Arsenal PR machine cranks up…

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Arsenal vs Bayern

Arsenal vs Bayern

Gooooood morning.

I’m hanging out in Spain today. Am I here to catch the Atletico game tonight? Of course not, that match is in London. However, just by being here, I feel like an expert in Spanish football. I’m going to watch the game in a bar tonight, dressed like Simeone. I might even punch someone in the face then bite their finger off. That feels like the sort of thing Diego would do.

So, what have we to talk about in the news today?

Well, I read this piece in The Telegraph and it really does tie back to what I said to you the other week about doing favours for the club. The jist of the article is that Arsenal have been hampered by injuries this season and that’s why we haven’t won the league. It’s part of the Arsenal PR push that actually, this season wasn’t a failure you could put on Arsene, it’s a failure you could put on those damn pesky injuries… and hey, he’ll get it right next season (by making all the same errors he made this season).

The push is working as well. I see fans all over Twitter cursing the damn injuries. I’ve not seen anyone professional really examine the mess that is Arsenal’s injury list. Is that because I’m the only person who writes in sport that can see the problems? No. Of course not. They’ll all know what’s going on. It’s just my living doesn’t depend on Arsenal and information, so I can write about the realities.

It goes without saying that having a fully squad is better than a non-fully fit squad. I mean, why is that even a story? What seems to be the media push with the Arsenal journalists is that Wenger has had no part to play in the injury mess.

Why doesn’t that article ask the following questions:

  • Why do Arsenal consistently have the worst injuries every single season?
  • Why do we not have a squad big enough to deal with injuries?
  • Are Arsenal actually lucky in the sense that our centre back didn’t face long lay offs?
  • Arsene didn’t buy a second striker and he exhausted Giroud. Aren’t they lucky he didn’t get injured?
  • Why did the sprint rates of Ozil halve between November and January? Is it ‘luck’ that saw him injured twice after?
  • Is there a correlation between player exhaustion and injury?

… and here is the major point. Just say, in a world of pure imagination, none of our players picked up injuries. Why would anyone think that we could win the league. We picked up the injuries because players weren’t rested / trained properly. The players that didn’t pick up injuries dropped off form wise because they were knackered (Ozil and Giroud). So even if no one picked up injuries, there’s no way we’d have been in shape to compete for the league because the manager wouldn’t have rotated.

I mean, case in point here… OZIL IN THE FA CUP AGAINST COVENTRY. A full game. What a laugh.

Simple issue here is that the fans are being conned into believing in the manager by the club, and the press. It’s bad form in my book. If your job is the study a football club, you should do it properly and you should bat for the truth, not the future exclusive.

Anyway, not much from me today. Have a good one.


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  1. Zoran

    “Them cunts would have got nowhere neare the SF if they had drawn Bayern instead of us.”

    That’s why they won their group, to avoid Bayern.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Oh absolutely.

    Though we have to draw distinction between being happy, and seeing it coming.

    Some Wengerites after we lose…well most of them aren’t on here after we lose such is there courage in their convictions…will bash anyone who called it…like the injuries, like the shit January window, that’s different.

    But yes, you do get posters who will us on to lose, I can understand where they come from when they post that; being an Arsenal fan can be immensely frustrating; I want Wenger gone probably as much as anyone, but I also understand we need the club in the strongest possibly place for his successor.

  3. El Tel 1


    Even today we get called boring and George Graham got slagged off for playing just as Chavski do now.

    Yet. he is called a Legend a special one.

    You want me to keep quiet.

    Also Pal. If they are not our concern then dont fucking write about them or answer any questions.

  4. Revving Kevin


    Spot on. Some fans lovevitcwheb we lose. Some even say they want us to lose. God news is never celebrated btvtbecmusetabke fuckers becis it’s all about their agenda. Maureen getting found out is not taken well Bevis they parade him as a genius.

    I know not a single Gooner not celebrating tonight. Not one. From twitter to texts.

    On here I know 4.

    These aren’t supporters mate, they are idiots who would rather slag off arsenal and our fans, than be happy cheksea list. Mugs.

  5. Thank you and goodnight

    Actually Cesc ignore what I said earlier, let them crow mate. Why not, not like we’ve had anything to crow about for a while is it? And end of day mate, Abramovich is going nowhere in next 5 to 10 years, so with or without Maureen I’m sure they’ll have more chances of crowing at us, than us at them. Face it, with a senile wenger and owner tighter than a ducks arse, we really won’t be crowing as much as chelsea that’s for sure. So I suppose every little gloating victory counts no matter how small a victory it is.

