Going loco… scoring goals with Sanogo (it can work)

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Goat gots to get cash money

Goat gots to get cash money

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning.

So get this. We drink at the local pub round the corner from work. I won’t lie to you, I can easily nail 9 pints and be fine the next day. Nine pints of Becks.

Last night, I went to this other pub with strong craft beer. I had about 4 pints and this morning, I can barely breath. Seriously, Becks Vier is like, the biggest fraud ever. I am now a fraud. And I hate myself.

Right, I’ve dished out a lot hard talk this week. It’s been emotional, but today, I’m going to calm it all down and focus on other things.

Firstly, let’s refer back to yesterdays post. Some people came at my list of managers stating there weren’t any hardened winners in that list. Well, there aren’t many managers that are full on winners. Maybe 3-4 on the planet? Why? Because there are only 3-4 clubs on the planet that are consistent winners. So what do you do? You go to the next best thing. Find an intelligent manager who wants to grow. Someone who wants to make their mark on a club… a bit like Arsenal did when they went with Wenger all those years ago.

I missed some names off my list. Frank De Boer is smashing it up in Holland with Ajax. Diego Simeone is doing wonderful things with Atletico. Then there’s Tony Pulis tearing up the scene at Palace this season. What a great appointment he’d be. I can see it now… Arsenal fans all wearing that cap to games. Hommage to our new leader. Power play football. Shawcross lining up. Hey, a man can dream?

Onto one more thing, Arsene Wenger has a been talking about that one time, at band camp, when he did a tactic. He was talking about how he lined up defensively against United in the 2005 cup final. What a f*cking horror show that day was. I’ve never sat with my heart in my mouth for so long. We were totally battered! Amazing that Wenger has to go back almost a decade to remember when he last changed his game plan. I remember when he had no plan for Lionel Messi. 4 goals later…

Hopefully Wenger’s plan tomorrow isn’t to set up defensively against Wigan tomorrow. Trouble is, he doesn’t have many players, because they are all broken. No Rosicky, Chambo, Ozil, Theo… that’s quite a crowd to have missing. So it looks like a full 90 for Aaron, which is a worry considering how fresh back from injury he is. Still, it is what it is, he won’t have a world cup to worry about if he does relapse.

It’ll be interesting to see how the manager approaches the game. For me, when we brought on Chambo, Aaron and Sanogo… we at least looked capable of something. I really don’t think Giroud should start. He’s been shockingly average of late. If we can’t play Sanogo against a mid tier championship side… what’s the point of him? He did a decent job against Bayern, he had a goal disallowed against Everton. Give the lad a chance… because if we don’t… there’s zero pace in our side again!

I’m actually really nervous about tomorrow. It feels historic in a way. If he loses that game, it’s over for him. The fans who go are pretty much done, but this really would finish him off. Sad part about it, is that now, there really is a possibility we could go out. There’s obviously unrest in the dressing room because things are leaking out of the club and when people are unhappy, especially sports people, they can switch off.

What will Wenger do differently tomorrow? How is he going to motivate his team to fight? How can the players respond?

It’s a massive game. A massive moment for the club. So let’s see where it takes us!

Right, it’s Friday, think of the least offensive person in the office and send them this e-mail.

Dear Hannah,

I don’t want to get into the details, but needles to say, I’ve heard it and I find it really inappropriate.


Then leave it. Go for a beer and don’t respond to any of her pleas for more detail.

P.S. I saw this on Reddit… I am not Stewart Robson. Just to be clear. I am a whiny arsehole though. Thanks internet. x

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  1. Bergkamp63

    Camden is fine but not what it used to be, for me, the lanes and Brighton has a much better atmosphere.

    And so what if there are lots of gays down there ? most of them are better people than your average chav.

    As long as they are not trying to ram it down my throat so to speak !

  2. Romford Pele

    Camden is cool, pretty much something for everyone down there. Clapham, Brixton and Shoreditch are still the trendy places atm.

