Above Spurs. Again.

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Feeling mad rough this morning, and for the first time in an age, it’s not booze related. My morning hasn’t been helped by the full bag of maltesers I dropped on the floor this morning. Or the person on the bus who smells like sour milk. But hey, I’ll soldier on.

Don’t worry about me.

It’ll be fine.

Newcastle. What to say about that. They’re sitting on 45 points. They have been for a while. They’re safe. They played like they were on the beach. Times up for Pardew. What a disgraceful performance. 6 losses on the bounce. Incredible. Shows how much those players respect him.

The Arsenal players looked embarrassed for them at times. Ozil and Ramsey sat in second gear and destroyed Newcastle. It was like the senior team beating the under 8s.

The first came from a set play. Koscielny got in front of Krul by about a yard and scuffed the ball home.

Our second came from Ozil. Newcastle allowed Giroud to break the offside trap by an absolute mile. The Frenchman had his first save, his second fell to Ozil who tapped home with ease.

In the second half, more good play from Ramsey and Ozil saw the German fizz a delightful ball onto the head of Giroud who nodded in for his first of the night.

So that was that. If City beat Everton, which I suspect they will. We retain 4th spot again. Hooray!

I can’t stress the importance of top four, even if we can’t the Champions League.

Key points from the game are standard.

Giroud really does need to be our second choice striker. He’s not fast enough not is he anywhere near the quality of finisher we need at the highest level. A top class striker would have had a hattrick last night. He’s not top quality. We need top quality.

The team is better when Ozil and Ramsey are in it. That much is clear. Not sure why people are peddling that like it’s a surprise. Every team is better with their best players. What Arsene is doing is performing a terrific job of indicating bad luck prevented the league win this year. Trouble is, he’ll have half the fanbase fooled. They don’t understand the basics of how injuries occur, they don’t dig into the detail and to them, that’s right, poor old Wenger was mugged by Lady Luck.

It’s cynical and it’s nonsense. Wenger’s management style injures players. His lack of a squad means we can’t cover this injuries. So whatever way you look at it, he’s the man at fault. Not Lady Luck.

Amazing how good he is at spinning things to suit his vision. Much like the ‘we had to sell to survive’ which we now know wasn’t true.

In other news, Spurs can no longer finish above us. Hooray again. An earlier celebration this year. Last year it was the final day. Always a good feeling. I guess the reason it feels a bit flatter this year is because we’d have preferred to be celebrating the day no other team in the league could finish above us.

Anyway. A lovely three points. One more game to go at home. Then we’re done for another season at The Grove. Amazing how quickly the year has passed.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Carts


    Good performance by the lads. The thougt of Europa League footy with Yids didn’t bode well, it seems.

    Rambo playin like he had a rocket lodged firmly in his anal cavity.

    At times I feel as though he tried a bit too hard: Few careless passes reminded me of the old Ramsey (last season). But I guess that’s testsament to his desire to carry a team managed by a hopeless tactician.

  2. @snoekrats

    Would prefer for Wilshere not to go to the World Cup and have a good rest and a proper pre-season.

    Diaby will be our new signing.Cant wait.

  3. bergkamplegend

    Above Spuds again!!
    Our season is a fucking awesome success!! lol

    Is there a trophy also for finishing above them ??? lol

  4. bergkamplegend

    “Amazing how quickly the year has passed.”
    == >> “Amazing how slowly the year passed without the PL trophy…”

  5. the_real_andy

    giroud’s contribution to our second was … shocking. a five yard pass would’ve been enough to set up ozil to score a regular goal – his goal was offside because of giroud’s inability. shocking

  6. andy1886

    Apparently Revvin is convinced Wenger will sign a ‘top’ striker this summer, would love to see who he thinks that will be. I’m convinced that OG will still be our first choice, maybe he’ll sign Drmic, but that’s underwhelming (thought he was pretty average last game out tbh). Who’d bet against Wenger signing more small technical CM’s when we need a left winger (assuming Theo returns on time and is fit) and some strength in the side? As for the comment on injuries he really is deluded, two more years of Wenger making comments like that will drive us all insane.

