2 more years for our new era

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Arsenal vs Bayern

Arsenal vs Bayern

Happy Saturday. I have a confession to make. I’m going to something called Body Pump later. If you want to stop reading now because you don’t believe in me anymore, I get it.

Still here?

Good. Don’t judge me for being super healthy and fit.

So what do we have we on the menu? Well, Arsene Wenger is now on record saying he’ll stay on. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, all the noises are that he’s staying because he’s planning for the year ahead. I’m not particularly pleased about it, mainly because I doubt there’ll be any stipulations about improving his set up.

So it looks like another round of jobs for the boys… great.

I’ve said all I can on this matter. There’s no point in rehashing it. If he’s here for another two years, I just have to crack on with it and support. I don’t think he’ll get it right. None of the chat coming out of his press conferences suggests he has any idea how to improve on what he’s doing. We’ve just got to hope it doesn’t go the way it did at United. Everyone around us is catching up now. We’re regressing. It’s a worrying trend.

I read an interesting article that was sent to me by a reader on the John.W.Henry success story. His background is in commodities trading. He’s a math genius apparently. He also has a reputation for being a silent one, much like Stan. Main difference with John.W.Henry is that he has an impressive record of winning. He bought the Boston Redsocks in 2002. Won a world series in 2004 (after nearly 100 years without one), then won another in 2007 and he’s just nailed another. Incredible work really.

Some interesting points from the article.

“We’d gotten into this cycle,” says Cherington, “of retaining high-profile veteran players and trying to extend our success that way.” It hadn’t worked. Says Henry: “We went back to what had made us great for a very long time.”

Now, I’m not saying we’re tying down veterans to long term deals, quite the opposite if you believe that Sagna is off. What I’m saying is that Arsene has forgotten what made him successful. Signing powerful aggressive players through the spine of your team, then decorating that with lightening pace and skill. There aren’t many players from the invincibles era that wouldn’t work in our modern system.

We simply have to have a striker who is fast. For me, that player would be someone like Benteke. He’s fast, at times his finishing is superb and he has the potential to become like Drogba. I prefer him talent wise to Lukaku because I think he’s less clunky. Simple fact is, finishing and the mental side of your game develops as you get older. Thierry wasn’t a natural finisher, he worked on it tirelessly. Key thing with Thierry is he always had the pace to get in the right positions.

We need more wide players. Actual wide players, not strikers who’ve been dumped on the wing. Griezmann looks very good this season. The joke is that actually Carlos Vela is King of Sociedad this year. I think the explosive style of Konoplyanka could suit the Premier League very well. Whoever we pip for this summer has to have speed at core. Draxler should be topping our list.

In midfield, as Jordan Henderson has proved, you don’t need to be a technical wizard to do a very solid job. He’s physically monstrous, he’s very quick over short distances and he has an engine. I also think he has a much improved passing range. Again, not that the focus is on bringing in the right physical attributes. At the moment, we have far too many technicians. We needs some beasts. We need a different flavour to our set up so we can effectively adopt multiple game plans.

The other interesting quote from that article was this one…

“One of the things that was interesting about his model as a commodities trader was that it protected you from emotion, so you would make decisions that made sense. Often in sports, you become attached to something emotionally.”

This is Arsene Wenger through and through. Look at the facts that go beyond a bloated balance sheet that’s actually costing us every season. I mean seriously, when the only argument you’ve got for you manager being a great one is ‘he has the 4th largest wage bill and we usually finish 4th’ you really are losing the battle.

We’re not improving. All the stability in the world this season, with all the money to strengthen and we’re back where we were last year, scrapping out fourth. Our game against the top 5 teams has been embarrassing. We were easily knocked out of the Champions League again. Our injury pile up is the worst in the league again. Our team looks drained. We’ve holes all over the squad. We don’t have the right players.

