2 more years for our new era

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Arsenal vs Bayern

Arsenal vs Bayern

Happy Saturday. I have a confession to make. I’m going to something called Body Pump later. If you want to stop reading now because you don’t believe in me anymore, I get it.

Still here?

Good. Don’t judge me for being super healthy and fit.

So what do we have we on the menu? Well, Arsene Wenger is now on record saying he’ll stay on. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, all the noises are that he’s staying because he’s planning for the year ahead. I’m not particularly pleased about it, mainly because I doubt there’ll be any stipulations about improving his set up.

So it looks like another round of jobs for the boys… great.

I’ve said all I can on this matter. There’s no point in rehashing it. If he’s here for another two years, I just have to crack on with it and support. I don’t think he’ll get it right. None of the chat coming out of his press conferences suggests he has any idea how to improve on what he’s doing. We’ve just got to hope it doesn’t go the way it did at United. Everyone around us is catching up now. We’re regressing. It’s a worrying trend.

I read an interesting article that was sent to me by a reader on the John.W.Henry success story. His background is in commodities trading. He’s a math genius apparently. He also has a reputation for being a silent one, much like Stan. Main difference with John.W.Henry is that he has an impressive record of winning. He bought the Boston Redsocks in 2002. Won a world series in 2004 (after nearly 100 years without one), then won another in 2007 and he’s just nailed another. Incredible work really.

Some interesting points from the article.

“We’d gotten into this cycle,” says Cherington, “of retaining high-profile veteran players and trying to extend our success that way.” It hadn’t worked. Says Henry: “We went back to what had made us great for a very long time.”

Now, I’m not saying we’re tying down veterans to long term deals, quite the opposite if you believe that Sagna is off. What I’m saying is that Arsene has forgotten what made him successful. Signing powerful aggressive players through the spine of your team, then decorating that with lightening pace and skill. There aren’t many players from the invincibles era that wouldn’t work in our modern system.

We simply have to have a striker who is fast. For me, that player would be someone like Benteke. He’s fast, at times his finishing is superb and he has the potential to become like Drogba. I prefer him talent wise to Lukaku because I think he’s less clunky. Simple fact is, finishing and the mental side of your game develops as you get older. Thierry wasn’t a natural finisher, he worked on it tirelessly. Key thing with Thierry is he always had the pace to get in the right positions.

We need more wide players. Actual wide players, not strikers who’ve been dumped on the wing. Griezmann looks very good this season. The joke is that actually Carlos Vela is King of Sociedad this year. I think the explosive style of Konoplyanka could suit the Premier League very well. Whoever we pip for this summer has to have speed at core. Draxler should be topping our list.

In midfield, as Jordan Henderson has proved, you don’t need to be a technical wizard to do a very solid job. He’s physically monstrous, he’s very quick over short distances and he has an engine. I also think he has a much improved passing range. Again, not that the focus is on bringing in the right physical attributes. At the moment, we have far too many technicians. We needs some beasts. We need a different flavour to our set up so we can effectively adopt multiple game plans.

The other interesting quote from that article was this one…

“One of the things that was interesting about his model as a commodities trader was that it protected you from emotion, so you would make decisions that made sense. Often in sports, you become attached to something emotionally.”

This is Arsene Wenger through and through. Look at the facts that go beyond a bloated balance sheet that’s actually costing us every season. I mean seriously, when the only argument you’ve got for you manager being a great one is ‘he has the 4th largest wage bill and we usually finish 4th’ you really are losing the battle.

We’re not improving. All the stability in the world this season, with all the money to strengthen and we’re back where we were last year, scrapping out fourth. Our game against the top 5 teams has been embarrassing. We were easily knocked out of the Champions League again. Our injury pile up is the worst in the league again. Our team looks drained. We’ve holes all over the squad. We don’t have the right players.

Cut away what Wenger’s done. Remove emotion. Look at what the manager has offered this year. Is it good enough? Does it merit a 2 year deal? I mean, look at our wage bill. It’s massive considering how few superstars we have. Wenger drives wages based on emotion. That’s why we could clear £500k worth of deadwood last season. Robin being allowed to leave was driven by emotion. Suarez wasn’t allowed to leave. The Liverpool owners took a gamble. They knew Suarez couldn’t sulk because a bad season from him would have affected his value as well as his World Cup chance. Could Arsenal have kept Robin on board? Forced him to play for us? Probably. If he wanted a massive pay off, he’d have to have stayed fit. He’d have had to have scored loads of goals. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, obviously, but so is having a pair of balls and making a decision for the club, not the individual.

“Look at all the money the Yankees have been spending without much success,” he says. “There’s more to baseball competitiveness than money. The Red Sox are an example of how better management drawing upon advanced statistical methods will enhance success.”

Now that above is exactly the drum I’ve been banging for years. The best businesses in the world aren’t necessarily the ones that spend the most money. They’re quite often the most bloated, the most bureaucratic, the least nimble. I work in a game that  is dominated by major brands who pay astronomical wages to bring in the most decorated talent. Does that mean you wave the white flag when you’re pitching for new work? No way. With the right talent, the right attitude, you can compete with anyone. You can be more motivated, you can use more innovative approaches, you can be more agile…

That’s the attitude Arsenal should have.

We can’t spend £400m on wages. We can’t buy £80m worth of individual talent. But we don’t need to. We can look in other places for players. We can look to other areas to innovate. We can drive more value from our players with a better approach everywhere in the club. Hiding behind the excuse of bigger boys with bigger toys is a weak attitude and quite frankly, it reeks of weakness.