  7. the_real_andy

    haha carts

    can see the guys checking our levy: you try to tell us you paid 30 million for soldado? come on, you know he isn’t a worth a penny. you’re under arrest haha

  8. HoustonGunner13

    Close to first??! Damn it. I was finally up early enough to get close to first post. Its tough for us Yanks. Back to bed with me.

  9. bergkamplegend

    “If we finish fourth, it will be a good season.”
    “We retain 4th spot again. Hooray!”

    With so many fans thinking that, it’s pretty logical that wenger risk nothing for his job…

  10. N5

    “Ramsey’s stamina is something else.”

    I’m not convinced he’s human. I’ve never known of a person that has his stamina levels. T1000.

  11. Zoran

    “Is there a trophy also for finishing above them ??? lol”

    Big deal, finishing above spuds.
    No one says we are finishing again under Chavs.

  12. Romford Pele

    Did you go last night N5? Got a mate to drive and met him at the stadium. Tubes messed it up for a lot of people

  13. Pires_7_legend

    Well done for finishing above first – hopefully by the time we play on sunday we would’ve cemented 4th place provided Man City do a number on Everton.

    I’m also hoping that Man City go on and win the League now, sounds controversial I know, but Liverpool or chelsea are twats, Mourinho is a Wanker and J.W Henry for calling our bluff on the Saurez deal is a dickhead so f*** them both.

    That said I still want us to win all our remaining games which means we won’t play under pressure in the Cup final. You could see yesterday a lot of players running beyond Giroud, especially Ramsey, Ozil, Sagna and Monreal. It’s clear that there is a lot more confidence in the team.

    Let’s keep it this way.

    I also hope Wilshire doesn’t go to the World Cup, he needs to think about Arsenal first and about how he’s going to fix a position in the first team next year. We all know how talented he is, and I personally think he can do the deep lying playmaker role really well. Ramsey is a definite starter for me and I think if we get one of the Benders that would be my midfield trio. Carzola doesn’t offer much as a wide player, he doesn’t score enough goals and ghost in the middle too much.

    Here’s my line up for next year;

    New RB, Mert, Kos, Gibbs
    Bender, Wilshire
    Walcott, WC CF, Ozil

  14. Mark

    Still follow the Arsenal but the passion and excitment has died within due to Wenger – just felt flat watching the game last night.

    Two more years. Two more sodding years. He has hijacked my love of Arsenal and my mojo has gone! It’s like being told you have won the lottery big time but are not allowed to splash the cash for two years. I wish I could hibernate and awake when he has moved on. Moved on and not up.

  15. Iain

    “Above Spuds again!!
    Our season is a fucking awesome success!! lol”

    This Spurs supporter is genuinely puzzled that you care so much about St Tottingham’s Day and Spurs in general. Except when we play you I rarely think about your lot at all.

    I support my team and that’s it, I don’t need a feeling of superiority over another club to justify it. It smacks of some underlying inferiority complex.

  16. N5

    Yes Romford, we always drive so the tubes didn’t effect me, but I heard it was awful.

    I know people are really pissed off that the supporters were singing (?) but it was a very enjoyable atmosphere last night and I think as a Gooner you have to take that where you can until things change.

  17. Sam

    4th place *should* be secured this weekend but WBA are a proper team. Arse fans know just how the travelling Toons felt last night as their team (Krul excepted) just rolled over.
    In 4th there are likely to be some tough draws for the CL group stages. Athletic Bilbao just one example.

    The Cup Final is breaking my heart. The online touts as usual have their ticket sales wrapped up. Don’t know about you, but I don’t have £600+ to spend on a ticket. The Hull ones are going for £100 less, but it all sucks.
    Is there going to be a big screen somewhere for us peasant Arsenal fans to watch together? I have a feeling that the club would charge admission to watch it together at the Emirates.
    The depression of watching our first trophy possibility in 9 years on my home TV is unbearable.

