Wembley, we’re gunning for you

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Yes we are people. me, you and some. We’re playing at 1700 this evening, which means an extended amount of booze time. We’re going to all be totally lashed by the time the game kicks off… which… I’m hoping… means the shackles of singing insecurity will be loosened and we’ll all sing our hearts out.

The dress code is red today. If you see someone wearing yellow, assume they’re the enemy and don’t talk to them.

Everyone is getting behind the atmosphere today. The boys need us out there. So let’s give them a reason to play some sparkling football. Hey, maybe we could introduce coordinated this new song?

Oh Giroud, we love you

Oh Giroud, we love you

You shag around, like a hound

Oh Giroud, we love you

How’s that for a first crack?

Ok, I promise never to write a song again.

So what to expect today? Well, I’d say I’m expecting a response. I hope Wenger has been drilling home the magnitude of the game today. I hope he’s had them watching FA Cup final videos of the past. I hope the English boys have been geeing the players up. We want a trophy, the players need a trophy and this is the closest we’ve been for a while.

Complacent behaviour shouldn’t be accepted. We need to pick Wigan apart with the same precision a fat man takes down a peking duck at a Chinese restaurant. If you’re going down a route that isn’t bringing home the duck, flip it upside down and you’ll have more joy. We need to leave a meaty Wigan side an clean set of bones.

Did that last line take it too far? Maybe.

I have no idea what Arsene is thinking for the line up today. But most of our forward thinking driving players are unavailable. We have no pace unless he’s going to bring Sanogo into the line up, so I fear what he’s going to offer up that can threaten.

A midfield of Rambo, Arteta and what… Kallstrom? I mean, that feels potentially quite weak to me. I have no idea what Kimmy has to offer. But, we’ll see. He’s quite chunky?

Up top, well, this really is interesting… Cazorla out right, Podolski out left with Giroud in the middle? I mean, wow, that really does feel flat. Cazorla moaning on about leaving if he doesn’t win trophies felt like a bit of a joke to me… how about contribute something Santi? I really would think about brining Sanogo into the game. Either outwide of through the middle. Mix it up a little. This is Wigan, not Bayern… and we played him against Bayern. We need someone to aim for and we need to unstagnate the forward line.

So actually, after going through the starting line up, I am a touch worried. It doesn’t reek of goals or movement. We should still have more than enough to take down a Championship side… but we have to remember they’re going to be absolutely on fire today. This will be all that has occupied their minds over the past few weeks. Their game will lift. Ours has to lift. If Arsene can’t fire his team up to deliver some silverware, I’m going to be left with some severely dark thoughts on the way home.

Arsenal need to deliver some pride this season. The team need to show they are intelligent footballers and they need to show that they’re made of more. We need a big day out there. I want to be proud, I want something to excite the fanbase… and I want to say goodbye to this trophy hoodoo!

Let’s have a big one. I’ll be drinking in the Green Man before the game. BIG DRINKING on weak Becks.

See you later.


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  1. Arsenal 1886-2006


    How are things with you, grinning from ear to ear I bet.
    Saints have been immense so far this season, I watched the Leeds game and it was outstanding from your boys.
    But the mighty Warriors are finding their feet and rythym.

  2. Norfolk

    Relieable sauceApril 12, 2014 20:00:17

    Perhaps you could explain when it was that Carrick played for us ?

  3. tunnygriffboy

    Every one of those players gave everything. We weren’t very good and couldn’t break down a spirited 2wigan 9 man defence. When we went 442 we started to put them under real pressure and it looked likely that we’d score. Even playing poorly we had enough chances to win comfortably, their keeper made some great saves and we hit woodwork twice

    Crikey, at least be happy we won and got to a final !

  4. Leedsgunner


    Fair dues, perhaps I went overboard on Ox, Flappy and Ramsey but the rest — what was Ramsey playing today anyway? He should be reserved for the EPL!

