Failed success.

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I’m giving you the chance to tap out of this early. Why? Because I’m struggling with emotions today. It might be because I locked myself out of my house before the game because I went for a run and took the wrong key out with me. It might be because when I finally did get to the Greenman Pub I couldn’t find my family for 2 hours, it might be because when I did meet them, my cousin spilt a pint in my lap… or it might be because I’ve got myself so wrapped up in the details of the club over the past few years that seeing a performance like that against a very average side simply flatlines me because I, like many other fans, can see what the wider implications are.

Yesterday felt like failed success. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to break down Wigan, but to be honest, I was kind of expecting a proper reaction. I was kind of hoping we’d spank them 5-0 and we’d kick on in the league. Wigan were turned over by Millwall last weekend, how tough could it be? Arsene went bold with the selection. By bold, I mean he made some changes. Chamberlain passed a late fitness test and started, Wenger drafted in Ramsey and he went for Sanogo up front. That gave us some pace even if it didn’t give us exceptional experience or quality (or fitness).

The game started off very slowly. There didn’t feel like there was a reaction or the players that had come into the side had added anything. Wigan came with a plan that we couldn’t counter. They pressed up against the midfield. Let our defence have the ball, then when it played into the middle, they pressed into us in packs. A very familiar tactic lots of teams have played this season, but one that Arsene hasn’t found a counter to.

It helped having Ramsey and Chambo in the side. They both struggled with the size of the pitch and their relative lack of fitness, but their speed of thought gave us some joy. Chambo lashed in a half volleyed cross early on that Sanogo guided a well timed header at goal. Outside that, bar a wildly lashed shot and a poorly executed one on one, we didn’t really offer much. If anything, it was Wigan who looked the most threatening going forward, having plenty of luck with our sleepy left hand side.

Sanogo really struggled, because he’s no where near the level you’d expect. Still, the interesting thing is, I still agreed with his inclusion in the starting line up. That’s how terribly wrong Wenger has got his strike force this season. The biggest joke of ย it all is that it’d still have been Sanogo even if Bendtner was fit. Anyway, another sour moment, bar the booing at half time was when Wenger took off Lukas Podolski on 70 minutes. He took him off over Sanogo who someone described as an ‘8 minute old Giraffe’. I wasn’t really that fussed, but I could understand the frustration. Was it because Podolski was having a good game they booed? No. Was it because of the habitual nature of Wenger taking Lukas off on 70minutes regardless of what’s going on? More likely.

The second half started off with the same lethargic approach from Arsenal, we conceded first when McManaman touched the ball past Per and fell over. It was a dopey mistake and it was punished when Jordi Gomez powered home to put Wigan one up. We started to craft a few chances, Gibbs forced a good save from Carson. Sagna also hit the woodwork. Our moment did come in the end when Per managed to get his head on a mishit shot.

We couldn’t earn a second, though Chambo did hit the woodwork, so the game went to injury time. That was a pretty tepid affair. Arsene refused to make his third sub. He had Chamberlain cramping up to the point he could barely walk. Wenger eventually made his move taking Ramsey off, with what looked like ย a strain to his thigh. The extent of the cramp going off all over the pitch was a sad indictment of the preparation. I’ve not seen that much strain in extra time before.

Penalties ensued and Fabianski was the hero. He saved the first two with excellent reactions. All of Arsenal’s played buried there’s. We won, the boys went ballistic, so did the fans and we scuttled out the ground.

Post game thoughts:


There are many issues that have highlighted the ineptitude of Arsene Wenger this season. The striking situation is probably one of the most obvious. Namely because Sanogo is so far off the pace when it comes to top flight football, it’s a surprise he’s even in the first team squad. He has some nice attributes, he loves playing football, he’s fast and he’s relatively powerful. But then so is Kenwyne Jones.

Sanogo was well out of his depth against a Championship side yesterday, his touch was poor, his composure was very off and his movement was obvious and heavy footed. He might become Didier Drogba in 5 years time, but at the moment, he should be out on loan like the rest of the kids. For me, Chuba Akpom is more of a shout if we’re going to shoot for change.