  18. nuudles

    Morning, Ozil showed some glimpses, I cannot even imagine how it will be if he is fully settled, playing with an in-form Ramsey, Theo and a top CF & left winger. Sad thing is we will probably never know.

    The even sadder thing is it is not even all that hard: get Lukaku, add Rodriguez as his backup (much prefer him to OG). Add a left winger, someone with pace, Reus for me all day long but I would settle for Draxler or Griezman (looks a bit light but if he can punch above his weight its fine by me).

  19. N5

    Tunny when you watch the guy he just doesn’t stop. I looked at his stats and he’s covering 5000 miles per match…..no I’m not over exaggerating.

  20. Bergkamp63

    A player is in an offside position if, when the ball is played by a team-mate, they are nearer to the opposition’s goal line than both the ball and the second last opponent.

  21. Romford Pele

    “How good was Ozil last night ? That dummy on Gouffran . . . . Mind you we barely had to get out of 2nd gear.”

    Too much. There was a bit where he accelerated past two players, nutmegged another then played it near post for L’Oreal who called for it then didn’t make the run :/

  22. karaul

    i had a dream today. true story.

    I was going to meet Wenger and I had a paper with 5 names. RB, CB, DM, WINGER, CF.. few names to every position. Was really excited.

    Than when I was entering the room where he was supposed to be he shouted – “I got no money in my pockets, go away!”. LOOOOL

  23. bergkamplegend

    Once again N5 you don’t understand my point of view : I never said that the fans don’t have the right to sing, but what is shocking to me is that they seems to be HAPPY with the 4th place trophy, NEVER showing any anger for wenger’s policy!!

    How can you expect a managerial change in those conditions ???

  24. nuudles

    Zoran, Ozil was offside, he was about half a yard in front of Krul who went out to close OG down. One of their players went back to the line so there was only one player between Ozil & the goal and not the required two.

  25. tunnygriffboy


    Glad the atmosphere was good. I’ m sure it helps the players. It was so easy though, bit of a non game. If we could just get dsome early signings this summer just to lift us a little and get us excited.

  26. Bennydevito

    Morning Grovers, good post Pedro.

    N5 Ramsey reminds me of Bryan Robson.

    Anyway, here’s to another summer of transfer window windups and disappointment.

  27. nuudles

    Romford, I cannot even start to imagine Ozil’s frustration, Giroud clearly pointed where he wanted the ball, Ozil obliged and when he played the pass Giroud changed his mind…

  28. Romford Pele

    “Romford, I cannot even start to imagine Ozil’s frustration, Giroud clearly pointed where he wanted the ball, Ozil obliged and when he played the pass Giroud changed his mind…”

    Tbh you can definitely tell he gets frustrated with him. Even for his goal, Giroud should’ve just squared it. Instead he had two dreadful efforts on goal and was lucky it fell into Ozil’s path.

  29. tunnygriffboy


    Did you see Ozil tell Giroud he should have squared it earlier before he scored. ‘ Christ Ollie I’ve created a million chances for you. You should have given me a tap in “

  30. bergkamplegend

    “I would just add Benzema and we would look more than pretty, pretty good!”

    In arsène you trust ?? lol

  31. N5

    Legend, my comment wasn’t directed at you mate. It was just in general as it seems to have annoyed a lot of people.

    Tunny, fully agreed mate. It was an odd one last night. It felt like the second leg of a cup match when we were already 7-0 up.

  32. DUIFG

    Was the simplest win last night, as expected our run in was a piece of piss, such a shame Wenger dithered again stopping us strengthening in Jan so we had a better crack going through feb march.

    We need an ST that much is clear, any ST in world football would surely love the proposition of Ozil feeding him.

