Failed success.

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I’m giving you the chance to tap out of this early. Why? Because I’m struggling with emotions today. It might be because I locked myself out of my house before the game because I went for a run and took the wrong key out with me. It might be because when I finally did get to the Greenman Pub I couldn’t find my family for 2 hours, it might be because when I did meet them, my cousin spilt a pint in my lap… or it might be because I’ve got myself so wrapped up in the details of the club over the past few years that seeing a performance like that against a very average side simply flatlines me because I, like many other fans, can see what the wider implications are.

Yesterday felt like failed success. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to break down Wigan, but to be honest, I was kind of expecting a proper reaction. I was kind of hoping we’d spank them 5-0 and we’d kick on in the league. Wigan were turned over by Millwall last weekend, how tough could it be? Arsene went bold with the selection. By bold, I mean he made some changes. Chamberlain passed a late fitness test and started, Wenger drafted in Ramsey and he went for Sanogo up front. That gave us some pace even if it didn’t give us exceptional experience or quality (or fitness).

The game started off very slowly. There didn’t feel like there was a reaction or the players that had come into the side had added anything. Wigan came with a plan that we couldn’t counter. They pressed up against the midfield. Let our defence have the ball, then when it played into the middle, they pressed into us in packs. A very familiar tactic lots of teams have played this season, but one that Arsene hasn’t found a counter to.

It helped having Ramsey and Chambo in the side. They both struggled with the size of the pitch and their relative lack of fitness, but their speed of thought gave us some joy. Chambo lashed in a half volleyed cross early on that Sanogo guided a well timed header at goal. Outside that, bar a wildly lashed shot and a poorly executed one on one, we didn’t really offer much. If anything, it was Wigan who looked the most threatening going forward, having plenty of luck with our sleepy left hand side.

Sanogo really struggled, because he’s no where near the level you’d expect. Still, the interesting thing is, I still agreed with his inclusion in the starting line up. That’s how terribly wrong Wenger has got his strike force this season. The biggest joke of  it all is that it’d still have been Sanogo even if Bendtner was fit. Anyway, another sour moment, bar the booing at half time was when Wenger took off Lukas Podolski on 70 minutes. He took him off over Sanogo who someone described as an ‘8 minute old Giraffe’. I wasn’t really that fussed, but I could understand the frustration. Was it because Podolski was having a good game they booed? No. Was it because of the habitual nature of Wenger taking Lukas off on 70minutes regardless of what’s going on? More likely.

The second half started off with the same lethargic approach from Arsenal, we conceded first when McManaman touched the ball past Per and fell over. It was a dopey mistake and it was punished when Jordi Gomez powered home to put Wigan one up. We started to craft a few chances, Gibbs forced a good save from Carson. Sagna also hit the woodwork. Our moment did come in the end when Per managed to get his head on a mishit shot.

We couldn’t earn a second, though Chambo did hit the woodwork, so the game went to injury time. That was a pretty tepid affair. Arsene refused to make his third sub. He had Chamberlain cramping up to the point he could barely walk. Wenger eventually made his move taking Ramsey off, with what looked like  a strain to his thigh. The extent of the cramp going off all over the pitch was a sad indictment of the preparation. I’ve not seen that much strain in extra time before.

Penalties ensued and Fabianski was the hero. He saved the first two with excellent reactions. All of Arsenal’s played buried there’s. We won, the boys went ballistic, so did the fans and we scuttled out the ground.

Post game thoughts:


There are many issues that have highlighted the ineptitude of Arsene Wenger this season. The striking situation is probably one of the most obvious. Namely because Sanogo is so far off the pace when it comes to top flight football, it’s a surprise he’s even in the first team squad. He has some nice attributes, he loves playing football, he’s fast and he’s relatively powerful. But then so is Kenwyne Jones.

Sanogo was well out of his depth against a Championship side yesterday, his touch was poor, his composure was very off and his movement was obvious and heavy footed. He might become Didier Drogba in 5 years time, but at the moment, he should be out on loan like the rest of the kids. For me, Chuba Akpom is more of a shout if we’re going to shoot for change.