  3. Chyke


    You can’t be wishing for someone to get shot or stabbed! That’s way out of line.
    What happens if the person ends up dead? It’s really not that serious….

  4. SurferX

    Romford Pele
    “My team tomorrow now…”

    Thought I’d read that Ox and Rosicky are 50:50 at best for tomorrow Romford? If so, wouldn’t want to risk them them both. Personally, Id like to see him unleash Gnabry in this one- seems crazy to say it but I almost think we have to do something unusual to give them something different to think about- the one certainty seems to be that the opposition knows what’s coming from us.

  5. MarbleHall

    N5 November 18 2013 19:00:42
    “Dial I’m not sure actually, I’ve been on 3 different sites that say he has a cup winners cup medal, can someone else on here confirm if Wrighty has won a cup winners cup medal or just a runners up one?

    Here is the unadulterated truth for all to see that N5 did not know that Wright missed the 1994 CWC Final.

  6. N5

    “And so what if there are lots of gays down there ? most of them are better people than your average chav.

    As long as they are not trying to ram it down my throat so to speak !”

    I totally agree, they’ve never bothered me, someone else’s sexuality is not my concern, but I can’t stand those fellas in wigs, they look nothing like the Thai lady boys they look like the birds from the bounty adverts!!

  7. Romford Pele


    All the injured trio trained this morning so it looks like they’re set for tomorrow.

    I’d also play Gnabry – if he wasn’t injured that is. I really like him.

  8. N5

    Again marble, it doesn’t say that he didn’t play does it, just that I didn’t know if he won a medal or not for not playing. You keep searching through the posts though you loser!!

  9. Bergkamp63

    You guys need to relax about tomorrow,

    We can’t lose either way,

    Lose and it’s final nail in the proverbial coffin, Win & it’s a final, then we can then lose against the mighty Hull !

    Personally as much as I would like to see that twats face if we lost, we will win comfortably tomorrow.


  10. N5

    TYAG, I’d would love nothing more than to meet up with that lying little desperate bandit!! he’s still copy pasting things and suggesting they say something they don’t!! lol has he got nothing better to do then look through old posts!!

  11. N5

    TYAG, I know he does. Did you witness that night I wasn’ t responding to him and he was getting desperate and addressing post after post to me and then asked everyone to stop talking to me.

    I honestly can’t believe a fully grown man asked everyone on here to now talk to me. #pathetic

  12. london gunner

    Clapham trendy? Its quite chavy.

    Shorditch and Dalston and now Brixton is trendy oh and new cross

    Camden is so shit compared to what it used to be, I have allot of mates who go clubbing on a weekly basis its just so average, electric ball room is good for sluts though

  13. Ash79

    Untold – a real patronising cunt on there called BRICKFIELD GUNNERS. By his logic we are all vacuos kids who are slow and need pictures to understand the blog. what a truly horrble man.

  14. Bergkamp63

    BPL the 7th best in the world !

    With statements like this, I think we can safely ignore his comments as having no credibility !

    I’m sure there are some more suitable blogs out there more befitting his intellect !

  15. london gunner


    Be wary of the Lady Boys, my mate is a paramedic in Brighton his a ladies man so he fucks 8 plus chicks a month at some point the law of averages worked against him and this stunning Brazilian who had given him a BJ turned out to be man, lol he never should of told us, we took the piss out of him for a year straight.

  16. TitsMcgee

    “All the injured trio trained this morning so it looks like they’re set for tomorrow.”

    Translation: “They’re being forced back because we are skint across the board.

  17. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m a married man and blow jobs are a thing of the past mate. Ladyboy or not send them my way:) I’ve always wanted to do a Ladyboy, while Fucking them in the arse you can reach around and imagine it’s gone all the way through:)

  18. Ash79

    i fucking hate untold

    fucking hate them patronising cunts

    so brainwashed, its beyond belief, ppl like thatscare me, so entrenched in their views, extremists if you like. The posion in our club.

