2 more years for our new era

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Arsenal vs Bayern

Arsenal vs Bayern

Happy Saturday. I have a confession to make. I’m going to something called Body Pump later. If you want to stop reading now because you don’t believe in me anymore, I get it.

Still here?

Good. Don’t judge me for being super healthy and fit.

So what do we have we on the menu? Well, Arsene Wenger is now on record saying he’ll stay on. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, all the noises are that he’s staying because he’s planning for the year ahead. I’m not particularly pleased about it, mainly because I doubt there’ll be any stipulations about improving his set up.

So it looks like another round of jobs for the boys… great.

I’ve said all I can on this matter. There’s no point in rehashing it. If he’s here for another two years, I just have to crack on with it and support. I don’t think he’ll get it right. None of the chat coming out of his press conferences suggests he has any idea how to improve on what he’s doing. We’ve just got to hope it doesn’t go the way it did at United. Everyone around us is catching up now. We’re regressing. It’s a worrying trend.

I read an interesting article that was sent to me by a reader on the John.W.Henry success story. His background is in commodities trading. He’s a math genius apparently. He also has a reputation for being a silent one, much like Stan. Main difference with John.W.Henry is that he has an impressive record of winning. He bought the Boston Redsocks in 2002. Won a world series in 2004 (after nearly 100 years without one), then won another in 2007 and he’s just nailed another. Incredible work really.

Some interesting points from the article.

“We’d gotten into this cycle,” says Cherington, “of retaining high-profile veteran players and trying to extend our success that way.” It hadn’t worked. Says Henry: “We went back to what had made us great for a very long time.”

Now, I’m not saying we’re tying down veterans to long term deals, quite the opposite if you believe that Sagna is off. What I’m saying is that Arsene has forgotten what made him successful. Signing powerful aggressive players through the spine of your team, then decorating that with lightening pace and skill. There aren’t many players from the invincibles era that wouldn’t work in our modern system.

We simply have to have a striker who is fast. For me, that player would be someone like Benteke. He’s fast, at times his finishing is superb and he has the potential to become like Drogba. I prefer him talent wise to Lukaku because I think he’s less clunky. Simple fact is, finishing and the mental side of your game develops as you get older. Thierry wasn’t a natural finisher, he worked on it tirelessly. Key thing with Thierry is he always had the pace to get in the right positions.

We need more wide players. Actual wide players, not strikers who’ve been dumped on the wing. Griezmann looks very good this season. The joke is that actually Carlos Vela is King of Sociedad this year. I think the explosive style of Konoplyanka could suit the Premier League very well. Whoever we pip for this summer has to have speed at core. Draxler should be topping our list.

In midfield, as Jordan Henderson has proved, you don’t need to be a technical wizard to do a very solid job. He’s physically monstrous, he’s very quick over short distances and he has an engine. I also think he has a much improved passing range. Again, not that the focus is on bringing in the right physical attributes. At the moment, we have far too many technicians. We needs some beasts. We need a different flavour to our set up so we can effectively adopt multiple game plans.

The other interesting quote from that article was this one…

“One of the things that was interesting about his model as a commodities trader was that it protected you from emotion, so you would make decisions that made sense. Often in sports, you become attached to something emotionally.”

This is Arsene Wenger through and through. Look at the facts that go beyond a bloated balance sheet that’s actually costing us every season. I mean seriously, when the only argument you’ve got for you manager being a great one is ‘he has the 4th largest wage bill and we usually finish 4th’ you really are losing the battle.

We’re not improving. All the stability in the world this season, with all the money to strengthen and we’re back where we were last year, scrapping out fourth. Our game against the top 5 teams has been embarrassing. We were easily knocked out of the Champions League again. Our injury pile up is the worst in the league again. Our team looks drained. We’ve holes all over the squad. We don’t have the right players.