    Fucking sad we’ve been reduced to this eh…

  6. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    When I see people like you gobbing off all over the shop and others who only pop up very now and again and act like some authority it does tend to grind my gears.

    Especially when your vocabulary extends only to cunt, shit fucks, or shit cunts…I sort of see the level of person I’m dealing with.

    But hey ho, I’m not you, you’re not me…you crack on, if you revel in another club losing who the eff am I to tell you different?

    I think it’s the height of schadenfreude and sadness. But, you may love it, and you’ll probably be gone in the not too distance, so crow away.

  7. Cesc Appeal



    As I say, i do love a cheeky United loss.

    But a Chelsea UCL loss is being thrown around like some ludicrous vindication of opinion…as I say, I have no problem, aside from when it comes to posters who spend all year (when they’re on the site e.g when Arsenal are doing well) defending Wenger for much, much, much, much, much worse and more regular failings!

    But, the last 10 years of being an Arsenal supporter may well be the reason, so perhaps I can’t be too harsh.

  8. Zoran

    @El Tel 1

    I was reading it in the newspapers.
    Same ones that you where reading about 25 on loan players Chelski has.

  9. rollen

    lol AKBs twats celebrating chavs lose semi of CL.
    We should be celebrating AFC wins over scam.
    We will never get that far with Arsene.

    Rev how long till u will end up like your dear KJ badmouthing LG on other blogs ?

  10. El Tel 1

    I am not crowing Mate. I am celebrating your misery.

    fYI I have been coming on this site every day since it started. I read most of the time as I dont want to get into rows with anti Arsenal trolls.

    I share your pain when we are not competing but being one of our older fans I have seen real bad times.

    I wanted Wenger gone long before you but do not want to make up any nonsense about him.

    Sanogo against Bayern was sackable Mate.

    I appologise for the swearing but Moanhinio does this to me. I dont even Hate the little Club he manages just the Manager and most of the players.

    I am not alone.

    Tell me, will you enjoy them taking the piss if we lose the fA cup final? Do you think they will be appologetic?

    Do you think their fans will say not out business?

    They will make it their business.

    I am not gobbing off. moanhinio gobs off and when he fails I want to give him and his classless team both barrels.

    If you are not that type of fan then I am genuinely sorry for upsetting you.

    In the meantime I am fucking delighted.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    I despise Chelsea.

    I would prefer to tip my hat to Simeone and Madrid who played a great game and countered what they knew Mourinho would do.

    That’s what I said at the weekend, Rodger’s bitched, Wenger bitched but we ALL know what Mourinho is going to do…counter it…simple.

    Shows how weak a manager the opposition guy is when Mourinho arrives, you know he’s going to park the bus, try to stifle you, dirty little tactics etc…counter it…that’s your job! Simeone did that.

    What impressed me most was Madrid’s work ethic, tireless, incredible stuff. And their tenacity. So hats off to Madrid and let’s hope for a fiery final.

  12. El Tel 1


    He won them yes. He did it with big money Clubs.

    Ask Real Madrid what they think of the Special 1.

    Over rated tosspot.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    There are always a sect of fans who take the piss, properly out of rival sides.

    There would be a touch of difference, us losing to Hull, Chelsea losing to Madrid? Don’t you think? It would be more likely the WORLD would take the piss out of us.

    But Mourinho loses one game and is exposed? I doubt that very much.

    Liking another side losing is absolutely, 100% fine, absolutely. But revelling in it suggests that side is better than you. And that’s how you get your kicks. Like when Spurs fan celebrate any team beating us whenever. I have Spurs mate who cheer every goal another team score against us as if it were them…when they lose I just smile and go ‘ha’…because I could care less.

  14. Revving Kevin

    I genuine believe Chelsea’s time has past. The playing field is being levelled mate, abramovich can’t do what he did before. Yes they can spend but nowhere near like before.

    Arsenal with the new sponsorships and the cash in the bank are a different animal, we are a monster. We can outspend them now.

    The debate is this: will we spend the money? I think we will.

    Anyway, I enjoy smiling and being happy, I am glass half full I tend to believe moaning is for girls and women not grown blokes. So I laughed tonight and I fucking enjoyed it. And I will laugh tomorrow knowing the Russian thief, the soecial one, Cashley cole, John Terry and those arrogant chav fans are pissed off.