  19. N5

    “while Fucking them in the arse you can reach around and imagine it’s gone all the way through:)”

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha, this is one of the funniest things I have ever read. Looooooooooooooooooooooool.

  20. SpanishDave

    I would not be surprised if Ozil wants to go. Wenger sold him a pup telling him he is the first of many big players coming. Then after Jans fiasco with a freeby brocken player he must have thought wtf. Now he knows Wenger is off there is nothing for him at our club.

  21. Bergkamp63

    “I’m a married man and blow jobs are a thing of the past mate.”

    Wow ! I feel sorry for you !

    I guess I’m just very very lucky !

  22. salparadisenyc

    Im optimistic about tomorrow’s encounter with the mighty Wigan.
    Win into the finale, lose as utterly demoralizing and painful as it’ll be.. surely Wenger walks.

    I’d make one change to Romford’s lineup, it will take some magic to score.

    Sanogo> Oswald.

  23. Bergkamp63


    The obsession Marble has for you leads me to think he might be willing to give you a BJ ?

    And anyone else on here for that matter !

    Love is in the air !

  24. N5

    Lol B63, it’s frightening isn’t it! I’ve never met someone like it in my life. He bites at my ankles like a jack russell but instead of barking he shouts up little lies!!

  25. bergkamplegend

    “I’d make one change to Romford’s lineup, it will take some magic to score.
    Sanogo> Oswald.”

    Excellent lol

  26. Bergkamp63


    These stalker types don’t take no for an answer sometimes either ! Perhaps it’s an he-she ?


  27. Minion

    If Wenger stays we are going to go to midtable. As for Wigan they will beat us. Why can’t the cunt just fuck off?

  28. Bergkamp63

    Cesc Appeal April 11, 2014 13:46:15
    Scored a last minute ticket to the game tomorrow…in the Wigan end…this could be interesting

    If Wigan are winning, don’t forget to sing: Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay !

  29. Bergkamp63

    Thank you and goodnight April 11, 2014 13:48:58
    No don’t be silly. But next time she gives you a BJ and you don’t pay I might have the hump. 🙂

    We ALL pay one way or another !

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Haha…I just know if we score I won’t be able to help but jump up and give Wigan some abuse….then rapidly have about 20 000 angry Wigonians descend on me in a sea of blue and white and weird Northern colloquialisms.

  31. Bergkamp63

    MarbleHall April 11, 2014 13:47:17
    “It would be hard pressed for anyone to top your barmy statements.”

    I might be barmy, but I’m no transsexual stalker type !

  32. Minion

    I watched the game last Sunday and it was another very impressive lesson from Roberto, tactically how Everton approached the game,” said the German.

    “Not a lot of people focused on how disciplined and how focused Everton Football Club operated in the first 20-25 minutes without the ball.

    “Everybody knows Roberto is focused on ball possession but how well the team worked against the ball at the beginning of the game was very impressive.

    “There were good pictures for me to learn from and also take one or two things on board, like I did with Manchester City in the last round.”

    Rosler has us figured out lol.

  33. Bergkamp63

    Cesc Appeal April 11, 2014 13:53:11

    Haha…I just know if we score I won’t be able to help but jump up and give Wigan some abuse….then rapidly have about 20 000 angry Wigonians descend on me in a sea of blue and white and weird Northern colloquialisms

    You could get pelted to death with Hollands Pies & Hotpots !

  34. Pires_7_legend

    I totally agree in the Arsenal fans getting behind the team, this is our only chance of winning a trophy and we have to support the team, regardless of the feelings towards the manager for now.

    Our 60,000 fans looking to attend have the passion for the team, we’ve seen it and heard it against Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea. 2 wins and we’re FA cup Winners. Still the greatest competition historically in the World!!

    Come on the Arsenal

  35. N5

    “in a sea of blue and white and weird Northern colloquialisms”

    Bye eck, eeeeer by gum, there be ye cockernea whippet, put him in tet hotpot and so on…….