Still, like I said earlier, the joke of it is, I’d still have picked him above the out of form Giroud. That’s how desperate the situation is.

Game Plan:

I don’t know why I expected anything different, but the players out on the pitch are being given absolutely nothing with regards to a game plan. I really can’t stand it when I hear things like, ‘these players ain’t got the bottle’… because it’s a deflective unquatifiable statement when you’re talking about top international footballers who have won major trophies. You don’t get to those heights in the game if you’re not a winner. And here’s the thing, you can’t quantify ‘bottle’. It’s an emotional throwaway comment I’ve used in the past. But it’s not an intelligent observation.

Those players are bought by the manager, they’re trained by the manager and they’re prepared by the manager. They had no tools yesterday to deal with a pressing game from a very small Wigan side. There was no change up. There was no visible counter plan, other than perseverance doing the same thing. That’s unacceptable against Everton, it’s criminal against Wigan.


The fans weren’t on their best behaviour yesterday. A lot of moaning, the guy behind me regularly showered me in spittal, at one point shouting ‘go back home you job thief’ to a Fabianski who pay more tax in a week than this guy earns in a year. But outside the morons, there was a lot of negativity. This didn’t correlate with the prematch fun that was going off. Before the game, it was completley mental. I’ve never heard so much singing. I’ve not seen such camaraderie. Everyone was buzzing after having such a good day.

You get in the ground, and you’re hit by that lack lustre game. It’s really hard to respond positively. The booing at half time wasn’t surprising. The booing at the Lukas sub was unexpected, but I guess people are sick of seeing such habitual management moves. Same game plan, same subs, same sub timings…

The post game journey home was sad. I’ve never come home from a Wembley win and not heard the fans singing on the train. Now, this was just my train, not all of them. But usually, it’s crazy. Not yesterday, just quiet, sombre reflection.

Yesterday, be basically had the whole of the Emirates in the ground… didn’t feel like it. How can I critique it? Though I didn’t boo, I certainly felt the frustration.


What an absolute hero this man was yesterday. Two superb penalty saves, in the main, he was assured and comfortable all game. He even geed up the fans at one point demanding more noise. I really like him. I think he’s the better keeper and I think we’re making a mistake letting a more mature, harder working keeper leave the club on a free transfer.


That’s what a young player should be all about. He’s raw. Really raw. But he has enthusiasm, he has quality and he has explosive moments of excitement that lift the fans. Sure his decision making isn’t there, sure his touch is sometimes a bit shabby… but I get him as a player and his inclusion is totally merited.

Players Celebrating Wigan

Good. Football is all about glory. Those boys were awful yesterday. They knew they were a spot kick away from historical shaming. No wonder they lose the plot. I like to see that passion. Good for them. I’m glad they loved it!


The big panic now is what happens on Tuesday night against West Ham. We’ve just put some seriously tired players through a hell of a game. Ramsey looked like he picked up an injury, Chamberlain was seriously cramping. Per looked like he was suffering. That game against West Ham on Tuesday is going to be very, very tough now. Because we don’t have the players or the squad depth to cope with it. Bad times and worrying for 4th.

The Win

The win is clearly excellent for the club. We’re in a final and hopefully we can have an equally joyous day against either Sheffield Utd or Hull. It’s just a shame I’m so flatlined. Hearing people disappointed that the players celebrated the penalty shootout is embarrassing. Hearing people say they wish we’d lost is also a touch pathetic. But look, that view isn’t a new one. I’ve heard lots of people talk of taking the hit to cut us loose of the slow burn stagnation. Yesterday was brilliant in the end, but the reality is that cut your way through the foiliage of a meek victory and you can see that we have some very deep rooted problems that are starting to look poisonous. Wenger is out of his depth, even against average Championship sides. That’s frightening. We had no ideas. A massive worry.

I care deeply about Arsenal. I care deeply when we lose. I care deeply when my club looks like it’s going down the pan because of consistently alarming performances against very weak clubs.

