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Gooooooood morning! How are we today? Is there a spring in your step? There is in mine. I watched the Atletico / Chelsea game in a bar last night and it was excellent.

I thought the end result was even more enjoyable because Chelsea went one up through Torres… who cringely didn’t celebrate.

‘Oh look at him, look at how respectful he’s being’

Oh do grow up. If someone I worked with didn’t celebrate a pitch win because they did their grad scheme at a rival agency we’d just beaten, it’d be laughable.

‘Pete, put the Patron shot down, I”m ducking out. Those guys on the other side, those guys taught me all I knew about PowerPointing the sales funnel.’

Faux respect. It’s embarrassing. I used to hate it when Thierry would try and ingratiate himself with everyone when he was our captain.

Anyway, back to Chelsea. They then threw away the game conceding three goals. They weren’t even particularly fancy goals, which made it even more amusing.

So, they’ve gone from beating Liverpool, which, in the grand scheme of trophies achieved nothing. To getting knocked out by a team with basically a 16 man squad. Utterly brilliant management from someone younger, far more violent and scarynand clearly more dynamic.

… and I loved his touchline celebration. Totally trolling Jose!

Jose, specialist in failure. With monster budgets. With some of the best players in the world. With all the back room staff.

I mean, at least we know Wenger is failing because he’s managing a football club in black and white. Here’s the thing, if Wenger did a few things a bit more like Mourinho, he’d be winning leagues. This is why he’s so infuriating.

Arsene, if you’re reading, please, a few considerations for the summer:

1. Let’s get some depth to the squad this summer. We need speed and power to sit at the heart of what we do. Look at Liverpool. Look at players like Konoplyanka. Look at attributes when you’re buying players. We don’t need small technical wizards, we needs some pace to make them work. We need some aggression and bite. We need players that have different personality traits. A bit of nasty.

2. Have a think about the prematch routine. Who is pulling together the dossier of the opposition before the game? Who is the scout that watches the matches (please god say it ain’t Stuart Houston). Have a think about whether that person is good enough. Maybe get in someone new? Change the approach to how we play sides. Have a think about what the opposition are going to do and build a plan. With a plan, we’d easily be 7 points better off.

3. Build out a squad you trust and have a think about how you keep your best players fresh. Instead of flogging your starting 11 game after game until they break, start mapping out who you’re going to play and when. Rotating players isn’t just about keeping your starting 11 fresh, it’s also about making sure the people that sit on the fringes are motivated if they’re called upon.

4. Think about what we do in training. We’ve been visibly lethargic in a number of games this year when we’ve had a week off. Teams like Everton and Liverpool haven’t suffered the same injuries of fatigue. Maybe we should be looking at a less intense training regime inbetween games? Our slow starts have cost us dearly this year, we need to address that because our style traditionally hasn’t been about slow starts.

5. Have an in game plan based on scenarios. Now, this is just me shooting in the dark, by I’m guessing there isn’t a plan for certain events. Per Mertesacker said as much yesterday. When we go one down after 14 seconds, what’s the plan? When we go two down in three minutes, what’s the plan? If we’re 1-1 with 20 to go, what’s the plan? If we’re playing Liverpool, how do we get to half time without conceding? We need a plan for in game issues. We need to be more dynamic to surprise attacks (like Lukaku on the wing). At the moment, it’s one plan for everything. There’s no quick thinking, until it’s too late.

So there are my five things that could help make up the ten points. You might have some additions. But all of those problems could be addressed in the summer if the introspection is for real. My worry is that he’s totally blind to it. He doesn’t have the skills to admit that he’s totally out of his depth and he needs help. Drunk on power, set on a vision that’s dead… past it.

Onto my favourite topic, PROTEST. For the last game of the season, a Twitter account with a whopping 1100 followers is arranging another protest. This time, they’re hoping to get more than 12 people to attend.

Just a few things I have on this.

Firstly, it’s up to individuals to do whatever they like. If they want to take a banner to a stadium and chant at Stan, great.

However, I do find the whole thing a bit of a joke. Fans all rally around these protests online, then when you ask them if they think it’ll achieve anything, they all say no. You ask what the objectives are, you get nothing back. You ask who the individuals are, you get blank tweets. You ask for other examples of protesting driving owners out, you’ll get nothing.

