Wenger admits to overplaying Giroud. Shocker.

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So, let’s start the day on the only piece of news available to us. Olivier Giroud has been given a pardon by Arsene Wenger for some of his lethargic performances this season. I’ll cut out the whole piece because it’s interesting.

“Maybe we should have rested him a bit earlier and given him a breather,” Wenger said before Sunday’s visit to Hull City. “For a while, he played maybe too many games. He has gone through a more difficult period recently. It was a bit physical and mental as well with what happened to him.

“But he is a strong, positive guy. He has a great mentality and that’s what I think has got him back. He has scored 20 goals, which is a great record and he is working very hard for the team. The quality of his goal against West Ham gives him confidence again and credibility again for the people who questioned his ability, so that is important.

“It’s difficult up front because every challenge he goes into is physical. He’s not a guy who moves away from people to get the ball; he’s a guy who fights with people to get the ball. When he comes out of the game, he has 50 fights behind him. That is more demanding than the guy who just runs away.”

I find it amazing that we have comments like this at the end of a lot of seasons. Wenger admitted that he didn’t give Robert Pires enough breathing space before he picked up that nasty injury way back when. He admitted he overplayed Jack Wilshere a few seasons ago. Now he’s talking about overplaying Giroud.

Again, there are many facets to how we treat out players. Firstly, there is the lack of rotation Wenger offers up. Playing the same players over an over again leads to physical and mental fatigue. We saw a dip in Ramsey’s form before he picked up an injury. We saw Ozil go off the boil, get injured, go off the boil again and get more seriously injured. We saw Theo briefly before he played all the games in 16 days and went missing for the year. We’ve seen Giroud totally flatline in the second half of the season, that combined with his extracurricular hotel sessions have ruined him.

Then there’s what goes on off the pitch. Arsene likes to have player in training all the time. Over Christmas he had the boys in most of the break. Fine for him, he loves football, but fine for players with young families? Probably not. Mental fatigue. An example of a manager who goes the opposite route is Brendan Rodgers. I can’t remember what the game was, but he recently gave his players a bunch of days off to do whatever they wanted. You’ll remember Sturridge popping up in Dubai with Wilshere. He let the players recuperate, physically and mentally… they came back and destroyed Spurs I think?

Then there’s the training sessions. Clearly, something different is happening at other clubs compared to ours. We have the same time off as Everton, they come out firing on all cylinders and we look dead on our feet. There is something in what we’re doing that doesn’t communicate well into match days. That could be the type of players we have, but look, we weren’t having these problems in the first half of the season. We had no Theo for most of that time period as well. These issues look even crazier when you look at the lack of rotation that goes on at Atletico. Those players are older, their squad is smaller and they’re smashing everyone. What is Diego doing off the pitch to keep that team so fit? Not for me to know… but the club should be asking those questions internally, rather than laying out ‘bad luck’ leaks from Stan… who, coming from America, land of data, should know better.

Then finally, what is the purpose of playing all the young talent in preseason, getting the fans pumped about said young talent coming through, then binning it off when we go into the season. Chuba Akpom, to me, looks a far more accomplished young player to me than Sanogo. He’s not had a look in despite looking great in preseason. Now, I don’t profess to know what he’s like in training, but my point is, if he’s no good, put him out on loan and get him better. What’s he learning at the club right now. Now, Sanogo is clearly a very long way off being near Premier League standard, yet we’re blooding him in European Cup quarter finals. Get him out on loan. Serge Gnabry has disappeared off the scene. Eisfeld might as well leave. For me, Nik B is a better players than Giroud, at worst, he’s the same standard… yet Wenger has driven Giroud into the ground, rather than share the workload with Olivier. It makes no sense to behave like that. Regardless of what you think of Olivier, he’s better when he’s fresh!

… and look, this myth that players like to play every game really doesn’t rub. They want to play every game fresh. They want to be at their best. They don’t want to feel the burn of fans because they can’t play at their best. Players are human beings who need to be looked after better than ever before because of the high intensity nature of the game.

 And things have changed when it comes to player output. We know that over the last five years there has been in excess of a 30% increase in high intensity output which means players are sprinting 30% more than they were five or six years ago. It’s not just in the Premier League that that’s happening, is in the Champions League as well – German teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have raised the bar even higher in the competition. So overall the demands placed on our players are increasing exponentially year-on-year. There are no signs that there will be any let up in that. We therefore know our players will be exposed to, from a risk point of view, greater challenges during games. It’s our job to help prepare them for that and everything we do goes towards supporting the players to cope with the demands of our sport.

The above quote comes from Tony Strudwick, United’s head of fitness and it highlights the speed at which the game is developing. I’d heard that players are now sprinting 80% more than they were 8 years ago. An incredible jump in fitness. An incredible shift in the type of player you now need to succeed.

