2 more years for our new era

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Arsenal vs Bayern

Arsenal vs Bayern

Happy Saturday. I have a confession to make. I’m going to something called Body Pump later. If you want to stop reading now because you don’t believe in me anymore, I get it.

Still here?

Good. Don’t judge me for being super healthy and fit.

So what do we have we on the menu? Well, Arsene Wenger is now on record saying he’ll stay on. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, all the noises are that he’s staying because he’s planning for the year ahead. I’m not particularly pleased about it, mainly because I doubt there’ll be any stipulations about improving his set up.

So it looks like another round of jobs for the boys… great.

I’ve said all I can on this matter. There’s no point in rehashing it. If he’s here for another two years, I just have to crack on with it and support. I don’t think he’ll get it right. None of the chat coming out of his press conferences suggests he has any idea how to improve on what he’s doing. We’ve just got to hope it doesn’t go the way it did at United. Everyone around us is catching up now. We’re regressing. It’s a worrying trend.

I read an interesting article that was sent to me by a reader on the John.W.Henry success story. His background is in commodities trading. He’s a math genius apparently. He also has a reputation for being a silent one, much like Stan. Main difference with John.W.Henry is that he has an impressive record of winning. He bought the Boston Redsocks in 2002. Won a world series in 2004 (after nearly 100 years without one), then won another in 2007 and he’s just nailed another. Incredible work really.

Some interesting points from the article.

“We’d gotten into this cycle,” says Cherington, “of retaining high-profile veteran players and trying to extend our success that way.” It hadn’t worked. Says Henry: “We went back to what had made us great for a very long time.”

Now, I’m not saying we’re tying down veterans to long term deals, quite the opposite if you believe that Sagna is off. What I’m saying is that Arsene has forgotten what made him successful. Signing powerful aggressive players through the spine of your team, then decorating that with lightening pace and skill. There aren’t many players from the invincibles era that wouldn’t work in our modern system.

We simply have to have a striker who is fast. For me, that player would be someone like Benteke. He’s fast, at times his finishing is superb and he has the potential to become like Drogba. I prefer him talent wise to Lukaku because I think he’s less clunky. Simple fact is, finishing and the mental side of your game develops as you get older. Thierry wasn’t a natural finisher, he worked on it tirelessly. Key thing with Thierry is he always had the pace to get in the right positions.

We need more wide players. Actual wide players, not strikers who’ve been dumped on the wing. Griezmann looks very good this season. The joke is that actually Carlos Vela is King of Sociedad this year. I think the explosive style of Konoplyanka could suit the Premier League very well. Whoever we pip for this summer has to have speed at core. Draxler should be topping our list.

In midfield, as Jordan Henderson has proved, you don’t need to be a technical wizard to do a very solid job. He’s physically monstrous, he’s very quick over short distances and he has an engine. I also think he has a much improved passing range. Again, not that the focus is on bringing in the right physical attributes. At the moment, we have far too many technicians. We needs some beasts. We need a different flavour to our set up so we can effectively adopt multiple game plans.

The other interesting quote from that article was this one…

“One of the things that was interesting about his model as a commodities trader was that it protected you from emotion, so you would make decisions that made sense. Often in sports, you become attached to something emotionally.”

This is Arsene Wenger through and through. Look at the facts that go beyond a bloated balance sheet that’s actually costing us every season. I mean seriously, when the only argument you’ve got for you manager being a great one is ‘he has the 4th largest wage bill and we usually finish 4th’ you really are losing the battle.

We’re not improving. All the stability in the world this season, with all the money to strengthen and we’re back where we were last year, scrapping out fourth. Our game against the top 5 teams has been embarrassing. We were easily knocked out of the Champions League again. Our injury pile up is the worst in the league again. Our team looks drained. We’ve holes all over the squad. We don’t have the right players.

Cut away what Wenger’s done. Remove emotion. Look at what the manager has offered this year. Is it good enough? Does it merit a 2 year deal? I mean, look at our wage bill. It’s massive considering how few superstars we have. Wenger drives wages based on emotion. That’s why we could clear £500k worth of deadwood last season. Robin being allowed to leave was driven by emotion. Suarez wasn’t allowed to leave. The Liverpool owners took a gamble. They knew Suarez couldn’t sulk because a bad season from him would have affected his value as well as his World Cup chance. Could Arsenal have kept Robin on board? Forced him to play for us? Probably. If he wanted a massive pay off, he’d have to have stayed fit. He’d have had to have scored loads of goals. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, obviously, but so is having a pair of balls and making a decision for the club, not the individual.

