Failed success.

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I’m giving you the chance to tap out of this early. Why? Because I’m struggling with emotions today. It might be because I locked myself out of my house before the game because I went for a run and took the wrong key out with me. It might be because when I finally did get to the Greenman Pub I couldn’t find my family for 2 hours, it might be because when I did meet them, my cousin spilt a pint in my lap… or it might be because I’ve got myself so wrapped up in the details of the club over the past few years that seeing a performance like that against a very average side simply flatlines me because I, like many other fans, can see what the wider implications are.

Yesterday felt like failed success. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to break down Wigan, but to be honest, I was kind of expecting a proper reaction. I was kind of hoping we’d spank them 5-0 and we’d kick on in the league. Wigan were turned over by Millwall last weekend, how tough could it be? Arsene went bold with the selection. By bold, I mean he made some changes. Chamberlain passed a late fitness test and started, Wenger drafted in Ramsey and he went for Sanogo up front. That gave us some pace even if it didn’t give us exceptional experience or quality (or fitness).

The game started off very slowly. There didn’t feel like there was a reaction or the players that had come into the side had added anything. Wigan came with a plan that we couldn’t counter. They pressed up against the midfield. Let our defence have the ball, then when it played into the middle, they pressed into us in packs. A very familiar tactic lots of teams have played this season, but one that Arsene hasn’t found a counter to.

It helped having Ramsey and Chambo in the side. They both struggled with the size of the pitch and their relative lack of fitness, but their speed of thought gave us some joy. Chambo lashed in a half volleyed cross early on that Sanogo guided a well timed header at goal. Outside that, bar a wildly lashed shot and a poorly executed one on one, we didn’t really offer much. If anything, it was Wigan who looked the most threatening going forward, having plenty of luck with our sleepy left hand side.

Sanogo really struggled, because he’s no where near the level you’d expect. Still, the interesting thing is, I still agreed with his inclusion in the starting line up. That’s how terribly wrong Wenger has got his strike force this season. The biggest joke of  it all is that it’d still have been Sanogo even if Bendtner was fit. Anyway, another sour moment, bar the booing at half time was when Wenger took off Lukas Podolski on 70 minutes. He took him off over Sanogo who someone described as an ‘8 minute old Giraffe’. I wasn’t really that fussed, but I could understand the frustration. Was it because Podolski was having a good game they booed? No. Was it because of the habitual nature of Wenger taking Lukas off on 70minutes regardless of what’s going on? More likely.

The second half started off with the same lethargic approach from Arsenal, we conceded first when McManaman touched the ball past Per and fell over. It was a dopey mistake and it was punished when Jordi Gomez powered home to put Wigan one up. We started to craft a few chances, Gibbs forced a good save from Carson. Sagna also hit the woodwork. Our moment did come in the end when Per managed to get his head on a mishit shot.

We couldn’t earn a second, though Chambo did hit the woodwork, so the game went to injury time. That was a pretty tepid affair. Arsene refused to make his third sub. He had Chamberlain cramping up to the point he could barely walk. Wenger eventually made his move taking Ramsey off, with what looked like  a strain to his thigh. The extent of the cramp going off all over the pitch was a sad indictment of the preparation. I’ve not seen that much strain in extra time before.

Penalties ensued and Fabianski was the hero. He saved the first two with excellent reactions. All of Arsenal’s played buried there’s. We won, the boys went ballistic, so did the fans and we scuttled out the ground.

Post game thoughts:


There are many issues that have highlighted the ineptitude of Arsene Wenger this season. The striking situation is probably one of the most obvious. Namely because Sanogo is so far off the pace when it comes to top flight football, it’s a surprise he’s even in the first team squad. He has some nice attributes, he loves playing football, he’s fast and he’s relatively powerful. But then so is Kenwyne Jones.

Sanogo was well out of his depth against a Championship side yesterday, his touch was poor, his composure was very off and his movement was obvious and heavy footed. He might become Didier Drogba in 5 years time, but at the moment, he should be out on loan like the rest of the kids. For me, Chuba Akpom is more of a shout if we’re going to shoot for change.