… so basically, the idea that you expect to win major trophies in tournaments where players have to be at the height of their physical fitness when you flog your best players, really is laughable. Until we get this part of our game right, we’ll always have the same issues. Our starting 11, fresh, is a match for any in Europe. Point is, you can’t win with a starting 11, you need a squad of motivated well rotated players.

I guess the frustrating thing here is that Wenger MUST see what we’re all seeing during the season. He must have known at the start of December too much pressure was being placed on Olivier. In fact, he did, because he said so. Ivan said in September Giroud would need some support. So if a club knows 3 months in advance of December what that case is, why don’t they act in January? And please, don’t tell me ‘the players weren’t available’… you find the ones that are.

Who has a buyout clause?

Which clubs are in trouble financially?

Who isn’t getting a game at a top club?

Who is flouting FFP?

Who is young and talented at a club that couldn’t say no to big money?

People say that buying player isn’t like buying Hovis. Sure, it’s not. But when I buy Hovis, I know when I’ll need it and I know where to buy it. If I can’t get it, I don’t give up. I also wouldn’t leave it to the last minute and call up Lille looking to snap up their mouldy old crumpets. The shame of the January transfer window is that we took all our action to the last week when we made a flurry of moves. We should have been making bids all through December.]

This final quote is an AON quote.

The best predictors of the future are the details of the past. By amassing data and gleaming intelligence from the analysis, the best decisions can be made.

This is my biggest issue. We don’t use data from the past to inform our decisions. If we did, we wouldn’t see the same problems over and over again. It has to change. Wenger has to change.

Right, my piece for today done.

HULL TOMORROW. Have a great Saturday.


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  1. kwik fit

    Been speaking to a few German guys today and bottom line is Reus ain’t leaving Germany. He’s the the pin up boy of Dortmund.

  2. london gunner

    Dan Ahern

    I never suggested we couldn’t change formation but the fact remains and its been this way for far to long.

    WE NEED A FUCKING SOLID DM and a striker.

    We don’t need distractions and to buy once again another light weight attacking midfielder who may or may not replicate previous form.

    We’d also be cunting off Ozil showing we have no faith with him, he left Real Madrid because he wasn’t assure a place as the central attacking mid now he comes to Arsenal and gets shunted out on the wing and what will happen his career will fucking nose dive.

    This is such Wenger Mentality ignore the problems we suffer from to buy a typical Wenger buy and instead of modernising and adapting are game to incorporate pace and strength we sink further back into Barca lite territory.

  3. Dan Ahern

    london gunner — “Your going to Bench Cesc or Ozil?”

    Neither, that’s my point. Rotate. Play them in different spots.

    You’re right Santi is a great 2nd CAM option. But Fabregas is better. (And I’m a massive Cazorla fan.) Plus you can false-9 Cesc in a pinch or even play him as a CM (imagine resting Ramsey once in a while. See how many problems we’re solving?)

    I mean, if it’s me personally, I’m absolutely trying to have Oezil, Fab, and Cazorla on the roster. Right now JW offers little compared to them. Rosicky I like but I’m more than fine relegating him to a couple cup games.

    I don’t see why adding Fab means ignoring the pace issue. Obviously we still need a LW and CFs too.

  4. Dan Ahern

    CA — Yeah, I think he’d be a really good one to pick up. Just have to see if he can get back into form. But he may be surplus to requirements at Madrid, opening the door to us.

  5. Dimitri

    Lol well if he has a buyout clause they can’t exactly stop Reus leaving. Honestly all this talk of buying great players is wishful thinking as long as Wenger is here. Only place for respite is FM where you can actually buy all those players.

  6. Dan Ahern

    Doesn’t Reus’s buyout clause go into effect next summer though? I don’t know why but I was pretty sure there’s no chance he moves this window.

  7. Dimitri

    No idea. We’d be so sorted if we brought in Drax, Cavani, Bender and a couple young defenders/midfielders like Papadopoulos from Schalke and Ginter, but Wenger is the grinch who enjoys taking arsenal fan’s joy away.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    He also gave us the come to bed eyes months ago after Ozil moved saying how attractive a club we are and such.

  9. london gunner

    Dan Ahern

    Cesc has been played as false 9 and its never been great its a bad solution you come up with when you have created a problem in the first place.

    1Its as simple as this having Cesc in the centre means Ozil is being placed in a weaker position and being defensively vulnerable on the wing his placed on.