Bigger budgets doesn’t necessarily equate to a smarter approach.

Wenger often says it’s not about how much you spend. Sure, I agree, but the problem with Arsene is he isn’t seeking to gain an advantage elsewhere. Mainly, because he doesn’t have one. He’s all out of innovation. Which is why we need a new innovator. Which is why we need a new plan. Which is why we’ll have to wait at least two years for our new era.

I don’t want Arsenal to be the classiest guy in the room, I want them to be the smartest.

Have a great day!

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  1. kwik fit

    Have I just woken in a drunken stupor to find that Arsene has said he is going to sign da fuckin ting. I must be still drunk and having one of those nightmare dreams. Best get back to sleep with immediate effect.

  2. AT

    good read overall but to judge him over injuries – thats not fair imho. He might be stubborn but i think he deserves that 2-year contract just to show us what he has been telling us last couple of years about once the club pays his debts , he’ll be able to spend on the players he wants and compete on the highest level.



  3. Tordoo Dabo

    Wenger staying on!? Why oh why of alk the teams I chose to support 15years ago did I pick the one with a spineless board!
    What has wenger done to deserve two years?
    You cant teach an old dog new tricks..why wont this man walk away before he doesnt have any support…at this rate ill stone his statue weekly if he ever gets one..looking like he won’t

  4. Me

    So its another two years of failure then.

    It just seems that the board of directors lack any kind of ambition when it comes to delivering success on the field. Lots of ambition in making money but none in delivering trophies.

    Wenger stays and we win nothing

    Why not take a risk with another manager who might have the tactical ability to win us trophies – we literally have nothing to lose..

  5. abfp

    I honestly cannot believe how many fans there are out there who have already forgotten the past ten years and the total spankings against the top sides this year, and instead cheer like headless fucking chickens when they read that Wenger will sign. The most worrying opinion is that he deserves a ‘chance’ to spend the money he has earned the club. Gah! The most unambitious club combined with the same type of fans make for a horrible combination.

  6. Dapper

    I wonder if Diaby has considered a career change? I would suggest he looks at the prospects of becoming a physiotherapist. He has already done his apprenticeship and work experience for the job! I mean he has had lots of ‘hands on’ practice!

  7. Jeff

    It’s the worse possible news we could have hoped for where Arsenal is concerned. While he cock-teased us about not signing, there was still hope that he might walk but I think he had no intention of doing so anyway – it was all an act (much like his “attempted” signings) just to make it look like he considered other options. He never did; a leach of a man; who will continue to suck the life out of the club for another two years.

    Terrible, tragic news!

  8. christy

    Pity we have to wait 2 years for Guardiola.Putting Draxler top of our list you say is a must,then you say we need pace.Have you seen Draxler play because pace is one thing he lacks.I would also have Hoddle in the mix and move Wenger upstairs as Hoddle is tactically astute.

  9. Ashwin Gunner

    Awesome post.

    “I don’t want Arsenal to be the classiest guy in the room, I want them to be the smartest.”

    This sentence says it all. We dont need to be classiest. We need to be able to compete and win.

  10. Sam

    Fantastic news if Wenger stays. Best manager in the world. No manager would have done wat he has in last 10 years on his budget. Competing against clubs with unlimited resources. Anyone that thinks otherwise has read to many newspapers or sites like le grove who are anti arsenal. The guy who writes that site is the kind of person that hires a plane to fly over Emirates with Wenger out sign like the idiots at man u. All the praise that city and Chelsea get looks like they ain’t gonna win league and they have spent millions and have world class teams, so they are gonna finish top 4 same as arsenal. So if any one should be sacked if shu d be there managers. All fans need to stop moaning and support ur team and manager!Fantastic news if Wenger stays. Best manager in the world. No manager would have done wat he has in last 10 years on his budget. Competing against clubs with unlimited resources. Anyone that thinks otherwise has read to many newspapers or sites like le grove who are anti arsenal. The guy who writes that site is the kind of person that hires a plane to fly over Emirates with Wenger out sign like the idiots at man u. All the praise that city and Chelsea get looks like they ain’t gonna win league and they have spent millions and have world class teams, so they are gonna finish top 4 same as arsenal. So if any one should be sacked if shu d be there managers. All fans need to stop moaning and support ur team and manager!Fantastic news if Wenger stays. Best manager in the world. No manager would have done wat he has in last 10 years on his budget. Competing against clubs with unlimited resources. Anyone that thinks otherwise has read to many newspapers or sites like le grove who are anti arsenal. The guy who writes that site is the kind of person that hires a plane to fly over Emirates with Wenger out sign like the idiots at man u. All the praise that city and Chelsea get looks like they ain’t gonna win league and they have spent millions and have world class teams, so they are gonna finish top 4 same as arsenal. So if any one should be sacked if shu d be there managers. All fans need to stop moaning and support ur team and manager!Fantastic news if Wenger stays. Best manager in the world. No manager would have done wat he has in last 10 years on his budget. Competing against clubs with unlimited resources. Anyone that thinks otherwise has read to many newspapers or sites like le grove who are anti arsenal. The guy who writes that site is the kind of person that hires a plane to fly over Emirates with Wenger out sign like the idiots at man u. All the praise that city and Chelsea get looks like they ain’t gonna win league and they have spent millions and have world class teams, so they are gonna finish top 4 same as arsenal. So if any one should be sacked if shu d be there managers. All fans need to stop moaning and support ur team and manager!