Still, like I said earlier, the joke of it is, I’d still have picked him above the out of form Giroud. That’s how desperate the situation is.

Game Plan:

I don’t know why I expected anything different, but the players out on the pitch are being given absolutely nothing with regards to a game plan. I really can’t stand it when I hear things like, ‘these players ain’t got the bottle’… because it’s a deflective unquatifiable statement when you’re talking about top international footballers who have won major trophies. You don’t get to those heights in the game if you’re not a winner. And here’s the thing, you can’t quantify ‘bottle’. It’s an emotional throwaway comment I’ve used in the past. But it’s not an intelligent observation.

Those players are bought by the manager, they’re trained by the manager and they’re prepared by the manager. They had no tools yesterday to deal with a pressing game from a very small Wigan side. There was no change up. There was no visible counter plan, other than perseverance doing the same thing. That’s unacceptable against Everton, it’s criminal against Wigan.


The fans weren’t on their best behaviour yesterday. A lot of moaning, the guy behind me regularly showered me in spittal, at one point shouting ‘go back home you job thief’ to a Fabianski who pay more tax in a week than this guy earns in a year. But outside the morons, there was a lot of negativity. This didn’t correlate with the prematch fun that was going off. Before the game, it was completley mental. I’ve never heard so much singing. I’ve not seen such camaraderie. Everyone was buzzing after having such a good day.

You get in the ground, and you’re hit by that lack lustre game. It’s really hard to respond positively. The booing at half time wasn’t surprising. The booing at the Lukas sub was unexpected, but I guess people are sick of seeing such habitual management moves. Same game plan, same subs, same sub timings…

The post game journey home was sad. I’ve never come home from a Wembley win and not heard the fans singing on the train. Now, this was just my train, not all of them. But usually, it’s crazy. Not yesterday, just quiet, sombre reflection.

Yesterday, be basically had the whole of the Emirates in the ground… didn’t feel like it. How can I critique it? Though I didn’t boo, I certainly felt the frustration.


What an absolute hero this man was yesterday. Two superb penalty saves, in the main, he was assured and comfortable all game. He even geed up the fans at one point demanding more noise. I really like him. I think he’s the better keeper and I think we’re making a mistake letting a more mature, harder working keeper leave the club on a free transfer.


That’s what a young player should be all about. He’s raw. Really raw. But he has enthusiasm, he has quality and he has explosive moments of excitement that lift the fans. Sure his decision making isn’t there, sure his touch is sometimes a bit shabby… but I get him as a player and his inclusion is totally merited.

Players Celebrating Wigan

Good. Football is all about glory. Those boys were awful yesterday. They knew they were a spot kick away from historical shaming. No wonder they lose the plot. I like to see that passion. Good for them. I’m glad they loved it!


The big panic now is what happens on Tuesday night against West Ham. We’ve just put some seriously tired players through a hell of a game. Ramsey looked like he picked up an injury, Chamberlain was seriously cramping. Per looked like he was suffering. That game against West Ham on Tuesday is going to be very, very tough now. Because we don’t have the players or the squad depth to cope with it. Bad times and worrying for 4th.

The Win

The win is clearly excellent for the club. We’re in a final and hopefully we can have an equally joyous day against either Sheffield Utd or Hull. It’s just a shame I’m so flatlined. Hearing people disappointed that the players celebrated the penalty shootout is embarrassing. Hearing people say they wish we’d lost is also a touch pathetic. But look, that view isn’t a new one. I’ve heard lots of people talk of taking the hit to cut us loose of the slow burn stagnation. Yesterday was brilliant in the end, but the reality is that cut your way through the foiliage of a meek victory and you can see that we have some very deep rooted problems that are starting to look poisonous. Wenger is out of his depth, even against average Championship sides. That’s frightening. We had no ideas. A massive worry.