    2Having Cesc play deeper means your very vulnerable defensively in the centre of the park we need a bender ramsey pairing. (Jack and Ramsey in the centre was an absolute disaster because neither were defensive enough nor is Cesc)

    3 Rotating and benching Ozil or Fab I just can’t see working one of them would be left very unhappy to say the least.

    4 Its not at all what we need. we need a striker ect.

  10. kwik fit

    Mourinho: “Congratulations to Mike Dean. It was an unbelievable performance.” Starting to sound a bit like his master, Arsene.

  11. follow the money

    I’ve begun to suspect that Wenger–despite all his talk about working hard at it, and scouts everywhere blah blah–does not actively pursue players and approach them or try to convince them to come to Arsenal. The evidence seems to suggest that he simply waits for players to approach him/the club. This would partially explain why we haven’t gotten players in the two positions we’ve needed for years–DM and striker–because they are the most in demand players. In order to get them you’d need to fight and outbid other parties, and Wenger doesn’t do that. At best he puts in a low ball bid and when another team outbids him he packs up and goes home.

  12. kwik fit

    If we think that Wenger is going to change his ways and actually become proactive in the market then we are as deluded as those fuckers on positively Arsenal. That fuck he’s going in May then!

  13. Cesc Appeal

    I love how Wenger thinks Giroud has ‘silenced his critics’ with ONE goal!

    Shows the pathetic mentality at the club.

  14. salparadisenyc

    Its Liverpool’s to loose.. has to be said what an achievement.
    98 at Highbury, the similarities are there.

  15. kwik fit

    I think it was Paul mc Daid who said earlier that ‘ Herbert Chapman would be turning in his grave at the way our club is run’. I tell you what he is absolutely right!

  16. Cesc Appeal


    It’s just another display of his stubbornness; and that his agenda trumps everything.

    Really irritated me reading that, as if yet again we’re all idiots in the shadow of his immense knowledge…if he’s so great why does he have the worst conversion rate in the league and we utterly flopped, predictably in the title race?

    Oh yeah yeah, injuries, tv schedule and hair loss pills

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Just shows how much power he has at the club.

    He could not care less about fans opinion of him or the club.
    He is just a flat track bully

    I reckon other board members are scared of him and his arogance .

    I reckon even Felix McGrath would be a better manger than wenker.

  18. follow the money

    @Jeff LOL. Yeah Messi would for sure take 1/3rd his current wages to play with a talent like Grioud

  19. bergkamplegend

    Just saw chelscunt’s result, hilarious!!
    Maureen succeeds to motivate his troops only when it’s Arsenal lol

  20. lordsnotty

    Can’t wait to hear Wenger’s resignation speech. It had better be good.
    9 years of failure, 9 years of inertia, 9 years of pathetic excuses. Nine years earning £7.5 million a year. That’s £67.5 million in 9 years. He owes us a good speech at least.

  21. MidwestGun

    Was reading where Arsene wants to offer 7.5 mill bid for Serge Aurier. Meanwhile the club values him at 12 mill. Wenger valuations. Lol
    We won’t get anyone of note with his cheapskate ways. Tw is gonna be a joke if something doesn’t change.

  22. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    It literally drives me crazy. Release clause is 30 mill. Ok, how about 20mill. Lol. Just pay up and get some class players. Free transfer bullshit isn’t gonna cut it anymore. 😡

  23. Arsene's Nurse

    What I find sad is the fact that Arsenal (the club) didn’t see the opportunity to challenge for the PL this year. I can understand the idea of slowly building for the future, but the future is now.

    Man U changed their most successful manager and Chelsea also changed their manager so the opportunity to make a statement and genuinely go for it was there. Instead of taking the ‘bull by the horns’ and using the massive recent commercial gains of newly renewed sponsorship and PL money to assemble a squad capable of truly competing for the title the club (including the manager ) have squandered a golden opportunity.

    Liverpool, on the other hand, have taken full advantage.

    There is no doubt that Man U will strengthen in the summer as will Liverpool with their newly found CL status and money. Chelsea and Man City will also look to cement a top 4 place. Everton are on the up under Martinez and we can bet that Spurs will be looking to push on.

    We have to take the initiative in the summer and sign players early. Get them in, integrate them, give them a full pre-season and look to forge on. Unfortunately history is against us in this regard.

    The 4th place trophy is going to be much harder to win next year.

  24. Arsene's Nurse

    Thank you and goodnight April 19, 2014 21:25:12

    Funny how Wenger values himself at 7.5 million a year. But shrimps and saves when it comes to players. Twat.
    lol – I love the autocorrect from scrimps to shrimps.

    There’s a well known English phrase for our transfer shenanigans – Penny wise and pound foolish.

  25. MidwestGun

    Nurse –
    Well said, so annoying. Waiting till perfect conditions to spend. This assumes the rest of the World stands still. Next year, next year, next year, next year. This was Next year. And we screwed it up. 🙁

  26. salparadisenyc

    The thought of two more years just baffles.