  11. graham okeeffe

    Totally agree. I work with an ex Bolton player from when Allerdyce first joined Bolton and he gave a brief talk on how allerdyce was ahead of his time when he joined Bolton…. effectively allerdyce made Bolton competitive in the premier league using championship/lower prem players by making them the best that they could be physically, mentally etc. He changed their diets, attitude brought in sports massagers etc etc.. The point im making is at the time the majority of prem clubs weren’t doing any of these things so it bridged the gap in talent by augmenting all the other areas…..innovation…..Bolton stayed in the prem for a long while with one of the lowest wage bills in the prem….. I also think it comes down to will and leadership. Wenger has lost both of these..his heart really isn’t in the fight and the payers no it…look at moyes. His demise was mainly down to the players not fighting for him plus some serious bad judgement in team selection lol

  12. Evan

    Terrible news, at the end of his contract he said he would review his performance and decide if he is the man to help us progress. Bad decision by the club

  13. Ashwin Gunner

    Well the good thing from Wenger extending his contract is.

    We have a better chance of grabbing Klopp after two years rather than now.
    I mean i love that guy.
    Klopp is not leaving Dortmount now, as he recently signed his extension. but we may well turn his head after two years. who knows.

    it might well turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  14. Dublin Gunner!!!

    Im no AKB but we need to stop moaning and shut the F**k up an support the team. I HATE Liverpool but u have to give there fans credit. Anfield is a tough place to go these days.

  15. Mo

    “JeffApril 26, 2014 09:35:54
    Mo,It 4th and FA cup don’t matter. He stays regardless – that’s a given.”


  16. Gee

    This is how the summer pans out:
    – We don’t make any purchases pre World Cup
    – Sagna is released
    – Fabianski is released
    – Wenger is on TV everyday at the World Cup commentating etc.
    – We’re linked with players galore and sign no one
    – We’re told it’s hard to sign in World cup year
    – Post World cup we’re told players are on holidays
    – We’re told we have a CL qualifier to contend with so it’s hard to sign players
    – We’re told it needs 3 agreements to sign a player
    – PL sides around us sign players with ease
    – We sell Vermaelen
    – We’re told we are working hard
    – We sell Podolski
    – We’re linked with everyone and sign no one
    – We’re told we have Gnabry, Akpom and Bellerin
    – We’re told the squad is world class
    – We finally sign Kalou on deadline day

  17. Ashwin Gunner

    I need some enlightenment

    Rumours are tha we are looking at Antoine Griezmann for striker, Lars Bender (midfield) and Calum Chambers (RB).

    Are these players really good. I dont know a lot of these players. Are these the right purchases?

  18. Evan

    Arsenal will definately not be making early signings.

    Most of the players will be saying “I will decide my future after the World Cup”

    It will be a slow bloody summer

  19. tunnygriffboy

    I know a lot of people will be upset by the news but the reality is Wenger is staying. I’m ok with it, not elated but ok.

    I think we’ll sign players in the summer. I know that the Jan window was horrendous but I think 2 forwards, one with pace along with an athletic midfielder will come in. Why do I think that. It’s his last hurrah, a chance to complete what he started. The common knowledge of the fans who know we have money and have had money to spend.

    He has said that he’ll look into the injury situation which is desperately needed ( I have my own opinions why they have been so bad this season ). With quality additions and our current squad fit it would allow more rotation, perhaps he’ll trust his bench more.

    Finally 2 years gives the club time to plan a replacement. I was dreading the shambles that would have entailed had he gone suddenly at the end of the season. In 2 years the Klopp, Simeone projects may have finished. Pep may have finished in Bayern. It gives DeBoer and DB10 two more years of European experience, the same for Garcia and Martinez. We should start monitoring them now.

  20. Ashwin Gunner

    I dont understand.
    I thought for Sagna he wanted a 3 year deal rather than 1 which was earlier offered to him.

    Now, apparenlty, Sagna has been offered a 3 year deal like he wanted. What is the roadblock now??

  21. invincible

    Good reply earlier with the suarez thing….ha ha ha. Made me laugh

    As for me I’m done. Stopped going games for 5 years now and this summer will cancel my sky sports subscription. Bollocks to them all. I don’t care who he buys as its irrelevant. Most players under wenger these days regress so even if he bought messi, I’d give him 2 months to turn messi into santos.

  22. tunnygriffboy


    Sorry . . . Griezmann plays wide left , very pacy and has had a quality season for Sociadad in terms of goals and assists. Bender would give us power and athleticism in midfield

    Re Sagna, he’s being offered silly money elsewhere. Last contract and looking for security for the future

  23. Emiratesstroller


    You are absolutely correct that the difference between Henry and his consortium and Kroenke is that they have produced ‘winning team’ from their US Franchise. Kroenke’s franchises have produced nothing probably because he spreads himself too thin.

    Looking at your comments about ‘age’ I agree that you need in EPL younger
    players who have pace, fitness and energy to compete there. You can get away
    with older players in Serie A and even Champions League, because pace is
    slower in these competitions.

    I accept what you say about supporting team now despite our reservations about Wenger. However, the club needs urgently to raise its game not just with our team, but also with coaching and back room staff as well.

    With coaching and back room staff I would like to see introduction of some
    former players like Man Utd are doing. Bringing back someone like Bergkamp would be a start. He was always an ‘intelligent’ player and he has
    now sufficient experience at Ajax to come back to us. He was never just a
    pretty footballer but knew how to put the boot in when required.