Still, like I said earlier, the joke of it is, I’d still have picked him above the out of form Giroud. That’s how desperate the situation is.

Game Plan:

I don’t know why I expected anything different, but the players out on the pitch are being given absolutely nothing with regards to a game plan. I really can’t stand it when I hear things like, ‘these players ain’t got the bottle’… because it’s a deflective unquatifiable statement when you’re talking about top international footballers who have won major trophies. You don’t get to those heights in the game if you’re not a winner. And here’s the thing, you can’t quantify ‘bottle’. It’s an emotional throwaway comment I’ve used in the past. But it’s not an intelligent observation.

Those players are bought by the manager, they’re trained by the manager and they’re prepared by the manager. They had no tools yesterday to deal with a pressing game from a very small Wigan side. There was no change up. There was no visible counter plan, other than perseverance doing the same thing. That’s unacceptable against Everton, it’s criminal against Wigan.


The fans weren’t on their best behaviour yesterday. A lot of moaning, the guy behind me regularly showered me in spittal, at one point shouting ‘go back home you job thief’ to a Fabianski who pay more tax in a week than this guy earns in a year. But outside the morons, there was a lot of negativity. This didn’t correlate with the prematch fun that was going off. Before the game, it was completley mental. I’ve never heard so much singing. I’ve not seen such camaraderie. Everyone was buzzing after having such a good day.

You get in the ground, and you’re hit by that lack lustre game. It’s really hard to respond positively. The booing at half time wasn’t surprising. The booing at the Lukas sub was unexpected, but I guess people are sick of seeing such habitual management moves. Same game plan, same subs, same sub timings…

The post game journey home was sad. I’ve never come home from a Wembley win and not heard the fans singing on the train. Now, this was just my train, not all of them. But usually, it’s crazy. Not yesterday, just quiet, sombre reflection.

Yesterday, be basically had the whole of the Emirates in the ground… didn’t feel like it. How can I critique it? Though I didn’t boo, I certainly felt the frustration.


What an absolute hero this man was yesterday. Two superb penalty saves, in the main, he was assured and comfortable all game. He even geed up the fans at one point demanding more noise. I really like him. I think he’s the better keeper and I think we’re making a mistake letting a more mature, harder working keeper leave the club on a free transfer.


That’s what a young player should be all about. He’s raw. Really raw. But he has enthusiasm, he has quality and he has explosive moments of excitement that lift the fans. Sure his decision making isn’t there, sure his touch is sometimes a bit shabby… but I get him as a player and his inclusion is totally merited.

Players Celebrating Wigan

Good. Football is all about glory. Those boys were awful yesterday. They knew they were a spot kick away from historical shaming. No wonder they lose the plot. I like to see that passion. Good for them. I’m glad they loved it!


The big panic now is what happens on Tuesday night against West Ham. We’ve just put some seriously tired players through a hell of a game. Ramsey looked like he picked up an injury, Chamberlain was seriously cramping. Per looked like he was suffering. That game against West Ham on Tuesday is going to be very, very tough now. Because we don’t have the players or the squad depth to cope with it. Bad times and worrying for 4th.

The Win

The win is clearly excellent for the club. We’re in a final and hopefully we can have an equally joyous day against either Sheffield Utd or Hull. It’s just a shame I’m so flatlined. Hearing people disappointed that the players celebrated the penalty shootout is embarrassing. Hearing people say they wish we’d lost is also a touch pathetic. But look, that view isn’t a new one. I’ve heard lots of people talk of taking the hit to cut us loose of the slow burn stagnation. Yesterday was brilliant in the end, but the reality is that cut your way through the foiliage of a meek victory and you can see that we have some very deep rooted problems that are starting to look poisonous. Wenger is out of his depth, even against average Championship sides. That’s frightening. We had no ideas. A massive worry.

I care deeply about Arsenal. I care deeply when we lose. I care deeply when my club looks like it’s going down the pan because of consistently alarming performances against very weak clubs.

I’ll enjoy the victory, it’s just a shame it’s tinged with the sadness of the demise of a once trailblazing manager.

P.S. Get well soon Bob Wilson. Arsenal legend.

