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So kicking on from yesterday’s brief dalliance around the topic of the managers contract. Goal.com are reporting that Wenger still hasn’t tied himself down to a new deal and nor have his backroom team. Apparently he’s going to wait it out and see how his last few results pan out.

4th is still not assured. If City are out of the league by the time they play Everton, that’s a holiday play from City, so they could drop points. That puts our last game vs Norwich as a survival game. Everton will be playing a resting Hull City. This is going to the wire and there are no certainties.

Now, I’m pretty certain Goal have this stipulations thing incorrect. If Wenger isn’t letting his inner circle at Arsenal know what the plan is, you can bet your bottom dollar his plans aren’t being leaked to a journalist and they certainly wouldn’t be by one of his friends. No one at the club, bar maybe Ivan (at a push), knows what’s going on with Arsene. He hasn’t signed the deal. If he has, the financial markets we’re involved in would have to know. One of reasons United waited until 0830 to fire Moyes.

Anyway, a few major points here.

1. Ivan needs a plan

As we’ve seen with United, they’re having trouble luring a great manager already. Guardiola and Klopp both ruled themselves out last night. They’ve already played their one ‘young manager’ card and flunked it. That means they’re left with old school egotistical maniacs. Louis Van Gaal would be excellent. Total lunatic. Straight from the dark ages. Chelsea Assistant and his outrageous behaviour at the weekend? That’s straight out the Louis Van Gaal University training manual. The other thing before I move on is that whoever comes in has to build that United a side around £300k a week Rooney. A 5 year shit sandwich right there. Nice work Moyes. What a deadwood legacy.

Anyway, point here is that Ivan needs to be looking at names. Wenger owes Ivan nothing. He won’t care about leaving him in the lurch. So Ivan needs to have a plan. He needs to get some names lined up. Because for me, Moyes was a panic signing. He came on his terms, did it his way and totally ballsed it up.

What’s our plan? Lucky for us the baseline is pretty average. Lucky we can shoot for a young manager. But we need to start mapping for post a post Wenger era. If he does sign, it’s only for a short time.

2. Players

The old myth of player insecurity when a manager hasn’t signed a deal seems to be just that. No rumblings of upset or fear. Wenger could be gone in a month. No one is saying they’ll go if he goes. No one has taken their foot off the gas. We’re still powering fro 4th. We’re in an FA Cup final. In the players eyes, life goes on. They know they’re not getting what they need from Arsenal at the moment. I’m not sure they’ll be overtly devastated if he shoots or Paris.

3. Deadline

We’re nearly at the end of the season. Wenger has under performed this year. He’s had a shocker on so many fronts. An FA Cup would be glorious. No doubt about that. But let’s not pretend it’s anything other than a monstrous crack papering exercise. Nothing core has improved this year. Tactics are as weak as ever, our form to top teams is pathetic, our injury pile up is top of the league, our scouting network has been exposed and our squad lacks balance and depth.

Wenger shouldn’t have the club held to ransom like scatty girlfriend deciding whether she should stay or go. Make up your mind. You’re either in it for the long haul (short haul) or you’re packing your bags. Either way. The club needs to the best possible punt at the summer. It’s a World Cup year, so it’s going to be hard enough as it is to buy players. Managers are at a premium. We need to build. The club deserve better than this really odd behaviour.


In other news, Abou Diaby is back in an Arsenal shirt. Fresh up from his mountain training and 2 years off, he’s making waves in the U21s with cameo appearances. Now, as you know, I have no interest in Diaby. For me, he shouldn’t be getting any first team action over the next 4 games. He shouldn’t be part of our plans going forward. Get him fit, then ship him on this summer. If Wenger is to be believed, it takes a couple of months to get fit when you return after a lay off (he said it about Nik B once), so the chances of Diaby coming back and adding anything of value are low.

… but the point is, I don’t think we should be helping him get into the French squad after the two years he’s had. Our first team isn’t a charity. We have more than enough options from now until the end of the season to cope without him. We need the best future squad playing for the rest of the year. Diaby shouldn’t be given a squad number next season. Let him go somewhere else. Show a bit of ruthless. Get him fit, ship him on… be done with it. He’s a waste of resource that could go on a decent player who you know (roughly) won’t break down every other game. History is the greatest predictor of the furture. Diaby will never be fit. Ever. He seems like a nice guy, I feel for his plight as a footballer, but the reality is he’s not for us anymore. He’s been well compensated. Time for a new challenge.

Right, that’s me done.

Have a marvellous day.

… and hey, if this post was a bit moody, check out the below video. This guy will perk up your day. I’d imagine that’s what Wenger felt like when Abou made himself available.

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  1. Carts

    Am I foist? Someone tell me I’m foist?!

    Anyway, yeah…Moyes royally fucked up on that Rooney deal. As much a I rate the lad, 5 years @ 300k – with the notion that the team has to accommodate him is lunacy.

