsene Wenger wouldn’t be allowed to get away with the level of under-achievement at either of those clubs that seems perfectly acceptable at Arsenal, which is probably the reason he has never accepted the challenge of Managing an elite club.
    And after Atletico Madrid’s achievements, particularly this season, please don’t use lack of money as an excuse.

  8. Keith

    I wish Arsene would bench him and make Jack 1st choice for CM position. Rather our loyal players play than wankers who fancy Barca or Real

  9. Keith

    How dare he say things like that? He could have said no comment instead he says things like this and upset Arsenal fans.

  10. Keith

    Jack has always been more talented than him anyway. Poor Arsene wanker like this always let him down.

  11. Keith

    Atleast we have loyal players in Jack and Gibbs. No suprise that 2 of them are local lads who have come from the academy.

  12. Keith

    We have signed Ozil one of the best midfielder in the world yet the wankers still fancy Real or Barca. We have signed Ozil what mord do these wakers want.

  13. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Perhaps they want to be involved in the challenge for the top prizes.
    Perhaps they want a Manager and a group of players who have the quality to win the PL and CL, instead of settling for fourth, and elimination after the Group stage.
    Since the move to The Emirates, Arsenal are further away from winning either of those two competitions than when they were at Highbury, which makes a mockery of the whole project.
    It appears the winning mentality has been replaced by greed for money.
    Players already have shed-loads of money, but it’s not what defines their career, it’s the amount of winners medals which determines how successful they are or have been.
    Ashley Cole grew up an Arsenal fan – allegedly – would he have earned a CL winners medal if he’d stayed at Arsenal? Would self-confessed Arsenal-nut Thierry Henry?

  14. reality check


    Post the link.

    Also ramsey would just be another in a long line of good to great players who leave arsenal because of ambition.

    Arsene can do everything for them but sooner or later money + trophies,become paramount. How many times is arsene going to get ‘stabbed in the back’ before he figures this out.

    Like I said before he has no intention of competing with the elite clubs.

    Mayweather fights on.

  15. Bankz

    Ramsey….Ozil and any talented player in our ranks knows Arsene Wenger is a washed up manager. The best he’d probably get is an FAcup & C1cup even if he stays for the next 5yrs.
    Ramsey before his injury left Arsenal as leaders of the EPL with about 5-7points, comes back and we were 4th/5th. If that isn’t demotivating then I am the one naive.
    Arsene Wenger sees the EPL title within touching distance,what does he do?Buys Kim Kallstrom & catapults SANOGO from the Post Office into our bench.
    Any ambitious manager with our advantage in January shouldn’t be concerning himself with Everton’s results.
    We were at a point 14/16pts ahead of Everton.
    AKBS are so stupid, they wouldn’t see this. Now they think it’s was always a fight between Arsene and Martinez? Arsene fell down to Martinez’s level.
    We are playing Hull City in the FAcup finals & we all know only Arsene can fail to win. Yes we have a really good chance but if there’s a single manager in the world who could fail to beat Hull with this Arsenal side in a final, it’s Arsene Wenger.
    We are only talking about the FAcup because it’s Hull City. Swap Hull City with any of the Top7 teams and no single Arsenal in the whole wide world would be confident of Arsenal winning it because we all know how clueless Arsene is Vs big teams.
    Even the players especially our best players know with Wenger, they will NEVER win a major Trophy(EPL) or getting past a quarter final in the champions league’.

  16. ikon

    One goal and people say get Barkely for 30 million and what not… nonsense

    Striker and 2 defenders absolute necessity.

    Also i wonder… at some point in time City will have a squad full of previous Arsenal players, who played together at Arsenal some time.

    Even though city bought them for twice the price, I guess no one can then blame the success they would have with those players on the money.

  17. Bankz

    Marcos Maidana is the real deal.
    He completely shocked Mayweather in the first couple of rounds.
    Still can’t predict a winner.

  18. reggie57

    Mayweather won it easy how one of the judges had it as a draw was a fucking joke the other guy had plenty of heart but no finesse!!