I’ll enjoy the victory, it’s just a shame it’s tinged with the sadness of the demise of a once trailblazing manager.

P.S. Get well soon Bob Wilson. Arsenal legend.

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  1. kwik fit


    You were wrong then LOL cos the way this team is now playing( dead in the water) we have no chance of fourth. This team has been run into the ground by Wenger and I honestly don’t know where our next victory is coming from.

  2. Bergkamp63

    “Haha. And a happy life it is. I hardly ever come on here. I bet u are one to be on here bitching about Wenger 24/7.”

    And as usual, you’d be wrong again !

  3. Chaloooo!

    Lukaku isnt pacey but ill tell you what, he strong, he gets stuck in, hes a beast in the box and from a distance. i would sacrifice pace any day for strength, skill and football sense.

    hummels to big for arsenal?…really? the only thing stopping him from coming is loyalty to klopp. and since a lot of gooners are singing the klopp anthem he might just come.

    there are many good players in wrong teams out there…..lets hope our scouts act on time

  4. peanuts&monkeys

    “He might become Didier Drogba in 5 years time”

    Pedro, you put together such a wonderful post. But, then why do you have to not lose every opportunity to praise Wenger. He is not insecure in Arsenal. He will be around till he can keep standing on his feet and till Arsenal doesn’t go down to championship. Cool Pedro. No one needs to carry Arsene’s brief. He has dug his heels up every Arsenal fans ass. No one can dislodge him. You dont have to keep praising him so brazenly dear.

  5. Kushagra

    Guys you really need to look up the Orange revolution, Euromaidan, Yanukovich’s removal etc. Etc.. Especially the involvement of Obama in latter two..

  6. MidwestGun

    Cool, if that’s your view. But a world politics view comparison to Wenger is just fishing for a political discussion which has no bearing on Arsenal football.

  7. Norfolk

    KushagraApril 13, 2014 15:28:19
    Guys you really need to look up the Orange revolution, Euromaidan, Yanukovichโ€™s removal etc. Etc.. Especially the involvement of Obama in latter two..”

    I’l check that out while you check the Atlas out ๐Ÿ™‚
    If Scotland votes to leave the Union can we expect the Marines ?

  8. invincible

    Seeing scousers doing so well has fucking angered me. Why doesn’t kroenke just top himself. As much as wengers to blame, that cunt has the power to push this club forward but hes happy with mediocrity. Choke on your tash you syrup wearing cunt, fuck you and your entire familt you cunt of a man.

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    After having led the league for more than 4 months, a team has to struggle for fifth position!!!! This will go down in history as the worst years of Arsenal i hope. Lets hope we are at the nadir and nothing can be worse than this. But then, every year we think the same since 2008 February.

    Hail Wenger + Kroenke.

  10. Bergkamp63

    “If Scotland votes to leave the Union can we expect the Marines ?”

    No, but I’m switching from Scottish Power if they do !

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    invincibleApril 13, 2014 15:36:16

    Only if half a quarter of the Arsenal fans yesterday in teh stands would have been half as angry as you. Alas! Wenger stays. Kroenke enjoys.

  12. Bergkamp63

    invincible April 13, 2014 15:42:48
    The marines will turn up to protect the world from WMDโ€™sโ€ฆโ€ฆdeep fried mars bars that they have stockpiled

    That did give me a little chuckle !

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    The only political discussion that could be termed pertinent here is if Usmanov gains out of the Ukraine takeover. If he gains significantly, he can throw some fucking cash at Kroenke and bring back the glory days for us.

    Dont discuss any other politics FFS!!!!

  14. MidwestGun

    Believe me if I could get the marines to invade Silent Stans compound I would. Maybe the navy seal team could use some target practice.
    But I still can’t blame Stan for wasting all the money Wenger has. 154 million payroll should be plenty.

  15. peanuts&monkeys

    DoublegoonerApril 13, 2014 15:41:59
    One things for sure our Sanogo wouldnt get in the Scouse or Citeh side !