I care deeply about Arsenal. I care deeply when we lose. I care deeply when my club looks like it’s going down the pan because of consistently alarming performances against very weak clubs.

I’ll enjoy the victory, it’s just a shame it’s tinged with the sadness of the demise of a once trailblazing manager.

P.S. Get well soon Bob Wilson. Arsenal legend.

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  1. Doublegooner


    I’m fully aware our club is a virus of stagnation with the owner & manager. Without change there is only 1 way we’re heading.

  2. eyemsick

    Oh for god’s sake eyemsick, could you just for once not dribble so much on the keyboard?

    you write down essays full of shit and complain about my three lined posts? lol…

    the only dribbling im seeing is a clueless frustrated little soul like you hating one person…lol…

  3. Master P

    TYAG, to say the least. Where other teams prepare dossiers, we leave it to the players to YouTube a couple of videos.

    Wenger has multiple sackable offences against him. Negligence at every level my friend.

  4. eyemsick

    change alright …fans like you….as far away as possible…..hope ivan gives you a refund and after that go be miserable elsewhere…. 😉

  5. eyemsick

    isnt it lovely that the internet was given to the people so that they pretend the footbal managers on blogs too ? ….as if the ones in the stands werent enough….

  6. eyemsick

    you seem to have taken it quite personal kwik-fit..can you sleep at nights i wonder.?.or do you wake up in the middle of the night scraming WENGA WENGA ……

  7. Arsene's Nurse

    eyemsick April 13, 2014 21:28:53

    Oh for god’s sake eyemsick, could you just for once not dribble so much on the keyboard?

    you write down essays full of shit and complain about my three lined posts? lol…

    the only dribbling im seeing is a clueless frustrated little soul like you hating one person…lol…
    No hate from me mate just pity. Lots of pity.

  8. eyemsick

    didnt you want him out last year kwik-fit? …seems he was right on that too…. what have you been right about? lol…

  9. eyemsick

    because if you really want to pity someone nurse take a look in the mirror ….i dont know how old you are but claims/statements such as “he doesnt know tactics or cant manage” dont exactly make you sound very credible…..

  10. Master P

    IF….we win the fa cup, land 4th and spend the fucking money to bring in ATLEAST 4 World class talents where required, I am happy for AW to stay.

    But he won’t.

    Thanks for the memories Arsene.

  11. MidwestGun

    Lol. Probably a true story. Same times everyday, same rants, so putting two and two together, has to be regulated time. Just hope they don’t let him/her out. 😯

  12. eyemsick

    of course youre gonna suffer kwik fit– you want the cup more than the club actually needs it…the clu only wants the cup to get mugs like you and media off their backs for a while…besides all you two cunts talk about are trophies …now were about to get one youre still iguees youre the one who should be locked in the asylum … 😉

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Rocky p
    Cheers render the early days on pre grove at gunnerblog my how that has crashed eh ?

    Keown seems to talk and write sense on tv an press manager though ?

    I personally don’t know ugh about euro managers

    I remember wenger quoting a fellow from Croatia who he used to manage ? Still keeps in touch with him
    He said that should he leave or moved upstairs he would recommend him.

    That way the same back room staff would stAy keeping a stays quo !

    Maybe not a good thing

    Young English bosses ??

    Eddie Howe tatically doing well ?

    Aids boithroyd ?

    Owen coyle ?

    Tony Mowbray ?

    All play good football would they be up to it ?

    At the end of day any things better

    Than him

    Good to see ur posts again rocky p

  14. Doublegooner

    I bet even Ivans embarrassed at the sycophantic dross spewed from that silly little arse rimming blog

  15. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    At least Liverpool fans showed the necessary passion and resolve to let Gillet and Hicks know they weren’t welcome at the club.
    You never get the same sense of passion from Arsenal fans regarding Kroenke, we are just far too passive and accepting of mediocrity. That’s part of the reason why Arsenal will never win the CL.
    No-one cares enough to bring about the massive change of philosophy that is so desperately needed at Arsenal.