  5. ChrisN

    We seem to be clueless as to how to cope with heavy pressing. It hasn’t changed in the last five years. That is Wengers problem and he has to go for us to progress, I think. Awesome we’re through to the FA Cup final, and cool cool penalty taking, but that first problem has to be addressed. Wigan shut us down just like all the others .

  6. Radio Raheem

    I thought the change to 2 upfront had a positive impact. Not saying we played particularly well but I think on second viewing most on here wouldn’t feel as disappointed with the performance as they do right now. We hit the woodwork 2 or 3 times, forced a couple of good saves from the goalie.

    It feels great to reach a final again. Enjoy it lads.

  7. tunnygriffboy


    Tougher opponents and the inevitablr injuries to our better players once we lost Ox, Poldi, Walcott, Santi and Arteta for large parts of the first 4 months of the season. No quality depth.

  8. Arsenal 1886-2006


    The players look out on their feet, the lack of depth is coming back to haunt us year in year out.
    We don’t even need world class back up players, we need like for like replacements so the first eleven doesn’t get burnt out and pick up needless injuries.
    A good quality squad with a couple of top quality players in key positions coupled with a sensible and modern manager could make us competitive.

    Just another two years to wait for our dreams to start taking shape.

  9. Ofebs

    We have no pace, no power and no first rate strikers – this is why we cannot cope with heavy pressing.

    Barca has lost power and a yard of pace up front in their game, see how they struggled to beat Granada today…

    Pace, power, precision strikes – that’s what the beautiful game is about!

  10. tunnygriffboy


    A top forward/ striker or top striker and good wide man plus top CDM and a good versatile defender along with our injured players all fit, with improved training/fitness regieme and we’re competitive

  11. Sir Chips

    What the hell is this idea that players shouldn’t be celebrating?! Every man and his dog constantly tell us that Arsenal haven’t won a trophy in 9 years. The players came through a tough game to reach a cup final and are right to celebrate. What are they supposed to do, shake hands with the opposition and just trudge off?!

    P.S. All those dickheads on here wanting us to lose today…. where are you now?

  12. Thomas

    tunnygriffboy April 12, 2014 20:47:30


    A top forward/ striker or top striker and good wide man plus top CDM and a good versatile defender along with our injured players all fit, with improved training/fitness regieme and we’re competitive


    You forgot to add a “proper manager”.

  13. Al

    Excited, frustrated, disappointed, angry, livid, demoralised , hopeful, nervous and ecstatic where the emotions I went through over the course of the match

  14. Thank you and goodnight

    @Sir Chips
    I didn’t want us to lose, but in the same breath I didn’t give a fuck if we won as well. Sorry I’m not doing triple back flips for you, but unlike a few on here I’m not a fairweather fan. El tel goes on about wanting wenger to leave last week and quite eloquently put his reasons across why, now today all that’s forgotten and wenger’s the saviour again. Sorry but I loathe and despise the Wenger, kroenke and gazidis and they are the worst thing to happen to Arsenal FC.

  15. Alex Cutter

    Sir Chips – if someone could have guaranteed that by losing today, Wenger would be gone, I’d have gladly taken it.

    Since no one could guarantee that, I was pulling for the team. And as always, the team did the minimum it takes to keep Wenger from leaving. Go ahead and celebrate postponing the inevitable.

  16. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I fear that with Sanogo getting games in what are seen as big matches means we will not see a top quality striker come the summer.
    Giroud will remain the number one with Sanogo and Akpom as the back ups. As for a proper wide man on either side, no chance.
    I can see Kallstrom getting a one-two year rolling deal and some of the youth players moved up a peg.

    Come the end of the summer transfer window we will be pretty much where we started. We will sign 2-3 fair to middling players and release Sagna, Vermaelen, B52 and Fabianski.

    I cannot see Wenger changing his way’s at this time of his life.

