Mourinho, tactical masterclass? Do me a favour…

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I can’t play the games the media play. I watched the Liverpool game yesterday and I saw no tactical master play. I didn’t see the second coming of the Herbert Chapman. All I saw was a miserable unimaginative game of football decide the title.

I was staggered to read and listen to the outpouring of admiration for Jose Mourinho after the game. Shearer said, in astonishment,

‘Look here, they’ve got 7 players behind the ball. Fantastic discipline.

Excuse me? Am I hearing this right?

Firstly, let’s delve into the Jose game plan. He spent the whole week souring the run in by declaring he was going to play a weakened side. Straight up, this sort of comment shouldn’t be tolerated. It so out of touch with the spirit of the game. It’s standard Jose, but whatever. Then he turns up to the game and looks like he’s been on 3 day coke binge. He rolls his team out to play like they’re a League 2 side playing Liverpool.

What’s up with that?

Now look, I marvel at his practical view of football. He didn’t do what Arsene did and turn up pants down ready for a good Rodgering. However, to show up with the most expensively assembled squad in the league and play like Stoke is shambolic. It’s embarrassing. Sure, we all love winning. Sure I’d like some of his trophies, but for me, deliver it like Pep or Klopp over the monstrosity that is a Mourinho shame train.

‘Tactical master class’

Please spare the bullshit. He lined up with a bank of ten and stifled the game. He sent his players out to time waste… in the first half! Imagine that. £190m wage bill, a £14m a year manager and that’s what he serves up to the world… and our press think that’s masterful? Give me a break.

Now, Brendan Rodgers played a duff hand. All he needed was a point to keep the match in his hand. Simple fact is Liverpool, much like Arsenal of yesteryear don’t possess the players to play like Brand Allardyce. So he couldn’t. But I still feel his open play flunked it. Stevie G slipping. That’ll molest him in his sleep for the rest of eternity.

Anyway, Jose has a brilliant record against the top teams this year. Better than anyone. Where has that got him? He’s unlikely to win a trophy this year. Where was his tactical brilliance against Sunderland, Palace and Villa. All that money, all that talent… and Liverpool are ahead of him. He’s a fading star. 2 years without a trophy. No £200m spend available this summer. Nasty negative vibe that permeates Chelsea and everyone around him. He’s going to find it tough.

Horrible man. Horrible manager. Hopefully, a horrible trophyless season for the chosen one.

In other news, let’s hope Arsene is looking at what all the teams above us have that we don’t. Size, energy and rapid pace. If Arsene is to stay on over the next two years, the one place we can hope he improves on is the squad. It’s the simplest most effective way to change what we do.

You have to put paid to the idea that he’ll change anything else. He’s beyond owning up to the fact he gets it wrong. He’s to experienced and long in the tooth to bring in new staff and new training methods. The best we can hope for is a better squad. We need Wenger to go back to his roots. We need him to sign players that made him great. Big, powerful players who had pace by the bucket load.

Sign a winger like Theo. He’ll not be back until gone September. So we’ll need to replace his pace. Bring in a striker with outrageous pace and strength. Immediately, you have a forward line that is scary. What can’t you do against pace that can get in behind your backline? Press. No one will press up high giving our midfield more space to pick out the passes. Pace in the forward line also means players like Santi and Ozil can play balls into space rather than feet. Immediately those two have a different dimension to their option box.

We’ll also need to focus on building out our squad in other areas. It’s not looking good for Sagna staying on. That’s a shame. He’s a great player and he has a lot of experience. If he does go, let’s get serious about the replacement. Seamus Coleman would sit high on my priority list for sure. 6 goals, 2 assists, buckets loads of pace, a good cross and excellent discipline. At 25  years old, he has his best years ahead of him, he’d also fit with our British core, in the sense that London has a massive Irish community and it’s always a pretty good mix. Maybe it’ll inspire us to look deeper into Ireland for talent. An area we don’t seem to exploit like other clubs.

We’ll also need to bring in some extra energy into the middle of the park. We need a monster midfielder in my opinion, but one who has skill meshed in with the power. Ideally, I’d love Pogba or Vidal. I’d also take someone like Bender from Levurkusen. I think we should also be looking at squad players who can come in and do a job in certain types of games. Crystal Palace don’t have a team of world class players. What they have is a group of players who are absolute monsters. They can take out big team on their day because of their ability to get into players. I’m not saying go and sign Crystal Palace players, I’m saying that when it comes to the squad, we don’t necessarily need world class, we need attributes that stretch teams. United had Darren Fletcher. A long way off world class,  yet he always caused us massive problems when he played against us because he could cover a lot of ground and he was hugely aggressive. Our squad outside the starting 11 doesn’t have enough bite or grit to it. We need to back that in this summer.

… I’d still love it if we moved for Diego Costa. His attitude is so good. He wants to win at all costs on the pitch. It’s inspiring to watch, I can’t imagine what it’s like to play against. Or what it’s like to play for.