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  1. Bacaryisgod

    Thank you and Goodnight

    That’s just not the case. Plenty of players have improved under Wenger. Some have stagnated and some have regressed. It’s the same everywhere.

  2. london gunner


    I dunno, I would of thought ox or verm would be up next, seem to recall verm taking a penalty before in a shootout.

    I think his was just feeling sick for the team obviously means allot to him, if he didn’t have such a wank touch, dribbling and finishing he would be a real good player as physically and athletically he would rival lukukau in a few years

  3. Bero

    did anyone else just see ITV news? ….the fecking X Factor auditions are at the emirates today… we can relax.. wenger is doing some summer signing scoping after all.

  4. kwik fit

    There is no way Sanogo would have been taking a penalty last night. The guys has some attribute’s but hitting a ball where he want’s to is not one of them.

  5. Bero

    Remy would kill to come to Arsenal as Henry is his hero. Said it when he first came to UK.

    I think he’d be a good 2nd choice option as long as we bring in a top first choice.

  6. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Poor Sanogo, I do feel for the lad. He has been thrown in at the deep end and been expected to bang in the goals to save our season, I believe there is a half decent player in there.
    He was probably better when he first arrived but after a few training sessions and being told by wenger to copy what Giroud does, and fair play to him, he is perfecting the poor first touch and swings and misses in front of goal. How long before he makes funny faces while lying on the pitch.

  7. kwik fit


    Nah, X Factor is only for losers…………I suppose thats why Arsene brought it to the emirates;

  8. Bero

    1st choice: One of Costa or Benzema – Back up: one of Remy or Ba – Young gun 1: Sanogo – Young gun 2: Akpom or Aneke

    I’d be happy with a combination of these options as our strikeforce next season. Not going to happen though.

  9. Bero

    Simon Cowell – “do you have a day job?”

    “I used to be a postman”

    “I hope for your sake you haven’t let anyone convince you to give it up. This is not the industry for you.”

    Crowd – “boooo!”

    “I’m just being honest with him… no one else will be and that’s unfair.”

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I agree to a degree bout postie

    I like his enthusiasm an his chasing an passion .
    I love the way he presses the defenders .
    Nothing wrong with that at all.

    It’s his ability that I can’t quite fathom out how he gets more chances than others in the reserves .

    In time after the first goal he could be an ok player

  11. MidwestGun

    Simon Cowell criticism of team afterwards would be classic.
    If our team were lifeguards a lot of people would be drowning.
    If our team had played 2000 years ago they would have stoned us.
    I think as a group of players you guys will never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever
    have a successful career.

    Etc…… lol.

  12. Bero

    Cowell – “Giroud…run in BEHIND the defense….no, behind them! ….BEHIND! ….it’s no good, he can’t do it, it’s like trying to chop down a tree with a banana”

  13. Emiratesstroller

    There are frankly absolutely no excuses for such an inept performance. As far as I am concerned it is 100% down to management and Wenger in particular.

    I have not analysed stats, but apart from penalty shoot out I think that the only occasion when Fabianski had a serious shot to save was the penalty.

    It is a sad reflection just how inept the team looked yesterday against
    very modest opposition.

    1. Tactically sterile.
    2. A lack of quality
    3. Little passion and confidence on field
    4. Too many back and square passes.
    5.Players who are either knackered or well past their sell by date.
    6.Lack of investment in team.
    7. Poor team selections
    8.A manager who looks as though he has DECIDED to go at end of season and players already know it.

    What concerns me most is Wenger’s transfer strategy in recent years.
    You sell Van Persie two years ago and don’t bring in a genuine replacement in that period.

    Giroud was at best a ‘squad player’. Then you compound problem by
    bringing in an injury prone ‘lump’ in Sanogo. I don’t know what we are
    paying him in wages, but frankly he should be paying us for privilege not the other way round. This has to be one of Wenger’s worst acquisitions of all time.

    Frankly I would much prefer to play Akpom as Pedro suggests. He is
    a clinical finisher with mobility and strength and a far better prospect.

    I would also ask why Gnabry has not played since Walcott’s injury. He
    is quick and strong and would show I am sure some passion. Joachim
    Low suggested earlier in season that if he played he might be considered for German Senior Team for World Cup.