    On the playing front it seems likely that the stories about Bender may have some merit. Clearly he is a younger and physically stronger player than Arteta.

    Griezman would be my preference on left wing over Reus or Draxler. Both
    Germans even if available are likely to cost an awful lot of money. I suspect
    that Griezman playing for a small Spanish Club may be more affordable than
    the other two and in any event he scores more goals than Draxler.

    The striker position is for me more problematic. Personally I don’t believe
    that the new recruit whoever he may be will automatically replace Giroud
    in first team. It is more likely that he will share the role.

    It is interesting that most football pundits are not as critical of his abilities
    as Arsenal supporters are. They think that he has talent, but is lacking in pace
    and is not a prolific goalscorer. Also they justify recent poor performances, because he has been overworked.

    On the other hand Arsenal are not going to buy a prolific goalscorer, because
    he will cost too much money. My view is that Wenger will spend tops £25
    on that position. That will be only if he can secure someone like Mandzukic
    or Benzema. On the other hand I still feel that it is more likely that he will go
    for someone like Remy who has a buy out clause in his contract.

    Remember that we will have to buy at least one goalkeeper and probably one
    or two defenders as well. There are only one or two players on our books who
    we can sell and realise a transfer fee. If Board have allocated just £70 Million
    then we are only going to spend serious money on a couple of players at most.
    The rest will be in £5-10 million range.

  24. Kethees

    Stan is a business man, who doesn’t bother about on field success – but knows that his 60000+ customers are …………..

  25. Romford Pele

    Goal.Com have linked us with Griezmann this morning, great player. A wide forward in the mould of Theo. Times his runs superbly and is a great finisher, 18 goals is testament to that. 30m he’ll cost

  26. S Asoa

    Wenger staying on is like a stray who followed you. The mongrel.
    So the only satisfaction is in the make believe of players Arsenal can buy.
    We wake up to zilch in the morning.

    Arsene Wenger you STILL an Unwanted Senile Dreg

  27. tunnygriffboy


    This will be the last summer for me if it’s messed up. I said I’d wait two windows after Ozil as the new sponsorship deals came in so I’m sticking to that. Don’t necessarily agree that all players regress under Wenger. Some undoubtedly do but you also have Kos, Gibbs, Ox, Ramsey, Walcott. Swings and roundabouts and all that.

  28. master pires

    Seriously Wenger?
    I mean, as much as I love the man, what the club needs right now is new imagination, new ideas, and new tactics, not to mention new players! Who’s top of my manger list?
    1. Klopp I absolutely love this guy, what a man!(seems unlikely till 2018 though)
    2.Martinez – I was seriously impressed with him at Wigan, but wondered how he’d do at a bigger club, at Everton he’s impressed me even more! He clearly has a vision and is tactically on point. Also very likeable and good with media
    3. Simeone – The way he’s competed with Barca and Real this season has been masterful. Clearly knows how to beat world class opposition (unlike Wenger
    4.Thomas Tuchel – didn’t know a lot about him before the LG post a couple of weeks ago but looking into him I’ve been impressed, looks a great young manger in the making.
    5. Joachim Löw – Not really been mentioned by I really like him and knows the German players which could work as an advantage, surely he’d be tempted by an offer in the prem after the WC…

  29. Evan

    Stan and his Walmart bastard family are scum, fucking up American state by state ruining family businesses , they have a apocalyptic bunker to hide in. He doesnt give a dam about Arsenal

  30. WengerEagle

    Must admit I’m not a huge fan of us spending £30 million on Griezmann. He’s too similar to Walcott in that he’s more a finisher than a creator.

    For the right balance we should be buying a Pires-esque playmaking wideman with pace to unburden Ozil creatively. Someone like Reus, Draxler or Roberto Firmino.

  31. arsesicky

    What a bunch of moaners!! Arsene is by no means the best manager in the world, but some of the bile spewed on here is reprehensible. People are saying this year has been a failure – fa cup is still on? Have we been trying to get trophies or do you really only care that your pathetic emotional insults to the team are heard? Seriously, why do you ‘support’ the team? And a huge looool at using baseball as an analogy to how football should be managed!! One second its ‘yanks know nothing’ and now it’s ‘red socks statistical model brings success’ give me a fucking break. This will be my last visit to this site, I’m by no means an ‘in arsene we trust’ person, but you lot really are just depressing. Good luck sulking in your dimly lit basements while your mother screams at you to clean the bloody dishes for once.

  32. Danish Gooner

    2 more years of complete tactical incompetence,i cant stand it.As if Wenger would suddenly turn in to a tactical genius,we will play the same way and get destroyed over and over and over again by smart teams,all this for the stank of
    cash money.

  33. tunnygriffboy


    Wenger has spoken of his admiration for Griezmann before. Be quality addition, means no Draxler though. Bender popped up again as well. Would most fans be happy with those two and a2nd level striker rather than elite like Cavanni at 50 million. I would.

  34. Ashwin Gunner

    master pires

    As i said earlier, Wenger’s contract extension might be blessing in disguise.

    There are more chances of us getting any of the mangers you mentioned above two years from now.

    personally, I would love Klopp. He is absolutely fantastic. He works on low budget but has better plan. vision and tactics than Wenger.

    I can I have to make peace with top 4, for the next two years to get Klopp.

  35. Leedsgunner

    The issue at hand is what will actually change with Wenger at the helm?