    As for managers, I’m not down with the whole ‘young manager’ shite. Just get a man who’s got pedigree, good cv and is prepared for the challenge

  2. bergkamplegend

    Can’t resist to repost that…

    Seen a report this morning on tv, about the great fighter Vladimir Klitschko in training.
    In the back of his training shirt it was written : “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION”.

    Looking to buy this shirt on ebay, it will be my gift to arsène, not for his next birthday, but to celebrate his new contract.

  3. bergkamplegend

    “The club needs to the best possible punt at the summer.”

    Sorry Pedro, but this summer wenger is on vacation in Rio.
    But you could leave a message on his voicemail lol

  4. Bacaryisgod

    Pedro-you’ve become a depressive in a few short weeks!

    Reasons for optimism:

    1.We’ve been crying out for a trophy for years. We’re in touching distance and took out Liverpool, Everton and Spurs in the process.
    2. We will better our points total from last season. If we win our last 3 games, that would have been good for 2nd last season.
    3. We got the treble over Spurs.
    4. Ramsey became a potential superstar and he’ll have the summer off to get stronger.
    5. We finally showed the appetite for a huge transfer. This summer, more will follow.
    6. We turned Emirates into a fortress. 1 defeat in 17 Premier League games.

    It’s not just darkness, Pedro.

  5. bergkamplegend

    Bacary : in fact you’re right…
    Let’s wait the signing of wenger to talk about darkness LOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL

  6. Dobromir

    We have improved actually. Ramsey has improved. Giroud has improved. The defense has improved. We’ve brought in Flamini which has improved our defensive game. We’ve brought in Ozil which has improved the overall squad quality and the general outlook on Arsenal as a club. We will accumulate more points in the previous year and are in with a genuine chance to win a trophy. These are all steps in the right direction. It’s not leaps and bounds but steps non- the-less,

  7. Biggus

    I don’t understand why people are so scared of Arsene leaving; we haven’t achieved anything in the last half of his tenure and I’m not sure he would do much better in other clubs using the same tired tactics.

    I doubt if he will make all the necessary changes to improve the team.

    You’ve got the useless Giroud stating he wants to stay; who cares? He is painful to watch and he scores one good goal and Arsene proclaims he has proved us all wrong!! Is that what it takes?

    My fear is that the longer Arsene stays, the more the players will be infected with his lack of ambition and you can see it with players coming in with great skills and then detoriating (arshavin, monreal,cazorla).

  8. Mads

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    Would really like to celebrate the Norwegian National Day in London and top it of with a massive win at Wembley.


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  9. brdgunner

    I don’t think Moyes can take responsibility for the Rooney deal. Surely Man U, like most clubs have a team or at least individual that is responsible for wages?

    Yeah Moyes would have said he wanted to keep him, but he wouldn’t dictate wages.

    Managers are now the front men for organisational failure it seams.


    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a post-match interview, after the cup final, is the way in which we announce our plans.

    I would love for Arsene to say “I have signed, Benzema, Bedner, Di Maria, Hummals and Casilias, oh and I am staying.”

    However, more likely is he will leave or stay and sign no-one of major influence.

    Whatever happens,


  10. Biggles


    “4. Ramsey became a potential superstar and he’ll have the summer off to get stronger.”

    Which is why we know we’ll sell him for about £10m less than he is worth.

    I get your point though that things will likely be better overall than last season, but it was the glaring mistakes that meant it’s just a bit better rather than £42m better. You know, like not signing a striker, or running our best players into the ground so that we don’t win the league. Kind of takes the sheen off of getting 4th with more points.

  11. Ruf

    After the experiences of RvP and Rosicky, I wouldn’t be wise to flog off Diaby. As you alude the guy is a nice lad. its not his wish to be on the treatment table most of the time. Surely Arsenal Fc can do better in its treatment of players expendable. there is worse dead wood at arsenal just like at any other club.

  12. Dream10


    L’Oreal does not want to leave lmao

    I would like us to upgrade on Giroud, but I will be pissed if Sanogo is a regular next year as he as been in the 2nd half of the season.

    Giroud, Sanogo, Park, Miyaichi, Campbell. League winning strikeforce?!?

    I am not fan of teams that depend on midfielders for goals. Fuk’n can’t stand it. That is why I have enjoyed watching City play for the last couple of yrs and L’Pool this year. Two forwards playing together. Not everybody can be Barcelona/Guardiola and have 46 midfielders on the pitch.

    City have been working on a deal for Mangala and Fernando. They will be very strong down the middle.

  13. Romford Pele

    “I wouldn’t be wise to flog off Diaby”

    It definitely would be wise to sell him. You’re talking like we’ve been missing Messi for the past year.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    I agree with a lot of your sentiments.

    1. Arsenal have two very tough games against WBA and Norwich, because both are fighting for EPL survival. As I pointed out before WBA are draw specialists and Arsenal lost 2-1 to Norwich last year so that there is no certainty in either game of picking up 3 points.

    2.Diaby is for me a lost cause. He is a player who is so injury prone that we cannot afford to keep him on books and pay him £50,000 pw. My view is that he
    should be released or loaned out for to minimise cost.