    Please allow me to enjoy tonight, you and Cesc can moan all day tomorrow mate like you do most days. So let us half an hours worth if joy. Join us, you may enjoy it 🙂

    Life’s too short.

  15. Wengerites be damned!

    It’s a tough one for me. I’m a big fan of Ancelotti, but I love to support the underdogs.

  16. El Tel 1


    Do you live in England? Do you live in London?

    The reason I ask is that every football fan, you know those who go to the grounds love seeingnus lose.

    It is not one game either is it.

    They lost to Palace and Sunderland.

    Shall we compare them results instead of the big games.

    We drew Bayern again when we got through. Barca,Barca,Bayern and Bayern.

    If they had drawn them earlier in the knockout stages they too wouldnt have been in the semi final.

    Yes they win their group. An easy group none the less.

    They beat us 6-0. Well done Jose. In the past couple of months beating us was your big moment.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Gotta want Athletico now surely. I know what you mean though, Carlo always comes across a nice guy and I don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves.

    But of A.Madrid with La Liga and UCL…that would be great for that league and the UCL. Would like to see AM with some cash; though they do have debt problems.

  18. Revving Kevin

    We revel in it when spurs lose. Is that Becos we think they are better than us?

    No idea what you are homing on and on about.
    It’s called football rivalry. You should hear the songs we sing sometimes, you would probably tell us to stop singing as it means we are inferior.

    This is a passionate game mate followed by fans with huge levels of testosterone shouting out banter. Just Becos you don’t know how to have fun, doesn’t mean you can piss on our parade.

  19. Zoran

    “Arsenal with the new sponsorships and the cash in the bank are a different animal, we are a monster. We can outspend them now.”

    Correct, mate, we could.

    There is just a small problem, and this problem seats across the ocean in form of one yankee cunt.

    Kroenke OUT, Usmanov IN!

  20. El Tel 1

    Waiting for someone to moan about thier 2nd Keeper having to play because of injury to the magnificent. (not sarcastic) Cech.

    I will hit back that your second Keeper was playing for the opposition.

    Ha fucking Ha

  21. Wengerites be damned!

    Yes, Ancelotti is very underrated. When Arsenal were humiliated at OT (8-2), I heard Carlo was interested in managing Arsenal. Unfortunately, Wonga never got what he deserved and he is still here. Sigh!

  22. El Tel 1

    I like Ancelloti too. Even liked him when he was at the Chavs.

    I think he is the best around but I detest the other Portugueser Ronaldo.

    No it is not because he is a great player, it is because he is a flash cunt. Messi is class, you rarely see him diving and btiching and showing arrogance

  23. Zoran

    They beat us 6-0. Well done Jose. In the past couple of months beating us was your big moment.

    Unfortunately he has quit some moments like that in 10 games against us.

    Unlike our imbecile who doesn’t know how it looks like beating Maureen.

  24. Thomas

    Chelsea losing is like a trophy for the AKBs

    We won the “Chelsea got knocked out of the CL”-trophy


  25. El Tel 1


    I hate the fact he can do no wrong.

    He is full of shit.

    When they win it is all about him. When they lose it is all about the players.

    He was bigging that slag Terry up tonight because he needs back up when the Q & A’s are asked by his paymasters. He also doesnt want to lose the dressing room.

  26. Phil

    Mourinho with his “little pony” lost the premier league title to palace villa and sunderland and lost in europe by athletico with a tri-pleta. The combined value of players and wages and transfer budgets of his last two jobs/seasons is in the billions. We are told that result matters. Well how about TROPHYLESS. Second year running. He “overplayed” hazard and oscar and sold mata and gave lukaku as loan. Today he bemoaned courtois save from terry’s header, hilarious! And it wasnt a great save even as ball went straight at the keeper.

    Sitting back in defensive shape and waiting for opponents to slip or benefit from a spot kick or any lucky goal is not very special because when the opponent scores you have no plan to attack but to rely on the owner to afford you the best to bail you out….. tactical genius and bollocks.

  27. Revving Kevin

    Spot on. The media love Maureen. Some fans get sucked in and believe the shit they read. And are blinded by the agenda.

    I have called Maureen out but he gets defended on here. Pedro got it right when he said Maureen is no tactical genius he can only play one way.