“Look at all the money the Yankees have been spending without much success,” he says. “There’s more to baseball competitiveness than money. The Red Sox are an example of how better management drawing upon advanced statistical methods will enhance success.”

Now that above is exactly the drum I’ve been banging for years. The best businesses in the world aren’t necessarily the ones that spend the most money. They’re quite often the most bloated, the most bureaucratic, the least nimble. I work in a game that  is dominated by major brands who pay astronomical wages to bring in the most decorated talent. Does that mean you wave the white flag when you’re pitching for new work? No way. With the right talent, the right attitude, you can compete with anyone. You can be more motivated, you can use more innovative approaches, you can be more agile…

That’s the attitude Arsenal should have.

We can’t spend £400m on wages. We can’t buy £80m worth of individual talent. But we don’t need to. We can look in other places for players. We can look to other areas to innovate. We can drive more value from our players with a better approach everywhere in the club. Hiding behind the excuse of bigger boys with bigger toys is a weak attitude and quite frankly, it reeks of weakness.

Bigger budgets doesn’t necessarily equate to a smarter approach.

Wenger often says it’s not about how much you spend. Sure, I agree, but the problem with Arsene is he isn’t seeking to gain an advantage elsewhere. Mainly, because he doesn’t have one. He’s all out of innovation. Which is why we need a new innovator. Which is why we need a new plan. Which is why we’ll have to wait at least two years for our new era.

I don’t want Arsenal to be the classiest guy in the room, I want them to be the smartest.

Have a great day!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Well I take every thing with a gigantic pinch of Wenger.

    A pinch of the horrible, horrible reality that is Wenger.

    Papers saying he’ll be the first in the summer spree at £17 Million. But remember when Jovetic was going to the first in a summer of big spending last year at £20 Million?

    After the Newcastle game we were all told that Wenger knows what went wrong, we’re going to spend big…nothing until Villa humiliated us and the fans went ballistic.

  2. london gunner

    Table next year

    Chelsea (could swap City for Chelsea)
    Man United

    Chelsea will have Costa there weak link being solved
    City I just don’t rate Pellegrine enough tactically
    United have been awful but their squad has got some amazing talent with LVG and the right additions they will be top 4.
    Liverpool will struggle with the increased load they have some money for players but their squad will still be pretty small for a club competing in 4 competitions.

  3. london gunner

    I think we will get someone like greizmann and then 1-2 very average/random buys.

    It will be disappointing.

  4. salparadisenyc

    Cesc AppealApril 26, 2014 18:19:50

    Like I said earlier, it could be a very exciting summer… but then we all know better than that. Looking at whose potentially on the market, some great options out there with immediate joy if Wankfest and the Gazebo get it together.

    My fingers are not remotely crossed, with the news I thought would not come post Chelsea and slowly began to realize was inevitable… Wenger is still in the saddle.

  5. Santos

    We could end up with Average players from Ligue Un like Aurier and Gourcuff, then a Griezmann and an unknown defender. I won’t even be bothered during the transfer window as I know what a cheapskate Wenger is.

  6. Santos

    Cesc Appeal

    From what I garner, Griezmann looks a bit light-weight- which is the obsession Wenger has these days. So, it won’t be surprising if he swoops for him.

  7. zacharse

    nice read today pedro. congrats on body pump.

    I really don’t see the problem in us going after an unsettled Cavani and
    an ambitious Pogba. Bloated wages sure. Astronomical transfer fees sure. but right place right time. we won’t have the opportunity to steal talent like that, from two teams also that have no problem selling to us, who will NEED to sell to somebody.
    Perhaps wenger’s hindsight in all of this is the black list that comes out next week form FIFA where surely PSG Mancity and all the italian teams will be in the top. 42 for Ozil.. it’s time.
    I don’t think we’re really attracting the type of talent we should be, but maybe I’m wrong. Wait, I’m definitely not wrong.
    Also, had a dream about Kallstrom last night, he made a big tackle in a fictional game against everton and i was reminded that he’s a beast. i think in my dream he was about 4 inches taller though and resembled a sort of ghost-viking.

  8. salparadisenyc

    Next level

    Its either fantasize about Javi Martinez playing alongside Ramsay or deal with the misses lovely attitude, equatable to eating flaming Wenger balls. Although my brothers wife is looking rather sexy today.. right.

    I’m off.

