Lukas should be Cup final number 1

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Good morning! A quick post from me as I don’t have much to talk about today.

Arsene Wenger has been moaning about our treatments by television companies… sorry, that should read, treatment by the Premier League.

I’m struggling to see exactly his problem if I’m honest. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I hate the fact we rarely have a Saturday 3pm slot, but at the moment, we’re playing one game a week for the rest of the season. So there’s not too much the TV companies can do to disrupt the schedule.

Interesting he said that we don’t have any influence with TV brands, insinuating that others do. Surely if others hold sway… we should be getting a piece of the sway pie? It’s difficult to know if Wenger is making an pertinent point, or whether he’s just rambling on in a hair supplement kind of way?

Anyway, it’s Hull City tomorrow. The FA Cup training game. Hopefully their players will play with the handbrake on. No one will want to over exert themselves before an FA Cup final. That’s my thought process anyway…

There was a lot of sniping online yesterday because I’d written for the Daily Mail. Not sure why. They asked me if I could write a piece, they have a biggest readership globally, I like writing. Simple as that. I didn’t harpoon immigrants. Actually, I kind of did. Oh my. I see why there was so much anger. I took down expensive immigrants?

What have I become?

Anyway, I’ll write for anyone. You should know this.

Back to football.

Chezzer has thrown his hat into the ring for a Wembley Cup Final appearance.

“I would love to play but it’s the manager’s decision, it’s up to him. I think Lukasz has done really well and he deserves a lot of credit. I’m an Arsenal fan and I just want us to get the trophy. For us, it’s important to get a trophy and hopefully we can appease everyone at the club.”

Is that not a bit cheeky? I mean, he plays all the other games, now he’s throwing his name in the hat when really, he shouldn’t be? I’d be disappointed if he didn’t play Fabianski. The penalty shootout hero. That might just be me though. I find that sort of comment from Chezzer a touch disrespectful.

Right, I think that’s me done and dusted. Have a great day. x

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  1. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m not looking for a new messiah. But someone who knows what the hell they’re doing and how to manage a team in the modern game.
    As for arshavin, sorry but since 2005 wenger has had more flops than diamonds. The common denominator is Wenger.

  2. Keyser

    Pedro – Part of me thinks you now only put up such weak arguments because you’re soo desperate to promote debate. That’s fine really, just don’t take the piss.

    Are you honestly saying that we’ve just bought a 43 million pound player who risk’s death everytime we play him for more than 60 minutes ?

    Or maybe the reasonable opinion would be that Real Madrid have one of the most ridiculous squads of all time and can afford to do that, therefore Ozil needs to push his fitness to adjust to our demands and the nature of the league.

  3. Arsene's Nurse

    Keyser April 18, 2014 18:40:08

    Ozil had a ‘Shoulder injury’ and was rested during a part of the Chirstmas period.

    I can’t do sarcastic finger quotation marks.

    But then the opposite side to that is, he came from Real Madrid, he got subbed regularly, he had a winter break and a far less intense league, unless you’re happy to create the same conditions for him, you have to push him and his fitness.
    But he wasn’t properly rested. If he had been then the number of sprints at intensity would have gone back up. They didn’t, instead it went down.

    Pushing him and his fitness broke him. You cannot push people past what their bodies are capable of. You do not gain fitness by constantly hammering the body. There has to be sufficient recovery time in order to build fitness. If you don’t have the recovery time then you over-train and your performance suffers.

    It would be best to look after your best and most expensive player but you and Wenger seem to have the philosophy of push them till they break.

  4. Keyser

    TYAG – I’ve said it all along no-one gives a shit what they say on here anymore and all you’re doing is proving it now.

    There’s loads of common denominator’s, the stadium, Dein leaving, the board selling out, Kroenke, Gunnersauraus.. That’s just a start really.

  5. Keyser

    MidwestGun – You really seem to be struggling here. If it’s obvious apply it all facets.

    Klopp in the hope of success ran his team into the ground, it worked for a year or two, it failed spectacularly for the last two.

    So next time Klopp’s brought up I’m sure you’ll be stating the obvious.

  6. Keyser

    TYAG – Lol whatever mate, you’ve pretty much labelled yourself now, you’re Revving Kevin, different colour but same illuminous thong.

  7. Keyser

    AN – We’ve had this conversation, you can’t tell what someone’s capable of without pushing them, Ramsey’s never played to that level, to that intensity, as the figurehead at some point you have to see how far he can go..

    Likewise Ozil, we don’t have Real Madrid’s squad, we don’t have winter breaks over here, and there’s a whole host of other differences in intensity and physicality.

    Even then it’s a judgement call.