    Bluntly we are in a mess, because the team looks rudderless, passionless and disorganised apart from all the problems which have been
    highlighted in recent weeks.

    I pose one final question. Ozil was bought for £42 million +. What is
    exactly his value in this team. This is a very good player if he is playing
    for Germany or Real Madrid, because he is surrounded by very good
    players who will complement his strengths and skills. At Arsenal he is
    surrounded by substandard footballers and I am not surprised that he
    struggled once Ramsey and Walcott got injured.

    I had lunch yesterday with friends. They have announced that they will not be renewing their season tickets. I think that after watching
    Arsenal for 61 years the odds of me doing likewise are also shortening.

    From my perspective the club needs to do following irrespective of what we do in FA Cup.

    1. Revoke contract offer to Wenger. He must not be allowed to sign.
    2.Secure a top and hungry manager before 1st June so that supporters
    like myself see that the Board mean seriously business.
    3. Buy some genuine world class players in the positions where they
    are NEEDED. Not just recruit some more technically gifted but lightweight and ineffective players.
    4. Future speculative acquisitions should be confined to Youth Teams
    and not first team squad. You need only look how poorly our Under 21
    and 18 teams are performing to see that the problems are existing
    throughout the club.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    I omitted one other point.

    A top manager knows how to bring out the ‘BEST’ in a team/squad even
    if the resources at his disposal are modest.

    Ferguson demonstrated that over last 2 years at Manchester United. I
    think that every football supporter knew already that they were in
    decline. Yet he brought out the best from mediocre resources.

    The same applies to Everton and Liverpool this season. They are not
    teams full of great players, but their managers have demonstrated how
    to get the very best out of limited resources.

    A well run team makes its own luck.

  15. MidwestGun

    It’s sad when long time ST holders are calling it quits. Not that I blame them in the least. But that its come down to this when its so unnecessary with better management/majority shareholder.

  16. kwik fit

    Simon’s first half time team talk;

    ‘You’re probably the most disillusioned group of people we’ve ever had in this competition. And that’s the truth. I think the group is horrendous, you have absolutely zero edge, no originality, I think individually you’re weak, I think as a group you’re even worse, absolutely zero chance you guys will ever, ever, ever have a successful career.”

    Cowell for Manager!!1

  17. tunnygriffboy

    We need to sort the injury situation out. Risking the wrath of many on here the team that played yesterday was average and devoid of star quality. Ramsey hasn’t played in 4 months and Ox is running on empty. Our other better players are crocked. I thought the players gave it their all yesterday, they looked nervous after the thumpings they’ve had and the pressure of being close to winning the fa cup. Inreality it was a team struggling with form. Celebrating the win showed how much it meant to the players getting to the final not beating wigan

    If we get the injury situation sorted out and add 4 players of quality then we’ll improve no end. The glut of huge games has coincided with the glut of injuries to our best players

  18. MidwestGun

    Costa was having a bad game for him. But what a comeback goal and then he hits post with shin bone. Looks seriously bad.
    Looks bad, hope its not fractured. Passionate player, what an effort.

  19. Johnty79

    Still think Chelsea will win league….

    If mourinho wins the double with Chelsea he is the greatest manager in the history of the game.

    Although….if he kept lukuku they would of won the treble this year.

  20. BacaryisGod

    Arsenal’s Premiere League form has been poor these last few weeks, but let’s not forget that it wouldn’t be looking so bad if Everton hadn’t been on a remarkable run themselves.

    March started off badly for us with a 1-0 loss at Stoke. However, we followed this with a 4-1 win against Everton in the F.A Cup, a 1-1 draw at Bayern Munich and then a 1-0 win away to Tottenham. The wheels came off vs. Chelsea and then we threw away two points vs. Swansea before earning a solid point against a very good City side. The Everton game was a disaster but now we’ve rebounded with a tense victory to reach the F.A Cup final.

    So in essence, as far as the Premier League goes, it wouldn’t have been unexpected for Arsenal to have drawn with Tottenham, Everton and Man City, lost to Chelsea but beaten Stoke and Swansea for a total of 9 points from the last 6 Premier league games. We ended up with only 5 points.

