Above Spurs. Again.

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Feeling mad rough this morning, and for the first time in an age, it’s not booze related. My morning hasn’t been helped by the full bag of maltesers I dropped on the floor this morning. Or the person on the bus who smells like sour milk. But hey, I’ll soldier on.

Don’t worry about me.

It’ll be fine.

Newcastle. What to say about that. They’re sitting on 45 points. They have been for a while. They’re safe. They played like they were on the beach. Times up for Pardew. What a disgraceful performance. 6 losses on the bounce. Incredible. Shows how much those players respect him.

The Arsenal players looked embarrassed for them at times. Ozil and Ramsey sat in second gear and destroyed Newcastle. It was like the senior team beating the under 8s.

The first came from a set play. Koscielny got in front of Krul by about a yard and scuffed the ball home.

Our second came from Ozil. Newcastle allowed Giroud to break the offside trap by an absolute mile. The Frenchman had his first save, his second fell to Ozil who tapped home with ease.

In the second half, more good play from Ramsey and Ozil saw the German fizz a delightful ball onto the head of Giroud who nodded in for his first of the night.

So that was that. If City beat Everton, which I suspect they will. We retain 4th spot again. Hooray!

I can’t stress the importance of top four, even if we can’t the Champions League.

Key points from the game are standard.

Giroud really does need to be our second choice striker. He’s not fast enough not is he anywhere near the quality of finisher we need at the highest level. A top class striker would have had a hattrick last night. He’s not top quality. We need top quality.

The team is better when Ozil and Ramsey are in it. That much is clear. Not sure why people are peddling that like it’s a surprise. Every team is better with their best players. What Arsene is doing is performing a terrific job of indicating bad luck prevented the league win this year. Trouble is, he’ll have half the fanbase fooled. They don’t understand the basics of how injuries occur, they don’t dig into the detail and to them, that’s right, poor old Wenger was mugged by Lady Luck.

It’s cynical and it’s nonsense. Wenger’s management style injures players. His lack of a squad means we can’t cover this injuries. So whatever way you look at it, he’s the man at fault. Not Lady Luck.

Amazing how good he is at spinning things to suit his vision. Much like the ‘we had to sell to survive’ which we now know wasn’t true.

In other news, Spurs can no longer finish above us. Hooray again. An earlier celebration this year. Last year it was the final day. Always a good feeling. I guess the reason it feels a bit flatter this year is because we’d have preferred to be celebrating the day no other team in the league could finish above us.

Anyway. A lovely three points. One more game to go at home. Then we’re done for another season at The Grove. Amazing how quickly the year has passed.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Keyser

    Dissenter – We get listed along with Bayern, but there’s three other teams above us that play in the same league, Bayern have no-one, they’ve annihilated their own league, Real Madrid have Barcelona, I think both teams negotiate their own tv deals.

    “I am filled with shame to think we abused this competition by fielding the postman as CF in the most important game of the season for us.”

    Lol this type of shit makes me want to say ‘Grow up’, we fielded the most expensive player in our history, the player who missed the penalty that would’ve sent us into the lead.

  2. jwl

    That Bayern had 72% possession in the Bernabéu was startling, but it was only a touch higher than their average of 69.6% in the Champions League this season. The difference with Jupp Heynckes’s treble-winners is considerable.

    Last year Bayern had 54.4% possession in the Champions League, a figure which dropped to just 48.6% in the knockout stages when they bazookaed Arsenal at the Emirates, and shredded Juventus 4-0 and Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate.

    The contrast does not end there. Last season Bayern scored eight goals from set pieces; this season they haven’t managed one. Heynckes’s side also tackled and fouled more, and picked up twice as many yellow cards. They had spite as well as style. They weren’t necessarily better, but they were certainly different.


  3. Radio Raheem

    I can see Pep’s career trajectory going a similar way as Orson Welles’ – start from the top and work his way downwards.

  4. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – It’s a Cup competition, but in Bayern’s case, both Ribery and Robben are now 31, they’re only going to get slower.

    When Pep took over he said ‘I think there’s 30% more to come from this team’ (paraphrasing)

    I wonder how much more there was to come from Real Madrid, or how much they’ve added.

    Bayern have added no-one.

  5. TitsMcgee

    Fielding more than one “expensive player” might allow us to actually win something.

    Just because a player is expensive doesn’t mean he’s a robot or a computer.

    Football isn’t a one man sport either.

    Stupid comment.