    Imagine if Wenger had lost three successive champ league semi finals and only scored two goals. The people on here moaning at us having a laugh at Chelsea would be going nuts about an incompetent manager with a massive squad playing negative football and losing. These hypocrites are just idiots, they don’t engage their brains before reacting.

  28. El Tel 1

    Correct Zoran

    Back in the 70’s we won the double and had a team to be reckoned with.

    Their were a couple of teams who we just couldnt beat.

    Derby and Leeds spring to mind and Stoke being another tough nut.

    Whats your point.

    They dont play us every week so although it does matter it is also not a trophy for him either.

  29. El Tel 1


    You know what everyone thinks do ya?

    It is not a trophy Man it is joy at seeing the gobbiest Manager in this Country dropped.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    “Imagine if Wenger had lost three successive champ league semi finals and only scored two goals.”

    That is brilliant! What a point to make. So that’s the yard stick to shit management is it….holy fucking shit balls what you must think of us then Rev!

  31. Wengerites be damned!

    When I suggested Ancelotti to manage Arsenal, AKBs told me that he needs massive resources to compete. They chose to ignore the AC Milan years. The Italian side never spent like Chelsea, City, Madrid or PSG to win their UCL under Carlo. Even Inter spent more under Mancini but failed miserably in the UCL.

  32. Phil

    No thomas trust me boy the pleasure is all ours watching you and your special god getting the most emphatic reply you could ever get after him basically saying everyone is stupid for calling him a cunt that destroys football……

    Trophyless. 2nd season running. with real madrid and chelsea.

  33. Revving Kevin

    Dear Phil
    Great post you are spot on.

    The Spanish hate Maureen, he was found out. Real Madrid hated his antics the negative tactics and how he dragged that great club into the gutter at times.

    Here, the media love him and we have a handful if arsenal fans that don’t like him being slagged off, as we have seen.

    He lost the league losing to teams he has to attack. All that money, three strikers, a huge squad and fuck all to show for it.

  34. Zoran

    “Imagine if Wenger had lost three successive champ league semi finals and only scored two goals”

    What shit are you smoking mate, I would also like some. 🙂

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, I hate managers who are condescending and say no one has a right to question them, you’re right, utter, big mouthed, egotists.

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    Ha ha ha. I really feel sorry for some people. If I could be arsed I’d go back and find 5 years worth of ” it will be different next year, now we can compete and I really believe we’ll buy big next season”…… only to be let down again and again and again. This time next year they’ll be saying the exact same thing. Ha ha ha ha. Feel sorry for them really do.

  37. El Tel 1

    In that interview tonight he got off lightly.

    His shifty little eyes and smarmy manner was ruffled yet the reporter backed off.

    He almost lost it when the keeper was mentioned and he keot on and on about the penalty and how this made the difference.

    When they got lucky v PSG he took all the credit and they told the world how they practiced the scenarios of going behind etc.

    Did he practice these same scenarios this week? Was he called out on this?

    He is pathetic, arrogant and like Wenger also blames everyone else. Yet Wenger gets condemned and he gets lauded.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Dear Rev.

    I think Mourinho is one of the most successful manager’s going.

    If you want to look at a finite period of time, do you think what Wenger has done over the last 3 years with over £100 Million (£176 Million as of May) in cash and a wage budget twice as large as BvB is good management? Our survey says!!!…

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    @El Tel
    I haven’t seen anyone in the media condemn wenger for the crap he spouts. In fact I don’t see anyone asking him the questions that need answering. So yeah, Maureen and Wenger as bad as each other.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Well it’s also the casual disregard for the act that Wenger is just as massive an egotist, and just as mouthy and twatish as Mourinho…supposedly all the qualities they hate in Jose.

    That’s all I’m saying, laugh at Chelsea, but for the love of everything holy have a look at how hypocritical you are.

  41. Revving Kevin

    It’s true.

    Wenger went unbeaten in the CL and lostcthe final after Lehmann was sent off after 25 minutes with Pires withdrawn.

    Yet people discredit Wenger for that.

    We didntvachievecthat spending the money cheksea have. You lot can live in denial but you are totally unbalanced in your views as you don’t judge like for like. With what cheksea spent and the players cheksea had, thre CL semi defeats (6 games) and just 2 goals, is not the success you claim. In fact, the bloke has actually lost 6 of 8 CL semis with teams that. Genius? Sorry I don’t think that’s a great return for the money.

