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So kicking on from yesterday’s brief dalliance around the topic of the managers contract. Goal.com are reporting that Wenger still hasn’t tied himself down to a new deal and nor have his backroom team. Apparently he’s going to wait it out and see how his last few results pan out.

4th is still not assured. If City are out of the league by the time they play Everton, that’s a holiday play from City, so they could drop points. That puts our last game vs Norwich as a survival game. Everton will be playing a resting Hull City. This is going to the wire and there are no certainties.

Now, I’m pretty certain Goal have this stipulations thing incorrect. If Wenger isn’t letting his inner circle at Arsenal know what the plan is, you can bet your bottom dollar his plans aren’t being leaked to a journalist and they certainly wouldn’t be by one of his friends. No one at the club, bar maybe Ivan (at a push), knows what’s going on with Arsene. He hasn’t signed the deal. If he has, the financial markets we’re involved in would have to know. One of reasons United waited until 0830 to fire Moyes.

Anyway, a few major points here.

1. Ivan needs a plan

As we’ve seen with United, they’re having trouble luring a great manager already. Guardiola and Klopp both ruled themselves out last night. They’ve already played their one ‘young manager’ card and flunked it. That means they’re left with old school egotistical maniacs. Louis Van Gaal would be excellent. Total lunatic. Straight from the dark ages. Chelsea Assistant and his outrageous behaviour at the weekend? That’s straight out the Louis Van Gaal University training manual. The other thing before I move on is that whoever comes in has to build that United a side around £300k a week Rooney. A 5 year shit sandwich right there. Nice work Moyes. What a deadwood legacy.

Anyway, point here is that Ivan needs to be looking at names. Wenger owes Ivan nothing. He won’t care about leaving him in the lurch. So Ivan needs to have a plan. He needs to get some names lined up. Because for me, Moyes was a panic signing. He came on his terms, did it his way and totally ballsed it up.

What’s our plan? Lucky for us the baseline is pretty average. Lucky we can shoot for a young manager. But we need to start mapping for post a post Wenger era. If he does sign, it’s only for a short time.

2. Players

The old myth of player insecurity when a manager hasn’t signed a deal seems to be just that. No rumblings of upset or fear. Wenger could be gone in a month. No one is saying they’ll go if he goes. No one has taken their foot off the gas. We’re still powering fro 4th. We’re in an FA Cup final. In the players eyes, life goes on. They know they’re not getting what they need from Arsenal at the moment. I’m not sure they’ll be overtly devastated if he shoots or Paris.

3. Deadline

We’re nearly at the end of the season. Wenger has under performed this year. He’s had a shocker on so many fronts. An FA Cup would be glorious. No doubt about that. But let’s not pretend it’s anything other than a monstrous crack papering exercise. Nothing core has improved this year. Tactics are as weak as ever, our form to top teams is pathetic, our injury pile up is top of the league, our scouting network has been exposed and our squad lacks balance and depth.

Wenger shouldn’t have the club held to ransom like scatty girlfriend deciding whether she should stay or go. Make up your mind. You’re either in it for the long haul (short haul) or you’re packing your bags. Either way. The club needs to the best possible punt at the summer. It’s a World Cup year, so it’s going to be hard enough as it is to buy players. Managers are at a premium. We need to build. The club deserve better than this really odd behaviour.


In other news, Abou Diaby is back in an Arsenal shirt. Fresh up from his mountain training and 2 years off, he’s making waves in the U21s with cameo appearances. Now, as you know, I have no interest in Diaby. For me, he shouldn’t be getting any first team action over the next 4 games. He shouldn’t be part of our plans going forward. Get him fit, then ship him on this summer. If Wenger is to be believed, it takes a couple of months to get fit when you return after a lay off (he said it about Nik B once), so the chances of Diaby coming back and adding anything of value are low.

… but the point is, I don’t think we should be helping him get into the French squad after the two years he’s had. Our first team isn’t a charity. We have more than enough options from now until the end of the season to cope without him. We need the best future squad playing for the rest of the year. Diaby shouldn’t be given a squad number next season. Let him go somewhere else. Show a bit of ruthless. Get him fit, ship him on… be done with it. He’s a waste of resource that could go on a decent player who you know (roughly) won’t break down every other game. History is the greatest predictor of the furture. Diaby will never be fit. Ever. He seems like a nice guy, I feel for his plight as a footballer, but the reality is he’s not for us anymore. He’s been well compensated. Time for a new challenge.