  36. bergkamplegend

    One thing’s for sure tomorrow : huge pressure on Arsenal’s players.

    If Wigan scored first we’re done

  37. follow the money

    I still can’t get over the fact that Jeff brought to our attention last night, that Wenger at Arsenal has never won a trophy with a team made up of players he signed. I just find that absolutely shocking and horrifying. You know what that means, right? It means he’s a bigger failure than we thought. It means this “eye for spotting talent” thing is a bunch of crap. It means when he is given players to work with he can add something and make it work, but when he’s in total control forget it

  38. Minion

    We all know they will score and park the bus while we’ll just sit outside their box the entire game. Sad

  39. hackneylad

    thank you good night


    But” I’m a married man and blow jobs are a thing of the past mate”

    WTF did you sign up to this willingly lol? Why does Marriage equal a non blow job environment?

    I can imagine Wenger saying to his wife no contract extension for you unless you give 50,000 blow jobs or I will substitute Diaby in!

  40. TitsMcgee

    “I still can’t get over the fact that Jeff brought to our attention last night, that Wenger at Arsenal has never won a trophy with a team made up of players he signed. I just find that absolutely shocking and horrifying. You know what that means, right? It means he’s a bigger failure than we thought. It means this “eye for spotting talent” thing is a bunch of crap.”

    Wenger still being employed(and about to get an extension no less) is the biggest wool over your eyes trick that has ever been pulled.

    He hasn’t done jack in almost a decade and if you ask me has been hiding behind the stadium deal and giving players their “chances” ever since.

  41. Bergkamp63


    This is what happens when you keep resting players before you have secured top spot in the group stages, a thing that Wenger has been doing for a number of years now, consequently we get knocked out at the round of 16 when we end up facing tougher opposition.

  42. MidwestGun

    Joe was walking down the street when he sees a whorehouse. He goes inside and tells the madam he only has 5 dollars. She leads him to a room that is empty except a goat. Joe says, “Hey its better then nothing” and proceeds to fuck the goat.

    Next week Joe goes back to the whorehouse but this time he has 10 dollars, so the madam leads him to a room with 3 other guys. He sits down and a velvet curtain opens. He sees 2 incredibly hot women having sex with each other, seemingly unaware of the men watching.

    Joe leans over to the man next to him and says, “Wow, this is a good show for only 10 bucks.

    The man leans back over and says, “This is nothing, last week, we saw some guy fuck a goat.”

  43. Romford Pele

    “This is what happens when you keep resting players before you have secured top spot in the group stages”

    Contriving to throw away something you had sewn up – sounds very Arsenal-like.

  44. Infidel

    Can anybody tell me what does this mean, from Pedro’s post before this one:

    ” German speaking Spaniard, bad language and top class football training. So good. It’s the sporting equivalent hardcore porn. You know, the type when the counter is on single figures. ”

    The type when the counter is on single figures…? o_O

  45. PieAFC

    Places to drink.

    Come Sydney a year ago think “yeah what a famous city amazing

    Now they have enforced, 10.30pm buying bans from liquor stores, 1.30 no entry to clubs and after 3am it’s shut out time.

    zilch, nbada, nothing.

    call yourself a big city and want to treat everyone like kids. bore off. Piss fest. No wonder people play up in Kings x.

  46. Jeff


    There is a correlation between success in the glory years and the density of players Wenger inherited. As they dwindled, our success rate dropped and then even the players Wenger himself brought in began to leave. Eventually and gradually, we replaced grade A players with grade C and below. And for nine years, we have been thrashing about in the wilderness blaming everything from uneven pitches to unfair loan system.

    Even the last trophy in 2005 was won by the skin of our teeth.

    The Wenger lovers just can’t see past those initial years and the stadium.

  47. Ash79

    dear me… these people cant be helped…

    hate ‘doomers’
    yet wont answer any questions
    wont get into a debate
    they cant be questioned

    just like Arsene!!

    read this..

    Get over yourself dude!

