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… and a big fat Monday morning hello to you! How was your weekend? Mine was excellent. I found a secret canal bar in North London, with a buzzer to get in. Secret and special, because the bar bill for 6 was £63 for a whole afternoon of drinking.

Anyway, secret places aside, what a game of football we saw at Anfield yesterday. Liverpool came out of the traps like a sea of really fast footballers. They broke City’s record of not conceding inside 15 minutes. They then conceded another inside half hour. Liverpool were too hot to handle. Not just that, the emotion of the day looked to have given them an extra 5%. Second half was a bit different. Liverpool were spent, and City’s class allowed them back into the game until Kompany slides a clearance allowing Coutinho to smash home first time.

I also learnt some tings after the game about Hillsborough, and the Merseyside rivalry. I listened in as two fans both agreed that Hillsborough is about a high level cover up that is now in the process of being concluded. The reason it was so important was that Police cover ups affect every man and child. The fact it’s taken so long to get justice is beyond a disgrace. There was, interestingly,  a feeling the whole thing has started to feel like a marketing commodity now and that it should be laid to rest. Both sets of fans hoped that Liverpool would hold a minutes silence to honour those that were lost in the Heysel Disaster next year for the 30th anniversary.

Anyway, a big game, a big win… Liverpool are still on for the title. Amazing work from Rodgers with that set of players. His challenge next year will be keeping his side competitive with a small squad. I’d imagine he’ll be given budget to build out. I bet there won’t be the same farting around you see at Arsenal. Even if they get the players, they’ll struggle, it’s a tough transition for players who haven’t done it. All that travelling, less time to prepare for games… it’ll be a shock to the system for Rodgers and his team.

Onto Arsenal. I’ve heard from various people that the Wenger deal is looking likely. He’ll be our manager for another two years, which personally, as things stand, will be a disaster unless he makes some substantial changes to his operation. Which, if they’re not pushed by Ivan, won’t happen. I don’t think Wenger has the guts to make logical changes to his set up because of the charged emotion associated with them. Also, the admittance that everything that made you great, is now old hat, is a big fat pill to swallow.

Arsene is still playing Tetris in a world of Oculus Rift.

So what can we do in the mean time? Well, how about the players take a bit of initiative? Those boys do next to nothing in the week. They’re in for 3 hours training a day. So why not take the bull by the horn and start taking action. They have a video analyst. They have a deep collective knowledge of the game. Why not start formulating some game plans themselves? Why not do your own match prep? What’s the worst that can happen…

‘Oh no, I knew too much about the opposition and I pulled a hamstring’

Bloody hell Abou!

I know this is a massive ask, you know, for players to use a bit of initiative, but is the idea that crazy? If I don’t know something at work, I don’t wait until my manager reinvents himself to find out the answer, I find what I’m looking for. I use ‘Google’… you used that? Anyway, just a thought. I know players don’t have to do too much thinking at Arsenal, but it’s a good way of killing some time and if it helps, why not?

TOP OF THE AGENDA: How to we combat teams that press our midfield high up the pitch?

Make it happen boys… because Arsene isn’t going to help you.

Couple of interesting comments from the players. Vermaelen described Lukas as ‘an astounding goalie’ , Santi spoke last week about Arsenal being in talks for Casillas and we also had Olivier Giroud talking about Hugo Lloris coming over to Arsenal. Starting to click yet? The players clearly don’t sound like they’re massive fans of our Polish number one, do they? I think we’re letting the best goalkeeper at our club go this summer. I also think we’re letting our best striker leave. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we’re letting Robin go. Bendtner is the best of a bad bunch, but it is interesting none the less. Lukas should be given a new deal and told he’s the number one. He’s a hard trainer, he’s mature and he is a far better shot stopper than our current incumbent. A top attitude all round that is very unlikely to get a Twitter account or have a mobile phone on the bench.

The FA Cup Final is going to be Arsenal vs Hull City. Should be interesting, they’re not a terrible side, but one we should certainly be taking out in a big match on a big day. Things will certainly look a lot healthier squad wise by then. After this week, we should have Koscielny back followed by Ozil and Jack Wilshere. Hey, Abou Diaby might even make a cheeky appearance just to show his face… that’s providing he’s not up a mountain or doing something similar. I mean, honestly, up a mountain. What’s going on there?

