You don’t want too much competition

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Couldn't find an Arsenal easter egg

Couldn’t find an Arsenal easter egg

Man, I wish the whole league was conspiring to give my team the league this year.


Bloody Liverpool to win the league!

Quite amazing really. I was asked by some pals yesterday who I want to win the league. From a selfish point of view, it’s got to be Liverpool. Firstly, I don’t know enough of their fans to really get upset by it. Secondly, I think they’re the perfect team to sum up what I’ve been saying for years… it’s not all about money. The premise that you can only compete with City and Chelsea if you’ve got billions is a fallacy. Dortmund won back to back titles against the mighty Bayern. Porto and Inter won the Champions League. Liverpool look set to win the league this season.

With the right approach and vision, you can do anything. Arsene Wenger had the right approach and vision when he arrived at the club. He built one of the greatest Premier League sides of all time on a budget. They went a whole season unbeaten. Sure, more monied clubs landed on the scene. Sure, that coincided with our stadium move. But wow, what’s the surrender behaviour about?

Adapt or die Arsenal.

You know what else I find amazing. The infographic pinging around the web about our injured players.

What do I find amazing about it?

Not the injuries. That’s standard every year.

No, what I find amazing are the excuses attached.

‘Well, if we’d had all our players fit this year, we’d have competed’

Some fans will excuse Wenger of anything. Of course we would have competed had we had our players fit for the season. The best teams keep their players fit. However, it’s not just about keeping your players fit. Olivier Giroud has been fit most of the season, but he’s not been in good shape.

Do people think Rambo, barring injury, would have been able to play at his September level, all season long? No way. Do people think any of the players we’ve lost would have been able to? No way.

Keeping players out of the medical room is only part of keeping players fit. We’d have competed if we had an approach to recovery like some of the more successful teams.

The reason we have injuries is our managers approach to the squad he builds, the way he tackles player fitness, the way he deals with recovery and the way he deals with rotation. Being top of the injury league isn’t a luck thing, it’s a management issue. When people push ‘luck’ as the core issue of our season, that’s an ignorance thing. Our season hasn’t failed because of bad luck. Our season has failed because of terrible planning and archaic approaches to a modern game.

Don’t tolerate the luck thing. It’s a poisonous message that exonerates the manager. It’s a message that promotes inaction. It’s a message, that if allowed to fester, will have us in a world of stagnation for the next two years.

Hull City are the team that face us today. We have to go up to their place. They’re a good side, but not exactly loaded with pace. Any midfield that has Huddlestone at it’s core is going to struggle to knock the ball around you. However, we have to respect them. I’m hoping because they’re safe, this might not be such a hard game.

Arsenal welcome back Matty Flamini. We could really do with his energy today. I’m not sure what the state of play is on Ozil and his return to fitness, but again, more fresh legs gives us a greater chance of winning. I’m guessing it’ll be Giroud in the starting line up. Hopefully he got a massive gee up from Wenger when he read that Wenger doesn’t want to bring in a second striker because ‘You need to be challenged but not too much’… soak that line up for a second. Wow. Can you see why we opted for Viviano as our back up? Not too much competition, in case it makes someone nervous.

Anyway, we need to play our game today. We need to hit them from the off and we need to keep things tight at the back. Three points chalked off today takes us 2 wins away from top four. Then the season is over. Well, until we have to go back and beat Hull in the cup final!

Have a great day. A great Sunday. A great Jesus day.


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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Even with the ban I think a fair few will be running for the exit. Thinking Pedro, Alexis and Fabregas.

  2. london gunner

    Guns of Brixton

    How did she even have access to your Uni notes whilst drunk and high hahah.

    I was wild at uni but I wasn’t ever drunk in class hahah!

    Self respectable you say? would be surprised sometimes the most respectful looking girls are dirtiest behind closed doors.

    If shes leaving you porn links shes probably into and up for all kinds of crazy sex antics.

    Take it or leave it my friend!

