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Yo fool, did you say Cesc?

Happy Friday to you all.

Did you get your FA Cup Final ticket? I hope so. I still feel bitter about the process. It’s not the fault of Arsenal. However, I feel like top clubs should put more pressure on the FA to dish out less tickets to ‘volunteers’. At the very least they should put pictures of people on the tickets like they do at Glastonbury. You know,  ensure these ‘volunteers’ don’t feed the black market.

So what else has happened in the last 24 hours?

Well, I took some slaggings online for my views on the protest.

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The comments section was pretty fruity as well.

‘Geezer is a cunt, middle class twat, had loads of run ins with the moron before I got banned, prize pillock’

‘Cunt wouldn’t last 5 mins back in the 80s/90s’

‘Le Div’

‘He’s a cunt – pure and simple’

Now, the point here is that I’m not fussed about another Arsenal blog slagging me of. My point here is that the types of people talking about the ‘eighties’ are the type of people that will be present on Sunday. I’ve disagreed with the protest and taken a pretty aggressive pasting. Now, I can handle it, it’s nothing worse than I usually get. But if the attitude of the protest is similar, what do they think they’ll achieve? Who will sit down and pay any attention? If I was a football exec, I know I wouldn’t.

Social media eh? What a laugh.

In other news. The rumours are hotting up about the summer. Cesc Fabregas is rumoured to be back on the market. This summer, all the clubs will be in for him. So what’s he thinking? City? United? Or… Arsenal.

I adore Cesc. He’ll always be one of my favourite players, but simply put, where does he fit in our system? Can you have an Ozil and a Cesc? Who sits in the hole? £35m is probably better spent on someone with speed and goals. Not that Cesc doesn’t have goals. He’s a machine, I’m just not sure bringing him in would be best for the team. It’d be more about sentimentality.

The other bit of interesting news today? Mario Gotze has taken his tears to Bild to tell them he’s upset that he’s not playing. He could also be available. Again, another superb player that has a shed load of potential. But is he what we need? Or more of what we have. He’s not particularly powerful and speed isn’t exactly his strong point. If we’re going big in Germany, I think Draxler and Bender are more the sort of players we need.

FFP. What a joke (article here). When the rules were drawn up a few years ago, we wrote that they’d be bent and largely ignored. Last summer I wondered how the French clubs could spend so much without sanction. I was also interested in City, who hadn’t sold any big names. Well, they had both fallen foul of the rules and it’s turned out that the likely sanction is going to be a fine… which they can haggle.

Ok, so let’s have a think about that.

1. Clubs with billionaire owners spend all the cash, inflate transfer market

2. This means little clubs and big clubs alike overstretch themselves to compete

3. Clubs beg for FFP so clubs can only spend within their means

4. First time a club flouts them…. they get a fine.


Can anyone see the flaw in this? A fine. What about a Champions League ban? What about a player transfer ban that is actually enforced?

First hurdle on this and UEFA wimp out. Sponsors won’t have Barca pushed out the Champions League. Platini’s son is the top lawyer at PSG. The great white hope of Arsenal, obliterated first time round. What an absolute joke.

Still, that’s not to say other clubs haven’t been trying to get onboard with it. Chelsea have had to play with the books to make the grade. The great news is that they won’t be able to spend the £400m Mourninho will want this summer. They’re on a level playing field with us.

… and Arsenal? I think we’d have to spend the GDP of China to fall foul of the rules. We’re like, the goody two shoes of this. In class, we’re putting an apple orchard on the teachers table.

Our sort of behaviour deserves a trophy. Then we’d have won the treble this year. Wouldn’t that be great? The damn treble.

News for the weekend, Chambo is out along with Jack and Gibbs. I’m sure that still won’t impact on our performance. A fresh Rambo and a fresh Ozil usually means a win. I’m looking forward to celebrating the last game of the season.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the new kits? When does that happen?

Right, on that question, I shall leave you. Have a good one!

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  1. london gunner


    Look we get your Wengers cheer leader/ foot stool.

    It’s 30 K I just gave you the link. There are positives of course there are many of them being certain players.

    But these positives wont account for much until we have a manager whose prepared to do what we need to win either in spending or tactics.

  2. tunnygriffboy


    Afternoon mate. You make me smile ( wish I could do that smiley face thing )


    Vela for 4 million. Yes mate. Get Griezmann for 25 mill as well. Add Bender as well then we much strengthened. About this world cup thing. Is it possible some of our targets may have said they’ll do nothing till sfter it. That’s not to say we shouldn’t be doing the groundwork firsti

  3. Moray

    Jake, Wellbeck signed a 45k per week deal at the end of the 2012 season, and once he had 10 or so caps. Before that he was on peanuts. I remember reading about it at the time.