Cut away what Wenger’s done. Remove emotion. Look at what the manager has offered this year. Is it good enough? Does it merit a 2 year deal? I mean, look at our wage bill. It’s massive considering how few superstars we have. Wenger drives wages based on emotion. That’s why we could clear £500k worth of deadwood last season. Robin being allowed to leave was driven by emotion. Suarez wasn’t allowed to leave. The Liverpool owners took a gamble. They knew Suarez couldn’t sulk because a bad season from him would have affected his value as well as his World Cup chance. Could Arsenal have kept Robin on board? Forced him to play for us? Probably. If he wanted a massive pay off, he’d have to have stayed fit. He’d have had to have scored loads of goals. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, obviously, but so is having a pair of balls and making a decision for the club, not the individual.

“Look at all the money the Yankees have been spending without much success,” he says. “There’s more to baseball competitiveness than money. The Red Sox are an example of how better management drawing upon advanced statistical methods will enhance success.”

Now that above is exactly the drum I’ve been banging for years. The best businesses in the world aren’t necessarily the ones that spend the most money. They’re quite often the most bloated, the most bureaucratic, the least nimble. I work in a game that  is dominated by major brands who pay astronomical wages to bring in the most decorated talent. Does that mean you wave the white flag when you’re pitching for new work? No way. With the right talent, the right attitude, you can compete with anyone. You can be more motivated, you can use more innovative approaches, you can be more agile…

That’s the attitude Arsenal should have.

We can’t spend £400m on wages. We can’t buy £80m worth of individual talent. But we don’t need to. We can look in other places for players. We can look to other areas to innovate. We can drive more value from our players with a better approach everywhere in the club. Hiding behind the excuse of bigger boys with bigger toys is a weak attitude and quite frankly, it reeks of weakness.

Bigger budgets doesn’t necessarily equate to a smarter approach.

Wenger often says it’s not about how much you spend. Sure, I agree, but the problem with Arsene is he isn’t seeking to gain an advantage elsewhere. Mainly, because he doesn’t have one. He’s all out of innovation. Which is why we need a new innovator. Which is why we need a new plan. Which is why we’ll have to wait at least two years for our new era.

I don’t want Arsenal to be the classiest guy in the room, I want them to be the smartest.

Have a great day!

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  1. Minion

    LW I would like Jay Rodriguez.English and knows where the goal is. 15 goals this season would have scored 20 without the injury.

  2. Minion

    If you think we will get a DM you are all dreaming. Wenger loves Arteta no way in hell will he replace him

  3. Danny

    2 more seasons and then probably 2 more after that etc.
    As Jimi said “Manic depression is touching my soul”……..

  4. Moray

    Wenger staying is a living nightmare. He is palpably regressing as a manager. The shocking results against better opposition are testament to that. As for the FA Cup, it is a smokescreen. Anyone can win that these days, as the big boys aren’t really bothered. The last four finals included Wigan, Stoke and Portsmouth and the current holders are Wigan FFS!

    This means I’ll have to avoid watching every game we play against top 5 sides for the next two years as we are just embarrassing in those.

    The upcoming transfer window is vital as we have some key players on the verge of leaving and needing replaced (Sagna, Vermaelen, Fabianski). We also have key holes in the squad through window after window of failure to address them (striker, DM, LW, LB). We are trusting on a manager and team (who have presided over this failure without any manifest signs of understanding what they are doing wrong) to suddenly start working wonders in the market and get us what we need. If we sign anyone decent, it will be a player signed FOR Wenger not BY him, and hence will be played out of position or played to injury by the petulant Frenchman (Arshavin and Ozil are recent examples).

    Then we are trusting a guy in his mid 60s to wake up to his lack of tactical nous and start to look at the opposition for the first time in his career and training the team accordingly. We also expect him to use his substitutes and squad effectively.

    It is not going to happen.

    The next two years, if he does stay, will be brutal. Don’t think things will change. They will change, but at Liverpool, at Chelski, at the Manchester clubs. We will regress and fall behind. Scraping fourth by one of two points every season, Wenger has actually been lucky. His luck looks like it is running out. the emperor is naked AND swimming with no clothes on.

  5. Samir masri

    Can’t blame sagna for leaving. He’s reaching a point of his career that probably concerns more cash for him. It would be wenger’s fault if he doesn’t find a suitable replacement.