    He doesn’t deserve to be a ball-boy. Why praise Arsene Wenger, DG? Et tu…?

  16. Bergkamp63

    We probably could have sold the whole squad and played the academy and survived in the PL, would have saved Stan another ยฃ100m+

    Then we would have had ยฃ250m + to spend next year !

  17. Bero

    Shef United looking strong so far to go through to final.

    Imagine how embarassing losing to a league one side would be in the final? …even I don’t think we would on that one… but then again I thought we’d smash birmingham too…

  18. reality check

    Remember this.

    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis says the club are ready to “escalate” their spending next season.
    Asked whether Arsenal could afford to spend a ยฃ20m transfer fee on a single player, and offer salaries of ยฃ200,000 per week, he said: “Of course we could do that. We could do more than that.”
    But he warned that boss Arsene Wenger, who Gazidis says will stay “long term”, will not necessarily spend such money.
    “It is going to be the players that Arsene believes in,” Gazidis said.
    “He is pretty blind to price tags, he looks at what he sees with his eyes and makes judgements based on that, not on reputations and prices”

    Based on this and how the season has played out. I think it’s certain wenger will stay and another ‘ozil’ will be bought.

    A bittersweet life.

  19. Kushagra

    Norfolk okay last try.
    USA/EU since 90s are trying to wrest Ukraine out of Russian control to completely decapitate Russia because it has the Soviet military complex, Crimea provides a link to the Mediterranean without which Rus ceases to remain a military power, 40% Russian population..
    They tried with the Orange revolution failed miserably. Now to dispose of Yanukovich Obama used the fascists and raised the fever pitch a bit too high, especially after the Syrian fiasco, crossing the line drawn in the sand. Which is pretty hypocritical considering their illegitimate wars in the middle east.

    Now they are left with no cards getting bitch slapped everywhere and deservedly with many foreign policy experts calling Obama one of the worst US President ever. Ukrainian people paying the price of western intervention..

  20. Bero

    Also…what do people make of all these Giroud out rumours today? …could be good news as might mean we will actually go out and get a top striker this summer?

  21. Arsenal 1886-2006


    โ€œHe is pretty blind to price tags, he looks at what he sees with his eyes and makes judgements based on that, not on reputations and pricesโ€

    Pretty blind to talent as well, but he does have an eye for shit.

  22. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Something about Ukraine which seems to be overlooked by the media, willingly or unwillingly is the fact that Ukraine has some of the most fertile land in the world.
    Food production and fertile land for growing is going to become an increasing problem as existing farmland is becoming infertile due to over farming and high chemical usage.

  23. Bamford13

    Higuain with three today. Had we signed him and a class DM, we could’ve been twice the team, without Ozil. Higuain plus a class DM would’ve cost around 55m. A perfectly reasonable spend.

  24. Kushagra

    Arsenal 1886-2006
    April 13, 2014 16:05:03
    Something about Ukraine which seems to be overlooked by the media, willingly or unwillingly is the fact that Ukraine has some of the most fertile land in the world.
    Food production and fertile land for growing is going to become an increasing problem as existing farmland is becoming infertile due to over farming and high chemical usage
    Point #4 Fully agree and why would Putin allow it to be controlled by Western powers..

  25. Bero

    If Liverpool win the league do people think suarez will get picked off by real madrid? …or would he stay with pool for a season in the CL with them?

    If he goes to RM there’s a chance we could get benzema. I’d be chuffed with that. Wenger loves him…it’s not out of the realms of possibility he’s someone wenger would spend decent money on.

  26. Bergkamp63

    If Chelsea win this game and go to Anfield and win they would be a point in front of liverpool, their other 3 games are against the bottom 3 most likely !

    City would have to win all remaining games including away to Everton, it could still be very tight ?

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Next week is Easter

    Can wenger rise from his footballing death to take arsenal to a new height ?

    Will diaby turn judas ?

    Will Ivan be a roman ?

    Will arteta say he is Brian and so is his wife ?