Right, that’s me done.

Have a marvellous day.

… and hey, if this post was a bit moody, check out the below video. This guy will perk up your day. I’d imagine that’s what Wenger felt like when Abou made himself available.

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  1. Romford Pele

    “Their is allot of rumors that the Bale illness is completely faked”

    For Madrid’s sake, you’d hope so mate!

  2. Romford Pele

    Like I said, it’d take a world record bid to buy Suarez. He has five years left on his contract and earns 200k a week, don’t see it.

  3. london gunner


    I understand they were reduced to that but they needed to stop using Raul as a target man, he is tall but he was not physically imposing enough to get of a decent header nor did he have the general accuracy when he did find him self unopposed in space.

    Costa is a target man he was getting much less service, though speculating this could be because his positioning may of been poor in the box.

    i have noticed once Costa get pissed of and frustrated by opponent CB’S dirty antics it distracts him rather than fuels him to succeed.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    I think Madrid will have more joy going for Aguero.

    City are supposedly top of UEFA’s blacklist and may need to sell someone, I think Aguero would push it as well if he got wind of it.

    Would still mean selling Benzema for them though in my opinion.

  5. london gunner

    Suarez should of moved to a big club instead of Ajax now he would be well and truly established in the top 3 in the world bracket.

    Looking at some of the clips of his years at Ajax guy was pulling all sorts of phenomenal skills/ goals.

    What I mean is he didn’t even peak that late his been absolute quality for years but flew under the radar til Liverpool.

    Perhaps its his shenanigans on the pitch that have brought his image down as at Ajax he was an even dirtier player

  6. Samir masri

    Always wanted diaby out since 09. My wish won’t be granted. @Berkamp legend wenger for all he’s done to us doesn’t even deserve to be in the same sentence as diaby.

  7. Romford Pele

    “i have noticed once Costa get pissed of and frustrated by opponent CB’S dirty antics it distracts him rather than fuels him to succeed.”

    Yeah especially when he plays Madrid. Pepe and Ramos know how to grind his gears. He’s very similar in the sense to Balotelli that he can get embroiled in silly stuff when people wind him up. Thought Cahill handled him pretty well last night.

  8. london gunner


    Aguero looks a Madrid type buy but you have to factor in His hamstrings go every single season think its happened 5 times also think he has calf problems or something.

    His one of the most injury prone strikers at the top, putting in a huge bid for him is a massive gamble.

    He does always recover from his injuries remarkably well and quickly and its amazing his lost no pace but buying him in you have to factor in he will miss 1/3 to 1/2 of the games he should of been playing

  9. Romford Pele

    Cesc, Yeah Aguero could be viable. Not sure what’s happened to him this sesaon, he keeps getting injury after injury. Doesn’t bode well, especially when you factor in how much he missed last season too. Still, no denying that he’s one of the best when he’s fit and firing.

    I think if Real are to buy, they’d have to sell first and considering how much Benzema is protected at Madrid, I don’t see it. Really and truthfully, they don’t need anyone, their squad is awesome. Illarramendi will improve next season, seen as Alonso’s long-term successor. Khedira returns from injury. Great youngsters like Jese, Carvajal and Morata. Rumpurs that they want Pogba though.

  10. london gunner

    I honestly would love Jovetic, problem is his very injury prone.

    I have seen him in the few occasions his played this season granted he hasn’t been scoring goals galore nore could you really expect seeing as his at a new club where he has been injured all season but his seriously skillful and would fit into our style, his got a huge range of talents.

    Problem is he would be injured 24/7 with our methods and medical staff.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah Madrid have a great squad. Aguero just feels like a Madrid player though but certainly he seems to have suffered a lot of injuries this year. At the beginning of the season it looked like him and Negredo were going to destroy the league.

    They all look a bit fatigued now, having spent so much money I don’t actually rate them that highly as a squad…in terms of the great sides.

  12. salparadisenyc

    Suarez looking less likely to leave as the season ticks along.
    Had they been out of the top four I could see it materializing.
    If Madrid make a move for a striker i’d agree with Cesc, its Aguero.
    In the end who knows what they’ll plot for, probably something they do not need.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    I thought the same thing, wonder if we could rob Jovetic off City…we followed him for about 2 seasons apparently, as per never did anything about it.