  33. DUIFG

    Traffic here horrendous here earlier on. . . . Ozil picking up WC form, would luv to see what he does with more pacey clinical finishers around him.

    I mean was this ever in doubt? Only the fucking idiot Wenger would put put a donkey in front of ozil, he bought a ferrari engine and chcuked on square wheels to finish the job off. So blatantly obvious OG needed support and was weak himself.

  34. tunnygriffboy

    Ozil with Griezmann, Walcott, Ox and quick striker mmmmmmm . . . .

    If we get 3 quality players and manage ( please look at it ) our injuries reasonably
    then we have more chance to rotate which in turn leads to less injuries. If Wenger wants to go out with a bang, which I ‘m sure he does this summer is vital. Hopefully it’s ” here’s the targets, now go and get them “

  35. N5

    You too Inter and regardless of what others think, I’m always happy to have one up over our slightly backwards neighbours.

  36. Vintage Gun

    It Happened again
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Its happened again

    Not matter what i think of our season its always nice to be able to say that.

  37. MadeToLoveMagic

    nice to see the team relaxing again last night, in those moments i still think we play the best game in the league

    nice hearing rogers echo pedros sentiment about rogers, but hansen and lawro the two old skoolers called it a masterclass……. the mass debate rolls on,,,,,,,

    Well done, great show last night,,,,,,


    ECl tonight! we have the end of the prem, the CUP FINAL then The WORLD CUP! 🙂

  38. Mo

    “WallaceApril 29, 2014 08:58:48
    Ozil’s 2nd half ‘fake out’ of the defender in the Newcastle box was creamy.”

    Yep, I definitely felt a spasm in my pants when he did that. Class.

  39. Romford Pele

    “If that’s Ozil playing left wing yesterday, then I don’t wanna see him play anywhere else.”

    He wasn’t playing left-wing? He just tends to drift. I prefer when he drifts wide right personally.

  40. Inter YourGran

    In other new;

    To be fair, we’ve offered Sagna 2 years with an option of a third and just below 100k p/w. He can’t say he’s been disrespected and if he goes to city, we’ll.. Fuck him!

    Oh, giroud is still dogshit. Not only that but I hate his mannerisms, his face and the fact he snuck brasses up to his hotel on the eve of games. I’ve got no problem with the brasses part if you play like ramsey, but he plays like a cunt.

    His two one on one misses sum him up. Ozil had to put a 2 yard header on a plate for him.

  41. Zoran


    No way I would trust one imbecile, but have to admit even imbeciles make sometimes strange things. Last year he signed Özil, maybe this year he makes the same strange thing with Benzema

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    Personally I think people who are teasing the spuds about us finishing below us should be ashamed of them…….Nah, who the fuck am I kidding. Ha ha ha ha at spurs, 100 million spent and still shitter than us with our failure of a manager.

  43. Dissenter

    Morning y’all

    Can we tune down the Giroud bashing. It’s becoming boring now.
    It’s unfair to be bashing Giroud, who’s being run into the ground by Wenger. Wenger’s admitted it, hasn’t he.
    Giroud wasn’t making some runs because he’s as fried, contrast it to the beginning of the season.
    Ozil and Ramsey, however good they are also showed the importance of resting players.
    Giroud is okay as the second striker. It’s not his fault Wenger bungled last summer’s transfer.
    Please stop all the needless bashing of this guy.

  44. Ashwin Gunner


    I think we have progressed from the previous years.
    In last couple of years we have clinched 4th place trophy on the last day. This time around we are doing it with a match to spare.

  45. Wallace

    i know it was debated to hell and back on here yesterday, but Neville & Carragher’s analysis of the Liv v Chel game was top notch.

  46. Rhys Jaggar

    Dunno why people are worried about Wilshere going to the World Cup.

    He’s only played 19 games from the start this season so he’s hardly going to be tired, is he?? Even with a few England games, it’s only 25 tops.

    The people going to the WC who’ve played loads of games are probably Mertesacker, Koscielny Giroud and maybe Cazorla. No-one else…..

