Mourinho, tactical masterclass? Do me a favour…

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I can’t play the games the media play. I watched the Liverpool game yesterday and I saw no tactical master play. I didn’t see the second coming of the Herbert Chapman. All I saw was a miserable unimaginative game of football decide the title.

I was staggered to read and listen to the outpouring of admiration for Jose Mourinho after the game. Shearer said, in astonishment,

‘Look here, they’ve got 7 players behind the ball. Fantastic discipline.

Excuse me? Am I hearing this right?

Firstly, let’s delve into the Jose game plan. He spent the whole week souring the run in by declaring he was going to play a weakened side. Straight up, this sort of comment shouldn’t be tolerated. It so out of touch with the spirit of the game. It’s standard Jose, but whatever. Then he turns up to the game and looks like he’s been on 3 day coke binge. He rolls his team out to play like they’re a League 2 side playing Liverpool.

What’s up with that?

Now look, I marvel at his practical view of football. He didn’t do what Arsene did and turn up pants down ready for a good Rodgering. However, to show up with the most expensively assembled squad in the league and play like Stoke is shambolic. It’s embarrassing. Sure, we all love winning. Sure I’d like some of his trophies, but for me, deliver it like Pep or Klopp over the monstrosity that is a Mourinho shame train.

‘Tactical master class’

Please spare the bullshit. He lined up with a bank of ten and stifled the game. He sent his players out to time waste… in the first half! Imagine that. £190m wage bill, a £14m a year manager and that’s what he serves up to the world… and our press think that’s masterful? Give me a break.

Now, Brendan Rodgers played a duff hand. All he needed was a point to keep the match in his hand. Simple fact is Liverpool, much like Arsenal of yesteryear don’t possess the players to play like Brand Allardyce. So he couldn’t. But I still feel his open play flunked it. Stevie G slipping. That’ll molest him in his sleep for the rest of eternity.

Anyway, Jose has a brilliant record against the top teams this year. Better than anyone. Where has that got him? He’s unlikely to win a trophy this year. Where was his tactical brilliance against Sunderland, Palace and Villa. All that money, all that talent… and Liverpool are ahead of him. He’s a fading star. 2 years without a trophy. No £200m spend available this summer. Nasty negative vibe that permeates Chelsea and everyone around him. He’s going to find it tough.

Horrible man. Horrible manager. Hopefully, a horrible trophyless season for the chosen one.

In other news, let’s hope Arsene is looking at what all the teams above us have that we don’t. Size, energy and rapid pace. If Arsene is to stay on over the next two years, the one place we can hope he improves on is the squad. It’s the simplest most effective way to change what we do.

You have to put paid to the idea that he’ll change anything else. He’s beyond owning up to the fact he gets it wrong. He’s to experienced and long in the tooth to bring in new staff and new training methods. The best we can hope for is a better squad. We need Wenger to go back to his roots. We need him to sign players that made him great. Big, powerful players who had pace by the bucket load.

Sign a winger like Theo. He’ll not be back until gone September. So we’ll need to replace his pace. Bring in a striker with outrageous pace and strength. Immediately, you have a forward line that is scary. What can’t you do against pace that can get in behind your backline? Press. No one will press up high giving our midfield more space to pick out the passes. Pace in the forward line also means players like Santi and Ozil can play balls into space rather than feet. Immediately those two have a different dimension to their option box.

We’ll also need to focus on building out our squad in other areas. It’s not looking good for Sagna staying on. That’s a shame. He’s a great player and he has a lot of experience. If he does go, let’s get serious about the replacement. Seamus Coleman would sit high on my priority list for sure. 6 goals, 2 assists, buckets loads of pace, a good cross and excellent discipline. At 25  years old, he has his best years ahead of him, he’d also fit with our British core, in the sense that London has a massive Irish community and it’s always a pretty good mix. Maybe it’ll inspire us to look deeper into Ireland for talent. An area we don’t seem to exploit like other clubs.