Our latest concern is tomorrow against West Ham United. I really think this is a banana skin waiting to trip us up. West Ham have had over a week off to think about how to play against us. I think they’ve had the most clean sheets in the league this season, and we’re struggling for players. Arteta does not cope well with multiple games in short time periods, Chamberlain was completely ruined by about 70minutes in the FA Cup. Rambo went off exhausted. Outside that, we really struggled for form elsewhere on the pitch. It’ll be a very tight game. Dropped points really aren’t an option at this point in the season.

That said, I don’t think we’ll finish outside the top 4. Everton weren’t particularly impressive against Sunderland. They’ll be getting the ‘we keep on winning how do we maintain it’ jitters at this point in the season. If they slip up against Palace, which is more than possible, I think they might find it difficult to recover form that’ll allow them them to take out City, United and Southampton. It’s an outrageous ask. If they win all those games, they’ll more than deserve 4th.

Arsenal will qualify with 4 wins and a draw. It’ll be touch and go with 3 wins and 2 draws, but I think it’s possible because once Everton loose that momentum, they could drop points all over the place. We’re also helped by the fact we’re playing a collective of teams that are pretty much safe. They can taste the beach.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this morning. Have a good Monday!

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  1. Gambon

    Eyemsick is a thick cunt who wanks over Wenger’s posters. Go shoot a hot load over Wenger’s eye tonight. Faggot!

  2. eyemsick

    Dissenter = cockblock

    piss off …let the hooligan blow off some steam …. cant you see he is frustrated?

  3. N5

    eyemsick, don’t be a little girl, what’s your name. I’m not just looking for sadcase drinking a lemonade under an umbrella. It’s not a blind date.

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    1989 is symbolic with arsenal supporters as the birth of when we became a real team that would be vompeting for league titles agsin!

    And George did it again throw in fa cups doubles and a euro trophy

    Yes halcyon days

    Wenger took it to the next level
    Then wenger became stagnated

    Wenger in his time was great
    But like all good things it comes to an end.

  5. N5

    PS Gambon with a capital G isn’t gambon. He’s a different fella. The gambon with a little g would make you look like a complete cunt.

  6. eyemsick

    ok rspc so what formed you as an arsenal fan was 89? right? good on you mate…..just dont tell me it was anything close to what really big clubs of world football have accomplished domestically or in a european level . as for the recent stagnation i think youre old enough to understand we opted to sacrifice titles for a good while till we recover from the stadium investment….. something that gambon and his orphans have difficulty acknowledging.

  7. N5

    eyemsick doesn’t seem to realise how the world works. The stadium debt is paid back in set amounts. It’s not like we borrowed 450 million and paid back all of it for a few seasons and decided not to spend money in that time. If we have 100 million in the bank and the stadium debt is 35 million for that year then why not dip into that other 75 million?

    Saying that this is the guy that says the players are the blame for a loss but Arsene is responsible for a win.

    A man that says any manager giving touchline management is shit, regardless of the fact that Pep, Simeone and even Arsene himself was doing it at Wigan.

    He contradicts and twists and turns and time after time makes himself look insane. Any you know when he’s losing it because he starts the bitchy little sarcastic lines ending them with lol.

  8. Gambon

    Eyemsick, your mom will be calling your name while we’re at it tonight.
    Cunt go to bed before you get smacked the fuck up!

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I don’t agree with ur generalise comment that football in the 80s 90s was Neanderthal era ?

    Had it not been for the Hillsboro tragedy
    English clubs would have reigned supreme like the late 70s

    So many class European players fro that era plus great world cups etc

    I think ur wrong.

  10. N5

    Lol if I keep missspelling his name it shows how little I care, gabon gambone gamebone. You really are a fucking idiot eyemadick! eyemsiccckc imeslick

    Oh I can’t seem to spell your name lol ollolololololololol! idiot.