  17. Rockypires

    Credit to the lads turning it around on a day nothing went our way. Credit to Verm and mert they lead well Ramsey ox Sagna and fabi also came to the fore.

    But when they needed something more and looked to the line Arsene was loosing the plot. Feel sorry for the man and hope we win the cup and he goes with dignity.

    But again full credit to lads for mentality in taking penalties. After the Bradford scenario and all the pressure nobody shirked responsibility.

  18. Rockypires

    No this is his swansong he would have signed before this he never breaks a contract and yes I maybe called an akb or whatever but for the Arsene we once adored and thought knew it all I genuinely hope we get fourth and win fa cup

    I love arsenal N always arsenal but it would be terrible if wet Ed left under such a dark cloud of not winning fa cup and not making champs leg football.

    I do believe his powers have weaned and he is no longer the man not is he is tune with club management of highest level but he is a loyal and smart man and will make a top International manager.

  19. Roaaary

    Cut the boys some slack. They celebrated getting to a cup final. Turn them to robots if you like but we need more passion at this club.

    Shit performance but if we win the final and wenger leaves on a cup win then all are happy. Tonight we should be happy gooners.

  20. Bero

    “I’d love a cup win but will it change anything if Wenger remains in charge?”

    I will celebrate and I will love it if we win the cup because it makes sod all difference to Wenger getting a contract or not. He’s getting it no matter what I’m telling you. People need to start preparing themselves for the official news of his contract because end of the season if not before it’ll be announced. Rumours are its already signed.

    So with that in mind… Glad we’re in a final and I will celebrate every victory because it makes no difference to Wenger leaving or staying.

    And to be clear… Wenger out. But it’s not happening people. Time to deal with that in your heads.

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    That’s a relief. Sometimes in sport the semi is hard fought like this game & the final is a canter. I hope it’s the case for Arsenal.

    For the life of me though, I cannot understand AW’s obsession with slow, tall cumbersome CF’s. It was like watching an elephant & hippo with Giroud & Sonago 😉

  22. Sir Chips

    TYAG – Wenger the worst thing to happen to AFC is he?

    I’m speechless at some ‘fans’ and their distorted view of reality, lost in their contempt for a man who has given so much to this club.

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    Does Arsene Wenger have to actually die before the Arsenal Football Club assumes it’s time for him to no longer manage the Club. Mind you he looked like death warmed up standing on the sidelines at the 80th minute 🙂

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    Finishing 4th versus winning the FA Cup. For me, the only thing that matters is seeing The Arsenal captain(whoever it is on the day) holding aloft the FA Cup. I couldn’t care less about all that Euro trash next season.

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    My love affair with The Arsenal began on FA Cup day with Charlie George, & by George I’m going to have that feeling again this coming May 😀


  26. Craigy

    George9…. I’m with u man, it’s been way too long! We were so bad again today it’s not even funny, I was thinking wenger destroyed our best chance in years to win the title, then com

  27. Doublegooner

    How some of our idiot fans are now thinking there’s a new era starting shows they need the Priory.

    That was a managerial embarrassment today.

    Tactically shite,

    Manager,team & fans got lucky.

  28. Thomas

    Sir Chips April 12, 2014 22:41:02

    TYAG – Wenger the worst thing to happen to AFC is he?

    I’m speechless at some ‘fans’ and their distorted view of reality, lost in their contempt for a man who has given so much to this club.


    8-2 6-3 5-1 6-0 3-0

    Nuff’ said


  29. Craigy

    Double gooner… Bang on m8, gone are the days I think wenger will finally sort his shit out, time for a change now, today was a disgusting performance, buzzing where in the final but come the fuck on, it was Wigan ha ha ha and wenger and most of the team bottled it, pathetic

  30. bergkamplegend

    @SirChips : PLEASE just get the fuck out of here, and take wenger with you when you leave, you mug.

    That apart I’m glad we’re in the Cup final, even with another pathetic performance from the team.