    It’s only football, we are not talking about world peace or some important philosophical topic here.

    In case there is a misunderstanding about my position with the so called negative posters, here is my stand:

    I don’t think that only those who agree with Untold Arsenal’s mission statement should post here. Neither do Tony and Walter or none of such comments would ever be published. It is not uncommon for blogs to have the counter-policy on comments but Untold allows all to express their opinion, as long as they are not offensive.

    I usually scroll past whiny and negative comments. Life is too short and I refuse to argue with any fan who thinks they know better than Arsene Wenger on how to run the team. If they are so good, they should be managing a premier league club rather than whining on the Internet. You may love to hold ‘intellectual’ debates like that but I don’t.

    I have seen countless threads hijacked by a regular Untolder and a Doomer that soon becomes a vicious cycle of redundant arguments. I don’t do that and I think that if less Untold regulars engage in those arguments, we’d have less of the Doomers around. In this instance, I am not trying to convince you of the validity of my position, I am just telling you what they are.

    On that note, I bid you farewell and terminates this conversation.

    All the best to our darling Arsenal tomorrow.

  48. Jeff


    You can’t argue against people who are irrational. Their beloved Wenger comes first no matter what – just like in religions where there is a venerated or sacred figure upon which all praise and glory is bestowed daily. Untold is a den of delusion – nothing more.

  49. PieAFC

    Most Wenger lovers will not be following Arsenal when he leaves.

    I will put money on it and when back in London run down Holloway road naked after taking plenty of shots in the G.

    cos it is a known fact.

    half of twitter will empty and follow Le Prof. No assumption needed!!!

  50. Ash79

    Jeff – it truly is a den of delusion. Its scary, ive never ever seen anything like it.

    ‘no, u cant ask me anything, I wont debate with you, YOU are negative, I don’t want to hear a counter view, this is my view and that’s it’

    why even go on a website with a comments section then? in the hope that everyone will just simply concur with your views. sycophantic bullshit

  51. PieAFC

    I can’t believe I’m even nervous for the game.

    Shitting bricks, thinking surely not. More negative than positive!

    Ladies and gentlemen welcome to The Arsenal team 2014.

    Worried they could get beat by a team in the championship!

    Wenger breaking so many records……

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Think UEFA said yes this morning, and rejected Chelsea’s claim that Atheltico would have to pay £5 Million to do it.

  53. Minion

    Its obvious Wenger got lucky with Graham’s defence and french market he knew. Once it went he has been exposed ever since. He is a total fraud. The only reason he gets 4th place is because we spend more than the midtbale teams who don’t have much money.

  54. Jeff


    That’s how religious blogs are. You go to any evangelist site professing some religion; you’ll find that most people on it are there because they already believe in the main tenets. If some poor soul strays on there and tries to argue against it, he will be vilified.

    On Le Grove, nobody is banned for their views on football; they might be banned for racism and just plain old nastiness but you can say what you like for or against Wenger as you like. That is why I don’t actually visit other blogs because I don’t find them half as rich as Le Grove – and sane as well.

  55. follow the money

    @Jeff, yeah. I knew that the 1998-2001 team was made up of mostly players Wenger inherited but I had assumed that the 2002-2005 teams were entirely his doing. This fact has made crystal clear that he needs some outside input to win. On his own he will find a way to lose

  56. Minion

    Cesc Appeal

    You can only wonder what Klopp would do with our budget. Any decent manager would have probably won the league with it.