Cut away what Wenger’s done. Remove emotion. Look at what the manager has offered this year. Is it good enough? Does it merit a 2 year deal? I mean, look at our wage bill. It’s massive considering how few superstars we have. Wenger drives wages based on emotion. That’s why we could clear £500k worth of deadwood last season. Robin being allowed to leave was driven by emotion. Suarez wasn’t allowed to leave. The Liverpool owners took a gamble. They knew Suarez couldn’t sulk because a bad season from him would have affected his value as well as his World Cup chance. Could Arsenal have kept Robin on board? Forced him to play for us? Probably. If he wanted a massive pay off, he’d have to have stayed fit. He’d have had to have scored loads of goals. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, obviously, but so is having a pair of balls and making a decision for the club, not the individual.

“Look at all the money the Yankees have been spending without much success,” he says. “There’s more to baseball competitiveness than money. The Red Sox are an example of how better management drawing upon advanced statistical methods will enhance success.”

Now that above is exactly the drum I’ve been banging for years. The best businesses in the world aren’t necessarily the ones that spend the most money. They’re quite often the most bloated, the most bureaucratic, the least nimble. I work in a game that  is dominated by major brands who pay astronomical wages to bring in the most decorated talent. Does that mean you wave the white flag when you’re pitching for new work? No way. With the right talent, the right attitude, you can compete with anyone. You can be more motivated, you can use more innovative approaches, you can be more agile…

That’s the attitude Arsenal should have.

We can’t spend £400m on wages. We can’t buy £80m worth of individual talent. But we don’t need to. We can look in other places for players. We can look to other areas to innovate. We can drive more value from our players with a better approach everywhere in the club. Hiding behind the excuse of bigger boys with bigger toys is a weak attitude and quite frankly, it reeks of weakness.

Bigger budgets doesn’t necessarily equate to a smarter approach.

Wenger often says it’s not about how much you spend. Sure, I agree, but the problem with Arsene is he isn’t seeking to gain an advantage elsewhere. Mainly, because he doesn’t have one. He’s all out of innovation. Which is why we need a new innovator. Which is why we need a new plan. Which is why we’ll have to wait at least two years for our new era.

I don’t want Arsenal to be the classiest guy in the room, I want them to be the smartest.

Have a great day!

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  1. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Jack’s problems are compounded by his ‘Bow Legs’ according to some pundits, can anybody with a bit of knowledge on physiotherapy or similar shed some light on this as to whether or not it holds water.

  2. WengerEagle

    Jack’s physically not up to playing in B2B, he’s miles off the likes of Yaya Toure, Fernandinho, Matic, Ramires, Henderson physically and would get bullied against any one of City, Chelsea or Liverpool’s midfield.

  3. Al

    Thing is we have a manager that likes players like running Jack into the ground and breaking them.

    The thing is people are being selective in there opinions about jack. He is a quality player who is not an issue or a part of problems at arsenal. It’s the tendency to build someone up and then knock them down which the media has been doing.

    Currently Ross barkley is being built up…que the knock down in a couple of months.

    Jacks biggest problem is he tries to do to much. …not sure if that is down to ego or the fact he feels like he has to be the main man.

    When he keeps his game simple. . . .He Is a joy to watch. ..I have no worries about him

  4. Minion

    Brendan Rodgers could probably coach Jack to be a world class player. We need a good coach as Wenger lacks any decent coaching skills.

  5. salparadisenyc

    Oh dear Mario, pull it together man we need you.

    “I don’t need your criticism, I criticise myself.”

    “I never said I’m a top player,” added Balotelli. “I am a perfectly normal player, it’s you that say I am an exceptional player, you always expect me to score five goals a game.”

    Apparently he there his mic and stormed out of the interview.
    He’s rife for the taking if Wenger has the balls to manage and unleash the talent.