  11. eyemsick

    sorry N5 so i have worked my arse off and i have saved 100m through my fucking work and i should listen to you in the stands ?

    you cant be serious…… and i cant believe i replied seriously to your horseshit.

    not wenger’s fault you were a piss poor club going nowhere with no training facilities no academies and no know how on how to work the transfer market to the club’s benefit…….

  12. eyemsick

    Had it not been for the Hillsboro tragedy
    English clubs would have reigned supreme like the late 70s

    ah ok so were making hypothetical claims now are we?

    ok …my turn…had this country not opened the door to corrupt russians and arans and whatever else laundring their money wenger would have pissed all over ferguson and everyone else in the country…

    works both ways…

  13. N5

    Shh eyemacock, you don’t know anything about our club. Fuck off back to red action you troll cunt.

    I’m of to bed now as I have a job to get up for!!!

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    No eys

    Me dad coming home from the 69 final

    Watching the 71 double team
    Being really pleased that I had the whole home programme collection
    My first appearance at highbury floodlight game seeing the green pitch bright light superb atmosphere

    Attending the schoolsboys enclosure

    Having a standing season ticket in the north bank

    Wueing for hours to see the team on a Sunday morning when the fa cup was being paraded ,

    Little things like this made me love the club

    What scars me now is that this club I love being run into the ground in football terms.

    Not in money terms tho arsenal is run like apple
    Making money like Apple

  15. eyemsick

    and hold on…….

    “So many class European players fro that era plus great world cups etc”

    not from england though…….you are talking italy , argentina germany etc…not the english….and none of them at arsenal …only after mid 90’s…

  16. eyemsick

    the 71 double you mentioned …..

    thats the only thing arsenal won between 56 and 89 i think

    3 decades …one double……and you moan about wenger who has built a stadium …

    tell me then…did the previuous regimes of arsenal have a stadium to condier or corrupt russians distrorting the league? why didnt they bring arsenal at the very top of football? what was holding us back? ………

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Got to admit u do have some good comedy lines eyes

    Blinkered in your wengers views tho

    Hey each an every one is entitled to their own opinion

    U have yours I have mine

    There we differ

  18. eyemsick

    Not in money terms tho arsenal is run like apple
    Making money like Apple

    well sorry to shock you but football has moved on from those times you mentioned and it is big business fact an industry that belongs in the category of entertainment. football clubs are privately owned companies and are governed by income and expenditures and pay V.A.T…… so yes the primary objective is to make money….. like every company.

    it is not wenger;s fault that arsenal as a company was pretty poor and pre-historic. he had to turn the club into a money making machine, take advanatge of employment laws n europe, set up scouting and academies and buy low and sell high for a good while.

    these are.normal and essential business practices of any football club. dont see how arsenal would have been able to climb the ladder without those activities…..

  19. eyemsick

    thing is though you dont convince with your 80’s romance when we have to runa club at a profit……..

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Liam Brady

    World class arsenal youth product went to star in Italy

    Vic andseron world class right back England an arsenal

    Kenny Samson world class left back

    I was making the point that good footballer are in all eras from all over

    Football did not start becoming enjoyable in sept 1996

  21. eyemsick

    what is blinkered? that we only had a double to show for 30 years?

    nope thats history mate

    so i ask again…..what was holding arsenal back in the 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s? ….why has arsenal never in their history reached the heights of the wenger era? is it cause noone had a clue of how to do it?………

    lets see you answer mr 89 arsenal …..

  22. eyemsick

    of course its all about the money……what did you think it was? go complain to the authorities who made football a professional business/industry… youll find it wasnt wenger…

  23. eyemsick

    desperate situation? with a new ground and money and a team that was sitting top of the table for 5 months…….

    hmmmmm …..

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Same problem money

    Board keeping it all then

    Board keeping it all now

    Better teams around then
    Better teams now besting us

    Ten years without a trophy is equal invent to 50 In older days

    We have money now we may have ambitious people on the board

    We don’t have an ambitious manger .


  25. follow the money

    Is anyone else disgusted with the Diaby situation? How many times have we seen players spend months injured only to miraculously recover in time for the World cup or European championships. How many national team games did Van Persie miss all those years he was injured? Not many I’ll bet.