  8. MidwestGun

    Whats Klopp got to do with Wenger’s mismanagement of injuries? other than as an example of what to do. Klopp 2nd in Bundesliga, final 8 of CL and the finals of the German cup. Seems pretty good to me.

  9. Thank you and goodnight

    And you’ve pretty much labelled yourself an out and out AKB. As I said earlier neither oil money or dein or new stadium are to blame for a manager not able to get the best out of his players and motivating them, it’s not to blame for a tactically inept manager, it’s not to blame for a managers scouting network being so poor, it’s not to blame for a manager who runs his players until they break, it’s not the reason why a manager cannot do his homework on his opponents and prepare his team accordingly. Wenger is to blame and only wenger. But if it makes you happy blaming everything and everyone but the man who’s ultimately responsible, then hey knock yourself out. In that respect your very similar to our dear leader.

  10. Arsene's Nurse

    Pedro April 18, 2014 18:54:54

    A&N, great comment… totally true.

    The mismanagement is blindingly obvious.
    I wonder if we’ll ever hear anything more of the fitness inquiry other than hair restoration products.

    If you look at what Keyser and Revvin Kevin post it’s all conjecture and accusation. There is never anything concrete in what they post, it’s just trying to argue for the sake of it. There is never a proper counter-point or any reference to anything they say.

    I went through the reports on the BBC for the period between the Palace game until Ozil was injured. I then listed the games and the amount of playing time to see if he was played into the ground. Yep, he was – out of the 675 minutes of football Ozil could have played he played 495. He missed one whole game, was subbed after 60 mins and came on for 30 in two others.

    You’ll never see Keyser put in such a tiny amount of effort to research the truth or look at data. Even when it’s right in front of him he’ll refuse to acknowledge it and just bluster.

    Arsenal is chronically mis-managed from a players fitness point of view. The thing is it isn’t just us saying it. It’s been reported and commented on by professionals in that sports science. Even then it’s ignored.

  11. Keyser

    It’s basically saying..

    ‘Usain I know you’ve never run the 200m, but if we run 100m, have a little rest, then run another 100m, that’s basically the same isn’t it, and we won’t have over-stretched you.

    That was some Midwest patented ‘Stating the obvious’

  12. Keyser

    AN – You’ve basically put in a little effort and decided you’re an expert. How childish is that.

    Now compare it to Real Madrid or Weder Bremen, see this is what I mean people scratch the surface, they don’t say ‘Well I’ve done this much, hopefully others will add more’.

    How hard is to appreciate we don’t have Real Madrid’s squad, we don’t have a winter break, and we play in a far harder more physically demanding league.

  13. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Sorry just stating the obvious.

    Think about it, all you have to do is apply your brand of logic to everything rather than just Wenger.

  14. Arsene's Nurse

    Keyser April 18, 2014 19:07:04

    AN – We’ve had this conversation, you can’t tell what someone’s capable of without pushing them, Ramsey’s never played to that level, to that intensity, as the figurehead at some point you have to see how far he can go..

    Likewise Ozil, we don’t have Real Madrid’s squad, we don’t have winter breaks over here, and there’s a whole host of other differences in intensity and physicality.

    Even then it’s a judgement call.
    This is where you are so wrong but cannot admit it, one because you don’t have the faintest clue you are wrong and secondly because your ego won’t allow it.

    I used to be a pretty hardcore amateur cyclist. I’d cycle 300-350 miles a week. As part of my routine I used to take a resting heart rate as soon as I woke up. I also used to collect the data on my bike computer. (They are 100x more sophisticated now) I used to use a cadence meter.

    I could tell from the data when I was over-training or ill before I felt anything.

    Yes, you have to push people but you never just push and push and push without monitoring because if you do that they will break. That is the whole point of monitoring, it allows you to tailor fitness and not over-train or risk injury.

    You don’t see how far people go by pushing them till they break. That is stupid and nobody who knows what they are doing, even at the most rudimentary amateur level would ever suggest you do. It defeats the purpose.

    Once again it is very bad and unscientific to make a players fitness and health “a judgement call”. If you have the monitoring set up and you pay attention to the data then you will be able to tell when a player must rest.

    Doubly so when that player has been playing in a different league with a winter break and a different squad with a different climate and is introduced to a more physical league without the pre-season physical conditioning. To argue that this is somehow an unknown is ludicrous.

    This is why you are a joke, your so called arguments never hold up to scrutiny. Ozil should have been treated with kid gloves and managed to a level of fitness over time, not just pushed as far as he’ll go to see if he can cope. Honestly the mind just boggles.

