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So kicking on from yesterday’s brief dalliance around the topic of the managers contract. Goal.com are reporting that Wenger still hasn’t tied himself down to a new deal and nor have his backroom team. Apparently he’s going to wait it out and see how his last few results pan out.

4th is still not assured. If City are out of the league by the time they play Everton, that’s a holiday play from City, so they could drop points. That puts our last game vs Norwich as a survival game. Everton will be playing a resting Hull City. This is going to the wire and there are no certainties.

Now, I’m pretty certain Goal have this stipulations thing incorrect. If Wenger isn’t letting his inner circle at Arsenal know what the plan is, you can bet your bottom dollar his plans aren’t being leaked to a journalist and they certainly wouldn’t be by one of his friends. No one at the club, bar maybe Ivan (at a push), knows what’s going on with Arsene. He hasn’t signed the deal. If he has, the financial markets we’re involved in would have to know. One of reasons United waited until 0830 to fire Moyes.

Anyway, a few major points here.

1. Ivan needs a plan

As we’ve seen with United, they’re having trouble luring a great manager already. Guardiola and Klopp both ruled themselves out last night. They’ve already played their one ‘young manager’ card and flunked it. That means they’re left with old school egotistical maniacs. Louis Van Gaal would be excellent. Total lunatic. Straight from the dark ages. Chelsea Assistant and his outrageous behaviour at the weekend? That’s straight out the Louis Van Gaal University training manual. The other thing before I move on is that whoever comes in has to build that United a side around £300k a week Rooney. A 5 year shit sandwich right there. Nice work Moyes. What a deadwood legacy.

Anyway, point here is that Ivan needs to be looking at names. Wenger owes Ivan nothing. He won’t care about leaving him in the lurch. So Ivan needs to have a plan. He needs to get some names lined up. Because for me, Moyes was a panic signing. He came on his terms, did it his way and totally ballsed it up.

What’s our plan? Lucky for us the baseline is pretty average. Lucky we can shoot for a young manager. But we need to start mapping for post a post Wenger era. If he does sign, it’s only for a short time.

2. Players

The old myth of player insecurity when a manager hasn’t signed a deal seems to be just that. No rumblings of upset or fear. Wenger could be gone in a month. No one is saying they’ll go if he goes. No one has taken their foot off the gas. We’re still powering fro 4th. We’re in an FA Cup final. In the players eyes, life goes on. They know they’re not getting what they need from Arsenal at the moment. I’m not sure they’ll be overtly devastated if he shoots or Paris.

3. Deadline

We’re nearly at the end of the season. Wenger has under performed this year. He’s had a shocker on so many fronts. An FA Cup would be glorious. No doubt about that. But let’s not pretend it’s anything other than a monstrous crack papering exercise. Nothing core has improved this year. Tactics are as weak as ever, our form to top teams is pathetic, our injury pile up is top of the league, our scouting network has been exposed and our squad lacks balance and depth.

Wenger shouldn’t have the club held to ransom like scatty girlfriend deciding whether she should stay or go. Make up your mind. You’re either in it for the long haul (short haul) or you’re packing your bags. Either way. The club needs to the best possible punt at the summer. It’s a World Cup year, so it’s going to be hard enough as it is to buy players. Managers are at a premium. We need to build. The club deserve better than this really odd behaviour.


In other news, Abou Diaby is back in an Arsenal shirt. Fresh up from his mountain training and 2 years off, he’s making waves in the U21s with cameo appearances. Now, as you know, I have no interest in Diaby. For me, he shouldn’t be getting any first team action over the next 4 games. He shouldn’t be part of our plans going forward. Get him fit, then ship him on this summer. If Wenger is to be believed, it takes a couple of months to get fit when you return after a lay off (he said it about Nik B once), so the chances of Diaby coming back and adding anything of value are low.