  6. Marko

    First off Minion’s a moron. Also pretty sure Griezmann is the king of Sociedad. Vela’s on about 18 for the season and Antoine’s on 20+. Great player he is

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘Also pretty sure Griezmann is the king of Sociedad. Vela’s on about 18 for the season and Antoine’s on 20+. Great player he is’

    Griezmann has 4 assists and Vela has 12 assists.

  8. Minion

    What difference does earning 30k more than what you already make a difference anyway? They are already rich as it is. You would thinking earning so much would make them content but no. How more greedy can you get that?

  9. Marko

    Yeah Wenger Eagle Vela has so many assists because he’s playing Griezmann in. Griezmann has so few assists because he plays Vela in

  10. useroz

    JeffApril 26, 2014    11:17:09
    Arsene Wenger: “Expect to see some fresh faces next year.”

    I believe him 100%, but he keeps spelling faeces wrong.

    How true….himself included

  11. WengerEagle


    RE Benzema I agree with you that’s he’s not as clinical as a Falcao/Cavani/Costa but he’s the best all round striker of the lot and he’s still a very good finisher. He’d thrive as the main man up front as well after playing second fiddle to CR7 for the last 5 years.

  12. WengerEagle

    ‘Yeah Wenger Eagle Vela has so many assists because he’s playing Griezmann in. Griezmann has so few assists because he plays Vela in’


    Vela has scored 18 goals this season while Griezmann has scored 20. Hardly a dramatic difference?

  13. Romford Pele

    Benzema I’d say has the best link-up play out of any of the WC strikers, scores some outrageous goals here. He’d thrive being the frontman here too. He has two greedy, albeit WC wide forwards playing either side of him

  14. Ashwin Gunner


    I wouldnt blame Sagna. He is thorough professional. Not once he has bad mouthed about the club.

    check out the video in youtube, where he ignores Adebeyor. I love that.

    He is a complete gooner.

    1) He is a time of his career where he can get more money.
    2) He has a better chance of winning a trophy outside Arsenal.Lets face it. he hasn;t won anything in the past 7 years.

    I am not saying he should go. All I am saying is , I can see why he is leaving. He knows his chances of winning anything under Wenger is slim to none. and he is being given the money also.

  15. Minion

    We could have sold Sagna and replaced him any time. We also didn’t replace him when he had 2 leg breaks and kept faith in him. Sagna owes us. Him leaving pisses me off.

  16. Marko

    Thought it was 23 goals. Still my opinion is Griezmann is the better player and his potential is quite outstanding. Outside of the big 3 this season him and Rakitic of Sevilla (he’s been unbelievable) have been stand outs. Griezmann over Muniain as well.

    In terms of us I’d have him or Draxler but I’d have Reus and Cuardrado over both. We need 2 I think

  17. useroz

    Vela looks more robust these days and should be ok in PL physically.

    It’s like people talking about Jesus too weak a few years back…look at him now at City and I’d say he’s doing well in his 1st season.

    Thought Vela and Jesus aren’t too dissimilar. Would love vela to be back.

  18. Romford Pele

    Because of Ox and Gnabry, we won’t be buying more than one.

    Sure Ox can play CM but he’s about 5th choice there and we wanna buy a DM. Plus as we’ve seen he still needs to mature to play there permanently. He’ll be outwide

  19. Emiratesstroller

    I can understand Sagna’s viewpoint if he leaves. He wants to have one last pay
    day and security for 3 years.

    However, I understand Arsenal’s point of view as well. From next season onwards I doubt that Sagna will be guaranteed a first team place. There is going to be succession over next two years and spending £15 million+ on a 3 year contract is a lot of money for 30 year + player.

    The dilemma for Arsenal is that they will not earn a fee on his departure and
    whoever comes in is going to cost £10 million +. The fact that our resources
    in defence are quite thin and there is a concern about Vermaelen as well is
    also a problem.

    Arsenal need a new striker, defensive midfield and goalkeeper. The question
    is how much will be left in budget to cover defensive positions?

  20. Dream10

    Everton don’t make the UEFA CL and I could see AW signing Barry.
    150m in the bank and sign a 33 yr old on a free transfer and give him a two year deal.
    (Decent player though)

  21. Keith

    We don’t need Griezmann or any of them. Ox is a world class talent and can play in that position with a good back up in Poldi.