  6. Romford Pele

    For players who do have a low centre of gravity like Wilshere, getting hit on their ankle is twice as worse than any other player. It’s kind of why I worry about Aguero a lot these days. All the injuries that Messi has had recently has also been ankle-related. Definitely affects mobility

  7. karim

    Congratulations to Bergkamp legend / aka Sylviane

    You win the ” groundhog day ” award for your daily contribution to le-grove !
    Keep it up son !
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ion, seems like Bacary is on his way to Fener …
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Cesc Appeal


    But I do agree with Scholes said, Wilshere has not progressed at all, from the time he was in the middle with Song and Fabregas he looks like he’s actually regressed.

    Team looks a thousand times better with him out of it, more balanced, better tempo, hold onto the ball more.

    I think there’s a decent player in Wilshere, but he should be made to wait, should be a meritocracy at Arsenal (LOLOLOLOLOL!!!) and he shouldn;t just be allowed to play.

    Sadly I think Wenger will start next season with damn near the same one we have now, with Wilshere out wide on the left – I guarantee it.

    Possibly, possibly a new CM next to Ramsey, possibly.

    Giroud I’d lay money on will still be the starting striker with Wenger bringing in someone like Drmic.

    I’m shutting down emotions for at least 24 months with regards to Arsenal now it looks nailed on he’s staying. Nothing will change, I won’t expect it to and I won’t be let down/pissed off/upset/filled with murderous rage.

  9. MarbleHall

    I think the problem with Wilshere is that he was built up by the media and fans alike in to something that he never was, like Guardiola said their are 10 Jack Wilshere’s in Barcelona’s academy.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    If you’d have said last year Henderson would be a better player than Wilshere you’d have been laughed off the blog.

    I’d rather have him in the starting 11 in all honesty.

    I just don’t see what Jack’s role in this side is. And that’s going to be a huge problem, he’s not going to dislodge Ramsey, everybody and their dog knows we need a CDM, so thats the 2 base middle position locked out.

    He isn’t better than Ozil or Cazorla in CAM…and he isn’t a wide man. Sooooo….???

    Might become a problem next year if Wilshere starts throwing his toys out of his pram at being a rotation player.

  11. WengerEagle

    ‘I just don’t see what Jack’s role in this side is. And that’s going to be a huge problem, he’s not going to dislodge Ramsey, everybody and their dog knows we need a CDM, so thats the 2 base middle position locked out.

    He isn’t better than Ozil or Cazorla in CAM…and he isn’t a wide man. Sooooo….???’

    Spot on, exactly what I was trying to say.

    RE Henderson I agree too, he’s been a different animal this season.

  12. Romford Pele

    Cesc – Scholes’ point was fair, I don’t really disagree though I think he misses out a few things. Wenger literally burnt JW to a crisp in his first season, an 18/19 year old playing over 60 games is ridiculous. You saw how that affected him.

    And then half the team had dispersed by the time he had retuned so it was like starting over for him and the team as a whole again.

    I do agree that the team certainly looks better without him in currently. For me he’s Ramsey’s back up atm but we shouldn’t be bemoaning options for sure, this is what we need more of.

    How he progresses will be interesting to see. He’s only 22 and like you say, there’s a very good player in there. He’s a spare part currently through

  13. ughelligunner

    Dear le-grove,
    If wenger had left in 2006 when he discovered there will be no money to spend (no trophys), like Pep and Fergy bailing out when they discovered that it is time, wouldn’t it be painful to us fans?
    And think about it i think we would all be asking for him back now, normal as fans.
    Wenger staying beyond 2006 is his own doing.

  14. Thank you and goodnight

    Thing is mate jack, like Ozil , doesn’t know what his role is as neither does Wenger. As I said, with a better coach actually knowing what the fuck he’s doing, that you would see a different beast in wilshere.

    Yes we’re an English club mate, but majority of English players are shit and your comments reek of xenophobia.

  15. salparadisenyc

    “Might become a problem next year if Wilshere starts throwing his toys out of his pram at being a rotation player.”