    Beginning of the summer it seems 100% nailed on he was coming here…didn’t happen.

    Still think he could be a great forward…but as you say, with our fitness methods he’d be Diaby mkII

  14. bergkamplegend

    Definition of the word “progress” according to wenger : 4th place and FA Cup (hope so…)
    Same definition according to Suarez : don’t bite any player this season (so far…)

  15. salparadisenyc

    It feels like the changing of the guard to me, with Rodgers winning the title and Martinez taking Everton to the fourth spot (potentially).

    I could see Wenger walk at seasons end, FA cup in hand. Thats as far as he’s taking this squad and i’ve a feeling he knows that. Wishful thinking but the climate has shifted. Liverpool winning the title could be the nail in the coffin for AW.

  16. TitsMcgee

    Beginning of the summer it seems 100% nailed on he was coming here…didn’t happen.”

    lol it’s a dead horse but good lord the amount of players Wenger has just turned his nose up at. Just in the last year or two we would be right up under Liverpool’s arse this year especially with Chelsea and City struggling for consistency.

    It’s really mind-blowing the arrogance.

  17. TitsMcgee

    I could see Wenger walk at seasons end, FA cup in hand. Thats as far as he’s taking this squad and i’ve a feeling he knows that. Wishful thinking but the climate has shifted. Liverpool winning the title could be the nail in the coffin for AW.”

    One could hope that is the case but the flip side is he might just be deluded enough to think that an FA Cup victory will be a “sign” that his youngsters are growing.

    I do agree though that if Wenger can’t win silverware this year he’ll never win anything again.

  18. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Not surprised that Cesc is top of the hit list for the Barca fans, I got speaking to some Catalan Barca supporters last year who were friends of my former housemate and they said that they did not want to sign him. They were pissed off with him when he left for Arsenal as a youngster, they said it was all down to money and that cost him the chance to learn off Xavi, Iniesta and some of the best coaches in the world.
    They said he would have been a better player and would have probably become a club legend.

    Personally I thought he has done ok but there really seems to be a large percentage who will never forgive him for leaving in the first place.

  19. Romford Pele

    Cesc could still be a legend at Barca. Xavi isn’t gonna continue forever. I think his time in England done him so much good. He became more direct, was stronger and more clinical as a result of his time at Arsenal. That said, he doesn’t really fit into Barca’s conventional 4-3-3. His positional sense is great and you watch him a lot of the time thinking he just gets in the way of others. He misses the team being built around him like it was at Arsenal, he struggles to fit into the wider collective. He is at Barca at a time when the team is in serious decline though. I said a while back but Messi looks so disinterested, irrespective of what his goal record tells you.

  20. salparadisenyc

    It would be interesting to see Cesc and Ozil in the same side.
    With proper outlets that could be a devastating combo.

  21. Samir masri

    In we wenger’s mind he migh think the club needs him some much that there are offering a 2 year contract. That’s clearly obvious but a nut job like him will always think in one direction. See what I did there?

  22. Romford Pele

    “It would be interesting to see Cesc and Ozil in the same side.
    With proper outlets that could be a devastating combo.”

    You see i’m not sure. I think you choose one or the other. And I personally prefer Ozil’s mobility.

  23. bergkamplegend

    Maureen last night : “I didn’t want to go for 0-0”
    No other comment required, he’s the devil in disguise lol

  24. gonsterous

    Wenger wont walk away…he can’t… He can only glide…that’s how he gets from one place to the other… He tried walking in the airport once and fell over and embarrassed himself !!!

  25. bergkamplegend

    Cesc or Mesut….
    Interesting debate.

    I personaly think that Cesc is on the decline since a season or two…
    Even if he not plays at his real field post most of the time with barcelona.

  26. TitsMcgee

    Maureen last night : “I didn’t want to go for 0-0″

    0-0 is a decent result but as the road team in the 1st leg you should try to score.

    Madrid just need to match them now and they’re through.

  27. MidwestGun

    Pedro –
    Good read. Every year the Diaby discussion. Aaargh. Make it stop. Really enjoyed the dancing Llama, or is that an Alpaca? And is there a difference? Oh well. Also, is that the Diaby Llama he rode down from the mountain?