  15. MidwestGun

    Come on, your overcomplicating what is obvious. Arsenal under AW this year and almost every year is terrible with injuries. Who’s fault is it? The dreaded luck monster? The world has randamly construed to give Arsenal injury prone players? The simple answer is the best until you can prove otherwise.

  16. Keyser

    AN – I’m not wrong, you think they don’t have that data ? Firstly your heart rate is one thing, I seriously doubt if they’re letting players hit the absolute limit of their heart rate with constant regularity, surely you’re not saying that ?

    You’re pushing them within those boundaries.

    If you know you can complete a 100km cycle route and you can do it regularly, you’re not suddenly being asked to do a 200km route are you.

    The difference is the hills and and the paths you’ll take within it, and the speed and stamina you show within those.

    The mind does boggle, they aren’t trying to kill him are they, fuck me how dense can you get, you’re actually trying to make this out as if Ozil might be close to death ?

    No, they’re seeing if he can regularly complete 90 minutes or close to in a football game, and all the intricacies involved with that.

    Lol seriously this is what I mean, people don’t even want to discuss such things, you just end up trading insults.

  17. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Sit back and appreciate how immature that comment sounds.

    My premise was simple.

    If you criticise Wenger for over-training, that’s fine, because on the face of it that’s what it looks like.

    If you then say Klopp’s methods are fine, then you’re a hypocrite, because on the face of it he’s simply run his team into the ground.

    Discussing the merits of both those statements is when you go into details.

  18. Arsene's Nurse

    Thank you and goodnight April 18, 2014 19:34:08

    As Arsene’s nurse said earlier, wenger could go all physco on the pitch in front of 60 000 people and batter half the team…..Yet the AKB’S would choose to ignore that and blame luck instead.
    I can just see the end of the transfer window in the summer. The AKBs will be saying that it’s just bad luck that Wenger is in prison and how can anyone expect him to make a signing when he only gets half an hour of phone calls a day. They will complain that squad numbers are low and that it’s the fault of someone else.

    And all of us on here will be screaming:

    “Didn’t you see him go postal after losing the FA Cup final?”.

    Didn’t you see him pull out the combat shot gun from his puffer jacket and waste Ramsey right in the face, chase Ozil and blow one of his legs off?

    Didn’t you see him throw hand grenades into the Arsenal goal killing Mertesacker and Chezzer?

    Didn’t you see him doing a Kill Bill on Santi with the katana hidden under the dugout?

    The reason we haven’t got a squad is Wenger blasted half of them!

    Then Revvin Kevin will pop up and say “the fixtures are against us”.

  19. Pedro

    Midwest, that’s the point here… Keyser doesn’t have any response to it other than throwing up a Klopp anomaly.

  20. Keyser

    Also it’s partly a judgement call because the data only tells you soo much, Verheijen for example doesn’t advocate the GPS technology they were using he wanted something several times more sensitive. At the same time several times more expensive.

    I’m not even disagreeing with the idea we may be over-training players, just that you’ve barely scratched the surface of all the factors involved.

  21. Paulinho

    Isn’t the point of the ‘red zone’ technology that it takes judgement calls out of your hands and effectively tells when to rest a player?

    Wenger has admitted several times he’s ignored it and played players regardless, so what is there to debate here?

    Wenger’s problem is that he thinks if he pre-empts possible injury by mentioning the possibility beforehand, that somehow it will stop the obvious unfolding,

    I’ve never known a manage talk so much about mental and physical fatigue, and then do so little to prevent it.

  22. Keyser

    Paulinho – No, all it does is give you that much more extra data, it helps prevent injuries, it doesn’t gurantee anything. Especially when you’re doing with players who’ve never been put in the position in the first place.

  23. Paulinho

    Keyser – Yep that’s extra data that we don’t use – except when Wenger ruefully reveals it in a press conference when the damage is done. Wilshere and Ramsey are two glaring examples. Wenger plays them while they’re in the red zone then rests them when it’s too late, so they need long break to get back to neutral – infortunately with our schedule he can’t do that so he gives them some half-assed token week off and they end up actually breaking down after the break. Both Ramsey and Ozil conked out just after they had been given a rest that started the healing process but wasn’t enough long enough to complete it, so they got injured. Wilshere even got injured months after the congested period when the damage was done.

    The problem is Wenger never acts decisively when first alerted. He dithers and procrastinates just like he does with every other aspect of management such as transfer policy, until he gets ‘tasered’ by reality and is pushed into action.

  24. Keyser

    Lol that’s your reading of it, based probably on half as much as AN’s come up with, this year Liverpool and Everton aren’t in Europe, we’ve played something like 11-12 games more than them.

    So that’s X amount of games you have to send your players out for, if this was a genuine danger to health, you wouldn’t be playing, what you’re doing is managing what you have as best as you can.