    With the level we show actually + a so disgracefull management, there is almost no chance for us to finish 4th, and wenger will have a very good excuse this time for his next fucked up summer transfert market.

    “Good night… and good luck.”

  31. DaveB666

    Couple of things the match brought up for me :-

    Sagna, Ox, Gibbs were the only ones pressing and deserve praise.

    Sanogo was so poor – just watched MOTD and looked at the table – our GD is 16 most of the teams above us are 50+ – so tell me Arsene a striker wasnt needed in the summer or January?

    First half every throw-in, free kick went backwards first – too much tippi-tappy crap with no end result.

    Kudos to Kallstrom – up until today he played 15 minutes for us but he stepped up in a semi final penalty shoot out and nailed one.

    Its great to be in a final and frankly we should be able to take either of our potential finalists however even a cup wouldnt gloss over the predictable demise every year for so long – that 140Mill in the bank is losing money and should be spent on strengthening this paper thin squad.

    Still we are in a final for the first time in a long time so I have to be a happy Gooner!!!

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Today’s result is a cheap own brand band aid over the cut at arsenal.

    It’s going to get a lot worse if it’s hull as expected then this sorry group of players will choke big time.

    If the French fella had an ounce of dignity he would walk.

  33. Thanos

    Having gone to the game today i have to say that every gooner i spoke to which was well over 100 wanted wenger out, there was a fan there that had wenger’s name on his shirt who got abused quite badly,


    Hopefully the cup’s in the bag. Lets get fourth and rid of Wonger!
    we need players that can dictate the pace of the game at will. we need strikers that can hustle, dribble, shoot and score, we need defenders….good ones…lots of them
    am i asking for too much? wigan practically stopped us!


  35. jwl

    Sanogo was awful, he looked like a competition winner and grand prize was a start for arsenal in fa cup semi final. He doesn’t appear to have played football before this season, no wonder he was thinking of becoming postman.

    Fab was good, too bad he’s leaving. Wenger should have rotated Chessers and Fab more, make them compete for number one. When Fab has played this season, he hasnt look worse than chessers has.

  36. follow the money

    Nice to win, HOWEVER we still have the same issues. 4 players leaving this summer, that means 4+5 or 6 players in order to realistically compete next season. Does anyone truly see Wenger signing 9-10 players this summer? Hopefully he will decide it’s too much for him and leave. There are many other managers out there that could make better use of our cash in the bank and wage bill. The people running Liverpool Atletico Madrid and Everton prove it

  37. Incesc

    Arsenal are a bad man team. Fa cup motherfuckers? Have liverpool fans ever won the fa cup? Wenger has won it 7 timez

  38. Craigy

    Angry water bottle…. I agree m8, I’d rather see any fucker play than arteta, he’s finished in my eyes, the only thing the guy contributes is pens, which in my opinion he is world class, but that’s where it stops, I find it absolutely mind boggling how wenger can justify playing someone so immobile as arteta, the can’t run, only ever seems to pass backwards or sideways, constantly gets caught in possession, and gives away poor fouls, and all of this is mainly down to the fact he has no pace whatsoever! Same goes for giroud! How wenger has allowed us to get in this position is beyond me

  39. Davido

    Damn, fans can be both intense and MAD at the same time; people here day in, day out panning individual players when pretty much all of them gave their all: Sanogo, Arteta, you name it. The only person I thought played badly was Giroud and I can only think it’s cause he’s knackered. Here’s to getting both those monkeys off our banks: the trophyless years and Mr finally-lucked-my-way-into-changing-tactics-Wenger.

    Great result and would like to see him leave on a high note.

  40. reality check

    Fa cup and 4th

    Yep my expectations have almost been met.

    Start of the season I would’ve taken it.

    Really and truly, we aint a very good team. Some excellent individual performances throughout the season from players like koz and ozil in the beginning, flamini done ok at the start, ramsey moved up a level. The ox overall has done well. But all in all, as a team unit, representing a club the size of arsenal, at the top level we aren’t that good so, heres to reaching your level based on the ability of the players and manager.