    3. It is difficult to judge what Wenger will do at end of season. Clearly what
    occurred yesterday at Man Utd will impact on us should Wenger leave. Top
    Managers do not grow on trees. Bluntly there are only 2-3 that I would be
    remotely interested in.

    4. My major concern at moment is that Arsenal’s indecisiveness and lack of
    genuine transfer activity.Clubs like Chelsea, Man City, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern seem to plan well ahead. Last year Bayern bought both Goetze and Thiago. This year they have already secured Lewandowski. Arsenal by contrast seem always to leave matters to the last hour of transfer window when most of the best ‘in form’ players have been offloaded.

    5. Arsenal should by now know who they will offload and which positions in
    squad need to be strengthened. Bluntly the first three replacements have to
    be a striker [first/second string], defensive midfielder [first string] and goalkeeper [second string]. All the other replacements are dependent on departures and money which is available.

  15. Romford Pele

    “Not everybody can be Barcelona/Guardiola and have 46 midfielders on the pitch.”

    Very true.

    I think/hope Wenger’s plan (doubt it) is to buy a top striker/potential top striker and have him and Theo scoring the brunt of the goals.

    Ramsey is great obviously and it’s fantastic he has that Lampard knack of arriving into the box at the right moment but we shouldn’t be relying on him for goals.

  16. Bacaryisgod

    I agree Romford. It would be very wise to sell Diaby. A miracle even.

    I want a strong DM but I have a gut feeling that the best we’ll get is another striker and perhaps a couple of defenders and back-up keeper if Verm, Sagna and Fabianski leave.

  17. Richard

    Giroud saying he wants a new contract. I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry over a comment in a long long time

  18. bergkamplegend

    Dobromir : “We have improved actually”

    Here we go again, 2 more years.
    Like wenger, the fans will never learn…

  19. Pedro

    Bacaryisgod, I can pick out positives at the moment.

    They’re not going to improve our chances of becoming a super power.

    Wenger needs to go.

    Gutted he’s staying on.

  20. nuudles

    I agree it is not all doom and gloom, but too much has to change to reasonably (given the precedent set) expect it to:
    – add top quality in attack (like in a left wing and a CF)
    – add top quality DM
    – increase squad depth tremendously (Arteta should NOT be a regular starter, relatively decent squad player though), we need another GK, RB, CB, powerful B2B, all of squad quality
    – actually prepare a plan B and tactically prepare the players for the upcoming game
    – properly rotate to keep players fresh
    – use technology and experts at your disposal
    – play to your player’s strengths (i.e dont flog Poldi out wide and dont try tippy-tappy if we are better at attacking on the break, just for example)
    – mix it up, be less predictable
    – promote pace, probably the most important thing to learn from Lpool, they have serious pace up top, and they play to that

  21. Dream10

    We need two CM/DMs to relieve Ramsey of defensive duties. He is too talented to be forced to defend all the time.



    DM DM


    CF CF

  22. abfp

    What do you guys think about Shaqiri, would Bayern be willing to let him go? Seems to be a great speedy winger – just what we need. He’s really bulky as well, so won’t get outmuscled like half our squad.

  23. nuudles

    Giroud from the first half of the season was a decent player, yes he lost his way recently, but for me he is an OK second choice CF, and a good choice to bring on for the last 30 or so if you are chasing a game (that way he will not turn into an overused donkey). Yes I would prefer we replace him with better backup, but we can do worse than having him as our second choice (for example I think Sanogo is still way too raw and should go out on loan)

  24. bergkamplegend

    Romford : “I think/hope Wenger’s plan…”

    Sorry, but since when arsène has some “plans” in mind ????

  25. MadeToLoveMagic

    Ive been saying for weeks that we have no post wenger plan in place so sacking him would be pointless

    i said that Pep would stay at BM for a couple more years, his words yesterday echoed that,

    i said that Klopps commitment wouldnt be broken without a serious effort , that was reflected yesterday by what he said

    and that leaves us with very very few who imo could take over from wenger

    Pep HAS to be our plan A, Klopp our B , and they can be reversable depending on which one states his long term commitment

    i personaly think after a couple more years of winning everything with munichh pep will be looking for a long term project, and arsenal is perfect fit

    London is the main draw,

    I agree it is strange that wenger is being so tight lipped but if you look back historically he always says he will judge himself and if he feels he has failed with what he has he would leave, and that of course is open to interpretation, but…

    i think if we fail at 4th and flunk the cup his position in the club would become to dificult and he know sthat

  26. Dream10


    Shaqiri is comfortable cutting from the right on his left foot. I think we are covered on the right, because Walcott almost exclusively plays down the right flank.

  27. GHall

    Pep has said he’d stay at Bayern for 2 more years.
    Would you take 2 more years of Wenger to see Pep take over then?

    Its a hard one

  28. nuudles

    Dream10, that team is way too narrow.