  16. kwik fit


    The tide is turning, granted it slow, but even die hard Wenger fans have woke up and smelt the coffee. I feel we’re in the last days of Wenger. Granted the regime is still there but Wenger made it easier to survive. With him gone any new manager will insist on changes.

  17. Arsene's Nurse

    Master P April 13, 2014 21:36:40

    Thanks for the memories Arsene.
    I think that is the best sentiment. I don’t think there is an Arsenal fan who can dismiss what Wenger bought to the club; everyone, from pundits to players, fans to journalists, recognise what he initially did and the success and memories that came from it. Good times.

    However, we have witnessed a slow motion car crash over the last half decade. Last year I actually feared for Wenger’s health because he really did look like someone who was under severe stress and about to crack. He exhibited the same behaviour yesterday on the touch line.

    All I can hope for is that he actually realises that he is no longer upto the job of managing a top PL side. It’s obvious to most people now that he no longer has what it takes to push the club forward. All good things must come to an end. It’s time for a new era.

    I’d like to see Wenger acknowledge his shortcomings as much as his successes and realise that his time is past. A fitting bookend would be to win the FA Cup and bow out on a high note.

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Other clubs this season have given money back to travelling fans when they have had heavy defeats ?

    Have arsenal ?


    They only care about what’s in your wallet

    Not the emotion in you ,

  19. WengerEagle

    Just stumbled across the all-time top assister’s in the Champions League list and Ozil at the age of 25 is joint 3rd!

    Imagine if we had him playing with a decent striker…

  20. Radio Raheem


    Lol I was hoping you could explain what was going on there.
    If we win the FA Cup I’ll be strutting my ass for miles hahaha

  21. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Kwik fit

    We need someone of Bill Shankly’s stature to shake this club from the rafters and give it a make-over of biblical proportions to shake-off the decades of complacency that has been allowed to fester.
    I’m not sure Ivan Gazidis is capable of organising that level of change, and Kroenke doesn’t care full-stop.

  22. MidwestGun

    Nurse –
    Well said, that’s how I feel. Respect slowing turning to laughing stock is hard to take and watch. Doesn’t help himself with some of his quotes.
    Thanks for the memories and lets move on, start a new era where we don’t get destroyed by every top League team.

  23. london gunner

    Guns Of Brixtonia

    Apparently hi completely fine! Not even injured! Atletico have confirmed he has a small cut but Is fine other than that.

    Diego also posted a tweet saying Costa is fine but they are going to need to fix the post!

    N5 He confirmed as much in hi post match interview

  24. MidwestGun

    Guns o Brix-
    Ya I saw it live, looked bad, just below the kneecap. Hell of a play but in hindsight probably shouldn’t have went in so hard. But ya what is with Chelscum’s luck?

  25. eyemsick

    Another 2 years of failure I am goingon a footie hiatus for 2 years

    do it you pussy…stop telling us…. do it. you cant cope anyway…you have turned against arsenal 😉

  26. N5

    eyemsick I’m glad you came on I wanted to ask you a question. You know the other day you said only shit mangers give touchline instruction when I complained about Wenger just sitting there!

    Well I watched Pep and Simeone both giving constant touchline instruction in their past 2 matches so my first question is, are they shit managers? my second question is yesterday Wenger was giving touchline instruction against Wigan, so do you admit he is a shit manager now then, because by your own words he was doing something that only shit managers do!

  27. eyemsick

    n5 im also glad you came tonight cause i also have a question , how can a manager who made arsenal what it is today get accused of being out of his depth? lol ….

  28. eyemsick

    as for touchline instructions you probably werent paying attention last time, arsene does philosophies, he leaves the tactics for the others ….

  29. N5

    I’m not really sure, but as I wasn’t the one who said he was out of his depth and I’m unsure who was, could you please answer my question?

  30. eyemsick

    so podolski plays like shit and cant beat championship players on one on one but wenger is the one out of his depth? … ha good..plse continue….