    However, it wasn’t assumed that Everton would have picked up a perfect 21 points from their last 7 games.

    The reality is that Everton’s recent league performance exaggerates Arsenal’s slump. Fair play to them.

    Now with 5 games left to play, Arsenal should be expected to pick up at least 10-13 points from these fixtures, putting us on 74-77 points, Everton probably have a range of 7-10 points from their last 5. It won’t be easy to win both home games against Man City and Man United and Soton and Hull away won’t be automatic wins. This would put Everton on 73-76 points, making Arsenal a slight favourite to finish 4th.

    But here are the variables…..

    1. Arsenal’s game against West Ham already feels like a draw after a tiring 120 minutes yesterday and our long injury list.

    2. Hull play Everton on the 11th before the Cup Final on the 17th. They will be clear of relegation and looking ahead to the final. This could hurt Arsenal.

    3. Arsenal will probably need to win away to Norwich in the final game. Norwich will be probably battling to stay up in.

    Of course, the worst-case scenario is that Arsenal drop 2 points to West Ham and Everton win at home to Palace. They’ll be 5 points up with 4 to play. At that point, I think Everton’s momentum would carry them through.

    Which leads us to the next question. Would the Europa league really be a disaster for us? I’m not so sure. Key players would be rested for those games which they wouldn’t be for the Champions League. If we spend well in the summer, I don’t see why we couldn’t compete for the title next season.

  21. Doublegooner

    How much longer are we going to endure this man.

    Another couple of fights yesterday one in block 127

  22. Wallace


    sad when a reasonable assessment of the situation can be posted with the expectation of it being laughed out of town.

    can’t believe the negativity/bile on here the day after we make the f**kin’ final.

  23. Hitman

    Blaming injuries again?

    The injuries wont stop until we buy better players & physically bigger players who can look after themselves on the pitch. Our small lightweight players cannot handle the exertions on a EPL senile. You need a balanced team.

    That wont happen until Le Senile leaves. Our injuries are not accidental.

  24. eyemsick

    . I also know of 4 gooners that won’t renew their season ticket this year.

    thats great!! the more of you fuck off our ground the better…we want supporters not negative nancies critisising like mugs … .. get lost

  25. John

    The booing and complaining comes from 5-7 seasons of the the crap over and over again. Nothing changes with Wenger, he does the same stuff over and over and over again. IT’S NOT WORKING. Fans know the game far better than this manager gives them credit. They see the lack of planning, lack of training. lack of mental preparation over and over and over again. As for Giroud, Wenger brought him in to replace RVP. When a WC striker was needed Arsene went for Giroud. I don’t want to hear the excuses of lack of $$$$ etc. Giroud is BOOed by Arsenal fans because he is a Championship Lge. striker and is a giraffe out there. The BOOs aimed at him are aimed at Wenger. Regardless of the what happens vs Hull in the FA CUP final or what place they finish. Wenger needs to leave.

  26. eyemsick

    fuck you its not working. it works fine well when the players are fit and in form.

    didnt hear you moaning when we leading the table for half a season johnny…

  27. eyemsick

    i guess whoever booed should apoligise for wenger’s decission to take the german tourist off was spot on!

  28. eyemsick

    no john cunt like you need to leave and stop busting our balls or wenger with your deluded demands…piss off you cunt. Im Arsenal ! what the fuck are you ? ….

  29. kwik fit

    I guess that means you’re not going to boot camp eyemsick . Ah well never mind there’s always next year 🙂

  30. eyemsick

    i dont understand…you are clearly not supporters of arsenal so what the fuck you doing talking shit about us all the time you bunch of freaks?

  31. Doublegooner


    Some may be a bit extreme but are you seriously suggesting yesterdays game reverses any of the shit we’re in ?

    Yesterday was a total embarrassment, AFC in its current management & ownership is heading in a downward spiral.

  32. BacaryisGod

    Here’s where I think the line-up will be for West Ham. Hopefully the good news is that we’ll be able to have our regular back five in place (Chezzer, Bacary, Mert, Koz and Gibbs). Midfield is a disaster area with Arteta, Ox and Santi having played 120 minutes and Ramsey either exhausted or injured after the Wigan game. Flamini is suspended for West Ham. It means Kallstrom will probably have to start.