    Ramsey is good exactly because he covers so much ground (making it almost impossible to mark him). For a long while during the first half of the season he was the player in Europe who made the most tackles. If you start deploying him in a more attacking position he will get a lot more attention from the opposing DM & defence, possibly reducing his effectiveness. I would leave him as a true B2B and just manage his workload better by resting him more and taking him off around the 70min mark more regularly. Tell him how important he is to the club and that we are rotating/resting him in his best interest, sure he will understand.

  29. abfp


    Looking at videos of him playing, he seems quite comfortable across the entire field. I think he would work well on the left as more of a traditional winger. Doesn’t seem to be an abundance of good left footed left wingers in the market right now, so why not try this guy?

  30. MadeToLoveMagic


    yes of course,,,, sacking wenger and getting in someone untill Pep becomes available would destabilise everything, certain players would leave

    2 or three years more of wenger, followed by a very well tapped up Pep is the only sensible option in my mind

  31. Ashwin Gunner

    Wenger going might not be that bad after all

    Whats the worst which can happen
    1) We won win anything next year. (fine. atleast we ll have a new manager, and we can atleast be optimistic that he can bring trophies.)
    2) Irrespective of what players say about Wenger, they are not going to leave if Wenger does. All the need is money, fame and trophies. and with Wenger they are not gettting trophies.

    We do need a WC manger. but even some one like Martinez would be great. We need a manager with a vision and who is not a dictator FFS.

  32. Richard

    “We need two CM/DMs to relieve Ramsey of defensive duties. He is too talented to be forced to defend all the time.”

    Actually think Ramsey is playing in his best position tbh. Not like his goal scoring prowess is suffering. You’d want a dude that’s got one of the highest tackling success rate in Europe to be putting a shift in, in defence. Alongside one true DM of course. That said, Shifting him up top when we looking for goals might be a good plan B tho, as city do with Yaya

  33. Wallace


    i’m also feeling good about the positives. mistakes were made, but good things happened, too.

  34. GHall

    MadeTo LoveMagic

    Apoliges didnt see your orginal post!

    I agree with you that has to be our Plan, Pep is on rcord saying he likes Arsenal and you just cannot picture him at Chelsea or City it doesnt fit with his style.

    Do you think Ivan can see this though, is the real question.

  35. Danish Gooner

    We all know what is coming next.Diaby is like a new signing why should we go for a DM when we have Diaby.It is as certain as taxes and death.

  36. nuudles

    I still wouldnt mind if we get Roberto Martinez to replace Wenger. ManU probably will not go there because of Moyes coming from Everton. Martinez did a good job at Wigan, the question always was whether he can cut it at a bigger club, and by all accounts he did a very good job with Everton. I would almost say the risk of brining Klopp over (fantastic manager from what I have seen) to England is bigger than the risk of getting Martinez at a much bigger club. Klopp gets his players to play above capacity, Martinez seems like the more intelligent (and less mental) & innovative manager. Either would be a massive improvement.

  37. nuudles

    abfb, “Doesn’t seem to be an abundance of good left footed left wingers in the market right now, so why not try this guy?” What is wrong with Reus except for the price tag (he surely warrants it though). Draxler also primarily plays down the left. I would also not mind it if we gave Jay Rodriguez a good look (just 24, decent finisher, quite quick). Plenty other good options out there. Oxo down the left would also be a decent squad player.

  38. Dream10

    So Barcelona will be able to buy players this summer.

    Chance of Alexandre Song Billong coming back this summer.
    GET EXCITED!!!!!! (smh)

  39. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s major problem this summer is to bring in a quality striker and the club needs to be decisive.

    Let’s be honest we are not going to buy a 30 goal a season striker, because there are only half a dozen such players. They will cost now more than £50 million to acquire even if available. Arsenal will not spend that amount.

    What Arsenal needs to do is bring in a player who is capable of scoring 20+
    goals a season and maybe is improvable. That will cost £25-35 million.

    The main problem with Wenger and the club is the indecision and their unwillingness to go extra mile.

    Last season we could have bought Higuain. Irrespective of what is now suggested I do not believe that he would have moved to Napoli if we had matched
    their offer.

    Similarly I believe that Liverpool would have sold Suarez if we had pitched our
    offer at the same level as Cavani or Falcao. Our failure to do so resulted in the
    club refusing to deal with us. Today Suarez will cost at least £80 million +

  40. Dream10

    @GuillemBalague FIFA will allow Barcelona to sign players this summer. Their suspension is suspended for now.

  41. bergkamplegend

    Emiratesstroller : “Arsenal’s major problem this summer is to bring in a quality striker”

    Wenger disagree === >> L’Oreal.

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    I agree with you mate. Personally I can’t see the improvement everyone’s talking about. I think we were quite fortunate in the fact we didn’t play the big teams earlier, as the way we’ve reacted to maulings leads me to believe that if they’d happened earlier in the season, would we have been able to have picked ourselves up and accumulate as many points as we have? Somehow I’m not so sure.
    The club right from the youths to the first team are struggling, the system in place isn’t producing the right results or bringing enough young talent through. From the youth team to 1st team the emphasis on small tippi tappi type players is not paying dividends and this has been evident for a few years with nothing being done about it. Until wenger leaves all i can see is stagnation.