    That said i’ll be a junky at the methadone line seeking a fix of transfer gossip come summer. The World cup is a nice distraction, but prepare for the “with the World Cup the market lacks any sort of movement, were hoping for something solid in August when everything settles.”

    Hoping, praying and begging for some quality, the reality with Wenger so much starker. A smart man would secure his prized asset pre tournament. Ballotelli is a good example of how a players fee could get blown up by a big performance for country. This much we know: theirs no plan.

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    @Arsene’s Nurse
    Ha ha ha. Just seen that mistake.

    You just know the excuse for our fuck ups this summer transfer window eh….
    1) No one signs before a world cup
    2) We didn’t have time to sign the players we wanted because of the world cup.

    People claim he loves the club…..yeah course he does. He loves them that much that the greedy bastard is moonlighting and earning cash commentating at the world cup for french tv. FFS, you earn enough you greedy shit, concentrate on acquiring your targets early and strengthening the team.

  28. Arsene's Nurse

    salparadisenyc April 19, 2014 21:37:01

    The thought of two more years just baffles.

    That said i’ll be a junky at the methadone line seeking a fix of transfer gossip come summer.
    What’s got 12 legs and 3 teeth? The methadone line.

  29. Thank you and goodnight

    @Arsene’s Nurse
    More than likely. If chelsea get Costa next season they are going to be mighty strong. And you can bet that Maureen won’t stop at buying 1 striker. 4th place is going to be a lot harder next year round that’s for sure.

  30. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    I hear you. The 2 most annoying fan bases here are Chelscum and Pool. I couldn’t tell you who I hate more. But I still cant deny my enjoyment of seeing Mourinho and Chelscum lose to Sunderland. Maybe City will nick it. There arent any City fans here.

  31. follow the money

    @Arsene’s Nurse and therein you see the essential difference between Arsenal/Kroenke and Liverpool/John Henry. They both are investors, both own multiple teams, but go about increasing the value of their clubs in entirely different ways. John Henry spends most if not all of what the club turns over and uses it to buy players to try and win because winning increases the value of the club. Kroenke does not, he just sits on his teams, they have even stunk it up for years like the Rams and he has done nothing to try and turn it around. Of course the teams still increase in value even though he invests nothing. John Henry could do the same. Liverpool could break even I’m sure even if they were mid table for years on end. So besides going about increasing the value of their investments differently John Henry seems to value the fans, and the core spirit of what he’s investing in, a sports team, whose purpose and reason for existence in the first place is to compete, to win things. Kroenke doesn’t give two hoots about any of that and it doesn’t bode well for us in the forseeable future with or without Wenger

  32. follow the money

    Chelsea is going to be the team to beat next season. Historically Mourinho’s second season at clubs he wins. That’s one reason I don’t want Chelsea to win this year. The other is that someone needs to prove to the AKBs that you don’t need oil cash to win a title and Liverpool can do that–I get it tho–their fans can be highly irritating

  33. Cesc Appeal


    But “they only won because they didn’t have anything to do mid-week” don’t ya know…

    Never underestimate the ability of a Wengerite to find a ‘reason’ (cough) to excuse Wenger.

    Hair loss pills, hair loss pills everywhere.

  34. salparadisenyc

    What an opportunity wasted, the season to sneak in and steal the league with 3 new managers to the top sides and Wenger’s Arsenal capitulate in shambolic fashion after leading for 2/3 the season. Rodgers the man with the plan and not mention sand to tell his top striker he’s not going anywhere looks set to take the title.
    It all could be so different with a productive January… strike that; a productive summer followed by a key purchase in the winter window to spurn us on if needed.

  35. N'Gambo

    Rogers tells Suarez he’s not going anywhere – Liverpool win the title.

    Wenger sells RVP to Manure – Manure win the title.

  36. Jeff

    All the signs are there that Wenger will stay and next season will be no different from this one. Go into the season half-cocked, suffer unusual defeats, blame injuries, collapse and talk drivel while fighting for fourth place in April.

  37. Jeff


    I think they suffer from Stockholm syndrome – it’s the only explanation I can think of. No matter how badly they get treated, no matter how much of a beating they take, no matter how spectacular the collapses become – to them there can be no other.

    We have on our hands a very, very bad situation and it will get worse before it can get better. The outlook is not good I’m afraid.

  38. Hitman49

    I agree with the krokie situation but in U,S sport they don’t have relegation !

    If he doesn’t invest in players then he will soon see his profits slipping away into the championship !

    Even if ares wipe stays he has to be replaced at some point,and I could see us slip and go much worse than manpoo.