  47. Inter YourGran

    Dissenter – get off giroud’s knob. He’s shit and disrespected the club.

    Darren Bent could score 20 goals playing in front of özil, ramsey, walcott and cazorla.

    He’s a cunt, end of and we should have better.

    As for him being 2nd choice? The bloke’s 28 and isn’t what I’d call an impact player. Athletico want him to replace costa.

    Take the money!!!

  48. Thorough

    Romford. Are you sure? Thought it was Ozil left/always drifting left and Cazorla on the right. He looked very comfortable where he was yesterday and I think that was predominantly left.

  49. Ashwin Gunner

    It is still pathetic to see Wenger’s post match press conference.

    He is saying injuries hampered our run. Injuries are part and parcel of game and every team goes through them. but other teams have sufficient back ups to fill the slots. we only have 11 players and we play them till they fall down. and bemoan that we are helpless.

    How can the reporters sitting there listen to this BS. why don;t they question him.

  50. N5

    “You got in there before me and now it looks like im parroting you lol”

    Vintage it was Inter not me, but he did text me and say look at Vintage copying me, he should get his own ideas 😀

  51. Thank you and goodnight

    No you misheard the giroud rumours to Atletico. It’s not to replace Costa with him. What they actually said was we will give you a Costa Coffee for Giroud. Personally if the coffee has chocolate sprinkles on I’d take it…..seems a fair swap.

  52. Bosully

    Giroud has a good work rate but is not the player to deliver ultimate success.A good reserve striker is his role for Arsenal.On Squawka stats he scores 561 for the year and Suarez is over 1600.There is lots of players in front of him includng Sturridge, Aguero, Suarez , Rooney,Remy ,Bony and Lukaku.I know it is one of many stat sites but a return of 15 goals in the league this season is okay at best.

    You will never get the best out of Ozil unless you get a striker who is willing to run beyond the last man and to do that consistently you need pace and Giroud does not possess pace.That is why Ramsey is so important as he will gamble and provide an extra outlet.

    Wenger has to track down a striker who has pace and is able to create chances on his own- again something Giroud does not do.At times his first touch and control is Championship standard.

    To me it is so obvious that it needs to be addressed but Wenger seems to be in love with him.I fear another case of Wenger stubborness coming on.

    Side note poor old Sanogo is minus 15 for the season.Yes a MINUS.Some Arsenal fans will always quote injuries but I think the combined stats of Giroud and Sanogo say everthing you need to know about our goal difference and our season.

  53. Al

    Anyone notice in the second half…

    Ramsey lost the ball in their half and they broke fast.. The guy bust a lung sprinting back to near our box and intercepted their pass.

    He dribbles out with the ball lays it to Giroud….who loses it with his second touch in under less then a second

  54. Inter YourGran

    Bosully – sanogo is the worst striker I’ve ever seen represent arsenal in a competitive first 11 and trust me I’ve seen some dog shit in my time.

    How’d that cunt start against bayern munich?

    Oh yeah, wenger!

  55. bergkamplegend

    @MadeToLoveMagic : “in those moments i still think we play the best game in the league”

    Any idea about our incapacity to do the same against the chavs, city or even the worst yoonited seen in years ?? 😉

  56. Dream10


    Ozil was glorious when drifting to the right in Spain. Walcott needs a side of the pitch to himself. Can they co-exist for a whole season?

  57. Romford Pele

    “Romford. Are you sure? Thought it was Ozil left/always drifting left and Cazorla on the right. He looked very comfortable where he was yesterday and I think that was predominantly left.”

    He’s kind of everywhere mate. He isn’t the archetypal type of 10 who will just stay in the middle and look to spray passes. He’s very comfortable drifting outwide with a teammate to create 2-on-1 situations. He used to do a lot at Madrid with Ronaldo and Di Maria. He doesn’t really have a fixed position even though he is a playmaker. Most of the time he’s just looking for the area where with most space to exploit.