  28. Bero

    Don’t get me wrong…I realise people like Remy or Drmic are the more likely buys…but Benzema would be my dream for this summer. Benzema, Draxler, a solid DM, CB and RB if Sags is off.

  29. kwik fit

    No bad Kush. all the better for having a cup Final to look forward to. Now on the search(scrounge) for a ticket. You don’t have a couple of spare’s available by any chance ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Chaloooo!

    @ Hitman

    Lets not shoot sanogo down just yet. hes got potential but he needs to improve…quickly

    On the other hand any Olivier “knickers” giroud exit rumour is a flame im willing to fan if it’ll get in top strikers. oh and lets not forget Park and 52, Bad buys for life

  31. kwik fit

    Watched the real Madrid game last night. Both Morata and Di Maria looked the part. A 40m double bid may just get the pair to team up with Ozil. Are you listening arsene?

  32. grooveydaddy

    hull 3-2

    if they go on and win this, they’ll have a warm-up league game against us to figure out our tactics


  33. MidwestGun

    Kushagra –
    Ok, if that’s your point. I guess. You were clearly fishing to make some obscure point about politics that you managed to post anyways. There are better metaphors for dinosaurs. Do you want to start discussing the political failings of England, France, Russia, maybe Iran? Stupid comparison to make a point about Obama.

  34. kwik fit

    Must have been a good half time team talk at Wembley. Hull now winning. Oh for a top Qualitteeee manager.

  35. Bamford13

    For example, the side below would have been better than any side we’ve fielded with Ozil. (I’m not criticizing Ozil here, just pointing out that we needed a CF and DM more.)

    ___________Ramsey____ Wilshere_________

  36. Johnty79

    Liverpools wage for this season is 140m is ours is 170m ish.

    Work that out wenger.

    I still think there’s a twist in the tail. If Chelsea win todayI think they’ll win the league. Chelsea to win 1:0 at anfield.

  37. Bero

    Wenger wouldn’t bring in Di Maria as it would ‘kill the career of Walcott’ …he doesn’t like top competition for his top players spots in the team.

    Morata would be great but doubt RM would do anything other than a loan.

    I’d be delighted with either or both of course. Especially with a Draxler on the left to compliment.

  38. Bergkamp63

    “Lets not shoot sanogo down just yet. hes got potential”

    If I hear another “potential” comment about a young Arsenal player, I swear I am going to projectile vomit !

  39. london gunner


    Mate I have studied the Ukrainian situation, whereas you are correct that US have tried to manipulate the situation to their advantage.

    So has Russia, as viktor yanukovych was a puppet for the Russian state and Russia had a hand in rigging elections. I don’t understand how you can you say Russia is in the right when really Russia and America are equally fucked up on this one and who suffers the Ukrainian people because of Russian and American interests.

    Russia have no right to Ukrainian land and resources just as America don’t.

    We live in a post modernist society, there is no longer an obvious good and a bad guy when it comes to nation states just self interested ruthless organisations.

    If Britain had the power of US and Russia we would be just as bad I can guarantee.

  40. Kushagra

    kwik kfit

    Finished Engg in 2011 worked for one year now preparing for civil services or a bureaucrat to be precise & get plenty of free tickets for Arsenal in future ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Bergkamp63

    MidwestGun April 13, 2014 16:28:24
    Lol. Can I make a suggestion as to who to projectile vomit on?

    Vladimir Pukin ?

  42. Bero

    Kwik – didn’t realise that…only ever seen him on the right…I knew of the interest last summer but we all saw where that went. If we’re bringing in a winger I’d still prefer Draxler. Both amazing players but doubt we would bring in two wingers. Unless Draxler bought specifically to convert quickly into a CF a la RVP.

  43. kwik fit


    If Wenger is still in charge we’ll not bring in anyone of Di Maria or Draxlers quality. Thats the problem, he may well bid for them but his offer will be light years away from what is needed. A bit light his team ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. MidwestGun

    Nope, not pc in the least, say whatever you want. But if you have to explain your metaphor it isn’t good. All I said is it was a bizzare comparison and it was. And is. So Obama is like Wenger because he is letting the Ukraine crumble? Huh?