    Ultimately, assuming that we’ll have the back five in place, I would expect to see who should be the least tired players with them. That would be Kallstrom, Rosicky, Podolski and Giroud.

    Assuming they are healthy and we use our subs wisely the final two positions could be shared by Ramsey, Ox, Arteta and Cazorla. Maybe have Kallstrom, Ox and Rosicky as our central three with Cazorla on the right and Podolski on the left. Giroud up top.

  33. Evan

    I just watched a documentary on Stan’s extended family Wal*Mart. Absolutely scandalous organisation. People moan about the Russian, you should watch these bastards. Stan will not invest anything in Arsenal

  34. kwik fit


    Ox is not ready to play in the middle , his first touch is not yet what it should be. Beside’s we need pace , so Ox is better deployed out wide, either right or left. I feel we’ll have to play Rambo in the middle on Tuesday with Arteta again. I don’t see Wenger playing Kim from the start,

  35. Thomas

    eyemsick April 13, 2014 19:06:53

    hehe i guess theres a lot of people suffering in here….

    wenger number one


    Yep number one cunt.

  36. Wallace


    i understand the frustration, but i don’t understand the inability to derive any joy at all out of making the FA Cup final.

  37. eyemsick

    yes thomas….real proper !! like them time when we could fiedl a whole 11 of alcoholics wife beaters and gamblers…. fuck yeah …or when wed finnish 7th and 12th …

  38. Arsene's Nurse

    eyemsick is a troll that doesn’t support Arsenal. Don’t give him the oxygen that he craves. He takes joy in winding people up, that is why he is here. Ignore.

  39. eyemsick

    nurse i support them a hell more than you bro…i also go to the ground..i contribute ..what the fuck do you do?

  40. eyemsick

    no thomaa…number one in arsenal’s it and weep little englander..fuck off and go support spurs if you dont like what/how we doing

  41. eyemsick

    i bet thomas you were one of those saying int he summer about spurs ambition and how levy isnt afraid to strengthen the squad etc etc… lol… i guess youre no man to admit you were wrong.

  42. eyemsick

    when we were shit and losing from 50 mtrs lobs and ending the season 7th and 12th…when di you kwik-fit?

  43. eyemsick

    so where is this scarecrow youve been talking about gumbar ….is he prapring his list for ivan? lmao…

  44. kwik fit

    So Wenger is really your first. Whats this they say. You alway remember your first. There’s a big bad world out there , just try it, you may enjoy it.

  45. eyemsick

    no the first was pretty terrible….some neanderthal caveman from the north who then fucked off to totenham…we wont say names …not nice to acknowledge traitors…

  46. eyemsick

    hey why arent you congratulating the manager for taking out that tourist podolski? give some credit…..not like you lose any money you cheap nagging bitches…

  47. kwik fit

    Yes eyemsick,as often as I can, BTW I’m on the hunt for a few cup final tickets , I would pay top dollar. I’ m getting my banner and all ready for the big day. You’d enjoy it 😉

  48. eyemsick

    you are the hysterical elements of our support who cant come to the terms with the reality that arsenal can never compete with chelsea or cityor barca madrid etc in the transfer market…… you take your frustrations on the manager who is the only one in arsenal football club who has got a clue of what to do about it….

  49. eyemsick

    no i dont think we want the likes of you to boo our players or the manager mate…stay home and watch from the television and froth as much as you like …throw the remote control at the tv when we lift the cup .

  50. eyemsick

    youd come with a negative banner in the arsenal stands? lol lets see you try …… i guess youre fond of hospitals….got nice medicine for you too…

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    I started supporting Arsenal in 1977. Stopped going and spending any money on merchandise in 2009. No more cash spent on Arsenal until Wenger is gone. If I want my money to be stored in a bank and not spent I’ll keep it in my own bank account thank you very much.