  57. Rhys Jaggar

    Suggestion for the most inoffensive person in the Wood office:

    1. Go down to the local rugby club and offer £500 to each of three 18-stone forwards to come into the office to confront the miscreant emailer.
    2. Get those rugby heroes to rip your Director’s trousers down, tie his arms with rope, muffle his mouth to stop him screaming out and tie his legs to the desk legs with a 9mm hemp (that rubs rather nastily and will probably create an infectious abrasion if he tries to wriggle free you see).
    3. When he has been suitably restrained, ram a gigantic dildo up his arse and take pictures of it with your mobile.
    4. Send a picture of this to Ivan Gazidis, Alan Sugar, all the national newspapers and everyone in the office saying: ‘Bully finally meets his match…….’
    5. Sweetly walk into the CEO’s office and request a one-off payment of £5000 to stop you telling your local MP that the CEO sanctions this kind of ridiculous bullying in his office and really would do better to resign jolly quickly and head back to the USA where psychopaths are tolerated in the board room.
    6. Write to all the following men-hating feminist journalists to ask them to publicise this very public come-uppance for your misogynist tormentor: Laurie Penny at the New Statesman, Hadley Freeman at the Guardian, Janet-Street Porter at the Indepenent, Karren Brady at West Ham Utd FC, and anyone else who comes to mind……

  58. Angry Water Bottle

    I’m a married man and blow jobs are a thing of the past mate. Ladyboy or not send them my way:) I’ve always wanted to do a Ladyboy, while Fucking them in the arse you can reach around and imagine it’s gone all the way through:)


  59. bergkamplegend

    Bergkamp63 : “Maybe Wenger will manage France after this year ?”

    Any team but Arsenal
    If I was a catholic I would pray, but unfortunately I’m a non believer…

  60. PieAFC

    No one thinks, what if a manager is scared or cannot be bothered to take on a job at a club, where potentially, we have a board who hoarder money and care about profit.

    What if that is all true? That could scare off a lot of potential people surely.

    Who know’s. I’ve drunkl so much goon tonight I can’t believe i’m even functioning!

    And i’m still meant to be working. joys of being a backpacker haha!

  61. Romford Pele

    “So all should be fit for tomorrow then?”

    From what I understand. And it’s needed too because they all need that necessary urgency/energy

  62. Jeff


    Most Wengerites praise him for the stadium but that is actually not really an achievement per se. Every manager would like a bigger stadium and if they could drive it through they would. I would have to ask what exactly did Wenger do personally do to bring about a new stadium other than champion it – which any fool can do. They actually believe very firmly that without Wenger the stadium would not have been possible but never ask why not.

    If a new stadium was in the offing, it would have happened under any manager. So I myself don’t actually accredit him with the stadium to the extent that AKBs do. If one can see past that, what else is there? Well the glory years were won with a lot of players he inherited and post 2000 he acquired some really good players himself and we managed to go a season and a bit unbeaten. That’s excellent.

    But where we have failed big time since is in those crunch matches; the finals, the semis; the ones that really matter. Most recent example is the spate of difficult matches we had to play against the big teams in order to maintain our position at the top and guess what; we failed miserably and collapsed in spectacular fashion. There is a definite trend there and it hasn’t been addressed. He won’t accept outside help, he won’t change himself, he won’t go for brute force and buy the number of WC players we need and he won’t change playing style to suit whatever players we do have.

    Those are the major ingredients of stagnation and eventual death of a club if it continues, which it looks like it will for at least another two years.

  63. Al


    442 ideally or the normal boring tactic we play.

    Whole point is to get the accident waiting to happen out the side ASAP

  64. Romford Pele

    “Is Koscielny out still?”

    Yeah, he’s back either Tuesday for West Ham or Sunday vs Hull.
    Ozil back for Hull.
    Bambi still MIA

  65. goonerDNA

    And i’m still meant to be working. joys of being a backpacker haha!

    You get paid to backpack? or are you a suicide bomber

  66. Cesc Appeal


    Thinking Schez, Sagna, Mert, Verm, Gibbs, Kallstrom, Ramsey, Ox, Cazorla, Gnabry, Sanogo for tomorrow.

    People might question Kallstrom but to be honest, he cannot be worse than Arteta right now – Arteta has been truly woeful for weeks now and in all honesty despite the occasional decent match he’s been that way all season.

  67. london gunner

    Why are Chelsea fans by and large such disgusting horrible cretins.

    As a football fan I go on allot of other teams blogs to see their view of things I find it somewhat interesting seeing it from the opponents perspective.