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    That’s what amazes me. The evidence is their for any one with a teensy weensy bit of intelligence to see that the man is no longer capable of running an elite club, yet still the majority bow to him. Fucking madness.

  40. tunnygriffboy


    Good morning. I am not as pessimistic as you. Our squad when fit ( agree this needs to be looked at and sorted ) is good, I think we have a good base. I along with many said in september that it wasn’t strong enough to mount a concerted challenge for the title which has proved to be the case., Add 4 players to it in the correct positions and we will be more competitive again. 2 of these signings should be top quality.

    Key is to keep players fit. This needs to be looked at. Early season injuries to Ox, Poldi, Santi, Arteta andWalcott put a huge strain on Wilshere, Rambo and Ozil having to play more games than they should have. We looked good when Walcott, Rambo and Ozil played together but sadly it was for too short a time. Ox wasn’t in the equation. Things could be better than you think.

  41. tunnygriffboy

    If we win the fa cup and finish in CL spot, with the money we have available to strengthen the squad then things could look to be promising. If Wenger messes up again then I will be the first to condemn him. However I have a sneaking suspicion we will spend.

  42. tunnygriffboy


    I know you are virulently anti Wenger and I concede that he has faults. However I don’t think he’s as bad a manager as is being made out. If he stay’s ( looks like he will ) then I hope he keeps to his word and takes a look at our injury situation. It once again has stuffed us. We are a much more dangerous team with Ox, Walcott, Ozil and Ramsey all in it.

    God I hate Liverpool. Their fans wind me up to a ridiculous level. As for St Stevie G, what a horrible git.

  43. Jeff


    I don’t know whether it’s intentional or not but you come across as being very naïve person. Like a battered housewife who’s waiting for things to get better even at the point of being struck. Do you not realise (I mean how many more times has it got to be said) that the same “hopeful” comments about the future were being said more than 5 years ago? Do you not realise that?

    You keep putting conditionals into your phrases to do with keeping players fit and having the problem looked at and you really believe it’s going to happen or there’s going to be any difference come next season. Is that not just wishful thinking? Is that not just empty baseless hope that we can be a great club again whilst retaining the services of a tragic man who’s lost at sea and cannot see the wood for the trees any more?

    It’s not about pessimism or optimism; all that is just religious emotive irrational thinking. What we have in front of us is something that is so obvious and plain that it is no longer invisible to all but the most ingenious fan. It’s actually quite disturbing.

  44. Al

    Seeing how the barca fans have turned in Cesc and depending on the next manager….He could really be leaving Barcelona.

    The fact that his position is taken at arsenal I really can’t see us going in for me so therefore he may have no other options but to go to a Man Utd or a City.

    That would be very sad to see

  45. tunnygriffboy


    I’m quite rational. Wenger has many flaws. As do most people. I can list them if you want but I’m sure you’re aware of them. Pre christmas when we actually managed to get somewhere near our best team on the field we played some good stuff both in the league and Europe. Once again we were decimated by injuryand for 2 months we basically mixed and matched trying to eek out some results. Now players are coming back and hopefully performances will improve.

    I recognise Wenger’s faults. The thing is many on here hate him so much that they will never acknowledge anything positive that he has done. Everything that is talked about comes back to Wenger and how ‘shit ‘ he is. There seems to be no acknowledgement that in parts this season has been good and in parts bad. It’s s8metimes hard to have a different opinion, you are called irrational an AKB or worse. Surely anybody has a right of opinion without being castigated for it.

  46. Moray

    Tunny, how many chances will you give Wenger? Two more years of the same amateur mistakes and oversights is just depressing beyond belief. As others have pointed out, the fact many of our fans are willing to put up with it, as well as the owner, is even more depressing as it shows the lack of ambition at the club.

  47. Al


    Not sure where they would play him. My guess is in CM because they wanted him all last summer when moyes only intended on playing a 442.

  48. tunnygriffboy


    We are now a big club, we have a great stadium and we have worked towards this. Wenger will sign a new deal. He needs to strengthen the squad, if he doesn’t this summer then I will be the first to complain. Personally this summer I think he will. Things are a lot different now than they were a year ago. I understand everyone’s frustrations but perhaps I’m not as far along the road as you are.

  49. Jeff


    Your opinion is based on what you think might happen in the future. Mine (and many people’s here) is based on the facts of what has actually been happening in the last nine years. You might have an opinion that during the next 12 months you’re going to win the lottery; but how realistic is that opinion? In fact, that sort of thing cannot even be classed as an opinion; more an article of faith.

    So you can’t really hide behind the word “opinion” because any assumption about the future not in our control is just religion and therefore irrational.