    Its the best thing that can happened to Wilshire. He’s always been the great white hope and others IE Ramsay has surpassed him. The player is going to have to work his socks off to find a place in the squad and get his physical ability into another zone. For me its either Ramsay or Wilshire not both.

  16. Thomas

    I can’t really see where Wilshere fit in. He can’t play with Ramsey and Ramsey is too important to be dropped. Sending him out on loan is not an option either.

  17. Jeff


    That is absolutely correct. Wenger’s incompetence is half the problem; the other half is his intransigence. Neither can be improved.

  18. MarbleHall

    Some of the comments on this blog verge on the ridiculous.
    Get rid of Wilshere and for that matter one hit wonder Ramsey and lets bring some stardust back to Arsenal.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    I do agree, but that’s classic Wenger (though don’t say it too loud or Rev Kev will be on you) he burns players out. Ramsey by December looked a shadow of the player who’d taken the league by storm earlier on. He looked exhausted.

    Same with Ozil.

    He use to do the same with Fabregas.

    But Wilshere can’t hide behind that, I think you could actually label the majority of his season poor. I don’t know if he’d be the type to take a rocket up the arse well, or whether he’d sulk and get petulant?

    It must be irking him to see the adoration of Ramsey – that use to be him. But Ramsey is looking far better than Wilshere ever did. Jack is a real conundrum and as TYAGN says, I’m not sure Wenger is the best man to solve that puzzle.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah Henderson has been a much less good going forward Ramsey in my opinion this season.

    So much energy, endless harrying off opposition players, good passing and good tackling.

    I read somewhere that even now, after 3 months out Ramsey still has the most tackles of anyone in the middle? I think? Which is incredible, Ramsey just has every area of middle play locked down – when fresh. Tackles well, endless energy, good passing, good dribbler, scores goals, in important games as well and provides. What an incredible turnaround.

    I was talking to my brother yesterday who’s a Spurs fan and we were paralleling Bale and Ramsey. Both looked like no hopers at one point, fans calling for their heads etc. I’m not sure you can give anyone credit for them, the manager for persisting certainly, but some players just have that ability to shoulder that and say ‘I’ll show you.’ Fair play, proved me utterly wrong.

    Even better to look at Bale that way! Remember him at LB? Spurs had never won a game with him starting for like a season? If you had gone up to a Spurs fan screaming at him at that time and whispered in his ear, “in 3 years you’ll sell him to Real Madrid for £86 Million and he’ll be one of the best wingers in world football, single handedly carrying your team for a season’ he’d have laughed in your face…or starting slinging faeces at you, as is there custom over in Neanderthal land.

  21. MidwestGun

    So Ballotelli went a little crazy train, huh? Hahaha. I don’t care I’d still take him. Hell, here the fans would only expect him to score every 5 games not 5 goals a game. No pressure. Lol.

  22. Ben

    Jack has to simplify his game, he’s trying too hard like Ramsey was before his resurgance. And hes only 22.

  23. MidwestGun

    April 26, 2014    14:53:30

    Some of the comments on this blog verge on the ridiculous.
    Hahaha. That’s some ironic shit, right there. Good one Marble!

  24. salparadisenyc


    Its certainly a risk.
    If you look at our need, whose on the market then add in Balotelli’s potential its worth taking imo. The clock is ticking for him, this World Cup could prove pivotal, he tore the last international tournament apart. He could truly score 30+ if he sorted his shit out and received the service Giroud was blessed with this passed season.

    The likelihood of Wenger pulling that trigger seems low, the Suarez bid blew me away with all his baggage. Not mention a 10 match ban. I’d like to say it will be an exciting summer, but we know better don’t we!

  25. Lee

    Are you fucking serious? Wenger can’t coach???
    Sorry did van Persie arrive like that? Or cesc or hleb or Nasri???
    Or adebayor
    Or Henry
    Or vieira???