  9. WengerEagle

    Summer Transfer Window 2014: Under Wenger

    Saloman Kalou- LW/ST
    Gareth Barry- CDM
    Iranian Messi- Winger
    Ashley Williams- CB
    Ciprian Marica- ST

    Under a sane manager:

    Costa/Benzema/Jovetic/Balotelli- ST
    Draxler/Firmino/Griezmann/Cuadrado- Winger
    Gustavo/Bender- CDM
    Coleman/Aurier- RB
    Schar/Ingo Martinez- CB

  10. SpanishDave

    Wenger struggles with beating the top 4 plus Man U so we have two years of 5th to look forward to, and Wenger will stick to his contract. The man is senceless and so up his own Arse.

  11. tunnygriffboy


    The signinings will come. The signings will come. The signings will come. See, say it enough times and slowly it becomes true looooooooool !


    Griezmann isn’t a lump but he’s like shit off a stick and gets into great goalscoring positions and is clinical. Him and Theo would be a serious handful. Ozil would love it.

  12. follow the money

    Midwest yeah she lived in Boston for awhile. I just latched on to the Red Sox about ten years ago because the Mariners were so horrible it was unwatchable. Aside from that I like the Seahawks (Yay!) and I’ve been a Boston Bruins fan since the late 60’s/early 70’s when my dad took me to Seattle Totems (semi pro) games. Now that was fun, it was like the movie Slap Shot. That was the Bobby Orr era. That was when I latched on to Arsenal too, around the double in 70-71

  13. MidwestGun

    Follow the dolla-
    Oh cool, ya I used to go to Blackhawk games a lot in the mid to late 80s at the old stadium, before they moved into that sterile shithole the United Center.
    I went to University about two hours away.
    Been an Arsenal fan since early 80s due to my first football coach being from London. Didn’t have a team before that too young and didn’t get the games on the cable but I followed the German national team.

  14. Santos

    Instead of Griezmann, I’d like a combo of Reus and Draxler, while we are still in Germany, let’s go to Munich and raid them of Martinez and Muller. Why does Guardiola want to recreate that team? He is basically kicking out the players who have made Bayern so ruthless and athletic.

  15. karim

    Got a feeling this klitschko fight is gonna be boring again..
    I’m sticking to the Spurs / Mavs game
    Anyone watching it on the other side ?

  16. zacharse

    all I’m saying is that none of us on here would have expected ozil to sign with us. I for one would’ve come down hard on whoever suggested such crap in their fantasy XI’s. god if only i could remember some of them.
    I think we can all agree, if nothing more, we’re bound to pull of one huge signing, albeit on august 31 at 11:59
    I’m just hoping it’s cavani. he would be our dream forward, more than anyone else “available”
    I’m also saying, somewhat cynically, that perhaps wenger’s been waitng for the fifa blacklist before he starts to throw the ‘warchest’ around.
    I don’t think I’m being naive as I’m still somewhat in the doom&gloom mode- and honestly even if we singned cavani & pogba, i still don’t think it would be enough for the title.
    that is to say if Chez is in goal, the absolute arse

  17. kwik fit

    No but seriously guys just back from the Hull game. The two that weren’t playing are more dangerous than the guys that were.

  18. kwik fit

    In a dream cos I have got my Wemberlee tickets tonight. So guys don’t panic cos Kwik’s going to Wembley Back to work on Monday so . Back to reality!

  19. kwik fit

    Ok guys sometimes one has to be realistic. Lets be having you ‘ Fuck of mourinho’ Heard this in london today also on carnaby street so I think there is a few quid in this . You know what I mean ?

  20. kwik fit

    Simon Cowell actually tweeted me… he thinks I could go double platinum. I told him I already back in 91 when I had 16 creme de menthe’s 😉

  21. kwik fit

    Nah but seriously did you hear the one about what
    Sanogo said : “Some people in France compared me a lot with Adebayor but Drogba was really an example for me,”

    And they think Harry Hills’ a comedian.

  22. Arsene's Nurse

    kwik fit April 26, 2014 21:49:16

    Simon Cowell actually tweeted me… he thinks I could go double platinum. I told him I already back in 91 when I had 16 creme de menthe’s 😉
    I once tried to get drunk on creme de menthe – it’s impossible.

  23. kwik fit


    I was told it was a real leg opener for women but any time i feed them on it the just screwed me so I not so sure 😉

  24. Marko

    Kwik old buddy old pal you give that german bird in the club the “how do you do” that night? Don’t let me down man

  25. kwik fit


    Put it like this my cock is only coming round now. She fucking used and abused like it was her own. Don’t get me wrong I play many moves , some move’s the germans could only dream about, but when push comes to shove they fucking wreck the old cock. Hey Marko I/m still here and ready to go again.

  26. Marko

    Good man that’s the spirit. Take out the frustration of being a modern day Arsenal fan on a bit of strange. It’ll keep you going till FA Cup final day.