  58. Dissenter

    “Tbh you can definitely tell he gets frustrated with him. Even for his goal, Giroud should’ve just squared it. Instead he had two dreadful efforts on goal and was lucky it fell into Ozil’s path”

    I can’t believe you’re knocking the striker for not passing the ball when he had a chance to score himself. Why should the square it when he had the chance? If he had squared it, you all will knock him for lack of confidence.
    Giroud has his shortcomings however people have to acknowledge in the spirit of fairness that he’s been played too often this season.

  59. N5

    “How can the reporters sitting there listen to this BS. why don;t they question him.”

    I often think this, reporters seem frightened of the “why you look at me?”, why can’ t just one of them have the balls to say, but you have the same issue every year, in fact this isn’t isolated Wenger, every year you top the injury table!

    Instead what we get is Google Hangout and questions like “where is your favourite place to go on holiday?”. Pathetic.

  60. N5

    “Benzema? Heaven forbid!!!”

    How come Inter? I love Benzema, in fact I have for years but I know a lot of people feel like you, is it him you dislike or his football?

  61. Romford Pele

    “Ozil was glorious when drifting to the right in Spain. Walcott needs a side of the pitch to himself. Can they co-exist for a whole season?”

    I think they can definitely co-exist together. Remember Theo likes of make runs from the right inside the FB. He’s not one to hug the touchline mate.

  62. Inter YourGran

    I’m not having this bullox Giroud’s been overplayed.

    He’s a useless flat track bully who got found out when özil and ramsey aren’t setting him up for two yard tap ins.

  63. Romford Pele

    “I can’t believe you’re knocking the striker for not passing the ball when he had a chance to score himself.”

    It was a lot easier to square the ball than for L’Oreal to go for goal himself. Sure, he’s a striker and should be selfish but considering he can’t finish his dinner, squaring it to Ozil initially would’ve been the best bet for sure.

  64. tunnygriffboy


    I agree that Giroud gets an unbelievable amount of stick, some a bit OTT. He is just above average and it’s not his fault he’s been left as our only real option up front. I actually thought he ran the channels tonight, all be it with a zimmer, but we obviously need an upgrade


    Sorry mate Darren Bent wouldn’t score more than him the way he’s been over the last two seasons. Looooooool. He seems to have given up on his career.

  65. Romford Pele

    “He dribbles out with the ball lays it to Giroud….who loses it with his second touch in under less then a second”

    And that is what Giroud is famed for, his famous “hold up play”. It’s all BS to be honest. He has 21 goals this season but should really be on 30 with the amount he’s missed. Unless Ramsey and Ozil put it on a plate for him like the third goal yesteryear, he ain’t doing much.

  66. Al

    “Bosully – sanogo is the worst striker I’ve ever seen represent arsenal in a competitive first 11 and trust me I’ve seen some dog shit in my time.”

    Franny Jeffers was worse

  67. bergkamplegend

    Mark : “Still follow the Arsenal but the passion and excitment has died within due to Wenger…”

    Welcome to the club mate…

  68. Inter YourGran

    N5/RP – we’ve covered this before.

    Any monkey can look half decent playing upfront for Madrid. I don’t like the bloke as a player. He misses guilt edged chances and watching him for France (where there’s no ronaldo) he’s so hit and miss that carthorse got the nod for an extended period.

    You can’t be that good if giroud gets the nod over you, and trust me I thought he was a player at Lyon, he’s not a better play now imo similar to wilshere.

    Plus he fucks 16 y/o

    Wrong un…

  69. N7

    I thought Tiote played well last night. I think he’d suit our team very well. Our comfortable win had as much to do with NUFC’s lack of spirit than our play.

  70. F4phantomphreak

    Has anyone checked out Jackson Martinez from the Portuguese league? He has pace, strong and we can get him. It’s much more realistic than some of the other names like Costa, we have zero chance on him when the likes of city, Chelski are sniffing around!