  28. azed

    Ozil vs Cesc

    Mobility ——— Ozil
    Vision ———Cesc
    Passing ——-Cesc
    Engine ——-Cesc

    *** I used the Cesc that played for Arsenal

  29. Cesc Appeal

    I always said Cesc was wrong to go when he did…I could perfectly understand it, boyhood club, Wenger’s total lack of ambition; but, he’s an auxiliary unit to Barca, he should have stayed here a few more seasons, kept building his stature as a player and then moved if he still wanted to.

    But as I say, totally understand why he did it.

    Still have muchos man love for Cesc.

  30. DUIFG

    Could easily see suarez leaving, did well to keep him last year. lets not forget this is RM. Lpol got lucky in that he performed well this year would you risk another year of a player trying to leave and turning down a world record bid, I dont think you would.

    Despite Lppool possibly winning the title they do neeed a couple players, 70 odd mil would help all that with no risk of suarez becoming moody next year.

  31. tunnygriffboy

    Afternoon all

    Mesut for me ahead of Cesc. Cesc was never quick but he looks even more one paced now. It maybe it seems like that due to the way Barca plzy. Love Ozil. He sometimes doesn’t do the spectacular but he’s always available and always pulls the oposition out of position creating space for others. Amazing how much more
    fluid we were on Sunday with him and Rambo back.

  32. DUIFG

    Cesc did seem more of a big game player than ozil though, this might be unfair on ozil as trying to feed in OG against a decent defence is near impossible.

  33. salparadisenyc

    Fair point, and i’d agree Cesc was at his best with the side build around him. Thinking 2007-08 with Hleb and co.

    Currently between the two i’d opt for Ozil, he just needs more to work with to fully excel. We’d see a whole lot more out of him with something like this:

    Gustavo Ramsay
    Walcott Ozil Reus

  34. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    If we had some running in front of Ozil he would look spectacular. But he can see things develop and pull off passes only few can. Problem is the rest of our players aren’t on the same page and are too stationary. Hard to look spectacular on a 3 yd square pass.

  35. azed

    April 23, 2014 15:11:59

    Disagree with passing and vision. Ozil for me. So my opinion, Ozil over Cesc

    Cesc was a quarter back….. He could go long or short. I doubt if you’d ever see a 40 yard Ozil pass. Cesc was/is a pass master.
    As for vision, without runners, Ozil is 60% less effective

  36. TitsMcgee

    Alex FERGUSON validated Moyes’ dismissal and will give his opinion on the next coach too”

    If true that douses water of the flames of the Van Gaal rumors for me. Van Gaal is very much a larger than life personality and they may not be keen on that.

  37. MidwestGun

    Azed –
    Ill give you long passing. But positionally and seeing the game develop to put that final thru ball pass in. I would go with Ozil. As for vision its close but I still edge Ozil for his awareness of runners. Nit picking really. But I still take Ozil.

  38. dennis

    IN other words, AW will cut and run if his team doesn’t make the champions leage, bcause if he stayed on and results contintue to go badly next year, he’d be sacked…

    More dignit for him to go in this scenario….

    If 4th though, well that’s a nother trophy for arsenal… (and the fa cup will be justification…) So he stays on for another ear in this scenario… Maybe gets some reinformcenets to go out witha bang… (And employ some people who know how to keep players fit…)

    Maybe next year something could happen…

    but after that, lots of porblems to address with fitness issues, structure being full fo yes men… Planning has to start now for new manager…

    Bergkamp as manager, poach vieira too please… Doubt he leave after city give him such opporunitites/monies though…

  39. tunnygriffboy


    Agree some of our players not reading Ozil. Ramsey on the other hand has struck up a great partnership with him. Pity Walcott didn’t play more with him as well. That pass to Santi for Ramsey’s goal on Sunday was exquisite.

  40. Joe

    “His youngsters are growing”. There are none if his youngsters really. Jack, Ramsey and Gibbs. Everyone else are seasoned internationals. All the real quality youngsters left when they realized it was a flawed project.

    Tell me any of Cesc, RVP, Nasri, would of left had we been winning. Not a chance. I don’t blame them 1 bit for leaving. Wenger blew it by not supplementing the squad with all the kids

  41. gambon

    Cesc much better than Ozil

    Stronger, tougher, much tougher mentally, better goal scorer and broader skill set.

