Football, you just blew my damn mind…

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Iconic Gesture

Football, you wild bitch. You just totally blew my freaking mind. Yet again. You never disappoint.

An amazing night of football really. Manchester City f*cked their title hopes losing against one of the worst Sunderland sides in living memory. Some serious questions need to be asked of the manager and the squad after that loss. Really awful.

As I expected, Palace did some damage to Everton. The winning streak jitters were on show at the weekend as they beat Sunderland, they were even more prominent last night as a well organised Palace side took them 3-2 at Goodison. Whisper it quietly, because what I’m about to say is totally unfashionable… but Tony Pulis has to be up there for manager of the season. He’s taken Palace from near certain relegation fodder, to almost a midtable team. Incredible work.

So now our run in looks a lot safer. It’s back I our hands. 3 wins and a draw will do it, 2 wins and 2 draws will also do it. That doesn’t mean we should rest on a laurels. Total focus from now until the end of the season is a must. We’ll have a week gap between games, which should give us plenty of breathing space to revive weary legs and bring players back into the fold.

There are some stories floating around that Koscielny is going to need some convincing to hang on at Arsenal. I’m not surprised, he’s one of the best defenders in Europe at the moment and Arsenal look further away than ever from competing for serious trophies. He’ll know what a shambles we are all over the club because he’ll have friends at all the best clubs. Keeping hot talent that’s of an age where they need to be competing for major honours is going to be tough. I’d imagine he’ll be looking at Sagna and his lack of trophies and thinking, jeez, if I hang on at Arsenal, that could be me.

Right, apologies for the short post, I have a horrendous day ahead. If you’d like to read more of my nonsense, head over to the Daily Mail and read my article on the reason big name signings fail at Arsenal. Maybe you want to listen to me talk about Arsene (Arsenal America Podcast)? Sweetly… in a soft gentle singing voice.

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  1. gonsterous

    I wrote Wenger out at a fb page of red London and lots of people told me to sod off and I dint know what I was talking about…. Can’t believe ppl r still falling for wengers plot…

  2. N5

    PandM we could get relegated and I’d still want to see our scores against the Spuds being posted. It’s nice to rub it in.

  3. Godfather

    Nough said on klopp right. Because the godfather knows what he’s talking about right. Wenger is the greatest manager in the universe right. This time next year he will win it all, fa cup, carling cup, CL, world cup, European championship, Wimbledon, f1 title, rugby world cup, Oxford boat race….The man’s god right……….TO ALL YOU THICK FUCK ‘ S AT POSITIVELY, I FEAR FOR YOU I REALLY DO.


    Wow they really told me that there are people this miserable and I didn’t believe it until now. Dude how old are you? If you can’t have a difference of opinions or ideas without throwing your toys out of the pram then head to the nearest pharmacy and beg for a special prescription.