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Girls uncontrollable in their lust is something all Arsenal fans have to deal with…let’s face it, we are a sexy breed

  4. tunnygriffboy

    Pity about the ban for Barca. Seems a few players are disenchanted. Pedro would be great for us. If the ban sticks they’re in big trouble. A side just going over the hill, legs going and a worse goalie than Almunia. Because of this the ban will be lifted. No way will UEFA let that happen.

    Just looked in my tea leaves Griezeman/Draxler, Moratta, Drmic, Bender and Ashley Cole in for Nacho.mHeard it here first. Yaaaaahhooooooo !

  5. london gunner

    Guns Brixton

    Lol get drunk yourself.. then its even steven on the western front ;).

    I don’t drink booze what so ever now as I am to into my bodybuilding so if I go to clubs its awkard sometimes as most young women like to get smashed and I can’t take advantage. (So I get where your coming from)

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Nothing wrong with a bit of Cersei.

    If I was king I’d have her and Danerys and the red haired fire woman all fighting over me and I’d be all ‘ladies ladies!!! The kings bed is big enough for all three of you!!!’

    Then Danerys would be like ‘can I bring my dragons?’

    ‘Bit kinky, but Mum always said don’t knock something till you try it…dirty dirty whore.’

  7. london gunner


    hahhah Game of thrones reference about an ex!

    Never stick your dick in crazy son! I have and its a fucking nightmare dealing with baggage loool.

    Another gem ask any girl you date whether she had a good or bad relationship with her father if its bad odds are she’s gonna be a bit cray cray

  8. Cesc Appeal


    Well if they had a bad relationship with their dad they are more likely to tolerate any shit you give them, so keen are they for male approval and love, father like affection and protection.

  9. Cesc Appeal



    Then yell ‘the kind is exhausted, away with thee all and privy thee bring me mine sandwich!!!!’

  10. tunnygriffboy

    Barca ban is lifted. Cesc wants out. Do we want him? Personally I’d prefer Pedro or Alexis. Wenger would want him back though. Our need is in different areas in my opinion.

  11. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    Mate there is nothing worse dating an insecure clingy girl, it makes for a healthier relationship dating a woman who is confident, had a good self esteem, generally girls with daddy issues get over bearing very quickly.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Agree. Fabregas is the one layer Wenger would instantly splash out over, and then spend big money on him 😉

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    You lot Fucking disgust me going on about women as though they are pieces of meat. No honestly. Listen guns I understand where your coming from fella. Don’t listen to Cesc or London about asking about her relationship with her father. No what you really need to know is if she takes it up the shitter or not. If she says know, you can have fun converting her to anal joys. And if she says yes you know the bitch swallows:)

  14. london gunner


    Lol the sexiest girls usually are nutters.

    You weigh up the pros and the cons… great sex… but on the otherhand all the drama and having to call the police to have them removed from your property lol :s.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Agree 100%.

    Indecisiveness in a woman irritates the bollocks off me.

    ‘What do you wanna do tonight?’


    ‘Wanna see a film?’

    *shrugs* ‘OK.’

    ‘What do you wanna see?’

    ‘Dunno…you pick.’

    So you do, and invariably what you pick is wrong and they sulk at you.

    The main problem with females, is that they don’t actually know what they want. They want a rich guy, with a great career…but who has all the time in the world for family and them. They want a rough, tough brute who could defend their honour…but with emotions akin to a girlfriend who understands them. They want a bloke who can take charge and be forward…but who does what they want and listens to them.

    Basically, they want 4-5 different blokes to suit their mood…or Clark Kent…maybe Clark Kent.

  16. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Good win today and not too shabby a performance, but the Toffeemen are looking likely to take it to the last game.

    As for the Cesc talk I can’t see him coming back to us. He left for trophies and to join his boyhood club, it all depends on who the new man is at Barca and what sort of formation and style he wants to play.

  17. MidwestGun

    Sorry, got distracted. Ummmm ya I would love Pedro. But Wenger would probably bring back Cesc and try to play Cesc, Santi, and Ozil in the same lineup.