  27. kwik fit

    My juice has almost been extinguished in this hotel, but I back home tomorrow so I should be able to keep the old packer well and truly up!

  28. Arsene's Nurse

    kwik fit April 26, 2014 22:08:24


    I was told it was a real leg opener for women but any time i feed them on it the just screwed me so I not so sure 😉
    My gran used to like creme de menthe but only at Christmas. 😉 😀

  29. Cesc Appeal

    “Arsene Wenger insists he will not be as difficult to replace at Arsenal as Sir Alex Ferguson has proved to be at Manchester United.”

    Daily Mirror

    Yeah no fucking shit Sherlock

  30. Arsene's Nurse

    The only way to get Wenger out is with a taser and a crowbar – the same way you’d only get me off Katherine Jenkins!

  31. kwik fit


    I meet Aldad Jones last night . Didn’t he used to screw katherine Jones?
    Now I could be be mistaken.

  32. kwik fit

    Guys its time for bed but I’m feeling real lucky cos I got an old Charlie george signed FA cup 71 signed shirt today so that must mean something really good EH?

  33. Overly optimistic guy!

    Benteke??? Seriously??? and NOT clunky!? I hope Arsene signs Costa (as Abramovich seems keen on Cavani) if not then Benzema, Di Maria and Bender (ideally Pogba) and anyone else Wenger wants to sign. It would be a dream come true if we also signed a decent fitness coach.

  34. Moray

    zacharse: “all I’m saying is that none of us on here would have expected ozil to sign with us.”

    Particularly since AM/CM was arguably the only position we didn’t need to strengthen. It’s like going to the dentist with multiple abscesses and them removing the wrong tooth.

  35. Evan

    Here’s some stats to prove a point, this season prem league

    The “pass master” Michael Carrick played 24 games, 1 Goal, 0 Assists.

    Tom “fake footballer” Cleverly played 22, 1 Goal, 0 Assists

    If I was mean and inc. All comps

    Carrick 37 Games, 0 Assist
    Cleverly 31 Games, 1 Assist

    If Arsene signs either i wouldnt be suprised

  36. Evan

    EMMANUEL RIVIERE has issued a come get me plea to Arsenal by admitting it is his dream to play for the Gunners.

    The Frenchman has netted 10 times in 27 league games for Monaco this season despite being the third choice striker behind Radamel Falcao and new arrival Dimitar Berbatov.

  37. T

    I wouldnt be surprised if we signed someone from PSG this summer. either a striker or a midfielder.

    what we really do need to do thou is:

    – move podolski into the striker position. He is the best finisher on the planet. there is no reason he shouldnt start as the main man for 20-30 games of the season.

    – sign a big strong centre back (like hummels or williams). there are plenty of smaller mobile guys who can partner mertesacker in centre but if he gets busted arsenal will get busted alltogether as the centre of defence will collapse. Also playing mertesacker for 60 games in a season is just completely unreasonable and lunatic.

    – bring in BOTH draxler and reus. let the money talk out this one! Everybody is screaming that the team needs pace and power in addition to the other stuff. well sign both of them and I will be darned if it doesnt solve 90% of that issue…

    – promote vermaelen into a holding midfielder or ship him out and sign a new midfielder. The team need a PLAN A into the holding role. Arteta and flamini are good in what they do but both like some of the key attributes to be world class in what they do. Vermaelen is very strong, very fast and very highly defencive player. If wenger doesnt think he has what it takes to turn the defence into a wall of steal then he should ship him out and bring in the man that we need!

    – give flamini a new deal! he is an outstanding squadplayer to have around just like rosicky.

    – tell bouldy to have a crap at the whip for gibbs. I got no complaints about monreal but gibbs has a high tendency to take defending far too easy while it is actually a very brutall business. Also he has a tendency to move up the pitch a lot even when that is not really necessary most of the time and it has cost arsenal most of the top4 games this year.

    If you dont believe me watch the games against city, chelsea and pool again and notice how they time and time again either win the ball or strike through from our left back spot because gibbs is either sleeping on his feet or is wondering somewhere up on the pitch. I dont doubt the guys potential but he has a lot of bad habits which should be spanked out of him.

    keaping a clean sheat is a hell of a lot more easier in football than scoring plenty of goals.

  38. wenker-wanger

    No big signings from Le cheapskate…. Wankger will persevere with sanogo …. like diaby….I expect he will also get a few veteran freebies. The ozil capture was a freak , I reckon he will be sold for a small profit…..he wont fit in with the obvious unambitious mood of the club directed by the money obsessed deluded charlatan.