    Wouldn’t catch cesc crying like a baby whilst lining up for a big penalty.

  42. Samir masri

    Problem is that ozil needs faster players surrounding him. We don’t have many of them. But cesc passes were pint point accurate. Adebayor struggled cos he wasn’t good enough. Now we have ozil. And he’s got giroud missing chances. But Both will always be great but look woeful cos of the shit in front of them.

  43. Romford Pele

    Mobility – Ozil
    Skill – Ozil
    Final third passing – Ozil (assist king for a reason)
    Dribbling – Ozil

    Cesc had the team built round him when he was here. Tbh it’s all personal opinion. Cesc was a bit more all action. He spent 8 years so it’s not a surprise that he was stronger, more physical and had that goal threat that is needed in the English game.

    Still, for me, when Ozil goes into God mode, it’s no contest.

    But as some have alluded to, a great squad would have both of them in it

  44. salparadisenyc

    To have Ozil and Cesc to pick from would be a ridiculous spoil of riches. We might actually win something substantial with a few other key additions.

  45. azed

    April 23, 2014 15:50:33
    Cesc much better than Ozil
    Stronger, tougher, much tougher mentally, better goal scorer and broader skill set.Wouldn’t catch cesc crying like a baby whilst lining up for a big penalty.


  46. gambon

    Would love to know how many would have picked Ozil prior to August 31st 2013

    I’m guessing pretty much none

    Great talent but not a winner

    Same people are the ones who think Denilson is better than Xabi Alonso.

    Yes it did happen!

  47. Marko

    Lars Bender-Cesc
    A decent striker
    could be something but I feel the progress Ramsey’s made this season means we don’t really need Cesc to ne honest

  48. MidwestGun

    gambon –
    I would have, but I follow the German national team so he has been my favorite player for awhile. Was actually shocked we got him. But I get your point people tend to overvalue players on their own team.

  49. Joe

    Neither will prosper without a proper CF and wingers. Which we only Walcott So while wenger is here they will both only live up to half their potential.

  50. Romford Pele

    “Would love to know how many would have picked Ozil prior to August 31st 2013”

    I guess most were bias because of the fact he played for Arsenal but i’ve never held that kind of bias.

    Like I say, Cesc is more all action, so I can see the appeal. He did have eight seasons at Arsenal though so you’d expect some sort of growth/acceleration in that time. He learnt from the Invincbles, was the symbol of project youth, had the team built round him. At the time he was introduced, fan angst was nowhere near the level it is now either so people were willing to be as patient as possible. Nowadays the level of frustration is so high that people will even lose their rag with a WC talent and the highest creator of chances in Europe over the past 5 years. This mind you is not to say that Ozil is perfect, he has obvious deficiencies. He needs to bulk but he’s on a programme for that atm Wenger said that he should also stop looking for the perfect pass all the time and that’s very true. Cesc in his time here learnt to be more self-dependent and decisive when it really counted. Ozil will need to learn that as he was very much pampered to at Madrid. They didn’t really try to concentrate on his weaknesses, which they obviously don’t need to since they can just buy, buy buy. It’s why I have so much respect for Ramsey and it’s why he’s becoming an ever popular figure.

  51. salparadisenyc

    If Wankfest had signed Xavi Alonso on the first rumored go around we’d of won the title in 2008. He’d of bitch slapped Gallas back into reality.

  52. Jeff

    I think we may be judging Ozil from what we’ve seen of him playing for Arsenal. Whilst Cesc and Ozil are both talented players, other than a subjective view it would be difficult to evaluate who is better on statistics alone. Wasn’t Ozil the assist master of Europe while playing for Real Madrid?

    The point is that I can remember Cesc being ineffectual in many games when he played for us; he didn’t always shine. I myself would not choose one over the other but would prefer them both in the squad because they give different playing options to a manager who knows his tactics. To Wenger, it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference whether it was Cesc, Ozil or Peter Kay playing. 😆

  53. Wallace

    Draxler would muddy things, but right now i’d be happy with Walcott and the Ox on the wings next season. both very fizzy, Walcott the finisher, Ox the dribbler. sure Ozil would benefit.