  31. eyemsick

    oh yes you were…together with the rest of clowns in here..

    so tell me, how am i supposed to take you seriously after that ? 🙂

  32. N5

    eyemsick, I can tell you 100 percent I have never said Wenger is out of his depth. I said he was past it and should no longer manage Arsenal but you are confusing me with someone else as I’ve never said that.

  33. eyemsick

    i have answered your question twice already why dont you try answering mine….but i suppose you need trousers for that….

    under what criteria do you come up with the notion that Arsene Wenger isnt good enough for your previously piss poor club of alcoholics going nowhere you ungrateful little englander ?

  34. eyemsick

    so according to you he woke up one day and forgot how to manage football clubs hey?

    thats very sensible ….


  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Wenger is the anchor that is stopping the arsenal ship from moving in to new oceans

    For a time he was brilliant

    Now he is not has lost his sparkle he cannot see a good player from bad .

    For his and out sainty he has to go

  36. eyemsick

    i see a professional who is considered worldwide a scientist at what he does by people in the business far more credible than youll ever be, getting mocked in a country by some stupid cunts whose culture on football is an absolute fucking 0 ….. you following?

  37. eyemsick

    wenger is the reason you still have a football club in the top of english football and constant participation in europe.

  38. N5

    Wow eyes, have you ever considered getting yourself checked for Bipolar? you’re up and down quicker than a whores knickers. I can’t be bothered to humour you like the others.

    But I will ask, what great manager would take an illegible player to Munich to have him just sit on the bench knowing he can’t play and what manager plays a guy 3 times only and 2 of those games being massively important cup matches. If you can find defense in that…well you know what you are.

    Any fuck off you silly little cunt, I’m off when ever you come on because you are a fucking lunatic.

    Fingers cross you die in your sleep tonight so I don’t ever have to read you fucked up comments again.

  39. eyemsick

    you are english mate…you have cheated your way to one world cup and your football is shit….and here you are talking about wenger who owns you in football and can buy you and sell you 100 times without you even knowing it. you are so incredibly stupid that you even dare question this professional in his particular field of expertise…spotting talent. i guess its english humour….. 🙂

  40. eyemsick

    why dont you go get yourself checked you classless little englander…here you are calling wenger, who is better at what he does than what youll ever be at anything, as being past it……. lol…

  41. eyemsick

    Fingers cross you die in your sleep tonight so I don’t ever have to read you fucked up comments again.

    haha classy….. go to bed now and dont forget to pop that spot between your legs ..might help you deal with frustration .. 😉

  42. eyemsick

    wishing me dead just cause wenger wont win you trophies so you can brag about it in the pub/work ?


  43. eyemsick

    ah so everyone’s gone to bed then…good…..i think ill come here in the daytime too…send you all to sleep… 😉

  44. eyemsick

    gambon shut up and go play fifa14 or whatever it is that makes you think you are an expert on football matters ….. good boy

  45. eyemsick

    class is hitting him in the face 17 years in a row now but the poor mug wants the old arsenal of the alcoholics and the bling bling tv celeb clown who wanted to go play for benfica cause anelka was better was him…oh and he didnt like his son was shit…and is talking shit about the club ever since…the other cunt, we unveiled his statue and didnt show up …lol…perhaps he was struggling in some clinic like when he abandoned the team midseason while defendning the title….is this the arsenal you want back then?

  46. MidwestGun

    Why is it that people who profess to love Wenger and proceed to tell everyone else how great he is turn out to be stark raving lunatics? Seriously, wtf? Dude goes off on some weird semi xenophobic rant about England cheating in the world cup and calling people Englanders? Bling bling and broccolli. Wtf? …………..freakin lunatic. A stranger more bizarre rant I have not heard. Lol. Wenger supporters is this your best representative? Hahaha. What a complete nutjob.

  47. MidwestGun

    6 pac-
    What’s wrong with you? Do you have the AW disease that robs you of all your reason and sanity too? Sorry, take 2 aspirin and call me in two years.