  42. El Tel 1

    Some people love contradicting themselves. They slag the Club off for not winning a pot , some say Wigan are etter for winning the FA Cup. They then say winning the FA cup is insignificant.

    Who is smoking what?

  43. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    Hmmm, Wenger could get it a lot worse in the media. Sometimes he’s allowed to get away with saying ludicrous things. And he’s prone to massive strops.

    He does have an army of arse lickers himself though, John Cross being chief arse kisser.

  44. Phil

    Hi Revving Kevin

    “Here, the media love him and we have a handful if arsenal fans that don’t like him being slagged off, as we have seen.”

    With the media its understandable, they love to sell sensationalism and mourinho talks directly to the culture of the low intellect football fan. He is a show man and reminds me of gold-diggers and models who flirt shamelessly till their perfume wears off

    So whats our fans excuse? are they right in their head or just voyeurs …..

  45. El Tel 1

    We also drew Barca twice Man U and Bayern in our knockout games.

    If we had PSG I believe we would have been playing tonight too.

  46. Revving Kevin

    I never said Maureen wasn’t a great manager Becos the records prove he is.

    If you actually read what I am saying you may get the point. As Pedro said the other day, he has one way of playing and that’s his weakness.

    Based on the players at his disposal and the huge sums of money invested by the Russian, three CL semi defeats (6 games) and 2 goals is a poor return. Am I wrong?

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Ummm, no. You made it a finite period of time now you’re dragging Wenger getting to a final as some measure of success because he wasn’t backed with similar resources as Mourinho?


    There’s no coherency to your arguments, you flip flop all over the place.

    Wenger, has had a fortune to spend in recent years…say the last 3 for arguments sake. Last summer, he could have spent on a par with Chelsea as was demonstrated by the £42 Million acquisition of Ozil of which we paid £21 Million right away.

    So that meant he CHOSE not to all summer. Whether directly, or by his woeful inadequacy in getting transfers done and flip flopping on price and whether he actually wants that player or not.

    So the fact Chelsea have spent more in recent times, or should I say the fact we haven’t spent is OUR OWN DOING…or rather Wenger’s. So that’s no excuse at all. If Wenger wants to bring a knife to a gun fight, do you blame the guy who bought the gun?

  48. El Tel 1


    I hated the cunt when he was with Porto.

    I detest Man Utd but that knee slide and the gob was enough for me. He also called HIMSELF the special one.

    Wenger always gets bad press and a rough time with the Authorities.

    Wenger was banned twice in Europe for much less than Moanhinio did in the last match.

    You are making talk Wenger up when I actually agree with your thoughts about him

  49. Revving Kevin

    You discredit yourself with the cheap AKB insult. Most people have started debating without that babyish acronym. Reverting to name calling Becos you don’t like us disliking Mauren is choosing a cheksea manager cover fellow fans.

    I won’t bother anymore, I was very polite and you did that.

  50. El Tel 1

    Really TYAG

    Everyone was talking up Bayern when we played them and they only just beat us.

    So you know for sure PSG would have beat us do ya

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Depends, season isn’t over yet and theoretically, Chelsea could still end up with the title.

    Of course Mourinho will chalk this up as an unsuccessful season, because he’s an ambitious manager. Not a doubt at all he himself in close season will probably say it wasn’t good enough.

    Even without the money, Mourinho would say no trophy = not good enough.

    That’s the mentality we should have. We’re laughing at him because him failing at something is an irregularity…that’s what I’m saying. Yet after almost 10 years you still get people defending Wenger for much worse. And they can’t see that.

  52. bergkamplegend

    Eden Hazard : “I am sad tonight but logic is respected because they deserved to qualify. Chelsea is not made ​​to play football.”

    Maureen like this LOL

  53. Phil

    Where is the scathing critique about the loaning of lukaku, and the sale of the only genuine creative attacking midfielder with experience in mata? Mourinho’s decissions and squad management have kept hazard and oscar ineffective coming in and out of injuries, luiz downgraded, and his tactics have led to defeats from much smaller clubs/teams that have cost chelsea a european final and the epl title. All week media had managed to brainwash the simple -minded that the translator’s way was THE way. Bullshit.

  54. El Tel 1

    Cesc I do agree regarding your Wenger comment.

    Totally agree.

    However dont overlook the fact that they (Chavski) have players on loan at rivals to the rest of the Prem who could play for almost all the other teams bar Citeh and maybe Liverpool.