  43. Dobromir

    Arsene should extend for two more years and reap the benefits of his hard work now that there are finances available. There is no denying that the squad is in a much better state than in the past 3-4 years and it’s all down to the manager slowly rebuilding it and Bould’s influence on the defense. Haters gonna hate but Arsenal are in a good place right now and with more additions to come in the summer will only get better. And it’s largely down to the sustained expertise and management by Wenger that we find ourselves with such bright outlook. Take a look at the neighbors down to road if you don’t believe me.

  44. bergkamplegend

    Dobromir : “Arsene should extend for two more years and reap the benefits of his hard work now that there are finances available.”

    You’re a joke.

  45. N5

    Brixton I was just thinking the same thing, I knew it would’nt happen.

    When you have the Catalonian government behind you, you’re pretty much untouchable, it’s the exact same reason it would never happen to Real either.

    Government officials are slipperier than any criminal.

  46. nuudles

    @guns, £40m-ish will get him. Yes he is a big player for them, but with Lewandowski leaving (on a free!) and with the Gotze, Kagawa & Sahin money already reinvested in Mikartyan (sp?!) & Aubemayang (sp?!) I am sure they will listen to offers if in the right ballpark. Either give them Poldi & say £30m or give them the say £40m outright and let them try to buy back Kagawa and I am sure they will not simply laugh us away.

    Reus on the left for us together with even a half decent striker (say Lukaku with Jay Rodriguez or even Giroud as his backup) and Theo on the right makes a very good front three. With Ozil supplying them and Ramsey making his well timed runs into the box and we will be scoring bucket loads. Keep Oxo, Santi, Rosicky & Jack as squad players for rotation.

  47. Al

    It’s pretty obvious what is going on in regards to Wenger. ..He wants to stay but both he and Gazidis know that it would be almost impossible should we lose the FA Cup due to the way fans have turned on him the past 2 seasons .

    One thing I disagree about… is about him caring about leaving us in the lurch.

  48. sanmi

    Marble hall,
    you asked a stupid question, that you dont get the love for ramsey because you felt he has not done anything against a big team this season, well he scored against liverpool and dortmund, and made the most tackle against man city and chelsea and those were the only genuine big teams he played in his short season. but suarez never scored against any top 4 team! yet you will agree he is great, aint you insane?

  49. Dobromir

    Watch Wenger go to Barcelona end of the season and take a couple of his players with him. Ramsey, Kos and Ox will do nicely in that team I’m sure. Now that would really be a joke.

  50. Dream10

    Striker Price
    First Tier: Suarez, Cavani, Falcao, Higuain 40m+
    Second Tier: Costa, Mandzukic, Balotelli, Martinez, Benzema, Pedro 20-35m
    Third Tier: Drmic, Gameiro, Lacazette, Immobile, Remy, Ba, Alcacer, Rossi 5-15m

  51. N5

    “Arsenal are in a good place right now and with more additions to come in the summer”

    Is this a fact or just pure speculation?

    I mean he did so well in Jan managing to sign the amazing Kim Kellstrom I would be mad to doubt what you say. If there is one thing I trust about Wenger it’s that he has an eye for a great player!! KK, Nacho, Santos, Gervinho. Can’t wait for more of that to come in.

  52. Norfolk


    “He hasn’t signed the deal. If he has, the financial markets we’re involved in would have to know. One of reasons United waited until 0830 to fire Moyes.”

    We are not listed on the Stock Exchange so I don’t think there is any requirement whatsoever to announce anything.

    On a positive note I am thinking than ManUre would be right for AW, a new challenge if you will.

  53. gambon


    Emirates a Fortress?

    Are you sure about that?

    Couldnt beat any top team at home.

    Lost to Chelsea, Bayern, Aston Villa and Dortmund.


  54. sanmi

    before you all start losing your cool and calling managers name like you are going to buy groceries.
    Martinez has done nothing except fight relegation battles season after season, this is his first season in the top 5, it is too early to judge him, i remember when this very site wanted MOYES and LAUDRUP to replace wenger, do you see your folly now? so calm down and see things clearly before you sprout nonsense
    you claim Mourinho is better, yet he might go trophyless this season after spending over 90million pounds, you excuse him, even though he never was involved in making the money.

  55. GUNNER786

    I’m in my twenties but look like a forty year old. If Wenger signs a new contract I’ll look like an OAP by the time he’s gone.

    Wenger OUT!!

  56. Dobromir

    N5 – are these the only players he has recruited? Or are those cherry picked conveniently by you to suit your argument. I think he’s had way more hits than misses, but then again everyone knows that. Some just choose to deny the obvious.

  57. Dan T

    “Just like Arsenal, Ramsey when given time and space appears to be better than he really is.”

    Ramsey makes his own time and space.

  58. N5

    OK then Dobromir, tell me who bar Ozil since our move to the Emirates has been more of a hit than a miss.

    And don’t say the move prevents us signing big names because you just said he’s had more hits than misses. Tell me who?