  19. reality check

    Deserves rematch though.

    Just when you look at it. Floyd according to the rules of shots landed and all that technical mumbo jumbo, floyd won.

    All that fight like a man, rushing forward, toe to toe blah blah. .. its entertaining yh surw, but this is boxing. Not a street fight.

  20. reality check

    Is mayweather declining

    No one gets quicker
    No one gets stronger
    No one gets better at the age of 37


    Sure know how to make a man feel old jim.

  21. reggie57

    How many clean shots did Maidana land apart from the headbutt? hardly any!! boxing isn’t just about trying to knock some out its about self defence as well.

  22. Jeff

    I examined my conscience yesterday and posed the question why I wanted City to win the league over Liverpool. The answer hit me this morning. I found myself still angry at Liverpool for not selling us Suarez and being dishonest about his release clause. For that and that alone, I hope they don’t win it.

  23. Jeff

    At some point we have to step back and accept that Wenger has won. He’s beaten us in the battle of whether he stays or goes. Fourth is good enough for the board but not the fans. However there aren’t enough of us who are more ambitious than fourth to kick up a fuss (like Man U fans did), so he stays. It has to be true that those who want Wenger to remain are happy to be fourth – there is no other conclusion.

    RIP AFC.

  24. useroz

    If Ramsey really made the remark about Real and Barca, he can leave.

    He has improved this season but isn’t yet a consistent top player yet. Look at his failedf licks, back heels etc and defence lapses, a few smart runs and goals alone wouldn’t get you into Real or Barca FFS. Did he complete even O level? Thought Wenger only has intelligent players…

    Ramsey has become another one of Wenger’s dilusional kids… Others like wilshere who has not performed for a long while (except for 15, 20 mins here and there) however acts like a top ‘England’ player. Sadly all part of a culture created by a past-it Manager.

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    Mate I agree with you 100% about everything except the suarez stuff. Liverpool’s owner saying what he did was a way of him endearing himself to the scouse fans. …Other than that it was complete bollocks. If Wenger genuinely wanted him he could of had him if he hadn’t taken piss with that pound bid. He wanted suarez on cheap but scousers said no. If he really wanted him he would of moved heaven and earth to get him. It’s all bollocks and smokescreen by wenger to get him off the hook with the fans. Be prepared for a couple more ‘near’ missus this coming window.

  26. Thank you and goodnight

    Why would Ramsey or anyone want to remain at Arsenal knowing that 4th is the height of our ambitions. Come on. It’s like Cesc wanting to go back to Barcelona. ….If they were a mid table team would he have wanted to go back???? Of course not. Give players the success they crave and they’ll stay. The only ones that are happy at Arsenal are likes of Diaby/ djourou etc who will never get deal anywhere else.

  27. Jeff


    Liverpool hid the fact that Suarez had a release clause even though we activated it. The £1 is irrelevant in that respect. If we activated the release clause he should have been with us. But they lied and said there was no release clause when there was – that’s dishonest. Regardless of how stupid we acted with the £1 and everything else (and it was very silly and amateurish I agree), it still remains a fact that Liverpool took a chance that we wouldn’t pursue it further with the FA and called our bluff.

    For them it worked out well. They have secured at least a CL place if nothing else but I can’t help thinking we’d be up there contesting it and probably winning it if Suarez was playing for us.

  28. Jeff

    Of course now, Wenger will revert to his usual modus operandi of wasting the entire summer farting around doing nothing and blaming the World Cup for his own inaction. He is just looking for any excuse not to move in the market because he hates the whole process of transfers and bedding in new players anyway.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    What we have learned this season.

    1. Arsenal will finish 4th in EPL with probably an improved points score, but
    having scored fewer goals and conceded more than last season.

    2. Our record against the other clubs in top seven is pretty poor. We lost badly
    away games against Man City,Liverpool,Chelsea and Everton conceding 20
    goals in these matches.