    Not to mention that the data only goes soo far anyway. As well as muppets like Wilshere who lie about the state of thir injury because they want to play.

  25. Keyser

    All we’re doing is discussing the merits of it all, I don’t get how people can be soo certain of their conclusions. How mental would it be that Ozil’s only able to play 60 minute games.

  26. Paulinho

    Well everyone is different. Ozil has always faded throughout his career. His off the ball runs dry up, which suggest he’s struggles physically to sustain a certain level over the 90 minutes. You can test him, find how much he can do, but don’t be surprised if it turns out exactly how it appeared from the outset.

    What’s this genuine danger to health stuff? Do these red zone machines detect life threatening ailments?

  27. Keyser

    Paulinho – Of course they are, which is why in the end it’ll simply come down to what’s cost effective, why they’re reluctant to introduce wide scale measures or are behind other sports such as rugby.

    Just AN and petty exaggerations.

    Ozil’s not dealing with something completely removed from what he was used to, it’s the little differences between a winter break and no break, Real Madrid being able to rest players for cup games and then the difference in the intensity of physicality of the league.

    Most players might struggle to maintain a certain level, it doesn’t mean they’re constantly at risk of injury, just mean’s they’re that bit less effective.

  28. wdf

    Great debate going on here tonight fella’s
    its a good read but some of you are missing the point its entertaining to read but for the people involved in the debate must be hella frustrating !

  29. MidwestGun

    Keyser amuses me, because I know Im getting to him when he says im struggling and immature. Lol
    Dont know why he can’t just admit AW is terrible at injury risk management and Giroud is average at best. Seems fairly obvious to the reasonable person.

  30. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Lol or maybe I’ve got to you and this is all you’re left with.

    At the end of the day all I was saying was be consistent, stating the obvious, just stating the obvious.

  31. Paulinho

    Keyser – You mention Rugby. There was a French player called Sebastien Chabal that was used as impact sub for France simply due to the fact he had poor stamina but exceptional qualities when used in small bursts. Ozil is a similar unique player.

    You say he would just be less effective, but what if he tries to do for the full ninety that up until now he could only for sixty minutes? He doesn’t attempt that without putting himself at risk of injury.

  32. london gunner

    N5 Atletico have 4 games, if they win the next 3 they are champions as they beat real madrid more times they can afford to lose to barca in their final game

  33. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I would like to see berelin play this weekend
    Either rb or rm

    Sprinkle a little suprise to the selection?

    U don’t need a mole to tell hull our team do you ?

    As Aztec camera sang it’s obvious !

  34. N5

    London it’s odd I’ve followed Real for years but I’m excited about the possibility of Athletico winning it. 3 more to go! fingers crossed.

  35. Bamford13

    Klopp has had ONE bad year in terms of injury issues; Wenger has had SEVEN or EIGHT straight. The numbers support this; Arsenal have been at the top of the injury list for some time now. One bad year may be a statistical blip; seven or eight straight years is not.

    The argument is over: Wenger out.

  36. london gunner

    Paulinho and Keyser in a tree
    k i s s i n g
    first comes love then comes marriage
    then comes a muder suicide

    honestly guyschill. kes man knows deep down he in the wrong

  37. N5

    Lol london that rhyme was brilliant.

    RSPCA yes mate, 2-0, it was touch and go for a bit but then Athletico scored in the 71st minute and then Costa put the game to bed in the 90th.

  38. london gunner

    Yeah they won 2-0 villa missed a pen.

    Always find it odd when family members buy me sports paraphernalia of other teams when they go on holiday… i have a bayern scarf, a barca hat, brazil and now atletico jersey gathering dust.

  39. Keyser

    Paulinho – More to do with fitness and conditioning, also recovery rates.

    There’s masses of differences between sports, there’s minute details we’ll probably never ever learn about let alone begin to appreciate.

    Depends who Chabal played for, how long, depth of squad and so on, he was 6ft 3 weight 113 kg’s, Census Johnstone’s 6ft 3, supposedly weighs 138 kg’s and is actually pretty quick. Think he plays the majority of games.

    Ozil can play the full 90′, all players can that’s silly, he’s made 59, 54, and 60 starts in the past few seasons for club and country, maybe he doesn’t finish as many games as he starts, but you’d have to look at the breakdown of it.

    Looking at the make-up of Real Madrid’s squad you could pretty much afford to take him off if the games over early, or because you’ve got enough depth and the games tight you can make the right sub. There’s just soo much you can consider.

    On the face of it, stating the obvious, Ozil needs to adjust to the intensity, and physicality of the league, he’ll need to adjust to playing through the winter, and he’s not just another player anymore, he’s main man.