  52. eyemsick

    thats nice nurse…i guess youre blind then since you cant see the difference between then and now…i shouldnt mock a person with a disability so i apologise if i called you a cunt…

  53. Colonel Mustard


    Liverpool on on the verge of winning the league title against the petrodollars of Chelsea and City. THIS is a amazing achievement if they pull it off. It F**kin could have been us but the stubborn streak of our managers ensures we are not there….again so F***kin close. infuriating. On Feb 7th we were top. chew on that for a moment. Just another thought for you. Wegner for years scorned the FA cup in his actions and team selections…now its saving his job….oh the irony…

  54. eyemsick

    liverpool didnt have to play europe…lets see this mighty rodgers next year when he has to include rotation and squad management in his repertoire…. i guess you like fireworks…

  55. eyemsick

    yeah on feb 5th we were top but noone expected that… ….. goes to show that the team is good enough when everything is in place…..

  56. Rockypires

    I’m actually looking forward to the wet ham game and hope we get behind the lads.
    Hopefully an early podzol ski goal will set the tone

    Back 5 as norm
    Kim and Mik
    Ox and podol

    Hit them hard early in and for all we are worth.
    Santi needs a rest and would like to see gnarby in What is story with him

  57. zeus

    Atlético’s sensational position at present has not prevented the club working to plan ahead for the coming season.

    The level of demand for quality players at the Manzanares club is greater and greater and the club’s directors have already started to form Diego Pablo Simeone’s squad for the 2014/15 season.

    The first target outlined is Ángel Correa. Atlético have reached an initial agreement to sign the Argentine forward, who has just turned 19 and plays for San Lorenzo de Almagro.

    However, nothing has been signed just yet. For this reason, ‘Los Rojiblancos’ are remaining cautious and will not consider it a done deal until pen has been put to paper. The player is highly sought after and it would not be surprising – as has happened on other occasions – if other European teams tried to intervene.

    The amount for which the deal could be closed is around €9 million, 60% of the fee for the young Argentine striker. Since making his debut in the Argentine Primera decision, Correa has taken the league by storm. He is a skilful player, who likes to take on players and get in the box – bearing a resemblance to Sergio Agüero.


  58. eyemsick

    hope we get behind the lads.

    not from this lot…. too much of an ego to support…..its their way or the high way


  59. kwik fit


    If you had of seen me yesterday going through agony and turmoil with another substandard wenger side you’d see that I care alright. In fact I’d go as far as saying that if Wenger is allowed to continue to manager our club, he” probably be the death of me.

  60. Jeff

    I just wanted to give directions to those who’ve strayed a little too far from the fatherland site called Untold which has been especially designed for the deaf, dumb and deluded. No need to thank me.

  61. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Its not the manager, its that damn “tourist” Podolski. Lol

    Its nice that you give the mental patients computer time over there. We don’t have that here, our rehabilitation methods are so behind the times.

  62. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Up to a couple of years ago I was a season ticket holder haas been since 1980s

    Had a good time at the ground even when we were bad early 80s
    Mid 70s

    Would love the club through thick an thin
    This current mob leave me non plussed , couldn’t care less attitude

    It all comes from le twat he has made us a corporate bank as opposed to a football team whose objective is to win trophies.

  63. Doublegooner


    Just to cover a couple of points. I’ve been a regular at the ground since 1967. Startted going away in 1971 & still do.

    I make no secret I want Wenger gone.

    Q: I seriously want to know how anyone looks at AW, entering his 65th year & getting out manoeuvred by his rivals and believes he is going to improve so that he’ll win the PL or CL which is what this club should be doing ?

  64. Rockypires

    4 th is still a reality. Man U will beat Everton and then it’s in our hands.

    Champions league is a must for the calibre of manager we want.

    Watched a fair bit of Roma this season. Kevin strooman was a monster until his injury. A box to box like him to complement Ramsey should be priority. Matuidi and Witsel are also the ilke.

    Pranjic is nice player also. Very aware and sensible. May make top player could play in front trio or the cam role.

    A strong cb with leadership would be lovern of Southampton. He maybe suspect as regards pace but one tough mofo and a winner.

    A striker is the tough one. The two Icelandic boys are tearing up the evedise and top of the scoring charts and outside psg strikers lacezzeta of Lyon is pacey and good finisher. Reminds me of tevez in prime.