  26. salparadisenyc

    MarbleHallApril 26, 2014 15:24:10
    Same way Arsenal got in the Final by avoiding Man City.

    No doubt about that, the stars somehow aligned for Wenger and co.

  27. Paulinho

    Wilshere didn’t get to where he is, or play like he did, by simplifying his game. That’s what set him apart; while other players like Henderson and Cleverly played it safe and methodical, Wilshere would feign to do that and then do something he had no right to do and take three men out of action with a devilish turn and dribble.

    He simplifies his game and he just has an ordinary career because the bigger more powerful players will just do more than him. It’s a bit like telling someone like Hleb to simplify their game when his strength was his uniqueness.

  28. MidwestGun

    Which important games has Ramsey actually scored in
    Dortmund in the group stage CL.
    Liverpool at home.
    Virtually, single handedly qualified us for the CL against Fenerbahce with 3 goals.
    What were you saying about ridiculous comments? Idiot.

  29. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Think how much entertainment value Ballotelli would bring alone, not even talking about his skill. Wenger, might explode a few water bottles, too. Who knows? Lol.

  30. MarbleHall

    Wenger can’t coach, it’s a known fact that Wenger has no time or acumen for coaching, if that were not the case why has it taken Wilshere, Ramsey and Walcott so long to develop and remain unproven.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    The amount of articles about ‘Wenger to stay or go?’ and the verdict is normally ‘Wenger to stay – at least until a replacement is found.’

    It’s basically like saying, yeah we know he’s shit, but hang in there until something better comes along!

  32. Hitman49

    Just got in from work ! !

    And seen the worst news possible !

    The lunatic is staying on and I’d bet it’s longer than 2 years !
    I’d like to know where your all getting two years from ?

    And as for a new striker ! !

    I bet Remy is already done and dusted !

    @Gee 9:44

    Is spot on except he will also sign Barry !

  33. MarbleHall

    A home banker and a group stage game against Dortmund where Ramsey atoned for his earlier blunder at the Emirates are hardly mouth watering ties to get excited over.

  34. london gunner

    To be fair on Felix Magath his got Fulham playing really good football compared to how they were and his their third manager was never going to end well but I think he can leave Fulham with his career untarnished

  35. MidwestGun

    Marble –
    Maybe, you should try attacking one of our players who isnt good. It might help your credibility, I doubt it, but you never know perhaps a new Le Grover will be fooled.

  36. london gunner

    Bony has scored 24 goals this season!

    In the summer I suggested we sell Giroud for Bony….. I received death threats for this suggestion.

    Bony is stronger than Giroud has more pace and can actually header a Ball.

  37. Hitman49

    London gunner

    After watching boney against us I was impressed with his all round play,
    So I’d agree with you worth a try but the French man won’t do the obvious ! Never does he will stick with the lamp post,

  38. MidwestGun

    You do realise i know beforehand what your answer to my question will be.
    Yes, Marble you are clairvoyant. If thats an admission to being a troll then, yes I already knew that. I just wish you were a smart troll that’s all.

  39. london gunner


    Yeah Bony for my would make a great second striker, he’d be the beast you bring on to hammer out a result.

  40. Hitman49

    London gunner

    He has really good build up play as well I’d start him to be honest,and he won everything knocked up to him he’d fit into our system really well.

  41. london gunner

    I would love Man United to lose.

    They are acting all cocky and smug now as if it was all Moyes fault.

  42. The Poldi Prince

    No particular order:


    These guys are irrefutably better.

    Lambert is better too.
    Torres, soldado, adebayor about even.

  43. london gunner

    Ladies and Cunts!

    Whose your two top striker picks for the summer?

    Mine is Jovetic and Ballotelli preferably both!

    Jovetic could always be used in Nasri role as a wing making playmaker.

    Jovetic is super clinical with great movement and though not the paciest has enough pace to run in between the lines.

    Ballo is a risk but I think at this point we need to take risks rather than be scared little bitches!