  59. Dan T

    I might be wrong on this, but did Diaby not offer to change his contract to a pay-as-you-play contract about 18-months ago? Thought I read that he had offered to do this?

  60. sanmi

    based on evidences of past results and that i mean looking at where a coach picked a team from and what he made them to be without spending obscene money, there are only 4 coaches that qualifies to replace wenger,
    Rogers- took over a capsized liverpool made them champions following an obviously deliberate pattern
    Guardiola- took the champions of europe to even greater heights playing amazing football
    van gaal- created one of the most dynamic teams i have ever witnessed and won it all
    klopp- though i am still not convinced yet, but he seems to know what he is doing, my doubt is he crashed badly when injuries hit his team which is what y’all are accusing wenger of

  61. N5

    Sanmi don’t take it out of context. Klopp has had one year of injury we get it every single year.

    There is a reason we top the injury list each and every season.

  62. gambon

    “Arsene should extend for two more years and reap the benefits of his hard work now that there are finances available.”

    What the finances that have been available for 3 years and he decided to ignore?

    The finances that were available in January when he did what he always does?

    “There is no denying that the squad is in a much better state than in the past 3-4 years and it’s all down to the manager slowly rebuilding it”

    Erm, better state? Out of the CL at the first knockout round AGAIN……smashed to pieces by our rivals over and over again.

    “and Bould’s influence on the defense”

    What the amazing influence that sees us concede 6 at Stamford Bridge, 5 at Anfield, 6 at Eastlands and 3 at Goodison?

    The amazing influence that has seen Chelsea, City, Everton, UTD concede less than us, and Palace equal to us on goals conceded?

    “Haters gonna hate”

    Yeah youre a re.tard.

    ” but Arsenal are in a good place right now and with more additions to come in the summer will only get better.”

    Every single year idiots like you say this….sell the future over and over and over again like your god Arsene.

    “And it’s largely down to the sustained expertise and management by Wenger ”

    Yeah expertise that has seen us fail to win a trophy for 9 years, expertise that has us scrapping around for 4th place against teams that have half of our financial power, expertise that sends teams out to get annihilated by our so called rivals, expertise that injures all of his players by running them into the ground.

  63. Thank you and goodnight

    Well said mate. As for the comment wenger would go to Barcelona. …REALLY? ? Barcelona who made quarter finals of CL, sit 3rd in la Liga, lost in final of copa del rey, and who consider this season a failure……you really believe they want Wenger who thinks 4th is a trophy?

  64. Arsenal 1886-2006

    So Barca can spend, spend, spend in the summer.
    The real power in football lies with a handful of super clubs, Real, Barca, Bayern, Man U and some other clubs with extremely wealthy owners, Chelsea, PSG and the likes.

    If corrupt and morally bankrupt FIFA back down then what will corrupt and morally bankrupt UEFA do when the big boy’s disregard the FFP rules? I think we all know the answer to that one.

  65. N5

    TYAG I respect Wenger very much, but I just don’t get these comments about how he is the best we could get and in the future everything will be better. 9 years and counting and enough is enough.

  66. Dobromir

    N5 – Okay in my opinion the following have been hits:
    Schescney, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Sagna, Rosicky, Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere (gave him a chance),Ox, Walcott (never played at Highbury), Casorla.

  67. gambon

    “Martinez has done nothing except fight relegation battles season after season,”

    Martinez managed the smallest club in the PL. They had the smallest crowd and the smallest budget in the PL.

    He still managed to win a trophy however, and he still managed to beat Man City.

    What happened when Arsene played Man City this year?

    When was the last time Wenger won a trophy?

    Martinez also showed serious signs of tactical understanding, something Wenger just doesnt have.

    Martinez changes formation, puts players into positions to exploit teams, and had some genius ideas at Wigan.

    Wenger has twice Martinezs budget, has had 17 years to get his team to where it is, and he’s one single point ahead of him.

    So impressive.

  68. Guns of brixton


    but with arrival of the impending Ginter and Ramos and someone elses name who i forgot Dortmund are looking mean again. Klopp needs a few more men which he’ll get and they’ll be going at Bayern harder next year. and reus is at the heart of these plans- so getting dortmunds most loyal soldier maybe very very difficult, borderline crazy.
    i would suggest Di Maria instead.

  69. somecallmemystic

    Just been having an e.mail discussion with ex work colleagues who still think Arsenal are doing things right.

    Looked at the latest accounts and my favourite quotes were these:
    1) “In contrast to football, activity in the Group’s
    Property business was at a very much lower level.
    This was ENTIRELY EXPECTED, as the prior period
    Contained a significant one-off sale of the north east
    Section of Queensland Road to Barratts.”

    2) “That the Group has maintained a strong cash position
    With balances at 30 November of £120.6 million
    (2012 – £99.7 million), which excludes debt service
    Reserve balances, which are not available for football
    Purposes, of £22.8 million (2012 – £23.7 million).”

    3) “overall operating profit from football has increased to £22.2m from £4.4m”
    WTF is the club doing, racking up its savings to pay off Diaby!