    Nothing. Mediocrity and status quo is the order of the day. Wenger makes the same errors every year. Rather than looking at coming in fourth as a fortunate “get out jail free card” and using the it as a platform to improve and innovate he uses it as a means to justify and stagnate.

    If we wanted to take Benteke, we should have moved for him in January. He at least would have gone partially to address a need in the squad. For me, if it was a choice between Lukaku and Benteke? Lukaku everyday of the week, it’s a forlorn hope though because Chelsea will never sell to us. I find it incredible with the dearth of out and out strikers at that club he’s out on loan. It’s apparent to me that Maureen doesn’t like the boy… I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to PSG as a makeweight in a player plus cash deal for the striker plus cash deal. Pity really because I could see Lukaku doing extremely well for us.

    I’ve resolved not to wind myself over the summer transfer window.

    Wenger and the transfer window is the living illustration of the following sayings:

    Fail to plan, plan to fail.


    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (Einstein).

  36. Jeff

    Everton play Southampton away (early kick off today) so they might overtake us int he league. Drawing with Newcastle on Monday evening won’t because of Everton’s better goal difference.

  37. Ashwin Gunner

    Well if Griezmann is pacey as Walcott and is a better finisher then we should snap him.

    Ozil was shining at the first 2 -3 games because he had Walcott to give that killer pass to. And Walcot with his pace use to run behind defenders easily. Although his finishing was lousy. If Griezmann can do the same thing with better finishing, then we can be dangerous again.

    Only thing I wonder is. if we have two proper wingers, where would be we Cazrola. So will it be eiher Ozil or Caz in our line up. ??

  38. S Asoa

    As part of his ” support strategy” Wonkie has floated a story in Daily Mail about being offered 22million Euros to coach Monaco. But it cut no ice with comments of civilly said “good riddance” flooding the Comments and 2 AKB wimps with their plaintive bleats . LO L

  39. WengerEagle

    As Pedro has said the hugely ironic thing is Vela has actually had a better season than Griezmann.

    Griezmann- 46 apps: 20 goals: 4 assists.
    Vela- 48 apps: 18 goals: 12 assists

  40. tunnygriffboy


    Girouds’s faults have been magnified without Ramsey, Ozil and Walcott not being available. He needs players running off and beyond him to be at his most effective. Being stuck 20 yards away from supporting players has left him isolated and he has zero pace to take on players one on one

    And, as you say, he has been flogged. He’s a big man and having to carry that frame for 50 games must be difficult for him.

  41. Colonel Mustard

    Liverpool keeping Suarez and us selling Van persie has defined us on and off the field the last few years. The self preservation society of Wegner and the board roll on. I love the way Wegner plays with this two year extension – he really feel like he is doing us a favour…..the ego of this guy. He should have been removed after the debacle of summer which led to the 8-2 defeat. I admire Liverpool at the moment they are everything we should be doing at board and management level and it about to pay off.

  42. F4phantomphreak

    Good post, I think Jackson Martinez would fit our style and has speed and power to boot. I know he plays in Portugal but that doesn’t mean squat diddly if your banging them in!

  43. Leedsgunner

    You know what the most galling thing is?

    What will Wenger receive in return for the the stagnation, excuses and constant ridiculous refusal to look truth in the face? A reported cool take home wage packet of over £145 000 to £150 000 per week… ?!?!?

  44. Dream10


    – Griezmann and Walcott are both finishers. Can they fit together?

    – Javi Martinez could be available. Barcelona inquiring about him. He is the better than the Benders

  45. andy1886

    They say that history is the best guide to the future, so that’s one good purchase (max), a couple of cheaper ones who will probably turn out to be pretty average, some free transfers and young French prospects. Poldi will go, Sagna too, so that means that we would need at a minimum for the first IX a quality striker (£30m+), a replacement for Arteta/Flamini (£20m+), a decent left winger (£15m, probably more), a right back (another £15m). That’s a minimum of £80m just to have all the basics covered.

    What we will get is Jenkinson, Diaby, another year of Arteta/Flamini, and maybe someone of OG’s calibre to share the load as has been said above. We’ll then compete with United and Liverpool for fourth, and as United don’t have to worry about European football, they will probably take that fourth place trophy away from us next season. The only good news is that Wenger may finally jack it in or get pushed, but then again knowing the stubborn old git he will probably demand a new contract to get ‘our’ CL place back.

  46. g0tch34ted

    Do you know what …(looking for the silver lining here) … if we sneak the FA Cup this season and perhaps manage another title or two in the next 2 seasons and maintain CL football i’ll take it.

    In 2 years time Pep’s contract with Bayern is up and Arsenal should be looking at him to say, here’s a real project for you to get your teeth into.
    If that becomes reality. I can cope with the next couple of seasons.

    One can hope.

  47. fraz

    Seems van persie is back in training. How convinient. As soon as moyes got sacked. And this is the guy you wanted us to hold on for another year. My guess is he would hv manufactured an injury for d rest of the year. And you wud hv another stick to beat Wenger with. So in a way wud be beneficial .

  48. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Agree with you on Griezmann/Walcott similarities. I think he is too lightweight.
    Also, with the money Real Sociedad can get for him, they can sell him to PSG, who will outbid us for sure.

    Not a big fan of his style. Would love Reus on the left, just like Pires.

  49. WengerEagle


    Vela plays more central to be fair but the point I was trying to make was that we sold Vela for a few million and are now prepared to spend £30 million on a player who hasn’t really been any better this season.