  54. Marko

    Jesus Gambon you talk some shite sometimes. Ozil’s a great talent but not a winner? Based on what exactly. I’d love to hear your arguments on that. Also keep in mind that the progress Germany has made over the last few years and the fact that they’re arguably the favourites along with Spain for the World Cup is because the team is built around him. He’s that good

  55. gambon

    Don’t believe any club in the world would have cesc and Ozil

    Too similar

    If you’re gonna play 4-2-3-1 you build it around world class #10 but you can’t have 2

  56. azed


    Cesc was assist king before Ozil and besides Ozil had C.Ronaldo, Benzema, Di Maria and Higuain in front of him…

    Oh and Cesc can actually play 90 mins

  57. MidwestGun

    I prefer counter attacking over possession. So would prefer Ozil. Interestingly, we will see counter attacking vs possession tonight. Too bad everyone is not fit.

  58. gambon


    So you’re trying to prove he’s a winner by telling me how great he is for his non winning, bottling country?

    Ha ha clever

  59. Bero

    Draxler would muddy things? …eerr… no…he would add serious quality and depth to our wing options.

    How did theo and ox on the wings work out this year?

  60. Bero

    On Ozil vs Cesc… it’s a bit of a pointless debate really… we’re not bringing back Cesc and we have Ozil… who we all agree is up at the same level but with perhaps slightly different qualities.

    I don’t agree you can’t have both at the same club but you probably don’t play both at once…they are cover and depth for rotation with/for one another.

  61. Romford Pele

    “are you blaming Ozil for having classy quality finishers around him??”

    Lol you know what I mean.

    And why would Ozil need to play 90 mins? More often than not, Madrid had already won the game so would rest their best talent.

    All you need to do is look at the quotes from Ronaldo, Alonso, Ramos etc about Ozil. Even the Barca players didn’t understand the sales.

  62. Marko

    Gambon you’re implying Cesc is more of a winner how exactly? For all the throphies he won at Arsenal while Ozil won none at Madrid? For the fact that he won a World Cup and European Championship perhaps? Even though he was never a key player in any of those Spanish teams. And how can Germany be a bottling nation when they’re only considered favourites for the World Cup this summer?

  63. WengerEagle

    With the exception of Euro 2004, Germany have gotten to at least the Semi-Final or Final in every major tournament since the 2002 World Cup without winning a tournament.


  64. MidwestGun

    I mean it isn’t a totally pointless debate, because if you are gonna have one of the best counter attacking no. 10’s (Ozil), why would you not build around that? If your not going to, then get back Cesc.
    Or get both and change your style based on the game plan and team you play. With AW good luck with that. Lol.

  65. Alex James

    My club insider says that the reason Wenger has not signed his new contract is that he is a shoe in for Utd. He wants to join the Dutch traitor. Goroud is going to, as he wants to learn some positioning tips from Giggs

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Hoping for a terrific game tonight, was badly let down last night.

    But credit where it’s due, Mourinho went to get a clean sheet, he got one.

  67. MidwestGun

    I really don’t have a dog in the fight but I wouldn’t mind seeing a RM, Atletico final just for the rivalry and atmosphere. Oh and I hate Chelscum, so no way I want them in the final.

  68. Cesc Appeal

    On Diaby, you can just see what will happen, Wenger will protect him last few games, and in the summer and then use him as a reason not to sign a proper central middle man…just watch.

    Walcott will be a reason not to sing a proper forward.

    He’ll say you can trace our downfall to injuries to key players and so we have to keep them fit, not buy others.

  69. Pires_7_legend

    Szezza – Casillas
    Sagna – Coleman
    Mert – could do better
    Kos – Good
    Gibbs – okay
    Wilshire – okay
    Ramsey – great
    Walcott – good
    Ozil – will come good
    Carzola/poldoski – Reus
    Giroud – Balotelli/Diego Costa/Aguero/Saurez etc

    realistically we need at least 3 world class players

  70. salparadisenyc

    Germany are far from a bottling nation, they’ve just encountered an all time great in the Spanish side thats on the decline now. England hold the mantle of the bottling nation. Perhaps Cesc gets into this summers starting lineup cause he certainly didn’t in 2008, 10 or 12.

    I’m a massive Cesc fan, think we all are. Was gutted when he left and how could you not be? If your honest the best he’s played was with us, if Barca are able to capture that they will have something special. As of yet he’s been sub par with the Catalans. Just like Henry, Hleb, Song and Overmars to an extent.