    Manchester United Blogs, the guys are super humorous, allot of banter, and quite blunt.

    Spurs, they are deluded, annoying and seem very dim tbh, their jokes are crass, their intellect and humor is very basic and that’s for a football blog.

    But Chelsea are disgusting cunts, openly gloating about having the 12th man aka the ref on their side, how its a master piece that Courtious won’t be able to play because Chelsea will prevent it and that all the bleeding hearts that will sorry for the minnow club atletico need to shut up.

  68. Romford Pele

    Yeah Cesc I would’ve gone with that but Gnabry is injured. How? That’s anyone’s guess. Wenger wouldn’t have played him anyway. Agree otherwise though. At least there’s a bit of movement, energy and pace there.

  69. goonerDNA

    “At least we r all agreed we want Wigan to win.”

    Come tomorrow I’ll be screaming at my TV for us to win and then screaming at TV5 for cocking it up

  70. PieAFC

    Trust gambon to make a comment.

    Yeah working in a hostel.

    been travelling, realised long ago their was more to life than getting pissed around south london and N7.

    Why not do it abroad and take in some sights.. oh and obviously to you blow some things up to.

    Doing plans as we speak….

  71. london gunner

    I have a feeling Vermalen is going to have a wonderful match! This isn’t sarcasm.

    If Verm wants to salvage his career and move to a big club or a club of a satisfactory level in the summer his going to have to put in some big performances in the semi as with Koz coming back his bench bound again

  72. zeus

    Angry Water BottleApril 11, 2014 14:51:44

    I’m a married man and blow jobs are a thing of the past mate. Ladyboy or not send them my way:) I’ve always wanted to do a Ladyboy, while Fucking them in the arse you can reach around and imagine it’s gone all the way through:)LMAO

    What the flying F?!!!!!!

    The first comment I read. SMH. LOL

  73. salparadisenyc

    N5April 11, 2014 15:10:17
    Yeah I saw that Jeff, all league matches are starting at 15:07 and our match 17:07, what on earth is that all about?

    One word: Oswald.

    Im now confident of a victory, the time continuum will not proceed until our boys rise like a phoenix out of the ashes victorious.

    Who needs Messi when Oswald’s on your side.

  74. bergkamplegend


    Terrific… Wigan are afraid lol

  75. follow the money

    @Jeff agreed. I think the stadium was mostly the board’s doing. Dein wanted to share Wembley and soon found himself out on his arse. There were a few on the board who saw the future, wanted to make a pile of cash by increasing the value of the club and the stadium was the only way. What bothers me the most was that they sold the idea to fans as a way to compete with the big boys. Man C and Chelsea have made that more difficult, but we aren’t even using all of our resources and what we are using isn’t being used well.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, I expect Arteta and Giroud to play and BOTH Cazorla and Rosicky to start.

    Possibly Monreal as well, Wenger will say to protect Gibbs but we all know he has a fetish for playing players who have been bashed by the fan base.

  77. london gunner


    You hit the nail on the mother fucking head!

    I hate how AKB’s act as if Wenger single handedly erected the Stadium as if it was Noah’s arc himself.

    Wenger was the figure head behind the stadium but he wasn’t the brains.
    Sure Wenger was a positive proponent for the Stadium Build he wasn’t the master mind that was the Board, Ceo ect.

  78. bergkamplegend

    N5 : “We’ve got Oswald Gooner, We’ve got Oswald Gooner, la la la la oi la la la la oi.”

    Is it appetizer’s time already ??

  79. N5

    Just got home from work and the Peroni’s are not in the fridge, so had to settle for one of these Tuborg lagers (no idea why they’re in the fridge) have any of you ever tasted this stuff. Wow its the weakest most garbage beer I’ve tasted outside of the George!!

  80. toniboy

    Totally agree with Cesc’s team with Kim K in it.

    He will point at Arteta’s experience as the reason for his selection though cos they will kick us a fair bit