  18. Marko

    You would take him back but where do you play Cesc? Over Ozil? Cazorla? I wouldn’t over Ramsey he’s shown some great potential this season

  19. Guns of brixton

    My dream buys would be:
    – Falcao/Cavani
    – Draxler
    – Di Maria
    – Bender
    – Ceaser
    – beniata/ginter
    – Aurier (with Bac becoming a CB)

    will never happen, instead wenger will get:
    – dmric/rodrigo/iranian messi
    – van buyten
    – unknown
    – unknown.

  20. karim

    Fuck !
    Earlier on today I made a pun about Tottenham striker Harry Kane / Hurricane Carter
    Associating his name with a spud actually killed him !
    RIP Hurricane Carter

  21. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ve just seen that giroud miss when he chased down the keeper…..Christ the fact Wenger went into this season with giroud as his no1, deserves the sack.
    Granted the chance was at an angle he still should of buried that. Really poor.

  22. Bacaryisgod

    Seeing Pedro in meltdown mode these last few weeks reminds me of the Shawshank quote ‘hope can kill a man’. Arsene’s greatest sin this season was actually doing well when our schedule was easy and raising goner hopes.

    Before the season started I would have accepted being in much closer contention for the title and an FA Cup final (at least) as a sign of progress.

    No doubt Wenger shot himself in the foot and damaged the teams chances by overplaying Walcott, Ramsey and Ozil but the hysteria from Pedro and others is a little overwrought. With the March schedule being as brutal as it could possibly be (Spurs and Chelsea away, Man City home and home/away vs. Nayern), we had to be well clear of the pack to stand a good chance of winning the league.

    The loss to Stoke was probably the turning point in terms of results this season.

  23. Marko

    Dream summer
    One of Benzema/Diego Costa/Cavani
    Reus or Cuardrado
    Lars Bender
    Ginter or Schar (another defender if Vermaelen leaves)
    Rene Adler

  24. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    If he was quicker the angle wouldn’t have been as bad plus there was no need
    To smash it, it almost went over the bar. And if he could have used the outside of his right foot. Oh well….. its almost like a bad joke at this point then he makes the face.

  25. Samir

    We have no room for Fabregas unless we play him as a false 9.
    He’s as slow as Giroud though…So that might be a bad idea!

  26. MidwestGun

    BiG –
    Greatest sin for me was no suitable striker even assuming Giroud could rotate. Compounded with opportunity to find a suitable striker as well as a suitable backup to Arteta/ Ramsey in the January window when we were still in first. He gets Kim K who was injured for 6 weeks right when we needed him. This was our year.! Not next year. Absolutely, no ambition to go for the title. We were well clear of Liverpool in Jan.

  27. Arsene's Nurse

    Cesc Appeal April 20, 2014 20:58:33


    Agree 100%.

    Indecisiveness in a woman irritates the bollocks off me.
    It’s legendary.

    GF: Have you got any chocolate?
    AN: No, I don’t think so.
    GF: (Sad face)
    AN: Well if you want chocolate you can pop to the local shop.
    GF: But it’s raining.
    AN: Well I could do with some milk, it’s only 5 mins. What do you want?
    GF: Dunno.
    AN: Snickers, mars, maltesers, fruit and nut, galaxy. What do you fancy?
    GF: You choose.
    OK: Back in 5 mins.

    I get back in soaking wet and plonk a bar of galaxy and a cadburys caramel down.

    GF: Did they not have a double deckers?
    AN: Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!

    I learnt a Dutch phrase once which translates as: Women, you might as well keep chicken!

    – didn’t stop the bint scoffing though 😉

  28. Arsene's Nurse

    Ha ha – actually you could switch me and the GF for Diaby and Wenger.

    Wenger: Did they not have any caramello?

  29. london gunner

    I think the spurs victory was the turning point.

    WE lost Theo and I was like that guy in a movie who goes ” I have a bad feeling about this…”

    , then Ramsey was next and I kinda guessed it was over at that point.

  30. Arsene's Nurse

    Thank you and goodnight April 20, 2014 21:07:58

    I’m joking everyone. Seriously I’m joking. Rohypnol is cheaper anyway:) joke
    [Joke]Yeah, rohypnol is cheap but the white van, handcuffs, gaffer tape, spade and quick-lime aren’t! [joke]

    Too much?