  70. Dobromir

    I don’t usually post comments on this site exactly because of sad little men hiding behind their keyboards such as yourself, that can not respect another opinion, let alone the person expressing it. But whatever you just make your points irrelevant and i won’t bother with them one bit.

  71. TitsMcgee

    Lol at Fortress.

    You really can tell the naivete is strong.

    4th place getting smashed by all the good teams.

    Free fell from 1st to 4th in 2 months.

    Was 10 points ahead of Liverpool now they’re 10 points ahead.

    6-0 on Wenger’s 1000th.

    Lol at Wenger’s “expertise”

    His expertise certainly helped him there.

    Some of you are so naive it’s amazing you’re even able to stay alive from day to day.

  72. Gregg

    Ramsey’s game is all about energy. I said last year that he had the sort of engine that Ray Parlour had, albeit with a lot more skill. I believe he would have had sufficient rest this season had the OX not been injured first day of the season. For me Wenger sees these two as his ‘driving’ midfielders so I doubt he’ll be adding in this area. A deeper sitter is required for sure and use Arteta more sparingly. The guy still has something to offer.

    Other than that it’s pace up front that’s essential, we all know this. They’ll be all sorts of names bandied about in the coming weeks, some will be more realistic than others. When you have feeders like Cazorla and Ozil then it’s criminal not to have pace for them to feed.

  73. N5

    OK Dobrimir, I don’t agree with you on all of those, but lets say I give you them all OK. He are the misses.

    Chu Young Park
    Henry (the second time)

    These are just off the top of my head. That is a big clump of misses to me.

  74. MarbleHall

    I don’t see no dissension or sustained visible protests by Arsenal fans only apathy.
    Wenger’s stagnation seems to have permeated the Arsenal fanbase.
    Joke of a club.

  75. Dan T

    Arteta isn’t shit. He’s useful against lesser teams. He’s out of his depth against the better midfields in the league though. I certainly wouldn’t say he has been a failure, but we do need someone better, stronger and faster for next season. He should still have a role as a squad player next season though for purposes of rotation.

  76. N5

    “I don’t see no dissension or sustained visible protests by Arsenal fans only apathy.”

    And you won’t from your bedroom you mug!!

  77. Dobromir

    @ Thank you and goodnightApril 23, 2014 10:14:32

    Agree Arteta is a bit of a stretch. I’d say average player that fits in well with Arsenal’s playing style.
    Gibbs i really do rate, but he is injury prone which has been his downfall thus far.

  78. Dan T

    “I don’t see no dissension or sustained visible protests by Arsenal fans only apathy.”

    Is this just street talk or was the double negative intended? Your comments always baffle me, but this one more than usual.

  79. WengerEagle


    I have no doubt something like that happened alright mate.

    They’ll spunk £100 odd million this summer for a major squad rebuild that’s for sure.

    I’d gladly take Alexis or Pedro off their hands.

  80. Dobromir

    Ok N5. So about 50/50. I’ll go with that. Let me say this then. If Wenger does not sign a quality striker this summer then i will lose faith in him ever taking us further than where we currently are. As things stand i am willing to give him the summer to make the right transfers and then if he does that, the following season to challenge for major honors plus one more of we narrowly miss out. That is provided we win the FA Cup and get Champions League place this season.

  81. N5

    Dobromir, I would agree with the 50/50 then mate. It’s good to meet in the middle 😀

    Do you have faith he will sign the right attacker we need? or do we need to sort out our scouting network because they just identify gash?

  82. andy1886

    Dobby, I might take you more seriously if you could actually SPELL the name of our players correctly. You must be a Spud.

  83. Gregg

    Was there any doubt that Barcelona would get the ban frozen or lifted completely ?

    Draxler / De Greizman are the type of player we need for the left hand side, they give you that threat from outside to inside.

  84. MarbleHall


    Ramsey’s contribution against Spurs, Man Utd, Everton twice, Man City and Chelsea have been next to nothing.
    He also gave the ball away which lead to Dortmund’s first goal at the Emirates.

  85. terence

    “Ramsey love in is delusional, what exactly did he achieve against the top sides this season?”

    Seem to remember him scoring the winner in Dortmund, and a pretty good goal against a Liverpool side odds on to win the league title.

    Arsenal have improved this season. They will improve further next season. Whether it will be enough remains to be seen. That’s the nature of sport.

  86. N5

    Marble, like I said you wouldn’t know what was happening down at the Arsenal. You’re just a plank with a computer that doesn’t leave his house!!

  87. Dissenter

    There a lot of false optimism on Legrove today from Bacaryisgod god and Donobry.
    Until Wenger leaves, we won’t make any headway.
    We a re trying to redefine lunacy by expecting a different result whilst doing the same old shit.

  88. Wallace

    “I believe he would have had sufficient rest this season had the OX not been injured first day of the season. For me Wenger sees these two as his ‘driving’ midfielders so I doubt he’ll be adding in this area. A deeper sitter is required for sure and use Arteta more sparingly.”

    yeah, outside of games against the top teams Arteta is fine. if the Ox continues to improve(and i think he will) he’s going to be a major player. our Hazard?