  45. Bergkamp63

    Only David Pleat could come up with “I think Mourinho will bring on a DM” when playing against 10 man Swansea !

  46. Bero

    Someone said before Giroud > Benzema because of france national team situation…. my response would be Benzema would convert a billion times more chances up front for us than Giroud. He’s faster, has a podolski like finish on him and can convert half chances. He’s also played with Ozil before. He would be a massive improvement on Giroud IMHO.

  47. Kushagra

    london gunner
    Partially agree mate. Remember a compromise was on the horizon when EU/Barack decided to eff things up also the majority of the population in eastern Ukraine is Russian who will never let go of Russia. My point was a better diplomatic solution was possible, but for Obama’s ineptitude been on public display since the Syrian situation boiled over..

  48. london gunner

    Wenger will stay in charge didn’t he say in post match interview he hoped to play wigan in the premier league next season?

    certainly implies he will be manager next year.

  49. Bamford13


    Britain IS just as bad. You play special assistant to the US every time we want to invade some oil-rich or strategically-placed country.

    Can we discuss US imperialism elsewhere, though? This space should be reserved for moaning about the sad state of affairs that is Arsenal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. Adam A. Carbarundum

    It does not take much, after watching the Liverpool/ManCity match, to realize that Arsenal are a million miles away from truly contending. Want to talk about quality depth, this is what Arsene has wrought on this team with lackluster transfer window dealings. That’s the difference, plain and simple.

  51. Bero

    kwik – yeah i know…for some reason I still dream about these transfers. Some sort of weird mental problem I think. Remy about the best we can hope for probably.

  52. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Everyone talks about who’s coming. The only problem is, its never going to happen as long as Wenger remains at the helm and makes such decisions. Ozil was a fluke that popped into his lap last second. If we have to wait for similar opportunities, those just aren’t coming. Get ready for yet another season of the same old same same if Wenger remains in charge.

    Nuff Ced!

  53. Bamford13


    Isn’t even a discussion. Benzema is 10 times the striker Giroud is. While Benzema checks out at times, he’s genuinely world class. Giroud is garbage.

  54. azed

    April 13, 2014 16:20:17
    Arsenal have no chance of beating hull. Sago and aluko are better than all our strikers.Itโ€™s a no contest hull have won the fa cup

    There you have it folks Johnty just comfirmed Arsenal as the 2014 FA cup winners.

  55. Bero

    Adam – I agree Ozil was a last minute fluke…but it still happened. This summer is the chance for the club to prove it wasn’t a one off. I’m happy with one major signing and a few squad signings each year…that would kick us on fairly quickly as we do have a solid base to build from. We just need more bodies and top quality bought in to the right position each year…this summer being striker obviously.

    If we buy a top striker and bring in squad level DM, BC RB and winger I’d be reasonably happy. I don’t think that’s out of a question. Will it happen? …probably not… but the club has the opportunity to prove us wrong this summer. Just like they did when they bought Ozil.

  56. london gunner


    I agree America handled this very poorly.

    But the problem I have is absolutist outlooks.

    For instance some people pretend that the overthrow of the pro Russian gov in Ukraine was an artificial situation completely engineered by America that people of Ukraine were by and large happy with their pro Russian government.

    The fact is there is no smoke without fire, at least half of the populace were desperately unhappy with the GOV. Obama aided the dissent he didn’t create it. Either way such dissension should of been managed in a diplomatic way but perhaps the people had enough and there was no stopping them at this juncture.

    It is easy to aim all the blame at Obama when there are multiple players behind the scenes.

  57. london gunner


    Lol Britain are awful as is every countries government given the opportunity.

    I understand this is a football forum but I never get why people ask other posters to stop speaking about other subjects…

    Plenty of posters chat about women, sex, music, drugs and alcohol I will either talk about it or leave them it, I don’t ask them to stop.