We’ll also need to bring in some extra energy into the middle of the park. We need a monster midfielder in my opinion, but one who has skill meshed in with the power. Ideally, I’d love Pogba or Vidal. I’d also take someone like Bender from Levurkusen. I think we should also be looking at squad players who can come in and do a job in certain types of games. Crystal Palace don’t have a team of world class players. What they have is a group of players who are absolute monsters. They can take out big team on their day because of their ability to get into players. I’m not saying go and sign Crystal Palace players, I’m saying that when it comes to the squad, we don’t necessarily need world class, we need attributes that stretch teams. United had Darren Fletcher. A long way off world class,  yet he always caused us massive problems when he played against us because he could cover a lot of ground and he was hugely aggressive. Our squad outside the starting 11 doesn’t have enough bite or grit to it. We need to back that in this summer.

… I’d still love it if we moved for Diego Costa. His attitude is so good. He wants to win at all costs on the pitch. It’s inspiring to watch, I can’t imagine what it’s like to play against. Or what it’s like to play for.

Next season, if we make the right changes and bring in a deeper squad of players that are more suited to the battles we’ll face, we’ll might be able to counter the obvious deficiencies the manager has.

Gotta pray that scouting department pulls its finger out…

P.S. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Dani Alves response to having a banana thrown at him, but it’s excellent if you haven’t. He picks it up and he eats it. The aftermath on Twitter was pretty amusing as well, Neymar with his kid eating a banana with the hashtag #Weareallmonkeys. Love that attitude. Take on the muppets by making a joke of their behaviour. Reminds me of the story of Superman taking down the KKK in the 1940s. The real KKK had accrued a lot of power and their memberships were swelling. A guy called Stetson Kennedy had infiltrated the group and tried to expose them to the police. When that failed, he went to guys making the Superman radio show. They pulled together a 16 episode where superman took on men in white hoods… the show exposed all the KKKs secrets and killed the mystique of the group, making a mockery of it in the process.

I think these embarrassing acts need putting in perspective. They’re a joke. Make a joke of it. Make a spectacle of the people. Nationally humiliate them. Outrage just fuels the fire and more copycat behaviour.

Good on Danni Alves. Shame on Spain, yet again letting itself down.

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  1. london gunner

    Anyone see Ozil? I think he will want off in the summer! Man looks miserable and don’t give me his a reserved chap shtick he simply looks like a man whose really not enjoying himself.

    I saw Ozil at Real he wasn’t jolly but he wasn’t this depressed looking…

  2. SurferX

    A magnificent performance against top quality opposition- a thrilling display of world-class football. What a night!

    Laters munglers.

  3. Jeff

    They might as well save us the bother of making us play. Just put us fourth without kicking a ball – Wenger would take that all day long.

  4. Radio Raheem

    Listening to the Sky and other media outlets, the league seems divided into 3 – battle for the league, battle for the top 4 and battle to avoid relegation. EUropa is one to avoid. And for the 4th place trophy Arsenal is King, “Arsenal claim 4th place once again” haha

  5. london gunner

    Suarez needs to score three goals to beat shearer and Ronaldo’s record

    On current form he might not do it with two matches left.

    Crazy to think the last day of the season could be won on goal difference.

    Liverpool might score a bucket load against Newcastle in their last game…

  6. Craigy

    Radio…. They even mention about the battle for fourth place before games, like it’s something to be fucking proud of! It’s failure simple as that!

  7. Adam Bucci

    I’m as fed up wenger and his failure to strengthen in january costing us the league, but i can’t hep but think that if we had mancini as manager and benzema and messi up front and 20 points clear at the top, 99% of the folks here would still find a way to bitch and moan about the team.
    still waiting though for the complaints about the groundskeeper.

  8. bergkamplegend

    All those chants through the Emirates to celebrate one more 4th place trophy + a festival against the great Newcastle, so beautiful…
    I was in tears.