  22. Moray

    Guess whose stats these are for this season?GAMES 23 GOALS 3 ASSISTS 4 SHOTS 20

    Answer = Jack.

    Next year will be make or break for him. Or should be.

  23. Ashwin Gunner


    I can see why you are angry. Look at it objectively.

    He got injured while playing
    He came back and has played with full passion. Unlike RVP, who was injured and ran away the first oppurutnity he got.
    Sagna has extneded his contract twice with us before. even when he was at his peak.

    Proabaly he wants to make some extra money. He doesn;t look to me that he wants to pursue his career as a coach or commentator. :). so i think he wants to mild some more money.

    My problem is. When Wilshere can be at 85k per week, Poldi at 100k per week, its a disgrace to give Sagna 75k.

  24. Romford Pele

    Dream, why do you say that? Sure his game can still be improved but remember he’s only 20 and has scored loads in the last two season. He’s that good and still has loads of room for improvement. I’d love for him to lead the line for us

  25. Gunman

    Sagna is just the same as all the other French players that decided to jump ship.

    It’s becoming a familiar trait im afraid. If we keep buying these players then we must expect them to leave. Especially if the team isn’t winning.

    It’s no coincidence that Man Utd and Chelsea players have been alot more loyal to their clubs over the years.

    But us gullible gooners will give Sagna a great send off and a pat on the back as he leaves us to help one of our rivals win things.

  26. Dream10

    If Everton don’t make the top 4 this year, it will be a big miss for them.
    That means Martinez, Coleman, Barkley and McCarthy will be available in the summer of 2015

  27. Radio Raheem

    There are some decent RB in the PL if we were going that way. Apart from Coleman, there’s Clyne and the RB for Crystal Palace can’t remember his name atm.

  28. Minion

    Wilshere is extremely talented. He is only 20 most 20 year olds aren’t consistent. When its his peak he will be one hell of a player.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    I think it’d be hard to disagree that had we had a better back room, guys who analyse opposition and compile dossiers and game plans on them, better coaches on the training ground who have authority and a better approach to the fitness of players on and off the pitch then EVEN with Wenger still in charge I think we’d have done a lot better.

    A lot of the wages at Arsenal in terms of staff seem pointless because Wenger is king, they don’t seem to do a whole lot.

    The only way two more years of Wenger becomes more palatable is if the board start to stamp some authority and force the back room into looking more like a Munich, BvB or whatever…and they start planning NOW for the next manager.

    Klopp as declared his love for BvB, but how about sounding him out as ‘The Chosen One’ to succeed Wenger…and how about telling him the back room will look more like his already by then, the entire set up (course he’ll want to ring his own)…the cash reserves at that point will be enormous! I’d hazard a guess well over £200 Million in 2 years time which using Surfer X’s model would then mean Klopp would have an eye watering amount to spend!

    Klopp is just an example, but there’s no point in moaning about Wenger staying, it’s happening, I’m bitterly disappointed and upset with it; but it is what it is.

    All we can do is hope that after the next 24 months things get better, and that the club has a clear, concise plan for the future and Wenger has no hand in it or place in it – sadly, I can’t see it.

  30. WengerEagle


    Griezmann’s too lightweight and similar to Walcott IMO in that he’s more a finisher than a creator.

    Rakitic is phenomenal I’m glad you’ve been watching him too.

    Cuadrado is great but again he like Walcott plays RW and he isn’t rerally a playmaking winger.

    I know I keep banging the drum on Roberto Firmino but this kid really is outstanding. He can do the lot- dribble, pass, cross, finish, shoot from distance,beat players with skill, and he even defends very well for a forward. He’s fast and strong too and is 5 foot 11 which is a nice height for a forward.

    34 apps this season and he’s scored 20 goals and assisted 15 which makes him statistically the most efficient player in the Bundesliga and German Cup combined and all playing for HOFFENHEIM.

    Nothing flukey about that, the kid’s a sensational talent. At 22 too he’ll get even better.