    If I am not interested in it I just don’t read their comments. Not trying to be rude mate just it puzzles me

  58. Bamford13

    “For instance some people pretend that the overthrow of the pro Russian gov in Ukraine was an artificial situation completely engineered by America that people of Ukraine were by and large happy with their pro Russian government.”

    This is a straw man argument. No one claims that all were happy with Yanukovich or that his government wasn’t corrupt. Point is that he was the democratically elected president and the US helped finance and engineer a right wing coup to topple him. This included support for two far right fascist parties, Svoboda and Right Sector.

    Your “the truth is in the middle” view is as mistaken, in my opinion, as any supposedly absolutist view.

    No more politics, though, for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Let’s look at the worst for now and imagine we finish 6th out of Europe and lose the FA Cup final, will the club go ahead with the 3% ticket price rise, and what will be the reaction if wenger refuses to spend money and change his way’s?

  60. london gunner

    Hull City vs Arsenal?

    We could honestly lose this! Hull will actually go at us and be in our face.

    Have to say I know Wigan is a championship side but I was surprised at how poor and timid they are.

    Aside from Macmanan who actually went for it

  61. Bero

    its hull through to final….hmmmm…that PL match with them before the final makes it slightly more interesting.

  62. Bacaryisgod

    I’m also a little baffled by the Sanogo criticism. When you have experienced club and International players like Cazorla, Podolski and Monreal who were practically anonymous during the game, I’d give a lot of credit to a player like Sanogo who harried the Wigan defence and was able to get himself in good positions.

    I think it’s without dispute that he shouldn’t have even been asked to play in a game like this but why don’t we focus on why Cazorla didn’t grab control of the game, why Podolski continues to move like a 42 year old and why Monreal stupidly (but not surprisingly) got caught out of position for the Wigan goal.

  63. Bero

    Playing hull seriously makes me think of the birmingham final too much! …lower PL opposition everyone expects us to beat. Beating them in the league (I think we did) and then a defensive calamity gifts them the league cup.

    That wasn’t that long ago and we were a better side back then. In our current form, no game is easy. As depressing as that is.

    Why has it come to this feeling? ….ARGH! WENGER OUT! (not happening I know)

  64. Bero

    “Letโ€™s look at the worst for now and imagine we finish 6th out of Europe and lose the FA Cup final, will the club go ahead with the 3% ticket price rise, and what will be the reaction if wenger refuses to spend money and change his wayโ€™s?”

    The funny part is our squad would handle the PL and cups much better without europe. We’d probably have quite a good season.

  65. gazzap

    I personally would like to see Akpom getting a chance against West Ham. He’s good and he deserves his chance. We need that freshness and eagerness in the team as well. I also liked the look of Kallstrom again. You bought him, now USE HIM wenger!!

  66. Arsene's Nurse

    kwik fit April 13, 2014 17:09:09


    Have a sneaky suspicion that Abou will play a big role in the Final.
    Carrying a tray full of orange slices is a very responsible and extremely important job.

  67. kwik fit

    Guys I was thinking more of him giving Wenger a BJ at half time…….just to relieve the stress ๐Ÿ˜‰

  68. gazzap

    Hull beat Middlesboro, Southend, Brighton and Sunderland to reach the semi. Not exactly top teams. But we need to hit tham hard early on and not be so damn negative like we were yesterday. Roy keane hit out at Arteta saying he made him angry with the number of sideways and backward passes in the first half. spot on.

  69. Arsene's Nurse

    MidwestGun April 13, 2014 17:12:49

    Kwik –
    How is Diabyโ€™s penalty shot? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I can see it now:

    It’s sudden death in the penalty shootout! If Diaby scores Arsenal win.

    You can cut the tension with a knife. Diaby picks up the ball and places it on the penalty spot. He steps back a few paces and draws breath. The whole of Wembly hold theirs.

    The ref blows his whistle. Diaby takes four strides. Our hearts are in our mouths. He connects with the ball – bam! Tears his hamstring, falls down and does his ACL, the ball beats the keeper, but ricochets off the woodwork hitting Diaby square in the face, knocking him out and breaking his nose!

    Wenger gives Diaby an extension on his contract.