Then people start saying things like, ‘at least they’re doing something’… and that really does make me laugh. What exactly is going on? Paint up a few aggressive bed sheets. Set up a Twitter profile and call it ‘something anonymous’. Get the Daily Mail involved. Meet at a round-about and get angry. Boom, you’re doing something.

But what?

Is doing something that ultimately will have no positive outcome, doing something?

What’s my solution? I don’t have one. I don’t know why people think I should back these things, or I should be leading the online charge. I just write about Arsenal. I don’t like the idea of spending my Saturday in an incredibly negative situation. I’d rather have some beers with my pals and talk about football. I don’t think wasting energy on trying to get a long term owner out of the club is a good idea. The 3% issue is a pertinent one. It was a greedy play. It’s not fair on the fans, but I don’t think they’re going to retract it. If you don’t like it, don’t pay it will be their line of attack.

My approach with all these things has always been the same. Leave it with your supporter group of choice. You don’t get anything in life by being militant. Football execs aren’t going to pay attention to a group of protesters who roll out banners like the one below. They’ll talk to people who take civilised action.

If you want to impact the club on match days, why not boycott the catering? Do something smart. Do something that impacts the bottom line. Shouting at a carpark isn’t going to impact anything and I feel it’s pretty out of touch with what most fans want to do on matchday.

But hey ho, that’s just my opinion. We’ll see how many people show up. I’ll be rubber neckin’ regardless.

Right, have a marvellous day, I’ll see you in the comments.

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  1. babatunde

    Cesc, what irks me is that some people add the cost of wages over the player’s WHOLE contract of 4 or 5 years. That sounds dishonest or deceitful. Do we pay wages for 5 years all at once to the player. Also when we buy a world Class player we generally sell an incompetent player. The diffference between a 100k a week bill and 50k a week bill is just 2.6 million a year or 13million a year For 5 world class players. Even if we pay each of the worldclass players 150k a week a la ozil(very unlikely), the difference is just around 20m a Year.

  2. DaleDa Gooner

    Atletico Madrid 1st team\squad cost about 20m GBP less than Fernando Torres and they compete everytime of the year, If anyone feels Wenger should be doing more than 4th and no trophy, you have a point….and i mean this season particularly.

  3. afturburn

    I don’t read other club blogs so I can’t say, but is it normal for a fanbase to be so split like the Arsenal faithful seem to be?

    This sentiment from one side of the Arsenal fans that you’re not supposed to criticize something you love…I just don’t get it. I feel like that’s the same mentality that prevent domestically abused women from reporting their abusers.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    It’s usually done as a way of excusing Wenger. Trying to say someone costs hugely more than they actually do.

  5. babatunde

    An extra 20mil a year Wage bill doesn’t mean much when u consider That we willprobably get the money back through increased prices, home games and sponsorships. That’s why I think Signing loads of average players is so so so uneconomical. They eat Up good wages which could have been topped off slightly and used to get greater players. Also I seem to notice that if you have really world class players on your team on good wages, you end up paying The regulars and squadies lower wages than if u Had fewer. That could be because they will accept lower wages to win trophies or because ur “demand” for them isn’t too high because you already have very good players and there is a supply of several players of their talent level and u can always get one of them. For example barca bayern juve etc seem to pay relatively low wages to some relatively good players. Not everyone in those clubs are on High wages. For reasons such as the above, I laugh when people say Giroud is a good buy at 12m

  6. Thomas

    afturburn May 1, 2014 20:08:20

    I don’t read other club blogs so I can’t say, but is it normal for a fanbase to be so split like the Arsenal faithful seem to be?

    This sentiment from one side of the Arsenal fans that you’re not supposed to criticize something you love…I just don’t get it. I feel like that’s the same mentality that prevent domestically abused women from reporting their abusers.


    Really can’t stand that argument. So weak minded and a big reason why were in this mess and the senile cunt gets away with it season after season. Embarrassing really.

  7. youdaman

    There is no way I would ever have Mourinho at Arsenal. Don’t car how much you might win. Any class associated with Arsenal would be straight out the window.
    United thought the same. Way too high a price to be paid getting him involved with your club.

  8. Toli83

    Protest won’t make a difference unfortunatley. Arsenal will be the highest UK ST club off the back of Wenger and co.