  9. Craigy

    Thank fuck, thank u Neville, a bit of sense added to the rumbleing bollox of that scouse, ozil need a more mobile striker to play with to bring the best out of him, surely that thick scouse cunt can see that

  10. Arsene's Nurse

    I can’t see Ozil leaving in the summer, he’d have to put in a transfer request. If that happened it would be damning. However, I suspect a player of his reputation to be pushing Wenger for better players.

  11. Dissenter

    Newcastle are in deep shit.

    You would think Cabaye was the manager given how they’ve tumbled since he was sold.

    6 consecutive losses?

  12. Romford Pele

    Played well in phases. Ozil and Ramsey top notch, they dovetail so nicely. L’Oreal is beyond turgid, Ozil literally has to put it like 4 yards out for him to score.

  13. Romford Pele

    Ozil ain’t going anywhere. Even if he was. We’re gonna be charging at least £45m. Not many have money for that.

    I just hope he’s pushing Wenger for better players. It’s the only thing I cling to. He said Wenger promised him players of his level. We’ll see

  14. bergkamplegend

    “I just hope he’s pushing Wenger for better players.”

    Why do you think wenger wanted him ??
    Typical Arsenal player = no balls to request anything from the senile one.

  15. Thank you and goodnight

    Your right I am a miserable git, especially considering my 2 little ones are ill with coughs and colds, do likely to get another night of little sleep…..aaah the joys of parenting. Oh for the single life when the only stress was deciding which category of porn to wank over…:)

  16. Craigy

    Romford….. I wouldn’t be happy if we lost ozil, I can’t see it, just hope wenger ain’t full of lies like he normally is, too many of our top players move on, it’s just not on

  17. salparadisenyc

    “We only need Reus, Coleman and Martinez….”

    Think you forgot a striker.. an no were not playing Reus as a number 9.

  18. bergkamplegend

    “That is literally all we fucking need…”

    Totally agree.
    But don’t say it too loud, wenger could think we want to be the new man city lol

  19. Revving Kevin

    Some of you lot on here really are embarrassing. You are taking the piss out of a good win, our players, finishing fourth AND the club you claim to support. Support? Now that’s a laugh. That’s not support, cunting off your own team is a strange way to behave, no wonder you get so much ridicule from Arsenal fans. If you go to a spuds blog you will see the same comments. Thank god Wenger is signing for another couple of years, just to wind you hateful idiots up. 🙂

  20. Romford Pele

    Craigy, I think Ozil will give Wenger the summer to see what he does. If he fails him, we’ll only have one more season of Ozil to enjoy. He’ll be 26 by the end of next season and will wanna be in a top team competing for top honours

  21. kwik fit

    If you go to a spuds blog you will see the same comments

    Careful…that sort of behaviour could make you blind 😉

  22. BacaryisGod

    Some of you are pathetic whingeing, moaning, depressive tossers. We won 3-0 on cruise control. We’ll have Champions League sewn up next week and a cup final to look forward to. We’ve got sparkling talents like Ozil, Ramsey, Theo, Koscielny and Cazorla to enjoy and you still complain.

    Sod off the lot of you 🙂

  23. london gunner


    Why not he has everything literally everything to be a WC striker.

    His clinical finisher with great movement pace skill and strength, his tall and has great hold up play….

    His also used as pretty much a left wide forward for BVB most of the time in an advanced position its hardly a jump.

    PS dortmunds formation is lop sided so Reus is in a more advanced position than their right winger… He essentially already has loads of striking experience!

  24. Radio Raheem

    Lads lads what’s with the fretting over Ozil? If he can’t stick it out then he can do one. Why do fans keep acting like we are lucky to have him? For goodness sake we are paying him more than Real did. We can’t keep hold of this inferiority complex if we truly believe we are better than that.

    Yes we need to sign players, top top top…players but no not the fretting over a player. We are Arsenal, right?

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Rev Kev on the blog, it must mean Arsenal won!!!

    Can’t help but love ‘it’s happened again, it’s happened agaaaaain, Tottenham Hotspur, it’s happened again….you’ll always be shit, you’ll always be shiiiiiit, Tottenham Hotspur, you’ll always be shit.’