Next season, if we make the right changes and bring in a deeper squad of players that are more suited to the battles we’ll face, we’ll might be able to counter the obvious deficiencies the manager has.

Gotta pray that scouting department pulls its finger out…

P.S. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Dani Alves response to having a banana thrown at him, but it’s excellent if you haven’t. He picks it up and he eats it. The aftermath on Twitter was pretty amusing as well, Neymar with his kid eating a banana with the hashtag #Weareallmonkeys. Love that attitude. Take on the muppets by making a joke of their behaviour. Reminds me of the story of Superman taking down the KKK in the 1940s. The real KKK had accrued a lot of power and their memberships were swelling. A guy called Stetson Kennedy had infiltrated the group and tried to expose them to the police. When that failed, he went to guys making the Superman radio show. They pulled together a 16 episode where superman took on men in white hoods… the show exposed all the KKKs secrets and killed the mystique of the group, making a mockery of it in the process.

I think these embarrassing acts need putting in perspective. They’re a joke. Make a joke of it. Make a spectacle of the people. Nationally humiliate them. Outrage just fuels the fire and more copycat behaviour.

Good on Danni Alves. Shame on Spain, yet again letting itself down.

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  1. Thank you and goodnight

    @Dan Ahern
    Your joking, seriously you missed the first half? Mate you’ve missed giroud, he has been outstanding this half. Don’t understand why he hasn’t played like that all season. Messi would be proud of him this half

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    Ozil was clearly in an off-side position when Giroud kicked the ball. He is past the keep with only one man (who is on the floor) lying between him and the goal line.

  3. london gunner

    Missed the first half… What was so funny about Ozil goal?

    also what great dribbling thing did he do??

  4. gonsterous


    I could answer that for you coz in school i had a subject where we just learnt the rules of various sports !!! crazy but i finally get to put my learning in life

    The rule stats that a player is offside when he is between 2 players, ie one in front of the goal line and the other behind him when the ball has left the feet of the passer,… So in this case the player was the defender in front of ozil and the keeper the 2nd player playing him offside when the ball leaves girouds feet!!!

    But earlier the rules were that if a ball hits an opponent and then lands on ozils feet he is not considered offside but that would be too harsh so they changed it a bit

  5. gambon

    “absolute joke assessment about the chelsea game then you say sign Pogba, Costa, Coleman, a winger, and of course we will need someone to replace Fabianski, all on a budget of 70-100m inc wages. LOL”

    Why does it need to include wages?

    We have £150m in the bank, definite profits for the forseeable future, a huge squad that needs trimming.

  6. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ve decided I don’t like Ramsey anymore. Not only is he good at football and earns a mint, but he’s also good looking as well. Really unfair. Footballers should look more like Rooney or ray parlour.

  7. london gunner

    Ozil is class but he wont stick around much longer, Its obvious he detests Giroud.

    Giroud just signalled for a near post run so Ozil put the ball in near post Giroud the idiot ran the opposite way

  8. Arsene's Nurse

    Training game now. Should look to give a run out for some other players. At 67 minutes of course 😉

  9. Davido

    Dissenter, his ability to keep possession and his passing are impeccable and he also is excellent positionally for the most part. Not everyone has to be Yaya Toure to be a great midfielder…

  10. gonsterous

    ppl who missed out the first half basically missed out all the goals scored in this game… cant see a third and on another note… Ozil is on fire

  11. LeMassiveCoq

    Anyone still championing Girouds cause?

    What a usless, lazy, slow, lanky piece of posing shit he is.

  12. Davido

    And that Gnabry comment is spot on, how that guy hasn’t gotten games since early this year is ridiculous, points to the usual mismanagement by our King.

  13. Craigy

    London gunner…. I mentioned that earlier bout gnarby, I just don’t kno what he’s done for wenger not to pick him, he’s been great. Giroud is fucking garbage

  14. DUIFG

    People need to realise most of pods games are like this. When he does not score he offers nothing. Squad player

  15. london gunner

    The pass from Ramsey was quality that’s hard to weight the ball that perfectly.

    Not trying to take a dig at Wilshere but I can’t see him pulling that pass off and people act like wilshere is superior technically to Ramsey.

    I think Ramsey is great technically its just he tries the hard passes much more so they don’t always come off while Jack and Arteta always do safe passes.

  16. Radio Raheem

    Player of the season has to be either Koscielny or Sagna. Ramsey has been good but he has missed a third of the season.

  17. gonsterous


    I saw a pic of her a few years back !!! She looks like the type of gal you would want to bring home to your parents and start a family with… Looked lovely !!!

  18. Al

    Hahaha ozil had to literally put it on a kids plate for giroud to score. .. .