    Same for Citeh.

    Agree though re Wenger

  55. Wengerites be damned!

    So many people here bashing Mourinho…We have a tactical imbecile and Mourinho who ‘always park the bus’ can crush Wonga’s team anytime. Embarrassing!
    People will always tell you about the semifinal at Nou Camp (Inter had to put up with all the cheat there) but they don’t mention the 1st leg. Inter were great , Guardiola was completely outclassed by Mourinho.

  56. El Tel 1


    Again true the fat Lady hasnt sang yet.

    If you had heard your favourite managers interview he has already chalked it up as a success. He said they had progressed since he took over.


    Speculation Mate.

    Rambo might have scored three against them too.

  57. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    Yeah, for sure. Hey, I’m as critical as anyone at the waste of some of the talent at Chelsea and the fact that they don’t produce anything themselves (though we’re not great at that either.)

  58. Cesc Appeal

    El Tel

    My favourite manager is actually Jurgen Klopp just for future reference…the lovable, brilliant nut job

  59. El Tel 1


    Me too.

    I also like Ancelloti and could not believe he was sacked.

    I like Martinez but feel he could flop at Arsenal it would be the toss of a coin.

    I would like Pep tooand now Simeone.

    As for that little weasel Moaninhio. Foget it

  60. Revving Kevin

    I give up, I really do.

    I guarantee you this. If Wenger had spent multi millions more than anyone else and had lost three semis you would be going nuts. If we had only scored two goals you would be going nuts. Forget stadium and all that, just consider three semi defeats. You would be pissed.

    But when Maureen does it you are worshipping him.

    The only reason I mentioned Wenger and the CL was lost on you. Wenger gets slagged off but without Maureen’s money we have one semi final and one win. And unbeaten until final. As we lost the final with just ten men in the first half, why do you slag him off for losing the final?

    That was the point.

    You can worship Maureen all you like, as you do but why ignore his facings? And why ignore what Wenger achieved in the CL and slag him off. Not balanced mate. Had what Wenger done been achieved by Maureen on a tight budget, you’ld be wanting a statue built. 🙂

  61. El Tel 1

    Same as the Mancs. The s called biggest Club on the Planet and still only won a couple of CL.

    The British media are wankers

  62. Wengerites be damned!

    My God,,, I never thought Mourinho was the best manager ever, but he deserves credit for that match.
    Mourinho has a awful record against Guardiola, but Wonga The Clown is no different.
    6X0 on Wonga’s special day.

  63. El Tel 1

    I think Pep would be gettable. He is not loved by the Bayern mobs and Cesc coming home with him in charge is doable

  64. Revving Kevin

    To round it up Maureen the Moaner only has one way of playing the game. Defensive football.

    Against teams that sit back and he has to attack he gets found wanting, despite the immense squad and quality players he has. Mata proves his mindset. This is the manager that sometimes plays without a striker for heavens sake. Tonight was crying out for Mata.

    He is a great manager of course but his weakness is starting to get found out. Exactly as Jamie Carragher said. And as Pedro of this blog said. He is a bottle job.

    Leave the hero worship to the media. This is a Gooner blog and Maureen is a wanker.

    Good night.

  65. Zoran

    El Tel 1

    I wont be surprised if he gets sacked tomorrow.
    You never know with the ruski one. He sacked Di Matteo for winning him the CL, or Ancelotti for winning him the PL. You really never know.

  66. Revving Kevin

    If you were to look at Man Utd and the massive financial advantage they enjoyed for years it’s not a great Camp League record. Against Bayern they were outplayed and Bayern shot themselves in the foot, as we all know.

    It’s hard for the EPL teams with such a competitive league as everyone says. That’s a fact.

    Real Madrid were given the week off our league won’t do that.

  67. El Tel 1

    Well said Rsv Kev

    Of course he is a good Manager but he is a cunt. Yes I said it again.

    His Club are the same. They are made for each other.

    Good night Mate.

    I am off too.

    Cesc. Do you live in England Mate?

    Only you seem more of a football man an a Supporter.

    This is not an insult it is in fact a compliment.

    I have a Chav supporting Cousin who wrote Oops on Facebook when we lost to Stoke.

    My reply was this. Premature ejaculation from a Chavski fan.

    I kept my silence until tonight.

    I wrote on Facebook.

    Oh dear.