    You can never go back, its Ozil today. Build a physical counter attacking side around him with a finisher and we will win things. I’d take that over the possession game, 7 days a week.

  71. David Andreassen

    “Get the man to London this summer ffs, best Arteta upgrade we’ll ever see”

    They’re completely different players.

    Ofc they are, U gonna replace Arteta with more of he same? Interesting tactics, replace an over the hill CM-has been with a over the hill DM?

  72. Carts

    As a complete player, Arsenal Cesc trumps Ozil. Ozil’s assist is what makes him a stand-out player. Cesc, however, had more facets to his game. Ashame Wenger continued to bullshit him by persisting with the likes of Denilson, Senderos, Djourou etc

  73. Romford Pele

    “Does anyone think Alonso & that illaramedi dude are gona get the test of their lives today? RM have really missed khedira imo.”

    Not at all. But I don’t rate Khedira highly, I think he’s a bit of a clogger with poor ability on the ball. It’s how Dortmund marked Alonso last season and let Khedira have the ball because they knew he couldn’t do anything with it.

    Illara doesn’t start normally anyway, it’s Alonso, Modric and Di Maria

  74. WengerEagle

    Tonights midfield battle should be fascinating:

    Alonso-Modric-Di Maria v Lahm-Schweinsteiger-Kroos

    My money’s on Bayern but I’d love to see a Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid final.

  75. salparadisenyc


    Awaiting to see lineups.. many scenarios could play out.
    I’m hoping all are fit to play, if that the case I think Madrid will win.

    Epic either way.

    “I know fucking karate”

    YES you do! LOL
    The exploding Dirk Diggler neon is a nice touch.

  76. Wallace


    You misunderstood me. I wasn’t implying Draxler isn’t necessary. If we get him that would be fantastic. I was just saying Theo and the Ox (when fit) are a pretty tasty wing combo.

  77. MadeToLoveMagic

    in an annoying situation re watching the game tonight , my computer is broken, staying at a mates whos loaned me his macbook, hes gone off to work all night , the fucking guest account is set on some anti thievery setting so its Safari only, and it wont let you watch vidoes , says you need flash which is wierd because i see my mate watch vidoes all the time. So i try and download flash it says cannot download due to lack of memory space, i know theres fuck all on the computer but this settng means i cant do anything other than use safari, so cant check it im fucked… my mate is uncontactable all night so i cant get his password………… anyone know anything that can be done, im contemplating spending a tenner getting sky sports for the niight, BAD TIMES!

  78. gambon

    So Ozils Germany aren’t bottles cos his predecessors won the WC 24 years ago??

    Lol, so cesc won the league in 89, ,91, 98, 02 and 04!

  79. Bero

    Wallace – fair play. Still not sure about the Ox on the wing though. Would prefer another true winger or someone comfortable that that’s their job. Draxler would be good for this. I see him as kind of a Nasri replacement in the short term with a much higher ceiling.

    We haven’t had anyone decent on the left wing since Nasri left. Podolski is more like an Arshavin replacement as neither track back and neither really want to play there. Nasri did well for us on the left and I think Draxler would too.

  80. Bero

    …and before anyone jumps on that last comment yes I know Arshavin and Podolski are very different players…as are Nasri and Draxler… but you get my point. More talking about role their filling in the team than type of player they are.

  81. Thank you and goodnight

    Yeah but if your going to label Germany bottlers over 20 or so years then you have to label majority of countries as bottlers mate. That includes the argies, Italy, etc etc. Every country is a bottler then.

  82. JJ

    Pedro – so funny what you write about Diaby. It’s true and I agree buy Wenger will do the opposite. He will throw Diaby straight into first team action and do his best to help him into the WC squad. No way will Wenger sell his love child in the summer!

  83. salparadisenyc

    Must be nice to put Gotze on the bench and play Kroos.
    Guess that would be like starting Ozil with Cesc benched.

  84. MadeToLoveMagic

    I was watching the game in a bar last night and started chatting to this Real fan , , he says that ALOT of their fans were at their wits end with bale right up until the copa del ray final , and now most are more happy. He said that even though bale was scoring a lot and assisting, he just wasnt playing that well and people were not happy atall. Thats proper pressure out there