    2 more years.. pffft fuk it.
    just another excuse to link some thai.

  41. bay area gooner

    I just hope we win the FA cup and wenger leaves on that note. it can go both ways though… he stays or he goes.

    lets hope that this is his swan song.

    leave on a high note please wenger

  42. Arsenal 1886-2006

    jwl April 12, 2014 23:45:58
    A premier league footballer last night sensationally won an 11th hour injunction preventing Sunday Sport from revealing he likes frozen twix bars inserted into his anus.

    Probably Cashley trying to prise the phone out.

  43. Dannyboy

    Gnarley, that was some marathon for us Oz based gooners wasn’t it?! I finally slipped off to bed at 5:30am here in Brisbane!

  44. Emiratesstroller

    Leaving aside yesterday’s result and making the FA Cup Final we saw yesterday the
    inadequacies of our squad.

    The club has on paper some very experienced and talented player, but at the moment it is devoid of balance,pace, physicality and above all goalscoring potential.

    Wigan had one shot on target all game and that was the penalty. We made them look better than they were, because for most of the game we looked so negative with strings of back and side passes going absolutely nowhere.

    Wenger in my view has made the decision to leave at the end of season. He looked
    passionless throughout game and Howe also looked fairly passive as well. I would
    be surprised now if he signs a new contract. I am beginning to wonder whether the
    uncertainty is starting to have an impact on team.

    What is abundantly clear is that the current squad needs urgent culling and the problem is that many of the players we would wish to offload are on big wages and frankly will fetch very little in transfer market.

    Fabianski and Sagna who are perhaps amongst the desirable players likely to leave
    are both bosmans with no transfer fee.

    Vermaelen and Monreal are not exactly playing well at moment. Can you honestly see either covering original cost? Jenkinson is also no better than a £1 to 2 million
    player in current market.

    In midfield Arteta’s decline is now so obvious that we will be hard pressed to get a
    transfer fee. Diaby should also go but is probably unsaleable.

    This brings us to forwards. Bendtner will leave on Bosman thank god, but Messrs
    Sanogo, Podolski, Park and Miyaichi will be extremely hard to shift because of wages.

    The bottom line is that we probably need 8 new faces in squad. However, because of
    significant decline in performance and increased likelihood of not qualifying for Champions League I think that we will struggle to recruit top players even if money
    is available.

    If I wanted to bring in either Draxler or Reus why would they choose to come to us
    when their current clubs are likely to qualify for Champions League?

    The same would apply also to a top striker. What would be attraction of coming to us? The reality is that Wenger’s failings in transfer market in recent years is why we
    are in such a mess now.

  45. Thank you and goodnight

    @ Emiratesroller
    Spot on. Skimping and saving all these years has come back to bite us on the bum. There is no organisation, and we go on about defence being better this year but I believe that’s more down to continuity than training. Look at TV5, he first came to the club and looked a very good prospect. Now I’d doubt he’d make a championship team. The art of defending is such that a top defender will be in the right position, the right body shape as to not have to dive in. Vidic at his best had it, Rio had it, Tony Adams had it and you could probably attribute that to hours on the training ground getting it right. No way do our defenders work at it. A couple of times TV5 ‘S positioning and body shape was so flat footed that he was easily beaten. Amateur mistakes that pro’s shouldn’t make, but our guys seem to do it again and again. Bould is nothing more than head cone putter outer.

  46. Le Wisham Gooner

    I’d take 5th, FA Cup and Wenger leaving as a good season all in all.
    Fuck champions LG. Were miles from winning that, be nice to have a cup though.

  47. Hitman49

    What a game FFS!

    Poor poor poor……I sat there thinking what we have done to this Wigan team 8/9 years ago when we were good ?