  31. london gunner

    There are worst finishers than Giroud in the league

    Wolf Van Winkel…. His terrible think his score like 2 goals in a year.

    Also Altidore, Sean Long and Cameron Jerome, Kenwin Jones ect

  32. london gunner

    Ox has the physique, the pace and a good shot but his got a bit of poor first touch, if he had a more cultured touch than Sterling he will light up this league.

    His a good dribbler with poor ball control if that makes sense?

    He will pull of a silky skill then take a bad touch and then the ball gets taken for him, he then charges at the player and often wins the ball back or ends up fouling the player but by that point the moment is gone.

  33. Arsene's Nurse

    I worked with a bloke many moons ago who told me this story:

    When he was a lad in the early 60’s he was influenced by all the spy stuff and the new James Bond films. In those days you could get hold of lots of chemicals quite freely, often from the local chemist. He was intrigued by chloroform and decided he would try it out so he bought some, splashed it onto a rag and chloroformed his dog.

    The dog was out for the count and after 15 minutes he began to get really worried because he thought he might have killed it.

    So he held it by the hind legs and swung it round and round to try to revive it. At that point his mum had come home and walked into the room to see him swinging the dog around shouting, “come on you bastard, live!”

    The pooch was OK in the end and came to no harm.

  34. Arsene's Nurse

    london gunner April 20, 2014 21:50:52

    Watching match of the day Ozil was quality today if you factor in this is first game back from injury.
    Ramsey and Ozil were a revelation today. Ramsey makes the first goal by getting the ball in mud-field on the right and cutting in with pace beating his man. He plays and intelligent pass and continues his run all the way into the box.

    We’ve been missing that explosiveness. He also chests down Giroud’s ball for Podolski to score too.

    I can see the reasoning for Wenger playing him wide last year – game time and freedom, but an area of the pitch that if a mistake is made it doesn’t impact as much. Witness Oxo in the same position verses Chelsea. The problem of course is playing a player out of his natural position impacts the team (and usually the player).

    I only wish that we could accompany Ramsey and Ozil with a proper DM and a decent striker. They’d have a ball if we did.

  35. Arsene's Nurse

    Guns of brixton April 20, 2014 22:16:03

    Ox has greater potential than Sterling.

    Also a lot more versatile, though im not dying to see it i wanna see OX play CAM one day and see how he does.
    OX is very versatile – he could easily play right midfield in a 4-4-2.

  36. tunnygriffboy


    Ozil does so much people don’t always see. He is not always spectacular but always finds space and keeps the ball moving. He’s the oil that keeps the engine moving smoothly. It’s no suprise that we looked more threatening today and better on the counter, Ramsey helps as well. And Ozil should have had a penalty early doors as should Ox towzrds the end.

  37. tunnygriffboy

    Arsene’s Nurse

    You shall have a pacy forward and a beast of a CDM.

    Tactics on 1st of June. Griezemann Bang 30 million, Bender Bang 30 million, Moratta Bang 17 million Drmic Bang 10 million. No messing, pay the money, get it done. You get my drift.


    Welbeck is an interesting one. Very quick, great engine, runs the channels and works tirelessly. Can play wide as well. Versatile, would be keen and ambitious.

  38. gnarleygeorge9


    “With the right approach & vision”

    Does that mean offload Podolski & keep Diaby 😆

    If Arsene Wenger stays, that scenario is a good chance of being played out @ The Arsenal 🙁

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    If Arsene Wenger stays, I think he should update his image from the dorky headmaster look to something more edgy.

    He should spend the Summer in the gym(don’t go Brasil & guest commentate for French TV); update his Barnet to a contemporary style; & change his match day wardrobe. Maybe adopt the Flavor Flav style, but instead of the trademark giant clock around his neck(that’s too Fergy Time) he could wear a giant water bottle. It would give him that edgy don’t phuck wid da Prof, ya knows wart I does 2 water bottle bitches, if I’m pushed, Yo!