  6. jwl

    MidwestGun – Wenger has been loyal to Arsenal for so long because there are few expectations of him, other than qualify for champs league. Wenger would not last long in any job where there were expectations to win immediately.

    I wonder if wenger would manage France, that seems like a good fit. I don’t know about wenger’s ego but he should be manager of under 21s, he really seems to enjoy working with young players and try to develop them for future.

  7. Keyser

    I dunno about Simeone, it’s impressive, and his team are by far the most efficient for their resources/talent, but can’t help but think they’ll inevitably fall away even if they won the league this year, it’s like Dortmund trying to replicate it again and again as bigger teams poach your talent.

    Fuck me, I can just imagine Chelsea scraping through, and with Alonso already out, Ramos to pick up a yellow..

  8. gambon

    Lol football fans are such reactionary re.tards

    Bayern are now shit, possession football is now shit, Pep is now shit.

  9. kwik fit

    So Arsene has started the bullshit early. He’s blaming the injuries for us not winning the league. In other words our players are good enough to win and so there’s no need for major adjustments in the summer.
    What a wanker. The reasons we didn’t win the league are twofold;

    1/ The fucker never strengthened in January , when Rambo and walcott got injured and the world and his blind cat could see we needed pace up top.
    2/ The fucker is tactically naive, always has been always will be.

    So Arsene, thats the reasons we didn’t win the league. So no bullshiting us bullshitters!

  10. Wallace

    Alonso’s the only player in the Madrid front 6 whose first thought isn’t, ‘i’ll beat 3 players then see what’s what.’

  11. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Lol you’re getting more and more childish, turning ever more into a troll.

    Mandzukic subbed.

  12. salparadisenyc

    “Mandzukic for Martinez…Pep looking to keep scoreline respectful?”

    I’d of thought it was to push Kroos further up, instead its Shweini whom made the move forward.

  13. TitsMcgee

    So Arsene has started the bullshit early. He’s blaming the injuries for us not winning the league. ”

    Especially if we win the FA Cup. He’ll use that as justification for the “growth” of his youngsters and the need to support and nurture them.

  14. Keyser

    Romford Pele – To be fair that’s what football is now, extremes, Bayern are an extreme, crushed their own league for the past two seasons, last seasons treble winners, 3 Champions League finals in 5 years, Semi-final exit this year.

  15. Wallace

    “Fuck me, I can just imagine Chelsea scraping through, and with Alonso already out, Ramos to pick up a yellow..”


  16. Radio Raheem

    Simeone’s work is impressive for this and last season. I don’t think he has to do much more than that. It will be almost impossible for any manager to do it longer than Simeone has considering the financial problems Atletico are in. If Atletico win the CL and/or league the achievement will dwarf any other manager’s achievement in the last 10 years. It’s almost a miracle.

  17. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Still not acknowledging your wrong it’s cool. Your right it’s not Giroud or Sanogoal’s fault. Probably the midfield and Ozils. You do know Alaba missed a penalty in the Bayern game too.

  18. Jake

    Why do people still obsess over Muller. The guy has notable ability. He isn’t a good passer, finisher, he doesn’t create chances, he doesn’t defend or track back that much more than anyone else. He’s got good stats but much like Podolski, the stats are decieving. You’re out there to help your team win, not finish off the chances yourself.

  19. Carts

    “I’d of thought it was to push Kroos further up, instead its Shweini whom made the move forward.”

    Same here; but when they’re passing it in final 3rd, Kroos and Schweini are parallel. Martinez is waaay back.

    Although Schweini has notched a few in recent weeks, neither are the most explosive of players.

  20. Johnty79

    Check guiadolas signing through out his career and they have been shit or not performed. He always try’s to put round pegs in square wholes.

    At bayern he has ruined manzukic and martenez. Goetz has disappointed and Gustavo was superb last year.

    Silly guardiola.

  21. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Mate, even if they are poor, they occupy one position on the pitch, how many Madrid fans do you think are going ‘2

  22. Paulinho

    Alot of the German players are overrated. I would say Lahm as a full back is the only truly outstanding German player.

    Schweinsteiger is another I’ve always thought was overrated , yet many rave about him. The likes of Effenberg were in a totally different league IMO.

  23. Radio Raheem

    People will always overreact. This is normal don’t think it’s commenting on. However, some of us have always been cautious with Pep.