  4. MidwestGun

    if being in the CL year after year is mediocre….bring it on
    The best club to never have won the CL is a very great honor and one Im sure Wenger is proud of.

  5. Bamford13

    Apparently Vela is open to a return to Arsenal. This was news to me. Worth considering as he is definitely a better option than Giroud.

    For those who question his physicality, check out the photo in the article below. Looks plenty powerful, no?

    Vela: “I look at things differently these days and I won’t close the door on Arsenal, or any team in England. I think I’m better prepared to play in another country now.”


  6. london gunner


    Because if the fan base as a whole turned on Wenger his position as manager would be untenable.

    Because of AKBS the whole fan base is split.

    You might just be one AKB but you contribute to the whole.

    Its simple really we need 90% of fans to turn on Wenger.

    SO fans like you are holding us back!

    I am sure your a lovely guy but in truth your part of the force that is holding the club back.

  7. london gunner


    Whose pulling figures out of their arse now?

    “MorayMay 3, 2014 12:51:58
    Jake, Wellbeck signed a 45k per week deal at the end of the 2012 season, and once he had 10 or so caps. Before that he was on peanuts. I remember reading about it at the time.”


  8. WengerEagle


    Agree mate getting a player of Vela’s quality for so cheap shouldn’t even need thinking about.

    He’s been outstanding for 3 seasons at Real Soiceadad now which proves he’s a consistent player.

  9. billp79

    He’s better prepared to receive a better paycheck in another country now…he obviously doesn’t want to play in Bendnter-land…as advised by his agent.

  10. Moray

    Vela would be an interesting option. Apparently we could have him for 4m or so, and if he didm;t work out I’m sure we could sell him to Spain for 10m at least.

  11. billp79

    you guys have got to spot playing fantasy manager… what a person gets paid is irrelevant to how they perform on the field…

  12. Dissenter

    You guys are jumping on Londongunner because he quoted a wrong figure for Sanogo’s salary. He’s corrected himself.

    However, 20-30k weekly is way too much for unproven talent like Sanogo. Sanogo should be on trainee wages till he proves himself.
    There is no other club in the entire universe who will pay Sanogo 20k weekly.

    Berahino at Brom and Andres Townsend are earning 15-20 k weekly. Why are we paying Sanogo that much.
    London’s point is still relevant. We waste money on unproven players like Miyachi and Sanogo.

  13. WengerEagle

    Get Vela back as a Podolski replacement, sell Giroud and buy a quality first choice CF, Buy Drmic as a ST back-up replacing Bendtner and *sigh* loan out Sanogo who isn’t good enough but won’t be sold as he’s Wenger’s pet.

    1) WC ST
    3) Drmic

    That would transform out attack and Vela+Drmic together would cost under £10 million allowing us to really spend big on that a first choice ST, CDM and LW.

  14. Bamford13

    Yes, beginning to think Vela is a no-brainer.

    Given how cheap he’d be, even Wenger might see it as a smart move. Plus he’s already sort of a “Wenger find” so Wenger can take credit for him. You know he likes that. And he won’t outshine Wenger as he is still a relatively small name.

  15. billp79

    Vela might work very well in Sociedads set up…but what value would it add for use when we have players like Santi who would be a better option.

  16. Moray

    billp, pay should be related to performance. It is in business and it certainly should be in football. Wenger has a tendency to overpay those at the bottom and underpay those at the top. Our wage bill is actually out of proportion to our performance on the pitch.

  17. WengerEagle

    ”We waste money on unproven players like Miyachi and Sanogo.”

    Agree we’re paying Miyaichi £15,000 a week and he’s never done anything for us.

  18. tunnygriffboy


    I understand that you have had enough about Wenger Some like me accept that he has faults but are ok with the fact that he has signed for 2 more years allowing us to get his replacement right. Others support him 100%. That’s a fact. For you that’s a big problem and I get it.

    However if he fucks this TW up like last year even the most pro Wengerites willchange like the Villa game this season

  19. TitsMcgee

    london, how accurate is that chart? Are we really paying Viviano and abianski 60k per week? If so, someone needs to reign in Wenger very quickly.”

    It’s the socialist wage structure where you pay the dross almost the same amount as the established players.