    This will never happen so a completely pointless convo and comment from me!

  44. the_real_andy

    never judge a guy after his first season – neither overhype him like bony nor underestimate him like ozil. a season to find out what it’s like is desperately needed especially from players coming from worse leagues like bony and anti-intense leagues like spain.

  45. tunnygriffboy

    Both Wilshere and Ramsey would benefit enormously from having a strong, quick athletic player alongside them in midfield. Jack and Rambo could rotate. Isn’t this exactly what we want ?

    Why is Wenger lucky that Everton lost ? It’s not his fault.

    Ballotelli. Please. Think of the love he would get from us gooners after 2 seasons of Giroud. Think of chances we would create for him.

  46. the_real_andy

    london gunner

    wouldn’t ask myself that question. you can say we should get mr x, y and z but we will play with gir, poldi and chuba akpom next year. probably sanogo if he gets some holiday on weekends from his postman job

  47. london gunner


    I wish Wilshere could turn out to be a CAM and then we could rotate him with Ozil. Would of been nice to field a team with both Rambo and Wilshere at the same time but they both can’t play in the middle.

    I suppose though you are right he may be more effective with a beast of a DM next to him.

    Either way at this current time his going to have to develop allot and take those weaknesses out his game.

    At this point Ramsey comes way ahead of him and I wouldn’t rotate unless we have to. e.g. Ramsey is approaching the red zone.

  48. london gunner


    Morata is gifted he will at least be Higuain/ Tevez level of striker in my opinion.

    I also think for a Spanish player his rather solid and built and could immediately deliver for us.

  49. tunnygriffboy


    We could have both Bony and Giroud. Similar strikers along with Mandzukic. Like the thought of Jovetic and his versatility. I think he’s quality and would fit in with our style. Not sure how quick he is. Ballotelli would be great.


    Good point about Benteke and going down. He ain’t staying if that happens.


    Sorry as much as Giroud drives me mad , Lambert is not better than him.

    Sychophancy towards the girlfriend beating , brothers wife shagging Giggs is nauseating. C’mon the Canaries

  50. tunnygriffboy

    Moratta is a good shout. 6ft plus, quicker than Giroud but same strengths. Did I read he can play wide as well ? Also are Madrid wanting a buy back clause in the sale. Thats not great.

  51. MarbleHall

    Demba ba is useless, Eto is really 40 and plays like a 40 year old.
    Dzeko is average at best as is Negredo. Rooney, Hernandez, Bony and Lukaku WTF

    None of these players would enhance Arsenal and are just as bad if not worse than Giroud

  52. MidwestGun

    Morata would be an ideal second striker, young, can develop but still good enough to start. Can play wide. Not overly concerned by a buy back clause, as they usually only mean they have first right of refusal if we sell him
    . But, I think we already tried in January and for some strange reason Wenger doesn’t ever seem to try a second time. Hates rejection? Lol I dont know. Dumb way to negotiate teansfers, take it or leave it method.

  53. MarbleHall

    Arsenal were top of the league (which means you are the best team in the country) when they faced Man Utd, Everton, Man City and Chelsea yet floundered on each occasion, so where are the excuses coming from.

  54. Uchmangunnernaija

    “Wenger is going to stay at Arsenal.
    AC Milan, PSG, Barca, City, Manu Utd, Chelsea, Inter, Monaco would crawl across a mile of broken glass for someone with his qualities.
    Lucky Arsenal.”

    Fuck me!

  55. Thank you and goodnight

    Another one for you……
    Your mum’s so fat, when she fell down the stairs I thought EastEnders was ending.

    My wife asked me for something that does nought to sixty in 5 seconds for her birthday.
    I bought her a set of bathroom scales.

  56. MidwestGun

    The level of delusion is mind boggling. I mean it’s ok to honor your heroes and their accomplishments. But to think they can do no wrong and are coveted by everyone else after years of mediocrity is weird.
    In the US, I still hear people say Michael Jordan could play in the NBA today, ummmm no he can’t, he’s old and past his glory days.