  26. MidwestGun

    I thought I was celebrating. We’re number 4! We’re number 4!We’re number 4!

    What do you know this celebrating 4th place is much more fun then first.


  27. london gunner


    Mate I respectfully disagree.

    WE can talk all this bravado about we are the Arsenal but the top players don’t give a shit they’d rather have a CL trophy and league title to their name.

    We have lost Cesc, Nasri, Hleb, Rvp, Ashley Cole, I don’t want Ozil on that list because if we goes its the old one step forward two steps back of having to rebuild again which keeps us in a permanent limbo.

    What we need to do is actually give a shit about Ozil leaving and show we give a shit by signing world class players for him to play with and prove to him we mean business.

    Rather than going fuck it doesn’t matter if our WC player leaves us (most likely for a rival)

  28. kwik fit

    Happy St Totterginham Day!!!

    Any of you guys know where I can buy some extra large condoms.? I want to celebrate!! 🙂

  29. Radio Raheem


    Exactly that’s the spirit, the mental strength. Some folks just lack a sense of humour 🙂

  30. Revving Kevin

    Dear bergkamplegend and Cesc.
    Pathetic is a great word. It describes the people who claim to support this great club but seem to get off on moaning win, lose or draw. You are never fucking happy, what on earth is wrong with you all?

    Now it’s Ozil getting it!!! You couldn’t make it up, you really couldn’t. Instead if having a go at me, go look at the comments on here and tell if that’s the way to support your club. Go on.

    It’s as if some of you are actually pissed off we are going to get champions league football, again. Fuck me, I thought women could moan but they have nothing on some of you lot. Be unhappy with Wenger by all means but save all the whinging about the players and everything else and support the players and the club FFS.

    Ps: Cesc, I am on here when we lose and comment on those who wish Wenger ill or death. But some of you deliberately piss on our wins. Strange.

  31. Radio Raheem

    London gunner

    I understand your frustration, but from the tone of your response I find the kind of victimisation I feel hold our fans back and by extension holds us back.

    For example, “We have LOST Cesc, Nasri, Hleb, Rvp, Ashley Cole,…”

    No mate we didn’t lose, we SOLD we chose to SELL the chaps at the top SOLD. I know you think it is bravado but I’ll call it pride. Fans need to find this pride from somewhere even if flies against common sense. Because it is this pride that will lead to questioning it is the sort of pride that will lead fans to overturn what board indifference, it is the kind of pride that is intolerant of stasis, one that screams, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. SPEND OUR FUCKING MONEY!”

    This is the pride fans need to rediscover. It will mean they won’t be trampled over by BS stories in the Sun or Daily Mail throughout the summer, stories of escalation of financial bollocks , it is the pride that demands answers, that stamps their feet on the grounds and bangs the table with a thundering jolt. this pride comes with violence, a violence of spirit, a violence that purifies.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    I’ve just never, ever seen you on here during the lengthy bad spells…or after the window closed and we did nothing.

    Perhaps it’s just me though.

  33. london gunner


    Not trying to be rude but clubs like Spurs have the same mentality as the one you described.

    They have that pride but it leads to delusion and little else of this attitude of we are so and so so next year will be our year

    Its ok acting like the top shit/ big boy but you have to back at with performances and titles rather than just saying We are the Arsenal it means little and its just what average fans say.

    What we need is realism to realise we aren’t the big boys and there is a reason for that and in order to deal with that reason we don’t need foolish pride but real action.

    If we act like we are all that we are just gonna gloss over our weakness.

  34. salparadisenyc

    Nice win against the worst Newcastle side I can remember.

    Reving K

    Settled squad, record signing and a league in total disarray at the top. Yet we managed to throw it all away in January whilst still at the top. Predicted by many on here might I add. If thats success for you, great. Theirs a point in time when hiding behind the glory of a qualification for a European competition we fail to compete in is no longer a viable excuse. Capitulation is the word that should define this season.