    Griezmann would be veruy good for us but as I want us to get the best out there for the best deal, why not Roberto Firmino?

    The guy is a year younger than Griezmann and has been streets ahead this season in terms of efficiency- 34 apps and 20 goals/15 assists in all comps. Ridiculous considering he’s playing for a mid-table clkub that he’s been the most efficient player in the Bundesliga and German Cup this season.

    We could get him for cheaper than Griezmann too and really spend big on a ST and CDM not to mention all the other positions that need strengthening.

  50. Ashwin Gunner

    Colonel Mustard

    Somewhere deep down, I feel Wenger never had any intentions to sign Suarez. If he had, he would put an improved offer. He did it to fool the fans that he is seriously looking for a striker.

    If he was seriously pursing a striker, he would not have let Higuain or Suarez go. He was never after them . He just played poker. Win win situation for him. If he would have got them, he would have shown himself how a good bargainer he is.
    Now that he didn;t get them, he is saying that he wanted them. but the clubs could reach an agreeemtn.

    I mean with Higuain it was ridiculous. His father, his brother, his maternal uncly, his friends , his neighbours, his dog. everybody was in the media saying that Higuain;s Arsenal move is almost done. What might have transpired for the deal to fall through after coming so close???

    A man who did not complete the deal after coming so close, has showed that his real intentions were never to buy a striker. It was just to fool the fans to renew their season tickets.

  51. Ashwin Gunner


    Agree. It was rather a good decision to sell him. Although i didn;t like him to be sold to our direct rivals. he could have been sold abroad.

    Neverthless, he is C**T. and will always be.

  52. Dream10

    Nasri’s interview in the Telegraph has some interesting points

    – he knew in October 2010 that the best player Fabregas was leaving. He asked AW who would he buy to replace him and was not impressed.

    Money certainly played in the deal but the names of Gervinho and The Ox probably did not impress him.

  53. WengerEagle

    I still think not activating Vela’s release clause for €4 million was a ridiculous decision. Fair enough he might not have wanted to come back but we could easily have sold him on for £20 million+. He’s got double figure goals and assists this season ffs not to mention he’s been at this level for 3 years now.

    Like when we undersold Cesc, sentimentality got in the way of making a savvy business decision. We were afraid to ‘upset’ the player. Because the people who run this club lack balls.

  54. trugunner10

    Super Mario looks a sure thing to be leaving Milan and I think AW would be just the guy to get the best out of him. Buy Frimino as he can play anywhere in the front 4 and a clinical finisher. Schneiderlin would be a perfect fit with Ramsey in the middle. Stones in the CB spot to replace TV5. Aurier to replace Sagna.

  55. Jeff

    Injury prone players: Walcott, Rosicky, Diaby, Gibbs, Ramsey? Diaby doesn’t matter because he’s permanently injured and can’t play anyway. But take away one or more of the others and we’re immediately up the creek without a paddle.

  56. Ashwin Gunner

    How good will this line up be.

    Draxler ———-Ozil/Cazrola ——————Walcott/OX
    ——————Lars Bender———–Ramsey
    Gibbs————Klos———-Per————Sagna/or another WC RB

  57. Ashwin Gunner

    how good will this line up be


    Draxler ———-Ozil/Cazrola ——————Walcott/OX

    ——————Lars Bender———–Ramsey

    Gibbs————Klos———-Per————Sagna/or another WC RB



  58. Jeff


    One of the perks that Wenger enjoys managing Arsenal is that there is no pressure to succeed. Why would he leave that, go somewhere else where people live in the real world and expec him to succeed? He might be mad but he’s not crazy.

  59. andy1886

    D10 – What does that say about Wenger’s honesty when he said that big clubs don’t sell players like Fab and Nasri having already told insiders that he was going to do just that? Shows the contempt that the man has for the supporters, that and his other remarks like ‘never worked a day in football’. The guy is becoming a parasite.

  60. WengerEagle

    Would love if we had balls and we went back in for Higuain this summer. He’s a genuine WC Striker and IMO like Luiz Gustavo would be gettable. The only reason he went to Napoli was because we dithered.

    Offer £30 million and Vermaelen who Rafa Benitez is a fan of apparently.

  61. Colonel Mustard

    sound plausible Ashwin, at the end of it all, its a total debacle as usual. Same with Ozil, Wegner didnt sign him, he was brought to Wegner which leads me to say that Wegner is so deluded in his ways that someone like Ozil is a chip to renew season tickets and appease the fans after Villa defeat that probably Gazidis and boards felt they HAD to do as Wegner convinced them he needed no more players to compete. Wegner has a disease now that renders him incapable of building a team to compete as the last embers of his “project” burn out. From top to bottom our club needs major reform. The injuries at the very least need answers.

  62. WengerEagle

    ‘ Buy Frimino as he can play anywhere in the front 4 and a clinical finisher. ‘

    He’s extremely creative too and is only 22.

    And he’s Brazilian. What’s not to love?

  63. Thomas

    “I’m okwith him going on for two years”

    Two more years of 6-1 5-1 6-0 3-0. Just fucking great…

    People like tunny are a big reason
    we’re in this mess. Weak minded fans still backing Wanker.

  64. Ashwin Gunner

    anybody know what is contract situation of Arda Turan

    He plays on left wing, strong, makes decisive runs and is not shy to shoot. We might get him for 24m. i guess.

  65. Dream10

    Been a fan of Firmino for the last couple of years. He is on the verge of s being superstar,
    Buy Firmino this summer and the Reus the next.