    Kind of buying loyalty if you ask me.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Looks like there are people coming out with the old ‘I’ll judge him in September’ shit…Arsenal as a club and as fans seem to be stuck in some horrific time warp of lame excuses and sound bites.

    So he’s now bought himself until after the world cup with the sycophants, when he’ll then start talking about artificial prices because of the WC and the fact Diaby, Wilshere and Walcott are all returning so that’s 3 signings right there.

    Then we’ll get to 72 hours until the close of the window with nothing, or worse another Sanogo and he’ll start the ‘we’ll be active, if we can find someone who improves us…but it is not easy to find a player better than what we already have.’

  21. Moray

    why would Santi be a better option? He plays a different position for one thing, and secondly he has been gash this year.

  22. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle,
    Greizman is too lightweight for the premier league?

    Be careful not to sound like Wenger, he said the same of Luka Modric and David Silva.
    Funny enough the hypocrite gave lightweight and sub average Miyachi a contract.

  23. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    That would be a brilliant idea

    WC striker and Vela and Dr Mic for back up! Would be a quality strike force.

    Vela would also be quite a shrewd buy because I believe he would fit right into Arsene Wengers style of play straight away

  24. MidwestGun

    … what a person gets paid is irrelevant to how they perform on the field…
    In a well run club it should be a reflection of how the player performs on the field. Otherwise why not pay everyone the same wage like an employee? A rather ridiculous statement, and shows a lack of understanding about business, economics, and motivation. Hardly, irrelevant.

  25. Jake

    Chelsea’s bottom end wages are no different to ours. You also gave me a link which clearly states that they are just estimates and puts players like Wilshere on wages that we all know aren’t correct. Anyway, your point is still ridiculous, why shouldn’t we pay these players these wages, we’ve got the money. Sanogo was also a free transfer so what might have been 5 million of transfer fees is now in his wages. I have no issue with that.
    Dissenter, there are plenty of clubs that would pay Sanogo that amount.

  26. Moray

    Tits, it’s a fuckign outrage. And the reason we’re paying Viviano so much is most probably because Wenger left the deal so late in the day that he was able to bend us over the table.

    60k for a third keeper? It is actually criminal. Someone needs to go through those contracts with a fine tooth comb. How many games has he played for us? Never mind Diaby’s evergreen contract while he sits on the physic bench in Marseilles or wherever.

  27. Phil

    london gunnerMay 3, 2014 12:53:54

    Look you are getting tiresome with the ” you are holding us back ” comment. It is utter rubbish. I have not offered an opinion on Wenger yet you place me in a group of people who according to you are holding the club back. Maybe this is your way of humour, i dont know.

    Where does your conviction come from that we all have to share your negative view or that 90% of us should follow your paranoia on Wenger?

    Have you ever thought of the possibility that you are wrong? Obviously not. Too much of an ego apparently…or a narrow mind.

    Maybe its time to end the dialogue.

  28. billp79

    moray- that’s right…because our setup and team depth now dictates that
    If we were to take on Vela, would we go back to a 4-4-2?

  29. Bamford13


    Like your plan, but no way he signs three strikers in one summer. We’ll be lucky to get either Drmic or Vela. To get both would be a coup. To get the both plus someone even better? Dreaming, I think.

    I think Wenger will continue to insist that Giroud is his number one. He’ll bring in a #2 — like Drmic or Vela — and both, if we’re lucky, but I think he would view signing another #1 as admitting that Giroud was a failure.

    Regardless, both Drmic and Vela are better than Giroud, so at least they would be an improvement.

  30. Dissenter

    Sanogo was a drop-put from a Ligue two club in France.

    He would have jumped on a chance to prove himself at Arsenal on a trainee salary of £5,000 weekly. There are many Ligue un sides that don’t pay their first team players that much.

  31. WengerEagle


    You’ve picked the two light-weight players that adapted best to the BPL when to be fair I could give you numerous examples of lightweight flops.

    Just would prefer if we went for a more powerful forward with pace like a Reus/Draxler/Firmino.

  32. billp79

    We need someone with pace on the left…while Vela might be able;e to provide that, I’ve not seen him interchange across the field a lot nor track back….
    he’s is sort of a ‘hanger’

  33. WengerEagle


    Because he weighs 67 kg and is easily muscled off the ball sometimes.

    The three lads I suggested are as good footballers but are better athletes IMO.

  34. london gunner


    I just hope beyond hope that he doesn’t fuck it up.