    It’s going to take time, you can’t just write it off without trying, that’s mental.

  40. Keyser

    london gunner – See, wrong about what ? It’s a discussion.

    Lol me and Paulinho have been here yonks, this is what we do really.

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Those roulette machines

    Easily lose a score plus in seconds!!!

    Or easily win a long un in minutes!


    Saw a Chinese fella the other day pumping £20 notes in must have done 500


  42. Keyser

    Heh, it isn’t about Klopp only having one bad season, it’s just the perception of it, if you ‘State the obvious’, Klopp plays a high intensity pressing game, that requires a massive amount of work-rate and energy from his players, as he’s had to replace players he’s lost, and because his squad isn’t quite as good as Bayern’s he’s struggled to keep the team healthy while continuing to adopt the same gameplan.

    A bit like Bielsa with Athletic Bilbao.

    if you want to go further, the leagues been over by Christmas for the past two years, allowing Dortmund to concentrate on the Champions bue meaning they play more games, he plays in a far weaker league, plays 4 games less, and one domestic competition less.

    That’s just a start.

  43. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    But yet Dortmund is still 2nd in their league and in their German cup final and finished better than us in the CL despite all the injuries. They really couldnt do much better beyond beating Bayern Munich domestically and Real Madrid in the CL. Is this the part where you tell me the best we could do was 4th?

  44. london gunner

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  45. london gunner

    Keyser aka keyser
    Diego Simeone rarely rotates. Infact he plays the same first 11 of an aging squad for pretty much a whole season whilst being in the cl and had been playing in copa del ray…. how has he done this? Without breaking down?

    Its an older squad than ours with a same size or smaller whilst playing high pressure football…. how?

  46. london gunner


    If you have a fair amount of money

    Use the Martingale System.

    “The way the Martingale system works is you start with a set wagering amount. Lets use $2 for simplicity sake. You place a two dollar wager on your bet of choice and continue to place $2 bets until you lose. Once you lose you will increase your wager to $4. If you win that wager you return to $2 wagers, if you loose you increase your next wager to $8 and continue to double your wager until you win.

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    Allot of my friends used this at uni, one got kicked out of casino, so he started using late night casino on tv and he was quite successful with it

    The way he did it was similar in some aspects to the anti martingale system as he only ever bet on black every time or another day red every single time, never changing what he put his money on.

  47. BacaryisGod

    Pedro-sorry for the late response on the transfer issue and I’ll come up with a more detailed analysis over the weekend.

    Off the top of my head, and holding back judgement (as you might have been better doing) on Ozil, I would put down Mertesacker, Koscielny, Cazorla, Arteta, Ox, Flamini, Jenkinson, Giroud and Benayoun on loan as good or decent value deals. Chamakh, Park, Santos, Monreal, Gervinho, Miyaichi and Podolski should all go down as disappointments. Still considering the cost of our disappointments is about equal to one Andy Carroll sized mistake, that’s not too bad at all. Just look at some of the vast wasted sums spent by Man City, Liverpool, Man U , Spurs and Chelsea over the last 5 years and maybe you would have arrived at a different conclusion.

  48. london gunner


    I think to be a successful gambler you have to be very intelligent in a very narrow specific way. There is an obvious skill to it as many people make very successful lively hoods out of being professional gamblers.

    Unfortunately for us Wenger is a very unprofessional unsuccessful Gambler.

  49. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Keyser, Keyser, Keyser. Lol. Ill let you interpret it on your own, far be it for me an immature person to tell you. But to me it means even with a bad year of injuries Klopp didnt underperform. Where as our fearless manager went from leading the league for 5 months to 4th. Injuries did him in, unable to cope. Our maybe it was bad luck?

  50. N5

    You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
    Know when to walk away and know when to run.
    You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
    There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

  51. london gunner


    I am asking you how? How has he done it?

    Random luck I just can’t see that stretching over a whole season with an old squad that he has.

    For me its simply either

    1 The training is less intense and they make the most out of recovery times using technology (this is the team that uses Google Glass during games)

    2 Lots of Steroids they are roided up to their necks, explains Costa’s Roid Rage.

    first teamers age

    Theo 21

    Godwin Miranda 28 29

    filipe juan fruan 28 29

    Gabi Tiago 30 32

    Koke arda turan 22 27

    david villa costa 32 25

    That is a seriously old first team!

  52. london gunner

    I don’t watch Eastenders but occasional I flip through it their is always 1 borderline hot jail bait blonde chav whenever I watch the show…. wtf is up with that?