    How highly do you guys rate Lars Bender? I know he has energy and tackles a lot. But Leverkusen have had some shocking results. Too much hype perhaps?

  66. shad

    2 more years of severe butt hurt. Anyone looking for a silver lining has a better chance of finding Houdini or Diaby’s fitness. Sad day for the club. Indeed Arsene has been allowed to become bigger than the club.

  67. Roaaary

    When they say arsene is planning for next year – I want to know what he is planning????

    It isn’t signings or tactics.

    Maybe he is already planning his excuses for mediocrity????

    Fuck of arsene you old fool

  68. tunnygriffboy


    I bow to your better knowledge of Firmino. Would seem to fit the bill. Like Drmic he is having a very good season. People were saying Drmic was not a good option though. Difficult to gauge what people want.

    Re Vela. No one seemed too upset when he left. Always looked good for Mexico but never shone when playing for us. Hey ho !

  69. Nickie

    Is there a clause in velas contract to come back to arsenal? Or is that a myth? I was saddened when vela left I always liked him a lot. I’d like vela and Griezmann to arsenal along with bender a striker, aurier and a utility man to fill in at the back. Oh yeah and fab tied down

  70. WengerEagle

    ‘People were saying Drmic was not a good option though. Difficult to gauge what people want.’

    I wasn’t one of those, I think Drmic as a second choice striker would be great to have. He’s 21 fast, strong, skilful and very efficient in his shooting accuracy and finishing. He’ll only improve here playing in front and Ozil, Ramsey and co.

    As long as we sign a marquee first choice CF, I’d be all for getting Drmic in too.

  71. Marc

    Talk Sport had Liverpool’s former MD on the other day, most of the conversation was about Moyes and ManU missing out on CL football. What the guy did say that was worrying is the new TV deal that kicks in next summer will mean CL football will be worth £50 million. We’ve been flirting with missing out on 4th for a few years now and unless we seriously add some talent this summer I can’t see us getting top 4 next season. With the new TV deal and FFP looking like a white wash it could almost exclude us getting back in for a long time. The new stadium and all the hard work will have been for nothing.

  72. Roaaary

    I’m keen on aurier. Haven’t seen him play but he looks a beast and angry!

    Is that a good reason? We have too many lightweight nice guys in the team

  73. Marc

    Vela’s not suited to English football. The fact he’s doing well in Spain doesn’t mean he could come back and do what we need.

  74. Nickie

    Hopefully Southampton do us a favour today. Yesterday at work I was speaking to a colleague and said “it’s a good thing we got crystal palace out the way before pulis” how sickening. We are Arsenal football club yet crystal palace would worry me if we had to play them haha funny feeling I’m not the only one

  75. WengerEagle

    ‘Is that a good reason? We have too many lightweight nice guysin the team’

    Yeah that’s why I want us to get Luiz Gustavo, he’s a big nasty bastard and a monster of a CDM. Can play a bit too.

    Agree that we have too many schoolboys in the team. We need players that will actually intimidate the opposition and scare the shit out of them from just walking up the tunnel.

    Fergie said Petit and Vieira looked huge in the tunnel before a match and were very intimidating. That’s what we need to regain.

  76. andy1886

    Apart from the money what is the point of the CL for Arsenal anyway?

    There’s more chance of Susan Boyle winning a Miss Wet T-Shirt contest at the Playboy ranch than Wenger winning the CL. Come to think of it Wenger’s CL record is even more embarassing than that.

  77. Dobermann 13

    As if I wasn’t down enough ,with the wenger staying news, I listened to a bergkamp wonderland podcast, and they were saying Diaby deserves a new contract for his LOYALTY, Stop the world, I want to get off.

  78. Rob

    Sagnas on his way,apparently an English side as he don’t want to move abroad.There will be no new right back,Jenkinson will be thrown right in at the deep end and game by game will go by till Wenger says eventually that Jenks has ‘surprised him’ and has ‘super quality’, why do you think they took the number 2 shirt off Diaby,eventually the idea was to give Jenks and Gibbs the 2 and 3 shirts and have another one of those all British line up things outside the stadium like last year

  79. WengerEagle

    ‘Vela’s not suited to English football. The fact he’s doing well in Spain doesn’t mean he could come back and do what we need.’

    I know but there’s no reason we couldn’t have brought him back and then sold him off again for £20 million as opposed to selling him for £3 million.

  80. Dream10


    I heard Purslow on the Talksport as well. Man Utd are more than capable of buying five 30m pound players and paying 150k /week for each one with no problems. The worrying thing is they might.

  81. Nickie

    Marc, low key games, squad rotation. Not a starter. He has matured since getting regular game time. Would like to see what he could do at arsenal but like you sat would probably fail

  82. WengerEagle

    ‘There’s more chance of Susan Boyle winning a Miss Wet T-Shirt contest at the Playboy ranch than Wenger winning the CL. Come to think of it Wenger’s CL record is even more embarassing than that.’

    Hahaha Subo get your tits out!

  83. Dream10

    Agreed on Vela, who is more suited to Spanish football. and struggled in England. Feel the same way about Benzema as well.

  84. Rhys Jaggar

    Absolutely agree with you about not needing to splash the most cash to win in business.