    Two more years of this. Genuinely believe after tonight’s results that Europe is there for the taking with a manager who will play powerful forward thinking football. Wengers early philosophy would kill it now, which is the strangest part of it all.

  9. Toli83


    We breed the worst home fans. Unreal really, Wenger started the 1 year after 30 yrs old contract, look where it’s got us.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Toli, DA

    Agreed. It amazes how quickly they turn to vitriol against players yet Wenger gets cut so much slack.

    They’ll call Sagna going to City greed, yet refuse to put that label on a club hoarding £176 Million whilst also putting ticket prices up 3%.

    I truly despair at our fans.

  11. Keyser

    How do you know they don’t also think the club’s greedy, but appreciate that Sagna’s cashing in aswell ?

  12. Dan Ahern

    Keyser — What do you mean ‘appreciate’?

    Putting dollar signs in the name is pretty established as a derogatory way to dismiss a player as greedy (e.g. Na$ri). It’s like calling Ashley Cole “Cashley.”

    No doubt some fans think Sagna wants a last payday and are understanding of that. But if you spout something like “$$$$agna” you’re deriding him.

  13. Keyser

    Or maybe people just appreciate who Sagna is to the club and are just lashing out.

    Sagna’s supposedly been offered a wage increase and two more years on his contract.

  14. Dan Ahern

    Yeah I have no doubt he was offered good terms and at least two years.

    That kind of scuppers the notion it’s all about money, doesn’t it?

  15. Keyser

    Arsenal have made a final offer, understood to be a three-year deal worth around £80,000-per-week – which is short of his £100,000-per-week wage demands.

    Fuck knows how accurate this is.

    Dan Ahern – Lol do you read all the shite people come up with on here, a few dollar signs ? and you’re trying to pass judgement on other fans ?!

  16. Cesc Appeal

    So for the sake of £20 000 Wenger is going to add RB to his shopping list…considering he’s a chocolate teapot in the market would it not be better to just give him the £20 000?

    Not like we’re stringent with wages anyway is it, Abou and Nik?

  17. Keyser

    Abou and Nik ?

    Lol so all contracts must be compared to Diaby’s. Like all wagebill’s must be compared to Dortmunds.

    Sagna suffered two leg breaks and missed most of that season, he didn’t go wanting. He’s 31, plays in a demanding position considering the way we play and he’s been offered a 2-3 year deal.

    I love Sagna, he’s been a machine really, but what’s the cut-off point here.

  18. afturburn


    So what if someone thinks both the club and Sagna are greedy? What does that have to do with mistaking a player’s ambition for greed?

    Putting dollar signs on his name is a pretty immature way at ‘lashing out’ as you call it. I can’t imagine you feel the same way about Bacary as someone who would condemn him and lash out with a sarcastic $$$agna, but why do you feel the necessity to defend that?

    Not everything requires a devil’s advocate.

  19. Keyser

    I hope he stays, and that’s more out of loyalty towards him than a sound football decision, but if Citeh, Monaco or Fenerbache want to offer him a fat contract and he decides to cash in I won’t blame him, I’m not really going to blame the club either.

    Ebway was a qualiteh rightback, Wenger just moved Sagna in and him first choice without thinking twice.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    The clubs approach to contracts is frequently baffling.

    They’ll be strict with a useful, loyal, long serving player like Sagna. Then there are others who’s wages make you wonder if Arsenal just make the numbers up, or use a dart board with different amounts on it to decide wages.

  21. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Don’t be rude, it’s the Daily Mail, I thought it’d at least be fair to leave the numbers up in the air, since they say 3 years, whilst other’s have said 2.

    Afterburn – Bergkamp took a paycut to keep playing, I think it was a pretty hefty one at maybe 50% to.

    Ambition ? He’s been linked to Fenerbache, Monaco, Inter, Citeh.

    Also I’m not really defending it, just a bit funny for people to be passing judgement on others, especially when you consider what gets typed on here, you don’t have to go far to find people criticising Sagna.

  22. Dan Ahern

    Keyser — What’s your point?

    Yes I read the garbage lots of people post.

    Yes I am passing judgement on fans who blame Sagna for being greedy.

    What about this is bothering you so much?

  23. Keyser

    Firstly Bendtner’s been frequently shopped around.