    ‘ In a statistic sheet released by Opta earlier this month; Out of Brazil’s main attacking midfield options (Firmino, Neymar, Coutinho, Oscar, Lucas Moura & Willian) Firmino is higher than all of those players in Goals/Assists, Dribbles per Game, Clear Cut Chances Created per Game and his WhoScored rating is also higher than all of those names suggested.’

    From his Scoutnation video on Youtube.

  31. Childish Gambino

    Southamppton doing us a big favour today. Newcastle have been poor and i hope they continue their poor form against us. 2-0 should well for us on Monday night

  32. Alex Cutter

    LOL at anyone giving Sagna stick for leaping at the opportunity to simultaneously get away from Wenger and triple his salary.

  33. Dream10


    Maybe it’s my bias coming it to it a little bit. I think he can be very good, I’m generally not a fan of left footed CFs, particularly when they are not the nimble variety. Prefer Benteke to be honest.

    I see him going to Spurs though. Chelsea can get more from them than Everton.
    20-25m. Lot of money though

  34. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ve just been smacked round the head by the missus. We drove past a church with the groom obviously waiting outside for his bride. I wound down the window and screamed at him to run and that it’s not too late to save himself……wife smacks me…..Bloody women no sense of humour.

  35. Romford Pele

    Dream, I like them because they are so rare! I used to love Adriano until he went down the Ronaldo route and became a fatty. Benteke is the stronger of the two but Lukaku has more facets to his game and the higher ceiling IMO

  36. Dream10

    Luke Shaw future legend. The boy recovered and caught up to Seamus Coleman who is quick. Watch City usurp Utd and Chelsea to sign him.

  37. SpanishDave

    Wenger cant say hes going until after the cup final can he.
    He wants to keep it close to his chest to keep the players focussed.
    We havnt won anything yet or got 4th so theres things to happen yet.
    All the dreamers are out today, dont excite yourselves boys the old fool will not buy any of these players he will muddle on like he has for years.

  38. lordsnotty

    Can’t be doing with another 2 years of this crap. This club can only regress further. Forget 4th place next year. We shall be scrapping for a Europa league place with the likes of Sp*rs and Southampton. That’s how far Arsenal have fallen back. It’s a fucking joke that Arsenal can even consider giving a new contract to this guy. I actually hate him for what he is doing to this football club. Arsenal = “Failure Plc.”

  39. Dream10

    Moray WE Romford

    Not JW’s biggest fan either. He is not in our first choice XI. We need at least two better CMs this summer. Pushes him down the pecking order. He is not a DM. Ramsey is a better CM. Ozil, Cazorla and even Ramsey are better playmakers. He is poor on the LW because he can”t get past his man and can’t use his right foot to cut in. He played well on the RW, but Walcott is better than him.

    If we can sell him for an inflated price of 25-30m to City or Pool (they like British players, we should.

    Would rather have Jack Cork as a backup CM. Been playing well for Southampton

  40. Thank you and goodnight

    I think that’s why even next year we won’t be far off top 4 as for some reason other teams go to pot in the season end run in. So all those people expecting big signings will be mighty disappointed I’m afraid.

  41. WengerEagle

    ‘If we can sell him for an inflated price of 25-30m to City or Pool (they like British players, we should.’

    Agree with you but most Arsenal fans would have you gonads in a jar for saying such a thing.

  42. Dream10


    You’re right about Shaw. I think they also said his parents live near the Chelsea area. But, I would not rule out City. If they offer 35m (plus some Sheikh spare change as weekly wages), Chelsea and Utd would may not match.

  43. Romford Pele

    Sell JW? Nah I’m not for that at all man. I think you guys are forgetting what he can bring when playing well. Plus, it’s not everyday we can boast about someone coming through the academy

  44. Gunman

    If sagna is demanding 100k then id love to know wat Coleman is on at Everton.

    I’d would’ve loved Sagna to stay in the squad for next season for his experience, but we defo need someone who can do more damage in the final third.

  45. SpanishDave

    Same here lordsnotty, I turn off the tv if hes on I ve had enough of his drivel and constant lame excuses. Hes just an arrogant old washed up frenchman still thinking france is the centre of the universe

  46. WengerEagle

    Cesc Appeal

    We bought Ozil for £42 million didn’t we?!