    I am from North London and all my mates are so depressed when we talk about Arsenal we have no pride not because of the lack of silverware but the fact its doesn’t look like we are doing enough to even compete for it add to that the thrashings we have received this season.

    I live and work around fans of Chelsea, Liverpool ect so the daily grindings is pissing me off to uber levels!

  35. Al

    “Vela might work very well in Sociedads set up…but what value would it add for use when we have players like Santi who would be a better option.”

    well considering he plays a lot of his games on the right he would be a much greater goal threat than santi

  36. Bamford13


    Vela would play centrally, like Sturridge or Suarez. We wouldn’t play with a big point man. It would be a different set up.

  37. Moray

    @billp, someone made the point the other day that teams used to be able to play different formations, according to the situation and the opponents. I think we would be stronger for the flexibility, though Wenger is like a tactical QE2 (slow turning circle)

  38. billp79

    Someone who sits off of Giroud who can be incorporated with the 3 players who sit in behind…4-2-3-1
    I see Sonogo as Giroud replacement way down the road…I admit we need another target man…for depth…just not Vela.

  39. WengerEagle

    ‘but I think he would view signing another #1 as admitting that Giroud was a failure.’

    To be fair mate you could argue that starting Sanogo against Bayern and Liverpool in 2 of our most crucial matches of the season was admitting Giroud was a failure.

    Vela+Drmic for under £10 million, 2 players Wenger could take credit for as you say would be hard for even him to resist surely?

  40. Jake

    london gunner

    You’re going to have to explain what you mean as what you just said has absolutely no relevance to what I said.

  41. Bamford13

    Cazorla is a completely different kind of player —he’s a midfielder, namely, and not a striker.

    Vela is more athletic, a better goal scorer and plays up top. No reason to compare the two.

  42. WengerEagle


    The kid’s a talent no doubt about it and I like him but for £25 million plus we could do better IMO.

    Firmino of Hoffenheim would be my choice.

  43. Bamford13


    Any future starting XI with Giroud in it is a mistake. Apparently you haven’t realized this basic truth yet. Giroud is a very limited striker who is basically useless against the best sides.

    He’s a back-up at best.

  44. Al

    Jesus….Vela rarely plays up front for them…he plays primarily on the right for them….his game has improved by him playing on the right…why would you want him to come in as a striker

    I want him as an additional goal scoring winger. We only have 2 of those with only one of them having the necessary pace

  45. billp79

    My advice would be to start looking at bigger players, two footed, box to box…of the Ramsey type mold.
    Yes the formation is never rigid…that’s why I think that Vela would not work… he is more of a poacher rather than someone who creates space for others…or rotates into other positions when other players make runs.

  46. Moray

    Let’s find a striker who, if he can’t keep his cock in his pants, at least then doesn’t behave like a sulking bitch about it for months.

  47. Mark S

    Good morning Grovers,

    If this has been posted already, I apologize for not seeing it. IF Man City were to beat Everton today, insuring that “The 4th Place Trophy” was going to stay in North London, would you see Wenger making a ton of changes to his squad for tomorrow and next week against Norwich? What I mean by that is having Giroud, Ozil, Ramsey, and Santi be on the bench or not in the line up at all. At what point does giving a player an extra week’s rest before the FA Cup Final lead to maybe being rusty for said game. I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of youth players be given a run out.

  48. tunnygriffboy


    Fair shout about Griezmann but he does have real pace, something we need


    I see your point about Chelsea and Lpool fans. Nightmare. I think we will make signings in the 3 positions we need them. CM, CF and a versatile player who can play across the top That would be the strengthening. May have to replace Sagna as well. I do think we will spend money for a few reasons one being the backlash would be too great

  49. Bamford13


    Playing Sanogo was sort of admitting that Giroud was a failure, but it allowed Wenger at the same time to claim that he was right about Sanogo. Not because Sanogo showed well — as if that matters to Wenger — but because there he was out there on the pitch. “You see,” Wenger said to himself and the world, “there is MY 50m striker”.

    If he signed an established name, on the other hand, he’d be admitting that both of these clowns are dross and not top quality.

    I agree he might sign both Vela and Drmic, but I don’t see him signing those two AND someone even better. No way.

  50. MidwestGun

    That fact we are talking about keeping Giroud as a striker shows already we are not serious about competing for any Titles. Winning a Premier League game is about minimizing mistakes and taking advantage of thin margins of victory by maximizing goal scoring opportunities. Giroud is mistake prone, wastes opportunities, and can’t create his own opportunities. 2 more years
    of him as our number one striker will not win us a Prem Title.