    Diaby got injured playing for us,

    Sagna’s 31, and supposedly we’re offering him 2-3 years and a wage increase.

  24. Dan Ahern

    I’m not placing any blame on the club here, by all accounts they offered him a good deal. I’m saying it’s asinine to criticise Sagna as greedy.

  25. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – Mate, bothering me ? Nah just funny, at what point have you passed judgement on the others that write garbage ? Or is it just people that fit a specific mindset ?

    Also at some point you’ll get the same people saying ‘We’re not hypocritical, we’re the sane, rational, realists’. Or you’ll voice your dismay at why people aren’t doing anything about the situation at the club, whatever that may be.

    We’re does this get you exactly ?

  26. Cesc Appeal


    It becomes a problem however if they don’t replace him. And we ain’t great at that. That’s what worries me, seeing Jenkinson starting next season with Bellerin as back up

  27. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – You don’t think it’s up for debate at all ? The club hasn’t been loyal to him.

  28. afturburn


    Yes. It’s hilarious how people judge people on here.

    So if that was your original point, you were judging Dan Ahern for judging someone else’s use of dollar signs in Bacary’s name?

    Or was that not your original point at all, and you’ve somehow connected two completely arbitrary things into one argument?

  29. Keyser

    afturburn –

    “How do you know they don’t also think the club’s greedy, but appreciate that Sagna’s cashing in aswell ?”

  30. Dan Ahern

    But seriously,

    “Nah just funny, at what point have you passed judgement on the others that write garbage ? Or is it just people that fit a specific mindset ?”

    You are trying to pigeonhole me here. These are posed as questions but they are assumptions, so, I’m not going to get into it. Sorry man.

    Next topic?

  31. afturburn


    I just don’t understand the point of your comment in response to DA.

    DA said:
    “They don’t want to accept ambition so they write it off as greed.”

    You said: “How do you know they don’t also think the club’s greedy, but appreciate that Sagna’s cashing in aswell ?”

    What is your point? So what if these fictitious imaginary people DID think both the club and Sagna are greedy, what then? What does that have to do with Dan’s comment? You’re not saying anything related to what he’s talking about, just kinda-sorta disagreeing with him while going off on a tangent.

  32. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – “Sad to say, but typical of some AFC fans these days. They don’t want to accept ambition so they write it off as greed.”

    I think you did that pretty much to yourself.

  33. Dan Ahern

    afterburn — Lol, thanks. Not worth the effort though.

    What’s everybody think about a RB replacement? Surely nobody trusts Jenks yet. Do we try for Coleman? He may be tough to get as he’s on a long-term deal and the players seem to have really rallied around Martinez (despite their very recent dip).

  34. Keyser

    afturburn – I never named Dan Ahern, it was a question, what are you struggling with, go back and follow the path of the comments.

  35. Keyser

    Pretty much it really, everyone must fit into a category, which then allows other cliques or similarly minded people to pass judgement.

    No wonder the blog’s been a bit of s shitfest for a while.

  36. Dan Ahern

    Just seen the video, have a listen.

    After listening to it, I think it was pretty daft to use the rhyme at all, but the paper is certainly making a meal of it. I’m having a hard time hearing anything personally.


    Not quite as good a headline, huh.

  37. Keyser

    I like Clarkson, but I also think he tries to push the boundaries, like those ‘Ah, it’s political correctness gone mad’ nutters, and I am glad he’s got burnt and has had to apologise, also glad he’s apologised for whatever reason.

  38. Dan Ahern

    I’m glad he apologised too. It was stupid to use that rhyme at all, even if the take was discarded.

    But I mean… if you need “audio forensics” to make your case against him it may not be very strong. It’s down to interpretation whether he even uttered the word. And even if you interpret it as him saying it, he’s purposely completely garbling it. Where do you draw the line? If he went “catch a [pause] by his toe” could he be prosecuted for implying the word? If he hummed two syllables does that count? What’s his intent here? Is there any? It’s hard to see the incident as much more than a poor choice.

  39. Keyser

    Yeah, just interesting really, he supposedly tried to deny it, or at least play it down, he’s got the cushy job the kind a kid in school might dream about, and like said kid is pretty immature with it, at the same time that’s why grown men tune in and still find it entertaining.