    Yes that was a joke. Tbh mate just thinking about this summer depresses me already as I know there’s a slim to nil chance that Wenger will buy what we need or even half of what we need. Numbs the pain slightly to imagine a world where we actually spent money on World class talent.

  47. Gunman

    Sell Jack Wilshere??

    We need to get out of this obsession with selling our players. It’s not like we’re desperate for cash.

    If we listened to some of u guys we would’ve sold Ramsey and Walcott too.

    Even if Jack isn’t a world beater. At the very least I’d still expect him to be a solid back up for Ramsey.

  48. WengerEagle

    ‘Nah I’m not for that at all man. I think you guys are forgetting what he can bring when playing well. Plus, it’s not everyday we can boast about someone coming through the academy’

    For once I find myself disagreeing with you mate. Sentiment has to go out the window when it comes to football. I don’t care what nationality Jack is and where he came from, if there’s a better player out there which there is that we could get to improve the squad we should absolutely get him.

    Roma bought Strootman for just £12 million last summer and he’s a much better player than Jack who would go for at least double that due to his reputation and the fact that he’s English.

    He’s not the same player he was before his injury IMO. He no longer has the mobility and the ability to dribble and glide past players which is what made him outstanding in the first place. He was a better player in 2011 to be honest.

  49. WengerEagle


    Wrong. I just want what’s best for the club and the squad and if that means selling Jack Wilshere to buy a better player like Paul Pogba for example than I’d be all for that.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, Wenger will spend the whole summer flip flopping about, failing to close deals, switching targets, trying to lower prices – deadline day will try for Kalou.

    Instead of thinking, let’s add some power to our middle next to Ramsey, some pace and power in a wide position and some class up front. Add a young talented CB and a RB and we’re starting to talk.

    I’m just preparing myself for another Wenger Window, utter disappointment embarrassment for the club and the course of the season plotted by September 1st.

  51. somecallmemystic

    Godfather – Martinez might be choking it when it comes to 4th, but that is exactly what Wenger did with the title, streaking ahead in 1st to struggling in 4th.

    Give Martinez (who I don’t think should be the replacement) the tools and he would make tactical decisions that Wenger has become incapable of doing over the past few seasons.

  52. bergkamplegend

    So far we were sure at 99% that wenger will stay…

    with everton loss today we are 100% sure…
    thanks a lot to everton, bunch of djokheads.

  53. Romford Pele

    Eagle, ok sentiment aside I still wouldn’t get rid of him.

    The dude is 22, I wouldn’t be writing him off yet. If we’re going by that token, we should’ve sold Ramsey and Theo too. There’s assets he can bring, even if he’s not going to be an automatic starter. He, more than most, has suffered from not having someone combative next to him.

    He came through in a better team when he first broke through. By the time he recovered from his injury, Nasri, Cesc, Song and RVP had all gone. It’s gonna have an impact isn’t it? Plus, building relationships takes time.

    I do worry about the injury though, the ankle seems to be something which continually plagues him but I wouldn’t be writing him off at 22 for sure. There are certain players you can question but you can see what he can bring when fit. The problem is the lack of balance within the team right now and the lack of clear defined roles which mean that some players are doing certain things they shouldn’t be doing.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Everyone at United will be delighted if Everton lose today, Wenger stays, Arsenal stay still for another year, they’ll know exactly what we’ll look like next year and Van Gaal most base goal of getting UCL will be easy.

  55. Dream10


    I am with you on JW. He is also one of the main beneficiaries of the 4-5-1 we play at times. We have better players at the positions he wants to play.I don’t want to keep just to accommodate him. We can buy other British players who play specific roles.

  56. Godfather

    Godfather – Martinez might be choking it when it comes to 4th, but that is exactly what Wenger did with the title, streaking ahead in 1st to struggling in 4th.Give Martinez (who I don’t think should be the replacement) the tools and he would make tactical decisions that Wenger has become incapable of doing over the past few seasons.