    That was when we took teams on so disappointed how we played,

    Love to win it as long as WENGER goes !

  48. Skinnywill

    I agree that it is time for a change at the top but to read such comments as Wenger is the worst thing to happen to AFC makes me really angry. 1997 to 2005 was a magnificent period for an Arsenal fan and while we should have done better over the last 5 years certainly if he goes in the summer he leaves the club in great shape with a super stadium, world class training facilities, a core of decent players on long term contracts and money in the bank for the next manager to buy the players we need. I hope he does go this summer so he can leave with still some of his reputation intact

  49. Thank you and goodnight

    Wenger circa 2006-2013, kroenke and gazidis are the worst thing to happen to Arsenal FC. If people think I’m wrong your entitled to your opinion. Everyone goes on about WC training facilities, stadium etc etc as though only wenger could of done those things. Bollocks. In the mid to late 90 ‘ s the game in England started to get more professional and started to come in line with the rest of Europe. Wenger might have started that transition a year earlier than it would of, but it would of happened anyway with or without wenger. Look at United, when fergie took over he made it his job to get rid of the piss heads in his team as he wanted players to start acting professionaly. It was a slow change but it would of happened anyway. People go on as though if it wasn’t for Arsène our club house would be a wooden shed.

  50. gnarleygeorge9


    I couldn’t watch the penalty shoot out. But yes it takes it out us down here at such eary hours of the morning.

  51. Samir masri

    God knows if any other manager could’ve changed the dimension of this club if we had never approach wenger in 1996. I don’t know what sort of club we could had been. But don’t get me wrong. I am not wenger’s biggest fan. but realistically where the fuck would we be?

  52. Thank you and goodnight

    Who knows where we would of been mate. All I’m saying is the way some people go on and on about stadium etc etc does my head in. Yes it’s lovely, amazing….but somewhere along the line we’ve forgotten we are a sports team and the name of the game is to TRY and win things. People go on about stadium and what he’s achieved vintage the past a reason for him to carry on. But when do you say enough now, your credit has run out. I’m happy for the long suffering paying fans that we’ve got to the final. They deserve it for the crap they’ve had to endure. But I can no longer bring myself to salute a man and owner who are taking us backwards.

  53. Samir masri

    True statement there. I am shock we still have ppl supporting the way things are going. We were fooled that the stadium was made cos we challenge with Bayern and Real Madrid of this world. Turn out we’ve been played all along. Any Gooner with a heart would know this shameful approach is taking us nowhere

  54. goona

    Just when you think we can’t play any worse we get worse…..whoever e meet in the final won’t fear us. ….clubs a shambles

  55. greenguns

    That was a piss poor performance.

    If I spank the monkey all day will still get no relief . May as well get pissed again 🙁

  56. useroz

    About Roy Keane’s comment on the players’ celebration… “These Arsenal players need a reality check. Last season they celebrated finishing fourth at Newcastle, now they celebrate beating a Championship side on penalties. We are talking about Arsenal FC here.”. Bet Manure (and Chelski etc etc) would have done the same. It’s human nature to celebrate esp with these guys on the blink of a huge upset with minutes to go… I’d say it was more a joy of relief than actually feeling proud for some of them.

    Depsite the conceding a pen, Mert did well i think… not only he equalised, he pushed, passed forward thru’out the game whereas the other 3 at the back kept passing sideway. Dont understand why there was no desires to go forward in a cup game till the last 10 to 15 min and in 1H of extra time? Don’t give a toss till we fell behind?? Wenger couldn’t motivate them enough?

    Those crosses into Wigan’s box late in the game caused quite a bit of stir so why didn’t/don’t we use it more often? No tactical discussion again?

    A win is always good. But AFC have serious deficiency in key positions.

    If Wenger stays, afraid it’d be same old same old and these issues simply got under a thick carpet again….