  35. Revving Kevin

    St Totteringham day. £110 million wasted and we even had arsenal fans prediction spurs would finish above us.

    Reminder it is 18 years since spurs finished above us, 1994-95. Spuds were seventh, Arsenal finished 12th with Adams, Bould, Dixon, known, Winterburn, Seaman and Wright. Well done George Graham. Even worse than 1992-93 when we finished 10th in the first Premier League season. Same back 4.

    Since Wenger joined we have never finished lower than 4th, in fact pre-Emirates our average league finish was 1.6. Not bad at all. We swapped 10th and 12th place finishes for Two doubles, The Invincibles, a new stadium and finishing either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. And never below spurs.

  36. Radio Raheem


    You might have a point with spurs but you are looking at the other end of the spectrum. Spurs have not won the league since they did the double in 60s when they did a City or Chelsea i.e. spent a lot of money. Their pride might be unfounded but it is a key part of what makes football football. Anyway, they’re not at our level. But I’ll take a cue from you but do the inverse and say ManU, Real, Barca, Bayern etc. Fans of these clubs have pride, if the point of our move to the grove was to be like them our fans have to evolve in mentality. So, it must start from the fans, from bottom to top, if Kroenke won’t countenance it.

  37. Revving Kevin

    Three nil and a good win, champions league nights at the Emirates, Saint Totteringhams day and a big day out at Webley. Be happy, it’s the spuds who should be crying like babies tonight and I was in a pub with a couple and they are seriously pissed off!

  38. Revving Kevin

    Dear RR
    It’s all about expectation levels. Spurs have unrealistic expectations and think they are a big club when history proves otherwise. We are a massive club now, moved on from the 10th and 12th place finishes we endured in the past. The point is how we push on. The only way we can do that is to spend big on top quality players. I have no doubt we will starting with a top striker.

  39. Arsene's Nurse

    Ozil and Ramsey should be the players we build around to win the league and maybe more. The squad as it is can steamroller sides below 7th place. In order to push on and look to win the PL or CL we desperately need additional players.

    A CF/LW/DM of high quality is a must. We will also need to replace players who are leaving this summer.

    If I were Wenger and signing a 2 year contract, I’d be wanting to spend all that lovely cash that I’d been building up in order to push for both a PL and CL title in those 2 years.

    Brushing aside a deflated NUFC side at home is nice to watch but it’s not Newcastle we have to worry about; it’s beating the top sides that matter.

    Splash the cash!

  40. Radio Raheem

    Rev Kev

    How we push on? That’s what I’m talking about. It’s money and mentality, one begets the other.

    Just to add a philosophical point. People get confused with what is real or what realism means. If you can think it then it is possible.

  41. 5am

    First off, great that we won.

    The only thing tiring at the moment is hearing the lame excuses coming from none other than le professor talking about if we hadn’t had any injuries, we would’ve won the league.

    Well, no team survives the season without injuries…. it’s about backup and what’s left in the locker, particularly that of the managers, to inspire the players for the extra 10% to get over that hurdle.

    If he’d got his tactics right with the very high quality players we had remaining uninjured, we could definitely have been up there-keeping pace on the wing through the Ox and Gnabry, or even Myiachi!

    Instead, we became one dimensional and choked ourselves in midfield. It’s a worry as this will be the same excuse trotted out next year too….

    Such a pity as for the years gone by, had he been prepared to accept change and modernise his own techniques by that same extra 10%, we may just have got somewhere

  42. Revving Kevin

    Dear Arsenes nurse
    Yes I agree with you. The climate has changed we can sign whoever we want now. Starting with a top striker. With Ozil and Ramsey back, we already look a different team. Add Theo, a top striker with pace and a DM and we will be challenging for everything. We aren’t far away and don’t need to spend anything like the Arabs and that horrible Russian have. We are close.

  43. tunnygriffboy


    I have no extra large condoms but plenty of liar size you could have !