  51. billp79

    Bamford- it appears that you are looking for a player similar to RvP an out and out striker who can also hold up play …I agree Giroud can be approved upon in his goals to attempt ratio…..and that is something that should be looked into…. but he is primarily a hold up type player.
    If we had to resign someone I’d go with Rvp…but he burned his bridges. with gas….Vela with match sticks.

  52. Mark S

    When it comes to recruiting players for next season, I would like to see some size and speed added to the squad. What’s wrong with having a midfielder who is over 6 foot and can fly around the pitch? I’m sorry, but a 5’7″-5’10” midfield enforcer doesn’t really put fear into me. Get a guy who is 6’2″-6’3″.

  53. Bamford13


    Every time I’ve seen Vela play he has been playing centrally. Are you saying he plays mostly wide now? That was not my understanding.

  54. Al

    May 3, 2014 13:18:08
    My advice would be to start looking at bigger players, two footed, box to box…of the Ramsey type mold.
    Yes the formation is never rigid…that’s why I think that Vela would not work… he is more of a poacher rather than someone who creates space for others…or rotates into other positions when other players make runs.
    Disagree there. He is completely a different player to what he was at Arsenal. His game has adapted and improved by playing on the right. He actually creates a lot hence why he has a lot of assist. Also is a continuous threat on the right as he is a really good dribbler

  55. billp79

    If City were to win….the last two games of the season would be ‘audition time’ for the FA cup and beyond….

  56. WengerEagle

    ‘I agree he might sign both Vela and Drmic, but I don’t see him signing those two AND someone even better’

    Yeah it’s too much of a stretch I admit.

    It would just make too much damn sense for Wonga to do unfortunately.

  57. WengerEagle

    ‘When it comes to recruiting players for next season, I would like to see some size and speed added to the squad. What’s wrong with having a midfielder who is over 6 foot and can fly around the pitch? I’m sorry, but a 5’7″-5’10″ midfield enforcer doesn’t really put fear into me. Get a guy who is 6’2″-6’3″.’

    Agree, that’s why I would prefer the 6 foot 2 monster Luiz Gustavo to the 6 foot Lars Bender.

  58. Al


    Yea he plays on the right…similar to theo but obviously being left footed he cuts in a lot.

  59. tunnygriffboy


    Instead of a swear box in our house we have a Firmino box. Everytime you mention him on LG we put a pound in. Making more money than swearing which says something looooooooool !

  60. Bamford13


    No, I’m not looking for a traditional target player, like an RVP. I would prefer someone quick and clever, like a Suarez. But that’s beside the point. Whether we get a point man, like a Mandzukic, or a smaller, quicker player, like Suarez, we need someone far, far better than Giroud.

    Giroud is useless.

  61. WengerEagle

    ‘That fact we are talking about keeping Giroud as a striker shows already we are not serious about competing for any Titles. ‘

    I want Giroud out the door make no mistake about it mate.

  62. Arsene's Nurse

    I wouldn’t pay Sanogo at all. He’d struggle in most Sunday league teams. I’ve seen 12 year olds with better all round footballing ability.

    It’s a joke. It’s not Sanogo’s fault, it’s Wengers. Along with Park and Bendtner both of whom we are still paying btw.

  63. WengerEagle

    Hahahaha tunny it’s true I’m sorry I can’t help it, no-one else on here ever mentions him it’s always Griezmann this or Griezmann that when there is a better player out there who we could get for a better deal!!!

    I’m single-handedly campaigning for us to sign Firmino. (I know you’re reading this Ivan).

  64. Al

    As much as i hate him I don’t Want Giroud gone, just want a first choice striker signed.

    Because you know if sign a main striker and sell Giroud the back up striker will be…………………………Flipping Sanogo again and i would rather that back up striker to be giroud

  65. Dissenter

    Carlos Vela’s transfer value is about 25 million euros.
    Having that clause in for 4 million euros was remarkably astute.
    It’s like he went on an extended loan.

    The transfer value of Sanogo is 2 million euros. Who pays a player with that value 20k weekly, the socialist at Arsenal does.
    If only he based his own salary on that scale.

  66. MidwestGun

    I fear AW has already accepted Giroud is our number one next year and we will hear PR spin about how good he will be next year all summer. That article about how he will be the next Henry was sickening and disrespectful to Henry.