    Interesting in terms of whether he’s apologised as much for perception and his media image as well as the BBC’s, or genuinely because he messed up, he still tries to explain it.

    Been several stories that wouldn’t have made the light of day a decade ago recently.

    Mentioned Donaldo Sterling earlier, but no-one wants to talk about that, Lol, it’s interesting in similar terms, because when you read back he’s had loads of stories that won’t have got the instant media exposure they get nowadays, and also how many players, or former employees kept quiet, or said they had no problem with him, when they were getting paid.

  40. Keyser

    Like Andy Gray and Richard Keys, the audio clips were probably collated over several months ? Years ? and at the push of a button you can pull the plug on a pretty healthy career.

  41. Dan Ahern

    Yeah, you do wonder the intent of Clarkson’s apology. But from listening to the tape, I see why he’d want to explain himself. It sounds much worse if you just go by the paper story (or headline).

    I’m glad Donald Sterling got caught. He’s been a shitbag for decades. He’s done far far worse than his remarks caught on tape recently. It was almost the straw that broke the camel’s back, I feel, because his racist past actions made those comments explode in the media and create huge buzz.

    As for employees, it’s harsh to say “they have no problem with him when they were getting paid”. Racism is Sterling’s crime, and it’s not his employees’ job to fix that. The onus is not on them. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to act principled when it’s not YOUR money.

  42. Keyser

    I mean’t more when there wasn’t instant media exposure, within seconds you could send a rumour across twitter, upload a video to youtube, a vine, an audio clip. David Stern must’ve known about his shady past, present, whatever, yet it’s taken until now for the momentum to snowball soo quickly.

    Not really passing judgement, but I’d say it was far easier to wait around counting the money in your paycheque as the media interest dissapated or was quelled. I’d disagree to an extent on the employees in that his money, the money he passed on, was in part made while he actively practised discrimination.

    This is a re-up, of a story from 2009 I think, not sure how much recognition it got back then, but it does say magazine article.

  43. Dan Ahern

    Ah, okay, gotcha. You’re right, today things blow up much, much faster. It’s got to be at least part of the reason this happened.

    He besmirched the entire NBA in the course of a day or two, and the new commissioner brought the hammer down.

    Before, his crimes–actual legal crimes in this case–were orders of magnitudes worse, yet they were continually overlooked. Whose fault is that? I don’t blame his employees, I blame Stern and his fellow owners.* They’re the only ones who hold any power, and ultimately who bear the most responsibility aside from him, being his peers. Blaming his employees for not protesting him is a bit like blaming physios for Arsenal’s injuries. They’re not the ones causing the problem.

    *Interesting footnote: a group of owners tried to have him ousted in the 80s, but it was for not paying people I believe.

  44. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – Nah, you can’t compare it to Arsenal, if he’s making his money from illegitimate enterprise that’s not the same.

    Should’ve widened it, mean his fellow owners, the NBA, and not neccessarily the employers further down the food chain, but if you’re earning millions off Sterling it’s easier to look away.

    Or that there is a new Commisioner, I get half of my info from Wilbon and Kornheiser, heh, but Kornheiser’s been taking the mick out of how little Silver had done soo far to state his authority over indiscretions, but he’s come down reasonably hard now on Sterling.

    Also be noted that Sterling bought his stake for something like 13 million, it’s now worth 40-50 times that.

  45. Keyser

    I suppose that isn’t entirely fair, almost all wealth is tainted.

    Though there isn’t much of a hiding place now if you’ve decided to build a public profile people almost expect a comment.

    Whereas players might’ve known Sterling was racist beforehand, and just let it be, when this broke this time around, the media expected Chris Paul, or Doc Rivers to have or give an opinion, and once the pressure snowballs it’s harder to turn a blind eye.

    So like you say, while you might earn more through advertising and your public profile, it also carries more responsbility.

  46. Dan Ahern

    Hah, do you get PTI over there? Those guys are fun sometimes but they tend to be cranky babies often too.

    Franchise value in the NBA is incredible right now. The league’s grown a tremendous amount since Sterling bought in. But even so, it’s hard to comprehend the insane valuations you see now. Honestly, 40-50X is probably lowballing it. At least it would’ve been had this not happened. As I understand it, if 3/4ths of the owners vote to oust Sterling, the league can take over his franchise and force a sale. So I’m not sure where that leaves him at the negotiating table. I haven’t read up on that stuff though, not sure.