    Night Guys

  68. Revving Kevin

    If Athletico win this the financial rewards may affect the movement of their players and manager.

    If they lose, they may have to sell. It’s a shame but thats the way it is.

  69. El Tel 1

    Our League also put us in with Liverpool,Citeh and Chelsea in the same period as the knockout phase of the CL.

    I have always moaned about things being fixed and got laughed at.

    Funny how the Mancs had their hardest start in 20 years this season when the Govan Gob and Gill mysteriously packed it in at the same time.

    Tey always had a good start to build up momentum.

    Still we flunked it this year as we had a flier, they threw all the big games in at the same time as the cup competitions though to even it up.

  70. MarbleHall

    Revv Jev
    “To round it up Maureen the Moaner only has one way of playing the game. Defensive football.”

    With one exception when facing the one dimensional no plan B Wenger

  71. Phil

    What has he achieved exactly?

    Has Arsenal played many champions league finals then or european champions cup finals?

    How old are you ?

  72. Phil

    Are you slagging off the one manager who has taken your club to the only european champions league/cup final in its entire history? Shows how much you know about football then…..

  73. MarbleHall

    Difference is Phil only Champions used to contest the European Cup so under the old system Wenger would maybe have had only two or three goes in the competition.

  74. Wengerites be damned!

    Wonga is also the only manager to get to three European finals and LOSE all three.

    He is also in ‘the 100th games in the UCL’ group.
    Wenger, Ancelotti, Mourinho, Ferguson, Hitzfeld…all of them reached the 100 match mark in the UCL but only Wenger failed to win a trophy…Embarrassing for someone considered ‘TOP’.

  75. Keyser

    “I want to congratulate the mothers of all these players because they gave them big cojones to play like this.”

    Diego Simeone.

  76. Keith

    Lol at everyone who was sucking Willian glorified Kuyt at best Arsene should have wasted 30m on this guy geniuses the lot of you

  77. Keith

    You are all bunch of idiots glad none of real fans and the board are like you. The way you all attack Arsene and Arsenal its a disgrace.

  78. Keith

    You all think you know better than Arsene but you don’t. Unlike you he actually knows about football.

  79. Keith

    Fuck you all. Arsene truly is the best and I’m delighted he is staying. All of you want him out are a bunch of wankers. I wish all of you would fuck of and support some other club.

  80. peanuts&monkeys

    Stefan Jovetic. Guys do you remember this name? I remember him only and only because there have been several megabytes of text written about him on LG last year by the Pedro fans and the hopelessly hopeful Arsenal fans. I never saw him in action except Youtube. But, LG gave me an impression he is a magician. And, then ManC got him, and oh boy….the magician didnt even get to make 2 appearances in PL.
    What is the moral of this story?

  81. Moray

    peanuts, Jovetic was injured for a large part of the season, plus he was bought as back up for a very strong City frontline. We haven’t seen much from him yet, but it’s not a bad back up, is it? Better than Sanogo by a country mile.

  82. Al

    What simone is doing at Madrid at the moment is so impressive. .. and even with all the praise they are receiving I still think they are under appreciated.

    You look at that team and there are a ton of average players who over the last three years are reaching new levels. .

    Deserve major major praise

  83. George Lambrou

    We are trying to help a very dedicated Arsenal fan start campaign where he’s encouraging proactive communication to the board.

    We want a section of the Arsenal fans at the end of the match on Sunday vs West Brom to hold up pieces of paper saying IF YOU DON’T SPEND WE WONT SPEND (he means that Arsenal fans wont buy the new Puma shirt if the board isn’t willing to make good signings). This will affect Puma’s sales, and will therefore put pressure on Puma to encourage the Arsenal board to make the signings we want, nice and early in the transfer window.

    Check out @YouSpendWeSpend for more details, and if you agree with this, then please go ahead and share this on your page which has a pretty significant fan base. If this tweet which I sent you below gets to 1000 retweets before midnight on friday, the papers saying if you don’t spend we wont spend will be held up on Sunday.

    Thanks ever so much for your time.

  84. UGooner

    FA Cup against Coventry, Ozil was not knackered, but struggling a bit to fit in, i felt. thought his lack of form required he have more game time that day so was happy he played. Just saying- my opinion.

  85. UGooner

    FA Cup against Coventry, Ozil was not knackered, but struggling a bit to fit in, i felt. thought his lack of form required he have more game time that day so was happy he played. Just saying- my opinion.