    You are making quite the leap of logic. Bear in mind, Martinez just relegated a team, and yes there has been a revival at Everton in terms of play, but how Manu points better off is he than when. Moyes had the same team?

    And it’s funny how when the pressure started ramping up with the prospect of Champions league in the works how the wheels started wobbling for Everton.

    Listen I want Wenger gone in a few weeks, for his sake. But like I have said before to all: be careful what u wish for

  57. Minion


    Nah Luke said that in his twitter Q/A. It really shows how shit our coaches are they couldn’t recognize his talent.

  58. Minion

    WIlshere is the only decent player that has come through the academy in ages and you want him sold and replace him foreigner? Yeah no. We need to keep our local players.

  59. bergkamplegend

    “I don’t want Arsenal to be the classiest guy in the room, I want them to be the smartest.”

    Spot on Pedro!!
    Unfortunately, with Le Senile One staying in charge… 🙁

  60. bergkamplegend

    Let’s hope we could have a lttle help from the next calendar fixtures…

    The most harder games at the start of the season, disaster results, so wenger will be totally lost and maybe will be sacked at last.

  61. somecallmemystic

    Like I said I don’t want Martinez as the next manager, but can you recall the last time Everton ended up above Utd?

    Agree that Martinez has weaknesses, but the team that went down was poor, the team he has got in to the europa league better. All I am saying is that his tactical decision making is currently better than Wenger’s and with the right tools he might have avoided the appalling fall since early Feb (assuming he had ever got us up there in the first place).

  62. Hitman

    2 more years for the nutty professor to complete his PhD in failure.
    He is the specialist. Is there any excuse that he hasn’t yet used?

    Sagna – one of my least favourite Arsenal players. A born loser. Cant cross to save his life. Wonders forward too often leaving gaps Defending not top bracket. There are much better full backs out there. Good riddance.

  63. Dissenter

    It looks like fourth place will be assured after we win Newcastle on Monday.

    I expect the club will announce the extension of Wenger’s contract on Tuesday.

    There won’t be a more positive news climate to drop the news.

  64. Hitman

    What’s classy our fleecing the fans to make up for failures on and off the pitch?

    Neither classy nor smart.

  65. WengerEagle


    The thing is though mate, what is Jack’s position?

    He’s not creative enough nor has he the ingenuity to be a CAM (Plus we have Ozil and Cazorla who are better), he certainly doesn’t have the defensive abilities to play as a CDM. That leaves B2B for which IMO he lacks the engine and presence for.

    Also with Jack in the team, what style of football would we be aspiring to?

    He wouldn’t suit a fast, counter-attacking style as he lacks pace and power not to mention he’s tiny at 5 foot 7.

    He in truth would perfectly suit a possession side but I don’t want us to play this type of game as in the last year Liverpool in the BPL and now Real Madrid by the looks of it in the UCL have shown that a powerful and pacy counter-attacking side trumps possession football.

    If tomorrow someone offered us £30 million for Jack Wilshere I’d snap their hand off and go and bid the money on Paul Pogba. He’s physically on a different planet to Jack and is the much better baller too IMO.

  66. Gunman


    I get you’re point, and I’d love us to add top class talent to our squad but I’d like to think that we’re now at a stage where we can add to the squad without having to sell our young up and coming talent who have yet to reach their potential.

    I dont have a problem selling the likes of Giroud because he’s clearly not good enough and at an age where he aint gonna get any better.

  67. Bamford13

    Re Wilshere, recall that our central three against Barcelona in 2011 were Song (DM), Jack (CM) and Cesc (CAM). Jack was excellent.

    He hasn’t been the same since his injury, but there is still plenty of ability there. No reason to give up on him, though if he doesn’t get his attitude (or fitness) right, he’ll never again be the player he was at 19.

  68. Bamford13

    By the way, for what it’s worth, Song-Wilshere-Fabregas might have been better than Arteta-Ramsey-Ozil. It helped that they had RVP in front of them, with Nasri, Theo or Arshavin out wide — how much better was that team than this one?! —- but there was a bit more chemistry and fluidity in our midfield then.