    Years ago, I worked for an up-and-coming mid-tier consulting firm that was growing at 20 -30% per annum regularly. We managed to raise our prices every quarter for 2 years without difficulty as we were still charging half what the so-called big boys charged. Some of them were great, some were bloated fat-cats trading on a brand without having the individuals worthy of representing it. The trick was to find clients who weren’t numpties ‘who never got sacked for buying IBM…’ If they were like that, we learned not to waste our time. If they were dynamic, decent clients looking for the best deal, they were open to our pitch.

    I was the Ozil, I left the schmoozing of clients behind the scenes to colleagues. I did the background research and provided the scientific insights, framed the concepts and built the spreadsheets. Others pulled the bid documents together and we all presented to clients together.

    The response to us beating delivery targets at year end was to raise those targets by 20%. The way to achieve that was to increase chargeable day rates by 20% or more. That way you earned more for the same number of chargeable hours.

    Obviously that model has its limits. But trust me, going from £500 a day to £750 a day was more than possible in consultancy as several ‘big boys’ would be charging £1300 a day and then some. In the shires, not in London…..

    Here are some things you can improve in football:

    1. Goals scored:chances created ratio (although you should only improve that if you also improve your goal difference).
    2. Percentage of crosses which clear the first defender.
    3. Percentage of play flows with possession which lead to chance creation.
    4. Percentage of 50:50 tackles won.
    5. Reduction of chances conceded.
    6. Reduction of saves/game for the goalkeeper.
    7. Reduction of penalties conceded.
    8. Increase in chances conceded:goals conceded.
    9. Increase in average unbroken period of full fitness/player.
    10. Increase in number of players starting 20 games or more per season.
    11. Reduction in number of players playing 45 games or more per season.

  85. Ashwin Gunner

    Apparently Arsene is in for Loic Remy.

    I find it funny that which ever team we play has some player linked to us. And questions are being asked about that player to Arsene, who apparently ducks them.

  86. Jeff

    Arsene Wenger: “I need to strengthen my squad this summer to win trophies”. I’m going to write to the Guinness Book of Records about that, it’s got to be an official record for ‘Longest Time For A Penny To Drop’.

  87. Jeff

    Rumours that Osama Bin Laden has been hiding in Arsenal’s Trophy Room were yesterday dismissed by Arsene Wenger who angrily told reporters “There is no such place”

  88. g0tch34ted

    Would like to see sanogo, akpom and gnabry loaned out to premier league clubs next season


    Akpom and Sanogo perhaps.

    I think Gnabry has showed he’s more than ready to be a squad player for us at the moment with potential to be first team in the future.

  89. Jeff

    Arsene Wenger: “Expect to see some fresh faces next year.”

    I believe him 100%, but he keeps spelling faeces wrong.

  90. Radio Raheem

    I have to admit not knowing much about Firmino but you guys, Dream10 and Wengereagle, have convinced me lol.

    For once it’ll be nice we did our deals early. The problem areas have been the same the last 2 years.

    There’s nothing surprising about Wenger extending his contract. It isn’t even worth commenting on considering how so predictable it was.

  91. Thank you and goodnight

    The only way we’ll get wenger out is to attack the owner. We all know what happens when you attack the owner they go into self preservation mode and 99% of the time the person who gets the p45 is the manager. Plus kroenke knows the support wenger has amongst the AKB’S so he’s happy with the current status quo. Attack kroenke and Wenger gets the boot.

  92. Bergkamp63

    Has Wenger actually said he will be Manager for next season ?

    He choses his words very carefully,

    I have given my word I will sign a new contract
    I am happy where I am
    I am staying at the club

    He could be going upstairs ?

    Straw clutching here !

  93. Dream10


    Love Benzema’s talent, but I don’t he will flourish in as a single CF in this league. For him to have the best chance of succeeding here, he has to play in a 4-4-2 with a more clinical finisher than him (Aguero, Falcao).

    Karim wastes too many chances to be a deadly #9. More of an all around forward. He is an excellent secondary scorer to a monster like Ronaldo. Not the main man.

  94. gonsterous

    If Wenger goes out and buys another league 2 unknown… I will take my dog out to the backyard and shoot it

    My girlfriend and her family will be next !!!

  95. Ashwin Gunner

    Now that we have come to terms that Arsene is going to stay,we just hope he change his ways.

    This is what he should do
    1) tell his scouting network what kind of player he wants. let them identify the targets and deal with transfers.
    2) have a psychatrist on board, who can deal with player’s stress levels.
    3) Have his management team workind in renewing contracts of current players.
    4) Have a statician who analyzes our players to give info about the time players have spent on groudn. and how much one player should playe
    5) have a data anylst to analyze performance and tactics of other teams and help in developing our tactics for the match.

    he should be managing the people who manage the jobs I mentioned above He should not managing them all by himself. FFS he is a team manager. He cannot be jack of all trades.

  96. Ashwin Gunner

    “Rumours that Osama Bin Laden has been hiding in Arsenal’s Trophy Room were yesterday dismissed by Arsene Wenger who angrily told reporters “There is no such place””

    LOL… If he is to continue soon there will be in AFC.

  97. Minion

    Nooooooooooooo Wenger you fucking cunt just fuck off. You disgrace of a man you have destroyed the club enough. He is dead to me now. Complete scumbag. He destrroyed whatever lefacy he built. I wish he had never joined the clib.

  98. grooveydaddy


    Arsene Wenger: “I need to
    strengthen my squad this
    summer to win trophies”. I’m
    going to write to the Guinness
    Book of Records about that, it’s
    got to be an official record for
    ‘Longest Time For A Penny To

    I might have to nick this 😛

    pure comedy gold!!!