  53. MidwestGun

    London –
    Most successful gamblers do specialize. So you are probably right. But even then the odds catch up with you. So I try to pick the game with the best odds whenever I gamble. Wenger is like that old haggered gambler you see in the corner who was successful but just keeps hanging on for that one last big payout because his system worked ten years ago.

  54. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Heh, because you think you’ve got nothing worthwhile to add or you can’t be asked ?

    The leagues been over by Christmas for them for the past two seasons, they haven’t come close, they’ve got little to no other competition other than Bayern. They weren’t leading, they weren’t competing, they didn’t really turn up.

    Last year it allowed them to concentrate on Europe.

    Why are you suddenly soo defensive ?

  55. london gunner

    Midwest and Keyser

    You guys could be to gay men who have the hots for each other and decide to hook up,

    you would argue every step of the way about whose house you should go to

    you would eventually settle for a hotel

    but then both argue about whose the giver and the taker,

    you would both end up storming out refuse to split the fair for a taxi despite living in the same direction.

    Honestly you both have acknowledged Wenger must go so no point arguing about the smaller points

  56. Pedro

    Keyser, that Verheijen guy critiqued our equipment? Where is that quote from? I’m pretty sure our equipment is used by most of the big clubs in Europe, so he’s got duff info there. He hammered our medical staff as well, which was wrong.

    I’m not sure how you think this has become like an Untold, I’ve had e-mails in from all over the place commending the depth of articles I’ve been putting out.

    You’re on the perma troll because you don’t understand and that’s your default… to disagree, regardless of how much evidence you have in front of you… or deflect with a bit of a weak comparison with the Klopp thing.

    ‘Oh look, another manager has injury issues, it’s the same as Wenger’

    Surely you must see how petty that looks?

  57. Keyser

    london- gunner – if you look at their last 4 seasons’, they’ve finished 9th, 7th, 5th, 3rd and are now top.

    Before that they finished 4th and 4th, the year they finshed 9th, 2009-10 they won the Europa League, I think Flores was manager, Simeone took over in December of 2011 the year they finished 7th taking over from Manzano, the next year they finished 5th and again won the Europa League.

    There’s been a steady progression, if they haven’t managed to remain competitive in the league, they’ve tried to keep going in Europe.

    When they won the first Europa League they still had Aguero and players like Reyes.

    I think you’d have to look at how long respective players have been to see if they’ve kept the continuity going, I know they’ve had Costa for years but he’s been on loan for most of them.

  58. Pedro

    Just watched a doco on steroids in America. Pretty damn good.

    Amazing how fucked up some of these guys are…

  59. london gunner


    Looking at Atletico Madrid they have a very old squad, they play as many games as us, they have the same sized squad and they don’t rotate… yet they have less injuries and their squad has not broken down…?

    This isn’t because rotation isn’t important but obviously they must be doing something in training, rehab and in recovery time that we are not.

    I believe they are using advanced modern techniques and have altered their training in order to enable themselves to compete with small, aging squad its amazing really

  60. Pedro

    London, United won the league last year because their recovery process was incredible… and each player had a tailored programme to suit their needs.

    I’ve not idea what the secret to Madrids success is, but needless to say, you’re right, it goes way beyond just rotation.

  61. london gunner


    The question is… is Diego Simeone a better manager?

    Him or Wenger?

    I personally would have more faith in Diego Simeone…

    He can’t afford to stay at Atletico for to long as he simply will be missing out on millions and million in wages if he managed a premier league side.

  62. Keyser

    Pedro – ‘Oh look, another manager has injury issues, it’s the same as Wenger’

    No, it’s because you’re sat there saying ‘No other manager has this, they’re all forward thinking revolutionaries, rather than sitting down and putting some thought into it.

    Verheijen talked about GPS measuring something like X movements per second and while most clubs use this, there were far more sensitive technology, but wasn’t being put to use because it’s that much more expensive.

    I’m not even disagreeing with you, it’s just pathetic how ‘the blog where you can have an opinion’ is now one where Pedro decides how much information it takes to prove something and also what is or isn’t up for debate.

    Perma Troll ?

    It’s fine really, I can understand why posters are frustrated they have every right to be as fans,, I just find it weird why someone who claims to be impartial, simply dolling out the information is soo scared of any sort of criticism.

  63. MidwestGun

    Keyser- who’s defensive? You said I was struggling and immature. I was agreeing I shouldnt explain it to you.
    How much better were they gonna do? They ran up against Bayern
    In the league, Real Madrid in the CL, now they have Bayern in the German Cup. At no point were they in first and collapsed. Would be interesting to see how AW would have done in his position but sadly I dont think they will swap us. If that could be arranged for our experiment im in. 😀

  64. Pedro

    Keyser, can you point me in the direction of the quote where I said no other manager suffers the same issues Wenger does?