  50. Revving Kevin

    Dear tunny
    You do make some valid points but while some on here will sensibly debate those points others will just resort to sarcasm and insult, as you have seen.

    Is every injury Wengers fault? No of course not but some on here won’t accept that. Ramsey and Walcott were massive losses for whatever reason and you are spot on correct.

    The hypocrisy is outstanding. We had some last night deliberately trying to take away any mitigating factors for Liverpool doing so well, like not playing in Europe. They know it’s helped Liverpool that’s why they say it before anyone else can and before it even gets mentioned!!! Yet our players are playing in games every three days or so and the same commentators on here say players are overplayed or not getting rest! Hypocritical. If players are only playing every 7 days it is a massive advantage. Playing Wednesday night AWAY in Europe and with the travel and then playing Saturday or Saturday midday AWAY against a top club is a disadvantage. Unless you are an idiot you can see that.

    Some excuses are invalid of course but some are valid. For some people they won’t accept any excuses Becos they prefer to ignore then for their own reasons.

    And Liverpool have spent big money, let’s not pretend otherwise as some attempt. and yes fair play to them. Rogers has done a great job and deserves real credit for that.

    And who is the idiot that wants Pulis? FFS.

    If Man City fail to win the league after what they have spent and the talent they have, it proves something.

    And how could some of your favourite manager Mauren, the tactical genius, lose to Palace and Sunderland? How is it he has a massive squad and can’t win against your easy teams? When we beat these teams you all dismiss and refuse to give credit satiny they are easy games. Did the same with Wigan despite them winning at Etihad. Strange how never any credit, never any excuses allowed, unless if curse it’s another team.

    My mother broke her foot she slipped on a pavement. Was that bad luck or her fault? Arsenes nurse could download that from the internet and say it was my dad’s fault for not looking out for her. That’s how crazy it is and irrational to blame every injury on Wenger. Armchair experts, builders, bankers, marketeers and salesman who think they know best and think they are experts to support an anti- Wenger agenda.

    You lot are funny at times and a pretty arrogant bunch that follow every tune played by the pied piper, irrespective of whether true or not.

  51. tunnygriffboy


    Of course I can have an opinion. My opinion is that we will spend this summer. Yours is that we won’t. It’s not an article of faith at all. The reason why I think we will spend are based on us having 100 million in the bank, the squad needs improving and the fans are aware of this and the grumblings of discontent are much much greater than they have been in the last 9 years. We as fans have been patient and now is the time for the patience to be rewarded. Many fans are like me, aware of the issues in the club but are prepared to wait to see what happens in the summer. If nothing happens for many that will be the last straw

    Do you think I follow Wenger blindly? If you do you are mistaken. It is possible to have a differing view to many on LG without being classified as an AKB.

  52. Jeff


    It won’t wash I’m afraid. Your reason for spending in the summer is that we have £100m in the bank. Well we had that in January when we MOST needed it. Did we spend any of it? No. So it is just faith and not an opinion that we will spend it in the summer.

  53. Revving Kevin

    Dear Jeff
    Good morning to you.
    We all know that on legrove you can’t have an opinion unless you are a Wenger out fan. Having an opinion usually means sarcasm and the old AKB insult getting fired from the hip. Read the AKB description and you will see how childish it is.

    It works both ways my friend. Lots of non-evidential shit that you all claim are facts on here.

    And it is opinion not fact that Wenger won’t spend 2014/15. I expect he will spend big and I think the financial situation we are in (including new sponsorships) and the changes affecting the oil clubs will change the landscape. My opinion and one I am entitled to without being called names.

  54. Jeff


    I didn’t call you or Tunny an AKB. It’s a neurosis you both suffer from because you “expect” to be labelled with it.

    I have said in many of my posts that the prolonged stay of a failing manager has had a deleterious effect on the club and it continues to do so. It has actually gone way beyond expenditure and who he might or might not bring in. This is now to do with Wenger’s gross incompetence as a football manager in nearly all departments. As such, it doesn’t really matter a great deal who comes in because we can reasonably predict failure of the kind we have been experiencing for the last nine years. That is a true opinion of what I think of the manager – take it or leave it.

  55. Thank you and goodnight

    That’s just it though. I don’t want him to spend the money. For crying out loud it’s not all about money, how many times do we have to repeat that. He cannot motivate the players no matter how good players are. Tactically inept, does not know how to prepare a team or do his homework on our opposition and act accordingly. Training methods from the jurassic period, constantly playing players out of their preferred positions. Loyalty and favouritism to players over their effectiveness for the team. The wenger supporters assume that once money becomes available everything will be ok, but it won’t. Wenger has only ever won things with majority of team being world class players, he’s never won anything with an ok team like fergie. And truth is unless Usmanov buys us out we can’t compete for a world class team like the others so we need someone who can take good players onto another level, something that Wenger has proved Is beyond him.