    Guys Ozil isn’t unhappy, he was just born with a face that looks permanently pissed off.!

    Good win, CL nearly done. St Totteringhams day and St Stevie messed up. A good weekend

  44. N5

    “Great result tonight. Can our fans stop being obsessed with Tottenham? it is kind of petty”

    You’re kidding right?

  45. Samir masri

    Fcuk wats wrong with wenge? He’s now saying if we didn’t have injuries then we would’ve been up there challenging for the title ? I disagree cos if we would’ve done something creative in January then maybe these excuses wouldn’t come out year after year. We are getting tired of it. Change something. Or move on

  46. peanuts&monkeys

    “If we finish fourth, we have not lost anything and it will be a good season. I think that if we finish fourth, that will be a successful season. And the FA Cup, if we win, would be a bonus. To finish fourth is almost crucial for the club.”

    Thus spake Olivier Giroud, nitwit manager’s jackass striker.

    Couldn’t even Darren Bent been better than this asshole? Or, even Crouch?

  47. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal fans are the most pathetic ones in English football. Their club’s mngt have been screwing their happiness since 2006. Look at them they still cheer even that french asshole. Once they have beaten Tottenham twice, every tthing that season looks rosy. Even shipping in 22 goals against the top 3 and having a GD of 30 (fuck! Thats 30. THIRTY) from the top two in the same competition. Its soooo pathetic. Happy Losers.

  48. Wee Geordie Armstrong

    Pedro I agree with some of what you say but having the ability to play a game like Chelsea did when they need to is sadly something that AW sides cant. The record books will show a 2-0 win at Anfield against a side that was playing the best football in the coutry.
    I am not saying that I would like us to play like that regularly but I would like us to be able to close the shop when we need to but with AW we are open all hours. Even when we are copping a belting he cant change our set up like jose can.

    The great Liverpool sides dominated Europe by never getting beaten away, but they didn’t go away and try to score 6 each time they were happy with a draw and knew how to set their stall out to get the result , fact is we don’t know how to do it against quality sides, we can do it against lesser sides but we are exposed as one dimensional on too many occasions.

    On a brighter note I think most gooners if offered CL qualification and silverware prior to the start of the season would have taken it gladly. I just hope we don’t F it up against Hull.

  49. Revving Kevin

    Peanut Brain and Monkey breath
    “Once they have beaten Tottenham twice everything looks rosy. It’s soooo pathetic. Happy losers”

    I love your angst, it seems something has upset you.

    By the way we beat Spurs three times. And spuds goal difference is a further 21 behind arsenal, despite the £100m wasted Bale money. Enjoy your st Totteringham party, at least this time around its April so the weather is a bit warmer than January.

    Ps: interesting how you used to pretend you were a Gooner to dig at the club and now prove your true colours. What a peanut sized brain you have.

  50. bergkamplegend

    Morning all!!

    Last night I zapped between one of my favorite tv shows, and the Arsenal game just to see the result, and for the game, it was with the sound very low, because I’m just tired to listen the chants of some supporters who are happy to celebrate the so famous 4th place trophy.

    I know, I’m not a true fan.

  51. bergkamplegend

    “If we finish fourth, it will be a good season.”

    With so many fans thinking that, it’s pretty logical that wenger risk nothing for his job…
    AFC is turning into a club of loosers, even with the fans…

  52. Cloggs

    I was in a pub with a couple and they are seriously pissed off!
    Then stop begging them for buying you shandies.

  53. N5

    Peanuts, I wouldn’t say Arsenal fans are the most pathetic, I want Arsenal to win, I want our players to do well and like everyone when Giroud scores I sing his name. It doesn’t mean I don’t want better, but I will support what ever player has our shirt on, he didn’t buy and select himself and it’s up to Wenger to pick the players that are better.

    I can’t believe you are pissed off with fans singing, what next?

  54. bergkamplegend

    N5 : maybe we are pissed off to see that the fans are happy with the 4th place trophy…
    as usual ??