  89. bergkamplegend

    Dobromir : “The only joke is you my friend.”

    Why don’t you use your “in arsène we trust” banner to wipe your ass ??

  90. Dissenter

    I don’t get this disappointment at FIFA for deferring the ban on Barcelona.
    Barca have a right to appeal it and surely you’ll expect that the process should play out before a club suffers an unprecedented punishment.

  91. bergkamplegend

    “Ferguson to help MU in the choice for the new manager…”
    C’mon fergie, everybody knows that Van Pussy has already made his choice lol

  92. Dissenter

    What gives you the assurance that Arsene will finally change his colors and make the right signings.
    Diaby is back so Arsene will want to wait to sign a DM. By the time Diaby breaks down all the reasonable targets will be gone. There will be a big demand for the better players cos Liverpool have to replace Gerrard and United have to rebuild.
    Sanogo, Arsene’s projection to be a £50 million player will deter him from signing an excellent striker.
    Arsene won’t change. He’s well settled into mediocrity by now.

  93. Gregg

    For me the problem Wengers given himself is the overloading of midfield players. Rather than having a real blueprint of a playing style, we’re adapting one around like for like players. You look at Ramsey and he’s a nailed down box to box CM now, no question. I think that will also be Ox’s best position due to the pace and energy. They’re both young and so I see you can alternate that role between the two, that makes sense. Then you’ve got Arteta and Flamini. Again you’d like a younger upgrade that can get around the pith quicker and who is stronger. Where does this leave Wilshere ? we really don’t know where he fits in anymore. My fear is that he will convert Wilshere into Arteta’s replacement rather than aquire a specialist for the role.

  94. N5

    Lol TYAG, you should have stayed on last night, he had me, eagle, midwest and sal schooling him because of the horse shit he was saying about Henry.

    It’s normally only me, but last night I think everyone had just about had enough of his shit and he looked so stupid I felt sorry for him.

    I was like, leave him alone, thats my troll.

  95. N5

    It means ITK, apparently anyone who knew Wenger gave Henry his first break as a pro and also put him in the centre is a person who claims to be in the know!! what a desperate moron.

  96. Tippitappi

    No doubt Flaps should be offered a new deal not let gone for free for another side to benefit ,as long as it didn’t cause disruption and there’s nothing to say it couldn’t work share the goalkeeping duties I don’t really think Szczesny is any better and looks by nature to need constant competition as he is subject to relapses in form

  97. vp

    Planning…You mean having a strategy in place that’s non-financial and football related…. That will be the day.

    Nice thought, but think you’re asking the club to demonstrate competencies and processes that it’s reluctant ,or doesn’t appear to possess. Do you really have faith in our CEO being able to make a Suitable and Acceptable Managerial appointment? He’ll just end up hiring a man that’s a suitable fit (i.e. Prudent, money hoarder) with our investor’s objectives that can deliver acceptable returns (at little/ no risk). Thus ruling out the possibility of a young ambitious manager who will use the resources he has at his disposal in order to do so. Gazidias would never employ anyone like this. He’d be risking his own neck if he did.

    The appointment of a new manager will depend more on what he can deliver to the shareholder rather than the fans. There is no doubt about this. What we’d like from our new manager and the defined requirements that Glazadias has to adhere to for the selection process (from the outset) are miles apart.

    The most important skill that our new manager must possess- to deflect scrutiny away from the board. After all, once Wenger goes, they’ll need someone else to hide behind. Surely, this will be the first requirement on the list.

    For the record I think Wenger’s staying anyway. Even if we lose out on top four and FA cup. He’s too much of an important strategic& political instrument. Besides, one thing our club does not excel at is CHANGE. Our aging board and a hands-off owner will do everything they can in order to avoid it- Mark my words.

  98. Carts

    “Striker Price
    First Tier: Suarez, Cavani, Falcao, Higuain 40m+
    Second Tier: Costa, Mandzukic, Balotelli, Martinez, Benzema, Pedro 20-35m
    Third Tier: Drmic, Gameiro, Lacazette, Immobile, Remy, Ba, Alcacer, Rossi 5-15m”

    Nicely complied. No doubt we’ll end up with a Third Tier forward, similar to Giroud, expected to work miracles in fornt of goal.

  99. N5

    I know TYAG, I can’t believe I didn’t know and the more he says it the more believable it becomes.

    It’s hard taking any criticism for a man that thought Henry was a winger for Arsenal though. Even if I didn’t know about Wright, it was 20 years ago and I was 15 what’s his excuse about Henry!

    Plank through and through.

  100. rollen

    Dobromir April 23, 2014 09:53:05

    Watch Wenger go to Barcelona end of the season and take a couple of his players with him. Ramsey, Kos and Ox will do nicely in that team I’m sure. Now that would really be a joke.

    this is arsenal cancer at it best
    Without pseudo fans like this one we wold be in way better place atm

    Only big job Arsene can land is France NT