… but the point is, I don’t think we should be helping him get into the French squad after the two years he’s had. Our first team isn’t a charity. We have more than enough options from now until the end of the season to cope without him. We need the best future squad playing for the rest of the year. Diaby shouldn’t be given a squad number next season. Let him go somewhere else. Show a bit of ruthless. Get him fit, ship him on… be done with it. He’s a waste of resource that could go on a decent player who you know (roughly) won’t break down every other game. History is the greatest predictor of the furture. Diaby will never be fit. Ever. He seems like a nice guy, I feel for his plight as a footballer, but the reality is he’s not for us anymore. He’s been well compensated. Time for a new challenge.

Right, that’s me done.

Have a marvellous day.

… and hey, if this post was a bit moody, check out the below video. This guy will perk up your day. I’d imagine that’s what Wenger felt like when Abou made himself available.

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  1. Al

    london gunner

    Yea i know but with the players they have they should be able to dominate the game a lot more and retain the ball better

  2. Thank you and goodnight

    Do you think Pedro s got the number of that German lass with the big boobies? I guess she’s upset right now and needs comforting seeing as bayern lost, and what with me being a gentleman and all that, I’m gladly offering my services.

  3. Arsenal 1886-2006

    No plan ‘B’ for Guardiola, I get the feeling that the Bayern players are not keen on his style of football.
    Gary Neville said something during the second half along the lines of, they have gone from a destructive team to a possession team.

  4. salparadisenyc


    Just cause you bigged up Peps possession bullshit and said Bayern would “wipe the floor with Madrid” doesn’t give you the guns to go to Madrid. Fair play to Carlo, tactically out maneuvered Pep, could of been 3 nil at the half.

  5. LeMassiveCoq

    45m Euros for Draxler is ridiculous…

    until you consider that Chelsea paid 31m for Willian

    City paid 35m for Fernandhino

    Utd paid 40m for Mata and 28m for Fellaini

    Spurs 27m for Loldado and LameEla..

    If we want Draxula, we got pay the spondulicks, or he goes to Chelsea/City/Pool and we get some average squaddie for 10m

  6. Santos

    Tippy tappy bores the hell out of me. I’m beginning to resent Bayern a bit for going that direction. Madrid have stood up for the first time in ages, in the semis.

  7. El Tel 1

    Watched the second half of the match tonight and my stand out players were, Modric and Alonso for RM and Llahm and Robben for BM.

    Ronaldo was crap tonight and Benzema only slightly better. If Di Maria plays like that every week then we dodged a bullit by not getting him.

    Mandukic is no better than Giroud in my opinion.

    Both the Keepers along with Cech are the best around at the moment.

    If I could buy one player from these teams it would be Llahm and Modric for me.

  8. MidwestGun

    El Tel –
    Di Maria is usually better on the left, played more right today. Had a below average game. But he is a great player and I would take him in a heartbeat. But hes not leaving he has had a great season.

  9. MidwestGun

    peanuts spot on these saddo’s are just lonely and just want to talk guff all day to each other.
    Says the moron who has been here talkin shit all day.

  10. Bero

    Lots of talk about Guardiola tonight…but not a lot about Ancelotti ….serious underrated manager IMO. His name never mentioned in the Wenger replacement scenarios but perhaps they should be?

    …it’s not like job security at RM is strong. Although he buys himself another year or two if he wins the CL.

  11. Samir

    Either Rudi Garcia or Frank de Boer could take over from Wenger and do a great job!

    Klopp/Martinez/Simone don’t seem like they’d come here.

  12. Bero


    Latest from John Cross… if you believe him then Wenger is signing in the summer (this I believe) and…

    “The Frenchman accepts his squad needs strengthening in several areas as he look to bring in a big name striker, new right back, midfield general, wide player and new keeper.”

    When you think that RB is Sagna replacement and keeper is flappy replacement that means a powerful midfielder, a striker and a wide player…. again IF you believe this then that wouldn’t be the worst return from the summer if they’re any quality.

    Names in the article:
    Tom Cleverly – no thanks!
    Manzukic – I guess…prefer the other Mario please! Means a slightly better Giroud than Giroud that Giroud can provide cover for…if you follow that. Still means Ozil won’t have the right speed in front of him though. Think he might go after two seasons of that.
    Griezmann – not seen enough of him…any reports?
    Chambers from southampton for RB – would actually be pretty happy with that.