    On the proof thing, you’ve been coming here enough years to know that I’m not a liar. If I’m telling you that’s the reason, because I know… you can take it or leave it. Needless to say, it’ll all come out in the wash in the end.

    … and hey, I called the injury mess in September. It’s so predictable.

  65. london gunner


    Another fallacy is saying Well Klopp has it easy because his in a weak league…

    As if that means Klopp has a guaranteed advantage, when he never had the financial and historical luxury of Bayern being assured a place at the top of the table.

    He instead had team that had no advantage over the rest of the “weak league” and he made them a european super team.

    Yes Dortmund and Bayern are on a much higher level to the rest of the league but BVB are only on that level because of the brilliance of Klopp, they have no god given right for second place.

    What Klopp achieved with dortmund is even more extreme than Wenger achieved with Arsenal, as before Klopp Dortmund were nothing whilst before Wenger we had been a successful team under Graham.

  66. Keyser

    “or deflect with a bit of a weak comparison with the Klopp thing.”

    Yeah, wtf is this then ?

    Anytime you get any criticism at all, it’s time to wade in with snide little comments.

    You called what exactly ? Our squad isn’t as strong as Citeh’s or Chelsea, it’s debatable about United, and neither Liverpool or Everton have been in Europe at all this year let alone the Champions League.

    What sort of fluctuation were you expecting exactly.

    You’re not a liar ? Lol, mate is that what you’re upset about ? I really couldn’t care less, the best thing about the blog is it gives us somewhere to come and talk about football, day in day out, over several years now, and I appreciate that.

    The rest ? That’s upto you and your conscience, just don’t tell me what to think, when for years now that ‘Blog where you can have an opinion’ has been your moniker.

  67. Keyser

    MidwestGun – I’d rather swap the league and it’s structure.

    All you had to do was ‘state the obvious’ and you couldn’t/ can’t in terms of Klopp.

  68. MidwestGun

    London –
    Ya I know, but Keyser was on a roll. Now he is getting a little defensive. Maybe we should change it up from AW.
    So how about we start Vermalean at defensive midfielder this week. 😉

  69. NatDaHat

    Consider this critique rather than overt criticism but, regarding your confusion: Is it possible you were ‘sniped at’ because many consider the Daily Mail to be promoting a dangerous brand of sensationalist jingoism? Homophobia? Pursuing, against all evidence, a zero-tolerance approach to dope smokers? Targeting benefit ‘cheats’ while more or less leaving bankers alone?

    It could be because they ran “perhaps the most infamous and disturbing headline of all” on the Xq28 gene.

    Maybe it’s the apparent hypocrisy of their shrieking about how the media destroy women’s self image whilst simultaneously running ads and pieces doing precisely that.

    Or perhaps it’s because they seem to be, like Fox/Sky, part of a trend of consolidating media power under elite control – the wiki entry on Daily Mail and General Trust might be instructive for you – especially the part where they make money training bankers… It’s with a certain level of irony that it is precisely this kind of top-down media control that bloggers are generally a reaction against.

    Maybe it’s because you appear happy to deploy your considerable writing talents to help them make money?

    I doubt you would write for ‘anyone’… I’m guessing a piece under your byline in a, for example, fascist newsletter would be not be up your grove. How about for a white supremacist website? I suspect not.

    “They asked me if I could write a piece, they have a biggest readership globally, I like writing. Simple as that.” I can see how that comes across to some as unprincipled self-aggrandizement.

    I read Le Grove every day but I didn’t click on your link to the piece. I don’t want a media conglomerate like that to get the click. That says something about me of course, but surely you can see writing for anyone other than yourself says something about you. Are you sure that’s what you want people to think about you?

    It could be people are worried about this:

    Unlike (I think) you, the Daily Mail’s primary purpose is not to ‘inform’ or ‘debate’ but to make money. I’m a little surprised you would want your name associated with a periodical with such a dubious history tbh.

    Still, at least it’s not The Sun…

    Any danger you could post a copy of the piece here? I’m sure it was interesting. I won’t get to read it otherwise. Bet you half a twix you’re not allowed to though, according to your agreement with them. Bet you the other half you only got one small link to your blog in exchange.

    I hope the traffic/exposure was worth it.

    I’m just saying you could maybe consider that your soul’s worth a little more than that…

    Otherwise, keep up the good work. This is one of only a handful of sites I visit religiously every day. Admittedly, ‘religious’ for me means: weird, bearded men in dresses doing odd stuff with domesticated mammals (and a lizard or two – on special occasions) in basements by candlelight… To each their own.