  48. CD

    Kompany reminds me of Koscielny. World-class in some games and running around like a headless chicken in others. It’s absolutely ridiculous to call either of them one of the best defenders in the world.

  49. NewCo Arsenal PLC


    I can only imagine that as your grammar and spelling is as bereft as your thought process, you must have been frothing at the mouth as your rage got the better of you, because you seem to have got Tony Adams mixed up with Sol Campbell.
    Sol Campbell went missing for a few months in January 2006, claiming he was depressed, but never told the club he was off, or what he was up to.
    The Tony Adams incident happened back in the autumn of 1990 when he hit a tree with his car, and was jailed for three months for drink-driving.
    We weren’t defending the title, we were on our way to winning it that season with only one league defeat, despite losing our captain for a few months and being docked 2pts for the brawl at Old Trafford.
    George Graham made him club captain at 21, and he was still club captain under Wenger until he retired from playing, which you seem to have a problem with.
    I think I speak for a lot of Arsenal supporters when I say I would love a Tony Adams captaining Arsenal right now. He is recognised quite rightly by everyone connected to The Arsenal as a club legend and has earned the right to be immortalised in bronze.
    Of all the ingredients missing at Arsenal, a Tony Adams type leader is one of the biggest, so stick your poisonous bile where the sun don’t shine.

  50. niki B's helmet

    anyone who cannot acknowledge wengers mistakes is surely stark raving mad!! wenger does well as a manager but the mistakes he makes ends up costing us dearly. and its avoidable!! if u cannot understand that then u cannoy understand anything at all.

  51. tunnygriffboy

    Is it me or is it ridiculous that a team playing an fa cup semi final with extra time and penalties has to play on a tuesday when they could just as easily play on wednesday. I know it’s us but it would be the same for any team. I suppose it’s TV but it’s ridiculous

    Flamini ( suspension , liability ), Wilshere /foot, Ozil / hamstring all out.

    Arteta / calf, Ox/groin, Rambo / tightness all doubtful

    I know we get bad injuries probably due to training methods and not rotating ( that difficult as players have to play when players in same position injured ) but that list is crippling.

    Podolski needs to show something tomorrow as do Santi and Giroud. After saturday I ‘m not hopeful. 1 – 3 to WH.

  52. SurferX

    How knackered is our squad? Injured players all over the place; players out of form that now can’t be rested; a lack of faith in his youth-options; a lack of depth for key positions; a lack of tactical manipulation for one-off games and problems.Wenger has managed his way into a cull-de-sac of a selection nightmare. I honestly think if we win the FA Cup and finish 4th, the players deserve a huge amount of praise- they would of done it in spite of his management rather than because of it. Is it any wonder he struggles to keep his best players over the long-term? Forget about the money, they just want to be managed properly.Its bizarre; I’ve watched the Arsenal in god knows how many finals over 40 years. Never before have I felt so apathetic towards us getting to one. I really hope we win it; I really hope we finish 4th. But I can’t say that either are the biggest hope I have right now- that is reserved for Wenger realising its time to go.

  53. Evan

    “Quite frankly, it’s my view that Stan Kroenke should be arrested, should be arrested for impersonating a good businessman, because he’s not a good businessman,”

    McMahon said on ESPN. “A good businessman doesn’t book a World Wrestling Federation live televised event on Monday night realizing that his team in all likelihood would not make the playoffs.”

  54. invincible

    @Surfer X
    talking about mismanagement, it wouldn’t surprise me if in a few years when RVP retires, if he turns round and blames Arsene and Arsenal for mismanaging him and ruining a full career. After all its interesting to note that in his later years at Arsenal he hired his own specialists.

  55. Niki B's Soldier

    So then, looks like we have to go 4-4-2


    Any ideas with that injury list?

  56. invincible

    As I’ve said mate. As much as we have to try get wenger out, we also have to try and get rid of kroenke. I hope the cunts who sold their shares to him rot in fucking hell.