  65. kwik fit

    I Would start Fabianski in the remaining Premier league games . Seems unfair to drop him . He’s in better form that chesney ATM.. Chesney is better when his no 1 spot is at risk. His performance’s have deteriorated because Wenger picks him no matter what. Shake it up Arsene FFS!

  66. Thank you and goodnight

    I’d have more respect for wenger if he held his hands up and said I’ve tried but I can no longer take the club forward. Instead of blaming hair gel, refs, loan system, oil money, thrashing as not counting etc etc.

  67. NewCo Arsenal PLC


    That’s exactly what Arsenal should be aiming for, but sadly we’ll never be that club either with Wenger’s management or Kroenke’s ownership.
    That ship sailed as soon as he became the club’s majority share-holder.

  68. Master P

    “I did look at YouTube and things like that, but I didn’t see anything of Collison or Caldwell on there.”

    That about sums up the homework we do as a club overall

  69. Rockypires

    I do think he will RSPCA. The fa cup win will be his last game in charge.

    On another topic as long as I be being on here so have you and respect your posts so who do you want to replace wenger

    I hope he doesn’t get to handpick them as the new manager will need to be independent.

    Frank deboer looks a tough egg who’s tactically aware and brings massive winners attitude.

    Remi garde is too wenger ish.

    Bould said he wants to be a no 2.

    Could Thierry do the job?

    Simone is too much involved in athlectio and should leave.

    Blanc maybe available?

    Kloop etc wont come over.

    And can’t really think of any other former player to take over
    Jensen is a no 2 McDermott not up to it nor is dickov or any of rest.
    Vieira winterburn Dixon have all cushy numbers on tv.

    Maybe just maybe keown

  70. Dissenter

    I-AM-SICK is back to torment our souls with his beliefs about Wenger’s greatness.
    Wenger’s is out of ideas and on borrowed time. He’s out-thought by every manager these days it seems.
    Wenger out.

  71. Thank you and goodnight

    @Master Please
    Isn’t that sickening mate when you hear things like that from the players. Makes you wonder what the fuck wenger gets paid 7.5 million a year for. Fucking mickey mouse manager he really is. Tell you what I don’t know who put clairefontaine academy into action in France, but whoever it was Wenger should send the directors a magnum of champagne. Because off the back of the french football academy, the talent that they produced mid to late 90 ‘ s allowed wenger to pretend he was a genius.

  72. Arsene's Nurse

    MidwestGun April 13, 2014 20:56:22

    Kwik –
    Its not the manager, its that damn “tourist” Podolski. Lol

    Its nice that you give the mental patients computer time over there. We don’t have that here, our rehabilitation methods are so behind the times.
    I wonder if they have to buy their own head dobber/head wand or whether they are supplied free and they have to share?

    I can hear the nurse now: Oh for god’s sake eyemsick, could you just for once not dribble so much on the keyboard? This is the third time this week and our budget won’t cover another until Christmas.

    Later on in the staff room the day nurse is complaining to the other staff about eyemsick and his keyboard drivel:

    Nurse 1: I’m sick of eyemsick. He’s sick and he’s dribbling on the keyboard too much.

    Nurse 2: It’s not just the dribbling I’m concerned about. Have you seen the state of his bedsheets? I’ve been talking to the night staff and they say they hear eyemsick moaning Arsene Wenger’s name over and over whilst in the passionate throws of his self-abuse.

    Nurse 1: eyemsick really is a sick dick. It’s bad enough trying to stop him from licking the windows on the bus when we are out, but there is nothing we can do to stop him licking the Wenger posters he has in his room.

    Nurse 2: The last time we tried to take that Wenger poster off the ceiling above his bed he went completely postal and we had to call security. They had to strap him down in the end.

    If we have to resort to that again I’m going to buy some posters of Glen Hoddle in those tiny 80’s shorts and put them up on the ceiling just to wind him up!

    Nurse 2: Oh god no, he’ll be masturbating even harder over those.

  73. eyemsick

    kwik fit

    im so sorry you went through such agony mate,supporting our team is for those with a stronger stomach…..