  56. Revving Kevin

    Dear Jeff
    You are correct you didn’t you are one of those that refrain from that, I was addressing the core posters. Sorry if you thought that meant you my friend.

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    See in one paper we are nicking a 15 year old from the saints ?

    Die he ever learn ?

    We are still waiting fro Crowley , zelam , sanago , ox , all to come good yet still he avoids Main issues .

    I despise that man for what he has done to my club

    Steve Bruce I know what I’m wishing for !

  58. Jeff

    I think the fan-base is actually now split three ways.

    1. There are those who hold Wenger in very high esteem and wouldn’t dream of changing him no matter what.

    2. There are those who mitigate all that has happened in the last decade and assume that if only he had more money to spend we’ll become a great club again.

    3. The third and final classification (and probably the minority) consists of those who think Wenger himself is no longer a football manager capable of managing a top club. The list of flaws is as long as your arm and therefore there is no point in him carrying on under any circumstances.

    I am of the third type. As well as classifications, these three steps can also be thought of as “stages” of evolution in one’s thinking. There is no stage four.

  59. Revving Kevin

    Dear TYAG

    Good morning.

    “Training methods from the Jurassic period”

    Really? This is what I mean about some of the comments that get circulated. I am okay with people wanting Wenger out, that is an opinion that at times is supported with reason. However, I can’t stand all the other shit and denial that gets used to support the Wenger out movement. I dislike the fact that everything g gets discredited. When we win 2-0 at euro champs Bayern, we were lucky and the Germans let us win, when we drew the same thing. When we lose at home after losing a player after 20 mins, playing with ten men is not allowed as an excuse. When we beat a team who themselves are down to ten, we only win Becos they had ten men!! When we beat any team or are due to play a game, they are an ‘easy’ game. When rivals lose to the same teams it is silence. When a key player gets injured it is Wengers fault. When Klopp has players injured it’s bad luck. When we don’t rotate we overplay players but Liverpool only playing one game every 7 days is not an advantage.

    You have some valid reasons to dislike Wenger but you dilute your argument with some pretty bizarre one eyed opinions IMO.

    Pedro creates mischief. He is a marketing man and a part time hack. He spins. He knows that Chesney was asked a question about whether he would like to play in the FA cup final. Ches said of course he would but that he thinks Fabianski deserves to play. He was very supportive of Fab and praised him. What did Pedro do? He spun it and had a dig at ches for trying to push his name forward for a place. Incredible and why do that? This is what goes on and you all go along without checking the facts. Happens all the time, this twisting and slagging off, not just Wenger but anything to do with the club. It’s not just Wenger out for some people it’s an opportunity to slag everything to do with the club. From scouts, medical team, board, players, ticket prices, quality of food etc. Adrian Durham and stewart Robson say nicer things about our great club!! 😉

  60. Thank you and goodnight

    Exactly mate. It’s not about money any more. Aside from Liverpool’s strikers, our team is better than theirs. Yet they are 12 points clear and closing in on the premier league title, while we as usual are battling for 4th. A big reason for this is Rodgers with a little bit of luck admittedly. Yet all people like revvin can say is “oh but we played 10 more games than them”. Bollocks! Do you honestly think if we’d played 10 games less we would be were Liverpool are? Fighting for the title? The 10 less games might give them a 15% advantage only.

  61. Thank you and goodnight

    Pedro doesn’t have to spin me anything. When you have players that leave us then come out and criticise our training methods, that’s all the evidence I need. What happens on the football pitch match day is all proof I need. Every now and then we manage to beat 1 top team a season e.g dortmund or bayern, and to you lot that’s proof of his genius. What about the other 8 times against quality opposition, when we get our arse ‘ s spanked??? Oh that’s right it’s the refs fault, injury problems excuses excuses. You want us to give him credit for the 1 game a season we win, but then won’t allow any of us to criticise the other games we get spanked in. And it seems to me that year in year out these spankings are happening more often so how is that progress?

  62. Jeff


    Rodgers did not have his super striker Suarez for 10 games owing to his ban from last season. So I think that kind of balances out. You’d have to say what if Suarez did play those initial 10 games, would they be even more ahead than they are now?

    The problem is that there is always an excuse. Liverpool played less number of games; OK, what if City were leading – oh they spent a billion. What if Chelsea were leading; oh we can’t compete with Chelsea’s spending. You can’t win my friend, you just can’t win.

  63. Revving Kevin

    I did not say we played ten more games than them! Twisting again.

    Go read what I said. Something supported by professionals in the game. And your own comments about over playing players loool.