  24. gambon


    Wasnt a dig at you. Just fed up with seeing so many spa5tics on twitter that base their football opinions on what happened in the last game.

    I think Peps a genius, but theres a reason no team has retained the CL and theres a reason geniuses like Pep, Mourinho and Ancelotti have won it twice in long careers (not very long for Pep)

    If we could win the league and get to the CL semis and final every season id be delighted.

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    It’s like ribery, I know you’ll probably disagree but I’ve always thought he’s over rated too. I remember watching him when he was playing for u 18 ‘ s and u21 ‘ s and he looked amazing. Haven’t been overly impressed since.

  26. useroz

    Bayern last season was not dissimilar to Arsenal invincibles days….all pace, power, fouls. Basically desires tomaim and kill off opponents…..

    Always better than tippi tappi.

  27. kwik fit

    I think Bayern’s performance tonight is down in no small part to the lack of real competition in Germany. Their league was won months ago and have gone completely gone of the boil. In Spain, Madrid have been kept sharp with the healthy competition from AM and Barca.

  28. MidwestGun

    Keyser – I agree, one position. But in a one man forward setup the most important one on the pitch for a successful attacking side. Very hard to overcome a shit CF. Unless you are trying to win every game 1 nil.

  29. Paulinho

    Wenger Eagle – Modric. Now that is a top player. I don’t think it’s just recent thing either but I suppose you in terms of settling in at Madrid.

  30. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck me I’m battered. Had about 85 bottles of beer as I was so stressed out. Haven’t had a drink for a month but when missus said I couldn’t go round and have a row, I got so angry decided to get pissed and with hold my body from her. More of a punishment for her than me I have to say.

  31. TitsMcgee

    Ted Knutson ‏@mixedknuts 5m
    .@marcotti If Chelsea make the Final a) is it the most lopsided neutral-rooting final ever (Anti-Mou), and b) who do Barca fans root for?

  32. N5

    It’s easy for some of you to slag of Bayern based on tonight’s performance, but don’t forget this is the team that managed to knock out Arsenal who had Sanogo playing up front, so they’re no slouch.

  33. Carts

    I’m not being a knee-jerk reactionist but why has Pep taken of Ribery but left 3 CM on?????? And brought on 2 attackers.

    Surely taking off Kroos or Sxhweini would make more sense???

  34. kwik fit


    Not a good idea to withhold the old body from anyone, especially the missus. Life’s not worth the hassle 😉

  35. WengerEagle


    Yeah I meant he’s upped another gear in his game this season under Ancelotti. He struggled a little bit settling in the team but now he’s a vital cog in their CM. IMO he’s been their second best player this season after Ronaldo.

    At Tottenham he was a very good player but now he’s a truly world class player.

  36. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Firstly we play with two wide forwards, half the time Walcott’s more advanced than Giroud, even if that was the case, Bayern have Mandzukic and 35 year old Pizarro, last year they stuck Muller up front, and at times this year.

    You’re putting far too much emphasis on it. To the point you have to be trolling.

  37. ahk_13

    This match is so similar to our car crash at anfield. What people will remember is one team ripping the other apart with speed and precision. But both of them started with two set piece goals.

    In matches where so much is at stake, set piece goals can change everything- Bayern now have no choice but to go all out, and will concede again on swift counter attacks.

    Look at our corner kicks and free kicks. Our delivery is crap, our strategy is crap and our finishing is crap.Only one in ten probably even reaches it’s target, yet Wenger is stupid enough to believe that mertesacker can flick it on and someone else can be at the end of it and score. Even if mertesacker can flick on every second cross that reaches him, and even if our shitty forwards can score one in five such chances created ( both very optimistic estimates), we’d still need about a hundred set pieces to score a single goal.

    Yes, we need more pace and power in our side, but we also need someone like di Maria- every single cross or set piece delivery is perfect. And we need a better strategy and a better finisher at the end of it. A set piece goal in a big match can tilt things in our favour or allow us to express ourselves more.

  38. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    When my girlfriend was over she left beer in the fridge,so im like cool beer for the game. I took one drink and spit it out. Orange flavored! Wtf? Who puts orange flavor in beet. Shit! Lol. Should have looked at the label. 🙁

  39. goonerbone

    Pep finally proves how overrated he is! He’s an opportunistic sob who left fcb when it was going down and then sat waiting until a new overpowered superpower seemed to emerge which he could piggyback…AW can learn a lot from many managers but not from this clown

  40. Keyser

    MidwestGun – “But you can keep thinking its not Giroud its the midfield if you want.”