    3. The club continues to struggle with injuries. Messrs Gibbs,Wilshire and
    Walcott are injury prone. That suggests that they struggle physically at this
    level. There needs to be a proper analysis as to why we seem to have more
    injuries than almost any other club in league.

    4. The club did not score enough goals between January and March. That was
    down in part to injuries, but also our failure to recruit a second striker who
    is capable of scoring 20+ goals a season. Giroud has scored over 20 goals
    this season, but it is lack of option, which has cost us. Messrs Bendtner and
    Sanogo are not EPL standard let alone at top level.

    5. Our midfield is too lightweight. You can play players like Ozil,Ramsey,
    Wilshire, Cazorla and Rosicky so long as you have a quality ‘defensive’
    midfielder anchoring team. Arteta was to blame for our poor performances
    in critical games simply because he lacks the pace and physicality.

    6. The defence was at least one player light specifically a fourth centre back.
    I reserve judgment on Vermaelen, because he has frankly not played
    enough games this season. Wenger needs a 4th string who has some pace
    and can play alongside Mertesacker in event that Koscielny is injured.
    Ferdinand is not the solution.

    7. So we come to next season. Wenger does not need to spend huge amounts
    of money on the team/squad to ‘improve’, but there are critical investments
    to be made.
    A]First String Right Back to replace Sagna.
    B]First String Defensive Midfielder to replace Arteta
    C]First/Second String Striker.
    D]Squad Goalkeeper to replace Fabianski. Martinez can be used as third string
    E] Campbell can replace Miyaichi. Left wing alternatives are not essential
    despite lack of pace when both Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain were
    injured. Gnabry will need to play more first team games next season and
    he can play on left wing.
    F] Fourth String Centre Back.

    So to summarise Wenger will need to spend big money on full back,defensive
    midfield and striker. The other positions can be probably filled by bosmans or

  30. Toli83

    Until told otherwise I will assume that Wenger will be working on the commentary team for canal+ agin during the World Cup (he has done this last few international tournaments), and then moan he doesn’t have enough time to scout anyone .

    If like most normal people/managers, where he wasn’t completely motivated by filling his pockets with cash, then he would focus in Arsenal in the summer and pull his finger out. We need 6 players minimum.

    Center back
    Right back
    Defensive midfielder (a proper one)
    Goal scoring tricky winger

  31. Kethees

    Basically AW is right, at Arsenal we don’t make an effort & put an offer for any player – we wait until other club call us to offer a player (that no one wants)

  32. Toli83

    Some of the players are right under his nose;

    Nani (def worth a punt, I rate him)
    Speroni, would be quality back up if we can get him
    Caulker, ex Sp*rs I know but would be decent choice 4th now Cardiff are down.

    Plus a top striker from Europe. Martinez was hot on everyone’s lips a while back, what’s happened to him?

    Would anyone have Vela back, I would? Giroud, Vela plus a top striker would keep me happy. Hopefully loaning Sanogo back to the post office on a 10 year deal.

  33. Radio Raheem

    If Norwich go down I wouldn’t mind us paying <£10m punt on Leroy Fer. He is a bit raw but I think there is something to work on there.

  34. gonsterous

    Was reading the Keith rant… Pity the poor sod !!! A few comments in the media,and he goes wild on here…

  35. Arsene's Nurse

    Wow – that keith bloke came on at 2:43 last night and spent the next 45 minutes just posting crap to the blog. Very sad, I hope he gets the care and help he obviously needs.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Is your life really that boring that you have to spend so long writing a episode that is irrelevant ?

    Good points but who cares ?
    The club certainly don’t . Only 1 statistic they care about
    Sterling , dollar , sheckles , euro

    Money man that’s what’s it’s about

  37. Craigy

    Just read through Keith’s rants, haaaaaaa fuck me I thought I was the emotional one, take what players say with a pinch of salt, who would want to waste their careers under that deluded French cunt! Every year were loosing our best players because of him, but change will come, not soon enough but it’s coming 🙂