    I pointed out the advantage they had not playing midweek games and the travelling and being able to recover and prepare. That is a big advantage and allows them to play their best team every games. If you don’t think that’s an advantage you need to think about it.

    Don’t put words in my mouth please. Or be sarcastic.

    I praised Liverpool but they had an advantage over their rivals.

  64. Revving Kevin

    See what I mean. You can’t say anything, there are no mitigating circumstances allowed. This is where you let yourselves down and show up that you are blinded by an agenda. Complete denial. Liverpool had an advantage but you can’t accept it Becos you think it excuses Wenger. Really, how?

  65. Thank you and goodnight

    Let’s say we slip up and come in 7th this season, then going into next season it will mean we have the same “advantage” that Liverpool have had this year. So be honest, do you honestly think we will be on fringes of winning title next year?

  66. Pedro

    NYC, I didn’t mean you don’t need to spend money… Liverpool have spent £80m. I meant you don’t need to spend £200m to compete.

  67. Jackieboy12

    Nobody can tell me players like Benteke, Diame and Jackson Martinez wouldn’t have improved our squad.

    Benteke is a proven Premier League striker. He has pace, power and bangs them in for fun. He just sat there rotting away in January, waiting for a big club to come in for him. Why didn’t we sign him? He is a top class player who has established himself. I reckon he would have been available for 20 million.

    Same with Diame, I’m not saying he is a world class player but he is a cheap, solid, proven Premier League player. He would have given our midfield some much needed backbone and strength.

    Then there’s Jackson Martinez. I believe he has a buyout clause of 28 million.
    He’s been on fire for Porto these last few seasons scoring 44 goals in 57 games.
    He has power, he has pace, he has technical ability. He’ s a complete striker.
    He even said he would fancy a move to Arsenal, his favorite club, in January. Why on earth did we not sign him? He bloody asked for a transfer to Arsenal!

    And then there’s Wenger saying there were no good players available in January.
    What a joke! Wenger was a good manager once but he is not up to par anymore. The only way the club can move forward is by appointing a new manager with a vision and getting rid of the deadwood backroom staff who seemingly just sit there and collect their fat wages.

  68. Rhys Jaggar

    The obvious issue is the nature of the squad and how it is used.

    With 4 games to go, only 15 Arsenal players have started more than 15 games. Only 13 have started more than 20 games. As 56 games will have been played, that is simply unacceptable, incompetent, negligent and criminal.

    1. If you don’t trust a squad member to start 15 out of 56 games, they are not suitable to be in the First Team Squad. Simple. If a player isn’t capable of playing against the bottom 10 in the EPL, against the weakest team in a Champions League group and against lower-level opposition in Cups, then they should either be out on loan or sold.
    2. If you, as a professional manager with players paid £50 – 150k a week, try to claim that you can’t get a squad to play in a variety of formations, with a sensible level of rotation, then you are an incompetent manager or you have substandard players or both.
    3. If you, as a professional manager, aren’t aware of the latest insights into conditioning, periodisation for football etc etc, then you shouldn’t be paid £7.5m a year. You shouldn’t be paid £750k a year. You should be sent back to retrain aka ‘having a sabbatical’. Academics, traditionally, did this every 7 years.
    4. If you, as a professional manager, don’t source a balanced squad, then you and your executive colleagues are either incompetent, delusional, negligent or corrupt. A balanced squad requires 4 central defenders, 3 competent strikers, two water carriers and six attacking midfielders (including at least two comfortable playing as wingers). You do not need six Central Attacking Midfielders and any manager who thinks you do needs to be confronted at Board level about their managerial incompetence.

    If I were a management consultant called in to evaluate Arsenal, choice words would be circulated in draft final reports. The point of draft final reports is to rattle all the cages sufficiently that, when the more sonorous tones of official reports are printed, the necessary ‘dressing room/training ground’ talking-tos would already have sunk in.

  69. goonerboy

    Couldn’t agree with Rhys more. Wenger is not incompetent though- he is self indulgent and perverse.
    Its perverse that he once got it right with Viera and Petit then refuses to use that blueprint again.
    Its ludicrous poor judgement to select Sanogo- and for what its worth we would get more from Akpom- he at least is a natural goal scorer.
    Sanogo must show something in training- but I suspect he doesn’t.
    No wonder the likes of Bendtner lose faith.
    All I do say is the AKB’s are out in force again because we beat Hull what they forget is Ramsey and Walcott were playing when we got hammered against Man City. they made not a jot of difference to the result- because we couldn’t defend.

    Our midfield defence combined with our back 4 is not good enough to beat any top side away from home.

    A couple of forwards and mid/defence would sort us out- assuming that is we get a proper coach- and not a half baked French philosopher on an extended ego trip.