  57. Doublegooner

    Is there another PL club whose fans are so divided ?

    It’ll be like this for years long after he eventually does go (hopefully this summer).

  58. Bamford13

    Nik B

    I’d run the following instead:


    Unless Nicklas B is available, in which case I’d run him up top. I may be alone in this, but I continue to believe that he is our best option.

    Plus if he scores, just imagine the celebrations. No one’s daughters — or cars — will be safe.

  59. tunnygriffboy

    Our injury probleems started in August when Ox, Poldi and Theo went down with injuries. Arteta and Santi then got knocks. Wilshere , Ozil and Rambo had to play, often wide to cover those positions. When the others started to return the boys were fatigued and inevitably got injured.

    The early injuries put a huge strain on the remaining midfielders as they played way too many games. Wenger didn’t manage this particularly well but was hamstrung as we hit a tough run of fixtures in Oct / Nov. Idon’t understand his lack of use of Gnabry and not signing a Walcott replacement in Jan.

    Too ensure rotation we need more top class quality in the squad. 4 very good players, our injured players back and we will have competitive squad.

  60. N5

    Lol, I was only joking about him dying in his sleep. I would never mean something like that. I was just trying to get a reaction. 😀

  61. Niki B's Soldier

    Lol Bamford on Niki B. I thought Monreal is injured? Perhaps Poldi in the hole can be a revelation. lol. I agree if Bendtners fit i’d rather play him up top as well, Sanogo might be knackered after playing 120 minutes. He’ll be playing for a new deal. 🙂

  62. Niki B's Soldier

    @Tunny. I don’t understand his lack of use of Gnabry, Zelalem, Sanogo and Bendtner. Giroud was off form a long while ago. Why not go with one of the other 2? Ozil had a dip, why not bring on Zelalem some games. He’s got the talen, why not let him have some games?

  63. N5

    ” becomes a vile wretch when losing the argument.”

    Ohhhh also this outs you for what you really are. If you thought I was losing the argument then that means you do think Wenger is a good manager, because my argument was against that. Lol. Flippity flop.

  64. Emiratesstroller


    I think that it would be a very good idea to create a blog on vision for the future of the club at end of season. I will kick off as follows:

    1. Change of Manager. Imperative that Wenger is replaced by someone with
    fresh ideas and hunger.
    2. Appointment of Director of Football who will focus on recruitment of new
    staff and players.
    3. Change of Coaching Staff and Scouts.
    4. Team Captain. We need someone who will set example and manage players
    on pitch.
    5. Major cull of squad. Excluding those likely to leave on Bosman or at end
    of loan the following should go.
    Giroud [unless kept as squad player]
    6.The club will need to fill at least 7- 8 positions in squad. i.e.
    GK x 2 [1st/2nd string to replace Fabianski + promote Martinez as 3rd string]
    RFB [1st string]
    CB x 1 or 2 [3rd and 4th string]
    DMF [1st string]
    LW [1st string]
    ST x 2 [1st string + promote Campbell to replace Sanogo]
    6. Bring in players who have pace, stamina and physicality as well as technical

  65. bergkamplegend

    eyemsick + Sir Chips…

    We have to married this two fellas together, they are the perfect couple LOL

  66. tunnygriffboy


    ApparentlY Zelalem looks a bit lightweight at the moment according to some whowatch the youngsters. Eisfeld while potentially not as good is physically more robust. Akpom may be worth a go but W Ham will be physical. Re Gnabry, I was at Swansea and he did great, really suprised he not been used more, it’s a mystery. He injured now anyway.

  67. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with some of your post. Certainly the conditioning and fitness of the players. We desperately need to change our recruiting policy. The board really needs to put their foot down. I’d quite like to have an Ambassador, someone like Henry, Pires to go with the negotiating team to sell the club to players as Zidane does for Real.