  71. Zoran

    Thank you and goodnight

    Let’s just swap him With Costa Coffee without chocolate sprinkles on.
    Who knows, they might charge extra.

  72. Inter YourGran

    AL – no, Francis jeffers was a better player. It never worked out for him but you could see something there (especially demonstrated at everton) and he wasn’t ready or good enough for a club the size of arsenal.

  73. Dream10

    Suarez did not score against us, Chelsea or City.
    Disappointing or not important considering he is a top player?

  74. gambon

    “Anyone behind the keeper is offside even if there is an opposite player behind the keeper too.”

    Someone doesn’t know the offside rule.

  75. N5

    “Plus he fucks 16 y/o”

    Is that true? Inter you say you’ve covered it before, was that with me? If so then I apologise for asking as I’d forgot.

  76. Inter YourGran

    Gambon 😆

    Need to teach these ladies about the. Offside rule alie

    It’s behind any 2 players including the keeper. Ozil was offside, we got lucky, but it wouldn’t have mattered if giroud was a clueless fuckwit

  77. Al

    Inter YourGran
    April 29, 2014 10:03:55

    “AL – no, Francis jeffers was a better player. It never worked out for him but you could see something there (especially demonstrated at everton) and he wasn’t ready or good enough for a club the size of arsenal.”

    disagree. He had nothing to his game. He played and was in the same squad with the greats back then and looked a donkey.
    I know he got injured but just look how it turned out for him and ask yourself why he is down there

  78. Romford Pele

    “Any monkey can look half decent playing upfront for Madrid”

    I’m sorry mate but this isn’t true. You need to ask yourself why he’s playing for Madrid in the first place. The talent is undeniable. He’s having his best season since coming there in terms of goals/assists.

    Guilt edge chances? His record in big games this season is great. All the top strikers miss chances – Suarez hasn’t scored against any of the big sides this season. Benzema’s overall contribution is great. He has to reinvent himself slightly anyway due to the fact that Ronaldo and Bale are very greedy players.

    Mate, Giroud got the nod over him for like 2 games when he started the season well. Benzema is the undisputed no.1. fair you don’t like him but don’t chuck in stupid reasons to bash him.

  79. Sir Chips

    For all his well established weaknesses, Giroud had a pretty good game last night. Some of his link up play was very good and he did make some intelligent movements. I’d be happy for him to stay to supplement our new faster-better-stronger WC striker.

    As a side note, as someone above stated, Wilshere should not be going to Brazil. The guy needs a proper pre-season to finally get over this ankle problem. Rushing back just to make the World Cup will only serve to ruin next season for him.

  80. Inter YourGran

    Al – you disagree that’s fine, but not every person has a career playing at the top.

    How you can say jeffers never had anything about him is ridiculous as we paid 10mm to everton based on what he could do.

    And you rate sanogo higher for doing what exactly?

    There are some strange people on today I swear down

  81. Zoran

    Thank you and goodnight

    In that case Dick has to be very smart, they might leave the negotiation table saying we are demanding to much.
    L’Oreal + Sanogo for two Costa Coffees (without chocolate sprinkles on) might be just the right thing.

  82. Wallace

    i think Giroud was totally entitled to take the first shot, but a more aware player would have squared the rebound to Ozil.

  83. bergkamplegend

    So, triple celebration for the open bus parade in London this year!!

    – 4th place trophy;
    – FA Cup – even clinch the finalist medals would be a huge improvement;
    – 2 more years of wenger!!

    Let’s party!! 🙂

  84. Dissenter

    It seems Real Madrid will bid for Suarez this summer. Suarez will have a very good World Cup and Madrid will probably pay 75 million+ for him.

    That has huge ramifications for OUR transfer dealings. If the Suarez deal drags on till in the window, then expect this summer to be like the last because Wenger will play Russian roulette and wait for the Benzema apple to fall off the Bernebeu tree.