    Maybe this is what you’re stuck with, it’s pretty simple give me a choice between the striker or the 5 players in midfield we surround him with, I’ll take the 5 over him.

  41. Radio Raheem

    Pep finally proves how overrated he is!

    Calm down you’re making the same mistake as those who crowned him the best thing since slice bread after his time at barca.

  42. zeus

    Why is Ancelotti so underrated? I think he did underachieve with Milan from a Serie A perspective (only the one title), but he is an immense coach.

    If Chelsea wasn’t packed with cunts in the squad, he would still be at Chelsea now.

  43. salparadisenyc

    Feel the love Pep.

    Bale and Modric

    From shite hart lane to the Champions league final with Real Madrid.
    Talk about upgrades, thats like going from banging Susan Boyle to Khaleesi the dragon keeper.

  44. Keyser

    Hopefully Ronaldo’s given up on his patented really shit free-kick technique, and will now try to take real free-kicks.

  45. Jake

    Is there a fire drill at the Allianz. I thought they had the best fans, maybe the orchestrated loudspeakers aren’t enough.

  46. zeus

    Have to say, I really enjoy seeing the sad little face of Robben. He most of all believed HIS and Bayern’s hype. The one trick pony.

  47. gambon


    Pep is just a terrible manager winning the league by 19 points and droppng 12 points all season, while getting to the CL semi

    Then next season when he wins the CL it will be “scrap that, Peps the best manager in the world”

    Then the next season “Peps useless”

  48. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    No I understand your position. But to me its like overlooking the giant hole in the middle of your hand and blaming your 5 fingers for not being able to hold a handful of dirt.

  49. Carts

    I think Pep will perfect it for next season, if I’m honest.

    I get this feeling that he’s not fully feeling Muller, Martinez, Mandzukic and a few others.

    I think there’ll be a few leavers…if I were Wenger I’d be hawking

  50. goonerbone

    Pep had everything to do with this. Trying to play possession all the way. It’s like AW, works against weaker teams, not against superpowers. Also, he was so weak he couldn’t handle having both Messi and Ibra in the same team and instead abdicated and let Messi pick the team.

  51. Radio Raheem

    Honestly, I don’t think this Madrid are special. They’ve got great players but don’t come across as special like Bayern last season or Barca of a few seasons ago, Ajax of a few seasons ago, Juve before them, AC Milan or Cryuff’s barca. Not special.
    I think Atletico/Chelseao will fancy their chance against Real.

    Come on Atletico.

  52. tunnygriffboy

    Midwest / Keyser

    Can’t you both agree it’s both Giroud and the midfield and call it quits looooooooool !

    Suarez inbetween Ronaldo, Bale and Di Maria. Unstoppable

  53. karaul

    pep is very good manager. hes not genious. mourinho is better. even though it´s ugly football. pep was doing great things with great players. barca now is fading away. and you can not do the same shit all over again with different players. it´s enough to destroy teams like freiburg … or arsenal 🙂 but he will be sacked if he doesn´t win the champions league in two years. which he won´t if he continues in his naive aprroach. ancoletti destroyed his vision today in big style. where does that leave wenger… i don´t wanna go to this dark woods tonight. im just glad about madrid

  54. Bero

    Pep is still a great manager and possession football is not dead. remember tthis is still yearone of pep and bayern… And in tthat first year he smashed all the records in Germany… Hardly a failure.

    All this means is that he needs to work on his team for final stages of champions league next year.

    People are so reactionary it’s unreal sometimes. I ddon’t just mean on here I mean in the media and generally too.

  55. salparadisenyc

    Pep got it wrong, but make no mistake he’s a genius and will get it right.

    Thats probably when Wenger puts us into the last eight and gets us past the last 16 hurdle. Only to be punished by Pep…. again.

  56. goonerbone

    Many people have seen through pep already since fcb. You call me reactionary, I call you slow learner

  57. kwik fit

    It’s truly our last chance. When she sees’ it( the banner that is) she’s not going to Turkey!! Thats all I can say at this point 😉

  58. Keyser

    MidwestGun – That Alien’s growing inside of you now, only a matter of time. You’re going to have mor to worry about than the hole in your hand.

  59. Doublegooner

    And the AKB’s wonder why we get pissed off.

    Just think AW refused to pay an extra £2m for Xavi Alonso – less than what Diaby gets a year.