  70. ozrus

    “Wenger questions Sky after fixture change” Arseblog

    “Arsene Wenger has been moaning about our treatments by television companies” Le-grove

    Reporting the same news. Pretty much sums up the difference..

    It’s also interesting to see how many negative responses that Daily Mail article of yours got in the comments.

  71. shad

    I’ve read all the back and forth with @Keyser, @RevvKevv and other Wenger apologists and it really is as @TYAG, Pedro and others have been saying for quite a bit now.

    Pedro’s premise that the training regiment should be looked at because we suffer the same injuries to key players and subsequent capitulation for the past 9 years surely isn’t rocket science. There is no “other side” as some may want to believe.
    As they say familiarity breeds contempt and the fact that we have a board and owners who care fuck all about trophies or club history but rather care only for the balance sheet is the death knell to the club. Wenger was a genius in his hey day but like all geniuses who refuse to evolve, he is stuck like a hamster in a wheel thinking that he will always be #1. Worse off is his gross negligence, mismanagement and arrogance are rewarded because he delivers the bare minimum – which is stuffing wads of profits into Kroenke’s purse.

    As with the Israelites who feared going into the promised land because of fear of the unknown (AKBs), be ye not alarmed. Moses saw the promised land but didn’t enter it. It was up to Joshua to lead the Israelites there, just as Arsenal now needs a Joshua because our Moses is too old and senile to change.

    A new manager will herald new things, and I’d rather get the bare minimum under a younger, hungrier, more passionate gaffer than Wenger who looks glum like he just shit his pants each time we play.

    Needed; Motivation, Tactics, Better player management (training & fitness, conditioning, recovery schedules, rotation), world class players (spend some éffin money!) – all which will be made realistic if we cut our losses and ditch Le Prof.

  72. Emiratesstroller

    Earlier in the week I raised the issue of TV bias and interestingly the topic has
    appeared both with Arsenal management and press. Perhaps they read Pedro’s website and some of the comments that appear there. I am in no doubt that the media do Arsenal few favours.

    I raised also the issue of Wenger’s salary. I consider that it is absolutely ridiculous that an employee which Wenger is gets paid £7.5 million for producing
    absolutely no trophies in last 9 years. That is equivalent of £125 per seat or 2.5% of Arsenal’s annual turnover.

    Arsenal is a medium sized business and the salaries which are being paid in
    the football business are completely ridiculous. That applies also to the players. It was interesting that yesterday there appeared the suggestion that some
    of the players who have signed new contracts will be docked 25% of agreed
    wages next year if we fail to qualify for Champions League. My view is that
    all EPL footballers should be paid basic salaries well be low current levels but
    there should be performance related bonuses for success.

    The case for inflated wages for footballers was always that the career was short. However, paying a mediocre footballer such as Bendtner £51,000 pw
    over a 4 year contract is in my view completely ridiculous. That is £10,500,000

    Whatever criticism is made for the excesses of Man City the club has at least
    pitched their ticket prices at realistic levels similar to policies of Bayern Munich. Arsenal by contrast go in the opposite direction.

  73. Gregg

    You could say that, the problem Atletico have though is that a lot of their foreign recruitment comes through 3rd party ownership deals and they receive very little on the sell on fee. However they do it though, they always move forward. Really can’t knock them.

  74. Samir masri

    sometimes I think untold are just writing stuff to wind ppl up. I just skimmed through it and lost interest claiming giroud will be a different player next season. I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen. First let’s finish top4 and fa cup and then we can talk about the ins and outs.

  75. Gregg

    Yep that’s an impressive group of forwards and TYAG, Simeone has done a brilliant job. You wonder whether he’d ever be accepted over here though, people would always harp on about the dopey Beckham incident

  76. Pedro

    Ozrus, I don’t think comparing the how I write and Arseblog writes is of interest at all. He has his angle is pretty clear and it earns him a living. I have mine which has no career or future attached to it because I’m not overly fussed what people think.

    Also, there will be negative comments on the Daily Mail, it’s for the mass markets. Not many of the negative comments actually took the story down, because they couldn’t.

    A lot of bitching that goes on about this site (on Twitter) isn’t about the veracity of the content… it’s usually about me being a cunt… because the content is a pretty accurate reflection of what’s going on. It’s a defence mechanism that to goes onto me.

  77. Ozrus

    Pedro, the difference of reporting the same news is of interest to me. Arseblog is reporting, you are spinning an agenda. I know what I find more attractive. I also know what tits, gambon and the rest of the so called realists will find more agreeable. Each to his own hehe

  78. Ozrus

    Lol rollen, I only need to read a few sentences from the excellent selection of nut cases on this blog to feel good about myself. Why are you here?