  85. DUIFG

    I will happily admit I go OTT over Giroud, its only because he is the glaring failure in the team and has been all year, he is this years Almunia, Eboue Denilson , no aerial CB character. the guy Wenger plays into the ground despite being awful in the hope he comes good songesque so he can claim he unearther an unheralded gem.

    We persist with dross for far longer than any other big club would, the reality is we will probbaly leave him go for a loss. 2 years wasted.

  86. Inter YourGran

    RP – you like benzema, fair enough but don’t get all lady period esque because I dont. Reinvent his game because thw two most expsive players in the world play on the wing? Hahahahaha

    I go by what I see with my own eyes, not via stats. I don’t like what I see, it’s called an opinion.

    Here, have a diet coke 😉

  87. Marko

    Last night again illustrated for me that if you put some quality wingers and a quality striker in front of Ozil we can compete for the league next season. He’s got the quality to carry this team to a league title he just needs to be passing to better players in the final 3rd.

    2 of Reus, Draxler, Cuardrado, Griezmann or Joel Campbell.
    And one of Benzema/Diego Costa/Jackson Martinez or (gods forbid) Cavani and our attack would be most potent indeed

  88. TitsMcgee

    A motivated Benzema would be a dream along with a Javi Martinez from Bayern and maybe a RB .

    Problem with Benzema is he needs to have things going his way or else he goes in the tank and gets fat and you know that under Wenger things will go south at some point

  89. Dissenter

    Has anyone considered the dynamics of having two strikers from the national team in the same club.
    Benzema and Giroud, are they pals? I not sure it will work out.

    We are better off seeking the easy to do deals early than hope Liverpool will sell Suarez to shake Benzema off Madrid.

  90. Al

    Inter YourGran
    April 29, 2014 10:13:23
    Al – you disagree that’s fine, but not every person has a career playing at the top.
    How you can say jeffers never had anything about him is ridiculous as we paid 10mm to everton based on what he could do.And you rate sanogo higher for doing what exactly?


    How about i actually watched him live a couple of times and he was shocking. Touch, hold up, movement, strength, power all worse then Sanogo. And the fact that Sanogo is that bad should show you just how bad he was.

    How can i justify what we paid for him?
    1/ at the time wenger wanted english and over spent
    2/ clubs make poor signings every year and overspend on players that are not worth that value…. Carrol, Marlet etc

    The point is if he was a decent footballer…even if it didnt work out for him playing with the likes of Bergkamp, Henry, PV4 etc he should have still found himself a decent level and performed….which he didnt

  91. FatherJack

    Congratulations to the Woolwich Wanderers getting Champions League football so early against Tottenham with two games to go and probably one game to go against Everton. You guys should be proud of securing this with this many games to go after being top of the league in the new year. I do like the Woolwich Wanderers fans Olympic attitude to the Champions League, it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part. So many years participating in it who needs to win it, let Chelsea, Man utd and Liverpool have the embarrasment of that trophy.

    I do love how Wenger and the team think about your mental health. I mean what team would want to put their fans through all them emotions of a title challenge, leave that to them crazy Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City fans. Bet you guys are relieved to let them go through all that ectasy and depression. They should make a trophy for 4th because the European section of the trophy cabinet must be bare and could do with some filling.

  92. Zoran

    Our third goal happened coincidentally, Özil just kicked the ball on L’Oreals head.

    That it went inside was pure luck.

  93. N5

    “Benzema and Giroud, are they pals? I not sure it will work out.”

    I head they can’t stand each other, but they are both paid more than enough cash to just get on with it and act like pro’s. I heard Sheringham and Cole couldn’t stand each other too but that didn’t seem to affect their partnership on the pitch.

  94. Dissenter

    Sir Chips,
    Don’t worry, if Wislhere goes to Brazil he won’t get a game.
    He’s at the bottom of the pecking order currently.
    I don’t think he’s done enough to be selected to be honest.