  40. Uchmangunnernaija

    “There is a lovely picture of arsene waving in front of a bus on bbc football live. Sadly enough I can’t link it. I do love seeing him smile. Handsome bastard”

    Wonderful comment from Positively Arsenal blog. I LOOOLED hard!

  41. Emiratesstroller

    The idea that Fabregas might return to Arsenal is ridiculous. Where would you play him? He is not frankly what we need at moment.

    Our priorities must be:

    Arteta and Flamini are not good enough in that role. We need someone who is physically strong and quick.

    I doubt that Giroud will leave, but we do need at least one other proven
    goalscorer on books to replace Bendtner or Sanogo who are not good enough.

    At moment we have only 7 defenders on books including two who are
    injury prone. We need at least one if not two new players. The latter
    will be requirement if Sagna leaves.

    We need a second string striker. Both Fabianski and Viviano are leaving at end of season.

    Personally I would not invest a transfer fee in such a player. Draxler
    and Griezmann will eat up too much transfer budget. We have quite
    a few players in our squad who can play there. Also I would bing back
    Campbell from Olympiakos. He looks promising as we are likely to discover in World Cup.

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    Every paper I read today has Fucking pictures of the scousers all smiling……and you know what it really Pisses me off. If we had a bloody manager with bottle as well as ability we should of walked this season’s title. Fucking winds me up that people still stick up for the failure.
    And I hate people’s attitude of, well if you’d given me 4th and an fa cup final appearance at beginning of the season I would of taken that. No one expects to win or has a divine right to win the title, yet we should all be HOPING to win the title. Wenger has dumbed down expectations so much that people talk as if we’re the Fucking spuds.

  43. SUGA3

    it is really simple: this season was the best opportunity for anyone outside ManYoo, Citeh and Chavs to take the title in yonks and probably won’t happen again anytime soon…

    Scousers winning the title this season is akin to Blackburn nicking it all these years ago, the difference being us and them now being, well, Blackburns if you like!

  44. SUGA3


    they will have the problems we have IF they don’t boost their squad to accommodate for those extra games, do you really want to be on that to happen?

  45. Thank you and goodnight

    This was in the mirror today, who do you reckon they’re talking about…..

    Which premier league club had 8 players fail to turn up for a fitting of their club suits for they’re summer tour? When one of the said players was rung and asked where they all were, he replied: ” if the manager is still here in the summer, we won’t be, so what’s the point?”

    I reckon United will dispense of Moyes services in the summer….top 4 will be a lot harder next season if United get a top manager with funds he’ll have at his disposal. United have 1 dodgy season and they fuck their manager off, we have 9 years of failure and we reward ours with a new contract.

  46. Samir masri

    Fair enough. But Liverpool look healthier and fitter than the rest. They’re wining the league cos of that. It’s a fact. We will not strengthen the squad this upcoming-season. We’ve been here before and it’s getting boring.

  47. shad


    To underestimate the need for a LW is ridiculous. Just look at Real Madrid and what Angel Di Maria offers. All top squads have that winger who not only puts in a shift defensively but stretches the game offensively in his positioning and pace. We have Walcott on the right but on the left we do suffer much. Podolski can get lazy and tends to drift in and Cazorla doesn’t have the engine to maraud the flank.
    As many have observed, some of the games we have dropped points have been because we play too predictably narrow. Too many technical midgets who all want to drift in rather than out. What Draxler/Griezmann would offer is pace, an unpredictable nature in 1v1 situations on the flank and an eye for goal too. If that costs 30m I’d spend it because we are just too narrow and predictable going forward.

  48. pi

    Moaning gooners .. u av to laugh.. we,ll get more points then we havé for last 6 yrs and win the fa cup .. but lets all concentrate on the negatives .. oh and david notes will not b sacked this summer .. Twat

  49. shad

    oh and @Emiratesstroller, by your count we need 5 new players. I say we need about 8, 4 being WC players.