    Doesn’t give any names for the midfield enforcer role… hhmmm…. probably means none even on the radar yet?

    ….not that what John Cross says is gospel anyway but still…

  13. Bero

    Just watched a few videos of Griezmann…he’s got good speed and ball skills. I’d worry about his strength (or lack of it) in the prem though. Draxler would be a faaaar better wide option. Or Di Maria.

    Still…I’d take him at this point at those others are unlikely and we really need another pacey wide option outside of Walcott (yes ox has speed but he’s not a true wide player which we need).

  14. Dan Ahern

    “The Frenchman accepts his squad needs strengthening in several areas as he look to bring in a big name striker, new right back, midfield general, wide player and new keeper.”

    Same as last summer, right?

  15. Rosicky@Arsenal

    @Bacrayis god

    Agreed to ypur point

    Pedro & co always paint a pessimist approach for club & Wenger

  16. Evan

    If Arsenal sign any of the following, I will go on a killing spree

    Tom Cleverly
    Gareth Barry
    Salomon Kalou
    Michael Carrick
    Chris Smalling

  17. Evan

    TYAG: No spoilers here, but If I was the boss, it would be like the Game of Thrones, no one would be safe from the Axe.

    We have too many passengers, the first team are sitting pretty as the squad players are not competitive enough.

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    I agree with you. Whenever wenger comes out with that line about not signing anyone because it will stunt the growth of certain players, it indicates to me just how much he’s out of touch as a manager. A healthy squad in my opinion ups the players. It makes them look over their shoulders and put the extra work on.

  19. Oh Theo Theo!

    I think we should simply go and dig out all the wenger quotes from 2013 and read them – as he will recycle them.

    Last year was a £100m spree – this year £70m. Bore on.

    And what will he do? Thrash around like a demented fish out of water and panic buy a player at the wrong position…

    Zero chance of getting big names – we’ll get crappy rejects (I mean Wellbeck, seriously?? He’s actually shit, runs fast can’t finish, poor man’s Sturridge) or £7-12m “projects” like Giroud. Who will turn out to be worth exactly what we pay for them.

    He’s been doing the same shitty thing for so long it’s locked in. Bender? Draxler? Costa? He’ll bottle it as he always does and leave the great players for the real managers to target.


  20. Thank you and goodnight

    I hope bayern get beaten by madrid. Hopefully it will then prove to le senile that tippi tappi football is dead. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I believe best football we played was between 2002-2005. Pace power athleticism, we had the lot. Once we were the best counter attacking team in the world.

  21. goonerboy

    People are fools if they think this club will splash the available cash on star players.
    Nothings changed- we still have the same manager , the same owner and Board who have set their sights on and succeeded in remaining a second tier club.
    We are a second tier club in everything except match day income and cash reserves..

    Wenger was railroaded into making a single statement signing last year. Ozil was a desperation signing.

    It won’t happen again this year. Not just because of the world cup, or the ECL qualifiers- it won’t happen because in buying Ozil,Wenger has got that monkey off his back.

    Arsenal may have more money available than before- but haven’t got enough money to compete for the best players in the current inflated transfer market.

    Wenger will talk big -right up to season ticket sales- but will only sign cheap bargains at the end of their contracts or kids. This has been the pattern for the past 9 years .

    Wenger has used the transfer market to make money by selling players who realised the club has no intention of investing seriously in players and really making an impact.

    Whats far more likely than Arsenal buying top stars is that Barcelona will unsettle then buy Ozil- maybe offering Fabregas as a makeweight- (or maybe not because Fabregas will probably not want to leave).

    All Ozil has to say is I want to go-and AFC will take the money- probably a profit on the purchase price.

    Wenger’s actions in the transfer market have been nothing if not consistent he uses the market to generate money by selling players he has added value- to teams with genuine ambition.

    With the exception of Ozil. He has only paid money for untried kids and unknowns.
    But he will never pay 45m for Draxler- its just not in his or the club’s DNA. Half that price maybe- but then Schalke don’t need to sell.