  57. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Arsenal is an organization that thrives in relative mediocrity that produces tremendous financial returns. As long as the supporters keep emptying their wallets, nothing has to change. The board and Wenger in particular know the key mantra of business better than most…There is a sucker born every minute. They count on it!

    Two more years you say? I doubt it. A mega-massive ego like Wenger’s wont simply settle for something so paltry as two years. This has a limitless life because the supporters make it so. Its up to each and every one of us to enact and force change. Last time I checked, there is no will nor appetite to do so.

    You get the manager you deserve!

  58. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Why does everyone keep talking transfer targets? We all know that Wenger will dither yet again and wind up with no one or nothing…again! Come on, are we honestly really this daft to believe otherwise? He’d rather keep the 70 million and find some stiff on a free. Why do we do this to ourselves?

  59. tunnygriffboy

    Take the emotion away, Wenger is here for 2 more years. What’s our strategy for his replacement ? Does the Klopp project finish in 2 years ? Same with Simeone. Will Pep be available ? 2 more years to track Martinez at Everton and DeBoer and DB10 at Ajax. I’m happy we’ve two years to plan.

  60. follow the money

    Good stuff Pedro. My girlfriend is a Red Sox fan and so I follow them a bit. Their owner has obviously taken the methodology that brought the Sox success and applied it to Liverpool. And my hometown team the Seattle Mariners are a case study in ineptitude. We’ve stunk for over ten years and changed everything (players, coaches, general managers) except the people at the top. Knowing Kroenke’s modus operandi from watching his other teams it doesn’t give me a lot of hope for Arsenal. The only way I can see us return to winning ways would be for Wenger to adapt and change (Hahahaaaaaaaa!) or for Ivan to replace Wenger with the right people and there’s not a lot of evidence to know if he could do that

  61. Oli

    This too from the 2001 BBC website interview with Gazidis:

    “If we went out and spent all our money we would make bad decisions, so we’ve been restrained.”

    That’s your job.

    Wenger Out!
    Lost all faith in Arsenal football club.

  62. Ofebs

    Wenger likes B-list players, ok, lets suggests some good ones from the premier league he could buy…

    I will rather prefer Jonjo Shelvey in our squad to Flamini…
    Wilfred Bony definitely better than Sanogo and Giroud combined…

    I would even have Ryan Shawcross at this point in an Arsenal shirt, just to have hard men in the team…

    I really think its time we start proposing B-list players that we have a chance to actually buy and they will do a great job for the team, than proposing A-list players that Arsene would never buy, preferring duds like Sanogo.

  63. Oli

    Remember the time when we were linked to B-list players, but even missed out on them! Like Gary Cahill. Look how well he’s doing at Chelsea.

    Wenger’s a dick.

  64. MidwestGun

    Follow the Dolla –
    Your gf is a Saaawx? Fan. They turned it around didn’t they? Im cursed to also be a Cubs fan from way back. Hahaha. My sports life is cursed. 🙁

  65. SpanishDave

    Its an incredible myth about Wenger, how on earth can anyone accept 9 years of failure in england and 18 years of failure in Europe. Its beyond belief. He has systematically dumbed down the fans expectations and this year after a blindings start he could not get over the usual hurdle playing the top teams. He had the fixture list in August ffs and he could not even plan for it.

  66. salparadisenyc

    Lars Bender would be great but if rumors are correct regarding Javi Martinez and Pep wanting to sell. We should throw the bank at him.

  67. Santos

    Wenger is preferable to Giggs in my personal opinion. Sir Alex must be a nationalist if he thinks that Giggs can go all the way, although we wouldn’t expect him to say that Giggs isn’t good enough in public. Am I hearing that Van Gaal is on the cusp of joining them? That could be huge.