    1. GK (squad player – to replace Fabianski and Viviano)
    2,3. Striker/CF – 2 players(WC player – Giroud wouldn’t lead the line for any other top 4 team, not for this long anyway, and Sanogo shouldn’t even be close to the 1st team. Akpom can be our 3rd striker for Carling cup and stuff)
    4. LW – (WC player -need to stretch games. We play too narrow)
    5. RB (WC player – In case Sagna leaves, if not a deputy for him. Bring back Bellerin and send Jenks on loan)
    6. DM (WC player – Arteta is finished and Flamini can only be a squad player)
    7,8. 2 CBs (squad players – TV5 is leaving and we’ll be short in numbers there. Need at least 4 CBs to roate through out the season)

    By me that is what we need to challenge for at least 2 or 3 top honours (UCL, EPL and FA cup) and we all know Wenger can’t buy 8 players at a go. We need a manager who can address these gaps and even if have 1 transitional season, but with a clear vision, the fans will allow a new rebuilding process with renewed optimism.

  50. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The life of arsenal pi is all make believe … All cgi

    Master wenker and his squad of hog warts are true champions in the making

    Watch them choke on a screen near you on may17th

    Or the sub title to “hull and back “

  51. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s be realistic Wenger is not going to BUY 8 new players, because we do not have the budget for it.

    I made the point about left wing, because we will need to accommodate in side
    Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski [if he stays], Cazorla and Gnabry as well as Walcott.

    Sometimes you can bring in too many new players and destabilise the team.
    Our priority up front is a proven goal scoring striker. That will cost serious money and spending another £25-35 million on a winger is in my view not likely despite all the paper talk.

    If you read what I wrote I did not confine myself to just 5 new squad players.
    We need probably at least 8 additions as you suggest, but Wenger will bring
    in almost certainly from his existing resources e.g. probably a 3rd string goalkeeper and as I have suggested Campbell who is out on loan and can replace
    Miyaichi who is frankly not good enough to play for us.

    I don’t know enough about Bellerin, but maybe he would be a decent replacement for Jenkinson. Whether Wenger thinks the same is debatable. Akpom
    would be probably more clinical than Sanogo whom I would personally offload.

  52. Thank you and goodnight

    @ Emiratesroller
    Agree with you about Sanogo but the truth is you know wenger won’t pull plug on him. Otherwise it’s admitting he was wrong and Wenger doesn’t do that. Like his other failures, Sanogo probably has at least 2 more years here before finally being dropped.

  53. Thank you and goodnight

    That’s were you and me differ. While the FA Cup will bring massive smiles in my house and on our supporters faces, I view this season as another failure to add to wenger’s growing list of failures.

  54. Samir masri

    It’s not about how many points you gain in 6 or 7 years. Did u just start following football or arsenal?I am beginning to doubt your knowledge on football.

  55. Thank you and goodnight

    Agreed about city over using players. In fact there was an article written accusing pellegrino of exactly that and saying it’s the reason city’s title run in has faltered because of tiredness to said players.

  56. Gregg

    What a load of bollox. Why is everyone categorised as pro or anti wenger on here ? Jesus, you cant make a comment without being jumped on. I’m an Arsenal supporter and have been long before Wenger was ever here and will be long after he has left. People need to get their head out their Arses sometimes.

  57. MuddyGooner

    No one has mentioned Pogba.
    He’d be perfect for us in the Vieira role. That’s the one position we’ve not replaced properly since Patrick left.
    Clearly remember reading in the tabloids he dreams about playing for Arsenal.
    Let’s make Juve an offer they can’t refuse.

    Then I remembered we ‘re Arsenal and only do bargain basements !

  58. Phil Wells

    Based on the last few years of dodgy transfer windows
    I predict
    Joel Campell will return
    Ashley Williams from Swansea
    outside chance possible return of RVP, Song, Fabregas
    a couple of players that will not help us win a league title

    Sagna, Kos & The Pod leave
    Arsenal will bank 15 million plus by the end of the transfer window

    Arsene will say we are fully equipped for a title challenge and in our first big game we will get roasted.

  59. alexanderhenry

    Liverpool have been outspending us for years. Let’s see how they manage next season with CL football.