  69. bergkamplegend

    Let’s be honest : the players are also “specdialist in failure”

    Why Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, Sagna, Wilshere and co never gave any ultimatum to wenger : “strenghten the team, or we will let you down for good”.

    They just don’t have the balls required to be Arsenal players, that’ all.
    Total submission to an old man that scared them, they are so pathetic….

  70. Ozrus

    On the upside, it’s another two years of guaranteed moaning and bitching on le grove. Woohoo! Thank you Arsene, I’m loving it! Qualideeeee entertainment

  71. Dream10


    I would sell Jack Wilshere for 25-30m if a team was to offer that.

    Asmir Begovic, Jack Cork and James Milner may all be available and are homegrown.
    They all deserve 4 year deals and can do a job.

  72. bergkamplegend

    Next CL == >> seconds of the stage group == >> get ready for one more exit before the quarter finals LOL

  73. Minion

    We are an english club. I am against selling any of our English players and in favor of buying english players.

  74. Ozrus

    Good result. And they are still to play man shitty. Martinez must be getting the gist of the pressure of where he’d like to be, near the fat cats top.

  75. Romford Pele

    Eagle, Jack is a B2B. His weakenesses would be mitigated to an extent by having a combative DM next to him. Look how much he flourished with the indisciplined Song next to him. Plus, we also want a squad. It’s Arteta and Flamini who should be getting upgraded on.

    Jack principally likes to have the fall but I don’t think he’d be out of a place in a counter attacking side. He sees the ball early, plus his ability to salom past players is an attribute we could definitely use.

  76. WengerEagle


    Great stuff, let’s forget about trying to get world class talent in the team and just buy Gareth Barry, Jay Rodriguez and Rickie Lambert because they’re English.

  77. bergkamplegend

    Most shocking fact : the faith that the players have in Wenger,
    Much, much worst than the faith of some “fans”…

  78. WengerEagle


    I agree that we have more pressing matters at hand and that the Jack situation should be looked at last after we upgrade on the likes of Arteta.

    I just don’t think that he would work in a counter-attacking side tbh. I’d also argue that he has lost that ability to glide past players through the middle due to his injuries and his mass bulking.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

  79. MarbleHall

    Arsenal still managed to achieve their goal of 4th place without the likes of Walcott and Ramsey in the side, so best cash in on both and put the money in to purchasing some real game changing players.

  80. salparadisenyc

    Personally I think Jack needs another season to see which direction he’s going to go. Perhaps he peaked at a young age with those stellar Barca performances. He’s got more to offer than what we saw this season and thats worth the patience. Not sure how much progression is possible as he seems to of lost a step and the agility he had pre-injury, with the proper training anythings possible as others have said he’s 22. He could very well do a “Ramsay reversal”. Depth wise he’s class.

    If he stagnates and continues on the path we saw this season, sell him while he’s still young.

  81. Bamford13


    No offense, but I’m glad you’re not making our personnel decisions. Both Lukaku and Benteke have twice the talent and promise of Bony. He scores goals, but is too rough around the edges otherwise.

  82. Paulinho

    Wilshere is screwed really. Can’ think of a footballer that’s had his ankles so badly damaged at such a young age and gone on to have a smooth fairy tale career skipping and dancing about until retirement. He’s also a footballer that massively depends on his ankles for everything he does. He moves very heavy across the pitch and they take the brunt of everything.

    I think Wenger is pushing him for the World Cup because he knows he won’t stand a chance of being in the squads for the next major tournaments. Wants to give him a taste of it so he can at least say he went to world cup.

  83. Ozrus

    “Why Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, Sagna, Wilshere and co never gave any ultimatum to wenger : “strenghten the team, or we will let you down for good”.”

    They are not meant to, it would be too subversive for their own good. Ultimatums equate to breakdown of club structure. They are no more than just the troops.

  84. tunnygriffboy

    Jack can play counter attack. He’s not one of your quick men but he has the ability like Ramsey to do a quick half turn to beat an opponent then drive forward. Just needs to learn when to release the ball to a man in space and then follow on in support eg the Norwich goal

    Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, Sagna, Wilshere don’t have the balls to play for Arsenal because they won’t stand up to Wenger ?? Really !