    Re the squad I don’t thinrk it’s that bad. If we get all our players back fit then add 4top players with pace and dynamism then we’ll compete for longer. We need top CF with a pacy wideman or a top wideman with pacy CF. Ideally 2 centre forwards. Add to that a beast of a CDM and a versatile defender then we’d be in good shape as long as we keep them fit loooool

  68. Thank you and goodnight

    He lives in this country, goes to games yet he hates the English by the sound of things. If that’s the case why doesn’t he fuck off to his own country. Now if anyone accuses me of being racist, i’m not even English. My parents are turkish Cypriot though I class myself as British born and bred. My wife’s English and my kids are English with another sprog on the way. I just dislike people who live in this country from foreign descent and who spend hours slagging country off. I have cousins and aunties who have lived here 30 years, happy to use NHS and our education system, but can’t speak a word of English and I find that Fucking ignorant. If you are going to be racist, at least be like me. … equal rights racist who Fucking hates everyone:)

  69. N5

    I noticed that TYAG, he kept calling me little Englander! Somehow he could tell I was an English cunt because I no longer wanted Wenger at the club. Amazing how he can call me names for something he thinks I said, yet all I do is hope he dies and somehow I’m in the wrong?? lol 🙄

  70. bergkamplegend

    N5 : “Englander” ??

    He must have meant “HIGHLANDER”!!
    === >> “Here we are, born to be kings….” lol

  71. Emiratesstroller


    The problem with our current squad is that collectively they are not good enough. There is too much ‘sameness’ i.e. technically gifted but too lightweight and injury prone.

    History has shown that many of our players have in recent time moved on and
    played elsewhere, because many other clubs have much better BALANCE than we do.

    Wenger reminds me of someone who collects obsessively the same type of
    china or postage stamps. He can never have enough of the same item. There
    is simply not enough VARIETY in his teams and he always REACTS TOO SLOWLY when things go wrong.

  72. N5

    Brixton, apparently from what I read he’s OK and it just looked worse than it was and he’ll be ready for Chelsea.

    Simeone joked that he damaged the post more than the post damaged him.

  73. Leedsgunner

    No use talking about new recruits to the club until we have a new manager.

    No matter how good the player is, this is the latest year of recent times where Wenger has mismanaged our record signings to become ineffective.

  74. bergkamplegend

    Guns : no news of his injury, but rumors say that chelsea and madrid are already agree about his tranfert this summer.

    For those who were hoping to see him at Arsenal… LOOOOOOOLLLLL

  75. N5

    50m, I would say he’s worth it. With the money that people are paying now then yes I would pay that to secure him!!!

    Brixton, that Costa and Simeone are funny buggers aren’t they!! 😀

  76. tunnygriffboy


    I agree that our squad is very similar. The only players in midfield who have real pace are Walcott and Ox. They have only played about half a season between them. Walcotts injury crippled us but we shouldn’t be in that position. Ozil and Ramsey are capable of beating players. In the few games Ozil, Ramsey and Walcott played together they looked good and we counterattacked well. Without them we looked really one paced. Any players that come in upfront need to be pacy. The CDM needs to be big strong and athletic and quicker than Arteta and Flamini loooool

    We need a balance of Ozil, Santi, Jack , Rosicky with some new players with pace
    upfront. That would give the likes of Santi and Ozil more options and more space.

  77. bergkamplegend

    “We need a balance of Ozil, Santi, Jack , Rosicky with some new players with pace
    upfront. That would give the likes of Santi and Ozil more options and more space.”

    == >> “I’m sorry but why are you look at me ??”

  78. Owolabi Caleb

    It was a panic victory but funny enough I was the only one smilling and huging the guys around up when we are a goal down at the viewing centre I watch the match here in Lagos Nigeria though I don’t know where I got the confidence from,maybe to console myself if we eventually lost. I was just hailing Yaya Sanogo at every touch (even the bad ones) and thankfullu I was involved in our equalizer. The Team needs lot of injection but definitely not season but our phychologist and the physio has chunk of work to do on the boys for the reminder of the season. West Ham is a must win or we kiss champs league goodbye. I love Arsenal forever. FA cup our right this season.