    Not sure about you, I never manage a PL team so simply cannot understand why Sanogo is preferred to Akpom with the latter showcased his potential (in scoring, to be specific) during pre-season AND regularly (not prolific) in U21, etc. thru’out the season. Any reported lost French passport?

    Sanogo had at least 12, 15 half, three-quarter, clear chances in the game and managed to have missed ALL of them. It wasn’t easy, mind you. Just refuse to believe Akpon couldn’t have done better, unless Akpon’s physical is so deceivingly weak…

  57. useroz

    Thank you and goodnight April 13, 2014 06:44:05
    … kroenke and gazidis are the worst thing to happen to Arsenal FC
    – – – – – – – –

    Can’t agree more… No easy fix too

    Shame on those who sold the shares to stan…accomplice to the crime of inflicting bodily harm to AFC

  58. Evan

    Oxlade is playing really well, keep up the good work. His shot at the end was well unlucky. Good to see Rambo playing, I think Arsene risked him for too long tho. Sanago needs a loan spell, he isnt ready yet, not even close to it. Flappy needs to be starting every game now.

    Arsene remains a fool

  59. Waylander

    •Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal, who has been linked with Manchester United and Tottenham, is waiting for Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to commit his future to the Gunners before deciding on his next move.

    Would you have him?

  60. El Tel 1


    You had a dig at me yesterday, saying I am two faced.

    I never once said Wenger was our saviour.

    I wanted him gonenyears before it became the trend on this site.

    When LG first started I got slated for calling him out back then.

    Nothing changes my mind.

    I am however really happy that my team are going to be in the final. I will spend the whole day engrossed in the moment just as I have done since the 71 Double final. I have been an Arsenal fan since the mid 60’s and lucky for me my Dad and Grandad were the reasons for this. I never came along because we started winning I have been Arsenal through good and bad times.

    I was in Paris when that cunt scored a lucky goal from 40 yards out. It was not the halfway line as haters would have you believe.

    I wasmin Copenhagen when we lost on Pens. I was in Paris in a Bar in 06 with many Gooners, as I couldnt get a ticket even though I would have gone up to a grand for one.

    Forgive me for being happy that Arsenal. Not Arsene, have got to another final.

    I couldnt give a shit about being right or wrong on a blog I am ecstatic that in May I will be enjoying a lovely day either at the Stadium or watching on TV with all my Arsenal supporting Family and Friends.

    Those toss pots on the TV having a go at our Club for celebrating winning against a Wigan team who beat the mighty (Ha Ha) Citeh twice and have not lost for two years in the FA cup who have played there three times to our players none etc etc can say what they want. Wigan had one shot on target (Pen) we played poorly and with a lot of nerves, we were reluctant to gamble. The handbrakes were on. We won though so it doesnt matter now. They will have to go through all their nonsense again on 17th May.

    I guess many on here with have that torment too. Some of these players want it and so do we.


  61. Thank you and goodnight

    @ useroz
    A month or so back Emirates roller said that Wenger favours the french players and looks to do french fa favours and Kjafc and a few others laid into him. I have to admit I agree with Emirates roller now as I can’t see any other reason why Sanogo gets ahead of Akpom. He really is of a poor standard. I could of gone into the English lower leagues and found a better prospect.

  62. bigper

    at this stage I don’t care how we play as long as we win, as long as wenger is in charge this is how we will play so just gotta accept it and enjoy that we are in a final

    having a go at the player for celebrating is ridiculous as from where I was every other arsenal fan in the stadium was celebrating the same. plus a few days ago Chelsea celebrated like they won the champions league against psg. would people rather the players just walked off with no passion?

  63. N5

    bigper, I’m with you. For as long as I remember all players have celebrated like that when they have got to the final” Le Grove is angry with Wenger and as such have no tolerance for anything Wenger!!

    Good on them for having that passion and relief.

  64. MarbleHall

    I tell you where we would have been without Wenger, top of the tree is where we would have been.
    We already had Bergkamp and more of his ilk would have followed.