    Ramsey and ozil seemed to have clicked effortlessly

  19. Craigy

    This doesn’t hide fuck all, I’m buzzing for the goal but the giro his garbage, we don’t need no vindication bullshit from the commentators or wanker

  20. Thank you and goodnight

    Yeah just Google a pic of her. She does look nice. Scez ‘ s missus is a stunner as is TV5 ‘ S missus. That’s it, I’ve decided when I come to power, i’m introducing a new law that says footballers are only allowed to marry 15st hairy women. Bastards.

  21. Radio Raheem

    67 minutes Wenger will wait until the final 5 minutes to make a change now instead of resting players.

    Lol why rest players?

  22. Arsene's Nurse

    @Luke – he’s got an odd name that doesn’t seem to rhyme with anything or scan too well.

    Perhaps Pedro should get a competition going to get a song for Ozil.

  23. Bergkamp63

    luke April 28, 2014 20:24:33

    Nothing rhymes with Marty Feldman ?

  24. london gunner


    Aaron ramsey’s girlfriend isn’t all that I have dated hotter and Ramsey is better looking than me so looks wise Ramsey could do much better but if the lads Happy I am happy! Ramsey for Captain!

  25. london gunner

    That’s the thing Giroud is a stat padder. He misses clear cut chances and then scores a goal once we are already winning by a couple.

    The only time his been very clinical was Tottenham match and I think that was abit of a fluke tbh.

  26. Craigy

    Why are we bringing flamini on? Let’s go for it no need to play it safe? Well played ozil Ramsey, off to make that baby London gunner haaaaaaaa

  27. Arsene's Nurse

    Doo Woop April 28, 2014 20:26:24

    maybe with basil
    Skill, chill, brill, Brazil, pill, etc

  28. Davido

    Crap, instead of being happy about this game, I’m freaking pissed, this was our year, we had the strength of character, focus, 1st team to do it and Wenger just effed it up big time. I still can’t imagine how a guy doesn’t gamble with any striker to try to win it all when your team looks that good in January; the 2004 Wenger got Reyes- Gosh!!!

  29. Charlie Boy

    Do any of you thick tw@ts dissing Giroud day in day out ever wonder why real Arsenal fans sing a song about him?

    You’re a disgrace to the shirt! Oh sorry, you don’t wear the shirt do you – just your sad ‘fanny magnet’ T-shirt you bought in Benidorm when you went with your gran for your 50th birthday.

    Go w@nk over your photos of Gambon and Marble Hall.

  30. SurferX

    Yer, but deep down he’s thinking ‘I’m gonna nut that bald cunt in a minute’.

    Please let it happen…

  31. london gunner

    Can’t wait for OX Ramsey OZil and Walcott!!!!!!

    We need a WC or top level striker with pace and one winger that can play both wings preferably and then are attacking side of our game is fixed.

    AS we will have 2 strikers 1st choice (insert name) 2nd choice Giroud

    Left Wing 1st choice Ox 2nd choice (insert name)

    Right Wing 1st choice Walcott 2nd choice Gnarby

    Cam 1st choice Ozil 2nd choice Santi

  32. Arsene's Nurse

    Sanogo should come on to The Beatles’ “Please Mr Postman”

    Oh yes, wait just a minute Mr. Postman
    Wait Mr. Postman

    Mr. Postman, look and see
    (Oh yeah)
    If there’s a goal in your bag for me
    (Please, please Mr. Postman)
    I’ve been waiting a long long time
    (Oh yeah)
    Since you scored a goal in normal time!

  33. Bergkamp63

    Charlie Boy,

    Thanks for that, It’s comforting to know that out there somewhere there is always someone with a lower IQ to make us feel superior !

    Well done !

  34. Radio Raheem

    4th place trophy is good for the bank balance but I’ll walk the gutter and strut my ass for that FA Cup, Hull or not,

  35. Doo Woop

    when I see sanogo playing its like we were with 10 players and completed the team with a random passer that was going home in front of our stadium

  36. Dissenter

    These are the type of games we used to win 7-0.
    Those days are gone with the calibre of Sanogoal in the squad.

  37. SurferX

    ‘Go w@nk over your photos of Gambon and Marble Hall.’

    I can’t- I threw mine away. They went too sticky.

  38. Dissenter

    Anytime I see Sanogoal play for Arsenal, I find myself trying not to hate Wenger.
    How did we sink so low?

  39. london gunner

    We need 2 player to solve our attacking problems.

    A striker and a left winger.

    Then a DM and right back.

    If we get Reus his a striker and left winger.

    So Reus DM RB and that’s all we need.

    We have Jack as cover for Ram and Flam cover for DM

    We have Gnarby cover for Walcott

    OX gets injured Reus can play there.

    Santi Cover for Ozil.

    We will then have 2 players for every position.

  40. Arsene's Nurse

    Craigy April 28, 2014 20:46:13

    Arsene’s nurse…… His song should be, return to sender haaaaaaa
    Return to sender – lmao.