  67. Al

    May 3, 2014 13:30:49
    With you there on Firmino. Not sure if you are aware but i have been saying it since december too. I think its a case of people not being aware of him and the fact griezmann has been mentioned more so people jump on the band wagon .

    Think of this…theres even a player better then him and £20m cheaper in the same team but people want griezmann . That tells me these guy aren’t watching these matches because there is no way i can see you watching that team regularly and wanting him more than vela

  68. Cesc Appeal


    I agree. I think they’ll try to spin it all summer so we accept Giroud and then some young nobody as back up with Sanogo to have the most laughable strike force in the UCL.

  69. Dannyboy

    I wouldn’t have a problem with Wenger saying things like ‘we only need 2 or 3 players’ if he was genuinely intent on signing 3 world class players.

    The only problem is that when Wenger says ‘2-3 players’ he invariably means 2 free transfers and a last minute panic buy.

    We need some massive players not a Spurs-esque huge influx of average.

  70. Al

    Supposedly he wont be back for start off the season…so i would ease walcott in slowly. Also he has the ability to play up front or the left in some games just like Vela.

    I wouldn’t run these players into the ground.

  71. tunnygriffboy


    I wish Ivan would read this. The wide range of views and opinions should give him food for thought. Does Pedro e-mail him his blog ? He should do

    Guys Giroud is staying. We will get another striker but marquee signings more likely to be a CM and attacker who plays along the front 3. 4 million for Vela would be an isanely good deal

  72. WengerEagle


    I know you have mate it’s been me, you and another poster or two maybe who I can’t think of right now.

    Griezmann’s the bandwagon name on here for sure.

    Agree that Vela’s better than Griezmann too.

  73. WengerEagle


    I wouldn’t be 100% sure about that starting Sanogo in all our F.A Cup matches and against Bayern said to me at least that even Wenger’s lost patience with Giroud as our no.1 striker.

    That article was insane I read it too, but then again you’d expect nothing less from the funny farm that is Untold.

  74. billp79

    Both Arsenal and Chelsea proved that if you maintain your defensive positioning you can nullify the SAS.. we chased the other game.
    I see Liverpool as a one off…aging defense from midfield back…they will deceive nobody next year…they have a lot more work to do in the transfer market that we need to do

  75. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I better start hearing links to real strikers. Because at least last year we were linked to Higuan and then Suarez. Granted we got nobody! Lol. Not at all optimistic about what ive been hearing so far.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    It wouldn’t shock me to see, Jenkinson, Mert, Kozz, Gibbs, New CM, Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud – as our side next season.

    With the addition of a couple of bargain forwards.

  77. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle,
    Yup,you’ve got me there.
    I’m not suggesting that Wenger’s anti- any nationality before the Wenger brigade come calling.

    It’s the Sanogo situation that’s got me frying. How he got shunted to the queue above better players to start against the mighty Bayern defies any logic.

  78. billp79

    I rate Lars Bendner…and
    Cesc if the rumors be true…
    I’d prefer to build from the back…

  79. Dissenter

    Vela v Greizman

    Vela, everyday. He’ll hit the ground running.

    He also has something to prove. I don’t think Wenger gave him a fair chance and he was discarded when Wenger gave up on project youth.

  80. Al

    May 3, 2014 13:39:59

    Its very strange how people jump on these names.
    Yea got a feeling Dortmund or leverkusen will snap up Firmino. Hopefully he goes to Dortmund because he is better than Mkhitaryan and will improvw with Klopp and their style

  81. MidwestGun

    Cesc – I don’t know why I’m still shocked by what AW passes off as a good transfer but I still am. I remember thinking last year. No way is Sanogoal our only striker signing.

    WE – Im holding on with a small bit if optimism that even AW can see Giroud isn’t the answer. But he was willing to not care this year and we still made 4th. So their isnt much motivation on his part to change.

  82. billp79

    Competition for Giroud would be checked off on my to do list…
    and decent competition for the Cheezer…..I’d try to retain Fabianski…he has to resolve himself to back up for both Arsenal and Country…while we develop a younger player or two…

  83. WengerEagle


    Yeah agree that Vela wasn’t given a fair crack of the whip from Wenger.

    Always felt he was far more talented than Theo but Wenger clearly thought differently.

  84. WengerEagle

    We need to clear out names as well this summer as we currently have a few LW options but Podolski isn’t good enough for a title challenging team, Miyaichi is just crap and Gnabry probably needs a loan.

    Theo and Ox should be competing for the starting RW slot next season.