  47. Keith

    Sagna is another greedy wanker like RVP, Nasri. Fuck him. We don’t want greedy wankers like him.

  48. MidwestGun

    Keith –
    62 comments.. Congratulations for the spamming troll award. People all over the world have truly been enlightened by your vast knowledge and incredible insight. Thanks for taking the time to pollute the internet with even more jiberish. Please tell me your not older then 12 years old?

  49. goonerbone

    Not celebrating a goal against a team you love, which I reckon is the case with el nino and AM, is something I can completely understand. The sales pitch metaphor is completely wrong, or du you actually love your employer like you love afc? Then, when mercenaries like rvp don’t celebrate against teams they clearly don’t love, it just makes me sick. Its better to see them celebrate their bigger wages and perverted boyhood dreams coming through than to get a muffled grin.

  50. Moray

    Jees that Sterling guy is a colossal prick. Here’s me secretly hoping that Kroenke senior (or junior) is exposed as a member of the KKK.

    Though I doubt the FA would do anything about it, even if photos of them appeared with burning crosses.

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    Dan Ahern May 1, 2014 23:59:38

    Just seen the video, have a listen.

    After listening to it, I think it was pretty daft to use the rhyme at all, but the paper is certainly making a meal of it. I’m having a hard time hearing anything personally.


    Not quite as good a headline, huh.
    If you asked me to recite the eeny meany miny mo rhyme I’d use the n-word too purely through rote reciting without a second thought. Same as “ip dip dog shit you are not it” – it’s just something you remember from childhood. Christ I remember being read “Little Black Sambo the Drummer Boy” and I had a golliwog!

    I don’t seem to have subsequently joined the KKK or go about beating up black people though.

    There is nothing offensive about what Clarkson did at all. It’s only jumped up arseholes who look for offence in everything that are having a pop at him because they don’t like him.

    Clarkson’s crime was being a middle-age, middle-class, white male saying a ‘banned’ word. If he’d been black and rapping (rhyming) using the word and chucking in a few “mutherfuckers” for good measure, not an eye would have been blinked and he would have made a few bob from the record deal.

  52. Radio Raheem

    Arsene’s Nurse

    What a stupid stupid thing to say. You don’t even deserve an explanation. It is that stupid.

    But I am kind so will give a simple example.

    A black man will deserve as much vitriol if he made racist remarks about whites, rhyme or no rhyme.

    Western society/culture is fundamentally skewed in favour of the majority. Most societies are. Having the same rules for everyone sometimes only fosters ingrained inequalities which is why positive action is often prescribed as a fairer means of redressing the balance.

    Although, there had been some progress Britain still lags behind thr US in that positive action isn’t even on the agenda. With views like yours it’s no surprise.

    It’s a football blog yet most commenters can barely talk coherently about football. Best to stare clear of the complex stuff.

  53. N5 Gooner

    Don’t know how someone who goes to the Arsenal can disagree with the protest this Sunday. I agree that banners with Wenger Out etc are completely counter-productive, but the 3% increase is an absolute disgrace. If you sit back, or just ‘have a pint with your mates and talk about football’, it will continue to happen, season after season.

    These public protests make headlines and you can guarantee that the likes of Gazidis et al take notice. Maybe it won’t stop the 3% rise this year, but it might make the next rise they implement 2%, 1% or maybe even introduce a freeze.

    Letting the club take you for a mug and continue to rise ticket prices season after season is only going to do one thing – price out genuine, loyal working-class Arsenal fans who make noise inside the stadium. Without those fans the Emirates will become even more of a corporate, tourist bowl with no atmosphere, which is only ever going to have a negative effect on the team.

    People with a following such as yours CAN make a difference. You choose not to.

  54. Dan Ahern

    I hadn’t heard that version of the rhyme before. When we were kids it was “tiger”.

    Anyway, what you’re saying AN comes off as a bit ignorant, sorry to say. For one, there is no comparison to hip hop at all. But mostly, you can’t assume that which isn’t offensive to you isn’t offensive to the people the slur is aimed at!

    That said, I view the incident as an error in judgement rather than Clarkson being racist.