  26. TheBayingMob

    What I don’t really get over the whole eyemqueer comments is that he appears to love the man way more than the club. I’m at a point where I couldn’t have a rats arse what Wenger has done or not done. There’s a decent argument on both sides. GG did a good job too. He came to the end of the road just like AW has. This near religious protection of the man is absurd. If I felt the best progression for AFC was to give a pensioner another bumper 2/3 year contract I’d be up for it, but I don’t think it is. Still, the manager is more or less a reflection of the owner. The worst thing is Wenger or not, I think this beat goes on …

  27. BlackSnake

    I agree, one man cannot be bigger than the club but what the hell are the board/investors doing to make sure this club is successful? It’s almost like leaving the kids in charge of the house whilst pissing off on holiday.

  28. kingbergkamp

    Eyemsick u halfwitt faggot you are a disgrace to the human race.GO BACK TO UNTOLD.You are a brave man sitting behind your keyboard you oxygen wasting parasite

  29. Waylander

    Morning All
    •Manchester City were facing a huge Financial Fair Play sanction last night after UEFA prepared to rule that the spending spree that transformed them into a superpower of the game breached its much-vaunted cost-control regulations.

  30. Max85

    Yep I saw that, wit PSG also in the crosshairs. Won’t be expulsion from CL, and even a transfer embargo won’t do much as they already have excellent squads (and means we won’t be able to pilfer anyone).

    If does bode well for the future though if it means they will need to balance their books to comply, especially if their sponsorship deals are ruled ‘unfair’ and against market rate.

    Will believe it when I see it though.

  31. Rocky Pires

    Was looking at possible canditates to replace Wenger from inside our successful teams
    List sort of reads like this


    Davor Suker – With Croatia as a no.2

    Oleg Luzhny – ~Had spell with Kiev, more of a no.2

    Paul Dickov – Gillingham struggling

    Steve Morrow – Failed Manager now our scout

    Scott Marshall – craving out career as Lamberts no.2 at Villa, watch out for him in future

    Tony Adams – Not up to task

    Chris Kiowamya – Sacked by Notts County

    Paul Davis – has qualifications coming out his ears but has cushy number with the FA

    Dave O ‘ Leary – Currently unemployed

    Stefan Schwarz – N0.2 at Swedish club Hellinsgborgh

    John Jensen – Former no.2 at Blackburn

    Remi Garde – Lyon doing well

    Dennis Bergkamp – Ajax no . 2 – The Outstanding candidate.

    Paddy V – Good role at Citeh – maybe just maybe the man

    Marc Overmars – Sitting pretty at Ajax

    Some Pundits with coaching badges

    Martin Keown – Good talker and motivator but hard to see him as our manager

    Lauren – Very knowledgeable man looks to have good traits

    Winterburn,Dixon,Smith,Samson,Merson,Charlie,Wright – All Cushy numbers, wont change job

    Thierry – Too soon hasn’t the required badges


    A combintation of Frank DeBoer and Dennis Bergkamp is the way I would like to go.
    Four Ervedises in a row, beating Barca at their place, beating ac and just getting real good results with limited budget and promoting youth looks a very good combination.

  32. Jeff

    What I want to know is how is it that these elite clubs are still able to pay between £200k and £300k per week and still get away with it? Does anyone think those players are going to take a pay cut? A way will be found around FFP and any other rule they come up with. At the end of the day, if X wants to pay Y a huge amount of money, for whatever reason, a way will be found to do it.

    If FFP does start to bite, you’ll begin to see very creative methods come into play so that the clubs “look” compliant but continue to maintain their very lavish lifestyles.

  33. El Tel 1

    So we won nothing from 56 to 89 said silly bollocks.

    I suppose the Fairs cup in 70 the Double in 89 FA Cup and League cups don’t cou t then.

    There were only three trophies to play for in them days as the European Cup was for Champions only.

    Silly bollocks doesn’t like the 70’s and 80’s because we were more successful than Mancscum Utd the team he supports.

  34. goona


    Agreed, I would imagine salaries would go down, but one way arround it I would think would be the top players getting more and more “advertisement deals” from sponsors!